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    25.06.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    Tim Wright/Masky Headcannon’s:

    •Brian Is 100% Of His Impulse Control.

    •He Call’s Jessica “Compulsive Little Yorkie”

    •His Experiences In Foster Care weren't Very Pleasant [The Home Was Very Abusive]

    •He started Smoking In HighSchool

    •When He was Younger He and Jay Stuck Glow Stick's In the Microwave Because They wanted to Know what Happened [They Were 9] It Exploded

    •Definitely Didn't Have a Crush On Brian Since Kindergarten

    •He Claims Brians Smirk is 'Stupid'

    •Jessica Pushed Him Into Brian A Lot

    •They Had Most Group Sleepovers At Jay's House

    [They Had a Lotta' Get Togethers]

    •Brian Carries Water Bottles On Hand For Tim He also Keeps Tim's Medication On Hand too For When He Need's it

    •He's Tried to Get Rid of Jay's Camera Sooo Many Times

    •Tim Bought Matching shirts for Jay and Jessica saying "I Get Us into Trouble" "I Get us out of it"

    •Tim Calls Jessica "Sunshine"

    As a Joke

    •He Strongly Dislikes Hospitals

    •He Dislikes Therapists

    •His Hair Is Very Fluffy

    •He's the Second Shortest Out Of Everyone

    •He Practically Only Wear's Flannel

    •He Comes Off As Angry And Cold At First But He's an Absolute Sweetheart When You Get to Know Him

    •Total Dad

    •He Still Has Bad Coughing Fits It Concerns Brian Though He Helps Him Through It

    •He Had A Bad Eating Disorder In His Younger Year's

    •Great Fighter

    •He Has More Control Over Masky Now

    •He Still Smokes and Takes Pills

    •He was Kinda A Quiet and Loner In School Brian Did Most the Talking For Him

    •He Has Strong Political Opinions

    •He Steals Brian's Hoodies

    •He Considered Brians Parents Family He Legit Called Them "Mom" And "Dad"

    •He was Honestly Close With all the Families Of His Friends It Took awhile For Him to Be comfortable But Understandably so

    •Tim Actually Still Has Jay's Camera For Personal Reasons [It's Self Explanatory]

    •He Can't Stand Tapes Anymore

    •He Doesn't Like Being On Camera

    •He Still Has a Pink Hoodie Jessica Gave Him Along With a Friendship Bracelet [He won't Admit It]

    •He and Brian'll Go Out And Make Sure Jessica's Alright And Hang Out For a Bit.

    •He's the Embodiment Of the "Tired Overworked Dad"

    •He and Brian were the First Toby Warmed Up to

    •He Has a Death Glare that'll Make anyone Shrink

    •Started In Kindergarten They Met Brian Saw No One Was Playing With Tim and Like The Sweet Boy He Is Went To Befriend Tim

    •In Kindergarten They Were Paired Up as Pen Pals so They Sent Letters To Each Other Through the Years Which They Both Still Have They Still Write Letters to One another [The Program Started In Pre K-12 Ofc the Younger Kids Had Help From They're Parents But Yah]

    •Brian Doodles Little Hearts In Tim's Bottle Caps Because He Just Does

    •Brian Still Has Back Problems Due To the Fall Sometimes they Get REALLY REALLY BAD and Tim Takes Care Of Him On Those Days

    •They Can Have The Most Dullest Normal Conversation to "What the Actual Fuck" within Seconds

    ✖He Has Over 100 Flannels

    ✖He's Friggen' Smol'

    ✖Sarcasm? Definitely

    ✖Dad-Friend ™

    ✖Since He Cannonly Has Glasses But Doesn't Wear Them (Or At Least Needs them) he wears Contacts Instead

    •To Keep Himself Mentally Grounded Brian'll Have Him Tell Him What He Sees Around Him

    •Sarah's Cat Like's Him

    Yet He's The Only one who doesn't Like Sarah's Cat

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  • clanonadventures
    25.06.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    Fuck it Im bored


    Basil yandere alphabet

    Affection: How do they show their love and affection? How intense would it get?

