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    jeremy renner’s instragram 2019 

    first glimpse of the sleeve

    70/100 days of hawkeye

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    Shortest episode ever | Fellowship Audio Podcast

    Shortest episode ever | #fellowshipaudiopodcast

    https://open.spotify.com/episode/0wLnGcEuvDmWKrgl2016tC?si=3a117f8817ce42bd Kang the Conqueror is talking about the multiverse with infinite possibilities. It is the shortest. This episode of Fellowship Audio Podcast is sponsored by moomoo, your one-stop investment platform powered by FUTU. Like us at facebook.com/moomoosingapore for news updates Follow us on social media platforms as we cover…

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    #Audio#Disney+ #Fellowship Audible Podcast Group #Fellowship Audio Podcast #Hawkeye #Matters of National Importance #moomoo#Podcast #The Suicide Squad (2021)
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    23.10.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    Hawkeye exudes so much bisexual energy that in 1950(ish) a gay man comes out to him. God, now I kinda want a reimagine of the episode where George comes out to B.J or Charles.

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    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Clint, completely serious: Sir, it has been reported lately that you do, in fact, have little paw-paws and a little button nose. Do you care to comment?

    Lucky: Bark

    Clint: Riveting

    Kate, walking in: Am I interrupting something?

    #incorrect quotes #incorrect avengers quotes #incorrect mcu quotes #marvel#mcu#avengers#Clint Barton #lucky the pizza dog #kate bishop#hawkeye
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    23.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    The Archer and the Assassin 3

    Note: This a complete flash fic. I just started writing know Clint would be present and this is what came out. I hope you enjoy. If so, please leave a like, a comment, or a reblog. 

    Clint Barton is Stuck in the Middle

    “So how is it going?” Clint said, sitting in the cracked old leather chair her had so kindly donated to Kate and Yelena's apartment. “The whole roommate thing?”

    Yelena and Kate sat on opposite ends of the couch, each seeming to lean into their respective arm and away from each other

    “Fine,” Yelena said, boldly. “Just ducky.”

    “Ducky?” Kate said, turning to look at her friend. “Who says 'ducky'?”

    “I say ducky,” Yelena replied,. “What is your problem with ducky?”

    “I don' t have a problem with the sentiment, but ducky is so last century. Captain Carter says that kind of stuff?”

    “Well, may you should hang with her more often,” Yelena retorted. “It would improve your attitude. Mine is just ducky!”  

    Kate practically snarled at the blonde. “Well maybe you should spend more time with Clint! He's great at attitude adjustments.”

    “Okie dokie,” Clint interjected. “You got anything to drink. Preferably something strong. I'm gonna need it to get through whatever this is.

    “I can make you a White Russian,” Kate said, standing and starting to round the arm of the couch, before stopping cold. “Oh, on second thought, why don't you have the white Russian make it for you!”

    Kate plopped back down in her and folded her arms, crossly.

    “Oh, aren't you a clever one,” Yelena answered,  arms also folded, defiantly. “Maybe he should make you a Shirley Temple because you are such a princess!”

    “Ladies!” Clint barked, to stop their bickering and get their attention. “The love and admiration in this room is admirable. I'm really in favor of he honest airing of dirty laundry. Sometimes feelings needs to be expressed. It's healthy. By the way, is that what stinks in here? The laundry?”

    “Shut up, Clint!” Kate said, unmoved by his lackluster and probably insincere comment.

    “No, go on, Clint Barton,” Yelena countered. “Dirty laundry stinks when the princess won't do it. I agree with you.”

    Kates eyes narrowed and her lips pressed into a hard line. She into the space between them and jabbed and index finger at former assassin. “I am your roommate, not your mother! Do your own clothes.”

    Yelena shrugged and tilted her head absently. “Perhaps roomie is better at laundry than Melina. She was good at many things, but not that.”

    Kate growled in frustration, looking back over her shoulder at Clint, who was investigating the fridge. “How are those drinks, Avenger boy?”

    “You guys got nothing,” Clint said, popping his head up. Like orange juice and Milk. Seriously? Not even a six pack. We could all us that at the moment.”

