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  • thcmasjames
    24.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i’ll be taking bets on when notatlas will appear again

    #{ 𝄞 } tj hammond is the better twin and that’s the tea // ooc #[ listen he and i got our hearts broken last year ] #[ and he has NOT wanted to come out for obvious reasons ] #[ when the person who was literally the stiles to your scott just drops you its hard ] #[ but like......were both better now ] #[ and i was ok with letting him just exist somewhere in my mind!!!! ] #[ but.....my sweet summer chILD ]
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  • detritivoresquad
    24.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Just saw someone only tagged a clown post as "me" which first of all we're Supposed to tag our posts w whoever was fronting when making or rbing the post, second of all i have no memory of the clown post so it wasn't me but 90% of the system likes clowns so i have 0 idea who did That

    #{ds;chrysocolla}#system talk #this is a harmless broken rule so im not mad its actually kinda funny #particularly bc we almost all like clowns so it reads as collective me #tentatively blaming spinel bc hes bad at rules and his memory is mostly locked off from mine #but it could have just as easily been hiroka #or ANYONE if they intentionally blocked me out for some reason
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  • evakant
    24.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    there’s many reasons i like jiang cheng but at the end of the day the biggest pull will always be that he has genre awareness

    #he follows wei wuxian's lead every step of the way knowing damn well what awaits them. and when his brother lets go of his hand #(because he LOVES him because he wants to PROTECT him) it's a slap in the face that he allows despite having seen it coming #i've said it before and i'll say it again: cassandra!!!! and so... and so he knows the genre #and he plays along while still fighting quite desperately against it. for a time at least. #because he rebels here and there before he learns his lesson. before he realizes that him not playing his role only makes shit worse #so when the moment comes (when he has to be the villain. the brother-killer. the merciless sect leader) he steps up. #he walks up that cliff. he leads the siege. #he goes to his brother. broken-hearted. sword at the ready. (with /everything/ left to lose because if we know something about #jiang cheng is that his family is everything to him) because it's what he has to do. because he knows his role. and he will do what he must. #cain was always going to be the first murderer. judas was always going to betray jesus. lucifer had to be cast out of heaven. #okay wait i didn't mean to make it so biblical lmao (but since i'm here he is unwilling lazarus as well - a point can be made that #wei wuxian is ALSO an unwilling lazarus - /and/ he is st. thomas too. testing the resurrected. wanting proof that it's /him/) #i'm sorry i'm just using the figures i'm not making this religious lmao help! #me patting jiang cheng's head: this character can fit so many parallels to well known tragic figures in him! #it does all come back to cassandra by the way. that's my main gal right there. #mh these are....a lot of tags i'll shut up now lmao #francesca speaks. #untamed.txt #jiang cheng
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  • bmkarkat
    24.09.2021 - 6 hours ago
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  • a-love-poet-at-heart
    24.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    if i had a nickel for every song jim steinman wrote the lyrics to that had the phase "the dashboard light" in it, id have at least 2 nickels which isnt a lot but weird that it happened twice

    (First time was paradise by the dashboard light and second was the lyrics to unsettled score from whistle down the wind musical so it wasnt even like the first time he used it wasnt popular. No first time was a hit and second time it wasnt even about the plot or anything in really important in whistle down the wind)

    #like jimmy has reused some lines like crying icicles instead of tears #that was in souvenirs before 2 out of 3 #but souvenirs was like just a demo song and wasnt officially published till 2016 #ill allow the line tire tracks and broken hearts since dead ringer wasnt a big a hit as the bat albums #also originally sung by meat loaf in a song before being used as a lyric in whistle down the wind #and the line proof that theres a life after birth i fucking know he used it before whistle down the wind #i just feel like i heard that used in another song of his
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  • underfell
    24.09.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #obv he isnt like beat for beat any of the two but if i had to compare him to any spunhcbub chracters itd be thsoe two #also keyboard is broken so im sorry for any future errors
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  • clouiis
    24.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Thinking about Shiv’s deep insecurities about her ability to love and be loved makes me wanna die luv!

    #like there IS a genuine measure of trust for Tom! #a GENUINE measure of fondness for him #but he’s still the most toothless version of the repeating pattern she allows herself #shiv to me feels like someone who is so scared of being in a relationship that doesn’t have an element of transaction to it #selflessness is something she sees as weakness AND something that scares her #so even while Tom imo genuinely #love her and she cares for him he’s STILL a grasping ankle biter social climber #shiv is rlly like I have to use and be used because my view of love is so broken ha ha ! #tunes talks succ
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  • shadowsung
    24.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    it’s not sunday, however,

    “azriel is not the ravishing type” is the biggest lie i’ve ever seen in sjm’s texts wow <3 

    azriel is also the type to take a lot of sexual partners but he keeps them at arms length for self preservation, plus they’re also a very well kept secret in canon

    i missed it before but i need to say it now, with my whole ass chest, azriel has a praise kink

    also while i have your attention ... don’t forget about his nipple piercings

    #「  𝟎𝟎𝟏.  」  headcanon  —  he had learned its language. #that tag is like actual hcs/metas broken up with shit like this #and i simply don't care
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  • rindont
    24.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    why am i doing this to myself

    angst warning for tags ☹️

    #thinking of breaking up with Mikey after a long broken relationship n both of u just .. know #n it’s bittersweet n ends messily but mikey just #lets u go cause he knows he’s not good for you #he knows it won’t work even though he tried so hard #but destruction is just his nature and you just … you weren’t his anomaly #yes im listening to final lullaby - the weekend #im just #im so emotional im crying so much what the fuck #’i can’t make you stay in this broken place and i hope you find peace’ #’close your eyes as i put us to sleep … finally’ #angst cw #zai.👜
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  • harryysstyless
    24.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    love y'all I hope you've had a great day!!!!

