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  • Harley Quinn 1x04 Promo “Finding Mr. Right” (HD) Kaley Cuoco DC Universe…

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  • hey guys, for a personal project, what are your favourite poison ivy costumes/designs? please help x

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  • Considering Harley’s Suicide Squad outfit was inspired by Debbie Harry (Margot Robbie’s and Kate Hawley’s words, not mine), I feel there was a major missed opportunity for a Bride of Chucky-style makeover montage, complete with “Call Me” blaring in the background and Joker’s “I’ve just seen God” reaction. 

    I mean… I would have gone into bi panic cardiac arrest but it would have been worth it. 

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  • Dark Jedi Harley
    Get it on a tshirt from my Society6: https://society6.com/danieme

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    • Harley Quinn: It's Christmas time, you know what that means!
    • Jonathan Crane: The happiness I haven't felt for like 50 years?
    • Pamela Isley: Everyone trying to kill each other on the dinner table?
    • Selina Kyle: The sweet release of death?
    • Edward Nygma: The fact that i will only get coal from Santa?
    • Harley Quinn: ...
    • Harley Quinn: I was gonna say “ugly sweaters competition” but you know what? We’re going to therapy
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    Harley Quinn: Villain of the Year #1 (J. Scott Campbell)

    #Harley Quinn#poison ivy#catwoman #villain of the year #dc #comic book cover art #artist of the day
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    “A better class of criminals”

    Poor Arthur is still having some trouble keeping up with the two, more experienced ones …he’ll get there!

    #joker 2019#Joker#arthur fleck#Harley Quinn #batman the dark knight #tdk joker#joaquin phoenix#heath ledger#margot robbie #joaquin!joker #heath!joker #p!joker #l!joker #arkham trio #birds of prey #harley quinn animated series #suicide squad#fanart #please no reposting without permission
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  • Little Clown pt 1

    Yes, yes, yes oh, boy. Here we are!! The Sequel to TWIV. It took me a while to finish this first part, hopefully y'all enjoy it 💖💖

    PAIRING: Arthur Fleck x Oc/Joker x Oc

    WARNING: Unrequited Love, Child Endangerment

    Part 1


    @gloomyladyy @princessgeekface @memory-mortis (ps I apologize if I left some people out. Just message me again if I forgot)


    “Mommy, I don’t want a clown at my birthday party.” A little girl said, troubled.

    “I know, sweetheart, but clowns aren’t so scary. Could you please try for me?” Her mother said, holding her hand.

    It was 1993 in Gotham City. It had been 12 years since the incarceration of The Joker. Chaos was still rapid in Gotham, but the police didn’t seem to care.

    Sandy Fleck was one of Gotham’s notorious villains, who rose to the top in popularity. Half her popularity came from followers of The Joker, hoping to seek guidance from her. The other half came from the angry mob of Gotham City, who were still hurt by the damage. For those who knew her on the streets, She was known as Dolly. She had the city tight around her finger. The only thing she was missing was Arthur.

    Her daughter looked up at her. “I’m not afraid of clowns, Mommy. I just don’t like them. The news doesn’t like them, so why should I?” The little girl frowned. Her green emerald eyes were staring into Sandy.

    “Ruthie, not everything on the news is trustworthy. Besides, I’m pretty sure your will love it.” Sandy said.

    “What friends, Mommy?” Ruth replied, monotonous.

    Ruth Quinn Fleck wasn’t like most kids her age. She was very smart, but not so sociable young girl. From the age of 5, Ruth was diagnosed by a medical professional that she had Asperger’s Syndrome. Her doctors were still confused about Ruth’s behavior, hoping that maybe by the time she was 8, Ruth could grow out of it. Ruth was nearing the age of 10, with her birthday being a couple days away.

    The two crossed the crowded street. Ruth held onto her mother closely, as they walked into their small, yet, comfortable apartment complex.

    Sandy didn’t move from the old apartment complex. After all that happened, she decided that the best place for her little girl was the complex. Sure, it was an awful complex, but there was something about it that felt so warm and familiar.

    As they walked up to their apartment, Sandy walked past a certain apartment door, flooding memories of someone she missed.

    Sandy unlocked her apartment door, placing the groceries on the kitchen counter.

    Ruth took a small juice box from the fridge, and darted for the living room. Ruth turned the TV on, and switched it to the news.

    Sandy giggled to herself. “Why do you only watch the news?”