    He loves giving you cuddles and words of affirmation. Telling you how good you are for staying with him

    Blood: How messy are they willing to get when it comes to their darling?

    Funnily enough he isnt a violent yandere. He doesnt like getting bloody or hurting others. If he truly needed to though, he'd have someone else do it for him.

    Cruelty: How would they treat their darling once abducted? Would they mock them?

    He would never hurt or make fun of you. He'd much rather make you feel safe. To the point where you feel safer and more understood with him then not.

    Darling: Aside from abduction, would they do anything against their darling’s will?

    He'd want to know every little secret you have. Wether you want him to know or not. Wether you even know that he knows or not. Otherwise he doesnt normally do anything against your will.

    Exposed: How much of their heart do they bare to their darling? How vulnerable are they when it comes to their darling?

    You will know little about him. At least, the true him. But he does try to be honest about his feelings with you, even the not so good feelings.

    Fight: How would they feel if their darling fought back?

    He'd be so confused. "Why are you fighting back? Your safer here. Happier with me. So why are you acting this way?"

    Game: Is this a game to them? How much would they enjoy watching their darling try to escape?

    He does find it funny. As he knows everything about you. So in a way, yes. If your trying to escape, and fight back, he will find it (while confusing) funny.

    Hell: What would be their darling’s worst experience with them?

    You had threatened his pet, fluffy. His chicken. He loves fluffy, second to you. It was the only time he was violent. He needed to make sure you knew better, that you learned.

    Ideals: What kind of future do they have in mind for/with their darling?

    You and him, happily together. Maybe with a few kids, that is if you wanted any. If not, hes completely fine with not having any. He just wants what you want.

    Jealousy: Do they get jealous? Do they lash out or find a way to cope?

    Oh yeah. He gets extremely jealous. But he isnt violent about it. Hes more manipulative about it. If you are spending too much time with someone else, then he will find a way to get them to stop talking to you.

    Kisses: How do they act around or with their darling?

    He is well, everything you want him to be. What makes you the happiest and safest, that is what he'll be. He will be everything you've ever wanted and more.

    Love letters: How would they go about courting or approaching their darling?

    He is very flexible. He will approach however he sees will win you over. That is his goal after all. Win you over, no matter how.

    Mask: Are their true colors drastically different from the way they act around everyone else?

    Yes. While hes always naturally manipulative, hes much more cold and borderline nonverbal to others. He for the most part sees no need to have other connections, unless he needs a rather messy job to be done.

    Naughty: How would they punish their darling?

    He doesnt like punishments. Hes only ever actually punished you once. And it was violent and painful. Torture at best.

    Oppression: How many rights would they take away from their darling?

    He wouldn't normally take rights from you. He'd take the right to gain your attention from others. They dont deserve you anyway.

    Patience: How patient are they with their darling?

    Extremely. He will wait as long as he needs to win you over. He has time.

    Quit: If their darling dies, leaves, or successfully escapes, would they ever be able to move on?

    Never. The only way to escape him is through death. And if/when that happens, he will become colder and more distant.

    Regret: Would they ever feel guilty about abducting their darling? Would they ever let their darling go?

    He never truly abducts you. He just makes you fall for him. The same way he feel in love with you. But once he has you, he will never let you leave. Even if you dont realize it.

    Stigma: What brought about this side of them (childhood, curiosity, etc)?

    He isnt human. He may look mostly human, but he isnt. Due to this, he doesnt hold the same human emotions as we do. The way he feels love is different.

    Tears: How do they feel about seeing their darling scream, cry, and/or isolate themselves?

    He would do what he must to calm you. Make you feel safe and happy again. If that means giving you space to cool off, then so be it.

    Unique: Would they do anything different from the classic yandere?

    He doesnt kill. He isnt a killer. He is more of a stalker. He will learn everything about you. And I mean everything. He isnt violent. He doesnt like hurting anyone. And even if it is nessecery, then he will get someone else to do it for him.

