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  • smycc
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    How would they take care of you when you have period/menstrual cramps (short headcannon)

    A/n: here's a short head canon for y'all, sorry for not writing, I'm just really busy, but maybe on Saturday or Sunday I might write two oneshot.

    • Would treat you like a royalty. They would buy you anything you need and acts soft around you, you need pads? tampons? You got it, you want some ice cream?sure. Would make lemon juice for you, would rub your tummy too until you fall asleep or until your cramps isn't that bad anymore.

    ╰► Inui seishu, Mitsuya Takashi, Chifuyu Matsuno, Kazutora hanemiya, hakkai shiba, shinichiro sano, kakucho hitto, takeomi akashi (don't ask me why, he's not kokonoi.), Kawata nahoya, tetta kisaki ( umm yeah, he could kill anyone for you), sano manjiro (little possible)

    • would treat you like a royalty too but not in the direct way. They're gonna give you your pads but they'll tease or be cold to you first. It's either they're a little bit tease or looks like they don't give a fuck about you, but they give a fuck about you.

    ╰► ken Ryuguji (draken), baji keisuke (Edward), rindou Haitani (he's mire softer than his brother), souya kawata (he's angry for a reason), izana kurokawa.

    • your are not going to be treated like a baby Instead you will treat him like a baby. Childish boyfriend.

    ╰► sano manjiro.

    • "iww you have period?" Gang, lmao go fuck yourself. He doesn't care, period bestie. Leave him while you can he might be hot but he's toxic, I mean we don't care about the toxicity because you can "fix" him?what the fuck are you talking about! might buy you pads but no. Who the fuck are you to order him around?huh?

    ╰► Ran haitani, Sanzu Haruchiyo, taiju Shiba, shuji hanma, shion madarame, hajime kokonoi (this rich mf is cheap), naoto tachibana (not toxic but uhhh),

    • "sure bestie" no problem for them since you are friends.

    ╰► Hinata tachibana, yuzuha Shiba, senju kawaragi.

    • unplaced, doesn't have enough info for this character

    ╰► Wakasa imaushi

    ©smycc please don't copy or repost on any social platforms, re-blogs would be appreciated. Ask for permission first if your gonna repost on other platform.

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  • stylishnen
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    cant stop thinking abt a one piece atla crossover so even if it does already exist heres what im thinking so far

    picturing this takes place in the one piece universe and we find out that its like a hunter x hunter dark continent situation where the word we know (the 4 nations) are actually just one piece (aha ha) of an incredibly large and dangerous world. basically the 4 nations and their surrounding seas form a center and the islands in the grand line are like surrounding it or smth idk the exact layout

    maybe its one of those points like sabaody that every person that wants to make it to the end of the grand line has to pass through

    the straw hats sail in excited to explore as always, bending still exists and theyre confused how so many people have the same 4 devil fruit abilities since that should be impossible- theres definitely a running gag of luffy running up and asking fire benders how they got the flame flame fruit from ace/sabo

    straw hats run into the gang, we HAVE to assume this is pretime skip gang bc otherwise the power differences would be sooooo ridiculous, its still kind of ridiculous


    naurrrr the way kyoshi and luffy would be besties, the way zoro would become drinking buddies w that old assassin guy who's name i can't remember

    omg and sanjis moonwalking would fit right in w their gangs earthstepping technique its actually perfect

    anyways if anyone wants to piece this into smth coherent pls do or point me towards the waiting fic of my dreams thatd be nice

    #sidenote i have literally posted a longform headcannon abt a show and ive been on this site since 2013 #that also means i have no idea how to insert a read more especially on mobile so if it doesnt do that automatically im very sorry #ill probably add to this as more thoughts come to me #chi watches one piece #atla #*literally never im not going back to fix that
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  • bulkhummus
    21.09.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #Carlos unsure if the sense is real or proverbial #Wtnv#wtnv headcannons#ask tag
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  • gretavanwriter
    21.09.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #greta van fleet #fan fiction #greta van fleet fan fiction #greta van fleet writing #greta van fleet x reader #female reader#gvf fluff#jakey gvf#jakey#jake gvf #jake kiszka headcannons #jake kiszka x reader #jake kiszka#jacob kiszka#requested#blurb#time stamps
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  • katnip225
    21.09.2021 - 3 hours ago


    You know how people make Wilbur a siren. Well I have some ideas about sirens.

    The first is modern sirens do live in the ocean but in the past they had wings.

    The reason for why they ended up in the water is they pissed off a god. So the god punishes the whole species. Took their wings and made them swim in the water. There is more.

    You see each siren has a pearl that allows them to switch between human and siren form. This pearl is also the source of their magic. So if something happens to the pearl then not only will the siren be stuck in human form but they can't do their magic.

    I like this idea since this work with both my siren!Wilbur ideas.

    If you go on canon with Phil as his dad then he could still be a siren. He would just be the last siren with wings. How you might ask? Well Phil is old and Wilbur's mom is the goddess of death so whatever curse the god placed on the sirens would not work on Wilbur.

