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    The Second Movement — II

    Ernie and Althea disagreed on many things, but none quite so much as who was responsible for the opening of the Chamber of Secrets. And although their arguments rarely stepped beyond playful, this was not one of those times.
    Utterly convinced that Harry was the Heir of Slytherin – following a rather public display of Parseltongue at Lockhart’s Duelling Club – Ernie had decidedly taken up his stance against Potter and, consequently, Thea.
    Thea wasn’t so quick to judge. In fact, she had elected to give Harry the benefit of the doubt – after all, it was her the snake was coming after, not Ernie. And it had backed down after Harry’s intervention; it surely had to mean something.
    Althea Abbott still clung to the “hero” misnomer Potter had unwittingly adopted, in spite of almost the entire school rendering him a pariah for his latent talents of snake speak. Deep in her heart, she knew very well that he was just a kid; as was she. But if she couldn’t believe in The Boy Who Lived, what could she believe in?
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  • Hogwarts would SUCK if you had to be in a wheelchair

    I know wizards magic blah blah blah

    but like what if you had to be in crutches? or in a wheelchair? you physically wouldn’t be able to go to some places

    like for one, stairs, and also some of the classrooms are just impossible, like to get to the divination room
    you have to go spiraling stairs from the seventh floor to the top of the north tower, the real life stairs they used in the movies is 550 stairs, so at least 550+ hogwarts and then you have to go up a ladder

    that was hard for healthy students to do, imagine if you have a cast, crunches, sling, wheelchair etc, 

    Hogwarts architecture is a trainwreck 

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  • Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop | ron weasley

    Single Part

    Parings: “Ron Weasley x Female!Muggle!ReaderRequested:  “Hi! :) I know I’ve requested stuff before but I wanted to know if I could request a fluffy RonxFem!reader one shot inspired by Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg? Thank you so so much sorry if this is a lot :/ have a nice week!:)xo.” - @ickleronniekinsemotionalrange

    Warnings: like one curse word

    Words: 1725

    Summary: Ron finds himself completely infatuated by the muggle girl who frequents his favorite coffee shop. Based on the son Fallin in Love at a Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg

    A/N: I hope you enjoy and thank you for introducing me to this new song, I really enjoyed it! You can request as many times as you want! Lyrics are in italics.


    Originally posted by thefoxandspice

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    ● word count: 1057

    fic index

    ANOTHER HOGSMEADE WEEKEND SPRANG UP RATHER QUICKLY. The girls had become so caught up in homework that they completely forgot that they were allowed back into the village. Draco kept making jokes to Paloma about her run-in with Pansy the last time.

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  • more no nuance november opinions

    • don’t get me wrong i don’t like snape however the only fucking problem in his life wasn’t the fact that lily didn’t like him back; he was fucking abused just like sirius unlike sirius though he didn’t have a sanctuary to run off to when he had enough
    • regulus would’ve remained a death eater had it not been for voldemort wanting to kill kreacher
    • if any of y’all went to school with luna half of you guys would make fun of her too
    • percy probably felt half guilty for cedrics death too
    • remus was the best parental figure in harry’s life
    • ron was a better friend to dean, seamus, luna, and neville than harry was but he was still a shit friend to them
    • percy has a virgo or capricorn rising 100%, fred’s a triple aries, i think george has a water moon, FANON james is an aries sun with a water moon and a leo rising, sirius is an aries rising, i think lavender has a water sign for venus and i think blaise is either a virgo sun with a leo rising or leo sun with a virgo rising
    • blaise being disapproving of death eaters is funnier than anything that has come out of the twins mouth
    • it’s okay to admit that luna was fucking annoying
    • percy being in slytherin would’ve been way more interesting than any of the other weasleys
    • there are multiple types to every house. that’s why you can be slytherin like draco or slughorn, or a hufflepuff like tonks or cedric, or a gryffindor like lavender or fred, or a ravenclaw like cho or luna. it depends on which trait you value more
    • all fire signs are textbook gryffindor
    • hagrid and charlie are the best representation sagiterrorist’s sagittarius’ have
    • the three oldest weasleys would have fought draco at some point if they were younger
    • not an opinion but yesterday i realized that james was only 10 years older than bill and i got sad
    • narcissa WILLINGLY had death eater views and her and lucious loved each other
    • i hate the reason why percy and arthur didn’t have glasses
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  • Imagine this: You watched Harry Potter for the first time when you were 10 and you were like

    “Ohh, I love this movie, I love romione, hinny some people ship harmione but that’s okay.”

