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  • Ayato is an ankle biter… ruki faces that boy’s wrath every night. 🤨

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  • I started writing a ff/AU and I’ve wanted to make it for so long but this is my first chapter hope y’all enjoy it (btw I still don’t know how Tumblr works)



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  • So I drew armin (he’s my favourite character) and here it is!


    I know this isn’t something he would wear but I wanted to draw something cute.

    Also I have a headcanon where armin goes by he/they pronouns and is pan. I know it’s stupid but all my hc’s are :)

    The sketch:



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  • image


    Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! Sending love to you all and I hope you’re all safe and healthy.

    The stars were still young and bright when Gardevoir and Gallade promised to be together for eternity. They built a shining tower that touched the heavens and they would eat clouds and drink raindrops for breakfast. They grew red roses at the base because they both loved the sweet smell.

    They were blissfully happy together for a time when Gallade began to itch for adventure. He had been happy in the tower but now it tired him. Gardevoir was sad but she held his hands and told him she’d wait for him in their tower.

    Gallade rode out into the world and had many wonderful adventures. Gardevoir faded from his mind and the years whirled away like autumn leaves.

    One day, he saw a shape in the clouds like the train of a white skirt and memory hit him like a thunderbolt. Gallade remembered a wide smile, the taste of rain and the smell of roses. He hastened back to the tower and time stretched with no end.

    He reached the tower and saw roses encircling the stones. Gallade climbed up, heedless of the thorns that bled his hands. At the top, he pushed the roses out of the window as the sun shone as golden as the day he left. Gallade crept into the room that smelled of dust. He fell to his knees as he saw Gardevoir lying on a bed in the middle of the tower. She had turned to stone, the image of a goddess preserved in eternity and he wept over her still body. Gallade held Gardevoir’s cold hands and mourned the lost years. He promised that he’d never leave her side again as the golden sun slid through the curtains of roses.

    I head canon this as being a gallade origin story known to ghost types. A gallade was once uncommon, and it wasn’t until human intervention that more of them were seen. Kirlias who made that decision would face changing the entire nature of their beings, and metaphors for that are found throughout this story. Eating clouds and drinking raindrops would have been possible in the past life, but now the gallade has become corporeal and tied to the earth (capable of learning earth based moves, such as stone edge and earthquake). The thorns bleeding his hands are a symbol for how he has now become vulnerable to his own kind, and the stone gardevoir is supposed to hit home how he could no longer return to being what he once was in a state of being where he once felt comfortable. The longing for adventure describes the reasoning behind why some make the decision to seek out a dawn stone and make that extreme change.

    Side note: Some fans like to head canon a female gallade. I imagine an AU where they are possible, but because of human vanity, most are male because humans perceive them as being masculine in appearance. Gardevoir/gallades wouldn’t see it that way because they don’t have the same definition of gender….having no secondary sex characteristics. They see the main difference as corporeal versus ghost-like, although I could also head canon that, being amorphous in nature, a gardevoir (and gallade to some extent) in a relationship with a human would be willing to change his/her form to suit his/her partner’s ideal of gender. That would be a good explanation for why one sees a lot of titdevoir, trapdevoir and weird inflation fetish fan art. 

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  • Theories and head canons:

    Severide will not propose to Stella until after Casey and Brett get together.

    He loves Stella but he and Casey never do anything without the other eventually following suit, so he is going to wait until his best friend is actually happy to pursue his own.

    Head canon:

    Severide is actually a bigger worrywart than Casey is, and has privately vowed that his idiot brother is not allowed to live by himself again 😂 Bad things happen when Casey lives alone.

    Stella actually proposes to him. It just slips out one night, as a kind of half dare thing, because that is just them, and then they don’t talk about it for a week. Except that Severide immediately blabs to Casey, who helps him arrange a weekend trip to California with a layover in Vegas. Casey and Sylvie go with to witness, and when they are mistaken for newlyweds as well he doesn’t deny it and she’s blushing too hard.

    The entire firehouse is mad at them for denying them a celebration, so they agree to do the whole church wedding. Cruz throws the bachelor party, and Foster comes back to throw the bachelorette party, and everyone is there.

    Casey’s wedding gift is a renovation of the cabin, upgrading things and blending Benny’s style with theirs.

    Casey walks Stella down the aisle. Originally they were going to have Boden do it, but it seemed more symbolic this way.

    Stella sends Seger an invite to the wedding, just because she can.

    Sylvie sends the invite to Hope.

