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    Moodboard of Ravenclaw twin brothers.

    Face claims: Cole and Dylan Sprouse.

    Requested by: @lil-italian-disappointment

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  • Patronum (Pt. 5)

    WC: 2,440. SFW. Pairing: 7th year Slytherin reader x Severus Snape. Tagging @mostlyrickman, @seducedbyseverus, @michellemsg, @i-reblog-gr8-things, @msclifford, and @sesshomaru-lover. If you would like to be tagged in future fics, just shoot me a DM and I’ll be glad to add you! Thanks for reading!

    You slipped back away to the girls’ dormitory, but needless to say there was no sleep to be had that night. It was all playing over and over again in your mind and-that Dark Mark. Had Severus been a Death Eater? Was he still one now? The thought filled you with dread, being Muggleborn yourself. It couldn’t be, you worried: surely Severus didn’t believe in pureblood supremacy. There were Aurors hunting down and catching former Death Eaters every day, how could it be that one was at Hogwarts and nobody said a word about it? You were certain that Dumbledore would never allow a Death Eater into Hogwarts, much less give one a job as a Professor.

    That’s it, Dumbledore. I have to tell Dumbledore about everything. He’ll know what do to, he always does! You decided, feeling shaken. I’ll send him an owl at breakfast. 

    When the dim light of morning finally began to seep in through the dormitory windows, you were the first one out of bed. Quickly, you grabbed your things and headed out of the common room, making your way down the corridor and towards the Great Hall. 

    “Wait!” A voice called out behind you, one you recognized immediately. You turned around and saw Severus rushing out of his office to meet you, still looking slightly disheveled. “Morning, love.” He said, and planted a quick kiss on your cheek.

    “Severus, don’t! Someone could’ve seen you!” You exclaimed.

    “What does that matter?” Severus teased. He put an arm around your shoulder, and you couldn’t help but tense up, knowing what was hidden under his sleeve. Severus, however, seemed completely unbothered. “I wanted to talk to you about that essay I assigned yesterday. Don’t worry about it, you’re getting full marks.”

    “Full marks? But I didn’t even write it!”

    “Like I said, don’t worry about it. I’ll see you in class later, then?” Severus smiled eagerly.

    “Yeah…of course, Sev-er, Professor,” You said quickly as a first-year walked past, looking positively bewildered. “I’ve got to go now.” You pulled away and hurried off to the Great Hall. Though there was a veritable feast laid out for breakfast as always, you completely ignored the food and pulled out some parchment and your quill.

    Professor Dumbledore, I’m in urgent need of your help. Something is terribly wrong with Professor Snape. I don’t want to say any more now, in case this owl is possibly intercepted, but please write back as soon as you can. You scrawled the note down quickly on the page, signed your name, and put it away in an envelope. 

    Looking up at the staff table, you could see Dumbledore was merrily enjoying his breakfast and discussing something with Professor McGonagall. Naturally, Severus was sitting in his usual seat, but immediately you noticed he was staring back at you. Your first instinct was immediately to look away, but when you looked again and saw he was still staring, you offered him a tiny, nervous wave. He smiled brightly, and you couldn’t help but feel happy to see him do so.

    After breakfast, you rushed off to take your letter to the Owlery. You felt restless all through your morning classes; today you didn’t have Potions until after lunch. When they had concluded, you came back into the Great Hall, and immediately sat down and began trying to re-read the section on Amortentia from your copy of Advanced Potionmaking. 

    You had read the first sentence ten times over when you heard an owl cry out overhead. They almost never delivered mail outside of breakfast: whatever it was had to be important. You couldn’t help but jump slightly when it dropped the brilliant gold-colored envelope it carried in front of you. You took it in your hands and opened it carefully. In looping, old-fashioned handwriting, it read:

    Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it. Come by my office this evening and I would be glad to discuss your concerns. I am greatly enjoying Pepper Imps as of late.

    The letter wasn’t signed, but you felt a sense of relief wash over you, knowing immediately it was from Dumbledore. You tucked it inside your Potions book, and headed back down to the Dungeons for class. 

    Taking your seat silently, you tried to keep a low profile. Not many of the other students had arrived yet, and Severus was nowhere to be seen. The door to his office was shut tight, and the memory of what had happened behind it sent a shiver down your spine. You tried to shake off the feeling, but your nerves were hardly calmed. More students began trickling into class. Lunch was surely finished by now, but still Severus had not arrived. People began to whisper amongst themselves: Severus was never late for a lesson. 

