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    24.07.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    — needy s/o.

    characters. shoto todoroki + gn!reader, denki kaminari + gn!reader

    warnings. nsfw mention

    a/n. i’m in love with these men. also feel free to request more for this if you liked it (hq included!). and reblogs are deeply appreciated <3

    #denki kaminari x reader #shoto todoroki x reader #denki x reader #shoto x reader #kaminari x reader #todoroki x reader #bnha#mha #bnha x reader #bnha fanfic #boku no hero academia #mha x reader #bnha reader insert #bnha texts#texts#bnha hcs#bnha smut #denki x reader smut #shoto x reader smut
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    24.07.2021 - 25 minutes ago
    #Genma Shiranui #Genma Shiranui x reader #Genma Shiranui x oc #Genma Shiranui oneshot #Genma Shiranui one shot #Genma Shiranui ff #Genma Shiranui fanfiction #Genma Shiranui drabble #Genma Shiranui drabbles #Genma Shiranui imagine #Genma Shiranui imagines #Genma Shiranui hc #Genma Shiranui headcanon #Genma Shiranui headcanons #naruto
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    24.07.2021 - 32 minutes ago
    i have the most useless draft of my hc about sirius and storms and i’m deliberating whether to post it or not
    #i.    [ . . . 𝚆𝚁𝙸𝚃𝙴𝚁 . . . ]    /    OUT OF CHARACTER #it genuinely is the most meaningless hc lkjsdfhg
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    24.07.2021 - 38 minutes ago
    #staarmaiden#meme reply #⦅hc.⦆ studying do not disturb. #⦅queue⦆ hermione isn't here right now please leave an owl on her desk and she'll get back to you.
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    24.07.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    PLACE IN SOCIETY. financial: wealthy / moderate / poor / in poverty.   medical: fit / moderate / sickly / disabled / disadvantaged. class: upper / middle ( lower middle ) / working / slave / unsure.   education:  qualified / unqualified / studying. criminal record: yes, for major crimes / yes, for minor crimes / no.

    FAMILY.   married - happily  / married - unhappily  / engaged OR betrothed / partnered / single / interested / divorced / separated / windowed / verse dependent. has a child OR children / has no children / wants children.  adopted / close with sibling(s) / not close with sibling(s) / has no siblings / sibling(s) is deceased / adopted / orphaned / disowned / raised by birth parent(s) ( single mom after dad’s arrest ) /

    TRAITS + TENDENCIES. extroverted / introverted / in between. disorganized / organized / in between. closed minded / open-minded / in between. calm / anxious / in between. disagreeable / agreeable / in between. cautious / reckless / in between. patient / impatient / in between. outspoken / reserved / in between. leader / follower / in between. empathetic / unempathetic / in between. optimistic / pessimistic / realist / in between. traditional / modern / in between. hard-working / lazy / in between. cultured / un-cultured / in between / unknown. loyal / disloyal / unknown. faithful / unfaithful / unknown. 

    BELIEFS. monotheist / polytheist / atheist / agnostic / doesn’t care / is a god.   belief in ghosts OR spirits: yes/ no / don’t know ( has spirit sense and can see things ) / don’t care. belief in an afterlife:  yes / no / don’t know / don’t care. belief in reincarnation:  yes / no / don’t know / don’t care. belief in aliens: yes / no / don’t know / don’t care. religious:  orthodox / liberal / in between / not religious / is a religious figure philosophical: yes / no / in between

    SEXUALITY + ROMANTIC INCLINATION. heterosexual / homosexual / bisexual / asexual / queer. romance repulsed / romance neutral / romance favourable. potential romantic partners: male / female / male presenting / female presenting / agender / other / none / all

    ABILITIES. combat skills:  excellent / good / moderate / poor / none. literacy skills:  excellent / good / moderate / poor / none. artistic skills:  excellent / good / moderate / poor / none. technical skills: excellent / good / moderate / poor / none.

    HABITS. drinking alcohol: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess. smoking: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess. other narcotics: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess. medicinal drugs: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess. indulgent food: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess. splurge spending: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess. gambling: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess.

    tagged by: stole from @ensuists​ tagging: whoever wants to do this weeeee
    #dash games;#hc;#long post #-regardless of verse mafuyu's either dating yuki or dating ritsuka so he's never really single when i write him- #-also while he can see things he doesn't really have a belief in ghosts and chalks it up to just picturing things most times- #-artistic skills i feel when drawing? probably poor but music is art and he's skilled there so it balances out- #-yeeeee-
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    24.07.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    Acts Of Treason

    (There were once warmer days between Hunter and his family—memories all but forgotten in the test of time and curses. When Belos is challenged to a magic duel, he’s more than willing, but the odds may be stacked against him when Kiki reveals to his nephew his most embarrassing secret, and soon utter anarchy ensues.)
    (DISCLAIMER: AU on canon between Kiki and Hunter and a slightly different interpretation of Belos and Hunter’s dynamic, set before the curse gets so bad .)

    Few would believe if you told them how things really could be deep within The Emperor’s castle. Behind cold visages and masks and regality, things didn’t always stay so professional. At least not behind completely closed doors—within the private quarters of the Emperor, his advisor, and his young, thirteen year old nephew.

    Years later, Hunter would barely recall the warmth that exuded from his family, and Belos wouldn’t recall such a thing at all. They would all be nothing more than the ghost of a memory, burned to ashes by the fires of a curse and so much pain and regret…

    …As it was now however, the three of them sat in the Emperor’s private study in front of a roaring fire. Twilight tinged the sky and the stained glass windows steamed as boiling rain pelted the glass.

