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  • im-totally-not-an-alien
    18.09.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    Bard Cloud

    That's right. Final Fantasy VII characters bound to the rules of DnD but their "Classes" (idk if I got that right) are randomized or just hilariously unfitting

    #prompt #an absolute shitshow #pure crack #for your entertainment #ff7#ffvii#cloud strife#aerith gainsborough#tifa lockhart#barret wallace#cid highwind#reeve tuesti#cait sith#red xiii#nanaki#yuffie kisaragi#vincent valentine#zack fair #cause hes involed SOMEHOW #sephiroth #cause a restraining order can only do so much #they cant change thier classes or whatever #so they're screwed #hehehe #i love this #warning #i know nothing of dnd #other than there miiiiiiiight be dragons
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  • dootdootboopedsnoot
    18.09.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    So like. I don't think Ralsei is evil. But I DO believe he's 100% lying about being a darkner.

    #deltarune ch. 2 spoilers #like. ralsei knows this abt the light world that he shouldn't have. #and lancer and roulxs turn into statues when they're not in the right world... #BUT RALSEI DOESN'T DO THAT. DESPITE SUPPOSEDLY BEING A DARKNER #RALSEI WHAT ARE YOU
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  • that-foul-legacy-lover
    18.09.2021 - 3 minutes ago
    #genshin impact#genshin childe#genshin tartaglia#foul legacy #foul legacy childe #🍡 anon #i set this at the beginning of yalls story- i think it would make for a really sweet moment #one where childe begins to hope that you won't try to kill him like everyone/thing else #he gets slowly closer to you himself and finds that he lvoes acting affectionate #scratch that. he loves YOU in general #you're like his light at the end of the tunnel #especially if he's suffered a lot already <33 #interaction event#milestone event
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  • squid-ink-personal
    18.09.2021 - 3 minutes ago


    #zelda#loz#sdv #bee plays sdv #tags headcanon: his mom’s name is Ellie #she loves him so much #he loves her too #but he keeps forgetting to write #also the cookies are ginger snaps #anyways Ellie’s basically Riza Hawkeye with a side of sweet #sweet to him scary to everyone else and mom to anyone she works with
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  • mariaoz
    18.09.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Ask me how much I love Yatora, ask me

    #he is so fucking cool y’all like my king legend shit #he is truly the only men huH? #that last chapter got me feeling sad tho it’s too late for metaphors SKSKSKKS #blue period#manga#yatora
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  • bbteeks
    18.09.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Good news, Petey is already in town! 🙌

    #vancouver canucks#elias pettersson #he’s like HURRY UP WITH MY CONTRACT I WANNA PLAY
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  • dreamsandflowers
    18.09.2021 - 4 minutes ago


    #this cute himbo #i can't #the way he dance and skipping #i need more heel sabin so i could see him being this evil cheerful #jeff be like 'this bitch' #the douche boyfriend energy #heel sabin is so precious #tna
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  • ectoplasmbender
    18.09.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Help,, I can't stop laughing at this image 😵

    #in context its from that post about how the ghosts in the show died and this is danny's example #but like. why pick a picture where he looks so happy 😭
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  • godspol
    18.09.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    my bff just described tommy as “a pathetic downtrodden bitchy aggro twunk”

    #HES SO RIGHT LIKE IT COULD NOT BE MPRE ACCURATE #tommy #charlie makes a post
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  • sirenthestone
    18.09.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Just watched the pilot for Columbo. Am I right in assuming his hair gets floofier over over time?

    #columbo#important question #every picture I’ve seen he has poofy hair #but it’s not floofy at all in the pilot
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  • bhag
    18.09.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    modern au boemac really has so much potential. trinimac as auri-el’s highly esteemed little protege and his life would be perfect only he can’t stop dating america’s most extreme fitstagrammer because deep down the only time he feels alive is when boethiah’s making him break into a weapons silo

    #they met at the gym. trinimac asked mephala if she was done with the leg press and boethiah pulled an 'is this guy bothering you queen' #they fistfought in the parking lot and then made out for 20 minutes and it was only when trinimac got home he realized she stole his wallet
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  • lecliss
    18.09.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Vholran is so hot dude. Its a shame hes a fucking creep.

