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    #allama hasan jamil new waz 2021 allama hasan jamil new waz allama hasan jamil quran tilawat allama hasan jamil sahab allama hasan jamil sahi
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    #hasan jamil waz 2020 hasan jamil waz hasan jamil new waz hasan jamil telawat hasan jamil waz 2021 hasan jamil new waz 2020 hasan jamil new w
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    #Maulana Hasan Jamil & Mufti Rafik Bin Mon...
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    24.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Tafsir Ibn Kathir: Surah Masad Ayah 1-5

    Revealed in Makkah

    1 Perish the two hands of Abu Lahab and perish he! 2 His wealth and his children will not benefit him! 3 He will enter a Fire full of flames! 4 And his wife too, who carries wood. 5 In her neck is a twisted rope of Masad. The Reason for the Revelation of this Surah and the  Arrogance of Abu Lahab toward the Messenger of Allah Al-Bukhari recorded from Ibn Abbas that; The Prophet went out to the valley of Al-Batha and he ascended the mountain. Then he cried out, O people, come at once! So the Quraysh gathered around him. Then he said, If I told you all that the enemy was going to attack you in the morning, or in the evening, would you all believe me? They replied, "Yes.'' Then he said, Verily, I am a warner (sent) to you all before the coming of a severe torment. Then Abu Lahab said, "Have you gathered us for this! May you perish!'' Thus, Allah revealed, Perish the two hands of Abu Lahab and perish he! to the end of the Surah. In another narration it states that he stood up dusting of his hands and said, "Perish you for the rest of this day! Have you gathered us for this'' Then Allah revealed,

    The first part is a supplication against him and the second is information about him. This man Abu Lahab was one of the uncles of the Messenger of Allah. His name was Abdul-Uzza bin Abdul-Muttalib. His surname was Abu Utaybah and he was only called Abu Lahab because of the brightness of his face. He used to often cause harm to the Messenger of Allah. He hated and scorned him and his religion. Imam Ahmad recorded from Abu Az-Zinad that; a man called Rabi`ah bin Abbad from the tribe of Bani Ad-Dil, who was a man of pre-Islamic ignorance who accepted Islam, said to him, "I saw the Prophet in the time of pre-Islamic ignorance in the market of Dhul-Majaz and he was saying, O people! Say there is no god worthy of worship except Allah and you will be successful. The people were gathered around him and behind him there was a man with a bright face, squint (or cross) eyes and two braids in his hair. He was saying, "Verily, he is an apostate (from our religion) and a liar!'' This man was following him (the Prophet) around wherever he went. So, I asked who was he and they (the people) said, "This is his uncle, Abu Lahab.'' Ahmad also recorded this narration from Surayj, who reported it from Ibn Abu Az-Zinad, who reported it from his father (Abu Zinad) who mentioned this same narration. However in this report, Abu Zinad said, "I said to Rabi`ah, `Were you a child at that time!' He replied, `No. By Allah, that day I was most intelligent, and I was the strongest blower of the flute (for music).''' Ahmad was alone in recording this Hadith. Concerning Allah's statement, His wealth and his children (Kasab) will not benefit him! Ibn Abbas and others have said, and his children (Kasab) will not benefit him! "Kasab means his children.'' A similar statement has been reported from Aishah, Mujahid, Ata', Al-Hasan and Ibn Sirin. It has been mentioned from Ibn Masud that when the Messenger of Allah called his people to faith, Abu Lahab said, "Even if what my nephew says is true, I will ransom myself (i.e., save myself) from the painful torment on the Day of Judgement with my wealth and my children.'' Thus, Allah revealed, (His wealth and his children will not benefit him!) Then Allah says, He will enter a Fire full of flames! meaning, it has flames, evil and severe burning. The Destiny of Umm Jamil, the Wife of Abu Lahab Allah also says,