    Finally, Severus strode into class. His stance was impressive as always, but his eyes held a haunted, distracted look. He elected not to acknowledge at all the fact that class was now starting ten minutes late, instead reaching into his desk and wordlessly passing back the previous day’s test. While others were grumbling about their low scores, you couldn’t help but notice Severus’s handwriting on your test looked incredibly rushed and sloppy. 

    “How many of you actually bothered to do the homework?” Severus asked impatiently. “Let’s find out. Pass your essays forward.” There was an awkward scramble as students rushed to pull theirs out from their bags. You simply sat there, feeling awkward about the entire affair. Severus cast you a knowing glance as he collected the essays, but you could not bring yourself to return it.

    “Take out your books. Read the section on safely concocting solutions including dragon blood…I’m certain it’s more well written than all of this dreck I’m going to have to read now.” He slammed the stack of papers down on his desk. A minute later, he asked, “Well? Which one of you can tell me what the safe ratio of parts of dragon blood to parts of another ingredient is?”

    You raised your hand reluctantly. “The ratio is two parts to dragon blood to one part of whatever else you’re mixing it with, unless you’re using something more reactive, like Erumpent horn or asphodel.”

    “That was an excellent impression of Miss Granger. Five points to Slytherin,” Severus said, getting a laugh from the Slytherins and a slight blush from you. “Come up here and demonstrate how to perform such a mixture properly.

    You stood up and walked to the front of the class, where Severus had laid out a cauldron, a vial of dragon blood, and a small bowl of what you recognized as powdered asphodel. "Er, well, you’ve got to measure it out first. Right, Professor?” You asked.

    “Precisely. Do it just like this.” He laid his hand on top of yours, guiding it to take a small pinch of the asphodel. You felt the eyes of all the rest of the class staring at you as you dropped it into the cauldron, which promptly began to simmer and change color. 

    “Yeah, that’s right,” You said. “Thanks, Professor.” You tried to take your hand away, but Severus wouldn’t let go. “Er, is that all then?” You asked, shooting him a look. As pleased as you’d normally be to get to hold his hand, you hardly felt enthusiastic to do it in front of a whole class of your fellow students.

    Severus immediately looked hurt. “Yes, I suppose. Take your seat,” He said, and let go. 

    For the rest of class, you tried to shake off the incident. More than once, you caught other seventh-years giving you funny looks. When it ended, you hurried out, trying to hold back the tears welling up in your eyes. The only thing on your mind now was your meeting with Dumbledore. For the rest of the day, you found yourself barely able to focus for in your other classes. After dinner, you went straight to Dumbledore’s office. Not knowing how to get in, you simply stood there in front of the great stone gargoyle protecting the entrance.

    “Looking for something?” A soft voice came from behind you. You turned around, startled, to see Professor Dumbledore standing in the middle of the corridor.

    “Sorry, Professor, I didn’t see you coming!” You said, relieved. “You got my letter, of course?”

    “I did,” Dumbledore nodded. “Pepper Imps!” He declared loudly to the gargoyle, which immediately gave way and revealed the staircase to the Headmaster’s office. “I do enjoy them around this time of year. The smoke really warms up the ears, don’t you think?” He commented as you followed him up into the office.

    “Yes, definitely…” You murmured absentmindedly. You had never been into the Headmaster’s office before, and it was filled with all sorts of wonders. The Sorting Hat sat atop a high bookcase, and a phoenix was perched atop Dumbledore’s desk. “Professor, I wanted to talk to you because I’m worried about Sev-erm, Professor Snape.”

    Dumbledore immediately looked interested. “What do you think is the problem with him?”

    “It’s not like that, it’s just-” You felt a bundle of nerves beginning to grow inside you. “I saw something strange last night on his arm, sir. A skull with a snake around it. I think it was a Dark Mark.” You let the words out as quickly as you could, feeling sick to your stomach at once. 

    Dumbledore, however, did not look the slightest bit surprised. “I’m well aware. It’s an ugly scar from darker days." 

    "What? You knew Professor Snape was a Death Eater?” You replied. “How could you let a Death Eater teach at Hogwarts?”

    “Severus Snape is no longer a Death Eater. I assure you, I would trust him with my life.”

    “Why, then? Why would he change sides?”