    It somewhat makes sense that someone old as time and the goddess of death would be able to have a kid that is a subspecies that pretty much went extinct.

    To me it would be funny if Wilbur had no idea so he thinks he is an ordinary bird hybrid but nope he is a siren.

    The next idea is if you go Wilbur is adopted then he is a siren that lost his pearl (or his pearl got destroyed) so is pretty much human.

    Now there are many stories that I have where Wilbur gets his pearl back someway.

    I will state my idea for a canon au. So in that Wilbur's pearl was destroyed but when he came back alive, the magic also gave him his pearl back. (Also Ghostbur being hurt by water is extra sad in this au)

    This adds to why Wilbur sees Dream as his hero since now he has his pearl back. He has a part of himself that he never thought he would get.

    Through his magic is out of control and I will explain why.

    For both winged and water sirens the strength of their magic is based on well they can do music. So when you hear a siren sing their enchanting melody, it really is enchanted. They only sound good because of their magic. Most sirens aren't that good at singing since there is little need. They can live their lives without needing to practice any musical instrument or singing.

    Wilbur still sung and played guitar when his pearl was gone. So his magic got stronger. Now that he has his pearl, he can do magic. So he holds back on music so he can practice so he doesn't hurt those he cares about.

    This also makes Wilbur saying that Techno is his twin thing kinda sweeter. Wilbur lives in the water while Techno lives in the Nether. Wilbur can't stay in the Nether long and Techno either can't swim or just can't stand water.

    So Wilbur knows this and is like "Yes this piglin hybrid is my twin now."

    Also like to imagine that sirens are sent to the nether as death sentences so that is how Wilbur met Techno. Someone wanted him to die and wanted it to be slow. Wilbur was able to survive long enough to meet Techno.

    Techno is badly hurt so Wilbur uses the last of his strength to patch up Techno's wounds. Techno feels indebted to what he thinks human so he saves Wilbur's live.

    Even once they find a portal for Wilbur to leave, he keeps on coming back to see Techno. Techno sees how the nether hurts Wilbur so ends up leaving with Wilbur. (Techno won't admit it but he was very touched it. Through he just calls Wilbur an idiot.)

    That is how they were found by Phil.

    #wilbursoot#wilbur#wilbur soot#siren wilbur#sirens#techno#techoblade#technoblade #I try to bring together winged sirens and water sirens #I believe it makes sense #Wilbur is seen as human but nope he is a siren #twins au #techno and wilbur #dream smp au #dream smp headcannon #dream smp
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  • sohannabarberaesque
    21.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    "Meddling-kids-and-dog" headcannon

    Has anybody considered whether Scooby-Doo, Elmo (from The Funky Phantom), Goober (from Goober and the Ghost Chasers) and Woofer and Whimper (from Clue Club) were emasculated or not?

    (Hopefully, such should be enow to consider having your pets spayed or neutered.)

    #hanna barbera#headcannons #meddling kids and dog trope #spay and neuter #responsible pet ownership #hannabarberaforever
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  • 22writersblock97
    21.09.2021 - 4 hours ago


    Viper: I don’t need to sleep. I just need to figure out this formula.

    Sage: It’s been almost 48 hours.

    Melody: 32 to be exact. We still have 16 hours to spare.

    Reyna: My loves, it gets lonely in the bed without you two. Come curl up with the little dove and I.

    Melody stops leafing through hospital paperwork: Did you just try and seduce us into a heathy sleeping pattern?

    Reyna: Is it working?

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  • blissfali
    21.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    more c!butterflyinnit interactions: wilbur shenanigans pt. 2

    wilbur: tommy please i dont have any more shelf space for your flowers

    tommy, holding another bouquet: you wouldnt say no to me

    wilbur: whys that

    tommy: :(

    wilbur: fiNE FINE I TAKE IT BACK-

    tommy, knocking a bunch of records off a shelf and leaving the flowers in their place: pleasure doing business with you, sir

    #c!wilbur #c!tommy #butterflyinnit#dream smp #dream smp au #dream smp headcannon
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  • 22writersblock97
    21.09.2021 - 4 hours ago


    Viper: You look like you fought 10 people and ran a mile to get here.

    Reyna: twelve people and 4 miles.

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  • sleepyibuki
    21.09.2021 - 4 hours ago


    INCLUDES: Almost all of the danganronpa cast, extremely random and messy 😥‼️


    korekiyo shinguji, tsumugi shirogane, ryoma hoshi, sakura ogami, chihiro fujisaki.


    kaito momota, miu iruma, tenko chabashira, ibuki mioda, leon kuwata, mondo owada.


    makoto naegi, chiaki nanami, fuyuhiko kuzuruyu, peko pekoyama, sonia nevermind, nekumaru nidai, gonta gokuhara, kirumi tojo, rantaro amami, aoi asahina, kiyotaka ishimaru.


    toko fukawa, shuichi saihara, mahiru koizumi, gundham tanaka, kaede akumatsu ( in her case, a song ), mukuro ikusaba.


    hagekure yasahiro, himiko yumeno, K1-B0 ( doesn't know what to say)


    kyoko kirigiri, byakuya togami, maki harukawa, celestia ludenburg.


    kazuichi souda, akane owari, hiyoko saionji, kokichi ouma, sayaka moizono, junko enoshima.


    hajime hinata, nagito komaeda, mikan tsumiki.