    And how you are 18 and now people ship:

    Draco and Hermione, Draco and Harry, tom and Hermione, Snape and Hermione, snape and harry, lucius and Hermione, lucius and harry, krumione, ravender, pansimione etc etc.

    And somehow they want you to “Accept” and “Respect” their ships🙂! #thisfandomsucks

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  • George Weasley x Reader

    Gender: female

    House: not specified

    Summary: You’re about to get married to the love of your life, George Weasley. But, when it’s time for you to say those two simple words, “I do” you find yourself sprinting out of the church with tears pouring down your face.

    Warnings: language, angst, drunkenness

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    Fawkes is a Phoenix, Harry. They burst into flame when it is time for them to die, and then they are reborn from the ashes.

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  • Writing fic for the Harry Potter fandom obviously comes with its fair share of issues that need to be addressed. And I thought I would do that here, in an attempt to fully express my feelings on the matter. 

    JKR is a horrible, transphobic person. Her work has several incredibly harmful racial and ethno-religious stereotypes deeply ingrained in her work. 

    Nothing can erase the deeply problematic history JKR leaves behind with Harry Potter, nor with her more recent public statements and works. I want it to be known that my writing is not an attempt to do so. Rather, it is my own personal expression of creativity, building upon a universe and characters that are so deeply flawed, and that deserves to have been more inclusive. We, as readers, were robbed of what the series and characters could have been. 

    As an Art Historical Researcher, I have so often had to deal with the problematic, (and often downright vile) nature of the people behind the artworks. Often I have asked myself if I can truly appreciate an artist’s work, knowing how horrible they were as a person. The answer cannot be painted in absolutes. It is the people (the viewer, the reader) that must make that decision for themselves based on their own level of comfort with the person behind the work. (I personally can never enjoy or appreciate a work by Gauguin. I have a more complicated relationship with the works of George Grosz. It varies!) While I have not personally financially supported any works or films associated with JKR in the past, I do still consume fanworks generated for the enjoyment of the community that have a critical and thoughtful eye towards the source material.

    My fanfic was my attempt at seizing the original work from JKR and giving it back to the readers. I in no way wish to discredit or ignore the harm JKR has done. On the contrary, I wish for it to be thoroughly examined and critiqued.

    If your views on consuming fanwork of Harry Potter differ than my own, I completely respect your decision to not interact with it. 

    TLDR: JKR is horrible, full stop. But fanwork can be a valuable way to critique the source material. At the end of the day it’s everyone’s personal choice on how they want to interact with a work.

    #i say this as a non-cis person if that matters to you at all #Harry Potter#Marauders
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  • hi y’all this is another random draco blurb, pls don’t let this flop. 


    The mischievous grey eyes you had become so accustomed to shined brightly at you from their place above you. A taunting smirk painted the blonde’s face as he peered at your slightly quivering form. “Scared aren’t you?” he taunts. “Oh shove off Malfoy” comes back as your weak response, as you’re slightly shaken and unable to come up with a proper comeback. To set the scene, you’re walking down the long narrow corridors at an ungodly hour. Shadows move and flicker at every corner of the desolate path of the winding halls, unnerving you to another level. The fear of Filch and his stupid cat, along with your eyes playing tricks on you leaves you a mess of nerves. 

