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  • Omg I go on here once bc I’m bored and what do I see?? Ppl being butthurt bc Harry had the nerve to go outside ??? I’m so over this literally that is the reason I don’t use this stupid app anymore y’all are annoying and condescending

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  • my hot take of the day: Cayendo is Frank’s version of Falling

    #ik they’re quite dif songs #but like similar with their themes #harry styles#frank ocean#text
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  • #harrystylesimagine#harry 1d#harry styles #harry edward styles #harry styles smut #harry styles fanfiction #harry styles imagine #solo harry #harry styles masterlist #one direction smut #harry smut#one direction #one direction dirty
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  • #harry styles #treat people with kindness #tpwk indeedy#tpwk king #on the radio #zach sang show #03042020 #i come alive when i hear your voice it’s a beautiful sound it’s a beautiful noise
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  • #harry styles #favest curly wurly on the planet #i absolutely adore you #kindness king#tpwk indeedy #on the radio #zach sang show #03042020 #i come alive when i hear your voice it’s a beautiful sound it’s a beautiful noise
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    This is such an iconic drarry scene y'all!!!

    #harry x draco #drarry fanfic#dracomalfoy#drarry #dramione drarry harrystyles potterhead directioner #dramione drarry #draco malfoy gay #draco malfoy fanfiction #draco x harry #draco lucius malfoy #draco imagine#draco malfoy #harry potter fan art #harry potter ships #harry potter fanfiction #harry#harry styles #the thing about harry
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  • Day 10 of being in Quarantine

    I’ve been sitting in my room for about 3 days now, continuously vibing to CALM while trying to forget the fact that the Harry Styles concert got postponed…. why is sh*t so sad??


    Originally posted by nyanpasuminasan

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  • This photo of Harry drives me fucking wild


    There’s so much being expressed here, in his eyes, his smile, the arch of his eyebrows. He could be thinking/feeling lots of things, but it gives off such a specific energy that perfectly encapsulates his personality. There’s no attempt to be cooler than he is, or sexier, or mysterious—this is just entirely Harry in the flesh. But at the same time, it still conceals exactly what he’s feeling, leaving you wanting to get in his head, hear what he’s saying or singing. It’s very open, like a friend you’ve known for a while or someone you might connect with intellectually + more. But one things for sure; you can’t get enough of him.

    #harry styles#hs1#hs2#fine line#one direction#mitam#i think #made in the am #sry its 4 am im so tired i love this man. #i pray his soul stays forever joyous light n loving. #soft yet sharp #open welcoming and loving #curiois whimsical n adventurous . #nie.txt #i think hes done so much for so many ppl #i think je deserves that at least #i feel totally crazy.
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  • two ghosts is ab taylor periodt.

    #v speaks#music#two ghosts#harry styles #he lit rally says ... same lips red same eyes blue same white shirt
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  • Fandom Lists

    A list of possible request categories, requests that are outside of this list are valid as well!


    The Vampire Diaries


    Harry Potter

    Walking Dead

    Maze Runner

    Pirates Of The Caribbean

    Teen Wolf

    Criminal Minds


    Doctor Who

    Bates Motel

    Once Upon A Time

    Shitt$ Creek

    The Office


    The Originals


    I Am Not Okay With This

    Stranger Things




    Hunger Games






    End Of The F**king World

    Umbrella Academy


    Joe Sugg

    Daniel Howell

    Phil Lester

    Zoe Sugg

    Alfie Deyes

    David Dobrik

    Shane Dawson

    Garret Watts

    Andrew Siwiki

    Morgan Adams

    Liza Koshi

    Jeffree Star




    The Hillywood Show


    Harry Styles

    Brendon Urie

    Jensen Ackles

    Jared Padalecki

    Sophia Lillis

    Margot Robbie

    Shawn Mendes

    Tom Holland

    Joe Keery

    Finn Wolfhard

    Niall Horn

    Other requests are more than welcome, these are only suggestions!

    #panic! at the disco #fanfiction #the vampire diaries #imagine#lucifer#supernatural#harry styles#stanley barber#it#the office#the originals#brendon urie#friends #i am not okay with this #stranger things #the end of the fucking world #sherlock#marvel #panic at the disco #stanley barber x reader #brendon urie imagine #harrystyles #lucifer x reader #chloe decker#trixie#spiderman#tom holland#shawn mendes#requests#spn fanfiction
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  • if you like any of the following, or consider yourself any of the following dm me, i needs friends pls🦋

    • sw
    • reylo
    • memes
    • reading
    • harry styles
    • mcu
    • 5søs
    • hopeless romantic
    • Lany
    • pride & prejudice (i’ve only seen the movie😅)
    • the 1975
    • movies
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  • image

    Even with 5 new albums in the top 10 Fine Line is still inside UK top 10 while Niall plummeted 22 places down with zero competition.

