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  • 胸とか羽とかモッフモフしてそう
    I think the chest and wings feel good.

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    Alastor icons!

    Credit if used!

    Do not repost!

    #hazbin hotel icons #hazbinhotel
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  • Meanwhile, Alastor and the other two members of the Spider Family returned to the grand ballroom where the kingpins and other overlords were dining away.

    Arackniss and Henroin watched Alastor nervously as he approached Vaggie.  That anxiety was not lost on the three V’s sitting next to them, and the other kingpins and overlords seemed to quickly catch onto it as well.

    Vaggie was too preoccupied with her dinner to notice at first, but she soon noticed the others staring at her.

    Vaggie’s only response was to cock an eyebrow annoyedly and disinterestedly from the unwanted attention and wonder what was going on.

    Suddenly, Alastor placed his hands on Vaggie’s bare shoulders and said, “I know what you did, dear.”

    Vaggie could tell from his tone and from the strength of his grip that Alastor was fuming.  He knew.  He had to.

    “Don’t.  Lie.  To.  Me,” Alastor replied, tightening his grip on Vaggie’s shoulders with every word.

    Vaggie stood up, turned around, swiping Alastor’s hands off her shoulders as she did so, and exclaimed proudly, “If this is about Angel, then yes!  I admit it!  I left Angel a note in the vent to warn him about what you were going to do to him!”

    If any kingpin or landlord wasn’t paying attention to her, they certainly were now.  All of them, except for Valentino who had just noticed the keys in Arackniss’s coat pocket.

    Despite his anger, Alastor didn’t let down his smiling façade.

    His only response was to tut at Vaggie and say, “Vaggie, Vaggie, Vaggie, I am quite disappointed with you, dear.”

    “I don’t care!” Vaggie shouted proudly.  “Angel’s my friend!  I was not about to let him get whisked away with no idea of what he was getting into!  I don’t care what you do to me!  It was worth it!”

    Alastor stood silently for a moment and looked angrily through Vaggie, never dropping his smile, but shaking almost unnoticeably from what Vaggie knew was jealousy and rage.

    Vaggie looked up into Alastor’s eyes and felt her blood run cold.  His eyes were trembling, as if he wanted to cry rage-filled tears but was using all his power to hold them back.

    For Alastor to even show this much emotion was unprecedented.  For Alastor, any demon who showed such emotion was pitiful and weak.  And for himself, that was unacceptable.

    Vaggie knew that and everyone else knew that.  Everyone waited anxiously to see Alastor’s response as much in fear as in curiosity.  Even Rosie looked concerned.

    Everyone, except for Valentino, who slyly slipped his hand into Arackniss’s coat pocket.

    Finally, Alastor looked down at Vaggie and simply asked, “Oh, really now?”

    Vaggie, despite being much shorter than Alastor, looked up to him and snarled, “Yes, you pompous, arrogant asshole!  And I’d do it again!  I will never submit to you!  Angel won’t either!”

    Molly, who had just re-entered the ballroom, turned invisible and backed up against the wall to see what Alastor would do.

    “Are you quite done?” Alastor asked, as his familiar emerged from his shadow and approached Vaggie.  “I think it’s time for you to learn your place.”

    The familiar grabbed onto Vaggie’s arm and began pulling her towards the backstage hallway.  

    The rest of the ballroom was quiet enough to hear a pin drop.

    Some of the other demons in the room watched in amazement and sick pleasure.  Others turned away in fear and pity, waiting for the event to end.  

    Even the Spider Family, Vox, and Velvet were stunned into inaction, transfixed by the scene in front of them.

    No one in the room noticed Valentino holding the keys and dashing out of the large ballroom.

    The Radio Demon stood in place and watched gleefully as his familiar dragged Vaggie back towards the backstage hallway.

    Vaggie tried to break free, but her efforts were futile since the shadow familiar was stronger than her.

    “No!  Where are you taking me?!” Vaggie cried.

    “Somewhere to reflect on your actions until the auction is over,” Alastor replied.  “I’ll see you later, dear.”

    The familiar dragged Vaggie towards the backstage area.  Molly camouflaged herself and crept silently against the wall while Alastor’s familiar dragged Vaggie into the backstage hallway.

    Vaggie stopped fighting, hoping against hope that the shadow would imprison Vaggie with Angel.

    But unfortunately, the shadow stopped at a random, unmarked door on the left side of the wall that stood out against the hallway with the marked dressing room and storage room doors.

    The familiar unceremoniously swung open the door and flicked on the light switch revealing a plain room with four concrete walls, a vent, and a chair inside.

    Vaggie attempted one more time to break away, but it was completely fruitless.

    Without having to extend any effort, the familiar dragged Vaggie into the center of the room and pushed her down into the chair.

    Once Vaggie sat in the chair, black tentacles wrapped around her, forcing her arms down on the arm rests and tying her legs to the legs of the chair.  One last tentacle wrapped tightly around her mouth.

    Having finished his work, the familiar opened his mouth and Alastor’s voice came out of it, saying, “Fear not, my love.  You’ll only be here until the evening has concluded.  Until then, please take the time to reflect on your behavior.”

