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  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004), dir. Alfonso Cuarón

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    He is so sweet. He is so pure. Must protect him at all costs.

    #he deserves the world #and please tell everyone #that MC is yours #because they definitely are #harry potter hogwarts mystery #hogwarts mystery#hphm#slytherin#jacob’s sibling#harry potter#hphm mc#barnaby lee #hogwarts mystery mc #festival date side quest #festival date#side quest#andre egwu#ravenclaw
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    What did we do to deserve such a sweet boy?

    #He will always be my date #barnaby lee #harry potter hogwarts mystery #hogwarts mystery#hphm#slytherin#jacob’s sibling#harry potter#hphm mc #hogwarts mystery mc #festival date #festival date side quest #side quest
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  • Here’s a thing, every time I see people asking celebrities to use their platforms to do some good, I cringe a little inside. And not cringe as in 2012 era ugh cringe- cringe. But I genuinely feel uncomfortable. 

    Who are celebrities? Most of them have put out or are a part of an amazing creation- be it a book, movie, songs, series that have popular acclaim. They have massive fan following and can exert a certain influence. And we consider them to be good people. At least that is the case with current celebrities. In last 4-5 years there has been emergence of ‘good’ celebrities- not stuck in any scandals, have not made controversial statements, greater fan engagement. We have more of a peep in their personal life and their personality.  Naturally, we expect them to talk about their opinion on the current events. 

    But really, should they? There’s no guarantee their opinion is an informed one. There’s even no guarantee if it’s their own opinion; maybe it’s just the popular opinion among their fans that they are projecting. Take away their popular status. Suppose if Tom Holland was just your neighbour, how much value would his opinion carry then? (Well he’s still a hot, kind person. But not the point.)

    And should we listen to it if they do? Do we want to create a culture where we’re giving undue importance to celebrities? Maybe I should’ve cleared it first that I’m not just talking about Superman saying ‘Eat your greens, kids. Stay in school, do your homework’. I’m not talking about general advices like these. These, although problematic in the same vein, are not harmful. I’m talking about actual news, current social movements, political scenarios. Should I defer to Scarlet Johansson’s opinion about defunding the police? As much as I enjoy Chris Evans tearing Donald Trump apart on Twitter, how much value should *I* put on it?

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    #current affairs#celebrity#hollywood#fuck jkr#harry potter #this post does not favour JKR #celebrity culture#toxic #in this essay i will #please be respectful #in the comments #i'm venting #i'm open to suggestions #social movements#blm#trans rights
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  • draco: what are you doing?

    harry: just thinking

    draco: *GASP*


    draco: HE CAN THINK

    draco: WOWWWW


    #i ship them so much it hurts #i feel bad for my friends who have to listen to me rant about them #and i feel bad for the fbi agent inside my phone #who has to deal with me liking so many posts of drarry related stuff #hdjicksjsjdwd#drarry#harry potter#draco malfoy #harry potter series
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  • not really band au, more like Famous!Harry and average Cedric. I did a post about the idea I had a while back but didn’t bother looking for it.

    • Harry is a singer and guitarist. Quite famous
    • Cedric doesn’t really like Harry’s music but is polite anyway
    • Cho is a huge fan of Harry bloody Potter and begs Cedric to go with her
    • Ron and Hermione are in the band, play the drums and keyboard
    • Cedric meets Harry in the VIP section. the conversation was awkward on Cedric’s part
    • Harry instantly crushes on Cedric because he talks to him like a normal person and doesn’t gush over him like all his fans
    • They meet a couple more times because Harry keeps buying Cedric tickets
    • Harry writes songs about Cedric and flirts with him every chance he gets. Cedric is both flattered and confused by the situation
    • On Harry’s day off, he convinces Cedric to go with him to an amusement park
    • and Cedric loves it!
    • He gets to know Harry and sees that he’s different when he’s not performing, Cedric ends up crushing on him, hard
    • Ron and Hermione tease Harry nonstop about his love for Cedric
    • Cedric starts wearing Harry’s merch to show his support for him and the band
    • and Harry gets turned on. Falls harder for Cedric
    • They go on a few more dates before becoming official
    • Harry announces to everyone, while on stage, that he’s dating Cedric Diggory and he’s no longer single
    • Cedric hides in the trailer because a mob of people suddenly want to get to know his and Harry’s personal life
    • Cho calls him, asking when the fuck does he like that type of music
    • to which Cedric answers with ‘oh you know, it grew on me’.
    • Harry takes a break from his tour so he spend more time with his boyfriend
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  • One More Thing”

    “Pads, can I just ask you one more thing before you go?” Remus spoke softly, fidgeting with his fingers as he stood in the doorway of their —no, his— bedroom.