    And his wife too, who carries wood. His wife was among the leading women of the Quraysh and she was known as Umm Jamil. Her name was Arwah bint Harb bin Umayyah and she was the sister of Abu Sufyan. She was supportive of her husband in his disbelief, rejection and obstinacy. Therefore, she will be helping to administer his punishment in the fire of Hell on the Day of Judgement. Thus, Allah says, Who carries wood. In her neck is a twisted rope of Masad. meaning, she will carry the firewood and throw it upon her husband to increase that which he is in (of torment), and she will be ready and prepared to do so. In her neck is a twisted rope of Masad. Mujahid and Urwah both said, "From the palm fiber of the Fire.'' Al-Awfi narrated from Ibn Abbas, Atiyah Al-Jadali, Ad-Dahhak and Ibn Zayd that; she used to place thorns in the path of the Messenger of Allah. Al-Jawhari said, "Al-Masad refers to fibers, it is also a rope made from fibers or palm leaves. It is also made from the skins of camels or their furs. It is said (in Arabic) Masadtul-Habla and Amsaduhu Masadan, when you tightly fasten its twine.'' Mujahid said, In her neck is a twisted rope of Masad. "This means a collar of iron.'' Don't you see that the Arabs call a pulley cable a Masad. A Story of Abu Lahab's Wife harming the Messenger of Allah Ibn Abi Hatim said that his father and Abu Zurah both said that Abdullah bin Az-Zubayr Al-Humaydi told them that Sufyan informed them that Al-Walid bin Kathir related from Ibn Tadrus who reported that Asma' bint Abi Bakr said, "When Perish the two hands of Abu Lahab and perish he!) was revealed, the one-eyed Umm Jamil bint Harb came out wailing, and she had a stone in her hand. She was saying, `He criticizes our father, and his religion is our scorn, and his command is to disobey us.' The Messenger of Allah was sitting in the Masjid (of the Ka`bah) and Abu Bakr was with him. When Abu Bakr saw her he said, `O Messenger of Allah! She is coming and I fear that she will see you.' The Messenger of Allah replied, Verily, she will not see me. Then he recited some of the Qur'an as a protection for himself. This is as Allah says, And when you recite the Qur'an, We put between you and those who believe not in the Hereafter, an invisible veil. (17:45) So she advanced until she was standing in front of Abu Bakr and she did not see the Messenger of Allah. She then said, `O Abu Bakr! Verily, I have been informed that your friend is making defamatory poetry about me.' Abu Bakr replied, `Nay! By the Lord of this House (the Ka`bah) he is not defaming you.' So she turned away saying, `Indeed the Quraysh know that I am the daughter of their leader.''' Al-Walid or another person said in a different version of this Hadith, "So Umm Jamil stumbled over her waist gown while she was making circuits (Tawaf) around the House (the Ka`bah) and she said, `Cursed be the reviler.' Then Umm Hakim bint Abdul-Muttalib said, `I am a chaste woman so I will not speak abusively and I am refined so I do not know. Both of us are children of the same uncle. And after all the Quraysh know best.'' This is the end of the Tafsir of Surah Masad, and all praise and blessings are due to Allah.

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    রিজিকের ফয়সালা হয় সকালে | Bangla New Waz 2021 | Maulana hasan Jamil | Aloron Tv

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    #Aloron TV#Islamic Video#Islamic Waz #Mizanur Rahman Azhari #Amir Hamza #Hafizur Rahman Siddique #B
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    Watch "হাসান জামিলেন চমৎকার তিলাওয়াত করলেন গাজিপুরে।। Quran Reciting by Allama Hasan Jamil." on YouTube

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    মাওলানা হাসান জামিলের নতুন ওয়াজ | Maulana Hasan Jamil New Waz 2021 | ALORON TV

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    #Aloron TV#Islamic Video#Islamic Waz #Mizanur Rahman Azhari #Amir Hamza #Hafizur Rahman Siddique #B
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    Kitab Shifatu Shalatin Nabiyyi Shallallahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam Minattakbiri Ilattaslim Ka-annaka Taraha

    📚 (Sifat Shalat Nabi Mulai dari Takbir Sampai Salamnya Seakan-akan Anda melihatnya), karya Asy Syekh Al Albani rahimahullah.

    ☛ Pertemuan ke - III

    🗓 RABU

    12 Rojab 1442 H - 24 Februari 2021 M

    👤 Oleh : Ustadz Dr. Musyaffa Ad Dariny M.A. حفظه الله تعالى

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    الحمد لله، والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله، وعلى آله و صحبه و من تبع هداه

    Kaum muslimin dan muslimat yang saya cintai karena Allah, khususnya anggota GIS atau Grup Islam Sunnah yang semoga dirahmati dan diberkahi oleh Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'Ala.