    #danganronpa x reader #danganronpa writer#danganronpa thh #danganronpa goodbye despair #danganronpa killing harmony #danganronpa smut#danganronpa fluff#danganronpa angst #mokoto naegi x reader #kyoko kirigiri x reader #byakuya x reader #mondo owada#danganronpa headcannons #danganronpa x y/n #danganronpa x you #nagito x reader #kokichi x reader #rantaro x reader #kazuichi x reader #hajime x reader #hinata x reader #junko x reader #celestia ludenburg x reader #kaede x reader #korekiyo x reader #miu iruma x reader #mikan x reader #tsumugi shirogane x reader #fanfiction#fanfic
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  • freadthehypocritical
    21.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    does anyone know the tik tok audio of that one guy reading about a lobster and he kinda sounds like ben shapiro if ben shapiro was straight

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  • domreader-headcannon-scenarios
    21.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Strip au ficlet!!!!

    (Authors note, demons and angels still exist in this au)

    Au! Barbatos x reader

    You were flustered about returning to the strip club, but you were curious about this ‘special’ performance was, you wanted to see it. So you showed up with Solomon, you two just chatted away while waiting.

    You both had started drinking at this point, you knew it would be a while so at least have fun, right? Well now everything is a little fuzzy, but you don’t mind, it’s fun!

    Then the lights sim and the stage gets brighter, that’s when Barbatos walks onto stage, barely wearing anything at all.

    “Welcome to the Devil’s lounge! Tonight is a special, as you all might have guessed, it’s the 5 year anniversary of when this establishment was created. So I am hear you make your night special.” He spoke with such confidence and grace that your certain he rehearsed this. He eyed the crowd, smiling and giving a general greeting, but then his eyes landed on you.

    He paused and stared at you from up on the stage. His grace felt heavy and like you were weighed by him just looking at you. His eyes seemed to light up before he turns his attention back to the crowd.

    He goes up the center of stage, the music starts up again and he quickly strips down to just his undergarments. His body was very fit, the light shining nicely, hiding any flaws he might have.

    He drops down to his knees, doing a teasing bow to those in front of him, his rump up in the air, Solomon laughed to you saying he looks like he’s ready to get fucked.

    Barbatos dose look semi excited, he’s smiling, showing off for the crowd, letting some guest get close to feeling him up. It’s cute seeing him splayed out.

    Solomon laughed with you, it was entertaining to say the least, the dance is beautiful, though you pain see how pain stakingly rehearsed it is. He knows every move, it’s like second nature to preform.

    You end up having your head down on the table, talking to Solomon about the cute little bartender across the room when some one tapped your shoulder.

    You turned around and froze when you saw Barbatos, he didn’t make a sound, he managed to sneak up on you, that’s…alarming.

    “Would you kindly come on stage with me?” He spoke, clear enough to understand, but not make his voice sound strained.

    You let him guide you to the stage, you started getting flustered realizing everyone was quite and watching you get on stage with him.

    Barbatos let his hands slide down to your him, he gently nudged you to kneel, then he climbed into your lap, leaning down enough to grind against your thigh.

    You’re blushing, the reality of the situation sinking in, you can feel his dick through his undergarments, you experimentally tense up you thigh, earning a heavenly moan from Barbatos.

    You can feel him getting hard against your thigh, his motions becoming more desperate. He presses you against you, you feel something bump into your side and you glance down, seeing his tail, it wrapped around your waist as he suddenly pulled you back with him.

    That left you, knelt ontop of Barbatos, who was on his back with you between his leg, which were spread, giving you a clear view of the tent his arousal had made.

    He arches his back, giving a playful moan before grabbing your hand and bringing it to his chest, letting you feel him. He gently guided your head lower, down past his stomach, only stopping once you got to the hem of his garments.

    He let go of your hand and smiled at you. “Your choice, Love.” He purrs out, leaning back, watching you expectantly. You look down and give his undergarments a slight tug, realizing he’s willing to let you take them off.

    You’re flustered, you definitely want to see his dick but…this was just a performance right? He clearly was acting, right.

    You pulled his undergarments down, stopping once you got a little more than the tip of his dick exposed, he’s grinning, waiting for your next move.

    You pull the fabric up a bit, noticing guest shift around to try to get a better few, you pulled it as far as you could without him showing any signs of discomfort.

    And then you let go of it.

    Grinning as it snaps back and hits his dick.

    He jerks for a second, clear shock and confusion on his face as you reach for it again, he’s more tense this time but you don’t give him time to dwell on it before you pull them all the way down, exposing him to everyone at the club.

    He’s so hard, his cock stood proudly erect, he gave a light moan as it throbbed against his stomach.

    He slid a hand down, stopping just before he got to his cock. “Master, permission to touch myself?” He purred, you silently nodded, his hand slipping lower to grip his cock and start pumping it. “Thank you, master.” He purred out, his hand moving at what must be a teasing speed, his movements mainly showing off.

