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  • donate11o
    23.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    imagine not thinking all the turtles are latine lmaooo

    #tmnt 2012 #im sooo right about this #i have alot more hcs but ill just say this
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  • haiangels
    23.10.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    you got games on your phone?

    genre: fluff, slightly suggestive??

    characters: bonten

    y/n plays cup pong with bonten on imessage

    sanzu ;

    agrees to play and plays casually

    would get competitive when you keep winning

    gets upset and challenges you to a match in real life

    with real beer

    would beat you and brag about it to you and everyone in their office group chat

    nothing matters as long as he wins

    would drag the other members into the game just to show off how amazing his aim is

    mikey ;

    would be so confused on how to play

    misses every shot and loses every round; baby's really bad at aiming on phone

    it got to the point where you end up having to call or facetime him to teach him how to play

    and when he finally gets a ball into a cup, he gets excited and tells you about it in call

    "did you see that, y/n?!? did you, did you?? I GOT ONE IN!"

    he'd practice with the other bonten members, without you knowing, to improve

    is smug when he beats them in every round

    rindou ;

    would accept immediately

    he's been wanting to play with someone for a long time, but everyone else ignores him

    he wants to show off his skills; he's been practicing by himself

    which is why he has two phones

    would let you do your moves and would purposely lose until the last round. this is when he busts out his own moves and wins the game


    you'd block him for a day and ignore him for a few hours

    ran ;

    no mercy.

    beats you every round and rubs it in your face

    when you do manage to beat him, he demands a rematch

    he's a sore loser; can't handle being beaten by you

    would be petty and challenge you to strip uno "how does this even correlate to cup pong, ran??"

    "shush, be prepared to strip, y/n."

    would treat it like it's his lifeline. he just has to win.

    kaku ;

    he so kind

    he so nice

    he would let you win on purpose

    doesn't care about the game at all, he just wants to see you happy

    would pretend to not know how to play just so you can call him and teach him

    loves listening to you talk and laugh, hence why he loses on purpose

    would do anything to make you happy

    koko ;

    he's actually good at the game

    would ask to turn it into a bet; he's greedy for money

    he's good, but you're better. staying glued to your phone 24/7 has paid off

    loses the bet, and like ran, would challenge you to a game irl

    can stand losing, only when money isn't involved

    would bet again at the irl match and wins + rubs it in your face "HAH you may be better on phone, but im GOD in real life."

    would give you the money he won regardless

    omi ;

    honestly, he isn't fond of phone games. he'd much rather play in real life

    wouldn't even reply to your game invitation

    he ignores and leaves you on read

    finds you in his office and runs outta there immediately

    HE SUCKS AT CUP PONG LOL but his ego is too big to admit that

    when the other bonten members tell you this, you'd ask him about it

    his response? "i lost on purpose. trust."

    mochi ;

    he's good at the game

    but he doesn't want to play, he's been playing too often and got tired of it

    doesn't ignore like omi, he has the decency to tell you no

    but it's a "no." with a heart

    buys you boba and popcorn chicken to make it up to you

    tells you funny stories about the other members' losses

    spoils you rotten

    thanks for reading!

    reblogs/comments are appreciated ♡

    #haiangels ☽ writings #bonten fluff#bonten headcanons#bonten hcs #bonten x reader #bonten x you #mikey x y/n #mikey x you #mikey x reader #manjiro sano x you #manjiro sano x y/n #manjiro sano x reader #sanzu x y/n #sanzu x you #sanzu x reader #ran haitani x y/n #ran haitani x reader #ran haitani x you #rindou haitani x reader #rindou haitani x you #kakucho x y/n #kakucho x you #kakucho x reader #takeomi x you #takeomi x y/n #takeomi x reader #kokonoi x y/n #kokonoi x reader #kokonoi x you #kanji mochizuki
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  • reidology
    23.10.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    things nb Hotch deserves 🥰✨

