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  • mouth--breather
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I just found out my harringrove fic Stray has reached over 600 kudos, being my first ever fic to beat that number. Thank you, harringrove fandom

    Steve almost runs someone over. There shouldn't be anyone this far from Hawkins at this time of the day. Especially not Billy Hargrove. And yet he's there.

    You can read it here.

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  • rascheln
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    summer boys version~

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  • dyingontheharringrovehill
    19.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Inspired by this post from @memes-saved-me


    They’ve been doing this for six months, ever since Steve chanced down Cherry Lane one winter night and found Billy sat on the curb, the bright orange tip of his cigarette illuminating a fresh black eye. Ever since Steve realised that none of Billy’s injuries had ever come from a bar fight. Ever since Steve realised that Billy wasn’t the monster in the Hargrove house.

    The first night Billy stays in the guest room, it’s full of light pink bedding, throw pillows and potpourri. He braced for the comments, thick with sarcasm, but there was nothing. An almost silent thanks that left Steve shutting the door behind him, full of quiet shock.

    The next evening, Steve goes in to check that Billy is still there, he hasn’t heard a noise from the other room for hours. He gently pushes the door open, “Billy? You still alive in here?” There is no response. Billy is sat on the floor, back against the wall, staring. Steve isn’t really sure what to do, so he puts the bowl of stew that he was holding down next to him. He reaches out, fingers briefly running against Billy’s shoulder. “Just let me know if you need anything” and retreats to his own room.

    The mattress dips and Steve is aware of Billy crawling into the bed next to him. He sleepily pulls the covers up, opens his arms and allows Billy to slot in. He, unthinking, presses a kiss to the top of Billy’s head. Steve freezes, waiting for the reaction, the anger and disgust. There is none, just a return in the hollow of his throat. They share the bed after that.

    They settle into a routine, full of coffee and kisses, film nights sprawled over each other. It feels warm and safe until one evening late August. Steve is sat up on the counter watching while Billy stirs the dinner, he says that he has to go away for a few days, something about a family event. The unoffered invitation hangs between them. Billy knows it wouldn’t be a good idea, not really, but it still stirs up an ache in his chest.

    Then Steve is gone, the empty bed feels like a cavern, he lays there in silence knowing that it’s only a few days. It’ll be fine. Steve will be back on Saturday and then he can forget the yawning hole in his heart and the voice whispering that one day he might not come back.

    Max said she’d come by on Thursday, so he sits on the overly expensive couch and waits. The clock ticks down, the empty sound ringing in his ears. As the hours pass he feels the ache settle in, burning in his chest, tries to push it away but it’s no use. Tears burn in his eyes, he lets them fall, there’s no one here. He is alone.

    The house suddenly feel too big, looming over him. He has to get out. Takes his keys and settles into the car, cigarette lit, he drives aimlessly. As the sun begin to set he catches sight of Max. She’s outside the arcade, surrounded by her friends, laughing in the autumn light. The ache returns. He keeps driving.

    He doesn’t go back to the house that night. He sleeps pressed into the back seat of the Camaro, it’s safe here, cramped but with no space for the ache.

    The morning light filters though the windows and wakes him. He lights a cigarette, pushing away the familiar feelings of rejection. Just one more day. He shouldn’t have let this happen. He could do this before. He spent his life alone. Now he can’t even deal with a few days, his father’s voice rings through his head, useless, weak, pathetic.

    He resolves to go back, pushes open the door, tries to ignore the empty feeling that has settled over him. He walks through the entrance hall and is greeted by a familiar sound.

    “Hey you!” It’s Steve, he’s here. There are hands on him now pulling him forward towards the couch, he lands and is full of the sounds of Steve’s excited rambling.

    “I really thought it would be awful but it really wasn’t. We went to this little cafe by the beach, you’d have loved it there, they had these little cheese balls and oh, they were incredible.”

    You’d have loved it there

    The ache clings again.

    He’s standing now, pulling away, it’s too much. “Sounds great, I just need to go to bed” his voice sounds harsh, he hears it, but it’s too late. He sees Steve’s face as he turns, he looks hurt, confused, sees him open his mouth but doesn’t stay to hear the words.

    The door of the guest bedroom slams behind him. He buries himself in the covers, pillow over his head and tries to calm the ragged breathing, the pounding heart.

