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    21.09.2021 - 1 minute ago

    bitches got anger issues

    velvet’s bitches

    so is cardin

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  • parcaes
    21.09.2021 - 4 minutes ago
    One of the weird HC I have is that when people use the 'Edo Tensei' kuchiyose , it makes Rae incredibly sick. Dead people coming back to life are basically a threat to the natural order and to the strings of fate she’s supposed to watch over. It’s like trying to make knots with strings that are already broken. 
    Before the last war, Mi-Rae was slightly overweight but she became SO SICK during the war that she lost many, many kilos and she’s now still curvy but pretty skinny as well. She spent days in bed with fever and tremors; her vital functions going completely nuts. For a moment, her parents even thought she might die.
    Most people she knew before the war always make comments about her weight loss when they meet again but she brushes it off as just “a teenage girl going crazy about her weight like most do because of society haha fuck the patriarchy” --- she doesn’t want people to 1/ worry about her 2/ learn about her secret. 
    #﹠. ᴀʟʟ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴡᴀs ᴍᴇ ɪs ɢᴏɴᴇ ( headcanons ) #( rae vc : well hahaha oops you kNOW pubERTY and the weight of sOCIETY ON WOMEN'S SHOULDERS HAHAHA i gotta go ) #sickness /
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    21.09.2021 - 4 minutes ago
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  • cozymoko
    21.09.2021 - 4 minutes ago
    #—🍁 #yandere kimetsu no yaiba #kimetsu no yaiba headcanons #kimetsu no yaiba imagines #yandere kny#kny headcanons #yandere demon slayer #demon slayer imagines #yandere tanjiro #tanjiro x you #tanjiro x reader #yandere naruto headcanons #yandere naruto x reader #naruto imagines#naruto headcanons #naruto x reader #naruto x you #yandere x darling #yandere imagines
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  • avashaye
    21.09.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Percy Jackson Masterlist

    Coming Soon

    Percy Jackson

    Dating Percy Jackson Would Include

    Percy Jackson Cuddling Headcanon

    Percy Jackson Period Headcanon

    Percy Jackson Intimacy Headcanon

    Percy Jackson Jealous Headcanon

    Percy Jackson Prank War Headcanon

    Percy Jackson Crying Headcanon

    Percy Jackson Morning After Imagine

    Percy Jackson Pregnancy Imagine

    Percy Jackson Sick Imagine

    Percy Jackson Babysitting Imagine

    Percy Jackson Injury Imagine

    Jason Grace

    Dating Jason Grace Would Include

    Jason Grace Pregnancy Headcanon

    Jason Grace Jealous Headcanon

    Jason Grace Intimacy Headcanon

    Jason Grace Crying Headcanon

    Jason Grace Injury Headcanon

    Jason Grace NSFW Headcanon

    Leo Valdez

    Dating Leo Valdez Would Include

    Leo Valdez Cuddling Headcanon

    Leo Valdez Period Headcanon

    Leo Valdez Intimacy Headcanon

    Leo Valdez Pregnancy Headcanon

    Annabeth Chase

    Dating Annabeth Chase Would Include

    Annabeth Chase Best Friend Headcanon

    Annabeth Chase Intimacy Headcanon

    Piper McLean

    Dating Piper McLean Would Include

    #percy jackson #percy jackson headcanon #percy jackson imagine #percy jackson masterlist #jason grace #jason grace headcanon #jason grace imagine #jason grace masterlist #leo valdez #leo valdez headcanon #leo valdez imagine #leo valdez masterlist #annabeth chase #annabeth chase headcanon #annabeth chase imagine #annabeth chase masterlist #piper mclean #piper mclean headcanon #piper mclean imagine #piper mclean masterlist #percy jackson novel #heros of olympus #heros of olympus imagine #heros of olympus headcanon #heros of olympus masterlist
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  • tapwater-made-everyone-gay
    21.09.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    ------Hyuk Lee Headcanons------

    All I can think of is Hyuk from Sweet Home (seriously it's a problem) so I'm just gonna leave a few 'quick' headcanons here. They are a bit all over the place but oh well.