    “Yelena said she was g-”

    “Enough!” Clint declared, coming back over to the couch. “I'm taking you two to dinner and when we get back, I will do the laundry and you two will fold it TOGETHER. Got me? Now shake. Just like my kids. I swear.”

    The two women nodded, silently, and smirked, despite themselves, as they shook.

    “You're not our dad,” Kate said, standing and giving Clint a light hug.

    “Yes, he is,” Yelena said. “Like a big bro-dad.”

    “That doesn't work at all,” the brunette argued.

    “It does,” the blonde replied, matter of fact.

    “Let's GO, Ladies,” Clint said ushering them to the door.

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    23.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Northrop Grumman E-2C Hawkeye

    #Navy aviation#Hawkeye #Early warning aircraft #Airborne command plane #Military planes
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    23.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Inktober Day 22: The Opening

    This isn't something you want to open...

    #drawing challenge#drawing#drawingchallenge#pen sketch#sketch#pen #i cant draw #i cant color #inktober #a drawing a day #inktober 2021#inktober challenge#Riza Hawkeye#fma #full metal alchemist #fma Riza#lieutenant hawkeye #Riza is a clow card #gate of truth #alchemy#alchemist#sharp shooter#clow card #make a clow card #card captor #card capture sakura #card captor Riza #sakura pigma#smart craft
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    You know what? I think it’s time to think about Clint Barton

    #SPECIFICALLY clint Barton from the fraction run #I saw a TikTok where the majority of commenters (including the creator) were like ‘ohhh green arrow is better’ #and I was like ‘they’ve never read fraction Hawkeye then’ #and listen I used to be obsessed with DC too so I know both characters well #and fraction Hawkeye is simply better in every regard #he’s a more interesting and dynamic character as well as one you can relate to better #green arrow is yet another billionaire character and billionaires are. billionaires. ugh #and I think Hawkeye would win in a fight bc he’s probably more ingenuitive/creative and can think himself out of scenarios #but then again he’s also a mess who gets himself beat up a lot so it’s tough to say #but that’s why we love Clint #I don’t know why this turned into a rant about green arrow vs Hawkeye but here we are #a says a thing
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    bury me in sound

    pairing(s): hawkeye x reader

    post: 08

    warnings: none

    w/c: 1759

    a/n: this scenario was requested before the rework, but it's my fav prompt ever so i redoin it!! hawkeye comforts reader who is scared of thunder

    Hawkeye loved rain and storms. It reminded him of the ocean at night, with it's earthy scent, so much more serene and deep than during the day. Not to mention the powerful sky roars and sounds of downpour that produced a pleasant background noise to accompany his aimless thoughts. It was a certain comforting chaos to him.

    You were all the more aware of how pitiful and small you must have seemed next to Hawkeye as you jumped out of your skin with every crash. Hawkeye himself was much like a storm in your eyes, steady, and confident in himself, unyielding to the forces of others. But, unlike oceans and storms, he was forgiving to the fearful, and very caring. Without hesitation, he had covered your little trembling form with his heavy cloak as soon as he wandered by, and sat beside you quietly. While your state was embarrassing, you found some comfort in his presence. It was more preferable than being trapped in the barracks with dozens of other knights who would watch and judge you.

    Hawkeye hadn't spoken yet. Perhaps he was sparing you the humiliation of his concern, or maybe he just didn't know what to say to someone like you. Someone who was frightened of something that he reveled in. You took a chance to glance past the cloak at Hawkeye, and his expression told you everything there was to know. His head leaned back against the column you rested before, and his eyes were closed, savouring the rumbles of the storm, and the scent of petrichor. His thin lips widened into a faint smile as his fingers drummed against his shin to the rhythm of raindrops.

    One of his eyes lazily opened, gazing right at you. You didn't look away that second— his starling gray eyes seemed to cast a spell on you for a moment, freezing you in place, but you managed to tear yourself away eventually. He sighed, content, as you stared forward, at Ereve's landscapes. A flash of lightning stretched it's gnarled fingers to a distant mountaintop, glowing with energy. Your gut wrenched as seconds passed, and your eyes squeezed shut in anticipation. A violent crash, like a gunshot, pierced the air, and you jolted, shrinking away.

