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  • ottnow
    24.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    New on Netflix | July 2021

    New on Netflix | July 2021

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  • rosemarieshathaway
    17.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    tbh, it kind of amazes me how actually sydrian& romitri are the genderswapped versions of each other (not that i am complaining, but i love seeing the similiarities).

    sydney and dimitri are cautious introverts, kind of loners at first- and they are generally the voice of the reason in the relationship, and they had walls that were hard to break.


    adrian and rose are both charming, incredibly impulsive extroverts who often pushes their partner to break the rules.

    for the first books of va/ bloodlines, we see rose/ adrian trying to tear down the walls dimitri/ sydney had and at the same time the brain parts of the relationship help them to grow and take responsibility. but at some point, both sydney and dimitri needed to be saved by their lovers, when they were always the one who were doing the saving and the owning the bigger person job. idk why i'm just rambling like this but man. YEAH

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  • rosemarieshathaway
    15.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    reading sydney's inner thoughts about how pretty, gorgeous and brave, spectacular rose is be like

    #ngl i ship them and i do think sydney had a small crush on rose when they first met #vampire academy#series: bloodlines #ch: sydney sage #ch: rose hathaway #mine
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  • gravedangerahead
    11.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    That a-spec Sydney Sage post I keep promising

    Some notes on why I'm convinced Sydney is on the aro/ace spectrum, specifically demisexual.

    Throughout the series Sydney shows no signs of attraction without previous emotional attachment, and plenty of feelings of inadequacy due to not feeling what she's "supposed" to feel. Romance is not on her radar at all and frequently catches her by surprise.

    When Sydney first describes Adrian she uses comparisons to classical art, she admires his looks in a more detached way, rather than describing her reaction to him. I believe this was meant to show the hang ups she has about vampires, she then says she can't admire him like she would a human guy, HOWEVER, she never does admire any human guys in a more involved way.

    While we have some toxic cultural assumptions about women in general not really having a sexuality, or having a single target sexuality directed at her One True Love, her husband or soulmate, we know that isn't the case here bacause we have a very interesting contrast to Rose, who is sexually assertive and isn't demonized for it. She's clearly capable of feeling attraction right away and to people other than the man she's in love with.

    The descriptions of Rose and Lissa's attraction in the first series are more involved and reactive, more similar to Sydney's attraction to Adrian once she has emotionally connected to him, as opposed to Sydney's objective descriptions of people in aesthetic terms in the beginning.

    She didn't notice Ian's crush on her until it was pointed out to her even though we later see he's obnoxiously obvious. When a boy tries to ask Sydney out she assumes he's asking for her opinion on silent cinema and gives him a lecture about it, while what's actually happening is very obvious and hilarious to everyone around her. Even as her general social skills improve and she learns to navigate other situations better, she cannot confidently tell if a situation could be romantic. She reacts with panic when the possibility occurs to her and relief if it turns out that isn't the case, like when she thought Trey was asking her out in TGL.

    While she's frustrated her job might stop her from actually connecting with friends and even her family, she doesn't seem too bothered about the obstacle to her romantic life before her relationship with Adrian. She doen't consider dating until her friends impose it on her, and she doesn't notice she actually agreed to a date with Brayden until Trey celebrates it.

    During her relationship with Brayden she feels zero attraction to him and focuses on what is socially expected of her, not any of her own desires. Brayden is just as socially inept and inexperienced as Sydney, but he's clearly attracted to her and enjoying their kisses, while she finds all their physical contact underwhelming and unconfortable:

    "Still, I was very conscious of being so close to someone. I didn’t think I was getting any romantic vibes. My pulse didn’t race; my heart didn’t flutter. Mostly I was aware that this was the closest I’d sat to anyone, maybe in my life. I wasn’t used to sharing my personal space so much. I soon forgot about that as the play started."

    "As we sat there, I realized we’d come to another critical dating milestone. What was the correct procedure here? Was he supposed to kiss me? Was I supposed to let him? Had that been the real price of my salad?"