    Malfoy simplys grins by your side, and keeps moving forwards. The torch he has in his hand lights up the side of his face and defines the sharp structure of his jaw. As you’re walking in the eerie silence, for once you are grateful that Malfoy has broken the otherwise still sound of air. “There’s nothing to be scared of y’know, I’m right here” he says with his usual air of arrogance, but with a soft edge towards the end. 

    His words only barely calm your racing heart and you respond with the obvious lie of “I’m not scared”. At this Malfoy grins his cheshire grin, and starts with “Oh yeah? You’re not-”.

    Before you can hear the end of his retort, the loud wailing of a portrait has you almost jumping out of your skin. Even Malfoy is startled, which causes him to drop the fiery torch that had lit up the otherwise dim halls. 

    Now bathed in darkness, you can feel your fear gripping its nasty hands around your throat and rendering you unable to breath for a few seconds. In the pitch darkness of the night, you can hear footsteps and the sickening meows of a feline. Filch and his bloody cat, you think. 

    Before your reflexes can kick in, you feel large cold hands wrap around your mouth and waist. They pull you into a dark corner, away from the prying eyes of that insufferable feline and its owner. “Don’t make a noise” your captor whispers into your ear. Malfoy, you think. With that thought you melt into his embrace, even though the logical part of your brain tells you not to. 

    Taking rugged breaths you both for the sounds of Filch’s footsteps to retreat and for that cat to trot away with him. You stay still in Malfoy’s embrace, long after Filch’s footsteps have faded away, for reasons unknown to you. “How long are you planning on staying like that, love?” playfully inquires the slytherin from his spot behind you. This seems to send your body into action, and you push him off of you as if his touch was infused with venom. “Shut up Draco” you practically bark and silently seethe as he watches you amused. You both stand chests heaving as the tension in the room thickens dramatically. 

    “Or what?” Malfoy responds, deciding to test your limits. “Or I’ll hex you into oblivion” you bite back, unable to dissect the feelings he was evoking in you. “I don’t think you will” he spoke with the lilt of his soft voice, “You love me too much”. Stalking towards you with long strides, he strokes the soft skin of your face, brushing over the acne that resided below your cheekbones. 

    You, always speechless at the worst of moments, simply don’t respond and instead boldly stare into his steely eyes. “C’mon say it, say you love me” he requests softly but in an almost serious way. 

    This was a stark contrast to the playful mood he was sporting just minutes ago. “I wanna hear the words come out of your pretty lips angel, so say it” he rasps out. You think about how odd you must look if anyone were to have walked in on this moment. You pressed into the walls of the hallway, while Malfoy’s dark presence loomed over you, begging for you to confess your love for him. 

    “Please say it, I wanna hear it”, his thumb moves over from the side of your face and instead makes its way onto your lips, toying with them. Finally abiding his requests, you say the words the tall boy has been aching to hear. “I guess I do love you” you respond but not without a slight upwards turn of your lips. At this Malfoy’s face melts into the Cheshire grin he was wearing earlier, and he says something that made your inside turn, twist and topple. “Good Girl”.

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  • sirius: no way…first, i’m going to fall in love with those little guys, and then i’m going to fall out of love, and then i’m going to totally fake die of a FAKE HEART ATTACK *clenches chest dramatically* OHHH, MY HEART, MY HEART HURTS BECAUSE I FELL OUT OF LOVE AND NOW I HAVE DIEEEEE!!!! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

    james: what the lumps?

    #sirus black#james potter#mauraders #incorrect mauraders quotes #harry potter #source: lumpy space princess #source: adventure time #remus lupin
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  • hot take: modern remus lupin would not be on tumblr. modern remus would, however, be on twitter, and be way too online. 

    he Will talk to sirius with fervor about the Political Hot Take of the day that is trending, and sirius Will tell remus, for the thousandth time, to get off twitter for the sake of his health. 

