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  • shanfroze
    03.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    hsmd tumblr posts pt 2

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  • viperfizz
    02.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    only like three whole ppl might understand this but they kin each other

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  • saskem
    02.12.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Happy December y'all.....



    ☃︎ He loves December, that's it

    ☃︎ He happens to be more enthusiastic about December than you are.

    ☃︎ He is ALWAYS coming home early, no matter what. And every time he comes home, he brings you something.

    ☃︎ Whether it's matching socks, matching gloves, a couple mug or a bathrobe. He brings everything he thinks is necessary for the cold weather outside.

    ☃︎ He does not play with being sick in December considering that he wants to do some activity with you every single day.

    ☃︎ Please don't tell him to leave you alone. He's going to take offense in that and will think that he is being annoying.

    ☃︎ Definitely loves to wear fur socks just because it keeps his feet hot.

    ☃︎ He loves night cuddles AND morning cuddles. When you go to sleep, he wants you to fall in his arms, lay your head on his chest as he softly massage your skin. And when you wake up, expect him to not let go of you. He's going to place kisses on your face until you get tired of him (which is never).

    ☃︎ He's going to do ALL of the winter activities that you could never think of.

    ☃︎ And now for night time: he's not letting go of you. He's going to prepare a hot bath for the both of you, hot chocolate on the side. He's going to encourage you to join the bath with him. Saying things like "the water is so hot, I wish I could have someone with me right now." You're going to give in and join him so that he could stop being petty. Once you join him, he's going to wrap his wet arms around you; placing kisses on your neck.

    ☃︎ King of words of affirmation!!!!!!! "you're so perfect" "I love you" "You're so pretty" "you always treat me kindly" "I wish you could see what I see when I look at you" "you're so warm, I love you" "You're so kind:" and so on.


    ☃︎ Doesn't see much of December to be honest

    ☃︎ He just think that it is a regular day, therefore: his activities won't change. He's still staying in his office, working and would come home every time he could.

    ☃︎ You're gonna have to be the one to get him out of the office and have fun with him in December. Unless it comes to a point in your relationship where he knows how much you love December, so he's going to finish his works during November so that he could be free in December.

    ☃︎ He's going to rent out a cabin near a hot springs just because he can't stand the cold wind of December. He's going to make sure that you guys leave with warm coats and blankets. He wants you to be safe when you guys are going out for your December trip.

    ☃︎ One day he woke up and went straight to bed right after because it was too cold. He stayed under the blanket with you until he felt warm again. When you tease him about fearing the cold, he glares at you.

    ☃︎ When he can't stand the cold anymore, he's going to drag you to the hot springs. He's going in first and then you'd follow him right after. He's going to blush, acting like he has never seen you like this before. You guys are going to be on each corner of the hot springs until he tells you to come closer, still blushing.

    ☃︎ "Do you have to act as if you've never seen me in such scandalous way?" You said, approaching him. He just move his glance somewhere else. You slightly grab his face, turning him to look at you. You place a soft kiss on his lips and return to playing with the water.

    ☃︎ He's not going to say anything but just watch you and enjoy the moment that he has with you. There's nothing that he loves more than spending quality time with you. He would bring you even closer to him, where his head is placed on your shoulder as he leaves soft kisses. "It gets colder everyday, let's just enjoy this moment.....with you not teasing me." You laugh, patting his wet hair.

    ☃︎ After, he's going to bring you to a winter shop and get you guys some tea. He's not the type to drink hot chocolate or coffee. He prefers tea above anything else, but if you are willing to give him chocolate, he'll take it.

    ☃︎ When you guys go to bed, please let him rest his head on your stomach or else. Soon after, he'll fall asleep just so that you guys could repeat the same thing again the next day.


    ☃︎Just imagine Madara being clingier than ever because he can't stand the cold. He makes sure to come home more frequently now so that he could feel your warmth.

    ☃︎ Definitely the type to tell you to make him hot chocolate with whip cream and marshmallows.

    ☃︎ Definitely the kind of boyfriend/husband to not do winter activities because he usually have runny nose.

    ☃︎ Soft and comfortable cuddles in front of the fire place

    ☃︎ He will definitely use you as a warm pillow. Evey time you tell him to let go and let you pee; he just tells you to "stay here, you can go later."

    ☃︎ But majority of the time, he does not let you go at ALL. He just keeps snuggling with you until he falls asleep. You usually take that chance and go use the bathroom. When you come back, he would most likely complain about how you left him in the cold with no warmth.