    "I was so surprised, I couldn’t even move. My heart raced, but it was more from anxiety than anything else. Was I doing it right?"

    "Why didn’t I have the same reaction? Maybe I’d done something wrong after all. Or maybe I was deficient?"

    "I felt a little guilt that I had a greater emotional reaction to seeing the coffee than him." TGL, passim.

    This is supposed to contrast with her already blooming feelings for Adrian, but other girls in the series (Rose, Lissa, Jill, Angeline) are clearly capable of feeling attraction to people other than their main love interest. Jill is just as inexperienced as Sydney, younger, and has an awkward first kiss with Micah due to concerns about her fangs, but she still found Sydney's description of her reaction to Brayden being like kissing a brother strange.

    Sydney worries that she's cold and unfeeling, which indicates this isn't a new development due to falling in love.

    The only thing I knew for sure was that this kiss had been a lot like the last one. Nice, but it didn’t blow me away. My heart sank. There was something wrong with me. Everyone was always going on about how socially inept I was. Did it extend to romance as well? Was I so cold that I’d spend my life never feeling anything?

    This quote is very relatable in a sad way, a lot of a-spec people feel that they might be broken and that there's something wrong with them. It could also have some toxic implications, if you think it's only meant to be wrong because Sydney does have romantic and sexual feelings towards Adrian, but I don't believe that's the case. I think at that point you're supposed to think Sydney's worry is unfounded because she has shown herself capable of caring about and connecting with a lot of people already.

    TGL has a lot of nice moments showing how the gang is becoming a found family and how much they all care for each other, including everyone's reaction to her first date with Brayden. In the opening Sydney is away for just a weekend and she misses all of them, and all of them seem supremely happy to see her when she comes back. Sydney's devotion to her family and friends has been highlighted plenty of times.

    By TIS Sydney is clearly experiencing plenty of sexual and romantic attraction to Adrian, despite being in deep denial about it. While Jill is worried about a possible relationship with Marcus, and Kristin and Julia do not understand how she could possibly not be attracted to him, she seems dumbfounded by the idea that she would be.

    Then Adrian, the person in the series who's portrayed as the most perceptive about people's feelings and how they work other than Sonya, while using his Magical Spirit Insight to look at her aura, describes Sydney in a way that's basically the definition of demisexual:

    "My body doesn't know any better. I'm as susceptible to lust as anybody else." There was probably a book about that or at least an article in Cosmopolitan.

    The hint of a smile played over his lips. He was fully in tune with me again. "No you aren't. I mean, you are, but not without reason. I know you well enough to realize that now. You're not the kind of person who's 'susceptible to lust' without emotion to back it." TIS, p. 243

    Compare and contrast: "Demisexual is used to refer to someone who doesn't experience sexual attraction unless or until they've developed a close emotional connection with another person, according to sexologist Carol Queen, Ph.D."

    That's as close to canon as we could get from an author who I imagine has never heard that definition, and the narrative definitely frames Adrian's take as correct. It's never implied that Adrian fixed Sydney, or that she's a late bloomer, or that there's something wrong with her. That's just the way she is and that's okay.

    The most convincing arguments I've seen that Sydney feels attraction to someone other than Adrian are toward Rose and maybe Dimitri. While there's nothing wrong with people simply having different headcanons, I'd like to point out that I don't think that would be incompatible with Sydney being demi, as she already has an emotional attachment to both of them. I think no one in the VA universe has been able to describe Rose and Dimitri's looks in a non fawning way, so they're probably so reality bendingly hot that that's just how you would objectively describe them. But she already considers Rose a friend and likes Dimitri, so she could be demi and be attracted to one or both of them if that's how you interpret it.

    Someone on Discord asked some good faith questions about asexuality and demisexuality and why people feel it's important to them, and I might post my answers here if anyone is interested. I'll happily answer any questions anyone might have, but I'll not engage with anyone who tries to invalidate or exclude other people's sexuality. I didn't use the SAM here because I don't think it applies in this particular case.

