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  • salvatoraes
    09.05.2021 - 4 minutes ago
    · ¨ ┅ ✦ .    dash games ;   SHAKESPEARE  AESTHETICS : STEFAN SALVATORE
    suburban  july. scraped  knees.   bruised  knuckles.  blood  in  your  teeth.  bare  feet  on  hot  concrete. restlessness.  your  high  school’s  empty  parking lot.  love  poems  in  your  diary.   a  window  open  to  coax  in  the  breeze.   burning  inside.   an  ill - fitting  party  dress. a  t - shirt  you  cut  up  yourself.   the  time  you  tried  to  give  yourself  bangs.   biking  to  your  friends  house.  bubble  gum.   gas  station  ice.   the  feeling  that  you’ve  met  before. rebellion.   a  car  radio  playing  down  the  street.   cheap  fireworks.  a  heart  drawn  on  the  inside  of  your  wrist  with  a  sharpie.  switchblades.   red  solo  cups.  dancing  in  your  bedroom.  screaming  yourself  hoarse.   running  out  of  options.   the  forlorn  looking  basketball  hoop  at  the  end  of  a  cul - de - sac.  climbing  onto  your  roof  at  night  while  your  parents  are  asleep.   flip - flops.   a  eulogy  written  on  loose - leaf. the  merciless  noontime  sun.
    speaking  in  a  whisper.  holding  your  breath.  a  browning  garden.   a  half  remembered  story. furniture  covered  with  sheets.   fog  at  dawn,  mist  at  twilight.   losing  touch.  the  ethereal  space  between  winter  and  spring.   the  soft  skin  at  your  temple.  the  crack  in  the  hallway mirror.    things  you’d  say  if  you  knew  the  words.  uncombed  hair.  books  with  writing  in  the  margins.    books  with  cracked  spines. books  with  lines  scratched  out.   prayers  on  all  souls’  day.   a  chipped ceramic  bathtub.  a  cold  stone  floor.  the  uncomfortable  awareness  of  your  own  heartbeat. the  sparrow  that  got  in  your  house.  shadows.  the  creek  you  played  in  as  a  child.   a  dirty  night  gown.   an  oversized  t - shirt.    a  collection  of  your  favorite  words.   soil  beneath  your  nails.  ghost  stories.   the  strangeness  of  your  own  name  in  your  mouth.   deep  silence.   exhaustion.  a  cliff  with  a  long,  long  drop  down.
    wicker  deck  furniture.   new  england  summer.   large  sunglasses  and  a  blonde  bob.  a  storm  over  the  ocean.   patio  umbrellas.   flapping  in  the  wind.   the  smell  of  chlorine.    muffled  laughter.  sarcasm.  starched  cuffs.  day  drinking.  bay  windows. the  idea  of  love.  love  for  the  idea  of  love.   love  for  love’s  sake.  hangovers. wandering  over  the  sand  dunes.   a  vagabond  with  a  guitar.   fishermen  with  tattoos.   a  pretty  boy  with  a  slacked  tie.  a  lighthouse.    growing  too  close.   boat  shoes.   feeling  yourself  change.    big,  floppy  sunhats.   double - speak.   a  song  you  keep  listening  to.  turning  red  under  their  gaze.  margaritas  drank  on  an  inflatable  pool  lounger.   string  lights  on  a  balmy  night.   sleepy  june  days.  fights  you’re  unprepared  for.   hope  you  weren’t  expecting.   pranks  that  go  too  far.  bad  poetry.   pining.   becoming  less  of  a  stranger.
    the  space  where  your  grief  used  to  be.   a  bird  that’s  lost  an  eye.   old  blood  stains.   heavy  blinds.   the  smell  of  sweat.   the  stillness  after  a  battle.   a  fake  smile.  a  curse.  the  taste  of  metal  at  the  back  of  your  tongue.   your  house,  unfamiliar  in  the  dark.  a  dusty  crib.    the  smell  of  sulfur.  an  orange  pill  bottle.   streaks  in  the  sink.   a  black  cocktail  dress.   your  hand  on  the  doorknob,  shaking.   a  chilly  breeze.   crunching  from  the  gravel  driveway  on  a  moonless  night.  clenched  hands.   a  rusty  swing  set.   a  flashing  digital  clock  stuck  on  12 : 00.   a  snake  that  crosses  your  path.   an  owl  that  watches  you.   a  dog  that  runs  when  you  approach.   red  smoke,  dark  clouds.   cool  steel.   tile  floors.  footsteps  in  the  hallway  late  at  night.   a  baggy  suit  that  used  to  fit  before.   visions.   insomnia  headaches.   nursery  rhymes.  being  too  far  in  to  go  back  now.