    ☃︎ When it snows, he gets lazy to the point where he just makes a clone of himself and use his fireball jutsu to clear out the snow in front of the house. Creative, but you always talk to him about how lazy he gets.

    ☃︎ Once, Madara slipped on the snow and when you saw; he threatened you not speak of it again. But you being you, of course you tease him about it some time. He usually shuts you up with a soft kiss on your lips.

    ☃︎ Now,, for the night time in December; he is definitely excited for when you create hot baths. He usually act like he is not going to join you until you tease him about how warm the water is. Not even a second later, he's in the doorway; with a towel wrapped around his waist then later joins you.

    ☃︎ You and him just lay there in the bathtub, not doing anything but feel each other's warmth and talk about your day to each other.

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  • andreyahalms
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    An anon left this comment on one of my fics today and i lost it

    #gigachad madara #some of the ppl who comment should write my fics instead of me #madara uchiha#hashirama senju#hashimada
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  • mira--mira
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Can’t stop thinking about Hashimada Survivor AU. It’s such a bad idea because the show is such a visible medium and I know it will not translate well into written form. It’ll also be long and I do not have time for another ongoing AU but I can’t stop thinking about it. Even worse my brain won’t pick a version of the AU and stick with it. So in the hopes of dissuading myself from this horrible idea, here we go again:

    Friend V Friend

    Version of the AU where the gimmick is ‘friend v friend’ where the two tribes are made up of childhood best friends that have to compete against each other. Delightful because it’s my classic ‘friends to lovers’ where Hashirama and Madara are extremely competitive with each other but friendly and constantly talking to their tribe about each other (which...not the best survivor strategy but ya know, idiots in love). Full of fun moments about other characters in their confessionals muttering about how they’re practically married. Really cements it during one of the challenges (probably the classic ‘push each other into water/mud’) where these two dumbasses are talking to each other, drenched/covered in mud, arms around each others’ shoulders, foreheads pressed together. The first and only time Madara’s tribe has seen him actually smile (the closest they got before was when he was talking about Hashirama which inspired small smirks) and Hashirama’s tribe has seen him actually stand still and not be constantly fidgeting/on the move. Becomes a running joke ‘are you regular friends or Hashirama and Madara friends?’

    Big plot issue is these two dominate challenges and no one is going to keep them around after the merge, especially not when they’re so dedicated to each other. Big personal issue I love friends to lovers but it’s not the best for a Survivor inspired AU where backstabbing/betrayal is the name of the game and these two absolutely wouldn’t do that to each other.

    Older Sibling V Younger Sibling

    Version of the AU where the gimmick is one tribe is made up of older siblings and the other is younger siblings. Hashi and Madara could be friends before, but I sorta of prefer they don’t know each other/barely know each other. They bond very quickly, Madara tells Hashirama he can’t stand him, but only puts up a paltry complaint when Hashirama eats with him, does chores with him, and sleeps next to him. Madara does not tolerate anyone else doing this. He refuses to comment on Hashirama in his confessional, but Hashirama admits he finds Madara very attractive in his. The best part of this version would be Tobirama and Izuna watching all of this go down, Tobirama especially. He sees Hashirama’s wandering eyes in every swimming challenge where Madara is bare-chested. His friendlier than usual smiles and touching Madara every chance he can get. In the moments between challenges Tobirama hisses at him that he better not be doing something stupid (romantic alliances are usually first to go if the tribe goes to council if the others find out) and Hashirama blows him off. Izuna is miffed about it too for similar reasons but also finds joy in riling Tobirama up about it.

    Big plot issue is these two dominate challenges and it’d be a wipeout for their tribe, they might never go to tribal council until the merge. And I doubt post merge the tribes would keep Hashirama and Madara together, mostly because Hashirama and Madara are not subtle and everyone will know once they actually get together. Big personal issue is similar to friends v lovers. I think there could be drama if Hashirama/Madara were forced into a situation to save their brother versus their lover (alliances, backstabs, etc.) but they wouldn’t actively scheme against each other much to Tobirama and Izuna’s disappointment. Hell, if Tobirama and Izuna make it past the merge they might try to take out their brothers themselves because they’re so annoying and smitten with each other.