    Pada kesempatan yang berbahagia ini kita akan bersama-sama mengkaji sebuah kitab yang sangat bagus yang ditulis oleh Asy Syaikh Al Albani rahimahullah, yakni kitab Sifat Shalat Nabi atau sebagaimana judul aslinya Shifatu Shalatin Nabiyyi Shallallahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam Minattakbiri Ilattaslim Ka-annaka Taraha (Sifat Shalat Nabi Mulai dari Takbir sampai Salamnya Seakan-akan Anda Melihatnya).

    Baiklah, kita lanjutkan kajian kita.

    Syekh Al Albani Rahimahullah banyak muridnya. Dan termasuk ulama yang sangat diberkahi ilmunya. Walaupun beliau bukan seorang Mufti dan beliau bukan seorang yang mempunyai kedudukan tinggi di sebuah negara. Namun, beliau ilmunya disebarkan oleh murid - muridnya.

    Dan beliau orang yang sangat miskin. Tapi, MasyaaAllah ilmunya sangat diberkahi oleh Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'Ala.

    Saking miskinnya, beliau kadang - kadang tidak punya kertas untuk menulis karangan beliau. Kadang - kadang, kertas - kertas bungkus dari makanan beliau pakai. Dan ketika itu kertas - kertas bungkus tersebut tidak ada garis - garisnya. Beliau pakai benang untuk dicelupkan di tinta. Kemudian beliau buat garis-garis agar beliau bisa menulis.

    Banyak sekali murid - murid beliau, di antaranya :

    Syekh Robi Hadi Al Madkhali,

    Syekh Ali Hasan Al Halabi,

    Syekh Muqbil (seorang ulama besar di Yaman)

    (Begitu pula) Syekh Masyhur Hasan Salman (juga terkenal yang sangat banyak karangannya),

    (Termasuk juga) Syekh Muhammad Jamil Zainu (ini juga ulama besar di Mekkah yang asalnya dari kelompok Sufi beliau dapat Hidayah. Dan banyak karangan - karangannya yang menyinggung paham-paham Sufi).

    Dan sangat banyak sekali, sangat banyak sekali dari murid beliau.

    Beliau mempunyai karangan - karangan juga yang sangat fenomenal yang di antaranya kitab yang akan kita kaji, yang sangat ringkas. Tapi penuh dengan maklumat - maklumat yang sangat baik.

    📚 Begitu pula silsilah Al - Ahadits Ash - Shahihah ini juga karangan yang sebelumnya belum ada kitab hadits seperti ini. Silsilah Al-Ahadits Ash-Shahihah banyak sekali hadits -hadits yang belum dipelajari oleh ulama - ulama hadits dahulu, beliau pelajari di disana. Beliau juga punya karangan ;

    📚 silsilah Al - Ahadits Ad - dhaifah wal maudhu'ah. Yang mengumpulkan kitab - kitab, hadits - hadits yang banyak tersebar. Pada hadits tersebut adalah bahwa dhoif atau bahkan palsu.

    📚Beliau juga punya kitab Irwaul Ghalil Fi Takhrij Ahadits Manaris Sabil. Banyak sekali buku - buku beliau. Dan kebanyakan dari buku - buku beliau adalah kitab - kitab yang menjelaskan tentang hadits -hadits Nabi Shallallahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam.

    Karena memang beliau punya azzam, punya tekad yang kuat untuk berkhidmat kepada hadits - hadits Nabi Shallallahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam. Sehingga beliau terkenal dengan julukannya ahli hadits di zaman ini.

    Sampai - sampai Syekh Abdul Aziz Bin Baz Rahimahullah, beliau sangat mencintai Syekh Al Albani Rahimahullah dan memberikan pujian yang sangat tinggi untuk beliau.

    Di antara pujian Syekh Bin Baz Rahimahullah terhadap Syekh Al Albani adalah perkataan beliau,

    "Aku tidak pernah melihat dibawah langit ini seorang ahli ilmu yang sangat tinggi keilmuannya tentang hadits di zaman ini seperti orang yang sangat ‘alim Muhammad Nashiruddin Al Albani"

    Dan Syekh Bin Baz Rahimahullah pernah ditanya tentang sebuah hadits yang yang berbunyi;

    "Sesungguhnya Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'Ala mengutus kepada umat ini disetiap abadnya orang yang memperbarui agamanya Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'Ala.

    Ketika ditanya tentang hadits ini maka Syekh Bin Baz Rahimahullah ditanya,

    siapakah sekarang yang pantas dengan julukan ini, pantas dengan sifat ini?
    "Yaitu orang yang memperbarui agama Allah di zaman ini.