    The familiar gave one more demonic smirk as he exited the room, shut the door, slid the lock shut and walked away.

    Vaggie sat alone in the dark.  The only light came from under the door.

    Vaggie was completely immobilized, but she did not lose her cool and mentally prepared herself for the hours of loneliness she had ahead of her.

    After all, despite her circumstances, Vaggie had one thing to be happy about.  Angel had received her warning.  Even if he was helpless, Angel now had a fighting chance.

    Then suddenly, before she had time to think anymore, Vaggie heard the door unlock and looked up to see Molly standing in the doorway.

    Vaggie gasped in surprise and gasped against her bindings.

    “Vaggie,” Molly said.  “I could use your help, and it looks like you could use mine.”

    Vaggie looked into Molly’s eyes and nodded.

    Molly smiled as she entered the room, flicked on the light, summoned a knife, and let the door shut behind her.

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    Aid lost her faith in the almighty and subconsciously changed appearance to no longer associate with the father who failed her and her sisters.

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  • Drew a snarling red boy with a haircut 🤷‍♀️ still getting the hang of digital art but it’s really fun!

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  • Angel, drunk: Man turtles are like… They’re like submarines man. They float and then they sink.

    Husk, equally as drunk: *Nods like he said the most profound shit*

    #hazbin hotel#angel dust#husk#hazbinhotel#hazbin#hazbin husk #hazbin angel dust #incorrect quotes #incorrect hazbin hotel quotes #incorrect hazbin quotes
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    Hi, I want them to be a squad.


    #hazbin hotel#alastor#angel dust#cherri bomb#hazbinhotel#hazbin #dusty drew a thing #hazbin alastor #hazbin angel dust #hazbin cherri bomb
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  • ナイトメアビフォアクリスマスのあの二人の服を
    I wanted Charlie and Vaggy to wear Nightmare Before Christmas clothes.

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  • Catra had gone to hell // Hazbin Hotel Verse

    Keep reading

    #Think of the Possibilities! // Verses #Out to Lunch // OOC #hazbinhotel
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  • This will become more..Just the start..

    My first hazbin hotel ficlet!!


    It had been a few weeks since your head hit the asphalt. You had fallen into hell, The red sky above you and the hard pavement under your cheek. Those who knew you called you Ash, Though you registered as Ashen Dawn. For days you wandered the streets, No money, knowing no one, Nowhere to go. Bar stools had been your bed many a night. Over time, You began to sell things you found. It wasn’t much cash but it got you by. 

    The sound of fireworks sounded over the silence of the bar. It was pretty packed, mostly newcomers hiding from the angels. Some were slumped over the bar, Drowned in their glasses. Others, waiting for the all clear, ready to get out of the walls. You had made camp in the back corner, no money for the liquor you had snuck from the shelf. 

    After gathering what you had and slipping the bottle in your bag, you slip out the back exit into the alleyway. Stepping out to the street a car pulls  to a stop. You peer over and see a tall, slender demon whispering into the car to the driver. You slink back behind the wall as he turns and stops at the vending machine.
    “Dammit!” He exclaims. You smile a little, his voice is nice. You shake your head.“ west side, if i can find one of those weapons, i can make some good cash..” You mumble as you set off. The pink and white demon turns his head, sure he heard something. 

    Bodies litter the ground, blood drips from rooftops and overpasses. There arent many who are outside alive. ‘West side got hit hard…’ You think as you step over some entrails. One of the first things you learned was the extermination. Bar talk taught you how much Angel weapons went for. 

    You searched for hours, with nothing to show for it. Tired and admittedly upset you made your way back. You held your few dollars. It wasn’t enough for a real dinner. You sat along the wall of a rather large building, you could hear music inside. The catchy tune makes you smile through the growls in your gut. 

    An explosion rocks the ground, abruptly cutting off the music. You can see the door of the building is open and a group outside. You quickly recognize the pink and white demon as you make your way inside the door. You run up to a higher floor, Panting as you close the door to a room. You lay across the bed, its rather soft and the first bed you have slept in since you arrived. 

    You curl up in the blankets, your body relaxes a bit. You don’t even entertain the thought of what would happen if you are discovered. ’ After all… its hell…Its..almost….expected…’ Your last thought as sleep takes over your mind.


    @immabethehero @mad-men-inc @obsidiancreates @luverofsupernatural

    #hazbinhotel#part one#ficlet#writing #hope the ones i tagged arent upset that i tagged them #trying to branch out a bit #hazbin hotel
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    New favorite Alastor screenshot.

    He looks like he’s questioning his entire existence.

    #hazbin hotel#alastor#hazbinhotel#hazbin#hazbin alastor #alastor the radio demon #the radio demon
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    Alastor animation I’ve made 🔥 it’s my first attempt in animating 👀

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    Quick charlastor doodle bc they are the best 👏❤️🥰

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    My small comic I’ve been working for some time 🤗

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    use a mask, kids

    had this just sitting in my files waiting to be uploaded and I finally did 🙌

    really loving this painting technique I’ve been trying out uwu

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