    He rolled his hips into his hand, exaggerating his moans and movements. His other hand slid down to help pleasure himself, gently cradling his balls and giving them light squeezes, his eyes staying on you the entire time.

    His moans get louder as he starts to speed up. “Ooooh, Master! Please, please may I cum?” Barbatos purred out, earning excited shouts that came from the crowd.

    You glance down at him, seeing his tail thumbing against the ground as he tried to hold out. You grin. “No.” You say firmily. You heard little laughs from the crowd as Barbatos’ hand stilled.

    He whimpered a little, waiting for his next order, your hand slid down, lightly pushing his hands out of the way so you could stroke his cock. “Oooh, Master, thank you!” He groaned out as your hand massaged him.

    He was struggling to keep his eyes open, but he still was watching your movements through half lit eyes. “Good boy, hold it.” You pure, hand quickly speeding up.

    He nodded, tail wrapping around your leg as you give experimental squeezes to his length. “Yes Master, anything for you!” He rolls his hips, giving a sweet moan.

    You felt him throbbing in your grip and knew he wasn’t gonna last much longer, so you have him a kiss before whispering. “You can cum now.”

    Barbatos thanked you blissfully, head falling back as he got closer to the edge, but then right as he came, you ket go of his cock, keeping his legs apart so everyone could see his cock throb uselessly as it drips bits of precum onto his stomach.

    Barbatos whimpers, hips twitching as he desperately wanted to reach down and stroke himself.

    You couldn’t help but laugh at the clear distress on his face. “Oh, you almost had a proper orgasm there, what went wrong?”

    He whined, you didn’t even give him a chance to defend himself before you got up and walked off stage, leaving him covered in his own cum on stage.

    #obey me#omomtrta#barbatos #barbatos x mc #barbatos x reader #nsft #obey me barbatos #strip au#ficlet#high brain#random thoughts#malice’s ramblings #obey me one master to rule them all #headcannons #sub obey me #sub barbatos#voyerurism#one shot#ruined og
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  • blissfali
    21.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    c!butterflyinnit propaganda: wilbur shenanigans

    tommy, standing directly infront of a lamp: wilbur turn the light off

    wilbur: tommy you’re not a moth

    tommy: the light is calling me

    wilbur: tommy you’re a butterfly

    tommy: i can see god

    wilbur: tOMMY-

    #butterflyinnit #c!wilbur #c!tommy #dream smp au #dream smp #dream smp headcannon
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  • harrysgoldenline
    21.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    PLEASE HELP!! I’m going to see harry in a few weeks and I have pit tickets! how early do people line up for shows? if you went or know anyone who went and had normal pit tickets how early did you line up and recommend lining up? PLEASE HELP!!

    #harry styles imagine #harry styles blurb #harry styles fan fic #harry styles angst #harry styles fan fiction #harry styles fluff #harry styles smut #harry styles headcannon #harry styles x reader #harry styles one shot #harry styles #love on tour #love on tour outfit #love on tour outfits #hslot#pit#watermelon pit#cherry pit#concert
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  • elfanonymous
    21.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I hc that every time c!wilbur sees c!tommy he just gives him his sweatshirt or sweater because “I dunno he just always looks cold”

    #tommyinnit#wilbur soot #c!tommy #c!wilbur #dream smp#dsmp#mcyt #dream smp headcannon #dsmp headcanon#tommyinnit headcanon #c!tommy hc #c!tommy headcanons #wilbur soot headcanons #c!wilbur hc #you know because crime boys #crime boys #tags this everything ever lol #becus I just love this hc that popped into my brain in the middle of the night and everybody should know ❤️ #crimeboys#crimeboys headcanon
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  • prxncessfett
    21.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Help I’m thinking about Plo and his relationships with Wolffe and Ahsoka.

    About how after Wolffe lost his eye to Asajj, Plo was probably the only one there to fight for him. About how most clones probably gets sent back to Kamino when they lose limbs because the republic views clones as expandable and they don’t want to spend excess money to give them replacements. How Plo stood up and fought for Wolffe to get his cybernetic eye. How because Plo already lost so many of his battalion - of his kids - that he was not about to lose another.

    About how Plo was the one to bring Ahsoka to the temple and watch her grow up. About the bond they shared; how Ahsoka never gave up on him so he never gave up on her. How Plo was the only one to stand up for her in her trial. And how he probably never got the chance to say goodbye.

    About how in the end, order 66, the men Plo fought so hard for - his battalion, his sons - fought against him. How Plo knew it wasn’t their fault. How he let them take him, because he couldn’t take them.

    #sorry i made myself cry thinking about them #half of this post is just my own headcannons #i just love Plo so much #and he really is the best Jedi and space dad #star wars#sw tcw #star wars clone wars #commander wolffe#plo koon#ahsoka#ahsoka tano
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  • blueblazeswildcat88
    21.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Headcannon Facts #1

    Because someone sent an ‘Ask’ wondering what headcannons I had for James. I intend to post more as I come up with them. 