    “Would you pay attention for the Titan’s sake, boy?” Kikimora hissed as she glared at the young teenager as he rolled along a pencil across the desk. “I’m trying to teach you about the different carnivorous plants you could bump into around The Isles! Or would you prefer to wind up finding yourself in the jaws of the venom snatcher??”

    Hunter blew out a raspberry with his tongue. “Big deeeal! I have an awesome staff filled with magic, I can pulverize that thing!”

    “And what if you find yourself without it?!” Kikimora snapped and tapped once more at the page. She gaped as Hunter merely plucked the pencil from her grip and tossed it onto the floor.

    “You’ve been tutoring me all day, can’t I have a break?!”

    Kiki was about to rebuke the teen when the Emperor spoke up. “He’s right, Kiki. Allow the child to have a break, at least for an hour or so.” He was stewing himself a pot of tea while a field of magic levitated a book up to eye level for him. In the privacy of his chambers, he had taken off his mask. He had skin weathered with age and the curse he was afflicted with, black bleeding around his dark sockets like a spilled bottle of ink.

    Grumbling and cursing things under her breath, the angry house spirit pushed herself away from the table and childishly crossed her arms. Naturally she knew to listen.

    “Geez little pint sized, you need to relax. You never know how to…smile.” The way Hunter trailed off before giving that menacing little smirk made Kiki tense instantaneously. And, the wiggling fingers—which may as well be poisonous snakes in her vision—only terrifyingly confirmed what was coming next.

    “No.” Kikimora grit her teeth and let off a tiny, juvenile boar snort—which she hoped would come off as threatening but it seemed she had no such luck there. Of course not. Titan, she never did! Not with this little menace. He just advanced  instead! “Don’t you dare. I will have your head!”

    “Only I can do that,” Belos commented, and he didn’t seem inclined in the slightest to help the little mora.

    So Kiki raised a threatening claw instead, poised to draw a circle because she certainly wasn’t against blasting this little brat if it saved her from such a mortifying fate. This didn’t deter Hunter and she backed up as he got closer.

    “But you do need some giggles…” Hunter smirked as he advanced on the terrified little mora spirit, ready to wrestle her to the floor.

    “I will not fall prey to this! I-aiye!” Kiki squealed as the boy took a swoop and snatched her up. “Why you incorrigible child!” she yelped as she twisted about in the teenager’s arms. “I told you, I will not be part of this!”

    “Won’t you?” Hunter teased. “Seems like you are right about now.” He drifted a finger along her side and there were furious noises that left the poor spirit through terribly restrained giggles. Her legs peddled much like a child’s would to try and get away.

    “How pathetic,” Belos finally droned, and he didn’t miss the way his nephew flinched. He finished his sentence and there was a visible look of utter deviance in those glowing eyes: “You should know by now if you wish to make Kikimora helpless to her own laughter, you get into the jacket.”

    The sheer look of betrayal his oldest confidant and friend was sending him made Belos let off a low chuckle. Even over his own tea, he could hear Kiki’s desperate whines of ‘no, please!’ morph into absolute shrieks of laughter as Hunter dove his fingers along her belly.

    “CHILD! St-stohahap this at once!” Kiki tried to snarl through a stream of harsh giggles. This was only met by the soft skitters of fingers along both sides. The thin dress she wore under her robes did little to help protect the sensitive skin underneath. As she fruitlessly squirmed, Kiki was quickly fully aware of the helplessness of her situation.

    “What’s wrong, Kiki??” Hunter’s magenta eyes narrowed wickedly on the family confidant and his source of annoyance and nagging for years now. “If you hate it so much why don’t you just get out of it?”

    “You know I cahan’t! HUNTER!” Kiki squealed as he started drifting his fingers towards her neck instead. The little house spirit’s legs kicked out in laughing desperation. “S-Sire, how can you d-do this to me?!”

    “Easy,” Belos responded plainly as he sipped his cup. “I needed some entertainment while I enjoyed some down time. And tea.” He watched Kikimora start screeching and squealing as devious fingers found the sensitive spots behind her large ears.

    “Oh this is amusing, she’s like a squeaky toy. Uncle, you should check this out!”

    “Y-you know your Uncle won’t engage,” Kiki scoffed as she finally managed to slide out of the boy’s grip and calm her residual giggles. It took poking him into giggles a few times to gain freedom. “He knows very well it’s a battle he won’t win.”

    It was how casually Kiki said it that made the kid’s eyes widen. And even as Belos turned slowly back to the group, she still seemed unfazed as she merely examined her tiny claws.

    “What did you say to me, Kiki?”

    “I said it’s a battle you are going to lose.”

    Hunter gaped at the mora, clearly impressed with her utter audacity to even challenge Belos to anything at all. He wasn’t sure what was more amusing actually, the indignant fury on Belos’ face, or the lack of fear from Kiki that…showed she had clearly done this before. There was no way that was possible.

    “Kiki I can decimate an opponent in anything of my choosing, I simply don’t care to engage in…this.”

    “I know.” The mora rocked back and forth on her talonesque feet as she fixed a nonchalant gaze back on the feared Emperor. “Because you know you’ll lose.” After a beat, she smirked and said incredibly innocently, “….You always did.”

    The red flush that reached the man’s cracked features would forever be a gaze few would ever see in their time. Or, at least survive the aftermath of seeing the great Belos…blushing like a child. “Kiki!”

    “I’m sorry, what?!” Hunter could barely speak over his own laughter now, especially as his Uncle’s face seemed to redden even more when he did. “Oh I need these stories.”


    Still feeling apparently unthreatened, the mora chuckled slightly as she looked back to her flustered boss and old time friend. “…I won’t. I’ll preserve his reputation…provided he engages a duel with you. Preferably so you have a different target than me.”

    “And if I refuse?”