    What,” Sirius snapped at him through gritted teeth as he slammed his suitcase shut.

    The tension nearly crackled between them as their eyes met, sending shivers down both of their spines. But the scowl on Sirius’ face never wavered, and the dagger held in Remus’ heart was never tugged out.

    This was it. It was over. They were done.

    All the years, all the memories.

    The laughs. The vacations. The hand holding. The movie marathons. The trips to Hogsmeade. The god awful matching sweaters. The dorky couple keychains. The snuggling by the fire. The burnt toast. The forgotten umbrellas. The cheesy sticky notes. The adorable baby photos. The tacky throw pillows. The I love yous.

    It was all over.

    So maybe that’s why Remus asked it. Because deep down he knew that once Sirius walked out that door, he would never have a chance to ask it again. So there he stood —fingers twitching, eyes swollen and red, throat dry and raw— and he asked the very last question that he ever would to Sirius.

    “Will you kiss me?”

    And Sirius was never one to deny Remus of anything, so he nodded, the crease in his brow smoothing over just in the slightest. Sighing, he drug his feet over to where Remus stood, tense and drained and completely and utterly stressed.

    He placed his hand on the side of his lover —no, ex-lover’s— neck like he always did, gently cupping it under his calloused palm. As he leaned in, his thumb rubbed along his smooth skin and suddenly it felt like Remus’ throat was closing up altogether.

    Then, as Sirius’ lips connected with Remus’, a wave of ease washed over him, englufing his body in a heart aching kind of tranquility. He had to fight the urge to reach out and grab Sirius by the collar, deepen the kiss, and just beg and plead for him not to leave.

    But he wouldn’t have to.

    Because as soon as Sirius pulled away, the taste of Remus still on the tip of his tongue, there wasn’t an inkling of hatred left in his features anymore. Lip trembling, he pushed out a shallow sigh, eyes darting between Remus’ eyes and his lips.

    “Moony, can I ask you one more thing before I go?” Sirius questioned lowly, trying to will back the tears in his eyes.

    “Of course, Pads. Anything,” Remus quickly replied, raising a hand up to tuck a piece of stray hair behind Sirius’s ear. As he went to pull his hand away, Sirius grabbed onto his wrist, holding it up to lean into Remus’ palm.

    “Can I stay?”

    Remus simply answered him with a kiss.

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  • i know i know fuck jk rowling and smack her with a 2×4 but do y'all also remember how this mf made us wait hours on pottermore to make a potion?? OR more??? like… here we are, age 15, trying to cling on to some semblance of happiness and delve into an interactive experience in a series while we’re struggling with tests and questioning what we want to do in life and taking a bit of a respite before adulthood becomes far too real and the consequences of not knowing the answer to “what do you want to be when you grow up” is a lingering fear in the back of your mind because what if we dont find what makes us happy? what if we choose the wrong thing? what if we never know if what makes us happy now will make us happy later, especially if we can’t feed ourselves on dreams?? And this mf can’t give us the temporary joy of delving into the experience simply, she makes us wait.. and wait… until you’re left to ponder everything you tried to forget as you steep the waxwings and mince the eye of newt or whatever when youre making the draught of living death and truly questioning nihilism and really you’re just going through it because god is dead and we killed him and this is the aftermath or whatever you scrawled in your notebooks in your english lit class for your journaling project that no one else is supposed to read but your best friend needs to read your poem which, now, seven years later is much less edgy than yoh thought, edgelord, but for a moment you can understand the angsty teen depression that was harry potter because maybe your parents werent killed by an evil wizard, but you are in a new environment with more confusing questions about yourself than ever anticipated and it all boils down to why the FUCK would you make these kids sit and wait 5 hours to brew a potion on a virtual game?