    Dumbledore grimaced. “That I cannot tell you, for his own safety. If Severus wishes to tell you himself, it is his decision. But I assure you, he is not any more a Death Eater than I.” Dumbledore paused. “Is there anything else you would like to tell me? Anything at all?”

    Suddenly, there was a loud groan behind you. “Severus!” You cried. He was lurching into the office, looking immensely unwell. Dumbledore immediately ran to steady Severus, seating him in one of the office’s many armchairs.

    “What’s the matter with him? Do you know what’s causing this?” Dumbledore demanded.

    “I don’t know!” You replied hoarsely. “He seemed fine when we talked this morning, but during afternoon class, he didn’t seem well?”

    Severus didn’t speak, instead trying to stand up. He stumbled towards you like a drunkard, wrapping his arms around you tightly. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” He muttered over and over again.

    Dumbledore looked at you, then Severus, then back at you. “What is the meaning of this?”

    You swallowed nervously. “He-he drank some Amortentia last night, sir. I didn’t do anything to him, I would never, I swear!”

    Dumbledore sighed. “Why, exactly, would you consume Amortentia, Severus?”

    “BECAUSE I LOVE HER!” Severus shouted back, much louder than necessary.. 

    Dumbledore shook his head contemptuously. “If it’s been twenty-four hours, Severus is likely entering into the early stages of Amortentia withdrawal. He must be sent to Madam Pomfrey at once.”

    “No, please, no!” Severus had started to cry, and gripped you tighter. “Don’t make me!”

    You took Severus’s hand. “Sev, please…I don’t want you to be sick-”

    “I’m not sick!” Severus snapped. “I wanted to see you, I couldn’t find you and so I came here. You saw the Mark, of course you were going to tell! I know you did, I’m so sorry, please, I’m a fool!”

    “It’s all right, Dumbledore’s told me; everything. We can talk about this later, just please, calm down. You’re going to be all right, okay?” You looked over at Professor Dumbledore. His expression was unreadable. “This must look like complete madness, but nobody ever meant any harm!” You couldn’t help but feel ridiculous offering your explanation.

    “He must go to Madam Pomfrey.” Was all Dumbledore said in response.

    You nodded. “Come on, Sev, Professor Dumbledore’s right. Let’s go.” You started to lead him out of the office, Dumbledore following close behind. You walked with him through the corridors, doing your best to steady him when he would stumble. When you arrived at Madam Pomfrey’s, Dumbledore took her quietly aside and explained the situation while you tried to get an increasingly stubborn Severus to let go of you and lie down on one of the cots.

    “Come on, Sev, Madam Pomfrey’ll get you right, ok?” You tried to explain, prying his from your shoulder.

    “I’m fine! I’m already all right!” There was a slight, almost imperceptible crack in his voice.

    “That’s enough, Severus,” A stern voice came from across the room. Madam Pomfrey turned to face you. “You are excused.”

    Dumbledore led you out of the Hospital Wing, and you couldn’t help but feel sick to your stomach. “What’ll happen to him now?” You asked quietly.

    Dumbledore shook his head. “Time will tell. Poppy has assured me that she can treat him. However, it may be to his benefit,” He paused for a moment, as if considering an idea. “To employ a Memory Charm once he has fully recovered.”

    “A Memory Charm?!” You replied, failing to hide your shock. “You wouldn’t, Professor! Surely there’s got to be a better way-”

    “Severus is part of something…much greater than himself. I do not expect you to understand now, but you have no idea how much danger you are putting him in.”

    “Danger? I swear I would never do anything to hurt him!”

    “I know you wouldn’t. Like I said, I do not expect you to understand.”

    “But, Professor, still!” You argued. “He’s a person! He hasn’t done anything wrong, you can’t just cast a Memory Charm on him! Have you thought about how he might feel?”

    “That feeling is precisely what endangers him,” Dumbledore replied. “But I may consider foregoing the Charm, if you would promise me one thing.”

    “What?” You felt your throat tighten as Dumbledore looked at you. 

    “If you have become involved in any sort of…deeper relationship…with Professor Snape, I urge you to break it off. For your good, and his.”

    “And then, you swear you wouldn’t do it? You wouldn’t cast the Charm?”

    Dumbledore nodded. “If you hold true to my terms, then I will hold true to yours.”

    “Fine-I’ll do it,” You choked out the words. “Just please, don’t do anything to him! This has already all been hard enough…

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  • Listen I know we as Harry Potter fans have all likely rejected the canon at some point before.