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  • Excuse me but I think I’m in love….who is she? That bass sis?! 😵😍

    #adore you#harry styles #she's definitely giving my mans Mitch a run for his money #this is really good God!
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  • image

    “Can I get two daiquiris and a shot of tequila, please?” I ask the bartender leaning over the bar. As I wait I turn to my left and see the man who walked into the restaurant only minutes ago, seemingly capturing everyone’s attention, including mine.

    “Hi.” I greet, turning to look into his green eyes.

    He gives me only a tight lipped smile before taking a sip of his own drink. Not even bothered to fully look in my direction.

    “My friend sent me over here, and I normally don’t do this but-” Before I even get the chance to finish my sentence the man interrupts me. I had been on my way over to talk to him and introduce myself after I was highly encouraged by my friend at our table.

    “We can take a picture, but please wait a while to post it and you can’t tag the restaurant. I’m about to have dinner with my family and I would prefer to keep this quiet.”

    “What?” I ask, my brows furrowing. This is not at all where I thought it would go. Who does this guy think he is?

    “A picture? That’s what you were coming over here for? C’mon, let’s do it then.” He states as if it’s obvious, looking at me as if I’m daft.

    I let out a laugh and shake my head in disbelief.

    “Do you know who I am?” He seems genuinely curious now, not quite as entitled as he was acting earlier. His brows express how shocked and confused he truly is. “You don’t need to pretend or anything, it’s fine. It happens all the time.”

    “Am I supposed to? Do we know each other?”

    “You honestly don’t know who I am?” He doesn’t bother to answer my questions as he scratches at his chin for a few seconds. He lets out a scoff as he takes a sip of his drink.

    “I haven’t a clue who you are, and I’m not sure how much I care anymore. I was coming over because I thought you were handsome, but now I kinda think you’re an ass.”

    Finally the bartender comes back with my drinks, I quickly throw back the shot.

    “Cheers. I hope you have a lovely evening.” I mutter, not even trying to hide the sarcastic tone in my voice.

    I set down the shot glass and take a daiquiri in each hand and start to walk back to my table. His hand gently catches me on my shoulder, forcing me to stop.

    “I’m sorry, you’ve just caught me at the end of a rough day. It’s not very often I come across someone who doesn’t know who I am.”

    “It’s fine.” I keep walking not caring to hear anymore from him and he lets go of me.

    I don’t know what I expected. I never should have bothered to say anything. He could have remained that beautiful stranger, rather than the ass who opened his mouth.

    “How’d it go?” Hannah gushes as I set down the drinks and sit down. Her cheeks must be burning for how wide her smile is.

    “Do you know who that is?” I ask. It takes all of my willpower to not completely turn around and get one more look at him, to see if his eyes are still on me. The way she keeps staring behind me proves that I’m right.

    “Well duh! You just talked to Harry Styles!” She can’t wipe the smile off her face, “And he’s totally still checking you out!”

    “Yeah, who is that?”

    “Do you remember hearing about One Direction before you left?” She asks, trying to jog my memory from years ago. My knowledge of pop culture from the past years is severely lacking.

    “Kind of. A boy band, right?”

    “Yes! He’s one of the boys, they’ve all gone solo. Harry’s done really well, he’s even been in movies. Unless you’re ancient, literally everyone knows who he is.”

    “You sent me over to say hi to him knowing that he’s some big hot shot famous guy?” I laugh. Of course Hannah would think that’s a lovely idea.

    “What? What was the harm, if it went well that’s awesome. If not, you never have to see him again!”

    Well, she has a point there.

    For the past six years I’ve spent my time with Love Volunteers to teach Ghanaian youth creative arts. It was some of the best years ever, it felt amazing to give back and feel like I was making a difference. Eventually it had to come to an end, so that led me coming back home to Los Angeles. Ghana will always hold a special place in my heart, along with all of the people I met there.

    I’m pulled back into whatever Hannah was saying when she throws her head back in a loud laugh, thankfully off the topic of Harry. I tried to ignore it when a few minutes ago he walked by with two other people. He did say that he had dinner with his family tonight.