    Both women decline the RSVP.😂

    The first Severide-Kidd kid is a girl, formally known as Shayla Anne, but goes by many various affectionate nicknames. She has her mother’s riot of curls and her father’s blue eyes and mischievous smile and the entire firehouse instantly enamored with her.

    Her favorite person (after her parents) is her uncle Matt, but Cruz is always vying for that spot. They have ridiculous competitions that usually end with them teaming up together against Severide for some bit of mischief, just because.

    To be continued

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  • image

    Everyone talks about Bokuto being the crazy sleeper, in weird positions taking up the whole bed… But have we forgotten he is canonically a sweet angel who sleeps carefully tucked in, comfy and smiling? 🥺💕

    If anyone is a weirdo sleeper it’s probably Akaashi, he goes full on starfish and steals the covers constantly.

    #Akaashi elbows and knees Bo multiple times in the night #lol#bokuto koutarou#akaashi keiji #Haikyuu!! #head canon
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  • karlnapity hc; karl is the tallest of the three but he likes to be the little spoon

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  • ranboo/tubbo hc; sometimes they sit on the beach in snow chester and ranboo tries to reach tubbo how to speak to endermen (it never goes very well)

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  • Ok so I’ve decided to do some overworked/overwhelmed reader x Dark & Wilford (dont be afraid to ask If you want other ones!)


    • He saw you grumbling and muttering curses under your breath as you clearly seemed distressed
    • He shoved away some of the paperwork, making him look at you on top of the table
    • “My Sweet Sugarplum, are you alright? You seem a bit tense, honestly reminding me of Dark!” He whispered that last part
    • You chuckled and said it was just a bunch of work you needed to finish
    • He decided to try and help you but failed miserably as he got distracted by literally anything and always wanted to chat with you about something
    • He eventually got tired of seeing working (or seeing you work for that matter) and dragged you out of your chair
    • You tried fighting back but it was too late now, he already was with you on his lap, cuddling in the couch
    • You smiled at him and sighed, closing you eyes, maybe the work could wait for a while


    • He saw you struggling trying to clean up Wilford’s new mess that he made
    • Dark seemed a bit upset, seeing how stressed cleaning up his things made you
    • He called out your name and you rushed to his side, obviously distressed
    • He put a hand around your waist and walked out with you
    • You whined and protested, telling him you NEEDED to clean that up
    • “ He’ll do it himself, let this be a lesson for him for, one, learning to clean up his own mess like the others, and two, not to make someone as dashing and marvelous as you stressed in any way”
    • You shyly nodded back to him, smiling a bit, as you finally got to relax, calmly chatting with him about life and DEFINITELY avoid talking about work

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  • Headcanon: When Carlos hears some of the things that Owen says, he’s pissed off, but he also knows when to put those feelings aside and not make TK misfortune about himself. But also TK probably keeps most of the fucked up things Owen does to himself because he always feels like he’s overreacting and doesn’t want to make a big deal of soemthing that isn’t a big deal. So, it probably takes a while for Carlos to put the pieces together, but one too many offhanded comments and the pieces click together.

    #owen strand (derogatory) #asks #tarlos head canon #head canon
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  • in Wolfenstein, BJ Blaskowicz (who is Jewish) has to use a lot of stolen Nazi weaponry, suits, & vehicles emblazoned with balkenkruezes & swastikas. Given how desperate BJ is to remove the number the Nazis tattooed on him at Camp Belica that he literally carves it off with the first sanitary scalpel he sees and how extremely angry he gets at former Nazi & fellow antifascist Klaus Kreuz for not removing his swastika tattoo sooner, it’s my personal headcanon that he uses any cover or lull in fighting as an opportunity to scratch the hate symbols off the weapons & suits he takes from the Nazis.

    like, he’ll literally toss a grenade and then duck behind cover to scratch away the paint from a deiselgewehr he lifted off one dead Nazi with a dagger he took off another, pop out to shoot more Nazis, and then grumble to himself that he should remember to bring a file next time before grinding the knife against a nearby steel beam to get the swastika off the hilt

    he probably spends a good week or two with Max Hass painting over the reichsadlers on the walls of the Eva’s Hammer & any other vehicles they commandeer with colorful rainbow-colored swirls like they did with the exterior of the Project Whisper helicopters

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  • alright alright, do yall want my dreamSMP headcanons?? keep in mind that i only watch a few of them


    Possible TW’s: trauma, manipulation, death, suicide, overdose; the basic dreamSMP stuff, unfortunately.