    the  high  drama  of  small  towns.   a  pickup  truck.   military  supply  duffel  bags  in  the  hall,  hugs  all  around.   tulip  bulbs.  a  wraparound  porch.   a  pitcher  of  iced  tea.  a  rubber  halloween  mask.   someone  on  your  level. ill - timed  proclamations. stomach  clenching  laughter.  rushing  in. not  minding  your  business.  crepe  paper.  white  lies. secrets  written  down  and  thrown  away. southern  hospitality.   homemade  curtains  in  the  kitchen.   a  sink  full  of  roses.   hiding  in  the  bushes.  old  friends. the  wedding  dress  your  grandma  wore,  and  her  mama  before  her.   a  dog - eared  rhyming  dictionary.  chamomile  with  honey.   the  intimacy  of  big  parties.   lawn  flamingos.  gossip.   a  crowded  church.   friendly  rivalries.  unfriendly  rivalries.  shit  getting  real.    love  at  five  hundredth  sight. not  realizing  you’re  home  until  you’re  there.
    KING LEAR:    
    cement  block  buildings.   power  lines  that  birds  never  perch  on.   the  end  of  the  world.  useless  words.   rainless  thunder,  heat  lighting,  a  too  big  sky.    arthritic  knuckles.  broken  glass.  chalk  cliffs.    the  pulsing  red - black  behind  closed  eyes.  something  you  learned  too  late.  wet  mud  that  sucks  up  your  shoes  while  you  walk.  a  cold  stare.  empty  picture  frames.  empty  prayers.  the  obscenity  of  seeing  your  parents  cry.  a  treeless  landscape.   bloody  rags.  grappling  in  the  dark  with  reaching  hands.  the  sharpness  at  the  the  tips  of  your  teeth.   the  blown  out  windows  of  a  skeletal  house.  decay.  jokes  that  aren’t  jokes. biting  your  tongue.  prophecies. aching  muscles,  tired  feet.  stinging  rain.  invoking  the  gods.  wondering  if  the  gods  are  listening.  worrying  that  the  gods  are  dead.  white  noise.   shivers.   numbness.   the  unequivocal  feeling  of  ending.
    the  smell  of  wet  soil  and  dead  leaves.    listening  to  music  on  headphones  with  your  eyes  closed.   wildflowers.   the  distant  sparkle  of  lightning  bugs.  a  pill  someone  slipped  you.   fear  that  turns  into  excitement.  excitement  that  turns  to  frenzy.   mossy  tree  trunks.  a  pair  of  yellow  eyes  in  the  darkness.  night  swimming.  moonlight  through  the  leaves.  a  bass  beat  in  your  chest.  a  butterfly  landing  on  your  nose.  a  kiss  from  a  stranger.  a dark  hallow  in  an  old  tree.  glow  in  the  dark  paint.  drinking  on  an  empty  stomach.  a  twig  breaking  behind  you.  spinning  until  you’re  dizzy.  finding  glitter  on  your  body  and  not  remembering  where  it  came  from.  an  overgrown  path  through  the  woods.  cool  dew  on  your  skin.  a  dream  that  fades  with  waking. moths  drawn  to  the  light.   giving  yourself  over,  completely. afterglow. the  long,  loving,  velvety  night.
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    #[  𝙵𝙸𝙻𝙴𝙳﹕] my lungs are clouded with self hatred. ›› aesthetics. #[  𝙵𝙸𝙻𝙴𝙳﹕] these are always fun.  ›› dash games. #[  𝙵𝙸𝙻𝙴𝙳﹕]   it’s perfectly fine to watch tv all day. ›› queued.
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  • tebasaki-chickeb
    09.05.2021 - 12 minutes ago
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  • whomturgled
    09.05.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    just read with my own 2 eyes “i think hua cheng/qi rong is so underrated,” “hua cheng is an artist and qi rong looks a lot like xie lian,”