    - Hyuk is super sensitive

    - I don't mean the emotional kind of sensitive either

    - I mean his body is sensitive. So when someone pulls on his collar and he says it hurts he means it

    - He absolutely hates when things get too close to his eyes. It freaks him out and he has to take a few seconds to breathe

    - Tried contacts before and almost had a heart attack when it touched his eye. He never touched them again

    - Also has a pretty good sense of smell

    - Which makes him picky with what body wash and shampoo he picks out.

    - Refuses to go anywhere near axe body spray

    - On one hand it reminds him of neckbeards and 'nice guys'. On the other he just doesn't like the smell. It's too intense for him

    - Definitely the kind of guy to stock up on whatever cologne or body wash he's using if someone he likes says it smells good

    - You cannot convince me he doesn't have the softest hair. I mean look at that scene where Wook pats him on the head. It's just *chefs kiss*

    - I remember in the panel where him and Hyun were geeking out a bit about Maria to the Sky I could've sworn he had freckles of some kind. I don't know if it's just a mistake in the art or something but I hope it's not because Hyuk with freckles just feels right

    - I don't think they'd be very noticable but they're 100% there

    - Very much a realist. He may enjoy and even fantasize about a different world or about magic, but at the end of the day he understands it's just that. A fantasy

    - He won't hold on to false hope and expect it to come true, for some miracle to happen. He knows if he wants something then he has to do something

    - It's something he learned after his father died. His dad had promised to come back and he believed him. He had wanted what he said to be true and was forced to realize it wasn't

    - As much as I feel like he doesn't enjoy doing a lot of work it definitely eases stress for him. It keeps his mind off of whatevers happening and keeps people from nagging at him about taking too many breaks or not doing enough

    - Please this man just needs a hug-

    Well damn that got depressing real fast. Anyway I hope whoever actually reads this enjoyed it. If theres anything else you feel would fit here feel free to comment your opinions. Hell even if you disagree with some of these points it'd be great to hear other ideas.

    Stay safe and have a good rest of the day ^-^

    #sweet home webtoon #sweet home manhwa #headcanon#hyuk lee #hyuk lee headcanons #I love that man so much- #I can't-#he's just #I'll also probably do other characters #I already have a headcanon planned for Wook #Anyway read shotgun boy if you haven't #it's amazing
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  • sparkles-and-trash
    21.09.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    (small) Requests open!

    I really miss making my lil’ content, so I figured this was a good way to start again! 

    Things you can request: 

    I do NOT do character x reader/yn/oc at this point!


    little list of headcanons 

    small au concepts w/aesthetics 

    teeny tiny drabbles 

    just talking about ships/characters/au’s/etc 

    arts (shoulder/chest up only bc time) 

    simple “how I imagine the characters in *au/age/etc*” portraits 

    characters in simple halloween costumes 

    horror related characters for halloween portraits/icons  

    Fandoms you can request for: 

    Bob’s Burgers 


    Miraculous Ladybug 


    South Park 

    Gravity Falls 

    The Sims (esp sims 2 shit, love me the drama of the pre existing sims and neighborhoods) 

    Friendly reminder that, with me being chronically ill and all, and that these are requests, and therefore I’m not always gonna be able, or obligated, to do every one of these, either because of time, skill, or comfort level! 

    The general rule of thumb is that if I reply to your ask, and not tel you that I can’t do it, it’s added to my WIP list, and I’ll work tru my asks at the best pace I can! 

    my inbox is open, and anons are welcome, as always <3 

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  • tortilla-of-courage
    21.09.2021 - 8 minutes ago
    #headcanons and the alike are always welcome in my inbox fox! #fox anon#tortilla asks
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  • mikamikenshin
    21.09.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Me:Mangetsu joined akatsuki and died from the same disease that got itachi and kimimaro both killed.

    Also me:What if orochimaru and kabuto killed mangetsu when he was trying to protect suigetsu?

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  • emmadoodle
    21.09.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Hey guys! I promise I’m working on prompts, college is just kicking my ass rn LMAO. In the mean time tho I really wanna interact a lot more on here, so you all should send me little mini headcanons I can bounce off of. Idk maybe I can even try those little 6 sentence fics as well. Thanks for bearing with me!! >.<

    #emma speaks#aaaaaaaaa #i wanna talk headcanons more #i used to all the time on discord but i don't use it a whole lot anymore
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  • constellationswh40kau
    21.09.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Constellations Flash-Forward

    So another thing that inspired me to start Constellations was Angron's story and how to make it better. Which unfortunately came with headcanons on how much of a god-awful hell-hole Nuceria would be. We have got many Primarchs to go before we get to Angron, but here, have a sneak peek!