    The bed dips next to him, the pillow is gently peeled away. He keeps his eyes closed, doesn’t want to see the hurt he’s caused, the hurt he always causes. Steve threads his fingers through Billy’s hair, soft touches along his cheekbones. The warmth comes back then, the tears too. Steve pulls him closer, wrapping his arms around Billy’s body.

    “What is it love?”

    “Nobody really needs me”

    “I do, I need you”

    #one day I will learn not to write in short overly dramatic sentences #but today is not that day my dudes #I don’t know what I’m doing #but here we are #navigating time passage is not my strong point #I rlly tried #but I feel like it’s clunky #buuuut also enjoyed writing it #the imposter feeling is real #okay thanks bye #steve harrington#billy hargrove#max mayfield#harringrove #it’s angsty and I’m sorry #fanfic#stranger things#my post#text post
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  • pizzacast
    19.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Some asshat I encountered on twitter: hey stop shipping that, shipping is toxic anyway-


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  • booksfoxesandcoffee
    19.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Try not to think about Steve accepting when people call him dumb/stupid/idiot. How many times has he heard it? From Nancy, from Robin, from The Party, from his classmates, from his teachers, and from his parents? Or how he says it about himself, because if it's said so many times about him how could it not be true.

    Try not to think about Steve trying to make himself sound confident in his ideas and knowing someone is going to say, "that's stupid/dumb/idiotic," or they give him the look of, "how dumb are you?"

    He knows he does stuff weirdly or differently, but he's not sure how to make it make sense to anyone else. After all it's just him being dumb surrounded by so many people who are actually smart.

    Try not to think about Steve making a joke about how a guy as smart as Billy ended up dating such an idiot like Steve. It's followed by a hollow laugh.

    Try not to think about Billy's smiling dropping as he realizes, Steve truly believes that. Steve believes that one day Billy will finally get tired of stupid Steve and leave him.

    #harringrove#steve harrington#billy hargrove#stranger things #billy x steve #billy hargrove x steve harrington #fuck i made more angst
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  • smashmouth-hargrove
    19.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Steve’s idea of love is giving Billy the pink flavored Starbursts out of each pack he eats and looking damn proud giving them to him, like it’s a great sacrifice.

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  • georgethestuffy
    19.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Billy Hargrove threatens murder, like, at least twice a day

    #billy hargrove#harringrove #billy hargrove headcanon
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  • darkmystdrake
    19.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I literally drew this as fast and as soon as I could.. 😳😳

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  • cockasinthebird
    19.06.2021 - 9 hours ago

    How about Billy learning to sew so he can patch up Max' clothes whenever she tears something skateboarding, and she's too worried about telling her mom that she ruined another pair of jeans because money doesn't grow on trees, Maxine!

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  • edith-moonshadow
    19.06.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I'm kinda obsessed with this picture, the amazingly awful hat, his expression, the way that he's standing. I headcanon that Billy would be obsessed with Steve in his Scoops Ahoy uniform (I don't think I'm alone), I mean it's Steve in a humiliating sailor outfit with fitted shorts, Billy would be all about that, a chance to be an asshole and ogle Steve, sign him up. But what would his reaction be to this version? Could anyone take this hat seriously? Would Steve refuse to wear it on principle? But if he did would he have a permanent pout in his face that would capture Billy's attention anyway? 😏😗

    Also, how would Robin fare in this version? I kind of feel like Robin could pull anything off purely through her attitude alone (although I might be biased because I love her and have yet to see her dressed badly) 🤔🤔🤔

    #harringrove#steve Harrington#billy Hargrove#robin buckley #Steve's scoops ahoy uniform #I’m sure this has been discussed before #I was just looking for a picture #and boom there it was #and it’s beautiful #in a strange possibilities way #and the possibilities are endless
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  • booksfoxesandcoffee
    19.06.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Another au idea; harringrove good omens au with Aziraphale Steve and Crowley Billy.

    #harringrove#steve harrington#bill hargrove#good omens #good omens au #stranger things #billy x steve #billy hargrove x steve harrington
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  • booksfoxesandcoffee
    19.06.2021 - 14 hours ago

    S2 au. Max is a seer coming into her powers and has only had a couple small visions (like don’t wear a black shirt that day). When Billy comes barging into the Byers, Max has a major vision triggered. Max sees what happens in the sauna and Billy dying from the mindflayer. Then the funeral where she’s the only one to hear Steve whisper, “I I love you,” to Billy’s grave.

    She stumbles into the fridge and knocks it open. The dead demodog falls out and she is now covered in slime.