    ok here we go:

    Dream - a separate entity from DreamXD, though they are related; perhaps XD is from another universe? anyways, Dream was possessed by a ‘Dreamon’ at a young age, making him think that things like manipulation are ok simply because he didn’t know any better. he says he’s trying to get better, but is he? no. this is just another trick to make Tommy think he can change. Jacob Sheep horns are slowly growing (sheep-hybrid thanks to his mother, Cpt. Puffy). Him becoming family with George and Sapnap made him realize that he can make his own family, an idea which he twisted and turned into manipulation. In his words, paraphrased, he “did a bad thing but for good reasons” which were “bringing the server together”; he wanted to be a family with him in control, a dictatorship, a hivemind.

    Drista - Dream’s sister, more related to XD than Dream is. somewhat OP but has morals unlike her brother.

    George - Mooshroom hybrid!! Has a little mushroom crown and cape because he thinks of himself as royalty (he isn’t) - has little horns and a little tail. Misses Dream the most out of the Dream Team, but somewhat afraid of him. Wants 'the old dream’ back, which was partly a persona and partly Dream learning about found family. He tries not to get involved with politics or the server after the events of the first wars, because he’s scared. Sleeps through things as an excuse. Awesamdude’s kid - doesn’t tell anyone.

    Sapnap - Dragon hybrid - has small horns and a tail, with burn marks at the base of them. His hands and feet are clawed and burnt. He also wants their Dream back, but understands that he was always corrupt and has mostly gotten over it. Wants to help with the Egg but, like George, doesn’t like getting involved with big things on the server. He’s ashamed of his dragon heritage, covering up his head burns with a headband and covering his horns with his hair; he hides his tail under a cape and wears gloves as well. Sapnap has unnaturally orange eyes, which he would change with contacts, if they didn’t melt anytime he tried. Battle-scarred and hungry to start fights and sever friendships out of boredom. Badboyhalo’s child.

    Callahan - Cervitaur (deer-centaur). Distantly related to Puffy, Captain Sparklez, and Schlatt. I will admit, I have never watched him, and I don’t think he’s ever been too involved in server politics? Just a simple deer man trying to live his life.

    Awesamdude - Creeper centaur thing (he and Callahan are… cousins? i guess?). Incredibly insecure about his morality and the fact that George doesn’t talk to him much. Thinks he’s a bad person. He becomes a father figure to Tommy through his Sam Nook persona - slowly gaining his confidence back through his real estate and his (illegal) adoption of the gremlin. Badass. Runs the prison by himself because he feels the need to prove himself, and he doesn’t know anyone that would be up to the job.

    Alyssa - inactive :[ probably human

    Ponk - Human!! One of the few humans on this server, actually! He quite likes building and terraforming; he makes very aesthetic builds (see; war campsite). He and Sam are close friends. Ponk is also a parental figure to Tommy, but is closer to the fun uncle. The three of them steal together and then Ponk and Sam cover for Tommy because who could accuse them of lying?? Hesitant to join in with politics.

    BadBoyHalo - Demon. Very, very tall demon. Large. Pretty wholesome. I honestly don’t know what else to say about him lmao I haven’t been paying attention to the Egg much. He and Skeppy are a thing though. Wishes his son would stop killing people’s pets to start wars.

    TommyInnit - He doesn’t know what kind of hybrid he his, but he isn’t human. His eyes change color with mood, going from a light grey to an extremely vibrant cobalt blue. He believes he may be part raccoon, or part bird(?) on Philza’s side. Phil wasn’t around during his childhood; Tommy only knew him as the hero from the strories that his older brother Wilbur told him. Philza killing Villain!Bur cemented his heroship, which is why Tommy sees him as a father figure. Wilbur never told him that he (Phil) was their father. Tommy is actually part siren, but his gills and fins haven’t appeared yet. His PTSD is triggered by Dream, blackstone, tnt, people asking for his armor, and a few other things. An extremely traumatized kid. Best friends with Tubbo.

    Tubbo - Sheep hybrid. His horns started coming in during Schlatt’s presidentship, making him think he was a goat and following in his footsteps. In reality, he’s Captain Sparklez’s son; related to Schlatt yes, but not at all like him. He likes headbutting the people he loves, including his best friend Tommy. Wholesome, but still a chaotic being of destruction. He and Ranboo are also very good friends!