    Trigger Warnings for slavery, dehumanisation and very brief implication of sexual slavery.


    “That...is not a three-year-old.”

    To his side, Pareth laughed at his exclamation, his mouth wide and pink. “Told you he was a Freak, didn’t I?”

    Tessel didn’t bother with an answer immediately, eyes instead glued on the Gladiator stalking the sands of the arena directly below them. It was only a small, training arena, not like the one in the capital of Desh’ea, so it didn’t take long for the man to make a full circuit. No, not man; boy. Despite the height and the musculature, there was something incomplete, a softness to the jaw.

    No, no matter.

    “When you said Freak, I thought you meant a withered leg, an albino, or something. Even a bio-surgeon’s rejected project; with a beak or scales or whatever modifications are in fashion for Pet-Slaves now. Not this. Apart from the aging, he’s normal! I cater to a niche audience, you know. To be in the Freak Category of the Gladiatorial Institute, he has to actually visibly be a Freak.”

    Good humour dying, Pareth tried to rekindle interest, his ever-present sheen of sweat thickening. He absent-mindedly wiped it away with a luridly dyed handkerchief. “Well, there’s the twin hearts, some organs that none of the Healers can figure out the purpose of-”

    “Visible Attributes, Pareth,” Tessel cut him off. “Organs? Hah! I’m buying Gladiators, not science-props! No, I’m not interested, but I bet you’d get a handsome price from one of the Universities.”

    The Merchant visibly deflated, neck-folds quivering. “Not as much as you’d think; he’s a First-Gen slave, found wandering the wastes alone. That means no Sire or Dam on a registry somewhere. Even if no blood-kin’s stepped forward to claim him in the first year, thus allowing him to be put on the market, the Universities always make this massive fuss about their prestige and anything that can put it in danger. They don’t want the slightest possibility of being sued coming anywhere near those pretentious marble halls of theirs.”

    “Come, come Pareth,” Tessel reassured. “Their constant consumption rate of Test-Slaves for their classes keeps you and Mama Cleron in steady business, does it not? And I know you exchange stock often.”

    Pareth scoffed. “She’s not getting her painted fingernails on this one, that’s for certain; he’d be wasted purely as a Stud. No; he’d be the biggest thing in Gladiatorial Gaming if given a chance.”

    Tessel didn’t know much about children. He was a Gladiator Stable Manager, not a Wet-Nurse. But he knew a few basic things. “He’s three. Sure, he’s six feet tall, but what’s the point if he starts bawling for mommy the moment I shove a sword in his hand?”

    Pareth suddenly donned a flat, knowing look as he nodded to the side. “He’s been listening to us for the past minute.”

    Following the look, Tessel glanced down, and met a cold, scathing glare. The slave had stopped pacing the sands to stand directly below the front-row seats where they were situated. He was looking up at them, waiting, patiently.

    #tw: slavery#tw: depersonalization#tw: objectification#fanfic wip #work in progress #warhammer 40k#angron#Nuceria #horrible horrible headcanons #and it gets worse from here
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  • musesofchaos
    21.09.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    The Young and the Restless and Bold and the Beautiful are two of favorites of Nate and Bastet. Who would lay in bed, watching the soaps. The mutant still enjoys the soap operas anytime he has the chance. He watched them with Wanda and Jimmy, Candy too. Guilty pleasure? Maybe 🤷‍♀️

    #Youtube #headcanon | nate #headcanon | bastet
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  • crzynight
    21.09.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    Velvet!Yusuke definitely has picked a favourite out of his siblings and it's Theodore. Not that he doesn't like the other siblings just that he's the only other brother.