    “I’ll tell him all the embarrassing stories I have about this…”

    Belos looked hilariously offended and his eyes narrowed on his cheeky advisor and young nephew. “Oh, I’ll ‘duel’ alright.” He glanced around at the bed chambers, empty besides the three of them, as it was this time of night. Alone with Kiki and Hunter, it was about the only time the Emperor slightly loosened his rigid exterior. “This does not leave this room.”


    Adrenaline and fear coursed through Hunter. He couldn’t remember the last time he was ever gifted the privilege of playing with his Uncle! Sparring yes, that was another thing entirely, but even that was more sparse these days. To think he might actually be interested in having fun with…

    And Hunter’s thought train was promptly cut off by a gravitational red wave of magic that sent him stumbling back a couple of steps.

    “Well? Focus, boy.”

    Smirking with renewed determination, Hunter grasped onto his own artificial staff and he pursued the man. Effortlessly, Belos melted into the shadows, and knocked him backwards with a smirk of his own.

    “Hey! We’re supposed to be playing!” Hunter pouted as he righted himself.

    “Oh, I am.” He slammed his staff down then and magic zipped along the teen’s skin. It felt like there was a hoard of fluffy ants crawling all over him, and it was torture! Hunter shrieked as he fell to the ground, laughing uncontrollably.

    “Thahahahat’s not fair, Uncle!”

    “What? Because you’re losing now I’m not playing fair?” the man asked, his tone calm and with a lilt of teasing to it as he watched the child bubble out laughter and twist and turn around.

    “W-well hahahave a dose BACK!” And Hunter grabbed a hold of his own staff as he sent a surge of crimson magic towards the much larger form. Belos simply dodged it again however and disappeared into the air. Hunter climbed to his feet and twisted every which way trying to spot the man.


    It would almost be cute if it didn’t sound so menacing and reverberated through the entirety of the bedroom. Gasping Hunter whirled quickly around but he only turned in time to see his Uncle vanish, and subsequently feel the poke of his staff against his side before he did. This immediately invoked a squeal and the chuckle faded into the darkness.

    “Hey! Stop using moves like that!”

    “Hm? No idea what you mean.”

    The amused lilt to the man’s voice was not lost on the teen—nor was the way Hunter found himself literally dangling upside down encompassed in a red glow, and then tossed across the floor. He grunted as he bumped into the side of the wardrobe. “Oh you’re in for it, you old geezer!”

    “WHAT was that, boy?!” came the furiously indignant voice now as disembodied hands sprouted from the floor. Kiki just laughed, especially as the thirteen year old let off a very unmanly squeal as one of the hands managed to snatch his leg. Where they’d tear an enemy’s flesh limb from limb, the fingers merely scratched along one of the boy’s socked feet.

    “UNCLE!” Hunter shrieked before the laughter took over and he fruitlessly smacked at the large limbs.

    Belos rose once more from the floor, taking form from the tarry molecules. “Besides,” he hummed over the boy’s howls. “Kiki is the old one. She was pushing three hundred when I met her centuries ago.”

    The mora spirit closed a book she was reading, unreactive to the insult as she merely stood and folded her arms behind her back calmly. “Alright then!” Devious crimson flickered to the young prodigy. “I propose a truce and an act of treason.”

    Amusingly enough it seemed Belos’s smirk and confidence wavered, for just a fraction of a second before he covered up how nervous he was. Kiki had…much more experience doing just that. “Child’s play.”

    “We shall see about that then.” The mora watched the child charge at the man continuously, but every time, Belos melted into the floor and reappeared in another spot. After a moment she shook her head and pulled at Hunter’s arm.

    “Decent strategy, but you aren’t going about this the right way. This puts him a step ahead of you every single time. Follow my lead. I’ll attack from the other side.”

    Belos watched as Kiki came in from one side, and he quickly teleported. This put him into Hunter’s path and he teleported back once more. He raised a brow. “This is your great battle plan? To simply chase me from side to side? How drawl, I could teleport all day.”

    What he didn’t realize however was that with every new space he backpedaled, he was getting closer to his demise. Suddenly, the man found himself bumping into the coffee table and he staggered, losing his grip on his staff. That was the moment Kiki was waiting for.

    Before the great tyrant realized it, magical confines had sprouted from nothingness and seized both of his arms, bringing him down in an embarrassing heap to the marble floors. Belos’ eyes widened comically, especially as Kiki and Hunter gave him very unsettling, devious looks.

    “Didn’t expect that one, old man, now did you?” Hunter hummed as he kicked the metallic staff out of the man’s reach. Belos fought against the binds, but the spell was strong and he no longer possessed the strength to destroy it without his staff.

    Kiki looked down to her prey glaring daggers at her, and the wickedness in her eyes seemed to intensify. “I think it’s time for the ‘excruciating nerve enhancing spell.’”

    By the titan, no… Judging by his reaction, you’d think it was a death sentence.

    “Excruciating nerve enhancing spell?” Hunter blinked. Immediately that seemed to completely put this game into their favour, if the way Belos’s eyes widened was anything to go by.

    “Don’t you dare,” Belos tried to snarl but it…almost seemed to be a plea.

    Hunter raised an eyebrow. “Isn’t that the spell we use on prisoners during interrogation to cause a more severe, uh…level of pain? he asked nervously, recalling much…blood curdling screams that would drift up from the dungeons at times. While he certainly wasn’t above causing some suffering, he kind of just wanted to play.

    “That is its primary function within the Coven,” Kiki agreed and the two watched Belos as he yanked at his restraints. “But mostly it’s merely a sensitivity spell. It will intensify the reception to the nerve endings, making them more prone to stimulation. So it maximizes pain, yes….but…” She tilted her head towards Belos. “What is the opposite of something that hurts?”

