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  • skiplo-wave
    26.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Tony: In Scooby Doo, secret tunnels are always behind shelves and shit.

    Stephen: Could we not base our real life decisions on what does and doesn’t happen in episodes of Scooby Doo?!

    Peter: So no Scooby snakes in order be brave?

    Harley: And here I thought we chase bad guy while hippie music plays

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  • idyllicmei
    26.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    On Tony's birthday

    Harley: CEO, entrepreneur, born in 1970, Tony, Tony stark

    Peter and Y/n: CEO, entrepreneur, born in 1970, Tony, Tony stark

    Harley: Come on Tony, you can do it. Heave the way put your back into it

    Y/n: Tell is why, show us how. Look at where you came from, look at you now

    Peter: Osborn and Stane and Hammer

    Y/n: Amateurs can fucking suck it. Fuck their wives

    Harley: Drink their blood

    Peter: Come on Tony, get em!

    #peter parker x reader #peter parker #peter parker x stark!daughter #peter parker x y/n #peter x harley #harley keener x reader #harley keener#avengers #avengers x reader incorrect quotes #incorrect avengers quote #avengers x reader
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  • michellejones-stacy
    26.07.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #jaeda writes#prompt answers #dylan laken tag #parkner#parley#keenker#harleypeter#peter parker#harley keener#fluff #just soft bois in love lmao #IM HAVING SO MANY /THOUGHTS/ #also im changing the way i format things :3 hopefully it looks ok haha
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  • keenerkey
    25.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Yo but legit: the different ways Harley and Peter address a problem/puzzle.

    Peter would play the game, answer the riddle, within the rules. He would figure out the solution the way it’s supposed to be figured out, the way it’s intended. He is incredibly intelligent and figures out the puzzle within its terms.

    (This is considering that the game is fair, and the rules don’t need to be disobeyed. Peter would disobey a rule, but it’s not his first instinct, nor would he if it’s not necessary.)

    Harley breaks the game. He finds the loopholes. He thinks outside the box. He doesn’t care for the rules or guidelines, he is incredibly intelligent and finds the solution on his own terms.

    Peter thinks inside the box. He dismantles.

    Harley thinks outside the box. He destroys the box.

    #was this insipired off my last post? #yes #okay but the fact that mysterious Benedict society just perfectly fits them? #smart orphans #what a fit #marvel#mcu#harley keener#peter parker
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  • ravenstakeflight
    25.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    The Talk


    Summary: Tony gives the boys the talk. Co-written with @official-wayward-fairchild

    This was what was known as complete, utter betrayal.

    Of course, he should have expected it, given that his pseudo-dad was a dad , in every sense of the word.

    Including the dad jokes, the weirdass shirts, and-

    Apparently The Talk, as seen by teenagers and parents alike, through the globe.

    Maybe, just maybe, he shouldn’t have asked Peter out in front of Tony.

    He really, really, shouldn’t have done that because now -

    “And that’s why foreplay is important!” Tony moved on to the next slide. “Now: How to Have Sex: The Mechanics and Lube. Seriously, thought, you need lube to have sex with a person with a dick, okay?”

    “To- ny , Jesus Christ, no! I don’t want to have sex with Peter yet,” Harley rolled his eyes. “We’re going on our first date on Friday, we’re not hooking up!”

    Tony stared.

    “I’m gonna pretend you didn’t say that. I need to be a dad.” He clicked onto the next slide.

    Harley groaned.

    “STDs: What the fuck are they?”

    The blond peeked through his fingers, and then screeched.

    “ What the fuck , Tony? I don’t need to see that shit! ”

    It had been more than enough to see graphic pictures of STDs while in class, where you expected that, but seeing them in your room? On the wall?

    Harley got up and walked out.

    There was no way he’d put up with Tony’s bullshit today, no sirree.