    #Sydney Sage#sydrian #meanwhile Adrian Ivashkov is bi because I said so #supporting evidence: he has bi vibes and I like him #Rose and Lissa do have a lot of homoerotic subtext but I think that has been explored by other people well enough #bloodlines series#va#vampire academy#queer headcanons #a-spec head canons #asexual and aromantic headcanons #I will try to link the article with the definition but I'm not sure if tumblr is still hiding posts with links #Rose Hathaway is a disaster bi #so is Adrian #Lissa is s distinguished bi #Sydney is a functional ace #Mia is a functional lesbian #bloodlines #I said I could write a whole essay and then I put some more formal things her as a joke ok #the latin ''passim'' is a joke I swear #I feel like my English is overall comprehensible here but feel free to ask for clarification #English spelling is a nightmare 😭 #op#long post #Rapha's Bloodlines Tag
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  • xnwitchlunareads
    11.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    hathaway series by lisa kleypas ↪ hathaway family

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  • gravedangerahead
    10.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    I can write a full essay with references and quotes on why Sydney Sage is on the aro/ace spectrum (specifically demisexual). Adrian Ivashkov is bi because I said so, he has bi vibes

    Lissa and Rose are bi because the homoerotic subtext between them is almost text

    Edit: Here's the essay

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  • vampireacadamyseriesnews
    04.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    It appears casting is getting started.

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  • silversparks27
    03.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Not me finding an incredibly shitty Adrian Ivashkov “aesthetic” I made as a 14 year old va/bloodlines obsessed teen.....

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  • dreamyunicornn
    31.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Is it just me that never dared picture Rose Hathaway while reading the series because nothing that my mind comes up with could do justice to the badass beauty that she is ?

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  • rose--hathaways
    31.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #vampire academy#va#rose hathaway#lissa dragomir #i am LOVING this social media au guys keep it coming fr pleeeeease #i need a modern-era sequel to the series so bad 😭 #wait would lissa be on linkedin??? 😕
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  • hathawaydontrunaway
    31.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    I got a message from a follower asking me to name a favorite moment in VA in anticipation for the show. I have so many!! 💜💜 and I’ve had so much excitement for this show lately!

    My favorite moments:

    When Rose and Lissa plotted/broke Victor Dashkov out of prison.

    Rose’s testimony, and telling everyone that the m*rder she was being framed for was too poorly done for it to be her 💀💀

    Rose and Mia teaming up to k*ll Isaiah and Elena

    When Rose met Abe Mazur, and called him an Old Man

    Rose asking Yeva if a house fell on her sister 😭

    Rose and Christian becoming friends :’)

    Christian and Rose teaming up to take down strigoi who attacked the school.

    Christian inspiring a group of moroi’s to use their power to fight Strigoi.

    The “My Name is Rose Hathaway” short story

    Rose scaring off a guy for putting ketchup on her tacos 😭😭

    Sydney, Rose, Dimitri, Sonya, Robert, and Victor road trip.

    Janine and Rose having a break through in their relationship in Frostbite

    “Listen gap kids”

    “Love fades. Mine has” even if it was painful. But it’s iconic!

    Every scene Mason ashford blessed our presence with ❤️

    What’s your favorite VA series moment?

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  • lonialine
    27.05.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Jared Leto

    WeCrashed Aplle Tv Series(2021)

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  • silversparks27
    23.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Ray of sunshine amongst controversies:

    Julie Plec has worked with Daniel Sharman (in The Originals).

    Daniel Sharman is the only one who comes close to Adrian Ivashkov (in my humble opinion).

    (I think he was fancasted as Adrian too, not sure though)

    Anyway, so there is a very real possibility that we might actually get to see him play Adrian (if he’s even there in the first season).