    #im in the middle of his sovereign boss fight so i was gonna say this after but my friend texted me so i had to pause and explain to her #that her house has ghosts #ANYWAY. vholran hot in like a creepy which is bad. can be good and his case it certainly is good #but he ACTS creepy in a not fun way so itd like. oh hello sir 👀 OH nevermind sir 😦 #personal#arise spoilers
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  • ishouldgay
    18.09.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Can I just say the Warden has some of the best burns ever?

    #dragon age #dragon age origins #zevran arainai #He is gong to need some healing after that
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  • murasakiirohana
    18.09.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    //I don’t know what it is about the the marks on chouji’s face, but every time I draw them it is always a Challenge

    #i have to stare at them for a good minute to actually realize which way there are going; why am i like this #anyways i'm coloring an old drawing that was supposed to be a trio drawing but i've decided only he has rights #since he turned out nicely in it-
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  • uppermocns
    18.09.2021 - 7 minutes ago
    #mutuals #he’s so pretty too
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  • softhyungkyun
    18.09.2021 - 7 minutes ago
    #shownu saturday#shownu#monsta x#sn #that sweet subtitle was written by shownu himself <3 #it was his caption on this pic of him he posted :'') #i miss that good man #cant wait for him to come home from the war
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  • fruityangels
    18.09.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Nothing drives me up the walls then knowing they meant for Castiel to be in like 3-4 eps and now he's a main character with 12 years on his belt like he literally changed the narrative of supernatural with his appearance

    #the very first angel!!!!! #and he's gay
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  • natalya-romanova
    18.09.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Omni-man is a beast what the fuck. now I realize how terrifying superheroes are, I want that man as far away from earth as possible

    #invincible#omni man#nolan grayson #he… he destroyed that planet like it was nothing #episode two people
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  • himbo-in-limbo
    18.09.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Been a long while since I’ve made a new yautja oc for myself

    I don’t got a proper name for him yet but I’ve just been calling him Skully lmao

    Anyways this lad was born with this crazy skin pattern (though he adds paint to accentuate the skull-look) but aside from this he’s naturally gifted with spiritual gifts (seeing the dead/communicating with em/talking to deity’s etc)

    He def has a temple (possibly shared with other yautja mediums) that many spiritual yautja go to for guidance, he is the leading medium there though. His readings and predictions are crazy accurate

    Hell he might even know your name before you talk to him, just depends on the spirits if they feel like spilling the tea

    This man is also a hermit (I’d say he’s lazy) but he just gets tired by other ppls energy very quickly since it’s always being used to commune and see in other planes

    He’s rly chill tho!

    He used to partake in the hunt but that did not last very long after making a few kills and still seeing their ghost. Just. There. He realized this ain’t his path and decided to pursue the mystic arts

    (Random but he has the yautja equivalent of a sweet tooth)

    Btw I still got commission slots open if ya want me to make you a yautja oc ✨ DM if interested!

    #totally not projecting my spiritual self through him nooo #yes he is friends with arty just cuz #my art#digital art#original design#yautja#original character#predator#digital drawing#my oc#new oc#Limbo Rants
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  • katnip225
    18.09.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Techno fights out what happened to Wilbur

    So I love the idea of Techno not knowing that Phil was the one who took Wilbur's last life. He just thinks it was the expulsion that did it. He would never even imagine that Phil would do that.

    Phil assumes that Techno knows so has never told him. The talk of Wilbur's death is very much a hard topic for both of them. So not like Techno is asking.

    So here is how I imagine Techno finding out about this. (this is based more on my au since I like Techno being an uncle/2nd dad to Wilbur. Doubt this would happen in canon). This is a very rough outline of events

    So Techno is back from getting the blueprints and is talking with Phil about a plan. They want to get a good base idea before telling Niki and Ranboo. Phil is telling Techno what he has missed and talks about the RanVan that Wilbur and Ranboo started.

    Techno is like "Don't you mean Ghostbur. "

    Phil is like "Oh right. Wilbur is back. Like really back. "

    Techno is like "Wait really? Where is he?"

    In my au, Techno really blames himself for what happened to Wilbur since he did nothing to help. He assumed that after the plan, they would run off to somewhere they could hide. Techno calls Phil and they can handle Wilbur's mental state then. He did not know that their last time talking would be their last. He should have known when Wilbur called him Papa (In my au, Wilbur used to call Techno Papa when he was young but as he got older it stopped. He only calls Techno "Papa" these days if something serious happens)

    Phil explains that Wilbur should be home in a few hours since he is working at the RanVan.