    Taglist under cut:

    @multishipping-trash @queenanon @satandaddyy @travesty-majesty @bet-you-watch-sunsets-too @shyangelinnnerdevil @seashells-of-the-underworld @sloth-friemb  @cassiecasyl @firebugs-and-poetry

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  • keenerkey
    25.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Teacher: as you can see, there are three light switches on the wall. One of which turns on the lamp in the classroom directly above us. Which we, obviously, can’t see from here. If you’re only allowed to check up there only once, how can you determine which switch activates the lamp?

    Peter: I think what I would do is switch the first switch, then wait 10 minutes.

    Then, switch it off, switch on the second switch, then check upstairs.

    If the light is on, it’s the second switch. If it’s off, then I would touch the bulb. If it’s hot, then it was the first, and if it’s cold, then it’s the third.

    Teacher: very nice Peter, well reasoned.

    Harley: yes thats great! Love peter! But thats a lot of work when it’s obviously the second switch.

    Teacher: why do you say that?

    Harley: any competent builder would place the light switch 1 1/2 inches out from the king stud of the door jamb. And that would be the second switch. The other two are clearly dummy switches.

    Teacher: I think this focused less on the construction and more on the-

    Harley: I doubt a school as fancy as this would hire anything less than a competent builder.

    Teacher: I think your missing the point-

    Harley: is it the second switch?

    Teacher: Mr. Keener-

    Harley: is it the second switch??

    Teacher: …yes. It is.

    #incorrect quotes #I thought it fit #mysterious benedict society #harley keener#peter parker#mcu#marvel#iron sons
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  • raccooncati
    25.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Here's some rough ideas for some of the lines in my new story that I have yet to post:

    "You can't just accept that he's gone!? He died to save you!"

    "He told me once to not mope around if someone leaves me. And that's what I did. But he was the only person in my life who actually cared about me and now he's gone. And I can't get over it. I just can't."

    "We are brothers because of him. I'm glad I met you and all, but if you don't help me I'm not going to forgive you. Ever."

    "Let's just try and see if it works. If it doesn't, I'll shut up and move over. But what if it works? What if we can save him?"

    "I'm scared, okay! I'm scared that something will go wrong if we try this."

    "I want to help you. I really do. But it won't be easy."

    "Let's go save our dad."

    This is going to be part of the first chapter of When you can't let go.

    I'm still working on it and the lines won't be exactly the same, but this is pretty much how they will go.

    I really want to know if anyone is interested in this story.

    #fanfiction ideas#writing ideas#rough draft #new story alert #fanfic#fanfiction#ao3#ao3fic #marvel cinematic universe #marvel#mcu#harley keener#peter parker#Tony's boys #are up to something #ironfam#iron dad #Please ask me about this story #I promise it's going to be good #When I'm finally going to write it
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  • keenerkey
    25.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Hear me out

    Iron Family Mysterious Benedict Society Au

    Tony is Benedict

    Then the kids are Mj, Harley, Peter, and Ned

    Shuri is Rhonda

    #please it would be so funny #this show is actually really cute? #I read the book like 10 years ago but #I remember liking it #I think Peter would be the main one #then Harley would be the resourceful girl #Ned would be the other smart guy #and Mj would be the sassy little girl #they would all be same age tho #marvel#mcu#harley keener#peter parker#michelle jones#ned leeds#tony stark #mysterious benedict society
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  • forgetful-nerd
    25.07.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Peter: I’m so tired I could eat a horse.

    Harley: I identify as a horse and this offends me.

    Shuri: I identify as offends and this horses me.

    Morgan: I offend horses, identify me.

    Tony: I think the main question here is ‘Why would Peter eat a horse if he’s tired???’

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  • slytherin-queen123
    25.07.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Ok so I’m once again trying to a fic and if y’all coudl help me that woudl be amazing

    So the plot is that Harley keener is a famous musician with his sister Abby ( I think ) and Peter hates harleys band

    It’s starts with Peter in a grocery store and one of harleys songs comes on and Peters like I hate this band and Harley happens to over here it and is like oh you don’t like it ???