    A warm sensation on your knee caused you to jump again, but when you looked up, Hawkeye hovered over you with a kind smile and crinkled eyes. His thumb swiped against your knee before he let go, and offered his hand for you to take. You hesitated and contemplated, simply staring at his hand for several moments. You weren't sure if you were ready to move around just yet. But, with a sniffle, you grasped his hand and allowed yourself to be hoisted up.

    "I can't bear to leave you alone feeling like this," Hawkeye said, opening his arms to you. You felt encouraged by his sentiments, always leaving it up to you, whether or not to accept his touch. And so, you walked into the embrace, putting your forehead against his chest. His arms wrapped around your shoulders, and his palms rubbed your back muscles, very gently as to not make you feel trapped in the hold. Your arms remained limp by your sides, but you melted against Hawkeye's body. "Do you want to stay with me tonight?"

    You nodded, and mumbled a mm-hmm against Hawkeye's pinstripe shirt. His chin bobbed once at the top of your head, before he leaned back and extended an arm in the direction he wanted to move in. You looked up at him with doeish eyes, glassy from the crying sesh you had earlier, and obliged. You felt the light touch of his hand at the small of your back, encouraging you as he trailed beside.

    When you had arrived at his room, you awkwardly stood beside the door, pulling the navy cloak closer to you as Hawkeye hastily straightened his bed for you. It wasn't done perfectly or neat at all, but when he was finished, he turned to you with a grin and patted the mattress. "It's not pretty," he said, "but it's comfortable, at least."

    He slipped his cloak from your shoulders as you meagerly crawled onto the bed, shifting your body under the down-filled comforter. It was comfortable indeed, and warm and safe feeling while the thunder outside remained rampant.

    "Water, or anything?" Hawkeye asked, tugging the covers higher over your shoulders. You shook your head and nestled your cheek deeper into the soft pillow. His hand moved without thought towards your other cheek, which made you reel back slightly out of surprise, and Hawkeye immediately stopped the motion. He frowned apologetically, and began to pull back, but you quickly lunged forward and pushed your cheek against the shape of his palm. It was his turn to be startled, but he tenderly smiled and stroked your face.

    It was inevitable that he would move, but it still saddened you when he did. It had almost felt like his hand was meant to cradle your face. Still, you watched as he took an unused pillow from the bed and tossed it down, before settling on the floor and lying on it. He sprawled out and crossed his arms behind his head, and his expression reminded you of earlier, when he was lost in his appreciation of the thunder orchestra. It was almost too dark to see now, other than the bright lightning that would rush past the windows and illuminate the room for a moment. Anxiety still took hold of you, but you had become more comfortable than you thought possible— although, you could imagine how much safer you would feel if Hawkeye had settled next to you instead.

    It was an awkward thing to ask, but what's the worst thing he could say besides no? You swallowed your embarrassment and rubbed your face against the cotton pillow. "...Hawkeye?" you said in a quiet voice.


    "Will you stay next to me? Up here?"

    Hawkeye blinked a few times, processing what you had meant. And that little, shaky voice— how could he say no? "Yeah, okay," he said, lifting himself off the floor. You watched as he tossed the pillow back beside you, and walked to the bedside. You wiggled your body to the side, making room for Hawkeye, and you noticed a silhouette of his arm reaching for something on his dresser. A heavy chime softly echoed as he took something from the dresser, and he sat down, swinging his legs onto the bed. You kept a fair distance, as respectable as possible despite the fact you were lying in bed with a commander. Not that you would protest if he decided to come closer.

    Hawkeye had been racking his brain for something that would bring comfort to you. As much pity as he felt, he couldn't help but think you were just adorable. He had never felt such a strong urge to hold and protect someone, and to lay kisses on their skin and whisper comforting words in their ear. But, Hawkeye was a respectful man. He wouldn't cross that line until he's absolutely sure the other party was okay with it. So, as the only thing he could think to do besides the above, he grabbed a large shell that sat on top of his dresser. It was the remains of a nautilus in it's swirled glory.

    "I found this shell on the beach in Lith Harbor," Hawkeye began, shifting closer to you. You watched the faint silhouette of the round shell being turned in his large hands, and found your head bowing closer to his shoulder. "I used to live there, you know. My family is still there, and they send me letters basically every week. When I first started out, I thought it was kind of annoying, but now I'm really grateful. I haven't had time to visit for more than a day in a couple years, and I really miss them."