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  • The golden trio’s secondary houses are as follows:

    Harry: Hufflepuff (hardworking, just, loyal to a fault)

    • always ready to put in the work when it matters, like in 5th year when he taught a defence against the dark arts class and treated it like a genuine class, lesson plan and all
    • getting offended when those around him are treated poorly for reasons he sees as pointless, such as Draco treating Ron badly because he’s poor
    • defending Dumbledore even when parts of Dumbledore’s past reveal him to be a deeply flawed person

    Hermione: Slytherin (ambitious, cunning, ruthless)

    • always aiming to be top of class to prove her magical abilities and being bitterly disappointed whenever she failed to be perfect
    • using her knowledge of the castle and its inhabitants to her advantage when enacting plans, such as her use of the one bathroom in the whole castle no one used in order to illegally brew a potion
    • having a very “the ends justify the means” attitude to rules and laws, like the time she held a reporter captive as a beetle in order to force that reporter to stop speading baseless gossip

    Ron: Ravenclaw (planner, intelligent, learner)

    • beating McGonagall’s chess set at the ripe old age of 11, displaying a near prodigal talent for strategy
    • pointing out obvious details and bits of knowledge or context that others miss
    • enjoying learning subjects so long as they are of particular interest to him, rather than general knowledge
    #harry potter #no you can't change my mind #the biggest no-no i see all the time is people sorting harry into slytherin #like that boy is so not a slytherin
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  • my comfort movies

    here are my comfort movies (that i definitely suggest watching) in no particular order because why not.

    1. romeo + juliet


    “and when i shall die, take him and cut him out in little stars, and he will make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will be in love with night.”

    i love this movie so much. i know some people don’t like it because it’s using shakespearean language in a more modern setting, but i think that that aspect makes this movie so much better. not to mention this movie made me fall in love with claire danes. i definitely suggest watching this.

    2. 10 things i hate about you


    “but mostly, i hate the way i don’t hate you, not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.”

    this is my favorite movie of all time. i definitely see how this could be problematic, after all, patrick was payed to date kat, but it’s so cute and i love it. i have watched this movie three times in a row at one point and it’s just so great. watch this movie, i dare you.

    3. harry potter and the chamber of secrets


    “i’ll be in my bedroom, making no noise and pretending that i don’t exist.”

    i love all the harry potter movies, but for some reason this one specifically is the one that makes me the happiest. it might be because it’s the only movie that colin creevey is in, and i love him, or because of the scene where harry says that he set a snake on dudley and ron and hermione are just like wut 👁👄👁. either way, i love this movie and you should watch it.

    4. django unchained


    “i like the way you die, boy.”

    i cant explain why i like this movie as much as i do. it’s a quentin tarantino movie so it’s violent and has very strong language. it’s a really good movie though and you should watch it if you’re into this genre. some trigger warnings for this movie: violence, language, racism, and probably more i just cant think of them right now.

    5. howl’s moving castle


    “a heart’s a heavy burden.”

    this. this movie. it’s my favorite studio ghibli movie. studio ghibli movies are just so beautiful, and this one is very special to me. words cannot describe the feeling i get when i watch this movie. please watch it, i am begging you to watch it.

    6. clueless


    “ugh, as if!”

    this movie has it all, it’s funny, it’s nostalgic, it has a great cast, i love it. alicia silverstone was great in this movie. it’s also very quotable, like the quote about high school boys and dogs, the calvin klein dress, the dinner party speech, etc. this movie is just great. it also has paul rudd, which is always a good thing.

    7. what’s eating gilbert grape


    “i’m not going into that whole external beauty thing because it doesn’t last. eventually, your face is gonna get wrinkly, you’ll get gray hair, your boobs might sag. it’s what you do that really matters.”

    i remember that i had wanted to see this movie for about two years, and then it was added to netflix and i watched it and i loved it. leonardo dicaprio did a great job in this movie and should have won an oscar for it. i really related to this movie because, like gilbert, sometimes i feel like i’m stuck in my hometown and that i’m going to stuck here my whole life. i definitely suggest watching this movie, it’s great.

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