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  • starstainedarts
    20.09.2021 - 24 minutes ago


    Just gonna drop some lore into your laps and bounce! I hope you guys like this piece because it was just supposed to be a messy sketch concept that I ended up absolutely loving.

    Have a good day/night/afternoon!

    #valorant#valorant fanart#valorant deadeye#deadeye#comic#short comic#interaction#hc#head canon#oc#digital art #it's not really oc x canon i mean #deadeye isn't even implemented yet lmaooo #valorant oc#valorant agents#original character#character art#sketch#doodle#valorant lakan #lakan kinda looking extra on this one #it's the hair i think #yeah it's the hair #gonna add more eyelashes later to exemplify the fact they are BOTH whores
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  • follies-fixture
    20.09.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #head canons#litg#litg noah #noah as a dad #have my babies #ask debby
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  • bangztriestodraw
    20.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Please I just want Dainkae shippers to come and talk with me😭😭let’s cry about the angst tm together, let’s laugh about the fluff/crack together, let’s talk about the endless possibilities tm😩😩

    #dainkae#dainkae rights #i just want some people to ramble to about these two #I really want to hear your head canons and your ideas
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  • time2andspace
    20.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Trellis' eyesight is poor in his left eye and this effects where he stands near someone. If he doesn't trust someone or isn't comfortable with them he stands to their left so he can keep watch on them with his good eye. When he's reached a level of comfort and affection with someone he'll stand with his bad eye to them because he trusts them wholeheartedly and trusts in them not to harm him and he feels safe.

    #Head canon#Prince trellis#Amulet series #I will admit I was thinking about Rex/Trellis #But it can be for whatever ship/ friendship you want
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  • inspectorspacetimerevisited
    20.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    In the Ninth Inspector episode ‘Blorgon’, the Inspector to a Circuit Chap head as a ‘former mate’.

    Fast forward to ‘The Space of the Inspector’, the Eleventh Inspector has Bumps, the longest-serving Associate the Inspector ever had, as per canon.

    #Inspector Spacetime #Hilarious in Hindsight (trope) #Hilarious in Hindsight #Blorgon (episode) #The Space of the Inspector (episode) #the Inspector (character) #Ninth Inspector#9th Inspector #Ninth Inspector era #Circuit Chap #Circuit Chap head #Bumps (character)#Eleventh Inspector#11th Inspector #longest serving Associate #Associates #the Inspector ever had #per canon#canon
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  • funandjaemes
    20.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    ok i HAVE to do work rn but i’m thinking about how ryuunosuke’s given name can mean “son of dragon” and he has a hoard of sorts: memorabilia from his past cases.

    #the post-canon that i am creating in my head is so good. #jae plays tgaa #ok i NEED to do real homework
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  • characteroulette
    20.09.2021 - 11 hours ago
    #Psychonauts#Psychonauts 2#Razputin Aquato#Lili Zanatto#Raz#spoilers #more spoilers in this one #Momo writes stuff #I've been calling this 'the Frazie AU' in my head #so that's fun #Lili really looked at Raz and went 'oh no he's CUTE' #that's just canon
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  • prydon
    20.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    an extremely niche drawing for an extremely niche crowd, but i figured i might as well post it anyway. james-elizabeth (my beloved)

    #separate but syncopated #james-elizabeth#my art#my oc's#guns - #man i never draw oc's bc my true confession is that i just. like canon characters more than ones i come up with #but i do love james-elizabeth and have a stronger image of them in my head than most of the other ones
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  • canon-but-like-gayer
    20.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Spencer Reid is the kind of person to buy six gallons of fake blood from a Halloween store without any explanation leaving behind one very confused and concerned cashier.