    FACT # 1 –

    After living in the Caribbean, James’ body has acclimated to the intense heat and humidity. Because of this, he doesn’t handle cool / cold temperatures very well. 
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  • time-for-a-lullaby
    21.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I’m Just An Assistant - Pt. 1

    Pt. 1 - Glorified Babysitter

    Chris Evans x Female Reader

    Summary: You’re Chris’s assistant and have been for a few years. You know him better than he knows himself and your playful banter leaves both of you wondering if there’s more to your relationship than meets the eye. 

    Warnings: Language, Alcohol

    A/N: I think this is going to be my next series! I have a few parts planned out. The reader and Chris have a very ‘Tony and Pepper’-esque relationship and I love it.

    “Hello?” You balanced your phone on your shoulder while holding your iced latte and digging in your purse for your keys.

    “Umm-- Hi? Have you heard from Chris?” 

    You rolled your eyes and groaned, “No. Why are you asking?” You pulled your phone away, putting Scott on speaker and pulling up your calendar. “He’s supposed to be in Los Angeles. I’m looking at his boarding pass, he was supposed to fly out yesterday. He’s on Kimmel tomorrow.” You shook your head, dumping the contents of your purse out on the hallway floor, still trying to find your keys. 

    “Yeah.. I know. I was supposed to pick him up. We had plans for dinner but I never heard from him.”

    You groaned again, “Scott, I swear to god. I’m gonna kill him. He’s giving me grey hair. I mean, the man is 40 and I’m his glorified babysitter.” You grabbed your keys, shoveling everything back into your purse before standing and unlocked your apartment door, walking inside to greet your grey haired cat, Mowgli. You bent down to scratch his head while Scott laughed in your ear. 

    “He’s probably still home, then…” His voice trailed off at the end, he knew that meant you were going to go over there. 

    You sighed, “I don’t have time for this shit. I’m still trying to finish up the ASP event.” Scott knew you weren’t actually irritated with Chris, you guys had a very playful relationship, but he also knew his antics stressed you out. The Evans considered you to be a part of the family. You went to countless birthday celebrations, many holiday celebrations, and Sunday dinners since your family lived across the country. Lisa always wanted to make sure you felt like you had a family in Boston. 

    “I know, I know. I just hadn’t heard from him. Didn’t know if you had either…” 

    “Nope. I just got done at the gym, I’ll head that way in about 30 minutes.” You threw your things on your kitchen counter and walked to your bedroom, “Thanks, Scott.” 

    “Anytime! Try not to murder him.”

    You laughed, “Yeah, no promises! I’ll talk to ya soon.”

    Moving as fast as you could, you took a shower to wash the gym off of you and got dressed in a hurry. Chris could care less what you wore to work, so you threw on a pair of jeans and Nike crewneck with a pair of converse, then fixed your hair and made your way back to the living room. You added some food to Mowgli’s bowl before grabbing your keys and coffee and making your way back to your car. It was only 8:30, so chances are if  Chris was home, he was asleep. You climbed into your car and made your way over to his house. 

    Pulling into the driveway, you shook your head when you saw his car in the driveway. “I’m gonna kill him.” You muttered, putting your car in park and making your way to the front door. You let yourself in with the key he had made for you and reached down to snuggle Dodge, who returned your pats with a whimper and then ran to the backdoor. He hadn’t even taken Dodger out yet. You sighed, walking to the backdoor and swinging it open. Leaving it propped open so he could come back in when he wanted, you made your way upstairs to Chris’s room. 

    Just like you thought, the room was still dark and Chris was still snoring. You sighed once again, making your way to his windows and pulling open the blinds, “Get up, Chris.” 

    He groaned, rolling into his pillow, “Why are you here?” 

    You walked over to his bed and yanked the covers off of him, “OH MY GOD!” you threw the covers back on and shielded your eyes, “WHY ARE YOU NAKED?!” you screamed, backing away. 

    He laughed, sitting up and keeping himself covered, “Because I’m sleeping, Y/N. Do you not sleep naked?” 

    You felt the heat rise to your cheeks, “It doesn’t matter what I do, Chris!” You peeked through your fingers to see if he was covered and then let your arm fall to your side, “WHY ARE YOU HERE, CHRIS?” 

    He stood out of bed, letting the covers fall off of him and walked towards his bathroom, “What do you mean?” 

    You threw your hands over your eyes again, “Jesus, Chris.”

    “You like what you see?” 

    You shook your head, eyes still covered, “I’m suing you. I can do that, right? You are not worth the grey hair. This is like basically sexual harassment-- are you covered yet?” 

    He laughed, making his way to the bathroom and throwing on a pair of shorts, “I’m covered.”

    You put your hands on your hips, “Chris. Why are you here?” 

    Crossing his arms, he leaned against the doorframe, “I live here,” he replied, smirking. 

    Picking up a shirt from his floor, you threw it at him, “You’re supposed to be LA, dumbass.” 

    “I think I should fire you.” 

    You rolled your eyes, “You’d be doing me a favor.” 

    He chuckled, throwing on his shirt, “I’m flying out today.” 