    Oh. OH. Hunter looked at the man with a very wide, cheeky grin. That’s why he was panicking. Well, this was going to be amazing.

    “Kiki!” Belos tried to threaten. “I will petrify you.” He was trying to break the magical restraints now but Kiki was faster, countering his attempt with a spell of her own.

    Instantly, Belos felt like every hair was standing up, his skin tingling and prickling. The dark enchantment on its own already nearly made a snort leave the man. Nothing was even touching him! Oh…he knew this feeling too well. “Kiki!”

    “Would you believe me when I tell you that this spell was never intended to harm originally?” Kiki nonchalantly and slowly walked towards the man.  “I used it on your uncle long, long ago.” When a young visage and a blonde ponytail and ruffles replaced the cursed man before them.

    “What??” Hunter spluttered with laughter.

    “It truly destroyed him just as badly as it’s going to now.”

    Belos expression absolutely spelled murder but it also reflected a hysterical amount of dread. Kiki meanwhile, calm as always, passed a hand into a circle as a wave of magic rippled the walls. “Sound proofing spell.” She smirked. 

    “You have three seconds.”

    “I’m petrified.”

    “You will be, lit…” But the tyrant choked off into what—and he would deny it to his very grave—sounded like a squeak as Hunter barely wiggled a few fingers against his side. The effect was ticklish enough on its own but with the horrible enchantment, it felt like something feathery zapped him. “Hunter-!!”

    “Oh wow.” The teenager smirked at his uncle. “You weren’t kidding. Remind me never to get on your bad side, Ki.”

    “You literally always do.” Kiki watched Belos hand glow and attempt to disperse the spell binding him, but before he could, the ponytail fist of hers unclenched and the large fingers dug suddenly into his ribs. The Emperor yelped loudly and jumped as much as he could. Smug at the reaction this gained, the ‘bangs’ part of the house spirit’s fingers dug in next, massaging playful circles into his belly.

    He refused to laugh, he absolutely refused to. At this point though a grin had cracked over his face and he would strike down anyone outside of this room who saw it. “K-Kiki…!” He had to grit his teeth to suppress the noise when Hunter approached from the other side and tweaked his ribs. His body was trembling now. He wasn’t going to last much longer.

    “You used to tickle my Uncle all the time?” Hunter laughed in disbelief and Kiki smiled in nostalgia as her mind drifted back to young Philip, and the first time he’d learned her ‘hair’ was a hand: that being when she’d promptly decimated the little twink.

    “I did. You both have the same weak spot.” Her little claws shot up under his arms and Belos’ eyes widened in horror, before he finally lost it. The burst of laughter was sudden and uproarious from fighting it so long.

    “AHAHAHA! KIKI!” Welp. There went his fucking reputation. He’d be lucky if Hunter would ever take him seriously after this. Hunter attacked under his other arm and it almost drew a shriek from the Emperor.

    Kiki smirked and suddenly, to Hunter’s horror, the mora undid the spell binding the royal. She continued the ruthless assault, wiggling fingers along his ribs and under his arms and watched as he thrashed. The old witch rose a shaking hand that glowed crimson, but magic faded at his fingertips. It was no use, with his laughter and the hellish nerve spell wreaking havoc over his body and his cohorts’ vicious tickling, he couldn’t focus. Kiki knew this, and she was toying with him.

    “What are you doing? He’s going to get free!” And who knew what he could wrought down upon them then.

    “He can’t do a single thing like this, trust me.” Sure to her word, the Emperor’s gauntlets swiped towards her desperately, disorientedly trying to either grab at them, or shove them away, but it was useless. He just wound up rather flailing like a child.

    “What’s wrong, Uncle?” Hunter asked cockily as Belos’ laughter became more unrestrained. “The big bad Emperor can’t get away? You’re not even begging us to stop!”

    No of course he wasn’t, because he was Emperor Belos and if he really stooped low enough to beg for a bit of tickling to stop, he might as well throw himself into the fucking Boiling Sea. This was humiliating enough as it was.  Admittedly, both of these things were tempting to do when Hunter’s fingers dug more ruthlessly into his ribs.

    “I would suggest it’s in your best interest to give in.” Kiki’s grin could be heard behind the high collar. “I don’t mind either way, I could gladly go all day and I’m sure the boy can too. You probably can’t though.” If the man’s near hysterics was anything to go by.

    “YOU WIHIHILL BOTH-!” The threat gave off to a sudden fit of wet coughing, the grins on his nephew and advisor’s face giving way to wide eyed horror as black sludge dribbled slightly down his chin.

    Instantly, Kiki disenchanted the spell on him and rushed to his side. “My liege?!” She and Hunter watched the tar as it landed into a thick puddle and Kiki hopped quickly back as a guttural hiss sounding much unlike the man, slipped from his throat.

    “U-Uncle…?” Hunter trembled out at the threatening look in his parents’ eye. After a short time, recognition returned to his gaze and he was silent for a moment. Staring.

    This isn’t supposed to happen already…

    “…For the record, I maintain I would have kept it together had it not been for that blasted nerve spell. You know that’s an underhanded move, Kiki.”

    It was hard to steady her own breathing and shake the image of the tar from her mind. “You would not have,” Kiki scoffed with a raised brow. “You might have held on a minute longer at most without it.”

    “Perhaps.” It seemed he was choosing not to comment on what had just happened, so they decided not to as well. ”But the two of you…” A disembodied hand, fingers curled like tree branches, sprouted from the ground. “I can assure...are going to wish I threw you into the Boiling Seas by the time I finish with you.”