    As you continued listening to Hawkeye recount memories with his family and Lith Harbor, you found yourself drowning out the storm with his voice. Even though he was talking lowly, it was still a confident voice that demanded attention. Your body jolted and twitched less and less, and you grew ever more tired.

    Hawkeye was satisfied with his work to distract you from your phobia. Your body had shifted close, almost against his, when you resituated yourself several times. The storm hadn't let up nearly at all, yet your body was still, if not a little stiffened. When he moved to his side, you were staring at him with your exhausted eyes, pleading for sleep to take you away. He smiled, and hesitantly brought his hand to your face. Like earlier, you leaned into it, and even squirmed closer to him. His eyes lit up with an idea, and he brought the opening of the shell against your ear. Your eyes curiously widened.

    "Sounds like the ocean, doesn't it? When it's calm, of course." You nodded— the shell enveloped you in the sound of waves. "Close your eyes. You've been to Lith Harbor, right? Can you picture the beach there?" Of course. Surely everybody had ended up at Lith Harbor somehow or another. You allowed your eyes to flutter shut, and the storms seemed like a distant memory. What you pictured now, was the sandy shore of Lith Harbor, and the calm water that lapped at your toes. The sand was coarse, like little tiny crystals that stuck to your skin. How could you describe the sound of the ocean, though? Was it a quiet roar? Or, perhaps a pur. In your imagination, Hawkeye sat beside you, leaning on his hands and digging his feet into the warm sand. You stretched your arms above your head, before placing them behind you to lean on them as Hawkeye did. Your fingers dug between Hawkeye's, and you clasped your hand with his.

    Hawkeye pulled the shell back, and reached to place it on his dresser again. Your chest heaved with each breath, and light sighs escaped your lips. While dreaming, your fingers had intertwined themselves with Hawkeye's. He quietly chuckled to himself while watching your lips curve into a faint smile, and he curled around your form, grasping your hand tighter. He spared one last loving gaze at your serene expression, admiring the way your mouth parted slightly and your hair messily framed your face, before letting the pitter patter of raindrops lull him to sleep.

    #maplestory#maplestoryfanfiction#maplestory hawkeye #maplestory hawkeye x reader #maplestory x reader #ya boi hawkeye
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    I'm With You (Female Reader) Chapter 3

    Summary: Loki poses a threat to Earth and Nick Fury must assemble the Avengers. With the approval of the rest of the team, Y/n Stark joins the fight.

    A/N: Listen, I enjoy watching action sequences but they are a pain in the ass for me to write so... like sorry they're vague. Enjoy!

    Masterlist | Taglist | All Chapters


    Fast forward two years after Y/n had been halfway through her active duty commitment and just nine months away from being eligible for another promotion as an E-4 Senior Airman. She had been excelling in the Air Force and was advancing as fast as anyone could. Which meant that she was constantly being moved around to accommodate each promotion. Her most recent move had been from Germany to their New Jersey base. She thought it was a total downgrade, but at least she was able to visit with Tony and Pepper on the weekends at the construction of his new clean energy Stark Tower in New York City. There she found a suit that he had designed for her as a surprise. She didn’t let on that she knew because she wanted to let him give it to her himself. But when she saw that something happened in Germany on the news and overheard about an attack at some secret base she raced her way to the tower and jumped into her suit. Knowing that her uncle had to have been involved.

    Jarvis protested at first, claiming that Mr. Stark had not yet cleared her for access. She told him to shut up and let her in the suit. He did.

    The suit's design consisted of her favorite colors and a slimmer figure compared to Tony's usual suits. As soon as she had it on, after getting a little giddy about being inside, she had Jarvis map out the location of where Tony was. “Woah,” she said when she found the aircraft.

    "Don't be upset sir, but you have a visitor," Jarvis warns Tony as she walks inside. He looked around and once he spotted her, Y/n waved her hand wildly with an exaggerated grin. Everyone around the table was surprised that she was able to walk through unauthorized.

    "Thanks for the suit, uncle Tony. Anything I can help with?"