    Squinting, you tilted your head, “You booked your own flight?” 

    “Well, no. I was planning on doing it when I woke up.” 

    You raised your eyebrows, “You were gonna book it yourself?” 

    He nodded, “Of course.” 

    Laughing, you walked out his bedroom and towards the kitchen to start his coffee pot, “What’s your Southwest password, Chris?” 

    He followed closely behind, “I mean, I’m sure I could figure it out.” 

    You put a K-cup into the Keurig and get it started, turning to face him, “I doubt that.” You pulled out your phone and opened the Southwest app, “What time do you wanna leave?” 

    “I don’t know.” He shrugged, walking over to the backdoor to call Dodge back in. 

    You leaned against the counter, “The earliest is 12, latest is 10.” 

    “What time can you leave?” 

    “I’m not going,” you scoffed, grabbing the mug for him and holding it out.. 

    He made his way back over to you, taking the coffee, “Thank you… and why not?” 

    “Because I’m not even close to where I need to be for the ASP event, I need to schedule out your flights for November, Dodger has a vet appointment in 2 days and you’ll still be in LA, I mean… is that enough or do you want me to keep going?” 

    Of course you would’ve loved to go to LA, but the fall is always super busy for Chris and the ASP fundraiser was only a couple of months away and you were finishing up all of the last minute details. 

    “Ummm, my mom can take Dodger and you can work on the plane and when we get there.” 

    You shook your head, “Nooooo. I can’t.” Every time you end up traveling somewhere with Chris, he pulls you into a night of drinking or a late night movie, something that distracts you from the work that you actually needed to do. “It’s impossible to travel and work at the same time.” 

    “I do it all the time.” He smirked, taking a drink of his coffee. 

    “You’re a pain in my ass.” You rolled your eyes, “What time do you want to leave?” 

    “I ask you again, what time can you leave?” 

    You groaned, “Chris, come on.” 

    “You’re my assistant, I need you there. It’ll be fun! You come on, pull the stick out of your ass.” He laughed, taking a sip of his coffee, eyeing you over the brim. 

    You let out a long sigh, this was an argument you weren’t going to win. “I can be ready by 2. I’ll book the 6pm flight out of Logan,” you conceded, pulling out your phone and booking the tickets. “Is there anything you need from me?” You asked, walking towards the door. 

    “A promise that you won’t be such a stick in the mud when we get there?” 

    You heard him laugh as you held up your middle finger, walking out of his front door. 

    Once you landed at LAX, you ordered Chris a car to Scott’s and then got yourself an Uber to your hotel. 

    “Where are you staying?” Chris asked, pulling his ball cap further down to shield his eyes. 

    “Uh-- I’m not sure. A Hilton somewhere close to the studio.”

    He nodded, “You sure you don’t wanna just stay with Scott?” 

    “Um yes. If I stay with you and Scott, I’ll get nothing done.” You laughed. It was true. You’d get pulled into some kind of drinking game and end up drinking until you passed out on his couch. “You guys have fun, though. I’ll meet you at the studio tomorrow.” 

    You made your way outside, eyeing your Uber and Chris’s car from the door. You pointed, “That’s you. I’ll see you tomorrow.” You turned and smiled, “Please don’t get too drunk tonight.” 

    He laughed and made his way to the car, “I won’t make any promises.” 

    You stood backstage with Scott, not paying attention to what Chris and Jimmy were discussing while you scrolled through your calendar, mentally noting the dates that Chris needed flights booked. 

    Opening your Southwest app, you booked all 6 flights, sending the confirmation email to him before opening the Google calendar you shared with him and entering all of the details. 

    “Do you ever stop working?” Scott asked, elbowing you gently. 

    You laughed, entering another date and color coding it so he knew it was a flight, “No. Your brother is very high maintenance,” you answered, smiling as you looked over at him. 

    “So... you coming out with us tonight?” 

    “Ha! No. Absolutely not. I already told Chris that I wasn’t doing anything social with you guys. Love you both, but if I go out tonight, I won’t get anything done tomorrow,” you explained, watching Chris now instead of your phone. You smiled when he joked with Jimmy. You’d never tell him, but his laugh was one of your favorite sounds. It was so contagious and the hand flying up his pec always made you smile.

    “I like the way you look at him.” Scott teased, smiling at you. 

    You threw a look of disgust at Scott, “EW, Scott. Oh my god. Don’t ever say that again.” 

    He laughed, “It’s cute.” 

    You shook your head, pulling out your phone again to distract yourself, “Shut it.” 

    At the end of the show, you walked with Chris back to the dressing room and helped him grab his things. 

    “Okay, so what are you doing tonight?” Chris asked, loosening his tie. 

    You shook your head, pulling his spare clothes out of his bag, “Nope. Don’t even try, Chris. I’m going back to my hotel room and I’m ending my night sober and snug and not drunk and sloppy on your brother's couch.” you paused, looking over at him, “We already talked about this.” You handed him his jeans and henley before walking to the door, “I’ll see you tomorrow.” 