    And so they end up talking and getting coffee or something and over the course of time they start dating and stuff and eventually Harley tells Peter that it’s his and his sisters band but they hate their record label that their with so he’s waiting for his contract to end so he can make the kind of music he wants

    And then I think at the very end he proposes to Peter on stage ??? I’m not super positive on then ending but if anyone wants to help it would be greatly appreciated

    #mcu#harley keener #yes i probably need therapy #peter parker#tony stark #harley x peter #iron lad #please help me find this fic
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  • natashastarkotp
    25.07.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Stephen (to Peter): What did I tell you about calling your brother the devil?

    Peter: That it’s offensive to the devil?

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  • starrykitty013
    24.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Happy Birthday to my wonderful co-author on roommates and one of my closest and oldest friends @official-impravidus !!! You are amazing my man and I hope you have a fantastic day 🤍🤍🥳

    #fanart#superheroes#marvel#spiderman#Peter Parker#michelle jones#ned leeds#Harley keener #he’s not here but he is talked about #this is from the fix we wrote together #I know this isn’t the exact scene but it has the same energy #I went hunting this down for like an hour #this is also a birthday post #Idk if there was any fan art made of it but here I am #tags are a way I express my scatter thoughts #Peter gonna save his country boi #Harley x Peter #parkner #haven’t seen that tag in a while #Parker nation rise #Peter is so chaotic #but the good chaotic #mj and Ned are worried too but they have brain cells #and aren’t in love with Harley #so they are chill #happy birthday!! #this is technically a birthday post #mj knows #well everyone does #Peter ain’t slick
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  • thatoneguyinthechair
    24.07.2021 - 1 day ago


    Peter: Standing next to sunflowers always makes me feel weak like ‘look at this flower. This flower is taller than I am. This flower is winning and I’m losing.’ Harley: Wow, you are not ready to hear about trees.

    #harley keener#peter parker#ironfam #incorrect peter parker #incorrect harley keener #incorrect spiderman
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  • chamiryokuroi
    24.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    One thing I cannot wait to see happen in real time is the absolute shit show that will be the fact that Harley Keener is now a canon comic character.

    Because us (Harley fans) have had free reign over the boy for YEARS. We have headcanoning him to hell and beyond, we have backstories, we have fanon mom and sister names, we have aus upon aus upon crossovers, and I know, I KNOW, the comic will “fuck up”, I know many things will not be the same, and I cannot WAIT to see the fandom spiral down into madness.

    I am not much of a Marvel fan anymore, but you bet your ass I will be following the Harley Keener tag to see this train wreck happen with a bag of popcorn in hand.

    #harley keener #ohhh I cannot wait
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  • incorrectmarvelquote
    24.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Harley: Back off or I’ll taze you!

    Peter: Pfft, no you won’t

    Harley: [tazes him]

    Peter: [gasps] My nipple!

    Tony: [not looking up from his work] Harley, quit tazing him in the nipple

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  • geekynightowl1997
    23.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Hey, can we all agree that it was for the best that Anthony Stark, never got the chance to meet Kid Loki??

    Also, I want to see Kid Harley and Kid Loki destroy the world.

    #loki#disney + #tony stark never met kid loki #and we should be celebrating that #do you realize how chaotic those two would be #also #lets celebrate that kid loki and harley keener never met #those two would destroy the world #actually#scratch that#marvel #let kid loki and harley meet #i want to see the world burn
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  • green-frog
    23.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    I don’t know if someone had said this but like

    Harley as Alberto

    Peter as Luca


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  • retro-memo
    23.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    To Melt A Iron Heart — Chapter Six: Trouble Comes In Threes


    Peter, Morgan and Harley are left alone while Tony has to deal with Rhodey, who can't help but wonder of what kind of uncle he'll be.

    {1; 2; 3; 4; 5} — {AO3} — {Previous Chapter}

    "Your name isn't Mr. Stank, is it?"

    Tony snorted, eyes flickering upwards from his phone's screen to the kids huddled by the other side of the car.

    The eldest, or Brat One because Tony couldn't be bothered to remember their names, was glaring at him in a fixed scowl that probably was meant to be intimating but only succeeded in reminding Tony of a drowned kitten.

    "Excellent deduction skills, Junior." Tony leaned back against his seat, tilting his head and considering the group.