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  • honeydewmelo
    19.06.2021 - 14 hours ago

    2 lil snips from an abandoned WIP

    Billy scoffs at that, whispers a solemn, "I was always going to die young, pretty boy."
    Steve can't stop the tears pressing against his eyelids. "Billy, you promised."


    Steve doesn't know what to do. He doesn't want Billy angry at him, he just wants to help.
    But it's too late. Billy is standing up, turning away from Steve, leaving.
    Steve rises. "Billy... please," he begs.
    Billy doesn't look back. Just keeps walking away. Just keeps leaving (Steve behind).
    #harringrove#wip #more snips bc i feel bad that i havent given anything new in a while #i know it's ok! & that. but still. also it helps me? maybe? to look at old stuff #these two are from the same scene but i skipped the part in the middle bc i don't really like it #they are sad :(
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  • magniloquent-raven
    19.06.2021 - 14 hours ago

    ace billy? ace billy.

    in his early teens it seems like people are constantly talking about sex. girls stage whispering about the bruises on their collarbones with coy smiles. boys loudly comparing their girlfriends' assets. people talking about getting on their knees for someone like they're reverently describing finding god. and billy...billy gets good at nodding along like he understands.

    but he's fumbling and lost and years of tiny moments all lead him to a conclusion that he resists with everything he has.

    so he teaches himself to hide it. learns to wear flirtation like armour. every damn day he stands in front of the mirror practising, rehearsing for the tragic shitshow he calls a life. and sure, he rocks the hell out of his leading role, even loves the attention sometimes, soaks it up like it's the last scrap of affection he'll ever get. but it's not enough. it never is. it's hollow, all of it. he's painting a pretty face on a porcelain doll, waiting for the day he slips and it shatters.

    by the time he moves to hawkins he's spent years perfecting the art of lying to himself and everyone around him. he's an impenetrable fortress of bullshit. he's turned it into a game. flirting with older women. married women. the more unattainable the better.

    girls his age are boring. that's the story he tells himself. it's too easy. he doesn't want them because it's not a challenge.

    he's got an excuse for everything.

    he didn't like fucking that girl back in california because she tried too hard to be sexy and it was a turnoff. and the porn mags he keeps stashed away do it for him, honest, they do, his mind wanders to other things and his eyes glaze over til he's not even looking anymore but he still gets off so it counts, right?

    and. and the guys he looks at don't turn him on either, so he's definitely not gay. he isn't.

    he's gotten embarrassingly invested in befriending a couple guys here and there, but he's got a handle on it, he's better at playing it cool now.

    except he isn't.

    the second he opens his damn mouth around steve harrington he's spouting the dumbest, try-hard shit imaginable, and he walks away with his ears flushing pink and his heart in his throat and it's all so fucking stupid.

    but he doesn't want him. he leans in real close while they're both soaking wet and naked and he doesn't feel a goddamn thing and he walks away both vindicated and confused. he could've sworn that one time when he saw steve kiss nancy in the hallway he was burning up inside with something, but now he has no idea what he's feeling. doesn't even know what he wants to be feeling, it's not like lusting after boys would be any better than whatever the hell this is.

    doesn't matter though. he takes out his issues on steve's stupid pretty face and that puts an end to any chance of...anything. whatever he even wanted it to be. it can't be anything now.

    so he goes back to what he knows. what's familiar. and he starts pushing it further. it's not just a stray compliment here and there, batting his eyelashes and playing it coy, no, he's fucking done being subtle. and it's almost exhilarating, knowing he's doing something he shouldn't. there's a thrill to it that almost makes up for how little he actually wants it to go anywhere.

    but he must, right? he keeps telling himself he does. but late at night when he's curled around a pillow, fingers pulled tight and his forehead pressed to the fabric, pushing away lingering thoughts of doe eyes and strong shoulders, he knows he doesn't.

    doesn't stop him from driving out to meet mrs.wheeler at a motel, stomach twisted up with warring emotions, and a strange, detached giddiness bubbling in his chest, and...


    he'll never get the chance to know if he'd have liked it or not. he never makes it to that motel.

    when he wakes up in the hospital, weeks later, veins still grey and his bandages itching, max is there, holding his hand, crying like she actually cares. and behind her, perched in a squared off beige armchair, is steve of all people.

    he's just her ride, he says, but as the weeks turn into months, steve drops the pretense.

    and so does billy, in a way.

    steve kisses him for the first time three days after billy's released from the hospital, and it's...

