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    Pov: Harry

    Sunrise with you on my chest

    No blinds in the place where I live

    Daybreak open your eyes

    So close with you on my lips

    Touch noses, feeling your breath

    Post war hinny. I like to think this was after their first time.

    Be my summer in a winter day love

    Harry has ALWAYS associated Ginny with light, sun, brightness, summer. Need i say more?

    I can't see one thing wrong

    Between the both of us

    Be mine, be mine, yeah

    Anytime, anytime

    Obviously a lot of ppl find Hinny "explosive" because of the immense passion they have. But harry doesn't see anything wrong with their relationship (nor does Ginny for that matter).

    Ooh, you know I've been alone for quite a while

    haven't I? I thought I knew it all

    Found love but I was wrong

    More times than enough

    Harry has been alone for SO LONG PLS.

    "Found love" may refer to his and Cho's relationship, which was NOT love, but happened anyway.

    I'm thinking baby

    You are bringing out a different kind of me

    There's no safety net that's underneath, I'm free

    Falling all in

    HBP Harry my luvs; once he starts, there is no stopping him. Remember staring and pining and getting hit by Bludgers?

    Plus, Ginny definitely brought abt a change in the angsty, troubled Harry we get to see throughout the series. With Ginny, he shares "shining moments" and she brings out his light, carefree, teasing and tender side.

    You fell for men who weren't how they appeared, yeah

    Trapped up on a tightrope now we're here, we're free

    Reference to Ginny's exes. Obviously they were "wrong" men. But when Hinny get together, nobody else exists.

    Make love, then we fight

    Laugh 'cause it was only meant to be for one night baby

    Their fights never last for very long. And there's always make-up sex later.

    I guess we can't control

    What's just not up to us

    Please, Hinny can't keep their off each other, so pretty self -explanatory.

    Every time I see you baby I get lost

    Smitten Harry hehe

    If I'm dreaming, baby, please don't wake me up

    Ofc, it all seems like a dream, this happy life w Ginny, especially after all he went through.

    Every night I'm with you I fall more in love

    Now I'm laying by your side

    And everything feels rights .

    Self-explanatory, again.

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    uH so my post about how james maturing doesn't excuse him for the stuff he did got reblogged with how we stan snape who bullied children,,

    i know that. i am aware of that. i don't believe that i have ever said that snape did not hurt children, or excused his actions. if i have, let me know and i'll take it down or edit it, since snape's actions aren't excusable.

    that post was an indirect reply to people excusing james' actions by saying "oh but he didn't use dark magic" "oh but he matured" "oh but he helped his friend" "oh but you can't possibly bully a bully" "oh but lily would have never chosen someone shitty"

    dark magic is probably on the same level as sexual assault i mean?? for example scourgify isn't considered dark magic but we have seen someone cough cough james choke someone cough cough severus using that spell which can kILL but it's so much worse than avada kedrava since yk the latter is painless the former is not, there's no proof he matured, remus does not affect snape, bro wtf that's like saying billy hargrove, monty de la cruz, etc. weren't abused and snape wasn't even a bully in their school years, we know next to nothing about lily.

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    Hermione Snape and the Divergence Point: Vol #2 (on Wattpad) https://www.wattpad.com/story/268450721-hermione-snape-and-the-divergence-point-vol-2?utm_source=web&utm_medium=tumblr&utm_content=share_myworks&wp_uname=UsagiManachan&wp_originator=8kzca2GoamWOTdBqNk95AviJEBSs4Zm19bsFYlnYvfM5YVZ7CFsQf%2FjLdmBPM%2BwCmWEdxaa%2F5N7s5FXD6KmGib2biRxREnr5edwRvzKsgwRgw6lldbma941%2B1g0MEduL Hermione Snape enters her second year at Hogwarts to discover a horrific secret that dwells within the Hogwarts. Harry, Ron and Hermione try to unravel the mystery and protect their classmates while they can. With the danger apparent Snape works on his end not just to protect the students, but also his daughter. He's terrified her true origins will come to light and put Hermione at risk. Cross published on ff.net and Ao3. Picture is not my own.