    Vice: What weakness can their darling exploit in order to escape?

    His patience. The fact that he will wait and do whatever he needs to do to make you love him. Though there will be no true way to escape him, as he will always find you, if you play your cards right, you can get him to stay at a distance.

    Wit’s end: Would they ever hurt their darling?

    It was only one time. Only once. And he swore he would never ever do it again. He promised you. And he has kept that promise.

    Xoanon: How much would they revere or worship their darling? To what length would they go to win their darling over?

    He is completely head over heels for you. He worships you like you are the only god to have ever been. He would do anything for you. Any and everything.

    Yearn: How long do they pine after their darling before they snap?

    He would never snap. He will wait years if he has to. Just for your love.

    Zenith: Would they ever break their darling?

    No. He wouldn't be able to stand himself if he did. He loves how you are anyway, if he breaks you then he wont have that.

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  • clearlyclueless
    25.06.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    My current detailed Ranboo headcannon drawing!

    If anyone would wanna know about the specific headcannons just reblog and i will tell because im actually really invested in it and it would love if you asked

    Also no he doesn't just have one horn the other is curled

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  • not-me-simping-for-blasty
    25.06.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    domestic life w/ bakugou thoughts pt 2910488:

    - biggest scary dog privilege imaginable. just- nobody is even going to look at you when you’re walking with bakugou. (bc even creeps wont try to provoke an animal that clearly has rabies)

    - tries to eat as many meals as he can w/ you. regardless of what he says, he truly doesn’t like eating alone and will wait if he has to

    - if u ever manage to drag him into a self-care day, he’s falling asleep .3 seconds in. somethin about the nice smelling products, your gentle hands against his skin, your soft voice explaining how long to leave his face mask on???? pls he’s out

    - gets genuinely upset over any of his houseplants dying. like, full-day grieving event bc he feels frustrated over being a “failure” (he’s so dramatic i swear)

    - rlly good at mumbling “5 more minutes- ‘s cold, don’t fuckin’ get up.” into your shoulder blades on the rare chance you try to leave the before he’s ready to

    - he will fully argue w/ any pets you have. just, red in the face and debating w/ your cat who just swiped a glass off the table

    - probably begs you to work out with him. n it’s so hard to say no bc he literally never asks for anything he truly wants. you’ll be wishing u did say no tho bc working out w/ him somehow feels way more like self-harm than self-improvement

    - snores like a kitten. no u can’t convince me otherwise and no i will never under any circumstances be taking criticism about this

    - bakugou normally gets up way earlier than u, but if u rlly wanna treat him, set his alarm back like 5-10 mins. while he “sleeps in” make him breakfast n eat w/ him before he goes off to work,,, 10/10 times he’ll almost be late out the door bc he can’t figure out how to stop pulling you into his arms (he can’t help it okay, it’s not his fault when you’re being so sweet)

    - gossiping w/ him is genuinely entertaining. not bc he has anything of interest to share, but entirely bc of the comments he makes. like sometimes you’ll look over at him, and he’s just completely heated, spitting as he goes on a tirade about how your shared friend is such a “fuckin’ idiot, empty-headed, loser”

    - runs into shit constantly. u cannot tell me this man isn’t clipping doorways w/ his shoulder, isnt accidentally cutting a corner and hitting his hip. he is. he just is.

    - he probably does little stuff for u. like always making sure your pantry is stocked up w/ stuff you like to eat, or always replacing toilet rolls so you never have to run out. just tiny, minuscule every day stuff. like, if you’re not looking closely you’ll never notice, but once you do it’s like the list of all he does is endless

    - calls his mother a lot actually. legitimately sounds like he wants to kill himself the entire time he’s on the phone, but always hangs up with a “Yeah, yeah, call you next week, hag. Same fuckin’ time. Don’t be late.” ,,, n then he keeps his word. he’s on the phone the same time next week w/out fail

    - mans always has a hand on you. like if ur sitting next to him than his hand is on ur thigh, or wrapped around ur ankle, or idly running up the inside of ur arm,,, not even bc he’s trying to start something or anything,, he rlly just doesn’t realize he’s even doing it