    “How the hell did you get in here?” A man with an eyepatch asks first.

    “As good as your system is, Jarvis is better. I got here and walked through the door,” she said simply. Tony had a smug look on his face because it was true. Jarvis was more advanced. Fury scowled at Tony and with his eye pointed in Y/n’s direction. Asking him to handle it.

    “Right. What are you doing here kid?” Tony stepped forward.

    “I saw what happened in Germany and I wanted to help. Which I can, so here I am,” Y/n shrugs. “So what did I interrupt?” Y/n opened the suit and stepped out to sit at the table.

    “And what makes you think you can stay?” Says the man with the eyepatch.

    “Well, I figure the world is in danger since you needed to bring the Avengers candidates together even though the initiative was shut down. Besides, you don’t have to waste time briefing me because Jarvis caught me up on the way here. There is a thing called the Tesseract that was stolen by that guy's brother. You,” she points to the tall man with long hair. “Are supposed to be a myth. You,” she points to the nervous scientist. “Can turn big and green. But are a brilliant scientist and I have admired your work for years. You,” she spins her chair to stare at the man in stars and stripes. “Well, for starters welcome to the twenty-first century. I hear about you almost everyday at work. My commander always makes us ask ourselves ‘What would Captain America do’ during training and before any mission. It’s definitely as weird as it sounds.”

    Y/n spins her chair again to face someone she hadn’t seen in a long time with a wide grin. “And my uncle’s former assistant, Natalie Rushman. Or should I say, agent Natasha Romanoff. Nice to see you again, I was glad to find out that you weren’t fired. I liked having you around. But this,” she gestures to the area. “This definitely seems more fitting for you.” Y/n turns back to Fury, “Anyway, to answer your question Director Nicholas Fury. What makes me think I can stay is that the entire world is in danger and you’re going to need all the help you can get.”

    “She has a point,” Tony backs her up. “Her suit is just as good as mine. I would know, I made it. Plus, she’s got a lot of useful skills. I vote to let her stay.” Y/n gives Tony a nonverbal thank you.

    “I second Starks vote,” Natasha speaks up, avoiding looking in Y/n’s direction. All Y/n can think about when hearing her voice again is their time in Italy. Y/n was stationed there for a few months and Natalie happened to have an apartment nearby and provided the girl with an escape from work.

    “I never said that this was up for a vote,” Fury starts.

    “If she knows anything about science and because she is familiar with my work she could be useful to me,” Bruce chimes in. “I think she should stay.”

    “Thank you, Dr. Banner. I would love to assist you,” Y/n smiles gratefully.

    “I think the kid has heart. I also vote to let her stay,” Steve helps.

    “As I was saying before the robot girl walked in, the chitauri pose a huge threat to your planet. You cannot afford to turn anyone away. You could let her go but if Loki succeeds in opening a portal, she will need to return.” Thor continues the argument in favor of Y/n and Fury has no other choice but to comply.

    “Yes!” Y/n says excitedly and the team goes back to strategizing. As everyone splits up to do their part Y/n subtly walks close to Natasha. “This explains why you haven’t returned my phone calls or written me back in over a year, agent Romanoff.”

    “I was on assignment when I met you,” Natasha starts to explain herself.

    “Uh huh, and was I part of that assignment or was the making me fall for you just for shits and giggles,” Y/n whispers.

    “What?” Natasha stops in the middle of the empty hallway. “You fell for me?”

    “Oh come on, that can’t come as a surprise to you. But after seeing some of your file I realized I didn’t fall for you. I fell for your face and whoever Natalie Rushman was.” Natasha nods and swallows the argument that she was going to make. “I’d like to though.”

    “You would like to what?”

    “Fall for you,” Y/n says sweetly.

    “No you wouldn’t. Besides, you’re not even out of the closet.”

    “Ouch. Can’t a girl have her secrets? I’m sure you have some that you enjoy keeping to yourself.”

    “Yeah and plenty that I would rather not have. But being who you are shouldn’t be a secret. Just saying,” Natasha looks around to make sure their conversation is still private. “Besides, you and I are far too different to ever work. Go to the lab and do your part, I have to do mine. Do yourself a favor and forget about me, Y/n.”