    But can we all come together, as one fandom - Romione and Dramione and Drarry shippers alike, Snape Antis and Pro Snapes alike…

    To say “fuck you” to HPHM’s canon?

    #hphm #harry potter hogwarts mystery #hogwarts mystery#harry potter#hphm spoilers#hp#hphm mc#jacob's sibling #To be clear #I have my doubts that what happened will be permanent #But it might be #We'll just have to see
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  • Hey I’m new here!

    I’ve just realised that I haven’t introduced myself or anything but like yeah. Although I’ve used this app for months now, I’m still quite new to posting stuff and all the shenanigans.

    Anyways, if you guys have any requests, especially for the reader inserts or for a ship, here’s a list of characters that I would happily write about - in Alphabetical and Fandom order of course:


    • Supergirl - Kara Danvers
    • Lena Luthor


    • Elsa (Frozen)
    • Anna (Frozen)
    • Merida (Brave)
    • The Big Five
    • Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians)

    Harry Potter:

    • Harry Potter
    • Hermione Granger
    • Draco Malfoy
    • George Weasley
    • Fred Weasley
    • Tom Riddle
    • Bellatrix Lestrange


    • Steve Rogers
    • Bucky Barnes
    • Tony Stark
    • Bruce Banner
    • Thor Odinson
    • Loki Odinson
    • Natasha Romanoff
    • Wanda Maximoff

    Miraculous Ladybug:

    • Marinette Dupain-Cheng
    • Adrien Agreste
    • Chloe Bourgeois
    • Gabriel Agreste

    Star Wars:

    • Rey Skywalker (Formerly Palpatine)
    • Ben Solo

    Harry Styles (Because why not?)

    So yeah, that’s the list of fandoms and characters and people I’ll gadly take requests to write about, so feel free to ask and I can’t wait to write more fics for you guys :)

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  • “i can’t live without you
     i love everything about you
    oh, i’m so glad i found you
    i want my arms around you”

    (important note: albus is on his tiptoes)

    #scorbus#harry potter #albus severus potter #scorpius malfoy #the cursed child #hp fanart #i'm trying my best to capture how i envision them but i'm still learning how to draw #the quote is 'baby i love you' by the ramones (but i think it is well known) #i keep forgetting to draw Albus' freckles.... im sorry 😭
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  • image

    I used to do everything in Comic Draw, which is an incredible app, especially if you’re doing a comic- it lets you do everything from the script to the final panels and text all in one program. But lately I’ve been trying to learn procreate and I’m enjoying the brushes. Here’s Harry again because I love him.

    #harry potter#hp fanart #cary grant is the reference as always
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  • What if Penny found out about mc’s secret date with someone else and she bitterly wished that the Entrancing Enchantment worked back then

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    ‪The Wheel of Fortune is a wild ride, you’re never quite sure where it’s going to throw you, and there is only little you can do to influence, but it will change your world as you know it. ‬

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  • 1) Can you stop changing the hair. I don’t like it and prefer what Rose has now

    2) Lockheart, just leave already

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    • voldemort: so many people come to fight me because i killed their loved ones
    • voldemort: i can't keep track any more
    • voldemort: if your name's not potter, assume i don't know or care about your backstory
    #Lord Voldemort#Harry Potter #Harry Potter series
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    Ah to be young and in LOVE. takes me back 🖤🖤

    #remus lupin#wolfstar imagine#remus#harry potter#padfoot #harry potter headcanon #harry potter imagine #sirius x remus #wolfstar headcanon#sirius #harry potter textpost #draco x harry #harry x draco #harry and sirius #harry potter fanfiction #marauders hc#marauders texts#marauders headcanon#the marauders#marauders map#marauders imagine #harry potter marauders #marauders textpost#marauders au
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  • i know i’m gonna get demonetized for this but-

    your hogwarts house isn’t a personality trait. your hogwarts house is not part of your personal identity. 

    you’re not brave and bold because you’re a griffindor. being a slitherin does not make you oppressed. being a ravenpuff does not make you a minority.

    you don’t need “hufflepuff pride”, because pride is for something that is real, something that is actually part of your identity. breaking news, harry potter is fiction. hogwarts houses are a plot detail. they aren’t real. you can be proud of being a hufflepuff, but you don’t need convince everyone you’re special because of it. you’re not.

    don’t act like your entire identity revolves around your house. it doesn’t. 

    but yall aren’t ready for that conversation.

