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    thinking about this review i wrote on the screaming tunnel in canada

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  • I know past hurts. But it is what it is.

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    Contrary to popular belief, I do wear actual t-shirts sometimes 🔪 💀

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  • i dont know which one i like best

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  • I have a very ghostly life, where do I start?

    My due date for birth was Valentine’s Day, but I was born two weeks early (January 31st). When I was 2 weeks old, I ended up nearly dying due to some genetic problems. I got surgery and survived. For the next day, I’m crying my eyes out and nothing my parents do will work. Finally, 3am, Valentine’s Day morning, everything is silent. I stopped screaming. My mom gets a phone call. Her grandma has passed away.

    When I was 10 I was living in an 1800’s home a woman was murdered in. Mostly only ever heard heavy footsteps though (house got struck by lightning too).

    My grandmas house all my life, I keep having visions even to this day of an old woman by the bathroom near the end of the house and over by the staircase. My mother sees her too and thinks she’s peaceful, but all I feel from her is hate.

    Also there had been many times where I’m the only one home/up stairs and I hear the floor creaking directly in front of my door. Not even walking, just standing there. My computer also had recently been turning off/on without anything near it only when I’m there.

    Living with my ex, radios would randomly turn on with static (even after unplugged/turned off), doors would be open after being closed, I’d hear a lot of whispers from women when I was the only female home. Pretty scary.

    Most recently, I’ve moved in with a new boyfriend and his family. One morning I was getting ready and I saw a 5-7 year old boy in pajamas coming around the hall. Woke up my boyfriend immediately… Only to find that he had a baby brother that died (But he was barely a month old so that part doesn’t make sense). I’ve known my boyfriend for 16 years and never new he had a brother.

    Same house, before I moved in, I saw a yellow cat jump up next to me on the couch. They own two cats so I didn’t think of it, but I looked down to pet it and nothing was there. They haven’t owned a yellow cat in years.

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  • Recording on the next @therhythmcoffin EP has officially begun!!! __________________________________ #MonsterRocknRoll #NewMusic #FamousMonsters #MonsterOnMyBack #MusicFromHome #StudioLife #Recording #Drummer #HiredGun #Horror #Haunt #HorrorFans #LivingDeadDrummer (at North Hollywood, California)

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    Big kid big kid big kid

    #im in a haunt mood if you couldnt tell #thinkin bout my kid #their horns look a tad strange here but OH WELL #my art#my ocs #hollow knight ocs #hollow knight#haunt
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  • Anonymous submitted:

    -Please keep anonymous thanks! (:

      Ok so this is probably one of the weirdest experiences that has happened to me. This happened about two years ago. I’m from Los Angeles, CA. I met my boyfriend around a certain area of the city, which I will remain private, he lived with a roommate in this two story house that was really nice. It was one of the oldest houses on the street, built in 1909. It had a little wooden fence you’d unlock and walk up these steps, with all this land around it, a guest house, and then the patio on the side and then making entry to the left of the house. It was very cozy/ old fashioned, just a really nice little spot to be and away from the busy street.

      I would go over on the weekends to his place and we’d go out to bars down the street and of course spend the night there. One Sunday, which were usually lazy days, we were trying to decided on watching a spooky movie and I suggested that we watch Jeepers Creepers. He hadn’t seen the movie before and I told him it was one of my favorite monster like movies. Now mind you, I do not think the movie is scary or lose sleep over it or anything, I just think it’s a fun cool monster movie to watch, and can never get tired of it honestly haha.

       We watched the movie and fading away, called it a night and went to sleep. He slept on the left side of me near the door to his room and I slept next to the wall where the AC was. At the end of the bed was a window to the room in which we left open on occasion, if it was a warmer night. Well this night was a warmer night, and we had it open with the shade pulled down. Both crashed out, sleeping well after a lazy day.

         In the middle of the night I woke up faintly and noticed the weather outside and I could see leaves being blown in the wind and the trees rustling, VERY violently. It was very strange because not even on rainy days there, have I ever seen it get that windy. Within a few seconds from this realization out of nowhere I just had the urgency to throw myself back lying down and pulling the covers over my head FAST! In which at the same exact moment my boyfriend woke up in a jolt and sat up and yelled “WTF IS THAT?!” I heard and saw right before I threw the sheets on me the window bind getting blown all the way up until the end met the top of it.

       The window shuddered LOUD and I swear to you that you could literally feel something BIG fly or swoosh by, like a gust of wind but with more dense if that makes sense. The bedroom door was left ajar that night and it swung open and seemed like this thing made its way down the stairs and out. (You know when you watch western movies and a character comes into the saloon through those little two doors and you can hear the doors swaying back and forth), well thats how the bedroom door was when this thing flew out of the room. It felt like literally something was just passing by and you could feel the heaviness, and a weird gut feeling in your stomach.

       As soon as this “thing” came and left, literally kid you not, the wind outside stopped, like the dead of night. It was almost as if there was never any wind at all. The trees were so still, no leaves in the air. I was under the covers shaken up and my boyfriend asked “Did you see that?? What the heck was that?!” I was so spooked I responded, “I don’t know, but don’t acknowledge it too much!” I was so scared I just didn’t want to believe what just happened.

       The next morning we talked about it and just thought the whole thing was creepy and just crazy. Even weirder how we watched Jeepers Creepers that night and this thing or whatever it was, felt like this black mass or gust, was very similar the size of the character. We were definitely not asleep and NOT dreaming. To this day I don’t know what the heck that was.