    “Y/N, come on!” He started walking towards you, “Just one night, come on. I’ll hire someone else to help you with the ASP fundraiser.”

    You turned around, furrowing your brows, “Are you insinuating that I can’t handle it on my own?” 

    “Don’t you dare do that!” He smiled, pointing at you.

    You chuckled at him calling your bluff, “Alright, whatever. I mean, I would love the extra help, but I can handle it. I can. I just-- I still don’t wanna go out tonight.” 

    “Y/N!! COME on!” He yelled, throwing his hands up, “Loosen up a little, let go, have fun.” 

    You shook your head, “I have fun all the time, Chris. Just… with my friends and not with my boss.” 

    He let out a dramatic scoff, “Did you just call me your boss? Did you just say we weren’t friends? Y/N, you’ve seen my weiner. We’re friends.” 

    “Oh my god, how old are you? Did you seriously just say weiner?” You laughed, shaking your head, “You’re a toddler.” 

    He laughed with you, pulling his tie off and unbuttoning his dress shirt, “Come on, Y/N. Just a couple of drinks.”

    “No. Final Answer. No, not happening.” You demanded, adamant that you weren’t giving in.

    “OKAY, OKAY, OKAY!” You laughed, throwing back another shot of tequila. Your head was foggy, the multiple beers and several shots of tequila were very evident in your bloodstream. 

    Chris laughed, following your lead. 

    You pointed at Scott, “Down it, right now!” 

    He shook his head, “No! I’ll puke. Like actually puke.” 

    “Scott Andrew Evans, shot. NOW.” you pushed it toward him, almost spilling it on the table.

    He groaned, picking it up and scrunching his face before putting it to his lips.

    “Don’t sip on it!” Chris laughed, putting a lime wedge in front of him. “It’s a shot!” His voice was booming over the music at the bar, he was obviously feeling the alcohol, too. 

    You laughed, checking the time on your phone.

    Chris grabbed it from your hands, shoving it in his pocket, “NOPE! No work, no checking the time. Y/F/N Y/L/N is here to get drunk and have fun.” 

    “Chris, come on. It’s 2am, I just wanna go back to my room,” you groaned, reaching around in an attempt to grab your phone. 

    He swatted your hand, “No! It’s not happening. One more hour. Once they yell out last call!”

    “I did not agree to that!” You reached around him again. 

    He grabbed your wrist and held it behind his hand, “Nope. Nice try, though.” 

    You looked up at him, shaking your head, “Chris. Come on.” 

    “No. One more hour, come on.” 

    You groaned, “Next round is on you.”

    “Haven’t all of the rounds been on me?” He teased, handing your phone back to you.

    “Well…. Accurate. But still. On you.” 

    A few minutes later, you came back from the bathroom to Scott missing.

    “What the hell? Where’s Sc--” You stopped walking towards Chris, quickly closing your mouth. He was standing at the bar, his phone in some blonde’s hand as she typed in her number. You swallowed hard, trying to keep your composure. Why were you actually jealous right now? You have his number. You talk to him everyday. You’ve seen his dick. Why are you jealous? You stared for a couple of seconds before turning on your heels and walking towards the door and it hit. You were jealous because he would never look at you like he was looking at her. 

    You called an Uber, standing off to the side of the bar. Once you got confirmation, you let Chris know you’d left. 

    You: Heading back to my hotel. Please go back to that girl's place, don’t subject Scott to that. 

    Chris: Where are you?

    You: I left. 

    Chris: Thanks for saying bye..?

    Chris: Are you mad?

    Chris: You’re using periods. Why are you using periods? You only do that when you’re annoyed. 

    You: I’m not annoyed, Chris. Do you need me for anything tomorrow?

    Chris: No… why?

    You: I’m gonna head back early.

    Chris: You’re still using periods…

    You rolled your eyes, putting your phone in your back pocket, waiting for Michael in the black Jetta 

    “Hey, Y/N!”

    You looked over, watching Chris make his way over to you. You turned your attention back to the street, watching for your Uber. 

    “Are you...ignoring me?”

    You shook your head, “No.” You were entirely too drunk to fix the attitude you had right now. 

    “What is your problem?” 

    “I don’t have a problem. Don’t worry about me.” You snapped back, ending your sentence with a hiccup. 

    He laughed, “Okay, whatever you say.” 

    When your Uber pulled up, you walked away, climbing into the backseat. Closing your eyes, you leaned your head against the headrest, annoyed that you were actually jealous of that girl. You groaned, snapping your head up when the door opened again, “What are you doing, Chris?” 

    “I need a ride.” He said simply. 

    You scoffed, “To Scott’s… not to my hotel.”

    He shrugged, “I’ll sleep on the couch. 

    The Uber driver started pulling away, heading to your hotel. 

    “So… you gonna tell me what’s wrong?” 

    You shook your head, “Chris. Nothing is wrong.”

    “You know how I know you’re lying?” 

    You smiled and looked over at him, “Enlighten me.” 

    He mirrored your smile, “Your nostrils flare.”

    You covered your nose, “Nothing is wrong, leave me alone.” 