    The two’s eyes widened in gleeful terror as they backed up and broke into a run through the bed chambers. Neither of the three of them noticed the crack through his face split just a little deeper…

    #the owl house tickle #owl house tickling #toh tickle #here it is #my super indulgent fic only ai will care about but idc #you can pry this family from my cold dead hands #this is making me want to make a bunch of emperor family tickle hcs
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    I just saw a “crackship” hc request in my inbox. And I’m going to think it over before rushing in. I agree nonnie fandom can be toxic and crackships/non-canon might be the way to go.

    #I don’t know when it was sent but it must be recently ish or I’m just really bad at reading my messages properly #inbox stuff#Nonnie#ask #not really but it will be when I get to it #I also have some NYx hc requests that I see but with my writing I gotta be in the mood for them… so I’ll see #this is why I’m not prolific in hc/ or writing sense
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    // ever wondered how a dying vision feels like in your hands? he knows, would not recommend

    #// mun art tag #「 art. 」 ⇀  for the eternal beauty of the world . #「 hc. 」 ⇀  to the days long gone . #// YEAH I CANNOT STOP THINKING ABOUT THAT SCAR BY DYING VISION #SO HERE WE ARE NOW
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    How old are you? | t.h.

    Pairing: Tom Holland x Fem!Reader

    Summary: you and your son bump into your ex, the famous movie star Tom Holland. He finds out soon enough that he has got a son.

    Warnings: dad!Tom, mention of pregnancy, teenage pregnancy, language, mention of smoking

    A/N: hi! I just watched a video on TikTok based on this, so I wanted to write something about it (the idea actually comes from the TV show Once Upon A Time). Hope you enjoy! 💌 Tell me if you want a part 2.

    Main Masterlist

    Taglist: @imawhoreforu

    [credit to whoever made the gif!]

    Bumping into your ex is an awkward thing, but bumping into your ex teenage boyfriend with your son is something else. Especially when that son is his and he doesn’t know anything about it.

    “You screwed up so bad this time, Y/N,” your friend Olivia said.

    “Well, she already did it the other time, you know,” recalled Diana, while smoking a cigarette.

    “Thanks people, now I really feel better,” you said, annoyed.

    “That’s for friends are for,” Olivia joked.

    “How’s the kid?” Diana asked. “Still shocked about the fact that a famous actor is actually his father?”

    You shrugged.

    “He’s holding up just fine, I think. He’s thrilled about it. He would want to get to know him, but Tom’s still angry at me. And Mark is angry at me too. I hate this,” you say, laying on the couch.

    “Tell us again about what happened,” Olivia said. “I want to imagine Tom’s surprised face again when you told him,” she added, smiling.

    “You have always hated him,” you replied, a bit of sadness into your voice.

    She shakes her head.

    “I didn’t hate him. I just hated the effect that he had on you. I mean… look what he made you do,” she said, carefully.

    “We made a mistake, but Mark is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I don’t regret my choice. He comes from love, after all,” you said, remembering all the things you shared with Tom back then. A part of you, a part that you buried deep down, knew too well that you wouldn’t have left Tom in another universe. That’s why you put him first. Him and your child. “Okay, now I’m gonna tell you everything again. Are you ready?”

    You went to the grocery shopping like every Saturday. Mark was holding your hand, when suddenly you saw him. You recognized Tom immediately. He hadn’t changed much, after all. His brown eyes were hidden by his sunglasses, but he still walked the same way: so confident, yet so shy.

    “I don’t wanna know how handsome was Tom Holland, please. We already know you like his appearance, since you fucked him,” Diana interrupted.

    “Let her talk! This is better than Gossip Girl,” Olivia said, laughing.

    You left Mark’s hand and he got worried.

    “Mom, are you okay?”

    But you didn’t have enough time to answer, to tell him a lie, because Tom saw you. He took off his sunglasses, while looking at you. He seemed astonished.

    “Y/N?” He asked. His British accent was still intact, even if you often saw him talking with an American accent in movies. Mark loved Spider-Man so much. Little did he know that the man who played him was actually his father.

    You smiled at him.

    “Tom Holland?” Mark asked, when he recognized him. “Mom, you know Spider-Man?”

    He was thrilled to know him, you knew that, but you didn’t want any of them to find out about your little secret. It had to be buried with you.

    “I want a prequel about your high school life,” Olivia said, while eating some popcorns. “I bet it’s very interesting”.

    “Fuck no,” Diana said. “Y/N, go on or end me. This is a fucking torture”.

    “We’re almost there,” you said.

    “Wait, is that your son?” Tom asked. He had always been so clever. It took him a second to realize.


    “How old are you, kid?”

    “Mark, you don’t have to…”

    “How old are you?” Tom asked again.

    “Tom, it’s none of your business!” You exclaimed, grabbing Mark’s hand.

    “Eleven! I’m eleven!” Mark shouted. Tom took a step back, as if he had punched him. “What’s going on? Why is it so important?”

    Tom looked at you. His heart seemed broken, even if you couldn’t see it. He clenched his jaw, disappointed. You felt your eyes burn because of the tears.

    “He’s my son, isn’t he?”

    Mark’s eyes grew wide.

    “Tom, listen to me. We were sixteen and you wanted a career. I didn’t have the right to…”

    “You had to tell me, Y/N. You had to fucking tell me. What made you think that I would have left you?” He asked and you felt the floor crumble under your feet.

    He would have stayed.

    “And then?” Olivia asked, looking at you from the chair.

    “Then, his friend Harrison took him away and Mark stopped talking to me,” you said, sadly.

    “This is so fucked up,” Diana mumbled.

    “I’m screwed. I lost everything,” you said, running a hand through your hair. Something Tom used to do when he was younger. You wondered if he did that even now.

    Somebody knocked at the door. It was Olivia’s flat, so you thought it was his brother, because he usually went there to visit her. Mark was still in his room, quiet. Olivia got up and walked towards the door. You saw her standing in front of somebody that wasn’t clearly her brother.