    Enemies to Lovers

    Version of the AU where there’s not a gimmick (or at least the gimmick isn’t related to Hashirama/Madara’s relationship). In this one, they do not know each other and are on opposite tribes. They become leaders of their tribes, Hashirama through his charismatic personality and Madara because he single-handedly keeps his tribe alive. Hashirama and Madara compete against each other and it’s explosive. It gets personal very fast. They demand to compete with each other, nearly come to blows in every physical challenge, and no one can get within 5 feet of them without feeling the bubbling tension. They’re pretty dead-even as far as wins go and it becomes less about the game of survivor and more about Hashirama v Madara.

    Neither of their teams can bear to vote them out because they’re the tribe workhorse, so they’re both around at the merge. When it comes because the teams have been so even, everyone doubles down on their tribe alliances and watch with bated breath as Hashirama and Madara share the same space with one another. They haven’t started fighting (yet) but all they do is stare at each other in camp from “their” side and the tension simmers. There’s a lot of ways to approach the ‘boiling over’ point, but it’d probably be individual challenges where teams were randomly selected, they got paired together subsequently dominated the challenge, and got a trip for just the two of them at an overnight resort with a convenient shower, hot tube, and rooms with very large beds. The tribe members think they’ll kill each other. One brave person (if it’s all Naruto characters, it’s 100% Ino) swears they’re going to fuck. (They do.)

    Hashirama and Madara come back, still plenty of tension between them but it’s...changed. They’ll do chores with each other (which occasionally take longer than normal), eat together, and most notably, sleep next to each other in the shelter. They’re still absolutely determined to take each other down and win though. Both of them are torn about getting the other out immediately vs taking their strongest competitor to the end in a ‘let the best man win’ kind of finale. They lie to each other, refuse to share their idols or advantages, do everything they can to weaken the other’s alliances and prove they’re the best, all while occasionally sneaking off together in the jungle.

    Big plot issue is post-merge both alliances will be gunning for Hashirama or Madara, even if Madara or Hashirama want to take each other to the end to duke it out and prove who’s best. It’ll be a miracle if they can make it more than one or two immunity challenges just because of how strong they are. Big personal issue is I like enemies to lovers but I just want them to get together and be a power couple, but that’s exactly what can’t happen in this type of AU, because it’s literally the personal problem in the other two versions 😂. IE, me stepping out of my comfort zone and focusing on a different aspect of the relationship.

    #naruto#hashimada#madahashi#madara uchiha#hashirama senju#survivor au #me @ myself: please for the love of god stop thinking about this #my brain: nah fam #long post
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  • red-vixens-blog
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Konoha founders + Izuna and Mito x reader

    #Sister!Mito Uzumaki #uzumaki reader #madara uchiha x reader #madara x reader #hashirama senju x reader #hashirama x reader #izuna uchiha x reader #izuna x reader #tobirama senju x reader #tobirama x reader #texting app
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  • curdledmilkk
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    thank you to everyone who requested something! lots of Hashirama and Madara + a bonus

    #I am sorry it took forever #life decided to bulldoze me momentarily after asking for requests #senju hashirama#uchiha madara#senju tobirama#hashimada#my art #I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of hashirama requests #I would like to do more of the requests! I just need time
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  • strelkovski
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Viking AU with founders. I just thought it would be fun to make something like that.

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  • infiniteideas
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Izuna, to hashimada: What? You don’t have a lover who literally revived you back from the dead after stabbing you? Pshh, can’t be me

    Tobirama: Please. S t o p

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  • thatswhathesaidiswear
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago


    Obito, knowing his teacher; the simpiest of simps: ... Ah shit here we go again

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  • art-farting
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Hashirama then cried until their mother came along and explained Tobirama just needed to be changed.

    The Senju bbies are my everything now. I love them so much!!

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  • bigogles
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Some cool Insta dood sent me this meme so yeah Happy @foundersweek ig 😭

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  • weiwei-cos
    01.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    festival 🎏

    Hashirama Senju: @kyrapan

    Tobirama Senju: @weiwei-cos

    Photography: PndaNoodle

    Day 7 for @foundersweek

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  • shanfroze
    30.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    hashimada x tumblr posts pt 1

    #naruto#naruto shippuden#madara uchiha#hashirama senju#hashimada #i have. SO MANY posts like these but i’ll try not to overdo it lol #half my mdr tag is biting posts. biting and maiming
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  • eclecticfanfics
    30.11.2021 - 2 days ago


    Fandom: Naruto

    Theme: Kagami ends the war by being cute. Madara didn't sign up for this. Tobirama just wants to know why kids flock to him.

    Wordcount: 3,738 | Fluff | Unfinished/Discontinued

    Ships: None

    Author: @kitsunekage88

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