    well, it's alright. it's nice. he can tell steve's good at it, and it's by far the best kiss he's ever had, but. part of him breaks a little, cracks open and bleeds from a wound he didn't realize he had. because he's just now finding out how badly he wanted it to be an epic moment with sparks and doves flying over and a big orchestral swell, and. it's just a kiss.

    he pulls away with tears in his eyes. pulls all the way out of steve's arms and wipes his eyes on his sleeve, turning away, swallowing a wounded noise.

    and steve's fucking mortified, he's stumbling over his words, and billy knows he fucked up, should've just gone with it, should've just enjoyed what he got, because steve wants him, and that's. that's good, right? it feels good to know it. should've felt good to follow through too.

    but billy never does what he should. life never works like that for him.

    it takes way too long to calm down. to stop shaking and choking on apologies. he reached out and took steve's hand while he was freaking out, so at least steve stayed, and seems less horrified at himself.

    and billy wants to tell steve the truth. wants to tell him everything. but he just. doesn't know what the truth is. the talk in circles for ages, steve not understanding what billy's getting at, billy getting frustrated and backtracking because...because...

    because what teenage boy doesn't want to have sex. with anyone. he curls in on himself. and bites his thumbnail til it bleeds. and still has no idea how to say i don't know what wanting someone is supposed to feel like but i think i love you. because how is that fair.

    it isn't. steve deserves...more. he wants more.

    but billy says it anyways.


    and steve stares at him, with wide eyes and parted lips and he's so fucking beautiful it hurts and billy aches still wondering why, why, he can't just want this gorgeous boy like he should, but

    but steve touches him like he's something precious. carefully, touches his cheek, and slips his fingers through stray curls, almost reverently he steps closer, still hesitant, keeping his distance...

    "hey...i love you too" steve's thumb brushes a lingering tear, "we can work this out, okay?"

    and billy wants to believe him. his eyes fall shut, with a slow exhale he deflates, leans into the touch. wills himself to relax.


    #billy hargrove#harringrove#ace headcanon #asexual billy hargrove #stranger things #a raven's writing desk #listen i have a lot to say about this #cause lbr a lot of this is just me and my feelings dfjlgkfjls #but GOD i love applying them to billy #this poor boy
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  • honeydewmelo
    19.06.2021 - 15 hours ago

    A snip from a WIP that I may never finish:

    Billy relaxes into Steve's grip. It feels warm. It feels safe. Billy breathes. Steve kisses the top of his head.
    Billy's heart stutters. Holy shit. He had told Steve he was falling in love with him. Fuck. But... Steve doesn't seem mad, hasn't recoiled in disgust, hasn't gotten up and abandoned him. He is holding him. Clutching him to his chest. He had planted a kiss on his head. Billy doesn't understand.
    Steve clears his throat above him, "I missed you", he says simply.
    Oh? Oh. Billy understands. He presses his face into Steve's neck. He feels okay.
    #harringrove#wip #this is from the first fic i ever started which is why i might never finish it. #it all just needs so much editing & im not at all close to done & thinking about it is overwhelming #but maybe ill feel different in the ~distant future so ? #also i dont like the wip as much as some of my other ideas so it's a low priority #but yeahhh here is snip bc i feel shitty that i haven't been very productive & shit lately #im going thruuu it but hopefully in the near future ill be giving both me & you more
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  • smashmouth-hargrove
    19.06.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Steve laid with his face pressed against the back of Billy’s hair, that smelled more like grease and must than hair products these days. One of his arms was wrapped snug against the younger boys stomach, holding them tightly together, as if if he let go the blonde would slip through his finger tips. His thigh slotted perfectly between Billy’s own, more solid now than ever before due to the amount of stiff, careful walking being done.

    His nose dug into dirty curls until it pressed against the back of his sweat slicked neck, tired and feeling overworked after a long day. With Billy’s scent mixed the stench of water soaked concrete, of the mold and mildew that littered the abandoned underground tornado shelter they found. It was bad, but better than being that aliens dinner.

    Delicately, Steve’s finger tips brushed over the solid expanse of the other boy’s stomach, larger, thicker fingers coming to lace through his own in an awkward hand holding position that maybe he would have adjusted if times were different but felt so perfect now.

    “I’ve looked around, enough to know,” Steve sang shakily in a hushed whisper, hot breath grazing the top vertebrae of Billy’s spine.

    ”That you’re the one I want to go through time with,” he finished, humming out the last few chords of Time in a Bottle before all fell quiet again in the bunker.