    #Charlie’s hauntings #it’s because he still doesn’t know how the internet works #criminal minds #ssa spencer reid #behavioural analysis unit #fbi#spencer reid#Halloween#head canons#spooky season#fake blood #ssa dr spencer reid #dr spencer reid #professor spencer reid #crimainl minds fandom #cbs crimainl minds #crimainl minds headcanons
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  • crustycrackhead
    20.09.2021 - 12 hours ago
    #my art#jrwi#jrwi fanart#jrwi riptide#jrwi Chip #jrwi chip lastname #Chip Lastname#Chip #jrwi head canons #just roll with it fanart #just roll with it riptide #just roll with it #asks#ask #clay drawing request #Clay answers#jrwi rambles #tw // scars #tw // burns #tw // graphic gore #tw // gore #I think about the duel a lot—like a lot #Chip got his ass handed to him bruh like Jesus fucking Christ man— I felt my ass clench when I listened to whole duel— like damn Chip dead #I dunno— That episode lives in my head rent free #also just That this Tattooed Chip is Canon is making shart myself/pos #so FRICKIGN cool
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  • sonorusgloom
    20.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    //: Does the Beast bleed? Yes but as one can imagine, it’s weird. 

    //: It doesn’t have the same thickness, shade, or even smell. It’s much more closer to tree sap crossed with oil, though leaning more towards oil. Pitch black, has a bit light to it, but has no smell. It’s strange in the sense that you’d think there would be something due to the cross but it’s not there. Instead it really sends off the feeling of being off

    #blood: tw #lanterns shadows ( head canon ) #[ i've written it in a reply but heck #gonna make a post sperate here for it ]
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  • creamecream
    20.09.2021 - 14 hours ago

    (Uh oh)

    “Here we go,

    (Is that what you said?)

    And now he’s going round like “off with their head!”


    Yeah, I’m pretty sure he means it,

    (Seems it)

    What was I meant to do?

    (What were they meant to do?)

    Like what was I meant to do?

    (What were they meant to do?)

    No, but what was I meant to do?

    Sorry, not sorry ‘bout what I said,

    I’m just tryna’ have some fun!

    Don’t worry, don’t worry, don’t lose your head,

    I didn’t mean to hurt anyone!

    L-O-L! say “oh well!” or go to hell,

    (Just go to hell!)

    Sorry, not sorry ‘bout what I said,

    (Sorry, not sorry ‘bout what they said)

    Sorry, not sorry ‘bout what I said!

    Don’t lose your head,”

    #and here comes the disruption dismemberment #a kitty hi kitty I know you killed a man #with a bat! in the back of the head~ they're about to be executed and they don't care really #they gave up after kiyotaka died and if given the chance they take a bat to byakuya's head #they don't actually get a chance in canon and that's why they don't do it #but if they do get a chance they give themselves up immediately when accused #a blunt 'yeah it was me he deserved it' they aren't even accused really just asked a question #and it's just 'oh it was me I did it' #they want to die at this point they want to lose and they figure they may as well get rid of someone they think is bad #and then go down with that so everyone else gets to survive but they take out someone they hate #and they get to die they get to go be with kiyotaka again #they don't feel bad at all they don't care anymore just kill them monokuma please they want out #danganronpa#fan character#kitty catharine
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  • obeiii-mee
    19.09.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Lucifer checks up on his brothers (and you) every night after finishing his paperwork. He patrols the house at around 3am and just peeks into everyone’s rooms to make sure they’re all in bed and sleeping.

    One time, he couldn’t find Asmo anywhere so he stomped around DevilDom trying to find him and dragged him back home by the collar after spotting him outside the Fall. And then he proceeded to stay awake and guard his room for several more hours to make sure he doesn’t try to sneak out again. He continued to do this for at least a week and probably still does it on occasion, simply because he worries if his siblings aren’t all at home by midnight and Asmo is too wild for his liking.

    Another time, he came across Mammon sleeping on the floor of your room and carried him all the way back to his room. Then he tucked him in and came to check in on you next. He also tucked you in. You were only pretending to be asleep so you saw him do all this but decided not to say anything because he looked very happy with himself, though you were tempted to tease him the next day at breakfast.