    #hp #anti jk rowling #personal i guess #pottermore#harry potter
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  • Updated my Harry Potter OC!

    #harry potter #harry potter oc #oc
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  • “Sólo pensar no sirve de nada. El corazón es el que elige, no importa lo mucho que difiera con tu sentido común”

    -Severus Snape

    Hogwarts Mistery 2020

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  • When both your parents are purebloods, u are a pureblood.
    When one of your parents is a muggle or muggleborn, and the other is a pureblood, u are a halfblood.( Though i don’t quite agree with this, Harry should be called a pureblood)
    When both you parents are muggles, u are a muggleborn.

    But what are u when
    1. both your parents are halfbloods?
    2. one of them is a halfblood and the other is a muggleborn?
    3. one of them is a halfblood and the other is a pureblood?
    4. one of them is a muggle and the other is a muggleborn?

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  • Showing off my new iPhone home screen because I’m obsessed

    (Was gunna do cool thinks with the app icons buuut I HATE that they bounce to the shortcuts app before the actual app)

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  • Happy 41st Birthday, Hermione Granger!

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  • Date Day // Draco Malfoy x Reader

    I give you a realistic Draco. I lowkey don’t like writing him like this but I think this is just how Draco would be in relationships, realistically.

    Summary - Its the last day of summer before going back to school and you both plan a date day. (They are going into their 6th year before everything went to complete shit ahhaha) Tiny bit steamy near the end.

    TW - ^^ Little bit of steamy at the end, nothing big.

    Word Count - 1.7k


    Originally posted by d-r-a-c-o---m-a-l-f-o-y

    Draco and I had the whole date planned out. We didn’t want to waste the last day we had before we had to go to Hogwarts for our 6th year.

    Draco planned the first half, which was just beginning, and I would be planning the last half of the day.

    Something that I think many of our friends (and even our family) had misconstrued was that Draco wasn’t romantic. His tough exterior and demeanor made him seem calloused and ridged. Thought I will not lie to you, he could run quite thin at times. But his mom had clearly raised him right, he knew how to treat a girl.

    So here we were, sitting on a picnic blanket behind the Malfoy manner. Draco had brought all of my favorite things to snack on. Cauldron cakes, Treacle Tarts, and Sherbet Lemons. Along with a little bit of fire whiskey that he snuck from his parents, which were not home at the moment.

    We filled our stomachs with sweets and got ourselves tipsy on fire whiskey. (Draco insisted our next activity would be more fun if we weren’t completely coherent.)

    “One, two, three.” And we downed another shot, I chased it with some water and shook my head from the strong alchohol.

    “I think if we drink anymore we will be more than tipsy.” I laughed, putting the bottle back in the basket. “Onto whatever you have planned next, yeah?” I grabbed Dracos hand and watched a smile creep onto his face, squeezing it to get another reaction out of him. His smile grew wider as he looked into my eyes.

    “What are you doing lovely?” He squeezed my hand back with the same grin. It was so nice to see him smile, he seemed much more glum this summer than usual.

    “Nothing at all.” And with that I stood, bringing him with me. We quietly entered the house, making sure his parents were truly not home still. He set the fire whiskey back in their cabinet with a clink and entered one of his fire places, a fistful of floo powder in one hand and the other outstretched to me. I took it, stuffing myself next to him and holding onto his torso. He shouted a place I had never heard of before and we were suddenly in a shop.

    “You know of muggle fairs.” It came out more as a statement than a question, so I just nodded. “Well they’ve started a magical one.” He pushed the doors open to the shop, revealing a bustling area filled with happy kids and adults alike. I could feel the fire whiskey hitting me now, and I could tell Draco was right.

    This will be more fun when you’re tipsy.

    We ran around for hours playing clearly rigged games and completely failing at them due to our state. I hadn’t seen Draco so giggly since we were kids.

    And I loved it.

    He was much more lovey and loosened up when he had a little bit of alchohol. He didn’t think so hard. He would come behind me and hug my shoulders, kiss my neck softly when we were waiting in line for something. And when I was lucky, he would kiss me hastily on the lips. These were things he would usually do in private, where no one could see how soft he actually was. But when he was careless, PDA was nearly a priority for him.