    Fundy - Fox shifter; unlike most of the other hybrids on this server (other than Techno), he can turn into an anthro fox. Canonically transgender! Son to WilburSoot and Sally the Salmon (another shifter). Wilbur was an amazing father while Fundy was small, but started neglecting him during the Presidency, when he really needed a father. The two grew apart further during Pogtopia, and Fundy still tries to refuse his father’s attempts at redemption. Despite this, Fundy and Ghostbur, even though they’ve had arguments, have a better relationship. Fundy is even one of the people who are attempting to bring back Wilbur. He sees Phil as a somewhat father figure despite him trying to be bitter towards him. Very involved with L'manburg and DreamSMP poilitics, but has taken a step back since his dad’s death. Fundy also canonically misses Schlatt and wants him to be proud of him. He picked up smoking from him.

    Punz - gonna be honest, I have never watched Punz.

    Purpled - Enderdragon hybrid. Like Sapnap, but purple lol. Use to have a healthy rivalry with Technoblade, but doesn’t talk to him anymore. A bit reserved. I don’t watch him either idk if you could tell.

    Wilbur - Bird hybrid, like Philza; his wings were clipped by Dream when he first began fighting for independence. Good friends with Technoblade. Wilbur was an idealistic person, and he was probably the most loyal member of L'manburg. He was so upset about the betrayals, he thought of them not as betrayals to the country, but to himself. When Schlatt took over, he began to panic. His perfect nation was being ruined, his nation, HIS nation. He thought of it as his and his alone; all those other people? They were side characters. L'manburg his unfinished symphony wasn’t his anymore. It scared him. He began planning to take the country out because, well, if he can’t have him, then no one can. He manipulated Tommy, making him go along with his plan, slowly becoming more insane and destructive. Deep down, Wil still loved his family, and his country, and his lost lover, but that didn’t matter to him anymore. After blowing up L'manburg (the first explosion), Wilbur broke down. He realized what he had done, he’d become a bad guy; he’d worked with Dream. He asked his father to kill him. And so Philza did.

    Ghostbur - Wings work again. Ghostbur pretends not to remember, he pretends that he’s changed in death, but he remembers all of it. The bad memories hurt him now, more than ever, and he just can’t deal with it; so he doesn’t. Water makes him melt, and that includes tears. He’s trying so hard to be a good person, he’s trying so hard to be a good father, a good brother, a good friend. But it isn’t working. He’s still, though unintentionally, hurting people, and he feels so bad about it.

    Schlatt - Ram hybrid. Brother to Puffy and Jordan (Sparklez). Schlatt is a smoker and an alcoholic, and a power hungry dictator. Or well, that’s the persona he puts on. Schlatt, in reality (still /dsmp) genuinely does not give a fuck. He didn’t care what happened, because he knew that people disliked him. He knew for a fact that he would be killed. This is why I believe he offed himself. He planned his stroke, or heart attack, the fandom doesn’t seem to know which. He probably ingested some bad protein powder or poison or something, maybe he drank himself to death, maybe he OD’d and then drank, we don’t know. But it seems unlikely that someone like him would let his body give out like that without a reason. Oh yeah, and he and Quackity were married at some point, but it was too short to really mean anything.

    Ghlatt - Ghlatt, though still addicted to alcohol and various drugs, feels bad about being a bad person in his life. He thinks that it’s a good thing he died, that the server benefited from his death, and that he shouldn’t have become a ghost. He’s right, of course, but I like to think that he’s regained morality. Maybe now, in the afterlife, he can work on himself. Ghlatt isn’t strong enough to take a physical form, so he borrows Ghostbur’s occasionally.

    Skeppy - Some sort of Diamond Ore man?? I think he’s human. He and BBH have a thing. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a Skeppy DreamSMP stream. Uhh Egg?? Egg. Badlands boys woo.

    Eret - Herobrine is his cousin. Like. Yeah. That Herobrine. Anyways, they’re a king, and they’re more of an Awesomedude morally grey type character. Her only interest is survival, and I respect that. I haven’t really paid much attention to him though. Their crown has bi flag colored gems on it :]

    Jack Manifold - Jack Manifol! Jack Manifall~~ Jack Manifall.. off bridge!! Jack Manidrown :} OH SHIT- (i dont watch him)

    Niki - Human. Wears Wilbur’s old coat. Though she did go through a tough spot after Wilbur’s death, she now runs a flower shop with Puffy. Dyes her hair often. I don’t watch her either.