    Sometimes, he finds Belphie asleep in the planetarium. He knows better than to try and bring him upstairs since the youngest would wake up and tell him to piss off anyway because he chose to fall asleep here on the cold, hard floor and didn’t need his help, thank you very much. So, Lucifer just brings him a few of his blankets from the twins’ room and uses those to cover him up so he doesn’t freeze to death for the remainder of the night. He also does this for Satan, when he finds him sleeping in library since the fourth born practically lives there and refuses to leave even when he’s past the point of exhaustion.

    Lucifer checks on Beel the most. He’s aware his brother has some pretty nasty nightmares so he stops by every hour or so to wake him up if he can tell he’s having one. He brings food too, just so that the sixth born doesn’t go raid the kitchen again. Then he leaves and never mentions it again and Beel usually can’t remember if he was hallucinating or not.

    Also, after a while he catches Levi playing video games at like…4am and just turns the WiFi off so his brother can go sleep for once. The third born can cuss him out about it all he wants but he’s not budging and Levi has to admit defeat and go curl up in his bathtub. He accepted his fate and has to go along with his sleeping schedule getting forcibly fixed by Lucifer, who won’t take no for an answer.

    Lucifer needs someone to tuck him in bed tbh, like he’s the only one still awake by dawn and he refuses to admit that he’s tired so he just drinks fifty cups of coffee and calls it a day and his brothers are none the wiser. That makes me sad thinking about it-

    #obey me #obey me lucifer #obey me hcs #lucifer being a softie to his brothers #this sorts stuff gives me life #he really cares #this is canon in my head
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  • gothamcityangst
    19.09.2021 - 17 hours ago
    #Gotta say I love how most of my Ed head canons are between him being Pan to him being ace #G-C-A
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  • erza-haninozuka
    19.09.2021 - 17 hours ago
    #life lessons with uramichi  oniisan #life lessons with uramichi oniisan head canons #uramichi oniisan #uramichi oniisan head canons #female reader#uramichi omota#mitsuo kumatani#tobikichi usahara#iketeru daga#utano tadano #uramichi head canons #usahara head canons #kumatani head canons #iketeru head canons #utano head canons
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  • naeleon-headcanon-blog
    19.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Halloween/Autumn Headcanons

    Fell free to submit yours! I'd love to see them

    Leon makes it his personal goal to step on any/every leaf he sees.

    They go on walks in the park when the weather gets cool during the fall

    When it comes to decorating they both like to go all out. Bonus points, Makoto is the type to start decorating September 1st

    Makoto still trick or treats (as he should😌✨)

    Leon practically lives at spirit Halloween

    On that note Makoto is scared of the animatronics they have there, but still enjoys going because he likes seeing Leon enjoy himself there. And he gets excited over the decorations they sell.

    #naeleon#leonaegi#leokoto#luckystrike#kuwaegi#naewata#Leon Kuwata#Naegi Makoto #Leon x Makoto #Makoto x Leon #Leon x Naegi #Naegi x Leon #danganronpa#Thh #Thh head canons #Danganronpa ask blog #Danganronpa Headcanons#Headcanon blog#LGBTQ#Cute
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  • redemptivexheroics
    19.09.2021 - 19 hours ago


    Hades being the second most powerful of the original generation of Olympians, most would think he has very few weaknesses in fact he has one that most tend to exploit which will not earn anyone any favors if they choose to exploit this weakness. Persephone is actually a weakness for the Lord of the Underworld, though are times he pretends to not care often letting her do her own thing so long as she doesn’t get hurt and has even forbidden certain areas of the Underworld to her. He actually cares about her more than anyone knows, something that Zeus was quick to take notice of, and it’s usually Persephone others seek when they want to pacify him. In truth Persephone for the most part is the only one that he’ll actually listen to. 

    #Head Canon Hades
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  • michaelandersen0
    19.09.2021 - 19 hours ago
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