    - his hair played with, head in a lap

    - new flowers on his desk every day

    - handwritten love letters

    - to be recited romantic poetry

    - to be little spoon

    - fruity flavored afternoon tea

    - a kiss on the cheek before and after work

    - pretty clips in his hair

    - a soft blanket to bundle up in

    - in the winter: mittens (he gets frustrated when he can’t use his hands properly but he secretly loves how warm they make him feel)

    gotch bonus:

    - Penelope makes him daisy chains on picnics and he wears them as a crown all day, even to work 🌼

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  • kurosukii
    23.10.2021 - 27 minutes ago
    #i . am very #passionate about this . #Amen! #haiii sora ♥️ #PLS I WANT #no but seriously aizawa was the first man i thought of #❣️— sora #✨.jul answers #♦️.hcs
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  • platkisloneczne
    23.10.2021 - 33 minutes ago


    Lily Of The Valley

    This is the poison of giving too much. You feel yourself emptying out, dizzying, discoloring-- until you fear you will fade entirely and wither away. You have always had to give. You never had a choice before. They pluck your flowers for their beauty, they trample your leaves carelessly, they pull out your roots by the fistful and berate you for daring to grow. And now that you have a grove to spread out in, your rhizomes tangle and curl in on themselves. When cruelty is all you've ever known, thriving seems impossible. But the answer is not to make yourself small and offer every lovely thing you are to the world in the hopes it will have mercy on you. The answer is to let yourself dare to thrive for thriving's sake, to grow in the wild ways you wish to-- and to do that for yourself for once.

    tagged by:   stolen from @frostchild​ tagging:   @snarkomancy​,  @luckheist​,  @fourmarksmage​​,  @witchshe​​,  @draculx​​,  @exilekniight​​   +   anyone else who wanna do this : )

    #🌻 : //  sunflower memories  (  hc.  ) #🌻 : //  i beg thee to listen  ;  a succubus song & voice does not equal death as most believe  (  meme replies.  )
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  • merchpanel
    23.10.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    Us Army M2A3 Bradley Hawaiian Shirt

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  • samusrin
    23.10.2021 - 40 minutes ago


    # content warnings ! obsessive behavior, physical abuse, mental break, osamu being a total gaslighter, mentions of “laying” with oikawa, oikawa being a jerk,

    # notes ! i rushed oikawa’s bc my brain went dead for a moment, so sorry

    # characters ! atsumu miya, osamu miya, toru oikawa

    DUKE ATSUMU who fell for you immediately after seeing you for the first time. after that, he refused to take no as an answer. if you denied his request of meeting him, he’d go to you. if you dared to run away from him, he’d hunt you down and the punishment was never fun. you were his, and only his. he had it all— wealth, status and the looks. why would you ever want anyone else? no. he’d make sure you would never want anyone else. you belonged to him and he’d make sure you remembered that, even if he had to beat it into you.

    GENERAL OSAMU who immediately took notice of how naive you were. you believed everything was all fairy tail, dreaming of the day your knight would save you. sadly, that knight never came and instead you were ‘saved’ by a horrifying monster. moving you away from friends and family as he claimed it was for “starting a family of your own.” the same man who made sure to cut off all ties with the outside world due to how “distasteful gossip and the jealousy of others were”. the one who held you a bit too tightly as you watched the servants lock up every window and door around you both. “it’s for your safety. you believe me, right?” and like the absolute fool you were, you nodded your head with a sweet smile. “of course i do.”

    LORD TORU who watched in amusement as you begged him to help your poor, poor family. your eyes swelled with tears as you pleaded with him, declaring that you would do anything to help your parents. and as the kind lord that toru oikawa was, he agreed. and so you cleaned his mansion and cooked him dinner. you went out with him to social gatherings. you attended his every need, even laying with him whenever he desired. it wasn’t long until you once again broke down. you cried as you asked him why couldn’t you leave now that your debt had been paid? the question only confused the man as he looked at you with a horrifying look in his eyes. “paid? don’t you get it honey? by having me take care of your family, you’ve condemned yourself to a lifetime of being here…with me.”

    will def be making a sfw edition, for my soft royals <3 yes, akaashi will be one, just for you <3 @sunkeiji

    taglist: @dollta , @matsuwhore

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  • winterwhipbird
    23.10.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    Power has gone off and now I’m not sure if I can watch mcc anymore. So ummm I also got copic markers today.