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    Hermione Snape and the Divergence Point Short: Mahoukatoro Interlude #1 (on Wattpad) https://www.wattpad.com/story/268449376-hermione-snape-and-the-divergence-point-short?utm_source=web&utm_medium=tumblr&utm_content=share_myworks&wp_uname=UsagiManachan&wp_originator=PwCY4wkq5%2BrTxT5ktDjTT4y9QCCJoKyHlyKYjgsdAjL0ShlsnjNuUKttP5gPVZFkDcUBKf7wN4zIAmhlNF%2B1NXFtOiHRWbW1AZZ6XP28TflIQlpl2BzPsYA1xTYcpVBq Hermione spends a July in Japan with Hiro and makes friends. Wholesome goodness after a long hard year.

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    Gryffindor: are you superman?

    Slytherin: no

    Gryffindor: would you tell me if you were?

    Slytherin: i'd tell everyone, i never understood why he cared who knew

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    #ricksanchez #gemstatecomiccon #mcu #marvel #infinitygauntlet #disney #harrypotter (at Expo Idaho) https://www.instagram.com/p/CSFh7vBBvgs/?utm_medium=tumblr

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    Gryffindor: I'm a little scared of Slytherin.

    Hufflepuff: Don't worry, Slytherin wouldn't hurt a fly!

    Gryffindor: Ok, that's reassuring--

    Hufflepuff: They would kill a man though.

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    Hufflepuff: You know, things wouldn't be so different if we started dating.

    Slytherin: What do you mean?

    Hufflepuff: We already act like we're dating, the only difference is we'd have a label.

    Slytherin: Was that an offer or an observation?

    #hogwarts incorrect quotes #harry potter incorrect quotes #hp incorrect quotes #hogwarts#harry potter#harrypotter#hogwarts houses #hogwarts house quotes #incorrect harry potter quotes #incorrect hp quotes #hufflepuff#slytherin#slytherpuff #hufflepuff and slytherin #slytherin and hufflepuff #hufferin#slytherpuff relationship#slytherpuff friendship
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    We have a feeling that Tonks would be all about memes if she were a Muggle. Share your favorite Harry Potter memes on our Discord server at https://discord.gg/jqdhXk6 (or check out the link in our bio!)

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    Tomione x DBH (AU)

    An RK800 android named tom is an advanced prototype created to investigate and hunt down sentient androids called Deviants.

    His path turned when he encountered an AX400 android turned deviant Hermione who’s on the run with a human child named Harry potter.

    Deviants are androids who expressed Deviancy by the development of thoughts and behavior that are not included in or even against an android's programming. It develop feelings and independent opinions and wishes, leading up to recognizing themselves as a being with consciousness.

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    Story plot In 1927, the Magical Congress of the United States of America (MACUSA) tries to transfer dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald to Europe to stand trial, but he escapes. Three months later in London, Newt Scamander visits the Ministry of Magic to appeal his international travel ban and runs into Leta Lestrange, his Hogwarts classmate and fiancée of his Auror brother Theseus. The Ministry…

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    Needed This ↝ D.M

    Dad Draco Malfoy x Mum Female Reader

    ↝ Bethie's Masterlist


    Request? Yes

    Summary: Draco returns home to see Y/n in bed with their ids seeping beside her

    Blood Status: Any

    House: Any

    Year: Post-War

    Warnings? Dad Draco

    Words: 0.8k

    Author's Note: Thank you so much for requesting this and I hope everyone enjoys <3

    Draco can feel the pads of his feet reach the surface again, the contortion of the quiet alley in London changing to a much more familiar, calmer sight. He recognises the mixture of red and orange toned leaves that scattered the damp stones as he is grounded in front of his house.