    After playing loads of games and winning only one tiny stuffed bear, we were off to my part of the date.

    Any time it was my turn to plan a date, I tried to make it like this. To bring out a part of him only I could see, so we were watching movies at my house.

    Now, my house was by no means the size of Dracos, he was born into a far more fortunate household. But we were fortunate enough to have a movie room. A simple room with a big tv and long couch to lay on. Or in our case, cuddle on. Draco had told me in the past how warm I was, and how much he loved that about me because of the contrast of his cold body. I laid a blanket on the leather couch, bringing two pillows and another much larger blanket along with it to drape on top of us. He lay down on the couch, his long legs outstretched. He opened his arms to me with a smile, patting his chest. I started The Breakfast Club and came to lay on his chest and across his body lazily. He stroked his hand through my hair and kissed my head multiple times as I pulled the blanket up to my chin.

    “You really are warm you know.” He said, his arm snaking mindlessly up my shirt. He traced patterns on my tummy with his cold fingers.

    “Yes, I can feel that.” I giggled, taking his other hand and kissing the back of it. “Maybe you should wear warmer clothes.” I craned my neck back with a smirk to look his in the eye. He rolled his playfully and kept on with his pattern making on my stomach.

    “I’m just cold-blooded darling.” He stated. We watched through the first movie and I changed it to another, climbing back onto Draco differently this time, considering I was tired. I laid on my stomach, legs tangled with his. Wrapping my arms around his neck softly and setting my head on his shoulder into the crook of his neck. A planted a kiss there just to tease him, knowing he likes it when I do that. I felt his chest raise a little faster after the kiss, so I planted another, innocently.

    A small huff could be felt from his nose on my neck. He brought his hand up to scratch my back, knowing it would stop and distract me from whatever I was doing, and it always worked. I would never not love these days. Days where we could sit in comfortable silence and enjoy eachother.

    The second movie had ended and I stood with a stretch. I had been sitting for far to long.

    “Okay, theres one more thing but it doesn’t really count as the date. Do you wanna see me try on some new outfits I got? I had to get a new uniform, my old one was becoming a bit small.” Draco nodded eagerly at the statement, letting me drag him upstairs to my room.

    I shut the door firmly and picked up the pile of clothes and spread them out a bit, it wasn’t much.

    Now if this had been us a year ago, I would have told Draco to turn around. But for obvious reasons, this would not be the first time he had seen me with minimal clothes on.

    “Now don’t get all worked up.” I pointed at his accusingly and with a small playful glare. His hands shot up in defense and he sat in the chair in the corner of my room.

    I removed my shirt and slipped on the new sweater I had bought. It was dark green with a big white stripe in the middle on the chest area. Inside the line it read Slytherin and it had a collar. It was also clearly too big for me.

    “I was hoping you would wear it sometimes so I could wear it after and it would smell like you.” I told Draco, taki0ng it off and handing it to him. Slipping on my new white button up and vest, I slipped off my jeans to put the skirt on. Draco averted his eyes, he told me this was out a respect, for I did not ask him to look at me. He had told me that a few months ago. I found it incredibly sexy how respectful he was, what can I say, I find respect amazing.

    But immediately as I put it on something felt off. This seemed even *smaller* than the one I had before. Maybe I was wrong?

    “Draco, is this skirt suppose to be this short?” His eyes scanned up my legs, eyes widening slightly until he reached my face. I could see a clear blush reach his cheeks. It was quite amusing seeing Draco blush because when he did, it was so obvious on the contrast of his pale skin.

    “I-I don’t think so.” He replied, flustered to all hell.

    “I think they gave me the wrong one, damnit.” I laughed, trying to make the skirt go as far down as possible but miserably failing when it didnt go any further than right past my butt. I looked back over at Draco with a pouty look, just to see him with his eyes nearly closed and addams apple bobbing in this throat. “You okay there Malfoy?” I teased.

    “You’re making it awfully hard not to get worked up when you look so beautiful.” He said barely above a whisper, not helping that his hands slightly muffled the words.