    Their calm in the eye of a storm.

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  • feelingsinatrashcan
    19.06.2021 - 17 hours ago

    June Prompts, Day 18 - Cocktail Umbrellas

    Growing up, Steve had learned to discern his mother's good moods from her bad moods.

    Good moods usually meant cocktail umbrellas on her mimosas at breakfast, and the glass of orange juice she served him next to a plate of slightly burnt eggs and stuffed french toast. Those were his favorite mornings, and he always liked to save the little umbrella as a reminder.

    Bad moods on the other hand, were the pills. Her hands shaking as she takes two pills from the little orange bottle she's trying to hide away from Steve's gaze, and downs them with a half glass of bourbon. Those days, her smile never reached her eyes.

    Christine Harrington was as beautiful as she was broken, and sometimes it made Steve wonder if that was the kind of thing that passed down from parents to their kids.

    Because there were days, days when everything was a little too much, a little too loud, a little too bright. Days in which he sat in his car, knuckles white where they gripped the steering wheel, and wished he could burn the whole town down with just some gasoline and a cigarette. Days in which getting up from bed, when breathing alone felt like it was too much and too little at once.

    It's those days that he remembers his Mama the most and thinks that maybe, his dad was right when he said he had taken after his mother. What a pity he had said, shaking his head and turning back to the newspaper he was reading.

    He's eighteen now.

    Two near apocalypses under his belt, and a high school diploma on the way.

    Four years of his parents being home only once every three weeks.

    Three months of deciding that maybe Heaven is in the way he gets to hold Billy Hargrove in his arms just before he goes to sleep.

    And Steve thinks maybe he's like his Mama, as broken as he is beautiful.

    And how maybe that's not so bad if it means he gets to keep all this. Gets to be selfish, just this once.

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  • mediocre--writing
    19.06.2021 - 17 hours ago

    I'm sure someone has had this idea before but...

    ftm Billy not being able to grow much hair in the ways of chest/facial/etc and being utterly obsessed with Steve’s

    He enjoys grooming the beard Steve got one November and convinced him to keep it just so he could live vicariously through Steve. He’d buy new shaving creams and appliances meant to keep the hair soft and allow it to grow healthier. 

    Steve, though he’d never tell Billy, didn’t really care for the beard much. It was kinda itchy and got a little annoying when it got longer, but could never deny the stars that would come out in Billy’s beautiful blue eyes when he would go through it with the comb or do little trims and touch-ups when it got too unruly. 

    He liked looking at Billy’s face while doing it. It was all pinched up in a cute-focused way and his tongue always stuck out between his white teeth and pink lips.

    He liked when Billy would sit on the vanity with his legs open for Steve to step into so they could get close and Steve could watch through the mirror and direct if needed.

    He liked teaching Billy how to shave a face properly, specifics that would result in the least razor bumps or inconsistencies.

    Billy lets Steve trim it mostly off (minus a bit of stubble) in the summer months because it gets really uncomfortable with the heat and sweat, but Billy avidly encourages growing it back the second the leaves start turning orangey-yellow.

    Steve is delighted to tell Billy, one day when Billy was trimming Steve’s December beard, that he was starting to grow a little stubble and Billy’s head whipped around to the mirror so quickly Steve was scared he’d get whiplash. 

    But, low and behold, there were tiny little hair dots (albeit inconsistent) all over the lower half of Billy’s face. Billy cried (only a little) out of joy and Steve teared up on his behalf and because it was overwhelming to see Billy so genuinely excited about a little bit of hair. But it wasn’t just a little bit of hair, it was something Billy’d been waiting and yearning for for years. 

    Nevertheless, Billy still convinced Steve to keep the beard during the colder seasons and allow him to groom it and, finally, Steve was able to reciprocate the favor.  

    #ftm!billy #ftm billy hargrove #trans billy hargrove #harringrove#stranger things#billy hargrove#Steve harrington#mediocre—writing#mw harringrove #billy x steve #Steve x billy #I hope none of this was incorrect or offensive to anyone in the trans community because I'm not trans but I tried to represent it the best i #could and am not sure if its 100% accurate and don't mean to offend
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  • smashmouth-hargrove
    19.06.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Steve riding Billy while ranting about his special interest: Cars 3

    ”I mean, yeah, Cars and Cars 2 and fine, but- ah! Cars 3 *pant* was a cinematic masterpiece.”

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