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  • Hell’s Little Angel.

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    Doodle - LiVeD and Charlie

    LiVeD ask to charlie if she wants to her see a magic card. And charlie agree happily but the truth is…she’s lying and she doesn’t know how to magic and she knows how to games a casino

    LiVeD from @erickick

    Charlie from @vivziepop

    Please don’t trace my arts and just give me a heart like and reblog with a comments if you want and thank you

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    “You follow me like a shadow, inanimate as you are…

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    Funny Charlie and Vaggie faces out-of-context

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  • Husk: you know what I can go for right now?

    Charlie: a hug?

    Husk: what? No! A way to die

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  • ¿Y? ¿Que les parece? Se que puede parecer una idea algo extraña pero a mi me gusto para este cómic n_n

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  • just spent 20 minutes shaking vigorously feeling like my face about to split because i misheard charlie’s “at the end of a rainbow is happiness” as “at the end of a rainbow is a penis” in a weird accent and now it will never be the same again

    #hazbin hotel#hazbin charlie #hazbin hotel charlie #charlie magne #why do i do this to myself #i was perfectly fine before i came across the song on ig #my bed shook with me
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    which has probably been done to death BUT

    i raise you

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    I don’t know why do I always draw them like this

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  • •Under The Red Sky•

    Chapter 2. Arrangements

    About and hour and a half had past since Alastor handed out the phone books. Charlie called many somewhat suitable places to host a dance but everyone she called declined and mocked her over the phone. At some point Alastors nerves were tested by this disrespect. He found it annoying that no one gave her a chance but then again he didn’t really believe her either. All he was there for was a good time, something to soothe his boredom and maybe something extra only if it turns out demons can be rehabilitated. Alastor was snapped out of his thoughts when Husk piped up over at the bar.

    “Ugh why are we even doing this no one cares about a stupid dance unless theirs drugs, alcohol or money involved.” Husk grumbled.

    Just then Nifty jumped up from where she was sitting and smacked Husk lightly. “STOP It! that’s not the spirit besides i know someone we can call.”

    Charlie’s attention was definitely grabbed by this, “Who is it?”

    “Well she’s a friend of Alastors they’re quite close so i think she’ll be able to hook us up huh Ally!” Nifty rejoiced as she jumped up and down and zoomed around Alastor.

    Als smile stretch as he tried to hold back laughter. “Pffft… HAHAHAhah that’s a good one you little devil you, there’s no way in hell-

    "Uhhuh, uhuh, uhhh oh okay so in three days you’ll have a place for us? Great! Alastor sends his regards. Thank you!” Charlie ended the call as quickly as Nifty cut Alastor off. “So in three days she’ll have a room open for us to host the dance.”

    “Wha-but wait how- did you- well that’s perplexing.” Alastor thought to himself, Rosie would never let the princess anywhere near her business. Why in the world would she ever say yes?

    “I can’t believe you knew someone and you didn’t tell me?” Charlie asked as she crossed her arms and he expression turned sad for a moment.

    A radio crack came through not before Al shook his head, “No no my dear Rosie can be tough to negotiate with she’s not one to accept an offer from such a.. um well undesirable place such as this hotel.”

    Charlie openeded her mouth to say something but Angel got to it first, “So this means we’re gonna need beverages right? WELL i’m off to get alcohol byeee!!!” Angel blurted out as he got up and sped out the door.

    “HEY ANGEL NO ALCOHOL YOu idiot!!” Vaggie sighed as she muttered that she’ll get him and with that she ran out the door after Angel.

    “Ugh” Charlie grumbled as she pinched the space between her eyes just above her nose. “Okay well i guess i’ll find a way to get the snacks an-”

    “Oh no no no dear that won’t be necessary, i’m sure i can find a way to get us something up to Rosies taste.” Al said as he pondered how he could get something for the party without needlessly paying for it.

    “Wait are you sure i can help you out i am the one hosting the party.” Charlie offered with a smug smile.

    “Ah i think you mean co hosting i am your business after all. No but it won’t be needed my darling you can go off and tend to other needs while i take care of it.” Al noticed her face soften it made a little radio static crackle through as his smile widened. “Anyways i’ll see what i can my dear.” He said as he spun to the door.

    Charlie smiled fondly as she watched him exit the hotel. It was confusing why he wanted to help but she deeply appreciated the little things he did just for the hotel and supposedly for his entertainment. She shook her head, “I might as well pick something out to wear.”

    Vaggie went running down the sidewalk after Angel, “Hey shitlord stop for a goddamn second!”