    Contrary to what Rhodey said, Tony didn't think it would be that hard to look after them until he got his hands on the Pym Partials, after all, lawyers were just kids without diapers and had drinking permits, right?

    There couldn’t be that much of a difference.

    "What gave me away, huh? My rugged good looks or the hair?"

    "What do you want with us?" Tony resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Really? That old line of what do you want and blah, blah, blah cliché nonsense?

    Honestly, he felt insulted.

    "I'm gonna be taking you three to my underground evil lair where I'll do experiments on you." Tony waved a hand dramatically in the air, not bothering to hide his sarcasm. "Weren't you paying attention earlier? I've adopted you."

    The one behind Brat One snorted, he appeared to have the same awareness in his eyes as the older one but there was also that mischievous glint Tony recognized from the day before.

    Brat Three. This is the one that had the absolute gall to kick him in the knee at Pym Tech. "Got something to say, motormouth?"

    "Who are you, really?" The kid tilted his chin higher and Tony couldn't help raise an eyebrow, slightly impressed by how much bolder this scrawny little shit was with his mouth compared to the older one.

    Rather than feeling ready to blast the kid into kingdom come, Tony could feel the side of his tugging upwards.

    He grinned as he stole a glance from the car's window. "You'll see in about… now."

    It was almost hilarious the way the three kids' heads all turned at the same time and the way their eyes widened in almost perfect sink with one another — if Tony could take a picture and plaster it on a postcard, he’d finally be richer than Bill Gates.

    Brat One's eyes seemed so wide, Tony was afraid they'd bug out from his head and the little girl, Brat Two — Morg, was it? — sitting on his lap seemed to be staring more in awe at the structure rather than who it belonged to. The third brat was the best, looking as if he'd been invited to the Whitehouse to talk to the president himself.

    A laugh escaped Tony before he could stop himself and for the first time since he left the orphanage, he whipped off his sunglasses. "Welcome to your new home, kiddos."

    Burning bright in broad daylight while dwarfing the surrounding buildings, almost looming over New York, stood Stark Tower.


    "Petey, what's this?"

    "Huh?" Peter glanced over his shoulder, looking away from where he was poking aimlessly at a gigantic monitor screen, to see Morgan perched at the on top of the couch.

    After Tony Stark, yes the same Tony Stark that is the CEO of Stark Industries, dumped them in a ridiculously large lounge — at least Peter thought it was one. It seemed more like a ballroom from a fairy tale; just a modernized version — the man gave them a quick talk about not breaking anything before disappearing off to who-knows-where.

    Which left them here. Alone.

    In search of at least something to do, Peter had taken to figuring out how to get the TV working, not that he had been having much success.

    Meanwhile, Harley had taken resistance by the bar, resting his chin on his palm while his elbow was propped up on the bar's marble counter — simply watching him struggle instead of at least, dunno, offering to help?

    "This." Morgan held up her little arm and it took a few seconds for Peter to recognize what she was holding. "That's a remote — Oh."

    Peter had no idea why he didn't think of it before but now he felt pretty stupid. He could just hear Harley's poorly concealed snickers coming from the bar, which he was pretty sure his brother wasn't even trying to hide at this point.

    With a substantial amount of an embarrassed heat rising across his cheeks, Peter gave Harley a withering glare as he approached Morgan. His brother only grinned back at him in all his innocent glory.

    Rolling his eyes, Peter scooped up the remote from his sister's hand, smiling at her. "Thanks, Morg. At least someone is willing to help around here."

    He didn't need to turn around to see Harley sticking his tongue out at him.

    Morgan, meanwhile, beamed at him but the top of her brows furrowed as she looked back at the remote and tilted her head at it — like it was one of the inset puzzles from school she needed to solve. "Why does it look so funny?"

    Peter glanced down at the remote in his hands, and for the first time noticing that it indeed did seem, well, strange. It wasn't like any that he'd seen before — not that he'd seen many since the orphanage didn't have a TV but still.

    There was definitely something odd about it.

    "Just press a button, already." Harley whined from his place by the bar. "I'm getting bored."