    “I dunno. I like the news. It’s interesting.” Ruth sipped on her juice box.

    Sandy smiled, washing her hands in the kitchen sink and preparing dinner.

    “Twelve years ago to this day, Thomas Wayne was killed outside the Monarch Theater. In remembrance of him, we’ve gathered here at the theater with the young Bruce Wayne, Boy Billionaire over night.”

    Sandy rolled her eyes. “Ruthie, don’t watch this crap. All they talk about is Bruce Wayne.”

    “Not all the time. They also talk about Joker.” Ruth replied.

    Dishes clanked in the sink, causing Sandy to break a mug, cutting her finger.

    “Ruth. We don’t talk about Joker, okay?” Sandy said through her teeth.

    “Why not?” Ruth inquired.

    “Because,” Sandy rose her voice, then closed her eyes before calming down. “Because, I said so.” Sandy spoke softly.

    Ruth looked down at the floor. “I didn’t mean to upset you, Mommy.”

    Sandy rubbed her temples in frustration. “I know, baby. I know.”

    The telephone rang on the kitchen counter. Sandy rushed over to get it.

    “Hello?” Sandy answered.

    “Hey, Dolly. We got ourselves another client. Do ya think you can meet us downtown at 5 o'clock?” A gruff voice said over the phone.

    “I’ll see, Rudy. Where is the meeting at?” Sandy turned towards her daughter, who was focused on the TV.

    “Roxy’s Cabaret. Our client also said he wanted to met Joker in person.” Rudy explained.

    “Well, he’s gonna be surprised. Joker is still incarcerated, remember?” Sandy replied.

    “Dolly, my hands are tied here. It was the only fib I could use to get him to see us. Anyway, do you wanna take the job or not?” Rudy said, impatiently.

    “You haven’t even told me the job, yet.” Sandy scoffed.

    “Look, I don’t got time for this, Dolly. Just be here by 5 o'clock.” Rudy hung up the phone.

    “Who does that lowlife fucker think he is?” Sandy grumbled to herself.

    As it was nearing 5, Sandy did her makeup in a small vanity mirror.

    “Mommy, do you really have to go?” Ruth said, standing in the doorway of her mother’s bedroom.

    Sandy sighed, putting on a strapless dress. “Yes, sweetheart.”

    Ruth looked up at her mother, disappointed, but her lack of emotion on her face couldn’t show it.

    “Sugar, I know you’re upset, but I swear I’ll be home by 11. Please don’t do what you did with the last babysitter.” Sandy finished the rest of her clown like makeup.

    Ruth still kept her disappointed eyes on Sandy.

    She heard a knock on the door. “Could you get that, sweetheart?”

    Ruth huffed nodding.

    A tall blonde woman in her twenties appeared that the door. “Hiya! Is ya mommy home?” The woman smiled, cheerfully.

    Ruth glared and nodded.

    “Well, aren’t ya gonna invite me in?” The woman asked.

    “I don’t like you.” Ruth said, still glaring at the woman.

    The women’s cheerful demeanor disappeared completely. “Maybe I don’t like you either.”

    Sandy headed towards the door. “Hi. Thank you so much for coming. I was worried that I was going to have to leave her alone.” She sighed in relief.

    The woman brought up her false happy demeanor again. “No problem. I’m Harley. Very nice to meet ya.”

    “Sandy. It’s a pleasure. Emergency contacts are on the fridge. She needs to be in bed before 8.” Sandy kneeled down to Ruth’s level. “Promise me, you’ll be good.”

    “I promise, Mommy.” Ruth kissed her mother on her forehead.

    “I love you. I’ll be back.” Sandy walked out the door, putting on her coat, heading to the elevator.

    Ruth turned on the TV, turning up the news.

    “Does ya mother always looks like a circus act or does she have some type of gig?” Harley asked, rummaging through the fridge.

    Ruth didn’t answer her eyes were glued to the TV.

    “Breaking news: Just a few minutes ago all of Arkham’s electricity turned off, then back on again, but 10 inmates were reported escaped from the facility, including the most infamous clown, Joker. One female inmate was also released from the scene, most known as Harleen Quinzel. The police have speculated that the two were working together, and helped each other escape. In further new-” Harley unplugged the TV.

    Ruth looked up at her, confused.