    (to be clear, i’m not hating on people who like harry potter. i read the books in fourth grade like everyone else. this is my opinion, and it is in my complete rights to share it.)

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  • Snape Headcanons

    Cause I’m a slut for Severus

    • He plays the piano
    • And sings- his deep voice is really nice and he kinda sounds like Hoizer
    • Sometimes when he’s working he ties up his hair but never in front of people
    • He hates himself a lot (that part isn’t the headcanon lol we been knew) which is why he doesn’t take care of himself as much therefor greaseman
    • He debated getting surgery for his nose, but then he realized everyone would notice his nose being different, and then he’d get even more picked on for getting surgery- not worth the struggle
    • He got a big schnoz might as well rock it
    • Baby got back? Baby got schnoz.
    • He will NOT dance to any sort of upbeat music. Will he listen to it? Yes. Will he dance hip-hop? God no
    • He tried ballet once cause he found it ‘classy’- he was kinda good but also he hated it
    • Ballroom fits him more
    • Idk if this can be considered canon already but he fuckin???? Has really gentle hands. Like- his attitude is hard as rocks but he touches as if he was always afraid to break something- which is why in The Halfblood Prince when harry pissed him off, he didn’t hit him out of rage, he just fuckin chucked a jar at him
    • Other weak people can agree that throwing things when mad is so much more satisfying than weakly trying to smack someone
    • Oh but his hands are also really firm?? Like firm touch??? But also very gentle idk
    • He sleeps on his side in a little ball
    • He draws really abstract stuff (stole this from a fanfic lol)
    • He’s super skinny- like crazy fuckin skinny
    • He’s got so many health issues oh my god
    • Don’t even get me started
    • He’s got a terrible heart and not just in the emotional way, he’s recovered from addiction, he has seizures sometimes- not goOod
    • His favorite animal is a lion but if he told anyone he’d get backlash
    • He- just likes big cats- okay???
    • He himself is a big cat
    • Or maybe like a fruit bat
    • Fursona??? I’ll stop
    • He loves sour candy
    • He himself is a sour candy
    • Okay I’ll stop
    • He wears heeled boots under that cloak- he’s actually like 4 inches shorter. The heels are what make him strut so much
    • Heels on guys were already fashion back then- but Jesus not that high dude
    • He gets cold really easily despite loving winter cause it gives him an excuse to stay inside
    • He’s really more of a coffee shop city guy than a nature camping guy
    • He knows a LOT of muggle references and loves surprising people with his knowledge

    Idk why I made this- I’ve been wanting to do snape for a while on here but I never got to it- I’ve fuckin been obsessed with him since 2016

    Send in snape requests if you wanna- and hey if you see me in the hashtags drop a follow or Whateva

    #god hes kinda baby #even tho he abuses children or whateva #snape#severus snape#headcanons#snape headcanons #severus snape headcanon #harry potter headcanon #harry potter #half blood prince #tw seizures #tw self loathing
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  • Crowley: y’know, I remember when I was put in a tank while i was a snake

    Aziraphale: my dear boy,, whatever do you mean??

    Crowley: i think it was a zoo.

    Aziraphale: hm… odd…

    Crowley: but this scrawny ass boy with a strange scar and glasses did some weird shit to the glass

    Crowley: he stopped me from causing a scene though

    Adam, clutching his Harry Potter trilogy: im sorry whAT

    #we love crossovers #dont @ me #incorrect good omens #gomens#goodomens#good omens #aziraphale x crowley #ineffable husbands#harry potter#crossover #the philosopher's stone #anthony j crowley
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  • Hey everyone, 

    I want to send an overall message to all of you guys who have read my Hero fanfic (on Wattpad); where I asked you all how you felt IF I made a crossover story with Harry Potter and Danny Phantom. Just in case I even want to do it, I had begun to write for it. I have not read the books for HP, but I have seen all the movies, but I will be using online reading material to help me with HP and how Danny and Dani can fit into the story. 

    Please note, that if you are interested in reading it I have a few questions for you all. If you want to answer them, then I will also post them on my Instagram. 

    What wands should Danny and Danielle have? The reasoning would help.

    What house should they be placed in? 

    Should they keep their memories of when they were in Amity? 

    More questions would be asked if I decide to post the first chapter.

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