    "Alright, fine." Peter rolled his eyes before glancing down back at the remote. There were many buttons, some smaller along bigger one.

    However, there was one that stood out, taking up almost all the space on the remote — colored in an almost angry red. It also had some weird face plastered on it that looked like a cross-breed between a ski mask and an astronaut helmet.

    Apart from Peter thought there was something familiar about it but he just couldn't put his finger on it.

    Oh well. Peter shrugged, contemplating only for a split second on the worst that could happen before pressing the button down without another thought.


    "So, the kids are upstairs?" Rhodey asked, and Tony hummed, only paying so much attention to one of the many questions his friend had been bombarding on him since he re-entered the lab.

    Right now, he was much more preoccupied with yanking out another part of one of his original suits than really pay attention to Rhodey.

    Even if he didn't use the old ones anymore, he'll be damned before he'll see any of them rust in some junkyard. Especially after everything.

    "Damn." Rhodey whistled next to him, he doesn't sound shocked or disappointed but rather truly and utterly impressed. "I guess that means I'm an uncle, now."

    "Excuse me?" At that Tony's head snapped up and he frowned from where he was buried elbow-deep inside the suit's chest plate, a little thrown off by the sudden 180-degree turn — a small part of him wondering why Rhodey stopped his interrogation about the brats.

    "An uncle." Rhodey clarified, as if that explained everything, with a grin that could rival that of a Cheshire cat. "I'm an uncle now."

    Tony snorted and rolled his eyes, turning his attention back to the disassembled suit on the table. "Don't get your hopes up so fast, Honeybear. They'll be going back to the orphanage after we're done with this mission."

    Rhodey pouted – which caught Tony by surprise because usually, it was him doing the pouting not the other way around. "Spoilsport.

    "What's with the change of heart suddenly?" Tony quirked an eyebrow, twirling the screwdriver in his hand before jabbing it at Rhodey. "I remember you going into a fit about how getting the brats were a bad idea, how I wasn't responsible enough when I can barely take care of myself and all that nonsense — yet here you are, acting like you want to keep the damn strays — which you haven't even met."

    Rhodey grinned, and it wasn't in his friendly 'I'm-gonna-give-you-a-hug' way but his 'eat-shit' one that stretched across his whole face, his pearly white teeth beaming against the dark of his skin. "I remembered on my way here that one of those kids kicked you, I want to give them a medal for doing such a great service to the American people."

    Tony scowled, "First of all, that's best friend betrayal right there, Honeybear. Second, that kick hurt, and I was brutally wounded. Third, I —"

    "Boss, there appears to be a disturbance in the intern labs."

    Great. Just what he needed right now.

    Tony paused, in the process of rolling his eyes and opening his mouth to shoot some snarky comment back to Friday when her words hit him. Wait. Did she say—

    "Disturbance?" Tony could feel the edges of his brows furrowing because Friday didn't bother informing him what the interns on the lower labs did, even if it was a minor fire. As far as he was concerned they were just useless minions on his paycheck

    So the fact she was coming to him about them put him on a slight edge, an unforeseen unease oozing into him. It wasn't panic — no he couldn't panic so quickly — but it was enough to make him tense, feeling as if a good prod in the right area would make him unravel.

    "Yes, boss." He didn't like the vagueness of her words and it made his nerves curl, just a little. He glanced towards Rhodey for a helping hand but his friend only shrugged at him which was totally unhelpful in his opinion.

    Grunting, Tony tilted his head towards the ceiling and crossed his arms over his chest, trying to squash the slight seed of worry that coiled in his stomach. "What kind of disturbance?"

    "I believe you should see for yourself, boss." She went quiet again after that and Tony gave a dramatic sigh because all this mystery she was pulling was starting to confuse the hell out of him.

    And being confused was not something Tony Stark enjoyed.

    He tapped his foot indecisively as he thought about it, mulling over Friday's words as they rebounded off each other around his head.

    Tony, eventually, closed his eyes in utter defeat. "I’m gonna have to go down there myself, aren’t I?"

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