    “That’s enough of that. You’re mommy’s gonna be quite surprised when she gets here. Mr J has been dying to see her again. It’s a shame that she’s had you, isn’t it? Mr. J isn’t gonna be so thrilled to see you up and about.” Harley sneered.

    Ruth turned towards her. “I hate you. You’re mean.”

    Harley stuck her tongue out. “That makes two of us. Now, Mr. J told me to call him once I got her and I said I would so, beat it.”

    Ruth grabbed Harley by waist and tackled her to the ground.

    “Get the hell off me, twerp.” Harley yelled, throwing Ruth around.

    Harley threw Ruth to the ground. “Now, listen here, you little shit. I told Joker I wouldn’t hurt you, but I’m sure he’ll make an exception.” Harley pulled a small dagger out of her pocket. She hovered over Ruth, about to lay the knife on her.

    A man in a red suit and clown makeup walked through the door. He pulled Harley off of Ruth.

    “Mr. J, I’m sorry. She wasn’t cooperating with me, so I did what I had to do.” Harley said, feigning her innocence.

    The man glared at her. “Leave, Harley.”

    “What?” Harley spoke quietly.

    “I said, Leave. I don’t need you anymore. I found what I’ve been looking for.” The man said, looking over at the little girl who had no expression on her face.

    “But, Mr. J, I thought we-” Harley was cut off by a laugh.

    “We what? What did you possibly think we were? I told you our deal was simple. I helped you out of Arkham, then you were to help me find Sandy. You helped me, and I helped you. I’ve had enough of your services.” The man turned over to Ruth.

    Harley glared at Joker, then bolted out of the apartment.

    Ruth got up and looked up at the man. “You’re the Joker, aren’t you?”

    The man chuckled. “I wasn’t always called Joker. My real name is Arthur.”

    “My name is Ruth.” Her emerald eyes were the same as Arthur’s as they stared at each other.

    “That’s a nice name. Who’s your dad?” Arthur asked, kneeling down to her level.

    “I never had a daddy. My mommy says that my daddy was a kind man, until he changed.” Ruth looked away from him.

    Arthur frowned. “I understand how you feel. I never knew my dad. My mother lied to me for all my life. Your mother taught me things I could never forget. Where is your mother now?”

    “She’s at work.” Ruth yawned, rubbing her eyes.

    Arthur smiled slightly. “Someone’s tired.” He picked Ruth up in his arms, and carried her to her bedroom.

    “I like you, Joker, unlike the news.” Ruth said, half asleep.

    Arthur smiled, placing the small girl in her bed.

    #joker x oc #joker x reader #joker arthur fleck #arthur fleck x oc #arthur fleck x reader #harley quinn
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    Batman: Curse of the White Knight #3

    #THAT WOULD BE AN INTERESTING FIGHT TO WATCH #BATMAN THIS IS A FIGHT YOU CANT WIN #PREGNANT HARLEY VS BATMAN PLACE YOUR BETS!!! #dc comics#batfam#batfamily #out of context #batman curse of the white knight #batman#bruce wayne#harley quinn#funny#dammit bruce #she is not playing around #i love this #bat strength painkillers #in labor
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  • Don’t make a thing out of it.

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    Expressing emotion in any way that’s real and meaningful is alien to the Joker, but he’s learning those parts of himself, however unconsciously, through Harley”

    - Mark Hamill

    Imma keep it real with y'all, I ship Heath Ledger’s Joker and Margot Robbie’s Harley, I mean they both have charismatic personalities and I believe they would’ve had a very eccentric, exuberant and dynamic relationship (and plus they’re both hot as hell ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)); they would’ve definitely lived up to the JokerxHarley “mad love” title. At least we got a live-action Harley to ship him with now, a lot of you guys may not know but back then we had to fan-cast our own Nolanverse Harley, cue in the gorgeous Brittany Murphy, and go on from there LMAOOOOOOistillshipthemthoughOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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  • I dug a bit and yeah I can’t find any mention of Penguin being Jewish before s1e2 of Harley Quinn (2019). Although perhaps, since his whole character is being a morally-bankrupt rich guy with a long beak-like nose, the antisemitic tropes have been going on for longer than just last week.

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  • Harley: *Is struggling bringing a bunch of weapons of mass destruction into the asylum*

    Joker: Go help your mother.

    Duela: *looks up from her phone* What the fuck? Go help your wife.

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  • #harley quinn ask #ask harley quinn #ask harley#harley quinn
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