    “Trust me, if I could, I would have. But you’re right, I’ll see you around agent Romanoff.” Y/n leaves the woman to join her uncle and Dr. Banner in the lab. “That looks so cool,” she steps closer to get a better look at the scepter.

    She walks around the lab to get herself familiar with the equipment and with what Bruce and Tony have already started so she can figure out what she can do to make the process of locating the Tesseract faster. Y/n snorts when Tony zaps Bruce to see if it will make him turn. But Captain America is unamused by the sight he walks into. She feels a little bad for the guy, everyone is impressed that he’s not dead but all Y/n has been able to think about is how alone and lost he must feel. Not to mention, how out of place he is in this room alone. None of this existed in the 40’s. It barely exists now, the public could never handle all of this.

    Y/n listens closely to what her uncle and Bruce have to say about not trusting Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. itself. They have a point, this place is much like Gretchen Wieners hair, it’s full of secrets. It’s tough to trust anything these days, another thing that Steve Rogers is going to have to adjust to if he is going to survive around here.

    She hides a smile when the Captain calls the Stark tower a “Big ugly building.” It’s because of that stupid thing she has regretted holding the name since people around the base have been mocking her about it. But she did have to admit, it was a pretty cool building.

    Steve and Tony go back and forth with each other after Tony reveals that he has Jarvis breaking into S.H.I.E.L.D.'s system. Y/n isn’t surprised but Steve is pretty annoyed that no one else is blindly trusting in their current employer and following orders. When Tony says that the Captain is of no use Y/n finally speaks up as she walks round them with a tablet in her hand that has a formula that might work to show Bruce. “Play nice Tony, it wouldn’t kill you. My apologies Cap, he’s hard to get along with. I would know, I’ve lived with him pretty much my whole life.” She hands the information to Bruce and asks if it is useful. He thinks it is.

    “I’m sorry, this guy is your father?” Steve asks, flabbergasted by the thought of Tony Stark being a parent to anyone. He barely knew the guy and he could already tell he wasn’t fit for the position.

    “More of an uncle, but he did raise me so I suppose you could say that.”

    “Uh I wouldn’t,” Tony chimes from across the room as he is opening the few files that Jarvis had unlocked for him. “Kid practically raised herself, I just gave her a place to do it.”

    “That actually makes a lot more sense.” Steve accepts that explanation.

    “Anyway, these two have a point. Don’t put all of your faith in this place,” Y/n says as she moves to another area of the lab. “Their secrets have secrets and it’d be idiotic to not be a little suspicious of them.”

    “Just find the cube,” Steve leaves and Y/n returns her focus to doing just that. Effectively ignoring the conversation between Tony and Bruce. While the program is searching for the Tesseract, Y/n decides to help her uncle sort through more of the files. The system must’ve ratted them out because Fury walks into the lab pretty upset with both of the Starks. Right behind him storms in an even more upset Steve with a Hydra weapon. Thor and Natasha come in and everyone starts to argue. Y/n does her best to stay out of it and thankfully gets distracted from the alert coming from the program.

    “Guys,” she tries to call their attention but they ignore her. “Guys!” She calls out louder but no one glances in her direction and it doesn't matter anymore because a missile had been fired at them and everyone was scattered. Y/n ended up with a heavy desk on top of her and Tony rushed to help her out from under there. He refused anyone's help. When she opened her eyes she told him to suit up and that she can handle herself. Steve stepped in and lifted the object off of Y/n and she ran out to safety and thanked him. He left to follow Tony and she took a second to breathe. Then she heard the Hulk screaming and she couldn’t see Natasha in what was left of the lab. “Nat!” She got up and started searching for the woman.

    She drops down the hole in the lab and follows the big Hulk shaped holes as she continues to call out for Natasha. Y/n coughs along the way, dragging her damaged body. Her left arm is dislocated and she is dreading resetting it but stops for a second to get it over with. “Mother fucker!” A few minutes later she finds Natasha shaken up from her encounter with the green beast. “Oh my goodness, Nat! Are you okay? Did you get hurt?” She frets over the spy.

    Natasha nods, “I’m fine.”

    Y/n takes her hand to lift her up. “Come on, let's get you out of here.”

