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    A/N- A best friend Harry one shot because why not. Reblogs and comments are appreciated. Feel free to talk, ask or request smn. My requests and DMs are always open. Love y’all

    Warnings- language, oral sex, smut, 1.5K of pure filth. You guys can request BFF Harry one shots in future.

    You had just moved into your new home and Harry was helping you shift. You weren’t even halfway done and Harry was already being a pain in the ass. He was lying on the couch which was placed right in front of the door.

    “Harry, I have called you here to help me.”

    “Yeah, but take a break. We have been working since morning.” He said, his eyes still closed.

    “Yeah, and by ‘since morning’ you mean for 10 minutes.”

    “Has anyone ever told you how naggy you are? Just asking.

    “Yes, you have, probably like 50 times.”

    You headed to the step ladder and stood on it as you had to place some pictures on the wall.

    “Harry I would really appreciate some help here.”

    “Good to know you would.”

    “Harry seriously, please just see if this painting is straight.”

    “Fine. Go ahead. I am watching.”

    “Is it okay?” You asked after a few minutes but received no answer.

    “Harry?” You said turning to him.


    “I asked if it’s okay.”

    “Oh yeah, yeah it’s okay.”

    “Were you even paying attention?”

    “I was.”

    “No, you weren’t.”

    “I was but to your butt. You know it was looking very great. Toned and rou-

    “Seriously?” You crossed your arms over your chest and sneered at him.

    “Yeah, I am serious. It’s gorgeous.”

    He had a perverted smile on his face and he was annoying you now.

    You let out a heavy sigh and said, “Harry I don’t need your help but do me a favour and kindly shut your face.”

    “Hey, calm down. You should take a little rest too. You have been so stressed with this moving thing and now you won’t stop working. C’mon take some rest.”

    He took a place on the couch and motioned you to sit with him.

    You plopped on the couch which made your body jump a little.

    “So, how was that date of yours?” Harry asked.

    “Just like the others. Horrible.”


    “Eh, the guy was creepy, like super creepy. I don’t know when I will meet the right fucking guy.”

    “Well, maybe the right guy’s right here but you chose to friend zone him.”

    “Uh, okay?”

    “But y’know you never really asked me out so”

    “But I’ve been giving you hints for such a long time but your dumb ass either doesn’t realise or you ignore it.”

    “First of all, did you just call me dumb? And second of all what hints are you talking about? I mean if it’s the compliments or pervert comments or smacking my ass all the time then I don’t consider them as ‘hints’.”

    “Please don’t tell me you never noticed my other hints.”

    “Well, there were no other hints. you gotta show a girl that you have feelings for her otherwise-

    Harry cut you off with his lips on yours. It took you by shock and you froze for about 3 seconds but after that you started to respond to his kiss making him smile against yours lips. His hands were placed on your waist and yours on his shoulders. It was a sweet and gentle kiss. Slow and passionate.

    He pulled away and looked you in the eyes, a soft smile playing on his lips, mirroring that of yours.

    “I am gonna show you now love.” He said as he quickly pushed you into the couch, his body hovering over yours.

    His lips found yours again and this time his kiss was rougher, harder, showing you how long Harry had wanted this. You reciprocated just as avidly, letting him know how much you had wanted this.

    He once again pulled back and looked at you as if asking for permission. You tugged on his shirt and said, “Off please.”

    Harry gave you a lopsided smirk and took his shirt off quickly. He helped you take your shirt off. His eyes were fixated at your bra covered breasts. He squeezed him in his hands and let out a low whine.

    “God I’ve always dreamt about it. Have always wanted this.”

    “You have it now.” You said, tracing his jaw with your fingers.

    He let out a low growl which only made you wetter and pushed you into the couch once again.

    He kissed your neck and cleavage. He took his time and had left a few hickeys here and there cherishing every little moan and whine you let our. You raised you upper body a little and he took your bra off and took your breasts in his hands.

    “Fuck baby, you got a nice pair of tits on you. So fucking gorgeous.”

    He left light feather kisses on both your breasts. He then sucked on you nipple making you grasp his hair as your lips formed an O.

    He even bit your nipple at one point making you whine. After the kissing, biting, sucking and squeezing on your breasts followed small kissed on your tummy.

    “Cute pyjamas.” He said snapping the waistband of your SpongeBob pyjamas.

    “You noticed now.”

    “Nah, just complimented them now.”

    You raised your hips and he took the pyjamas off of you.

    “You know how goddamn pretty you are?”

    This made heat rise up your face if your skin wasn’t flushed enough earlier. You had never been able to take compliments. You just didn’t know why you got so awkward when someone complimented you. you didn’t understand what to say and there was this part in you which always told you that told you that you weren’t worthy of those compliments.

    “Hey.” Harry tilted your head until your eyes met once again.

    “You really are gorgeous. I don’t know why you don’t see it.”

    There was this sparkle in his eyes, telling you that every single word he said was true. You felt so overwhelmed at that moment.

    He looked at you and asked, “May I?”

    “Yes please”

    He took your underwear off and looked at you one last time before diving his face into your pussy. You moaned at the feeling. Your hands grasped and pulled his curls making him moan and the vibrations of that moan doubling the pleasure. His tongue lapped over your pussy making you shudder. You raised your hips to meet his mouth and moved them with his pace moaning and chanting his name the whole while.