    You rode in silence back to your hotel, your eyes heavy from the tequila. You could feel Chris’s eyes on you, but you kept looking straight-forward. You didn’t want to get into it. Being drunk with low inhibitions was only going to make things worse because you would actually tell him you were jealous. 

    Pulling into your hotel, you climbed out stumbling towards the door ahead of Chris. He sped up to get closer to you, “Okay, what gives?”

    You got to the elevator, “Do you want me to get your own room?” 

    He shook his head, “No, I’ll sleep on the couch.” 

    “Chris… I just got a regular hotel room. I don’t have a couch.”

    “Then I’ll sleep on the floor.” 

    You rolled your eyes when you got to your floor, exiting the elevator and taking a right, “Whatever, do whatever you want. Sleep on the floor, sleep in the tub, sleep with that blonde. Who cares?” 

    “I’m sorry… Am I detecting a hint of jealousy?” 

    You rolled your eyes, covering your nose when you remembered what he said on the way here, too drunk to realize that was a dead giveaway, “You don’t.” 

    He let out a laugh, pointing at you, “You covered your nose, you’re lying.” 

    “Am not.” You held your key in front of the sensor, unlocking the door and making your way inside. Chris followed closely behind, snickering the whole time. “You can sleep on the bed, just don’t touch me.” You grabbed some PJ’s and then walked into the bathroom, locking the door behind you. Letting out a long sigh, you splashed some cold water on your face and neck, trying to calm yourself. You were jealous and you hated it. 

    When you walked out of the bathroom, Chris was sitting on the edge of the bed slipping off his shoes. You threw your dirty clothes on the floor and crossed your arms, “You can’t sleep naked.” 

    He smirked, “Sounds like that’s what you want.” 

    You rolled your eyes, “You know, Chris, you did get that girl's number. Why don’t you just… give her a call? Get out of my hair?” 

    “Is that actually what you want?” 

    You shook your head, walking to your nightstand and plugging your phone into the charger, “Do whatever you want, Chris. I’m going to bed.” Climbing under the covers, you tried to pull them up, but couldn’t get them to move under Chris’s weight. “Oh my god, can you move?” You yanked on them again as he stood, pulling them up to your chin and closing your eyes. 

    You peeked over the covers when you heard his clothes coming off, “What are you doing?” 

    He pulled his shirt over his head, “Getting into my pajamas.” 

    “Your pajamas consist of no clothes. Unacceptable.” When he started to pull his pants down, you sat up and pointed at him, “KEEP YOUR PANTS ON, CHRIS!”

    “You’re gonna make me sleep in jeans?” 

    “Do you have boxers underneath?” 

    He nodded, “I do.” 

    “Fine. Boxers only. And we never speak about this. Ever. To anyone. Or I’m suing for a hostile work environment.” 

    He chuckled as you laid back down, using some extra pillows to form a wedge between you, “I won’t bite.” 

    You scoffed, your eyes heavy, “yeah, you’ll do much worse.”

    He climbed into bed next to you, “You don’t wanna cuddle?” 

    You turned away from him, “Touch me and I scream.”

    He laughed again, both of you slipping into a deep, drunken sleep within minutes.

    You woke up the next morning, your head pounding. Groaning, you tried to roll over, but something was holding you down. You slowly opened your eyes, cursing yourself for forgetting to close the curtains. You looked over and noticed that Chris was snuggling into you, his arms wrapped around your waist and his legs entangled with yours. 

    “Good morning.” He smiled as you made eye-contact. 

    “UGH!” You pushed yourself away from him while he laughed, “I hate you.” 

    He propped himself up on his elbows, “I’m telling Scott that we cuddled.” 

    You clenched your jaw, “If you tell Scott anything, I swear to god, I will smother you in your sleep. I know where you live and I have a key to your house.” You jabbed your index finger toward him, raising your eyebrows. 

    He smirked, “Oh, I’m totally telling Scott.” 

    You groaned, “Get up,” you threw his clothes at him, ignoring the pounding headache, “you’re the bane of my existence, Christopher. You tell Scott, you die. Don’t forget.”

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  • blissfali
    21.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    c!butterflyinnit shenanigans (/dsmp /rp)

    tommy was a literal magnet for insects and it was terrible because he would track them into the house and they stuck to him like glue and he named all of them clementine 

    when asked if “shouldnt you put them in like a cage so they dont run away if you like them so much??” and tommys like wtf. are u insane. they always come back you dumbfuck gosh

    this fact repeated in exile, including a special moth which he dubbed clementine along with everyone else, but this time, dream was not so happy with it as his family was... haha... there’s a lotta bug guts burried in the grass around tommys tent, you know? tommy remembers to shoo them off anytime they come near while hes chopping trees after that, but he can never shake off how much he misses them buzzing around his face while he slept or them flapping their wings next to his ears if he was hot. dream wasnt a fan... so tommy wasnt either.

    this is fine 

    #exile arc#tw abuse#tw bugs#dream smp #c!tommy #c!dream #butterflyinnit #dream smp headcannon #dream smp au #c!primeboys #c!primeboys my abhorred and beloved
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