    “Oh so you did follow me then huh?” Angel said as he turned around and stopped with a big smile on his face.

    “Yeah ofcourse i- wait did you run out just to get me to follow you?” Vaggie asked out of breath as she caught up to him.

    “Well yes and no i did wanna go and gets some booze ya know for ma own purposes but i wanted to talk to you about something.” Angel continued as they walked down the street towards the liquor store.

    “And what’s that.” Vaggie said while crossing her arms thinking he was about to make a sex joke or something.

    “What do you think similes’ game is at the hotel?” He asked with a genuine face of somewhat concern.

    Vaggie was surprised by this her eyes widened, she didn’t think anyone was suspicious of him other than her. “Honestly i don’t know, it could be anything. To tarnash the hotel, to make fun of us, or maybe something even worse.”

    “What could he do if this whole uh rehabilitation thing were true- well um i mean since it is true.” Angel stuttered watching what he said to not upset Vaggie.

    Vaggie furrowed her brow in annoyance, “An overlord is hard to read especially the radio demon himself is a whole other story. I know for one thing there’s no way he could just be here because he’s bored.” She said as she bent her fingers into air quotes.

    “Idk this place give me a laugh sometimes! HA” Angel laughed as Vaggie punched him hard in the arm.

    Back at the hotel Charlie was deciding what she was gonna wear to the even and what the theme should be. Obviously she decided for it to be Classy since Rosie is an overlord and they tend to have pretty high standards. A tux might be too casual for her since she wears one everyday pretty much, a dress would probably empress and give her a little bit more respect if she can turn heads for a good reason.

    Charlie reached into the back of her closet for the dress she wore for her family portrait about a 100 or so years ago. Upon pulling it out a little bit of dust smoked off of it so she patted it down all while coughing. “This should do!” Charlie said with a smile as she went to go change into it.

    Once Alastor was out the door he used his shadow ability to pretty much teleport himself directly to Rosies emporium recently was Franklin and Rosie but sadly as that was the cleansing took Franklin with many other sinful demons. Rosies business is more of like a fashion business her entire building is like one big store with the exception of a ware house with a run way to promote her new designs and outfits she has to sell. Rosie was a type of demon that loves luxury. Her soothing voice with a devilish white sharp smile and sense of fashion says it all.

    Alastor teleported to Rosies room within the building. Rosie seemed to have expected him as she was sitting as a velvet chair in the corner of the room with a large smile present on her face. The lights were off which made the void that was her eyes seem even more absent.

    “So my dear Rosie why did you accept the damsels cry?” Alastor asked as he spun his radio staff and tapped it on the ground. “Not up to anything devious now are we?” He said truly curious as to why she’d let anyone she didn’t know near her business.

    “What me oh no no that couldn’t ever be me, i just want the publicity. Business honey that’s all i need from this.” Rosie laughed as she stood and gazed out her window towards the hotel across town. “I mean i have a front row seat, isn’t that what you’re doing there sugar.” Rosie questioned with a smug face.

    A crackle sifted through the air as Alastor spoke, “Perhaps my dear but this endeavor has turned out to be quite fun on the contrary, why i’ve never had this many laughs just watching the sad sap of a hotel crumble.” An audio track laugh played behind his voice as he spoke but speaking badly upon charlie’s hotel for someone reason made him feel uncomfortable.

    Rosie chuckled, “No no i mean what do you really want, i know you Alastor and you never do anything without a reason or” she paused, “for mere boredom Ha.” She turned from the window to face him, her shadow casting on his face as she stalked closer to him. “I know you already have a devilish plan brewing inside that head of yours.”

    Alastor stared her down with his wide smile, “Well if you so much desire to know i suppose i’ll tell you.”

    Rosie leaned forward eager to hear what he was going to dish out.

    “Only after the party just to make sure you’ll stick to your word Rosie dear.” Alastor mused as his crooked smile grew. Rosie laughed in response to this.

    “You always were one to see a deal through. Oh and did that princess make a deal with you yet?” Rosie asked as Alastor went to turn around.

    “No i’m afraid she’s a lot smarter than i thought she’s impressed me what can i say Rosie.” Al smiled at the thought of how happy Charlie will be to host the party. A charming demon belle she is. “Anyways i best be on my way now i promised Charlie that i’d find a way to get her food for the party and-”

    “Oh don’t worry sugar i’ll have it catered just for you and it’ll be up to my taste.” Rosie said with a little smirk upon her face as she laughed at the idea of non expensive foods being at the dance. “Consider this as you owe me one, fair enough Ally?”