    #it was my momma's birthday and we got to go visit my nanna and actually HUG them bc we're all vaccinated now #and it was just so so amzing to see them and hug them again #I'm so pumped for halloween too bc they said my uncle is actually excited about it this year #which after losing my aunt he was so broken as we all were #so hearing that he's getting back to himself is so so great #esp considering halloween was my aunt's fave too #anyway sorry for the tag ramble just wanted y'all to know I had a good day and I genuinely hope everyone else did too! #lindsey rambles
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  • canon-batkids-react
    24.09.2021 - 16 hours ago
    #jason has broken up with like a single person and he's very much not over it #wally will physically force Dick out of the room if he even tries to play a song #Damian when he's older thinking back on that song and being like 😔 i grew up #Dick meets Taylor Swift at a gala one day and it's the best day of his life #Dick: I'm literally ascending someone kill me i can't come off this high #Taylor Swift: ??? sir you okay??? #Dick passes out #i hope the nyquil thing didn't mess you up too bad #canon batkids react #batfam#asks
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  • sexologii
    24.09.2021 - 16 hours ago
    #bb23 #talking bout broken promises but he’s fine to bring up someone’s nephew 💀
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  • luctisonusx
    24.09.2021 - 17 hours ago
    #his broken visage ; #he’s so cute fuck me
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  • pixlbelle
    23.09.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Here comes the BOYYYY~💙

    Finished the color and render~ I love him so god damn much. Tried something different from my normal cell-shaded style, and I really enjoyed it.

    This is Luka Avenart, Bard/Rogue/Warlock, a sailor by trade and collector of knowledge and history. Tho not strictly a g/t character, he’s totally a chaotic little tiny, or at most bean (5’4” short kiiing). This is one of my oldest characters, originally being an eccentric explorer in a cyberpunk type world/setting, rocking pj-bottoms and roller-skate sandals, now my chaotic bard son (tho ‘they/them’ is also acceptable).

    #art#dnd#dndcharacter#g/t#digital illustration#digital art#character design#oc: luka#bard #aaaa im so proud of this one! #I should note that when I say chaotic dumbass I mean he’s not the wisest #seriously when I rolled this mans stats his intelligence and charisma were fucking broken #I hope to play him someday in a high-seas campaign #I am alsooooo loving his striped paaaaaants
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  • slowlydiving
    23.09.2021 - 23 hours ago

    why. is channie. still awake. at almost 4am.

    #edit: okay wait now that I've seen his pictures I'm thinking he might be already up? #new theory: he's on his way to set to shoot more twenty twenty #I hope my phone's just broken #okay but I can't judge! or worry.. I do this way too often too 😬 #a.c.e #yuchan
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  • bernthalus-christ
    23.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    The King of Puppy Eyes 👑

    #jon bernthal#bernthirstbigbang#mine#frank castle#shane walsh#the mute#chase milbrandt#bradley james#braxton #i hate to sound like a broken record but #his eyes are so expressive #like pls stop it #i wanna make a feel good Tiktok about bringing him home from the pound and making him realize he's found his furever home #actually when he does this with his eyes he lowkey looks like he'd be on berries and cream tiktok for sure #this man could tell me he ran my granny over with a car and if he looked at me like that i'd apologize to him for her getting in his way
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  • ellietriestheart
    23.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Emotional support k-pop boy is cute!!

    #jungkook#jeongguk#jungkook bts#jeongguk bts#bts#bangtan seonyandan#bangtan boys#bts fanart #so funny story #i was listening to like. boulevard of broken dreams and was like SHOOT IVE NEVER DRAWN JK #so i did! #ok story's over #but yeah lol #soft emotional support k-pop boy hours #wait he has more variations of his name right? #uh#jeon jungkook#jeon jeongguk#jk bts #im amazing at tagging clearly :')
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  • kittycatsandblackcrows
    23.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Can't say I look forward to having to see a person again who thought it was ok to say they'd kill themselves just because I got upset with them never respecting my rules for them around my dog.

    They had 3 rules, they always break every single one. One day I just got tired of it and started crying. Their response? "I should just not exist. I should just go drown in the river".

    Yeah or you could just do what bare fucking minimum is asked of you? Everyone else has the whole rule book, you got just 3 simple rules. And you couldn't even do that.

    (Like my mother is a horrible sadistic bitch, but even she could follow the rules I had for my dog. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. SO WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR EXCUSE?!)

    .... I really don't want to meet them...

    #what were the rules you ask? #don't baby him when he is faking to get away with bad stuff. #don't just feed him treats left and right. ask us if it's ok to give him one - he may have just had a big meal. #don't let other dogs play with his toys. we don't know what dogs visit or if they may be ill. they may also break his toys #when i broke down she had let a dog break like the 4th copy she had gotten of my dogs favourite kind of toy #that is 40+ dollars worth of broken toys. i can't keep replacing them. also the stress of seeing Lucifer run around looking for the toy the #whole damn visit is extremely distressing. he never calmed down. this is what caused me breaking down. #and apparently me getting tired of this constant rule breaking for like 7 years was worth threating suicide for. #i have such great people in my life... sure do wonder how i ended up this husk of a human huh? 💀 #ryder speaking
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