    “What the fuck…?” Diana said, looking at him.

    “Hi. Can I talk to Y/N, please?”

    Your jaw almost fell off your face.


    “Hey, darling. I think we have a lot to talk about. Would you mind going out with me?”

    As Diana always said: Fuck.

    #tom holland x reader #erule's masterlist#tom holland #tom holland fanfiction #peter parker x reader #tom holland imagine #tom holland ff #tom holland fanfic #tom holland headcanon #tom holland blurb #tom holland one shot #tom holland hc #tom holland fic #dad tom holland x reader #tom holland x y/n #tom holland x fem reader #tom holland x you #tom holland fluff #tom holland smut
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    Rajasthan HC Civil Judge PCS J 2021 Online Form

    Rajasthan HC Civil Judge PCS J 2021 Online Form

    राजस्थान उच्च न्यायालय, (RHC) Rajasthan HC Civil Judge PCS J 2021 Online Form पत्र के लिए आमंत्रित किया जाता है। उन उम्मीदवारों को निम्नलिखित आरएचसी भर्ती ऑनलाइन आवेदन करने से पहले पूर्ण अधिसूचना पढ़ सकते हैं।   SARKARI ALERT Rajasthan HC Civil Judge PCS J 2021 Company Name Rajasthan High Court Post Name Civil Judge PCS J No. Of Post 120 Experience Fresher Qualification Bachelor…

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    #120 #Civil Judge PCS J #Freejobalert#Fresher#Indgovt #Rajasthan HC Civil Judge PCS J 2021 #Rajasthan High Court #Recruitment Guru#sarkari alert#Sarkari co #sarkari job .co #Sarkari result#sarkari rijalt
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    hi hello my name is leo and here’s the post that literally no one asked for about how three by sleeping at last is written for one evan buckley (with lyric references!)

    maybe i’ve done enough  and your golden child grew up 

    listen this is literally about the buckley parents. he spent so long trying to be the perfect son for his parents, trying to solve whatever he’d done to them, trying desperately to just be enough for them and breaking himself in the process. he literally tore himself apart trying to be just something to them. he talks to maddie when he visits her in the hospital (in buck begins) about them thinking he’s a loser and literally begs her to believe him when he says he’s going to be something one day. that’s the effect his parents had on him. and when his parents come back in what’s your grievance/buck begins and he finally gets to tell them how they made him feel his whole life, and that convo with them at the end of buck begins, i think that’s the beginning of him kind of being able to say i’ve grown up now, and yeah what you did will always hurt me but i can move past it now, because i have my own family, i’ve found somewhere where i actually belong. and with the 118, he doesn’t have to be that golden child 

    (sure, there’s the protective, kinda mentoring instinct between him and bobby that we see a lot through the early parts of season one especially, but even with that there’s never this expectation that buck’s gotta be perfect - gotta be the golden child. bobby’s trying to help him be a better firefighter and grow as a person but there’s never that pressure that there was with his parents. 

    oh and hey maybe that’s why the lawsuit happens because the whole thing about bobby holding him back feels too much like his parents underestimating him, never believing in him (they think i’m a total loser maddie, and i’m not, i’m not okay- i’m gonna be something, i just- don’t know what yet) and it’s hard beause bobby has never made him feel like that but it’s just a little too close)

    maybe this trophy isn’t real love 

    this lyric. i do not give it enough appreciation but holy fuck. okay but, its like- it fits well with this whole idea that buck grew up with that he always had to deserve love, yanno? like his parents’ neglect basically taught him that he had to be putting himself in danger and hurting himself to be worth even attention. and it’s like- with the 118, he’s finally getting to realise that maybe that’s not how love is supposed to work. he’s been brought up with the idea that he needs to work for this love because otherwise if he’s not good enough people will leave. and this doesn’t even finish with his parents. this goes all the way through to abby, to ali. he has this deep rooted fear that if he’s not good enough then people will leave him, because that’s all he’s really had. and then this lyric- it’s like, him realising that this version of love that his parents fed him isn’t real love, isn’t how parents should love their kids, or how families should care for each other. and it’s just buck’s realisation that this tokenistic love isn’t something that he has to settle for, because it’s not real love. 

    and with or without it i’m good enough maybe i’ve done enough 

    this kinda carries on from the first point but it’s like, buck finally getting to realise that he doesn’t need his parents love to be worth shit. like his whole childhood he was just trying to be what his parents wanted in the desperate hope that they would see him. and now he’s found this place he really belongs and in the 118 he’s found these people he really belongs with, and it’s like- suddenly he doesn’t need to try- doesn’t need to work to be loved. and it’s like, he’s realising that he doesn’t need to change himself to be worth shit. 

    a mess of a story i’m ashamed to tell  but i’m slowly learning how to break this spell 

    this- it’s just- the whole thing about buck getting therapy in s4. for so long he’s not really talked to anyone about the shit he’s been through, like even we see in what’s your grievance that the 118 basically know nothing about the buckleys. because buck doesn’t even talk about his past to them really, because he’s so ashamed of it. but him finally being able to go to therapy and work on it, it’s like- he’s slowly learning how to undo all this shit that his parents drilled into him, like about him never being good enough and about him having to work for their love and attention and change himself. and he’s finally learning, with therapy and with the 118 reteaching him all this shit about love (and not even romantic, like buddie is a whole other thing don’t even get me started, like familial love), how to get past his parents and realise that he is worthy of love, regardless of anything else. 