    “Oh you like this?” He looked at me with a look as if to say *No shit Sherlock*. I then made the decision to walk over to him, placing myself on his lap lightly. I ran my hands through his hair slowly, starting at his forehead.

    “Must you tease me like this woman?” He complained with a whine, a thing you also don’t hear much from Draco, any kind of begging or whining.

    So I kissed him, pulling his head closer to mine and deepening it immediately. He kissed back with force, we hadn’t done anything like this in a while. His hands wandered my body until they rested next to my butt. He grabbed at it and began moving my hips against his, I caught on and began doing it myself. We had done that for two minutes before I heard the front door slam. I jumped from his lap, yelling hi to my parents.

    I looked down at Draco to see a *problem*.

    “I’m going to distract them and say you’re in the bathroom. Go take care of that.” I laughed, my hand covering my mouth so I wouldn’t burst into tears giggling.

    “Very funny Y/n.” He replied sarcastically, walking himself to my bathroom.

    This date day went even better than I anticipated.

    #harry potter#draco malfoy #draco x reader #draco imagine #draco one shot #draco malfoy x reader #draco malfoy imagine #draco malfoy one shot
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  • I figured I needed to post something eventually

    My secondary mc, Korren, exploring the forbidden forest with @thebrimwithnobrim‘s mc, Alphonse.

    They’re doing their best 

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  • PROMPT: You and Cedric grew up together. After the tragedy of the Triwizard Tournament, you’re left feeling empty without your best friend. Draco Malfoy steps into the picture. Will the feelings be reciprocated? Or will it be unrequited?

    WARNINGS: MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH, angst, fluff, sadness???

    PAIRING: draco malfoy x reader and cedric diggory x reader; hufflepuff reader

    WC: 2.3K+



    PART 5

    You were sitting in Potions by yourself, none of your friends having it during this time of the day. Students were trickling in the classroom, most not opting to spend their few minutes of passing period in their next class. There were only about three other students who sat in their seats, waiting for class to begin. Professor Snape sat at his desk in the front, glancing up at you once in a while when he felt your eyes burning in his direction. 

    You took out the tattered journal Mr. Diggory gave you, smiling down at the obvious wear and tear. You hadn’t had the heart to open it since you first received it. A part of you almost felt wrong reading Cedric’s thoughts. You never asked him if you could read his journal when he was alive, no matter how often you saw him scribble in the thing. You knew he would’ve let you read it if you wanted, but you figured you never had to. He told you everything without being asked. 

    Keep reading

    #harry potter #harry potter fanfic #harry potter series #draco malfoy #draco malfoy x reader #draco malfoy fanfic #draco malfoy series #draco malfoy imagine #cedric diggory #cedric diggory x reader #cedric diggory fanfic #cedric diggory imagine #cedric diggory series #unrequited fic#frances writes #draco malfoy x yn #cedric diggory x yn #draco malfoy drabble #cedric diggory drabble
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  • Making a request

    Back to the Masterlist

    What and who I write for

    Harry Potter- Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger. I’m willing to write for other HP characters as well!

    BTS- Namjoon, Jin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook.

    ATLA- Aang, Zuko, Sokka, Katara, and Toph.


    How to request

    Which character? Ex: Draco Malfoy

    Some sort of description of how it should go. It doesn’t need to be detailed but I’d like to know what it is I should be writing.

    What pronouns? Ex: Fem!Reader x [insert character]

    If you don’t know where the ask button is or how to send one you can DM me your request as well and I’ll tag you once it’s posted.


    I’ll post your ask with the writing when it’s finished! So it could be 3-5 days before it’s up.

    #draco#charlie weasley #draco harry potter #draco headcanons#draco imagine #draco lucius malfoy #draco malfoy #draco malfoy imagine #draco malfoy preferences #draco malfoy x reader #harry potter headcanon #harry potter x reader #harry potter#bts army#bts fanfic#bts fic#bts #bts x reader #hybrid jimin x reader #jimin x reader #taehyung x reader #jungkook x reader #writing humor #aang x reader #atla zuko#atla #sokka x reader #zuko x reader #alta aang#zuko imagine
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