    The rest of the meal goes well. I get to catch up on everything that I’ve missed that didn’t come across well in the letters we exchanged or since the last time I visited. It’s nice to be back in the states and be able to live more freely. It was time for me to come home, I spent the past week with my family who were glad to have me home. Today I moved into my new apartment and back in my city. I start my new job in a few days, similarly I will still be working with kids. Teaching was always the plan for me to come home to, I just never knew I was going to be gone so long. I was able to skip my student teaching year and use my time spent in Ghana as a form of credits.

    “Alright, will that be all for you tonight? Could I get you any desert?” Our waitress politely asks, smiling down at us. She reaches for the menu to run through a few of the different things they offer. Hannah and I already both agreed that we are too full at this point to add on.

    “Just the bill please, that would be great.” Hannah smiles, “We need it split if that could be possible.”

    “Actually that’s been taken care of.”

    “What?” I question, brows furrowing.

    “Yes, a man at the bar took care of it earlier. He said he owed you an apology.” The waitress smiles as if it’s the best thing she’s ever heard. Obviously she knows who he is. She wishes us a good night before walking away.

    “Can you believe that?” I ask, walking side by side with Hannah to the door. We both sat for a minute, Hannah trying to figure out what it means that he paid for our meal.

    “No! Can you believe that Harry Styles paid for our meal? He’s so kind.” She gushes.

    “Yeah it would be if it wasn’t out of guilt.” I push open the door, we’re met with a warm breeze as the sun is setting. It casts a perfectly pink and orange haze over everything in its reach.

    “Okay, so I’ll see you later? Are you absolutely sure that you don’t need a ride?”

    “I’m positive! My apartment is in the complete opposite direction of yours. I’m calling an Uber right now!”

    “Okay, fine! Call me later, text once you’re back home. Love you!”

    “Love you too.”

    Hannah gets in her car and waves as she pulls away and I get my phone out of my bag. The Uber will pick me up in twenty minutes, so I wait patiently outside the restaurant. The restaurant was sort of on the outskirts of L.A. if you can even call it that. It doesn’t exactly surprise me that it’ll take a while to get someone out here.

    The door bursts open and it grabs my attention with the sudden noise. It’s Harry and the two women he was with. I catch his eye while he hugs one of them, giving them each a kiss on the cheek, before wishing them a goodbye.

    He takes a few steps closer to me, while he waits for the valet to bring him his car.

    “You didn’t need to do that.” I pull my purse a little tighter over my shoulder.

    “No, trust me, I did. My mother raised me better than that, I’m sorry I was being rude. I promise, I’m never like that.”

    “Well, never say never.” I fight looking down at my phone to see how far away “Adam” is. This might be the longest twenty minutes of my life if it continues like this.

    “Ouch.” He grins, it seems like either his meal or his company put him in a brand new mood.

    “Sorry.” I smile over my shoulder, “My friend actually lives in the real world and she seems to think you’re really kind, so I’ll get off your case.”

    “You don’t live in the real world?” He questions.

    “I do now, but I didn’t for a while.” I laugh, “I’ve spent the past six years volunteering in Ghana. I really had no clue who you were. I wasn’t exactly staying up to date on the new music when I was over there. According to Hannah, you’re a pretty big deal.”

    Harry lets out a wide grin, a blush gracing his cheeks. So he is humble. Okay, maybe Hannah was right, he’s alright.

    “Some might say that, yes.” He looks down at his shoes, tapping one against the other.

    “Don’t get all shy on me now.” I tease.

    “I’m not shy, I’m just trying to figure out how I can change your image of me. I’m always going to be my first impression, right? Some ass at the bar with a grumpy attitude?”

    “I think you’re doing fine. Thankfully, no one is made up of one moment. You’ve done more than enough to make up for it.” I place a reassuring hand on his shoulder, “Your slate is clean.”

    “Well thanks for that.” He laughs, “Are you waiting for someone?”

    “Yeah, just waiting for my ride.” I check my phone to see that Adam has canceled the ride for some reason. I’m sure he’s just realized how far it is to get here and then turn right around to go back into the city to my apartment building, “Which was just canceled, lovely.”

    I try to find another Uber, but there is no one close by. I spend a minute refreshing, waiting for anyone to accept my request.

    “I could give you a lift if you needed.”

    “What?” I ask, shocked.

    As if on cue, the valet pulls up with his car. They give him his keys and thank him, I look between him and the car with doubt. This man is a total stranger to me.

    “I mean, it’s getting late. Your options aren’t going to get much better as it gets later.” Harry explains. He could be right, even by now the sky is starting to take on a dark blue.

    “How do I know that you’re not trying to kidnap or kill me?” I ask, “I don’t know you at all.”