    and i finally see myself  through the eyes of no one else 

    oh shit but this is important and all right. like. it’s just a little thing but it’s like, buck trying to move on from letting what other people thought of him control him. i think this is something that he’s working on, and something that comes with time, because i think it’s something we see a lot throughout the show. i think it kinda contributes to the whole buck 1.0 thing, like sure a lot of why he wants to move on from ‘buck 1.0′ is about moving on and being a better man and stuff but i think it’s also this thought of being embarrassed of himself, almost? idk but look he has a lot of issues with seeing himself as good enough without the influence of others and i think this lyric links a lot to that. 

    now i only want what’s real to let my heart feel what it feels 

    again this fits with the whole therapy thing as well but it’s like- throughout the show he’s always been a very heart-on-his-sleeve kinda guy. like that’s just who he is. but like this- to let my heart feel what it feels - its like about him being allowed to be proud of how far he’s come and everything he’s been through with his parents and even after that. and its about him allowing himself to love unashamedly and without fear of people abandoning him, and not like letting that fear stop him from loving. and like yeah im gonna touch on buddie here bc like, it’s like after all this shit, everything that the two of them have been through, it’s like, that line is like him letting himself feel that for eddie, whatever it is. because for so long he’s not let himself get that connection after abby because she hurt him like that and he’s not let himself have this connection with eddie out of fear that it’s not going to be reciprocated or tat he’s a terrible person for falling in love with his best friend or some shit but it’s like- that line is like him allowing himself to feel that, and like that just being okay? like he’s finally getting to accept that he’s fallen in love with this increibleman and his incredible son and the life that he’s built with them, and like it’s about buck falling in love with that life and trusting that it’s not going to disappear from under his feet. and that takes buck a lot of courage because he’s only ever had people that left. and so he’s finally letting his heart feel , and letting his heart guide him, because he deserves it. 

    and like even out of a buddie context, with the rest of the 118, it still applies. this shit about letting his heart feel what it feels, it’s like- letting himself believe that this life is something that he can have, that he can settle into, that he can keep. it’s like- he can love these people, and not have to see them leave. and that’s a revolutionary thing for buck, but it’s so freeing. 

    and leave my greatest failures on display  with an asterisk  worthy of love anyway

    holy fuck this is like, my favourite lyric ever okay but again it’s this idea that he has to work to be loved. he has to fight for attention and for appreciation and for love and like this lyric, it’s about him being able to move on from that and realise that he’s worthy of love at his rawest, without all this work and putting himself at risk. and sure im going back on my buddie bullshit for this but like- it’s eddie that makes him realise this. sure it’s the influence of the whole 118 and maddie and shit but it’s eddie most of all. eddie, who has dealt with his bullshit first hand (the whole jealousy thing in 2x01) and come through it by his side, still wanting to be his friend. eddie, who appreciates him and helps him and supports him and trusts him with his son. eddie, who forgives him, even when, yeah, sometimes he doesn’t need forgiving but then it’s eddie that tells him that (the post-tsunami stuff at the end of 3x03) and reassures him that he’s worthy. eddie, who fights by him and for him and desperately, constantly, tries to make him realise he’s so much more than what his parents deem him to be. eddie, who tells him that he doesn’t have to apologise just for existing and expecting the bare minimum of love from his parents (the boxing scene in - i think? - 4x04). eddie, who fights to get back to him. eddie, who trusts him so much with christopher that he’ll change his will for him. eddie, that loves him. right at his rawest, without all that work, with all his greatest failiures on display. because it’s eddie who’s seen most of that shit, and it’s eddie who’s stayed. who’s made him realise he’s worthy of love, anyway. 


    thank you for coming to my ted talk listen to three by sleeping at last and tell me that there is at least some sense in this pls im driving myself up the wall istg

    #evan buckley#buddie#eddie diaz#911#911 fox #911 on fox #leo writes hcs #...maybe it's me that needs therapy. #this is almost two thousand words holy fuck #i can write this but not fic? wow thanks brain
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    Dating Shigaraki headcannons

    This is College no quirks AU! Reader is gender nuetral

    He'd be touch starved so would always look for you

    Wants to be hugged all the time

    if you don't he'd be in a bad mood for the rest of the day

    He's probably a gamer boy whose room is filled with Monster energy drink cans

    When you tried cleaning his room and almost threw out the cans he got angry

    said he was gonna make a Monster gun out of it when he had enough

    you just giggled and let him be

    always holds your hand when going out and occasionally gives you small gifts like flowers or food

    He loves seeing you smile and his heart warms up when you do

    Says "I love you" at random times, he tries to say it almost everyday

    He's definitely one of those people who get high grades even though they only review once

    When you need help with anything he tries to help you as best as he can

    Gets frustrated when he can't understand something because he doesn't want you asking other people for help

    Your dates would either be having video game dates or picnics

    yes picnics, he likes the tranquility of just enjoying the moment and being outside with you

    When you talk to him while he's gaming he just nods because he isn't listening

    But he's smart and used a voice recorder to record what you said

    so when you asked him about it later he just listens to it and talks as if he was listening all along

    Doesn't get jealous about you talking with other guys unless it's Dabi

    The two are friends but he still feels inferior to him because of the big difference they have in popularity and looks

    But you always assure him that he's the only one you love and when you do he gets butterflies in his stomach and blushes

    When you have sleepovers together you always bring a self care kit filled with different kinds of things like masks and creams for a spa date inside

    At first he thought it was because of his skin and got upset and insecure but after he understood he looked forward to it everytime

    Whenever you sleep tother it's always by cuddling

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    fuck you this is my account and I will post what I want /lh

    // ddlc, doki doki literature club!!


    ddlc hcs of mine :

    sayori is definitely the type to make cute colorful friendship bracelets for everyone in the club and has everyone wear them, and whenever she notices they aren't wearing them she gets sad (not actually sad but is like "noo why would you take it off :(" kind of sad, yknow?)