    Alastor furrowed his brow in annoyance he hated her little nickname she gave him Al was far better in his opinion. “Hmm lets make it a deal then.” Al said as he leaned forward and extended his arm out to Rosie the green glow illuminating the room. “And don’t call me Ally, please.” he said with a wide grin.

    Rosie smiled softly as she took his hand and gently shook it. The green glow disappeared upon the shake a spark of green electricity swirled and then dissipated into thin air. “Pleasure doing business with you.”

    “The pleasures mine now if you’ll excuse me the misses are expecting me.” Al joked but Rosie didn’t laugh she just smiled a knowing smile as he teleported back to the hotels front door.

    Alastor returned back to the hotel in what seemed like minutes though he didn’t turn up with anything which may be a surprise to Charlie. But thanks to his shadow he can pretty much cross all the corners of hell in a mere minute at his fastest. This is probably what made him such a good hunter, stealthy and fast just like when he was still among the living he was very cunning. Al rembered his living life for a moment before the thought of the princess creeped into his head. He shook his old memories away and went on his way looking for Charlie.

    “Charlie? Oh charlie?!” Al shouted as he creeped around the main area of the hotel. “Hmm where has she gone to?” He thought to himself as he made his way up the stairs.

    At the hotel everyone has their own room even Alastor has a room. Charlie set it up since she considered him a patron since he did approach her first after all and she found him quite enjoyable to have around. However Al hasn’t slept over night in that room once, he has his own place across town so he doesn’t see the need. But still the thought is what mattered the most to him, a symbol of their friendship so far and her trust to let an overlord like him sleep over in the same building as her. It made him laugh how naive she was but how nice she was.. she gives anyone a chance. Al smiled fondly at this thought and stopped in his tracks. A little crackle bliped through him. A sigh escaped him as he used his shadow to teleport to the top floor.

    Charlie’s room which was at the top of the hotel, had a balcony and the best view of hell from what he’s seen from the outside of the hotel. Al creeped up to the door, it was slightly open, he was about ready to knock but something caught his eye. He peered through the small crack to see golden locks held together by barb wire and a flowy skirt flowed beneath the hair. Al was dead silent as he watched her turn to face a mirror giving him a better view of what she looked like from the front. Her skirt had overalls strap over her shoulders and begin just below her chest. She wore a white and decorative long sleeve blouse underneath the black skirt. Her legs being the most noticeable, peered out from under the skirt at about knee length. Al was mesmerized by this show of beauty, he had no idea the princess could look so elegant.

    Alastors arm was suspended in the arm hovering just beside the door ready to knock but something kept him from doing so. As he watched the princess he grew more and more entranced by her flowy movements as she spun and dance in front of her mirror. She looked so happy. Just then radio blips and cracks disrupted the silence the static was somewhat violent and loud. The interferance he can’t really control he never understood them but simply they’re just attached to his feelings. Something Al could never come to realize on his own.

    Charlie stood in front of her mirror happy with how her old outfit looked. She gave herself a little spin just to see her skirt frilly up and then fall back down. She was even impressed with herself and how she did on her hair. Suddenly chills ran up Charlie’s spine as loud radio cracks and static came from the door to her room.

    “Shit, shit, shit turn off dammit!” Al whispered to himself and he fumbled with his staff trying to make the noise shut off. The static lessened and quieted down a little bit the princess already heard him for sure. Al sighed away all his embarrass meant still bearing a smile as he knocked on the door. “Charlie, it’s me you’re business partner! I’m back from my trip my dear!”

    There was a pause before the door opened slowly and out peered Charlie’s head around the corner. He face covered in a blush and it wasn’t just her naturally pink cheeks giving off that affect. “Um how long were you standing there?” She asked as she averted her eyes from him.

    “I-” Al ladies with his eyes wide open, normally evading privacy was one of his strong suits but for some reason he felt bad for watching her without Charlie knowing. So he did the only thing he could think of. He lied pretty much. “Oh no don’t worry darling i just got here.” He reassured her.

    Her face cleered as she let out a relaxed sigh and opened the door fully to reveal her whole outfit up close. Alastor stared at her for what seemed like an eternity before she got nervous again and looked away.

    Charlie brushed a little strand of blond hair out of her face as she spoke. “So um, Al you know Rosie the best is this something that might impress.”