    “Look me up then, google me.” He shrugs, his smile never wavering.

    “Google doesn’t know if you’re secretly a creep.” I roll my eyes.

    “Fine, then you drive.”

    “You’re going to let me drive your 1972 Ferrari Dino?” I ask skeptically.

    “You know cars?” His smile widens.

    “Better than boy bands.” I tease, I bite back a smirk.

    He throws his head back in a loud laugh. It makes me smile just seeing him laugh. It’s refreshing to see someone so happy and easy to laugh at my sassy remark.

    “Fair enough.” He throws his keys up for me to catch.

    “Are you sure? I haven’t driven a car in six years.” I laugh. I drove atvs when I was over there, but never actually a car.

    “Well what’s life if it’s not a risk.”

    “What if I’m a crazy person?”

    “I’m trusting you. Same way you’re trusting me.”

    “You might actually be crazy.” I scoff, looking at the keys in my hands.

    “Maybe.” He grins, his eyes go wide for a second.

    “C’mon, let’s go.” He’s already seated in the passenger spot. I roll my eyes and walk around to the other side of the car to get in.

    “You might be the most mad person I’ve ever met.” I pull my sunglasses out of my bag and put them on my head to keep my hair out of my face. Since I started the car, Harry’s taken the top off the car.

    “Maybe. Or maybe the most sane.” He flashes me a grin, “I guess we’ll find out.”

    “Are you sure about this?” I tease, revving the engine a few times.

    “No one’s stopping you, love. The brake is the one of the left.” He leans back without a care in the world, even throwing in his own banter.

    I didn’t realize how much I missed driving until this exact moment. Or maybe it’s because I’ve never driven like this. A one of a kind sports car with the top down. A famous rockstar picking the music as we drive down the 101 in towards the city. The feeling of being free, and in complete control. The music is loud, my hair flying back behind me, wild and untamed.

    “So, what are you doing now that you’re back? I assume you’re staying here for a while then if you have an apartment?”

    We finally start talking again once we’re downtown, it’s easier to hear each other without the wind from the freeway.

    “I am.” I look over my shoulder to switch lanes, “I actually have a job as a teacher that I start pretty soon.”

    “Well that’s lovely, what grade?”

    “Sixth.” I smile. “Yeah, I’m really excited. When I was in Ghana I was teaching youth creative arts. I was only supposed to go for nine months, a year max, but I really loved it there.”

    I glance over at him, to see if he’s listening, or if he even cares.

    “Have you ever just had that feeling like you were exactly where you needed to be? Just a place that felt exactly like home?”

    “Yeah, once or twice.” He admits, “If that’s how you felt, why leave?”

    “Because I couldn’t stay forever. My life is here. I’ve had that feeling twice in my whole life. Once was there, and the other was here. I don’t know what it is, but it makes me happy being here.”

    “I know the feeling.” He smiles.

    Shortly after that we make it to my apartment building, I pull into a spot in the front. My doorman gives us a nod making us laugh.

    “Thank you for getting me home, and letting me drive. I think this might be my new favorite car.” I run my hand along the dash with appreciation.

    “I think I’m going to miss her.” I tease with a pout.

    “She’s always the best until you’re on a grocery trip.” He jokes.

    “Well thank you Harry.” I take off my seatbelt and walk around to the sidewalk. I wave over my shoulder seeing him get out as I walk up the steps.

    “Maybe I could get your number.” He pauses to clear his throat, “You know, so you can see the car again.”

    “Just to see the car?” I grin.

    “Well, I’ll be there too.” He

    “I think we could make that happen.”

    He reaches his phone out toward me to fill out a contact.

    “Y/n.” He grins reading it off his phone.

    “That’s me.” I simper.

    “I’ll be calling you, Y/n.” Harry smirks and takes a few backwards steps towards his car.

    “I’m counting on it, Harry.”

    plz let me know what y’all think! xoxo

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  • im starting a harry styles x reader mini!series (that could turn into a longer series depending on the feedback) 

    ive gotten up to 5k words rn and i’ve had a bunch of fun making instagram posts and comments for the series as well.

    the reader is psychic!!! kind of

    let me know??? if you would want to read it????

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    •Pt: 8️⃣

    •Album: Heartbreak Weather 🌧

    •Song: Arms Of A Stranger 💭

    •Aesthetic: Lonely ▪️

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    •Pt: 7️⃣

    •Album: Heartbreak Weather 🌧

    •Song: Put A Little Love On Me 🤎

    •Aesthetic: Vintage- Piano 🎶

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