    alright boys i’m out

    #i joke abt tgcf brain worms and brainrot but this person takes the cake #i might be paraphrasing the second part of that but it was that #and that was only reason 1 and 2 or w/e of their explanation #was accompanied by art of qr on hc’s lap. #hello ..???HELLO?? did u read the same thing ?????? #HE L L O?????.?. #remember when qi rong beat hc a 10 yr/o impoverished boy w/ the help of a bunch of grown men #then dragged him behind his golden carriage in a gunnysack thru the royal capital #and the bag was soaked w/ blood and all the docs after we’re amazed he survived and was conscious #remember how hc got the name crimson saught rain flower after he cleared out one of qi rings nests #remember every time he’s said qi rong is useless garbage and expressed how much he hates him #how mad he got in his new den w/ xie lian and lang qianqiu. bashing his head in over and over and so mad xie lian was worried #also how hc at first especially is very like #afraid of xl’s touch or being Too familiar bc he idolizes and respects him and doesn’t think he’s worthy #etc etc etc etc like I could go on and on to point out every ounce of brain rot in this #what I’m saying is . if what u take away fro #from* this novel is ‘haha hua cheng thinks xie lian’s hot’ and that he’s be in any way impressed or amused or attracted to qi rong #like idk what to tell u bud #1000% the only time HC gets close enough to be in contact w/ qi rong is to beat his ass #not even gonna START on how ooc it would be for qi rong to try to ... idk.. seduce ? hc? despite the obvious homophobia and hatred of him? #but like if he for some reason tried like let’s say he had some sorta brainrot equivalent to this persons. hc would murder him #especially if qi rong tried to use the fact he looked like xie lian as part of the seduction ?. ?? hc would be so mad at the disrespect #SOME OF U NEED TO LEarN TO BEHAVE. GOOD NIGHT.
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  • akvilenotfound
    09.05.2021 - 41 minutes ago
    #ask#anon #my ingrained self hatred and self consciousness doesn't allow me to wear heels #and i'm 5'7 #cause i was always made to feel so manly and gigantic when i was younger #for being taller #how i hate being tall lmao #not that i wanna be short #i'm just so uncomfy with being any taller than 5'7 #fuck everyone who bullied me and made me too scared to wear heels
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  • safeplace
    09.05.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    “The proposal gives federal and state authorities a tool with which they can ban government employees from wearing headscarves and kippahs”

    “In practice, it will especially affect Muslim women who wear a head covering – regardless of their skills and qualifications.

    “Because of this law, Muslim women will be confronted with the choice of either wearing their headscarf or pursuing a career without one.”

    (Source: TheNationalNews.com )

    This leaves me absolutely speechless. What is going to be achieved is an even wider social gap. If they are so keen on leading socially just politics and supporting freedom of choice, then why WHY is that even being considered. It is already so hard for them to manage day to day due to prejudice, which is in fact actually straight up Islamophobia, anti-Muslim racism, hatred and discrimination. Women have even more difficulties than men. We can name at least 100 reasons why. Why is a headscarf more important than her skills and qualification? Why will the choice of pursuing a career while wearing a headscarf be taken away from her? No part of this even being considered is fine ... if this is the position the government takes, how can we believe that racial and religious justice is what this country and the people in it stand for.

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  • enkidusbi
    09.05.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    ❤️ kalhu northwest palace reliefs my archenemy ❤️

    #started revising for my finals and gosh the passionate hatred i have for that one semester that was supposed to be about the archaeology of #the whole neo-assyrian and neo-babylonian period and instead was literally just..... pictorial programs and reliefs #of various loser assyrian kings.... like sometimes a little art history doesn't hurt but i hate neo-assyrians only because of this semester #when i'm sure there are other perfectly valid reasons for hating them #dont @ me im right #i hate these palaces and yeah kalhu nw is the WORST #its literally so boring guys all the reliefs are the same everywhere how am i supposed to remember them #my posts #kam vs the finals #uni adventures
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  • magnificentbeardream
    09.05.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    s3 wasted screentime on parent - child dynamics that nobody asked for and didn't even contribute to the plot heavily

    can't believe there are people who think 3x05 was a good episode and not just an award stunt for jodie.

    the only thing i like about that episode is villanelle getting hiccups and the soulmatism of it all.

    #and villanelle's gay ass outfits #i have to admit tho i didn't realise my hatred the first time i watched it #and no mention of eve......the titular character....my beloved... #killing eve #this has been brought to you by ke twitter intern's new post
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  • mintmentos
    09.05.2021 - 59 minutes ago
    “You’d better not let me die.”
    “I considered it. But, no Sawyer. You’re not going to die. You’re going to be fine, as long as I have any say over it”

    Oh my god these two are gonna kill me when are they getting together

    #the instinctive hatred to the begrudgingly working together to the maybe tentative friends to refusing to let each other die?? #tell me this isn’t the best dynamic in the podcast #in transit #in transit podcast #kiera talks podcasts
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  • sansa-of-oldstones
    09.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I tell @josephine-of-vengerberg how my daughter wasn’t a fan of the beach because of the sand.