        My boyfriend and I really liked that house, but now have moved in together in an apartment. Besides that odd night, we had other strange stuff happen there like hearing disembodied voices in the room, creaks as if someone walking around, my boyfriend even said one night during the week he felt something touch his feet in the middle of the night. Strange stuff happened there, but I don’t think the house was haunted. These experiences happened every so often and not regularly.

        I’d like to think since the house has been there for so long it’s probably a magnet for wandering spirits or attracts certain energies. That one night however, I truly think it was a spirit passing through wondering about in the middle of the night. Whether it was malevolent or not, it sure gave me a really creepy scare. My boyfriend doesn’t believe in any of that stuff, but today he still can’t explain what that was that night.

    James: 6/10 Your boy is haunted! Thanks for sharing the scares!

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    • Riley Corson: Zinnia, I'm not trying to be rude... but you died.
    • Zinnia: Yeah, I know
    • Zinnia: I was there.
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  • thinkin bout………… things……

    #so many#my art#ocs#my ocs#maned wolf#horse#skull#hollow knight #hollow knight oc #hollow knight gijinka #jack of blades #fable #JACK OF BLADES FROM FABLE IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD 2 0 2 0 #ITS SELAH THINKING ABOUT OLD VIDEO GAMES #theo#vendetta#haunt#the kid#the ex
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  • I think of her still and I hate it, that no matter what I try to do to fend off my mind. Distract myself from stuff, still I think of her even on my busiest days. This mind keeps replaying all those memories like a playlist without stop button. Sometimes I think that there’s a reason why I cant get her out of my mind. I wanna believe that superstition where when you cant get someone out of your mind its because they are remembring you.

    -a love trashed

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    • Zinnia: You know what they say: where there is smoke, there is a fire.
    • Zinnia: And probably Maman Brighid.
    • Papa Samedi: Brighid was probably the one to start the fire
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  • sirchubbybunny submitted:

    Hey kids. I have a bunch of spoopy encounters, and I’ll submit the rest of them when I have time.

    Before I start, I still don’t have an explanation for what happened, and it still frustrates me to this day that I lost my only copy of this; so all evidence of my encounter is gone and I feel like people assume I’m lying or attention seeking when I bring things up. Despite all of this, I’m still a skeptic in regards to the paranormal, so I invite anyone reading this to give me an idea as to what you think could have happened.

    With all that said, here’s my story:

    This happened back in 2006 or so. I was in middle school at the time and was about to enter the seventh grade.The last few months of the school year leading up to the summer were especially hard for me. A mutual friend of mine in South Africa, who was like a sister to me, had unexpectedly passed away from some illness and my childhood dog who I had since I was diagnosed with cancer and had to be put down. It was pretty stressful for me, and I began to feel incredible alone and isolated. It was around this time I found Youtube (back when it was in its infancy before it got bought out by Google), and I found escapism in making videos and writing as a budding young writer and aspiring filmmaker.

    It was around this time I started utilizing a Sony Handicam I got as a birthday present, so I was making shitty home videos whenever I could when it wasn’t being borrowed by my relatives. A day came around when my cousin just outside the major Philadelphia area came up to spend the summer with my family, and we spent a good chunk of one afternoon just dicking around with the camera and filmed what we could; basically doing what two twelve year olds would do on a major sugar high. After about an hour of messing around the house, we finalized the disk and popped it in my old DVD player to see what we got.

    The whole thing was super cringeworthy. It was shaky, almost blurry at times, and totally nonsensical. Towards the last five or so minutes, things got really weird. We were getting to a part where we were going through the basement kitchen, and about to pass the bar that divided the kitchen from the living room. To help put things into perspective better. If you stood in front of the bar; there’s two stools in the front of it, a closet to the left, and another closet to the right where our water heater is. As we were about to go to the living room, the video seemed to freeze and get stuck on a single frame for about ten seconds or so. It was a partially blurry frame in front of the bar, showing a smear between the corner of the room between the bar and the water heater closet.

    We looked closer and saw that the blur or smudge didn’t look like well…an ordinary blur. The more we focused on it, the more we noticed it eerily looked like a dog and that of a small kid, no more than five. The thing that made it more alarming was that the dog looked strikingly like my old german shepard, which was pretty unsettling. As for the figure that looked like a kid, I’m not sure.

    Thinking about it more, it brought back memories of a twisted stories one of my cousins told me to scare me when I was like six, where a family with three kids were slaughtered. Again, a fucked up story with no merit, but still. Years later, I’d think about it on and off and for some reason, something I guess I forgot or blocked out of my memory came back and it was that my mom was pregnant again, but unfortunately miscarried sometime later.

    To this day I still have no idea or explanation as to what I saw, and as I stated in the opening, I unfortunately lost the only copy of the disk I had, presumably in a flood we had some odd years later. I’m thinking about reaching out to my cousin to see if she remembers this or not, but I won’t hold my breath in the event she doesn’t. It’s still really weird looking back on all of this over ten years later, especially since I remember considering picking up a career as a paranormal investigator despite being an agnostic-atheist at the time.

    So yeah, that’s my story. If anyone has any ideas or explanations for what I might have seen, let me know. I’d love to hear your input.

    James: 6/10 Maybe those ghosts just wanted to be youtube stars. Thanks for sharing the scares!

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