    During last season, Draco would leave the Ministry and apparate back home to see the sky still considerably bright, the sounds of his kids playing in the back garden while music played through the open door and windows, the sight of the love of his life as she read quietly beside them. However, today was much different.

    It was autumn. The normal British weather meant the ground was currently splashing with raindrops as the clouds covered the sky, making it look much later than it actually was—his family safe inside and away from the dull weather. Stepping under the portico, Draco pulls the black umbrella from above him to shake the rain off. Despite using it, his hair still wet as he runs a hand through the blonde locks, grimacing at the uncomfortable feeling.

    He opens the already unlocked door and is met with the immediate aroma of the spiced blackberry candle he had gifted Y/n last Christmas and was still in use this season, creating a greater sense of peace throughout the cottage-style home.

    Kicking his shoes off while placing his umbrella on the corner wall, Draco removes his blazer and loosens his tie as he looks around the house, each open door is met with more darkness. All the lights are off except the warm glowing wall lights leading up the stairs which he begins to follow like a path.

    Once reaching the landing at the top of the stairs, he can see the glimmer of Y/n's bedside lamp illuminating from their shared bedroom. While approaching the room, he can see the feet belonging to his oldest son, Scorpius, nearly hanging off the foot of his bed. Continuing in, Draco rests his side against the doorframe as he takes in the sight ahead.

    Y/n sat at the headboard, book in her hand while her other gently caresses his youngest child, Ara's, back while she slept with her head in her mother's lap. Orion, the middle child, lay nestled into his older brother's side.

    Draco feels his heart progressively melt as he watches his three kids sleeping soundly in his and his wife's bed. Feeling the presence of her husband, Y/n glances from the current sentence in her book and to Draco's soft gaze at the entrance to their room. They exchange delicate smiles as he enters the room, placing a soft kiss onto his wife's forehead, "Hi, baby", greets Y/n, setting the book to her bedside as she leans her head upwards to capture Draco's lips in a quick but welcoming kiss.

    "Hello, my love", he replies, walking over to his bedside, chuckling at how his children completely overtake his side of the bed while he grabs his pyjamas from the drawer. "It's seven, still an hour until bed. How did you settle them down?" asks Draco, walking into their private bathroom to change into his much comfier clothes and setting his damp ones on the radiator while she replies, "Orion suggested they played hide and seek ever since their early dinner, so they tired themselves out right up until Ara was hiding under our covers".

    Draco steps back out of the bathroom, a wider smile covering his face as Y/n continues to talk, his eyes watching in admiration. "They haven't moved since", her hand has moved to run through her daughter's hair gently, causing the girl to curl closer to her mother's stomach in comfort as she drifts even further in slumber.

    "Well, I guess I have to sleep here", Draco suggests, trying to scooch beside his wife, nearly hanging off the side of the bed as his arm wraps around her shoulder. Setting a kiss onto his cheek, Y/n leans over to switch off the lamp, filling the room with darkness as she settles gently into her husband's arms without waking their children.

    Draco sets his hand on top of Ara's head gently, his hands stroking her hair while their sons tuck further into the body warm by their parent's covered legs. "Even as uncomfortable as I am, I really needed this", Draco states, kissing Y/n's temple before they immerse into an early rest, the family relaxing in the comfort's of their home while the rain continues to rage outside.

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    Dreaming of Autumn 🍂 #hermionegranger #herbology #harrypotterandthechamberofsecrets #harrypotter #wizardingworld #wizardingworldofharrypotter #harrypotterfunko #harrypotterfunkopop #harrypottercollection #harrypottercollector #harrypotterfan #potterhead #harrypotterphotography #harrypotterfilm #funkophotography #naturephotography #lily #lilyflower #flowerphotography #autumnvibes #victoriamaclean #popowyzakatek #żonglerlovegood #fatalnewiedźmy #muggleinhogwart #popowasztuka #prorokniedzielny #pomymoons #julcikowepopki https://www.instagram.com/p/CSE_fMZMNFl/?utm_medium=tumblr

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