    #Hc that they’re siblings. #Will post tomorrow #mcc#copic markers
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  • toastraccoon
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #they include death #also a slight variation of the hermit au i havent posted about here. #the one where hunter sr lives #i don't know what to call it or how to introduce it #the owl house #hermit belos au #toh hunter#golden guard#lil rascal#ask#anon #isa if this was you im sorry but you're not getting stick hcs
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  • sebastian-humboldt
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    [ Headcanon ]
    If Sebastian were to have a pet to be a man best friend, he would get a Hyena(s). Much preferable ...
    #[ my hcs ] #[ headcanon ]
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  • deterxente
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Tbh I feel like Sucrose might be half fox since she has the same ears as Yae Miko

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  • midniqhte
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Searchman.EXE is a 5th Gen NetNavi to the Nikolayev linage. Having been passed down by the women in the family to each first born female child when she was to come of age at 5. Laika had received him earlier however, as his mother unfortunately had died a year prior in active duty. At the time Laika had grown to absolutely despise Searchman, believing the NetNavi had been the cause of his late Mother’s death. It’d only been until he had turn 9 that he truly curved his rage and understood his Navi and the events that transpired of his mothers death.

    #laika didn’t transition until he was 12 so he se why he was given Searchman only to break tradition and be the first man in the family #to have Searchman as a Navi #laika tbt. #laika has a stepmother but he never really spoken to her willingly since he never got over his mothers death until he was around 15 #where he tries to gain some semblance of a small relationship with her that is somewhat alright but nowhere near mother and son #his step mother is a first lieutenant in the sharo naval battalion #:3c #hc. #mobile #searchman tbt. #SOME SEARCH FLAVOR FOR YALL BC IVE DEPRIVED EVEN MYSELF #**that’s why #phone what the fuck is up with u today
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  • askdeimos
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #rp#deimos madcom#reblog#anon #?????? #he's bi??? so--- /hc
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  • spoofybun
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #[📫] bun’s inbox! #im so sorry this took so long to answer #and yes feel free to send me your hcs :)
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  • orbitalmoonrat
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Elzer with a tattoo

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  • salam1
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    usa and mexico r divorced idk how to explain it but they r divorced

    #i dont hc this but im right
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  • salam1
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    oh yea taking an eye was seen as like a punishment by soviet idk how to explain it bc im sleep deprived af but basically that happened to north so thats y shes missing n eye

    #thank u for coming to my vague countryhumans hcs at 1 am #also she took souths as like revenge ig idk a vibe or smthn ig my hcs for them r pretty vague #mostly bc i wanna leave room to rework it as a research more #i am keeping the eye thing n eye for an eye or smthn i rlly like that metaphor
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  • yuikomorimybeloved
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    yui komori | cuddling hcs

    Cuddling with her 💕🥰

    ➽ ─────────────── ❥

    She doesn't know how to ask for cuddles other than to say it straight up but she's always flustered when she does, no matter how long you've been together.

    Prefers being the small spoon. Your arms wrapped around her and her back meeting your chest as she holds your hand makes her feel so safe and loved.

    But she wouldn't mind being the big spoon either. It's just she gets more flustered when she's the one holding you, though she isn't complaining.

    Loves when you play with her hair when you're both cuddling, she'll fall asleep in no time.

    Likes to play with your hands as you're cuddling, it's soothing to her.

    She's always down to cuddle, but she likes it when you're both talking in whispers even though no one's around. There's something so peaceful about being in your arms as you both talk about nothing in particular. She likes to call them pillow talks.

    She'll let go of you if you have to stop cuddling for a bit but she will start pouting and it's very hard to say no to her when she does.

    But if the two of you fall asleep cuddling each other and you wake up before her, saying you both have to get up, she will not let you go. She'll cling to you like her life depends on it even though she's still half asleep.

    #kiwi's works#diabolik lovers#yui komori#dialovers#komori yui #komori yui hcs #komori yui headcanons #yui komori hcs #yui komori headcanons
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