    #chaos children and their hatred of sand #🤣🤣🤣🤣 #this needed to be shared #tumblr friends #infinite chaotic power! itty bitty living space...
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  • a-depressed-detective
    09.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #🔎💔 shuichi answers 💔🔍 #tw child abuse #tw prostitution#tw drugs#tw alchoholism #tw self hatred #tw death mention
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  • agentsnickers
    09.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #near miss au #near miss adjacent #finn writes #this snippet brought to you by my lingering hatred of the underground adventure exhibit at the field #i haven't even tried to walk into it in literal years but it freaked me out so much as a kid
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  • bauliya
    09.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #alexfireon #i mean i SAW it ages ago #but now since we're crushing #yeah #fuck my musical hatred CYRANOOOO HERE I COMR
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  • fuckindiva
    09.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #always remember whos benefiting from ur self hatred !!! #Anonymous
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  • somethingabouttomatoes
    09.05.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #Anon#Ask #I guess that does knock off him not looking after Naruto as criticism against him #In thinking about it longer it really does look like most of the fandom's hatred of Jiraiya stems from him being of the ''loveable pervert'' #trope. Which I think is a fine reason to dislike him that trope is incredibly uncomfortable.
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  • dinainwater
    09.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Fun Naruto fact: Tobirama never uses the term "Curse of Hatred". Not even once. While he uses the term curse, he never attributes it entirely to hatred, he even says Uchiha feel love more strongly than any other clan.

    Tobirama doesn't immediately consider the Uchiha's strong affinity for emotions a bad thing. All he says

    He is also not the first person to bring up any sort of curse in Uchiha. Obito, while impersonating Madara does (and he is the one who uses the term Curse of Hatred), loooong before Tobirama is even resurrected. Obito even explains what it is. He's the one who paints a completely negative picture of the Uchiha unlike Tobirama who considers the Uchiha the real clan of love.

    I've seen some hilariously inaccurate biased posts that claim Tobirama "made up Uchiha's Curse of Hatred". They ignore the fact that Uchiha's curse (or extraordinary sensitivity for emotions) was established since early in the manga and they falsely attribute "Curse of Hatred" to Tobirama. It's almost as if the writers haven't even watched/read Naruto. Or they are too biased to consider the facts and canon. Not sure which is worse...

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  • tebasaki-chickeb
    09.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    the mood rn

    #callie txt#cowoika #hatred fury rage malice
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  • closet-keys
    09.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    every day on LGBTQ Tumblr™ I am reminded how I cannot inherently trust men in my community, from the weird misogynist takes from men who love men, to the genuinely frightening amount of trans men who unapologetically ally themselves with trans women exclusionary radical feminists. and I don’t say this as a generic jab against men, I say this because it breaks my heart every single time because I so deeply want to trust you all and it hurts me that I can’t

    #genuinely I do not understand the hatred some of you have for women in your own communities
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  • kurxsaki
    09.05.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #v; 003 (i hate soul repears; hatred within) #rukia kuchiki divided #;queue
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  • dinainwater
    09.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Madara was totally like "I'm a massive misogynist, a serial child abuser, manipulator and killer, I also orchestrate minor genocides, my hobbies include destroying peace treaties, igniting world wars and starting 70-year-old international conflicts, I can corrupt an entire country and destroy their culture just as easily as I snatch eyeballs, and I can still get a peaceful death and likely reside in ninja heaven; I am that overpowered and consequences are for lesser human beings."

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  • captaincurnow
    09.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    An unexpected perks Dishonored and some of its community unintentionally gave me: a heckton of self exploration, feeling more at ease with my body (though not yet happy, but the violent hatred is fading) and accepting myself more inside and out, thoughts and shenanigans that help me get through working hours, improvements on the love I ought to have towards myself...

    IRL it may continue to be an every day struggle, and my online presence may be much lower than before, but there are always some good things waiting for me here.

    #It also gave me very cool dreams where I'm a whaler/marked. #I miss my friends. I have not yet come to terms working full time and I'm not sure I ever will. #The current people around me at work are not helping at all with the stupid amount casual racism xenophobia and lgbtphobia. #It's tiring and it hurts. When I have enough money to back me up for a while I'll bounce. I think about quitting every day. #I don't know what I'd do about the increased hatred around me without the ever increasing love I get online. #It helps me more than I could express probably. #I'm both very sad and grateful. #Grateful for *all* my friends. There are so many of you I have not been keeping up with properly #and I know this doesn't make up for me not reaching out but I love you all and I'll try to be more competent and talk. #thanks for coming to my fred talk
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