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  • It’s crazy how much I hate being a burden on the people around me. I just want to isolate myself and let my burdens eat me alive alone🖤

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  • #chronic pain#nothing works #my pain cannot be numbed #shitty pain medications #mental health#hard days #keep it together #your ok
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  • If anyone else’s head is a black space today, just remember:

    If you feel something grab your hand in the darkness and squeeze gently, it’s just me reminding us both we’re not alone.

    #Hard days#Depression#Lonely #You're not alone
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  • Most of days I feel so stressed, I want to scream and unload all the frustration that accumulates inside me

    I’ve been feeling so frustrated and I can’t talk about it, cause I can’t talk like a normal person, I suck at it

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  • Some days, nights, weeks , months are very hard to survive. Unexpected bad days. Lost the will to dream. Dreams become scary. And those scattered dreams forces us to build an emotional wall which no one can climb ever.

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  • # Stay Positive

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  • Brantley Gilbert - Hard Days (Lyric Video)

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  • Been a while since I felt this numb

    Haven’t missed it at all

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  • I am ready, I am ready, I am ready, I am fine.

    #on repeat this morning #folded and unfolded and unfolding #hard days#sad days#counting crows#colorblind
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  • Today I have one of those days when I’m like “this day can’t really get any worse” but then another shit happens and I’m just sinking into deeper and deeper shits…and then I feel like the only thing that can help me is a glass of good wine and then you have this that alcohol is bad especially when you’re feeling bad that’s the road to hell but sometimes it’s the best think that can help ( like pills are maybe even worse and highly addictive as well ) … sometimes adult life is to hard to be all the time sober and I’m really trying to stay positive but sometimes it’s not possible

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  • I am broken, but not worthless

    I am allowed to want love and respect

    Boundaries are important

    The world has not ended

    My heart will be mended, if a little sore

    Treat me with gentility at our next encounter, it has been a hard few days and rough handling will not help

    You are deserving of love and respect

    You are worth all the atoms in the universe times infinity

    Sure, you’re broken too, but that does not mean you are lesser because of it

    Treat yourself with forgiveness and kindness

    I will treat you with gentility at our next encounter, it has been a hard few days for you, too.

    #hard days#gentle reminders#love #i’m on the road to okay #journaling helped a lot #also lists #lists are good #please love yourself
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  • Hard days

    Dysphoria has hit me hard today. I feel as if I’ve been broken away from my body. Emotionally I feel hollow about myself as if I’m walking in an empty shell of who I’m supposed to be. From where I am now treatment is but a dream. Only so long I can pretend…It’s all I can do…..

    I’m not happy….

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  • Truth About Recovery #2: Sometimes, people forget and move on when you don’t want them to.

    Once you’ve been recovered for awhile, sometimes people forget that it was ever a problem. They forget that you struggled and that sometimes, you still struggle and need help. It can feel like they don’t care or that they’ve become apathetic towards you or the situation. They say things around you that trigger you or they do things that upset you, and when you voice that, you get a coarse response. “I thought you were over that!” “You haven’t had an issue in awhile.” “Are you sure this isn’t for attention?” Or sometimes, they play off your issues like they aren’t a big deal. “You can still go to school, hun.” “Just don’t worry about it.” “You’ll be fine.” But when your mental illness gets the better of you, that’s not what you need in the moment, right? It seems like they’ve forgotten what you went through and that you even had problems to begin with. It sucks sometimes.

    That’s the thing, tho. You don’t have to be perfect. You’re still recovering. It’s a bumpy ride, not easy like some people think it is. It can be a struggle just to get out of bed some days. And when someone in your life just tells you to “get over it” or anything that makes you feel bad or that makes it seem like you should be doing better, they’re wrong. No one knows your mental illness better than you.

    Guess what? You’re getting better!!! You’re alive this morning. You woke up today and that’s such a blessing. You’re doing the best that you can and if that’s just getting up to pee and then getting back in bed, look at you!! You got up! And if you can’t do that, you’re still doing amazing. I’m proud of you. You are loved and cherished and worthy and important. And yeah, not everyone is gonna understand all the stuff you go through. That’s just a fact of life. But maybe not everyone needs to understand. If you’re doing everything you can, then that’s all anyone should be asking for.

    So if you need to and are able to, ask someone to try to understand. It’s difficult sometimes, and even tho you might be in a much better place, you still are allowed to struggle. It’s not your fault when your brain fights against you. That fact that you’re fighting back shows how absolutely resilient you truly are.

    Thank you for being strong. You can do this. Good luck.

    #the truth about recovery #the truth about recovery 2 #struggle#strength#hard days#its ok #it gets better #mental health#depression#anxiety#adhd#ocd#hope
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