    Natasha refuses to move, “I need a minute.”

    “Okay,” Y/n sits next to the woman and tries to let go but Natasha tightens her grip. Normally the Stark would have made some comment about how the spy that is always pushing her away might need her after all. But she doesn’t, she is just there for her.

    Their quiet moment doesn’t last long. There is a message about Clint, Natasha lets go of Y/n so she can get up to handle it. “Go suit up, krasotka. One of the engines is down, you should help.” Y/n nods as she rises.

    “You know, one of these days I’m going to learn russian,” she dusts herself off.

    Natasha smiles a little. “And when that day comes, you’ll know what that means. Now go.”

    “Right,” Y/n is about to leave but decides she can’t without one thing. “Nat hold on,” the woman turns around on the cusp of being annoyed by the younger Stark. “You forgot something,” Y/n wraps her good arm around Natasha’s waist and pulls her in for a quick kiss. If they weren’t in the middle of an attack, Natasha might’ve pulled her for another one. But she needed to get to Clint. “Okay, now I can go. See you around, agent Romanoff.” She runs off to find and jump into her suit so that she can help Tony with restoring the damaged engine. “Hey, I’m here. How can I help?”

    “It’s about time! Capsicle has no idea what he is looking at,” Tony snarks.

    “Alright, I’ve got it.” Y/n flies next to Steve and informs him that she is taking over. “Just cover me, will you?” Y/n waits for Tony’s signal to pull the lever when a few guys come out of seemingly nowhere and start attacking her and Steve. She shoots and Steve punches and when the time comes she pulls the lever.

    The team was down a member and Loki had escaped. Y/n left Tony and Steve to check on Natasha. She found her in a room with a guy that she assumed is Clint. She raps her knuckles against the door and catches their attention. Clint makes a knowing look at Natasha, who shakes her head as she walks across the small room to Y/n. “I just wanted to check in on you and see how you were doing.”

    “I’m fine. You did read that I was a trained assassin, right? I can handle almost anything.”

    “Yes I did, but you’re still human. And humans get hurt. Then if they’re lucky, they have someone taking care of and/or checking in on them.” Y/n reaches for Natashas hand. She lets her hold it for a moment, to buy into the fantasy of them. Then she lets go and steps back to build up those walls this girl keeps knocking down.

    “Like I said. I’m fine. You should leave,” she says a little harsher than she intended. But she can’t show that she didn’t mean for it to come out that way. She has to keep her distance, it’s better for everyone involved that way.

    Y/n nods as she tries to swallow her hurt. “Okay, see you around agent.”

    “That was cold, Nat,” Clint says from his spot in the room.

    “Yeah well, she still has a pure heart. I would only poison it,” Natasha states, still staring at the spot Y/n stood. Why couldn’t she shake her?

    Y/n couldn’t mope about the interaction for long because the next thing she knew, she was headed back towards the Stark Tower. By the time she arrived the portal had been opened and she had to fight aliens and try to shutdown the device Loki and his mind controlled victims had created. It took Y/n some time to get used to using the various weapons equipped in her suit but once she got the hang of it, the aliens were being taken down one by one. But that soon failed to be enough as everyone began to get overwhelmed by the amount of chitauri flying in and fighting.

    Natasha was able to bring the scientist responsible for creating the machine back to himself and found the solution to closing the portal. Tony asked for it to remain open a little bit longer to be able to send a nuke to the alien's motherboard ship. Y/n was chasing after the nuke as well. Arguing with her uncle to let her take it up the wormhole herself but he refused.

    “Let me take care of it Tony!” She shouted back.

    “No! There is no way that I’m letting you take that nuke into space! By law I am your father and I refuse to risk losing you!” He argues.

    “Dammit Tony! I’m not a kid anymore!” Her suit turns around and lands on a rooftop before shutting off. “What? No!” She tries to turn it back on but the only thing that powers back up is Jarvis to inform her that it was Mr. Stark’s safety protocol.