    Natsuki is trans and omnisexual (pref for women) because I said so, and uses neopronouns

    I hc that Yuri dresses in goth attire (traditional goth specifically)

    Monika uses Her/Him/Xer (or she/he/xe) pronouns <3

    Yuri really loves it whenever one of them asks her about her knife collection, she loves talking about them!!

    Natsuki secretly likes drawing and tried keeping it secret until Sayori saw on if her drawings and said it was amazing <3

    Sayori likes to listen to Marina and the diamonds, Penelope Scott, Beach Bunny, Mitski, and Melanie Martinez and I will be taking NO criticism /lh

    Sayori uses random emojis when messaging people :




    "sayori what does this mean"


    "sorry I dropped my phone I was laughing those emojis are silly to me"

    Monika loves the song Dancing Queen by ABBA <3

    The song that they all love listening to together is the hype by twenty one pilots <3!!!

    monika also rlly likes the song space girl by frances forever shhh

    #tw ddlc #tw doki doki literature Club #rooker speaks!! #ddlc headcanons #doki doki literature club #natsuki ddlc#monika ddlc#yuri ddlc#sayori ddlc#ddlc hc #doki doki yuri #doki doki monika #doki doki sayori #doki doki natsuki
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    -owns a whole singing cafe

    -is passionate enough about it to threaten Emma's job over her refusal to sing

    -presumably likes theatre enough to let Zoey specifically hire a bunch of theatre kids

    -presumably wrote and choreographed the first part of Cup of Roasted Coffee

    -is the first character to actively try to harm Paul and Emma (as opposed to singing at them until they leave)

    -is the first character shown infecting people via blue shit

    -shows up in let him come, let it out, and inevitable

    -is also possibly in Lah Dee Dah Dah Day if you assume Jaime's character is Nora on her way to Beanies

    -Orchestrated the entire apocalypse?

    -is Pokey?

    #i wish#theory#hc#nora #theres a fic where she is in fact responsible for bringing the hive-mind to Hatchetfield its rly good #shes also debs aunt/guardian in that which is absolutely where i got the headcanon from
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    I haven’t personally seen any fights, but just in case, a quick reminder:

    #the owl house #toh spoilers#camila noceda#eda clawthorne#raine whispers#toh meme #this is MOSTLY a joke but #uh #i feel like it might be a good enough precaution lol? #anygay i’ve been hc eda as polyam ever since we got to know about rayne/raine #bc i REFUSE to let go of camileda fite me lol #but also raeda got me like 👀
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    * millicent.

    Basic Ass Profile.

    portrayal notes:

    demisexual/demiromantic gnc/nonbinary White Latinx with C-PTSD (... neurodivergent?)

    Millicent is a survivor of grooming and non-incestuous child sexual abuse, as well as a survivor of child neglect, and emotional and verbal abuse. 

    Millicent is unlikely to explicitly name, explain, or mention any of the abuse in either dialog or narration, though their issues with her parents are a far more common topic. Still, all of it has impacted them deeply, and it informs a lot of their personality, relationships, and decisions. 

    canon accessible, fanon ignorant.

    OTP is Millaise, exclusive to @themachiavel / @ourpyrrhicvictory​

                                                                          ( to be continued... )


    Millicent ? Bulstrode —Millie, Mills Half-blood. Wix. Nonbinary. Any pronouns.  b. TBD. 


    Millicent is “tall for a woman and about average-ish for a man” (approx. 5ft9in) and “solid and sturdy”, “fat layered on muscle” (approx 260lbs, with a rectangular body/even fat distribution). 

    Easily gains muscle and without trying. 

    Brown-eyed, with thick black hair courtesy of her Portuguese heritage. 

    Their appearance changes often based on their mental health and current gender expression. [link to future hc]

    Tends towards dramatic makeup and black clothes. Pitch black sunglasses. 

    Constant victim of “mental breakdown haircut/dyejob” [links to be added]


    Parents: Hugo Bulstrode & Adriana Bulstrode (nee ____) Stepmom: [TBA] Siblings: Matilda Bulstrode, [half-brother]



    Overly preoccupied with the way others may see her, vacillates between wanting to be Unseen and obsessing over projecting the perfect image (not to be confused with “projecting an image of perfection”). 

    Disorganized attachment style that comes off as avoidant if you don’t know her. 

    Knows others intimately, but has trouble being vulnerable with others. Pushes people away as soon as he feels that he’s revealed to much of her personality.

    Intensely loyal to “their own” and doesn’t extend anywhere near the same energy on those who aren’t. 

    Tough exterior shelters squishy little insides. When hurt, feels that hurt deeply and has trouble “bouncing back”. 

    [Lists off C-PTSD symptoms related to emotional volatility and low self-image] 

    Is sex repulsed, but experiences sexual desire and attraction RIP

    Mommy AND Daddy Issues !!!! BOGO. 

    Comes off as a jock but is actually an exercise-hating art kid. 

    need to know.

    A poet by passion and an essayist/journalist by profession. Traditional media: favors charcoal and graphite, will occasionally use inks. Will experiment with 3D, non-textile art forms for fun. A complicated relationship with photography. 

    Photography had a role in the way she was groomed. [hc link tba]

    The smell of alcohol and tobacco are a trigger. :/ 

    While “golden child” and “scapegoat” are relevant to how Mattie and Millicent were played off of each other, neither experienced “narcissistic abuse”. 




    in character.



    #* basic profiles. #* millicent hc. #* millicent ic. #* millicent mb. #* millicent aes. #* millicent musings. #* re: millicent. #* millicent verses. #* millicent pages. #* millicent meta.
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    #hehe thank u for the ask #jsewitchdoctor#egoshipping #my ego posts #my ego hcs
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