    Al stood still, still in a daze before slowly opening his mouth to deliver what he had to say. “Oh no it won’t impress Rosie hardly any, she’s one of the top fashion demons out there, I mean the stuff she wears is top of the top.” To this the lights in charlie’s eyes dimmed as her smile turned into a frown. A crackle of static was heard, with something different happening this time it.. hurt? It hurt him to see her frown.

    “Uh no my dear i.. No i-i didn’t mean it like that i-” Al stuttered, he didn’t know what to say he humbled his words trying to say something to make what was causing him pain go away.

    Charlie looked up and met his gaze not before turning away and putting her hand on the door. “No it’s okay Al i don’t expect to impress such a high and mighty demon anyway. It was worth a shot i guess.”

    The door slowly moved to shut but Al stuck his foot in between the door and the wall stopping it from closing. “Wait Charlie.”

    Charlie’s head lifted quick to see Al with what looked like a look of concern told only by his eye brows since all he ever did was smile but even that too looked stressed.

    “If i must add.. You’ve impressed me my dear and besides you’re never fully dressed without a smile.” Al spoke softly when the words left his mouth. Charlie was shocked by the sound of his voice, no radio filtered over it, it was clear and smoothe. She looked up at him and slowly her smile grew before she decided to make a daring move. She held out her hand like she was pressing it up against a flat wall.

    Al looked at her perplexed before she took his hand and placed it flat against hers and then wrapped her thumb around his hand and his around her hand. “I know you don’t liked to be touched so i’ll give you a hug this way.”

    Alastor was at a complete loss for words, his hand touching her gave him a sick feeling to his stomach like his guts were about to crawl out of his skin. Her hand was so soft and smooth he almost didn’t wanna let go, it was warm to the touch and comforting to say the least. His normal radio static was gone and instead a song from the thirty’s filtered in and began to play. Al noticed right away and reluctantly swooped his hand away from hers consequently stopping the music with a what sounded like a record scratch.

    Charlie noticed his sudden movement and gave him a free exit ticket fearing she over stepped. “Oh i’m so sorry, i um guess you should probably inform the others to dress classy for this event.” She said with a soft yet nervous smile

    Al gratefully took this offer and waved her goodbye before exiting her room and pretty much instantly teleporting to his room at the hotel. The moment he got inside and sat on the velvet red bed with a flop. “What in the world just happened?” Al asked to himself outloud.

    His little radio staff responded back to him only with the same song that Al cut off earlier. The thirties love song type of music.

    “Oh please i don’t need a dance party at the moment. I don’t understand did she use some sort of demonic power on me back there or what?!” Al debated deeply, no no way as far as he can tell he’s much stronger than that charming demoness he’d be able to sense it.

    His staff rolloed its single eye, “You know for and overlord you’re quite oblivious! ahah” A laugh track crackled through, it’s gonna take a lot for Al to figure it out.

    part 1

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    Charlie and Alastor, with Alastor failing at those pick up lines per usual. Sketches before bed.

    This actually comes from one of my favorite Prince songs, “Baby Knows.” The whole thing is so flirtatious, I love it.

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  • Magnetic wings (charlastor fashion + opposites attract ’ v ’)

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    Lilith and Lucifer parenting Headcanons

    Ayy! First request!