    Y/n told Jarvis to warn Tony that if he didn't come back she would kill him. He laughed and told her that he loved her as he approached the giant hole in the sky. Natasha shut the machine down and Y/n held her breath as she watched the hole close and Tony fall through the sky. After a quick argument with Jarvis her suit was fully restored and she flew up to catch him as the alien's began to fall simultaneously. As soon as she brought him to the ground the others nearby gathered and she ripped the mask off of Tony's helmet, willing him to wake up and be okay. The Hulk screamed in his face and Tony Stark regained consciousness, much to the relief of everyone on the team.

    "I think we should call in sick tomorrow. I saw a shawarma place a few blocks from here. Anyone want to get shawarma?"

    Y/n cried in relief that he was alive and back on earth. The team did end up celebrating with shawarma and after Thor left with Loki.

    Director Fury approached Y/n about officially joining the Avengers initiative. She accepted and he promptly had her honorably discharged from the Air Force. Then he hired her as an agent for a stealth team that he was starting up. She didn't necessarily want that but if she was going to be needed at a moment's notice, it was probably best that she was always accessible to S.H.I.E.L.D. Plus, it meant more time with Natasha Romanoff.

    Chapter 4

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  • why-i-love-comics
    23.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    It's Jeff: Infinity Comic #9 (2021)

    written by Kelly Thompson art by Gurihiru
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  • toomanybnhathoughts
    23.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    First time ever showing my art but uhhhhh here’s Akane and Haruto in my “trying to replicate the bnha anime” style

    #yes i know the black lines are two different widths i accidentally lined akane’s with the brush i use for sketching #fun fact i was going to add highlights to akane’s hair similar to iida but after like 30 mins of struggling i just said fuck it #and yeah akane gets most of her looks from her dad due to similar quirks but she has her mom’s eye color #another fun fact: akane’s hair is based off of riza hawkeye from fma and haruto’s is based off of maes hughes #just bc of the bird wing imagery and the sheer amount of ‘i love my wife and daughter so much’ energy respectively #bnha#bnha oc#mha oc#bnha ocs#mha ocs#oc: akane#oc: haruto#legacy draws
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  • iriel3000
    22.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Friday Recs - Halloween Edition

    Happy Friday! Some reading recommendations for your enjoyment. No particular order and more to come.

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! 👻👽🎃 Is anyone going as a Marvel character this year? Who is being Hawkeye or Black Widow?

    The Queen of the Avengers Tower by @charleybradburies


    Avengers cuteness in Stark Tower

    halloween x six by @t_fic (topaz), topaz, topaz119 (topaz)


    Clint gets Natasha to like Halloween...luv all six

    Bloodbuzz by @cloudatlas


    heart strings tugged at during Halloween...here ya go

    Black Widow's Trick or Treat by @RABunzai


    5 + 1 Halloweens about the Black Widow...always a favorite

    The Reading by @Bettybackintheday


    hee hee, our couple gets spooked by an eerily accurate oracle

    If you are one of the authors or know them on tumblr and they are not tagged properly, please let me know in comments and I'll add them.

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  • houlihans-roots
    22.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    ummm so not to like compare the tv show mash to the movie mash butttttt

    the scene in the movie where they pull down the walls of the showers while margaret’s in there, revealing her to the whole camp as a mean prank


    margaret steals hawkeye and bj’s clothes while they’re showering, leaving them to run naked back to The Swamp full of awaiting nurses as a much better prank

    #mash #movie Hawkeye is Evil
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  • bobbimorses
    22.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    it's jeff! infinity comic #9

    #kate bishop#hawkeye #jeff the landshark #jeff the land shark #bobby drake#gurihihru#infinitycomics#long post #i want kate's kitchen mat
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  • studiopopo
    22.10.2021 - 12 hours ago
    #Steve Rogers#Bucky Barnes#Sam Wilson#Peter Parker#Tony Stark#Wanda Maximoff#Scott Lang#Clint Barton #Captain America: Civil War #my art #new account reblogs appreciated :3 #I have no idea what Hawkeye likes to eat #or anyone tbh #except bucky <3 #send me your headcanons #I'm not saying snacks would have solved the civil war but maybe they were all just kinda hangry. #tw: flashing gif
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  • why-i-love-comics
    22.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Loki: Agent of Asgard #1 - "Trust Me" (2014)

    written by Al Ewing art by Lee Garbett & Nolan Woodard
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