    Maka Syekh Bin Baz Rahimahullah mengatakan;

    Syekh Muhammad Nashiruddin.
    Beliau adalah Syekh Muhammad Nashiruddin Al Albani.
    Dia adalah orang yang memperbarui agama Allah di zaman ini dalam persangkaan ku."

    Ini pujian dari Syekh Bin Baz Rahimahullah yang sangat tinggi pujian ini.

    Syekh Al Utsaimin Rahimahullah juga memuji Syekh Albani Rahimahullah, beliau mengatakan ;

    Syekh Albani adalah orang yang ذلعلمن جمن في حديث orang yang memiliki ilmu yang sangat banyak tentang hadits, riwayat dan diroyah. Baik dari segi riwayat maupun dari segi diroyah.
    Diroyah adalah pemahaman terhadap sebuah hadits.
    Dan sungguh Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'Ala telah memberikan manfaat kepada kitab - kitabNya untuk banyak manusia.
    Dari sisi ilmu, dan dari sisi cara seseorang dalam beragama.
    Dan mempengaruhi mereka untuk mengarah menekuni ilmu hadits. Dan ini merupakan buah yang sangat besar, sangat banyak bagi kaum muslimin.

    Dan memang, ilmu hadits, sebelum Syekh Al Albani Rahimahullah menghidupkannya kembali, itu tidak begitu menarik bagi kebanyakan kaum muslimin.

    Kemudian Syekh Al Albani Rahimahullah menghidupkan ilmu hadits ini lagi.

    Sehingga sekarang ilmu hadits ini menjadi banyak yang menggemarinya dan banyak ulama yang menekuni ilmu hadist ini sehingga bisa menjadi koreksi bagi pendapat -pendapat yang dahulu. Seakan -akan menjadi pendapat yang tidak bisa dikoreksi, tidak bisa dipertanyakan. Namun ternyata menyelisihi hadits - hadits Nabi Shallallahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam.

    Demikianlah yang bisa kita kaji pada kesempatan kali ini.

    Semoga menjadi ilmu yang bermanfaat dan diberkahi oleh Allah Jalla Wa'Ala.

    InsyaaAllah, kita akan lanjutkan pada kesempatan yang akan datang.

    والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    ══════ ∴ |GiS| ∴ ══════

    Source :

    📣 Official Account Grup Islam Sunnah

    🌏 WebsiteGIS: grupislamsunnah.com

    📱 Fanpage: web.facebook.com/grupislamsunnah

    📷 Instagram: instagram.com/grupislamsunnah

    🌐 WebsiteGBS: grupbelanjasunnah.com

    📧 Telegram: t.me/s/grupislamsunnah

    🎥 YouTube: bit.ly/grupislamsunnah

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    I've been thinking about this but I have literally never seen a brown lgbt character.

    I've never seen a brown character in Western media who didn't have their whole arc based around their family being conservative and them wanting to liberate themselves from that by constantly rejecting everything about their culture (this is almost always with brown girls).

    I haven't seen brown people who actually have stories that revolve around themselves and not them being brown. None of the brown characters I've seen are proud of their culture but instead literally tear down anyone else who enjoys it.

    I've never seen a brown boy in Western media, maybe because it's harder for Hollywood to use the "hot white boy who will come save the brown person from their conservative family" trope. So many brown guys who are the leading brown girls love interest are villianized as someone who just wants to like marry the girl and then not let her be herself.

    i can count the brown people in Hollywood on my fingers and it's starting to really annoy me. There's Dev Patel, Mindy Kaling (who still had to whitewash her actual name), Kumail Nanjiani, Riz Ahmed, Jameela Jamil, Hasan Minhaj and for the sake of argument Priyanka Chopra. now rinse and repeat these people into roles about how their parents control their lives, make them do a curry joke and absolutely whitewash their character names.

    #its anger time #i know that brown parents can be absolutely controlling and conservative but all our potrayals only revolving around that is diminishing us #to that role #not every brown girl is being oppressed omg. are we not allowed to do a lot of stuff because a lot of times the parents are conservative?yes #but i can assure you we've all found our way around the rules just like any other teen would. we do not need a hot white guy to come around #and show us the world. #also brown boys can be the absolute worst but I've literally never seen a good portrayal of a brown man #none of them are love interests???? #and god save us if the main brown character (again mostly brown girls) try to actually like their culture!! we all know that wearing a sari #or a lehenga is the true sign of how oppressed we are #anyways Hollywood hire me i can fix this
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