    • Despite being married for thousand of years, neither of them even THOUGHT about having kids
    • I mean, do they scream parent material to you??
    • It was just never a want, or a need
    • Clearly that changed
    • Whether it was Lucifer not using rubber or Lilith forgetting the pill (or whatever form of demon birth control there is-)
    • Lilith got pregnant
    • She discovered it one morning when she woke up with some SEVERE morning sickness
    • I’m talking throwing up and hells worse migraine
    • And of course it was when she had an overlord meeting and Lucifer was already off to work.
    • Lilith managed to get through it
    • A few annoying demons got their kneecaps broken though 
    • She was super thankful when she got to bed and the day was over
    • And then she got morning sickness the next day
    • Thankfully Lucifer had the day off and it was demon husband to the rescue!
    • He got her comfortable, gave massages, got her pillows, food, anything she needed!
    • His Queen is not gonna suffer on his watch!
    • The next day when she felt even worse they finally went to see a doctor 
    • Lilith was reluctant but knew Lucifer wasn’t going to let up
    • Guess who’s pregnant?
    • And guess who had a ‘I’m not ready to be a father’ panic
    • After Lucifers panic and Lilith evaluated her life choices
    • They got home and talked about this over wine
    • Well, Lucifer had wine, Lilith had kool aid
    • They discussed all options they had (adoption, abortion, keeping the kid, etc) and how they felt on the matter
    • Lucifer never considered kids and is immediately worried that he will be a terrible father, however he does admit a small smart of him would like to try. He did always have soft spot for kids
    • Lilith feels like she could handle parenting, but never really wanted kids so she doesn’t quite know if keeping it would be the best choice
    • They decide to wait it out for a bit and figure out their emotions on the subject
    • After a few weeks Lucifer has warmed up to the idea, thinking about teaching the kids instruments, sining to it, showing it off, and maybe teaching it how to fly if the kid has wings like he does
    • Lilith is still unsure and Lucifer tells her that he will respect her choice no matter what it happens to be
    • However a few days later, Lilith sees a lost little demon boy crying on the side walk
    • Feeling charitable that day she helps the child out
    • Turns out the boy had a hurt leg and lost its mama
    • She damages his him up and helps him locate his mother, which thanks to a little magic took less than fifteen minutes
    • The mother is super thankful and even tears up and the demon boy won’t stop talking about how scared he was and how Lilith made everything better
    • Lilith after watching their exchange then put a hand on her stomach and slowly smiled
    • She’s keeping the baby
    • Lucifer was overjoyed and helped his wife through the rest of her pregnancy 
    • Which she needed
    • Normal pregnancies are hell but demon pregnancies are a thousand times worse
    • Her mood swings are so sudden and dramatic she almost destroyed half of hell over a cookie then cried when Lucifer calmed her down
    • And moving around got super difficult later during the pregnancy, Lilith was use to be super egile, and graceful always able to move around super fast
    • Couldn’t do that with a baby bump
    • The worst of it is when she got too big for her normal dresses
    • You should have seen her face when she was told she have to wear something other than her sexy skin tight dresses
    • Lactation took her completely by surprise
    • She was in a meeting and noticed one of them looking at her chest
    • She was about to lecture them until she looked down and saw two wet spots on her tits
    • That meeting got cut short
    • Lucifer was there to support her whenever he could but he also spent time preparing for fatherhood
    • He sought out advice for other demons but quickly realized that demons in hell weren’t the best people for this advice
    • To the parenting books it was!
    • They decided to keep the gender a surprise and when preparing things they kept it pretty gender neutral 
    • Lucifer was put in charge of decorating the nursery
    • You can bet your ass that Lucifer went all out
    • The walls were white, he got a black marble crib, red carpet and red curtains with gold trim, it looked fancy af
    • He didn’t get too many toys as he wanted to let the kid pick it out, but got a lot of mini instruments for it to play, a music box and a stereo
    • He will make a music lover out it yet
    •  Lilith handled clothes, and her baby was going to look FABULOUS
    • Rosie and Velvet helped her to make sure
    • Well, Rosie helped, Velvet was more there for emotional support
    • Fancy dresses, dapper suites, and shiny tiny shoes
    • Whatever her kid prefers, it will look good doing it
    • Speaking of Rosie and Velvet they were really Liliths saving graces during all of it
    • Lucifer was amazing don’t get her wrong but sometimes a girl needs to complain and eat chocolate with her gal pals to really relax
    • Velvet got her a lot of weird tooth rotting sweet food, which Lilith actually loved thanks to pregnancy cravings
    • Rosie helped her look good with stylish maternity clothing, and recommended some beauty products to help with stretch marks along with other things
    • They were amazing
    • Meanwhile Lucifer had Vox, and Valentino
    • They were assholes
    • Making a ton of jokes, calling Lucifer weird names and poking fun about how the kid would end up like
    • Lucifer hated them
    • Finally, the kid was born
    • The labor was a nightmare, Lilith kept going in and out of her full demon form which complicated things and broke Lucifers arm during it
    • The baby was fine though!
    • Surprise no one it was a girl and they named her Charlotte
    • If you’re wondering why Charlotte, my theory is they named her after Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web, because of the irony of naming the princess of hell after such a nice character 
    • Though Charlie became her nickname fairly quickly
    • Honestly as a newborn Charlie was an easy child, didn’t cry very much and usually just slept a lot
    • Which was a saving grace as Lilith was on bedrest and Lucifer had to handle his overlord duties, his wife’s duties and take care of a newborn and his bed ridden wife
    • It wasn’t until the toddler years that things got messy
    • Lucifer spoils Charlie rotten and she ends up being a bit of a brat during this stage of life 
    • Lucifer trys to not give her anything but as soon as she starts crying
    • He can’t
    • He can't 
    • He just can’t
    • Lilith quickly realizes that she will have to take over discipline 
    • Even then she has to stop Lucifer from taking Charlie out of timeout
    • Also Charlie is a big ball of energy in general though
    • And a powerful demon full of raw magical power at that 
    • They have to chase her down so she won’t destroy the mansion
    • Charlie thinks it hilarious when she makes the magic pop out from her hands and her parents panic
    • Lilith along with Rosie and Velvet don’t miss the opportunity to dress Charlie up in cute outfits and took pictures 
    • Sometimes Lucifer joins
    • Did I mention some of the overlords babysit?
    • Mainly Vox, Velvet and Rosie
    • If Charlie doesn’t pick favorites but if she did
    • It would be Velvet
    • She’s so fun! Games! Music and in general she’s just so funny!
    • Her boyfriend Vox is also funny but not intentionally, he panics a lot and had no idea what to do with a child
    • Rosie is nice and makes the best cookies (don’t tell Lucifer), though is a bit stricter and tries to teach Charile to be a proper lady
    • Guess how well that usually goes 
    • Thanks to Velvet calling Vox her snuffleupagus, Charlie ends up picking it up 
    • So her first word was literally: Snuffleupagus 
    • Vox rubbed it in Liliths and Lucifers faces for MONTHS
    • He doesn’t even like the nickname that much but he was so proud dammit
    • Charlie was mostly homeschooled
    • Lilith and Lucifer were worried about a public school not being able to handle her so they had professional teachers hired to teach her everything
    • Except for magic and flying, Lucifer handled that
    • They let her join a private school when she was like twelve but she had to learn self defense and this is where Razzle and Dazzle became apart of the family
    • Her parent are busy so they often don’t get personal time with her so they make it count when they do
    • Lucifer plays songs with, tickle fights, playing games
    • Lilith reads to her, tells her stories, and plays dress up
    • Lilith doesn’t usually rough house but one time when Lucifer and Charile had a pillow fight one pillow hit her
    • And she was ready to THROW DOWN
    • Charile is closer to Lucifer for most of her childhood
    • She begins to get closer to Lilith though during her preteen years
    • It started when Charile got her period
    • It happened when she was playing the piano with Lucifer and she panicked when she saw her white skirt had a red stain
    • Charlie: “DAD!! I’M BLEEDING HELP!!”
    • Lucifer: “Uh…uh….LILY HELLLLP!!”
    • Lilith handled it
    • Gave her the talk, explained it, gave her feminine products and later they went and got ice cream
    • And ever since that day Charile got closer and closer to her mother
    • When it came to periods, sex, boys, girls and friendship advice Lilith was who she would turn to
    • Lucifer got a little pissy about it but Lilith got him to understand
    • Lilith really was the best mom during Chariles teenage/preteen years
    • Was open about sex and offered to get Charile on birthcontrol if she wanted, told her to not let anyone slut shame her, helped her express herself how she liked and generally gave her the best advice, especially about makeup
    • However the teenage years is when Charile began to develop different interest and dreamed of her happy hotel
    • And we know how that goes
    • But no angst especially since this has gotten too long already lol