    Quackity - Duck hybrid; wings were clipped upon his joining the server. His face scar was canonized :] Alex genuinely liked Schlatt, but realized he was being mistreated so he joined Pogtopia. He felt bad about it though. I don’t have many headcanons for him to be honest.

    Mexican Dream - ok am i the only one that wasn’t into this arc?? i didn’t even watch any of it. i saw him like once and was like “oh this is just a bit” and left wtf. was he important???

    Karl Jacobs - Time Traveler man; human. Karl is slowly losing his memory due to his travel between timelines. The more he does it, the more he loses. I look forward to seeing this progress. Are he, Sapnap, and uhhh someone else actually engaged?? I like that headcanons :] I don’t remember who the other person is though.

    HBomb - Cat maid.

    Technoblade - Piglin shifter. Techno is softer than he seems, and he genuinely enjoys the company of Ranboo and his friend Philza. Technoblade met Phil after saving him from wither skeletons in the Nether, making short visits to the Overworld until he built up an immunity. He likes the cold because it’s the opposite of his terrible home dimension. Techno really did want to help Tommy, but their ideals clashed too much for it to work out. Very destructive anarchist. Though, he is pretty chill nowadays.

    Antfrost - Cat shifter. So I lied, there are three. Uhh wizard!! I like that HC!! Wizard catboy go brrrr. In reality, I don’t watch the Badland Boys often and I haven’t seen any of the Egg plot so idk what’s up with him lol. I like to think that before the Egg, he and Fundy were friends.

    Philza - Wings were beat up during the explosion; he tried to protect Wilbur with them, but still ended up failing. He’s the father to Wilbur and Tommy, with Techno being an old friend of his. He canonically really likes cobblestone. Phil tries his best to be the dad, but his morals are all over the place. Lately, he’s unofficially adopted Ranboo, helping him with his uh. Issues.

    Connor - Human in a Sonic onesie idk i dont watch him

    Puffy - Sheep Hybrid. Sister to Schlatt and Jordan, mother to Dream. I really don’t know tbh; she’s everyone’s adoptive mom. She’s what Philza and Awesamdude wish they could be.

    Vikkstar - Human. Has he?? Done anything?? Ever??

    Lazarbeam - Isn’t he a gingerbread man or something.

    Ranboo - Half Enderman Half [REDACTED]. I dont have headcanons for him tbh I just accept his canon. May be related to XD?

    Foolish Gamers - A literal god. He can revive people, but it takes one of his lives. Uhhh he’s really good at building what.

    Hannahxxrose - I don’t watch her :[ I should though

    Slimecicle - CHARLIE SLIMECICLE. Slime hybrid obviously. New to the server, very scared [/j] and confused. Doesn’t know what’s going on and that’s ok because he’s funny I like him

    I got really tired of this towards the end oops

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  • Beaks Head-Canon:

    • Son of a fashion mogul/influencer mom & collegiate coach dad
    • At 13 he has the option to play sports or take cotillion he picks the latter
    • He is paired with Della and they are their first awkward middle grade crushes
    • They share a kiss but he tells her shortly after he’s transferring to a Swiss boarding school
    • While he’s an early adapter to technology and has an email account Della does not… he sends her long written letters but never gets a reply (she never got them)
    • He creates waddle to get Della and his parents to notice him… while that fails he ends up creating a major brand
    • By 30 he becomes a billionaire and upon talking to Scrooge he hears about Della & moves his home office from Europe back to his hometown of Duckburg
    • He has a reputation for having a think tank of app developers that he gives commissions to for ideas (not cause he doesn’t have his own it’s just a tedious job he’s out sourcing…it’s a business thing)
    • He wants to create something more meaningful than photo editors & dating apps …he needs his own “gizmo suit”
    • He sees Boyd in a scrap yard when looking for inspiration he thinks the AI could be it… appealing to Della’s maternal side is an added bonus
    • When he finds out that BOYD was created by a young gyro and what happened in Japan it opens up a can of worms
    • He eventually meets/has a relationship with (redacted for spoilers)
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  • New modern CR music head canon!

    Jester would 100% have been OBSESSED ieht the Spice Girls, to the point of owning all the merch, knowing every song and having every single dance routine memorized.

    Yes she still breaks it out at parties (mostly to annoy Astrid, but also because if Beau has had a few drinks she’ll totally join in)

    #critical role#head canon #i love Jester #are you going to tell me that i'm wrong?
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  • Gerard


    When you and Gerard started dating everything was slow at first. Gerard was introverted in public so it actually took a while for people to know you two were dating. The fact that not a lot of people knew you two were dating made a lot of guys flirt with you, hence why Gerard was now jealous.