    This was one of the best orals you had received. He was sucking your clit and even bit it lightly making you scream in pleasure. Some moments later he started to tongue fuck you and that’s when you lost it and came all over his mouth.

    Harry moaned at the taste of you. He kept licking you as you writhed and tried to get away from him. He just slapped your thigh and kept licking you making you whimper and moan his name repeatedly.

    “Had to lick you clean.”

    You were panting, your skin flushed, eyes about to close before you heard his zipper open. You were shocked to say the least. He was big, much bigger than you expected. You didn’t mean to stare but you couldn’t take your eyes off it either.

    “You are bigger than I thought you would be.”

    He let out a breathy laugh and asked, “You ready?”


    He rubbed his cock with your pussy coating it with your juices. He slowly entered you. It felt too good. He was stretching you in a way you had never been stretched. After he was halfway in, he thrust his cock inwards and filled you to the rim. You both moaned at the feeling.

    He started moving slowly, looking you in the eyes, watching your every expression, the way your face twisted in pleasure. It was all making the moment so much more intense.

    He soon increased his pace after he was sure you had adjusted to his size. your and Harry’s moans filled the room. You could feel your orgasm in your belly. A particular dirty grind of hips made you drown in the euphoric waves of your orgasm.

    You had come embarrassingly fast.

    “That was quick” He said with a grunt.

    “Yeah, is it uh like a turn off.”

    “Quite the opposite actually” He said as he started fucking you harder and his grunts and moans got louder. He came with a loud moan and you admired the view. His hair were stuck to his sweaty forehead and ere sweaty, his eyes were closed, head tilted back and mouth agape.

    “That was amazing” he said.

    He laid his head on your chest and gave them feather kisses as your fingers combed his hair. He raised his head and asked, “ So would you go out with me?”

    He was giving you a boyish smile making your heart swell.

    “Yeah but you gotta help me unpack.”

    He let out a breathy laugh and replied, “Deal”

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    do you guys ever get genuinely said that you might never meet your favorite people? b/c sometimes i think about that and get upset

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    LOVE IN FLAMES - capítulo 02.



    Depois de um dia cansativo de trabalho, os pensamentos de Harry estavam insanos. Harry não sabia o que sentia pela garota, às vezes era ódio pelo jeito que ela o tratava e outras vezes ele gostava dela, queria uma amizade com ela, talvez. O ódio poderia ser uma arma para esconder o que o rapaz sentia. Os pensamentos dele estavam confusos, e tudo que ele poderia fazer para parar de pensar em suas incertezas e problemas era dormindo. E foi o que ele fez.

    Já S/n estava sentindo-se incerteza, e não por Harry, mas sim pelo garoto do restaurante, ela talvez quisesse chamar ele e ver no que poderia acontecer. Olhou para o papel em suas mãos, pensativa por qual decisão tomar. Ela poderia simplesmente colocar o papel no lixo e esquecer o que havia acontecido, mas a garota não conseguiria esquecer e para ela aquilo poderia ser um sinal do universo. Por que o universo mandaria um papel com o número de um garoto? Esse foi o primeiro pensamento dela, ela só poderia saber se era um sinal se chamasse ele. 

    explicação de gírias/expressões:

    • no off é tipo uma confissão no sigilo, em segredo ou/e quando vc não quer admitir algo.

    • sonhou é literalmente sonhar, sonhar com algo que jamais aconteceria.

    • mlk e lek são moleque.

    • mó é muito.

    • old é a mesma coisa de você falar: mas é claro, óbvio que sim.

    • alô cleytinho a casa caiu é o meme da barbie.

    fiquem à vontade para mandarem sugestões, dúvidas sobre a fic que responderei todas <3

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    Guys i know that i don't have much followers on here but Louies, Harries, Larries, 1D Stans and the others there are lots of stans which i can't remember/say their name. Guys i guess you know about iHeartRadio Awards Harry and Louis are losing for some of their categories. AND LOUIS JUST HAVE ONE, thats the other problem. I hope that you want to help us and the guys. If you want to help you can DM me for anytime doesnt matter what time is it i can explain whats going on and what should we do. Guys just please. And also if Louis will win they will be in the same room for awards, oh God my shipper side is dying.

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    hi this is a drawing i did a while ago

    #harry styles art #harry styles #one direction digital art #one direction
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    Photo Roulette #26

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    bella hadid layouts.

    if your save, like or reblog.
    follow me for more.
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    One Direction singing "I'm Yours" was one of my favorite moments...

    They really sang "We're just one big family!"😭

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    harry styles x alex turner

    open for requests
    like/reblog if you save
    do not repost as your own
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    what should i rec next ?

    comment here, ask or send a message <3

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    #15 day of the daily dose of Larry

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    I'd love to do a collaboration with Niall, and Zayn, and Harry, and Louis...

    Liam on collabs he'd like to do - 11.4.2021

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    “I’d love to do a collaboration with Niall, and Zayn, and Harry, and Louis. They're actually here right now, behind the curtains! I'm joking."

    -Liam talking about who he’d like to collaborate with! (11 April 2021)


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