    Techno is happy to hear that Wilbur is getting along with Ranboo. Through does laugh when Phil talks about having to force Wilbur to interact with him.

    Phil does warn Techno that Wilbur is still not in the best mindset and about the train station.

    Techno is not happy about that. He hates the idea of Wilbur suffering. 13 and half years, alone. Little surprise that Wilbur is not doing any better mentally.

    The two go back to planning until Wilbur comes home.

    As one knows hearing something and seeing something are two different things.

    So Techno is still shocked to see Wilbur. He still runs over to give Wilbur a hug. Which Wilbur makes a joke of "Phil, someone replaced Techno. He just hugged me without any prompting from me" Through Wilbur does return the hug (Touch starve boy)

    Techno is like "Okay 1) if someone was going to replace me, doubt they would do this. That would be too much of a give away. 2) I am allowed to do this after you blew yourself up. "

    Techno is still hugging Wilbur so he does not see Wilbur's confused expression and Phil's eyes going wide in horror.

    Techno is a little too happy with his pack finally being whole again to notice the shift of emotions in the room. Techno goes to grab some food

    Wilbur is like "Why does Techno think I blew myself up? I mean that was the original plan but that was not how my final life was taken"

    Phil is like "We never talked about it so he must have assumed. I assumed he did knew. "

    WIlbur is like "Do you want me to tell him? "

    Phil sighs and is like "No. I will tell him. Not right now since he is too happy. It has been a long time since he has been like this and I hate to ruin it. But I will tell him tonight. "

    Techno comes back with some food and they all eat. Again not noticing the tension in the room.

    Wilbur heads upstairs to shower and go to bed. (Wilbur does clean himself in my au. I doubt Phil would allow him to go around if he didn't. Yeah Wilbur is an adult but he is living with Phil. Plus Wilbur is working with food. )

    So Phil is like "Techno, there seems to be some misunderstanding and I need to clear it"

    Techno finally can see how tense Phil is and is worried. He is like "What misunderstanding?"

    Phil takes Techno to the couch and is like "It is about Wilbur's final life. He tnt did not take it"

    Techno is like "What else could have taken his life Phil? You were the only other person with him at the time"

    There are tears in Phil's eyes and that is when the pieces start to fall into place for Techno. But he is still can't believe it so he is like "Phil tell me someone else was there. "

    Phil just shakes his head and is like "I am sorry"

    Techno knows Phil would not lie about something like this. And Techno feels like his whole world just shattered.

    Techno starts to yell but unlike the past (Like the 3 months instead of 3 days things) the tone is much more serious. There is no jokes. "You took Wilbur's last life"

    Phil is shocked by this but responds "He was begging me too"

    Techno responds "I know we spoiled him in the past but this is something you should have said no to."

    Phil is starting to get angry as well. So is like "You are just as much as to blame. You allowed him to get that bad. "

    Both of them have a lot of guilt that they kept in so they are blaming each other.

    Techno is like "I was planning to calling you after the plan was done. I did not know what he was planning. I am bad at emotions. "

    Phil is like "Oh yeah. You could have called me a lot sooner. I was being lied to. I thought everything was fine"

    Techno fires back "How was I supposed to know what Wilbur was sending you? I am not reading over his letters"

    The yelling gets louder and louder

    Techno is like "I can excuse so much Phil. I know you are getting old so the 3 months thing. Yeah I am pissed but hey that is something we can laugh at. This is serious Phil. "

    Phil is like "I panicked. I thought everything was fine. Then all of a sudden Wilbur is blowing up his nation and begging me to take his last life. In that moment I though he would be back to normal. I did not know he was on his last life"

    Techno is like "You been in how many fights/wars, Phil? We almost took over a server. I get this is Wilbur but still. No going Angel of Death on him. That is not the answer. And back to normal? Phil you should know that respawn takes care of physical injuries. It does not heal the mind"

    Phil is like "Well if you just did something more. Then maybe I would have been more prepared. That wasn't my son down there"

    Techno is like "Not your son. We used to want him to fight along side us in wars. And even still, Phil no matter what Wilbur will always be our son. "

    The argument continues. Both sides blaming the other.