     "Gerard I turned him down and told him I was with you,“ you said as he dragged you back to his house "I know but still he was flirting with what is mine,” he said with a slight glare, not even looking back at you. You rolled your eyes and continued to venture to his house, when you arrived at his house you both walked in and said hello to his mother that was sitting in the living room.

     You two got up to his room and right when he shut the door he slammed his lips on to yours but quickly calmed down at the feeling of your soft lips against his own. He pulled away and looked you in the eyes, his eyes showed so much love and passion.

     "your mine right?“ he said with a little hint of possession in his tone.

     "of course, Gerard.”



    Mikey was a shy yet caring a kind boy, he would do anything to be with you or just to be in close proximity to you. So your first kiss was gonna take a while to happen but you didn’t expect your first kiss to go the way it did. 

    You were at Mikey’s house to hang out but for some reason, Mikey was being distant so he was up in his room and you were left laying on the couch bored out of your mind and nothing better to do so what do you do? you go to tease Mikey of course. You walk up the stairs and into Mikey’s room and walked in without knocking, you two have only been dating for 2 months but already trusted each other with your lives. You walked in and saw Mikey sitting on the foot of the bed looking at the floor while earbuds were in his ears “Mikey? you okay there?” you asked with a hint of confusion in your voice, you have never really seen him like this before so you didn’t really know how to react. 

    You were guessing his music drowned out your voice because he didn’t look up at you at all, you walked over to him and sat down next to him close together so your shoulder was touching his same with your guys’ legs, THIS got him out of the trance he was in making him look up you but what you didn’t know was that because of you being so close to him was going to cause his face to be extremely close to yours, a little to close. You then felt soft lips on yours making your eyes widen in shock same with Mikey’s. You quickly pulled away “I-I-” you said but quickly got cut off by those same soft lips being placed back onto yours. 



    You and Frank started dating after some time of having a friendship. You decided that you would bring him along on one of your trips to a place that got abandoned a long time ago, you thought that the walls were pretty plain so you could easily throw your art up. 

    When you were walking in the halls of the building you realized that Frank seemed off, he didn’t seem like himself to be honest. He was more so looking at the ground most of the time and fidgeting with his fingers “Frank you ok?” you asked looking back at him “y-yeah I’m ok” Frank said stuttering a little from your question catching him off guard.

     "Frank you can tell me anything, you know that right?“ you said taking his hands into yours making him look you in the eyes "yeah it’s just..” he signed “we have been together for 2 months now and we have never kissed” he continued. What he said caught you off guard, did Frank want a kiss that badly? you found the situation almost humorous “Frank, if you wanted a kiss you should have just asked.”

    You leaned up and planted your soft lips against his slightly chapped ones making Frank almost moan at the contact. He gently placed his hand on the back of your neck deepening the kiss making your body move closer to his for contact.

     You soon pulled away at looked into his eyes while panting from lack of air, you laughed a little making Frank slightly confused, what did you find so funny? "I never knew that my first kiss was going to be in an abandoned building,” you said smiling. 



    You and Ray were sitting on your couch bored out of your minds not knowing what to do and you knew that he along side My Chemical Romance were working on a new song so you decided to ask him how it was going so far “hey Ray, do you mind showing me how the song is coming so far?” you asked looking up at him.

     He smiled down at you then got up to get his guitar, when he got back he sat down next to you and started strumming a few cords and when he finished he looked at you and said “that’s what we have so far but I feel like one of the notes are off” he said grabbing his notebook that had chords written down in it “can I see?” you asked then looked at what he wrote down “hold on, play it one more time” you asked again having an idea. 

    He played again and at some point into the song you realized why it sounded off “I think I know why it sounds off..” you stated while stopping him “try playing this note instead of this one” you said shifting his fingers, he played one more time and right when he realized that you fixed his mistake his smile grew and he looked at you with such love in his eyes “thank you (Y/N), I love you” that was the first time in the relationship that anyone has said I love you and that made Ray panic ‘did he just make things weird?’ 'were you not ready?’ but those thoughts of his got shut up real quickly when you placed your lips onto his catching him off guard for a second. 

    You pulled away for air and smiled sweetly at him “I love you too Ray." first kiss


    Hello again hahahaha this is the second update of the MCR x reader head-canon thingys (what are they even called? idk) but yeah hahahahaha don’t be afraid to request chapter ideas because I’m dumb as fuck.

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