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  • I was actually really excited for what looks to be a pan v monkey fight in episode 5 that pan wins but now

    with the reveal about Marisa’s past

    it’s actually going to make me feel sad for her lowkey tbqh.

    bc it’s someone else hurting her. the person she loves most.

    (not to vilify lyra at all, like she doesn’t Know and after how marisa has treated her I can’t really blame her or pan for it, but it’s just a sad thing now we’ve had that canon implication of marisa being an abused child snbdkbdj.)

    I’m in a huge amount of mrs coulter feelings since last night holy wow.

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  • image

    she deserves the world okay 😔

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  • the fucking whiplash that scene of Marisa and the monkey facing the wall gave me as someone who grew up in an emotionally repressive household because that’s what i did to self-soothe growing up

    #and also as someone neurodivergent #standing staring at a wall is sometimes the best place to calm down or concentrate out of a spiral #when overstimulated or in sensory overload when in a very emotionally loaded moment #i had to pause the ep and i didnt go back to watching it until later in the afternoon #i literally steeled myself through that very impressive scene with Lee #and lost it when she was just there standing at the wall and monkey held her hand #tw: emotional abuse #mrs coulter#hdm
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  • will parry being the goodiest in S2, E1

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  • When pets (cats or dogs at least and I would assume most other pets) put their heads to the wall it is often a sign of an extreme medical issue that needs immediate attention so my first thought when I saw Mrs. Coulter like that was that I needed to take her to the veterinarian immediately. 

    #mrs coulter #hdm s2 e3 #abuse tw#abuse cw#medical tw#marisa coulter #mrs. coulter #his dark materials #hdm bbc spoilers #hdm spoilers#hdm#hdm s2
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  • Mrs. Coulter going over to the wall like that is so much more effective than an abuse flashback scene. To see an adult woman regress like that, especially one who is always so strong and in control—it just makes me feel so unsteady. And it really emphasis how her childhood wounds have stayed with her—she’s an adult woman with her face to the wall—because she’s the child who grew up but never escaped. 

    #hdm s2 e3 #abuse tw#abuse cw#abuse #i have so many feelings about this but it has taken me a bit to process it #his dark materials #i just want to save her #i just want her to be happy #hdm#hdm s2#marisa coulter#mrs coulter #mrs. coulter #hdm spoilers #hdm bbc spoilers
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  • i kinda preferred the marisa we saw in yesterday’s episode. i mean don’t get me wrong i’ll always love the cold, manipulative, borderline sociopathic mrs. coulter. but i’d love to see her give those saracastic comments and hear her laugh more often. she just seemed a bit more….human (not to forget the emotion she displayed too.)

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  • Marisa Coulter getting called out and then going to stand by the wall, head down, not touching (not being lazy and letting the pressure ease off) and having literally just finished talking about abusive parents…well, a go stand by the wall…I’m just imagining her being told to do that and while I’m not able to articulate what I mean, someone else will. Feel free to elaborate.

    Also, her daemon going for her hand? Young Marisa wouldn’t have let that happen. Or maybe she would have. They could have held hands whenever they stared at the wall, for hours and hours and hours. Maybe she snapped back at herself one day and it hurt, so she never held his hand again.

    Just…lots of thoughts and feelings over Marisa Coulter and punishment.

    #tw abuse#child abuse#marisa coulter#hdm#bbc's hdm #his dark materials #she was so patient with lyra in the beginning #but then she picked pantalaimon up #because it all went on and on until she reverted to what she knew #in context it was too far and she would never have been able to make up for it #but if they had Time and if lyra wasn't so involved in fucking Plot... #maybe they could have made a family together #she could have learned how to be a better parent and person
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  • bare your souls by @consultingzoologist

    Jake always thought he would be a dog.
    Not literally of course, but figuratively. But when it comes to daemons, figuratively was about as literal as it could get.

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    -All of these icons are 100x100 and completely unedited. You are welcome to use them and edit them as you see fit but if you do, please credit me for the base icons.

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    -There are 149 icons in total.

    -Link in source!

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  • interest check


    a dark academia-style his dark materials au roleplay set at oxford university (and elsewhere). featuring:

    • original characters

    • mystical artifacts

    • personal daemons

    • mystery/intrigue subplots

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  • no but my mum is just a show watcher, hasn’t read the books and i haven’t spoiled her about what happens, and she was talking to me today about how she’s unsure about mrs coulter and how genuine she is at times, and how much of what she does is manipulation.

    like she even said to me she doesn’t know if she believes she’s going to be able to put lyra first (she will in fact probably see her doing so - in a fucked up, truly mrs coulter style way but still fhuegrygew - at the end of season 2 but shhhh she doesn’t know that) because she’s a manipulative person and ‘manipulative people only ever put themselves first’ (not always true, and doesn’t end up being completely true in mrs coulter’s case either, but i got what she was saying bc most of the time manipulative people are very selfish. )

    and that to me speaks volumes to me about how, in my mind, the show mrs coulter is on point to the books and more.

    i have seen such mixed opinions and like i don’t want anyone to think i’m attacking them for their views with this, i’m just putting my own views forward, but if someone who hasn’t read the books can be left with the same taste in their mouth about mrs coulter in the show that the books left in the readers’ mouths,

    then the show has to be doing something right tbqh.

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  • I said, you know what I want to read a fiction book for a change my bf said ok then got me this to keep me busy for the entire year:

    #so gotdam thicc #de noorderlicht triologie #🤭#HDM #i almost never read fiction but was looking forward to this #DIDNT KNOW THEY HAD ALL THEEE BOOKS IN ONE??!
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  • MASTERLIST | aesthetic | part i | part ii | part iii | part iv | part v |  part vi |  part vii | part viii |  part ix | part x | part xi | part xii |  part xiii |  part xiv | part xv | part xvi | part xvii |

    Prompt: Y/n and Lyra are finally reunited and Serafina Pekkala show
    Side notes: I’m back, still sobbing over episode 3 season 2 of HDM. You’ll get the next part tomorrow, the end is near. i hate this part except the end but it do be like that sometimes.
    Warnings: strong language.

    “We’ll get her safe.”

        Bolvangar looked like something made out of a nightmare and you could only see the exterior of it. It looked like a cage and they didn’t even try to pretend it was a golden one. You swallowed hard as you thought about your sister who was inside, was she hurt? Was she alone? Had she found Roger? Were they safe? You wondered if Mrs Coulter was there as well and that if she was, you prayed that Lyra had been smart enough to hide from her.

    “I know.”

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  • Lord Asriel Belacqua aka King of Speeding Global Warming

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  • Lee trolling the shit outta mrs coulter is why LMM is the best choice for him i do NOT accept criticism

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  • image

    ah yes foreshadow about the gay angels. which one will go to super hell? find out in the next episodes 😩

    #i wonder what the hdm team will do about them #hdm#hdm s2#hdm spoilers #his dark materials
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  • #if i EVER meet pp i wILL make him SUFFER for what he did with lyra/malcolm and what he did at the end of tsc. i was TRAUMATISED #hdm #his dark materials #anon
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  • so cute

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