    Now Wilbur is hearing all of this. This is the first real fight (that was not a spar) that Wilbur has heard Phil and Techno had. Sure they argued a but bit nothing serious. So as any kid who hears their parents fighting he does not like it. He keeps hoping they will stop but it just keeps going and going. Just as he is about he head downstairs he hears the door slam.

    Techno is going to stay at where Ranboo is living (The one close to Phil and Techno's house). Ranboo is very confused but does not ask any questions. He is very sacred of the anger that was on Techno's face so he just lets Techno be.

    Phil goes off to the enchanted forest to calm down.

    So now Wilbur is alone. He does not want Phil and Techno to stay angry at each other. Especially since this was his fault. (Now Wilbur is blaming himself for Phil and Techno fighting)

    Wilbur thinks of an idea to get them back to being friends so off he goes. Sleep can wait. He can't ask Ranboo for any help since Techno is there. And he does not know if Tommy would help him. So Wilbur is doing everything on his own.

    Phil does return home but is too tired to really check up on Wilbur so he is just like "Night Wilbur" and goes to sleep (This family really needs to stop with assumptions)

    Now morning comes and Phil see Wilbur not in the bed. The bed does not looked even slept in. So Phil starts to look for Wilbur around the house. But no luck.

    Ranboo is trying to figure out how to talk to Techno when Phil knocks on the door. Before Ranboo can ask about what happened Phil is like "Is Wilbur here?"

    Ranboo is like "No. Just Techno"

    Techno overhears and is like "Is he not home?"

    Phil is like "No. His bed does not look to be slept in. And he never makes the bed. He is no where in the house"

    Techno is like "So you lost him. Given everything else, no surprise there"

    Before a fight can break out, Ranboo is like "Listen I don't know what happened but a fight is not going to help. Actually if you two were fighting last night since I never seen you two act like this before. Then maybe that is why Wilbur left. "

    Phil and Techno feel like idiots for not realizing it sooner. Of course Wilbur would leave. He has never seen this happen before and the fact of what they were fighting about was not good.

    So off the three of them go looking for Wilbur.

    Ranboo is the one who finds Wilbur first.

    Wilbur is like "Hey Ranboo. Do you mind helping me? I caused a fight to happen between Dad and Papa. So trying to make something for them to be friends again"

    Ranboo is a little confused but catches on that Techno is Papa. Ranboo gets a little more filled in on what happened.

    So Ranboo tried his best to explain to Wilbur that is not his fault and that Phil and Techno need to make up themselves.

    Wilbur breaks down saying how it is his fault. "Dad and Papa never fought like this before. It is my fault. If I was just better then the fight would have never happened. "

    The fight really has shaken Wilbur up. (He might be an adult but fights between parents are always nerve wracking. ) He can handle Tommy, Tubbo and Fundy being distrustful of him. He can handle people being angry at him. Wilbur can handle many things that people throw at him. He deserves it. But what he can't handle is his dads fighting. He does not want to be the reason why their friendship ends.

    Ranboo is able to tell Phil and Techno where Wilbur is.

    Soon the two come running over to Wilbur and comforting him.

    The three have a talk about what happened and the two do apologize for scaring Wilbur.

    They thank Ranboo for the help and head home. Wilbur refuses to let go to either of them so they sleep one of their nests.

    Phil and Techno have a healthy talk about what happened with Wilbur. Explaining their own guilt. They both know they both fucked up. They made big mistakes and they lost Wilbur because of it. Wilbur was their light. Both of them knew that Wilbur was their weakness. If Wilbur wanted something then they would do anything to get it for him. That being said, they made many mistakes.

    In my au, Wilbur's childhood was not bad but both Phil and Techno were blind to how unhappy Wilbur was. He did what he thought would make them happy. So this helped fuel their guilt.

    So now that the two finally let their guilt out. They can heal. And help Wilbur get better. They will try to juggle things. So they are still planning on helping Dream escape but they won't let that be everything that they do. They won't lose Wilbur again.

    #wilbursoot#wilbur#wilbur soot#philza#philza minecraft#techno#techoblade#technoblade#emerald duo#ranboo #tw: mental health #tw: dead mention #tw: suidice#fighting #Phil and Techno both need to talk and stop assuming things #To me it is no surprised that Wilbur is bad at admitting when he needs help #He did not have the best role models in that department #I have no idea what Wilbur was doing to make Techno and Phil friends again just needed him to not be home when Phil woke up #healthy communication is important in all relationships
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