    - bakugou says that stupid as hell “I’m just resting my eyes” dad thing when he’s falling asleep and doesn’t want to admit it

    - has a set of knives for cooking that only he is allowed to use. sometimes u swear he loves them more than he loves u

    - u’ve never seen this man put something down gently. he has slammed down every item he has ever held in his hands

    - probably sleeps all curled up into a ball. u cannot tell me that bakugou’s raging insecurities don’t have him absolutely locked up into fetal position every night

    - lmao if u live with him long enough bakugou will straight up develop separation anxiety. like, he’ll just be pissy and disoriented and unsettled if he’s separated from the routine of being with u for too long

    - has a frightening obsession with keeping your home bug-free. takes a slightly worrying amount of joy from squashing insects beneath his fingers

    - sniffs food out, like a literal dog, before he eats it

    - bakugou is such a primadonna about home decor. no rlly. if u ever try to pick out any major furniture without him, mans is throwing a fit

    - taking him shopping is so funny lmao. if u faked that you were “worried about all the bags being heavy” and tried to “carry some of the burden” ,,,, pls u could have that fool looking like a pack animal by the end of the day. easy work bc his ego will never let u carry anything

    - will melt immediately if you offer to give him a massage after he’s done w/ hero work for the day. just completely boneless beneath your fingers as he shuts his eyes

    - bakugou probably does weird little exercises when he’s got too much energy. like he’s being annoying, complaining that he’s bored one moment and then next he’s got a yoga mat out and he’s rolling himself into a pretzel the next

    - eats the nastiest looking health food you’ve ever seen. like it honestly looks disgusting but he swears its good for him

    - will absolutely create new words just so he can call people incredibly targeted and personal slurs. gets the happiest u’ve ever seen him on the rare chance u repeat an insult he came up with

    - bakugou will talk shit about ur neighbors even if he’s never met them. even if he’s never seen them. just cannot keep his mouth shut about anything ever and unfortunately ur unsuspecting neighbors make the easiest targets

    - has a tendency to praise himself when bakugou feels that something he did goes unnoticed. like, if he did cleaned the kitchen and u don’t immediately comment on it then its “Wow, Katsuki, thank you so much for bustin’ your fuckin’ ass for this family! The kitchen looks great!” mumbled indignantly under his breath

    - chugs any/all drinks he has ever had. breathes heavy afterwards like a toddler. its embarrassing for everyone involved

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    (found on Pinterest 📌)



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  • xlxxifer
    25.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I think Lucifer would really fuck with Lil Nas X,

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    25.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    This is a test sorry for doing this again😭

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    25.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I just have a feeling Mari has a really funny Twitter.

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    25.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    oof... Kalluto's mad...

    #HxH#Kalluto #and there's where *that* headcannon came from
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  • dragonsareourfuture
    25.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    More Mello Headcanons

    Because I’m a no good fucking simp. These are less serious and more of just me thinking out loud. First part can be found here.

    - when he gets drunk he speaks in a Russian accent.

    - he really likes the Untitled Goose Game and pictures that little boy with the toy airplane as Near while he messes with him in his godly goose form.

    - he sings really loudly in the shower. Like, he’s basically screaming. He also wins arguments with the soap bottles in there.

    - I am very biased. HOWEVER. I feel as though he would be the type to pole dance specifically because it is fun and for exercise. More so in an alternate universe where he has time for hobbies and whatnot.

    - I feel as though he would despise drinking lemonade. The citrus does not accompany the taste of chocolate well at all and we know how much he eats that stuff so I feel like he would just taste that every time he drinks lemonade, therefore avoiding it altogether.

    - give him a topic and he can rant about it for as long as he’s allowed. He has very strong opinions about many a thing, even mundane things. Whenever Matt gets bored he just brings up one of those topics and lets Mello go at it for however long.

    - *drops chocolate* *stares down at it* *picks it up* *blows on it* *eats it*

    - on that note, he licks the chocolate off of donuts. And puts the rest back.