    For reference:

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  • shehatedhimnahshedidnt
    23.05.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #glass alliance series #glass alliance #dark of the west #storm from the east #southern sun northern star #joanna hathaway
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  • ecarstairsb
    22.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    some people in the va fandom are way too quick to defend the age gap in romitri 😐 don’t get me wrong i love the books and they give me a lot of joy, but boy oh boy. i remember being 17. and a 24 year old guy is not someone i would want to be in a relationship with. it’s downright CREEPY. like we all know dimitri is noble and refuses rose but the fact still stands that it HAPPENED. she was a minor when they met, a minor when they had s*x, and he let it happen. y’all really defending that? and if u say it’ll ruin their character/development, you have no imagination and no problem solving skills, because news flash! you can make dimitri at least 5 years younger and STILL keep his maturity and personality intact. and saying it will ruin roses development? what are you trying to insinuate? rose can develop for reasons other than trying to reach the maturity level of an older guy (newsflash: no one is above their maturity level at a certain age, you will always have the maturity and life experiences of the age you are, you cannot accelerate 7 years of maturity in 6 months). I’m almost 21 and very different to who I was when I was 17. if y’all keep complaining over some of the fandom wanting to decrease the age gap, i will give you all something to be mad about (ill spam you with my rose x lissa headcanons because those girls were in LOVE). thank u and good night!

    #vampire academy#rose hathaway#dimitri belikov#romitri#richelle mead #vampire academy adaptation #vampire academy tv series #lissa dragomir
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  • autumnsvampireacademynewsblog
    21.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    A Vampire Academy TV Show is Coming!

    Hey guys! Long time, no see! It has been a while since my last post, and at the time I was very doubtful about us getting any kind of VA redo/sequel. Well, well, do I have news for you!

    It was released yesterday by Variety that a Vampire Academy TV show has gotten the green light at Peacock (a steaming service owned by NBC)! Julie Plec, Vampire Diaries writer, and Marguerite MacIntyre, Vampire Diaries actress, have been signed on to write the series.

    There is no other news at the moment, other than what I wrote above. However, this is exciting AND scary news! It’s amazing that we are finally getting another chance at seeing Vampire Academy in live-action form, but Julie Plec as a writer worries me. She wasn’t exactly faithful with her adaptation of Vampire Diaries and I’m worried that she’ll take the same liberties.

    I am still very excited and will definitely be updating you whenever I get more news! Check out the article by Variety down below.

    ‘Vampire Academy’ Series Adaptation From Julie Plec, Marguerite MacIntyre Ordered at Peacock

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  • gildedsydney
    20.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    this is a woc rose hathaway supremacy blog no matter what julie plec's casting director has to say about it

    #i just know theyre gonna fuck this up its not like the og series was very great for poc but like. i just KNOW its gonna be bad #vampire academy#rose hathaway#julie plec
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  • thegoldenlily
    20.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I am cautiously optimistic for the VA show. The movie was released at a time when every YA movie was being molded by Twilight because every company wanted to match their financial success. The movie tried so hard to be Mean Girls meets Twilight, and it just didn't work (I lowkey like the movie as satire though?) I'm glad a show is being produced in a time where those won't be major influences. I really feel like the show could be a success if they just stick to the source material. I'm not saying every single detail needs to be the same (I really ended up enjoying the Shadowhunters tv show more than I did the actual TMI series) but if they follow the essence of the series and actually get writers who care about the novels, I feel like they could make something really special.

    I don't need a show adaptation that's word for word. I'm okay with taking creative liberties when they make sense or add new perspective or depth to the story. Or even if it just fits the vibe.

    I'm just hoping that we get some creators who have read the series, understand it, and are passionate about creating something really cool.

    #vampire academy#rose hathaway#va#richelle mead #also idk who julie plec is and I never watched TVD or The Originals #but Im really just?? if they get writers who care and understand the novels I think this will have SO MUCH POTENTIAL #but also if yall fuck up Adrian I will be spiteful #lmao hes not even in the series until book 2 this show doesnt exist yet and here I go whining about casting for a character in s2 #anyway my thoughts #i once wanted to be a writer but unfortunately these days idk how to form sentences so!! #enjoy these run on ranting sentences thx
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