    Hope this was what you wanted!! 🥰

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    • Alastor: The stars are beautiful tonight.
    • Charlie: *sleepy hum*
    • Niffty: *chewing on a cookie*
    • Alastor: Do you know who else is beautiful?
    • Alastor,Vaggie,Husk: Charlie.
    #source: unknown #source: ??? #incorrect quotes #incorrect hazbin hotel quotes #incorrect hazbin quotes #Incorrect Hazbin#hazbin hotel #hazbin hotel charlie #hazbin charlie#charlie magne #hazbin hotel niffty #hazbin niffty#alastor #hazbin hotel alastor #hazbin alastor #hazbin hotel vaggie #hazbin vaggie#vaggie #hazbin hotel husk #hazbin husk #everyone loves her #charlie is precious
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    The only thing I won’t do is rape and abusive relationships

    Other than that go crazy

    Send them you cowards!

    #hazbin hotel#hazbin demon #hazbin sir pentious #hazbin cherri bomb #hazbin lucifer#hazbin imagines#hazbin charlie #hazbin angel dust #hazbin hotel oc #headcanon#writing #alastor x reader #Alastor#alastor#angel dust#husk #husk x reader #angel dust x reader #niffy x reader #lucifer x reader #vaggie x charlie #vaggie x reader #sir pentious x reader
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    Charlie x Vaggie moodboard!

    Requested by: Anon

    If you want anything changed, please let me know!

    -Mod Millais (yoonbun shift)

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