    - tuck his hair behind his ear oh my god just do it. He won’t show it, in fact he’ll most likely bat your hand away if you do it too suddenly, but the gesture is so innocent and comforting to him and makes him feel cared for.

    - when Mello shops, he SHOPS. The man is intense. It becomes a ritual, knowing exactly what stores to go to that carry his precise style and which ones have the best prices. If you offer to go with him, god help you. You’re being dragged around all day and perhaps, if he’s really in the zone, into the night as well. He’s mainly focused on buying for himself but, if you ever start to express a desire to leave, that’s when he’ll start to offer you clothes to try on and keep you busy.

    - he has some of the most creative insults you ever did hear. They were most likely created when he was young and couldn’t curse (thanks, Roger) and he occasionally uses them when he’s out in public and there are children nearby.

    - he doesn’t laugh a whole bunch, but when he does it’s the most unrestrained, boisterous, adorable laugh ever like wow. I don’t know why but I always imagined him to be the type to not hold back when he laughs, just happy to have something to laugh about. This often times leads to him snorting while he laughs and it’s so damn cute.

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  • pinktwinkiezoppo
    25.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Some people(myself included)have headcannoned that Ben’s UAF jacket was his dads old letterman’s jacket and I just remembered in the Alien Force episode The Final Battle: Part 2 when Ben storms off into the forest and ditches his jacket and then Gwen brings it back to him, Ben says

    “I don’t deserve that. It belongs to a hero.” If the jacket really was Carl’s then that means that Ben thinks of his father as a hero, his hero. To me that scene was already pretty powerful but if the jacket was Carl’s then it’s even sadder because Ben thinks he doesn’t deserve his fathers jacket.  My heart almost exploded from the wholesome father/son relationship they have.

    #yeah I KNOW it’s not a canon fact that the UAF jacket is Carl’s #thats why it’s a HEADCANNON #i love their relationship #ben 10 #ben 10 alien force #ben 10 ultimate alien #ben 10 uaf #ben tennyson#carl tennyson #if the jacket was Carl’s then Ben probably should’ve treated it with more respect #he holds his dad in a high regard Ben loves and respects him #He loves that jacket because it was his fathers #he stopped wearing it cuz he didn’t wanna ruin it or the fact that he still thought he wasn’t good enough to wear it #idek if this makes sense #I’m just writing from the brain
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  • flexbot9000
    25.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I feel like Hotrod and Blackarachnia would get along really well. I don't know if it's the mlm and wlw solidarity, or maybe it's because they view themselves similarly, but they just seem like they vibe together. It is law.

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    25.06.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • fr0-g
    25.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I draw sometimes

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  • mischiefhasbeenmanaged
    25.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Andromeda finally gives birth to baby Dora and Ted is enamored with the baby and is drawn to her little cries and he just wants to hold her and make sure she’s alright ..but then he turns back to look at Andromeda, who is exhausted and breathing heavily while squeezing his hand. He feels a pat on his shoulder and turns to see Sirius with one hand on his upper arm and the other hand on Andromeda’s head.

    “Go take care of your baby. I’ve got her,” Sirius says, moving his other hand from Ted’s shoulder to Andromeda’s hand. Ted gives him a swift nod and he swears that for the first time, Sirius Black gives him a genuine smile.

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  • sluttyandere
    25.06.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #ok tae making oc prank jimin and jimin punishing her… HEADCANNON IDEA 🤯 #sfs! #wuv#💗💗💗💗💗
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    #got an ask :] #bakuten #gotta start tagging these as hc ig huh #bakuten headcannons
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  • animaecollects
    25.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    currently thinking about how endeavor's anger after becoming the #1 hero only bc allmight was forced to retire completely parallels bakugou's anger after winning the sports festival bc todoroki wouldn't use his fire

    can you imagine if bakugou never got impacted by deku and kirishima's friendship? and best jeanist? not saying he'd end up exactly like endeavor but the resemblances during those scenes are super weird

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