    #「 an artists ideal world 」 yusuke headcanon
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  • paperplvto
    21.09.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    B A K U G O U  A S  A  P R O - H E R O

    pairing: none

    format: bullet point headcanons

    warnings: none

    summary: well, it’s pretty self-explanatory but yee, this is what i imagine Bakugou would be like as a pro-hero

    he’s a tough one for sure

    and not just because he’s such an interesting character to study

    and not just because he’s such an interesting character to study

    because he’s a very powerful hero

    although, as we all know, being powerful doesn’t necessarily make you a good hero now, does it

    in Bakugous case, it might have even been a bit of a disadvantage

    with his super inflated ego and all his problematic behavior in his past, i imagine he’ll have a rather difficult time finding an agency that’s psyched about taking him in after graduation

    he’s just too much of a wild card, you know

    the amount of destruction his quirk causes, plus the volatility of explosions…

    it might be too much of a risk to let him engage in a fight within the city

    generally i’d say Katsuki has a LOT of learning to do if he really wants to live up to his potential

    luckily tho, he seems to be on a pretty good path with that :) we stan character development

    seriously tho, i feel like what he lacks is a good mentor figure

    i currently can’t really think of one that’d really challenge him enough

    (maybe Aizawa actually but yee, not sure about the other heroes)

    someone who doesn’t let him get away with all his bullshit but also gives him enough space to let him reflect on his behavior in peace

    in true gifted kid fashion, he’s gonna experience a lot of rejection and losses before he eventually learns to balance himself

    but when he does, whooo boy, you’ve got yourself a hero like no one’s seen before

    it’ll be a rare sight to see him patrolling the narrow streets of the inner city

    except now it’s less about the risks of his quirk (or just as explosive personality)

    instead, he’s simply too busy saving the world to be bothered with trivial missions like a bank robbery or a quirk user gone rouge

    because as we’ve all experienced firsthand, he really does know how to make himself known to everybody

    so it’d be a breeze to make a name for himself internationally

    with bigger scaled missions, there’s also longer recovery periods in between - a way to prevent burnout and to give the heroes some time to recenter and collect themselves

    and i think as eager as Katsuki is to prove himself, mans does still appreciates some time to himself every once in a while

    especially since he likes to keep his professional and private life very separated

    some time out of his hero suit is exactly what he needs after all the time spent in the spotlight

    because of this, it’s a little hard for the general public to get a hold of him when he’s not in Hero ModeTM

    (and, let’s be honest, even then he’s not easy to track down for an interview)

    i’m sending all my best wishes to his PR team because god knows they need nerves of steel and the patience of a rock

    if a mission’s gone well and he’s in a good mood, he might be willing to do an on-site interview or two

    and thanks to all the adrenaline that’s still coursing through his system, he might actually give proper answers

    none of that one-worded bullshit most other reporters have to deal with

    it’s safe to say that he’s notorious for avoiding the press

    but i will let you in on a little secret

    two words: Written Interview

    as much as he dislikes talking about himself, he really does have a way with words

    so if you send him some good questions, he is willing to answer them honestly through the integrity of a screen (and his most trusted friend whom he sent the answers to for proofreading)

    just let him do the talking on his own terms, that’s the only way to really get any satisfying results

    oh and one more thing

    galas and fancy outings are not his style at all (to his parents chagrin. All the fancy outfits they’ve been designing for their son ever since his birth,,,)

    but this man has never, and will never

    deny any invitation to a charity event.

    he won’t do interviews, and more often than not sneaks in through the back door of the venue

    but he sure as hell will be there.

    every. single. time.

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  • lepusrufus
    21.09.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Here it is fellas, my 4 page long ramble about different worms and trying to get the science behind Miranda's mad scientist bs.

    Disclaimer where disclaimer is due: this contains a lot of my own speculation since we have very little concrete information and what we do have is a little all over the place. But either way, I hope you guys enjoy my nerd tangent and would love to hear any opinions/corrections you have on it (I'll make the option to comment on the doc available, don't abuse of it tho)

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  • somelazyassartist
    21.09.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Just thinking about nonbinary Taako (the character) again......

    Also I'm sure there's more times he emphasizes this but it's just a very long series so I only picked out the three times I could remember where to find them in the transcripts lmao

    #i mean. listen guys #he literally states blatantly that he's not a man. multiple times. actively corrects people that call him a man to just say 'Elf' instead. #in both canon and the liveshows #so you can pry my he/him nonbinary Taako headcanon out of my cold dead hands #and shhhhhhhh i know in some contexts he's saying 'man' as in 'human' but as a he/him enby just let me have this
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  • webheadjrr
    21.09.2021 - 14 minutes ago
    one thing that a lot of people don’t know is that before her transformation or whatever you want to call it. May actually had pretty bad eyesight and use to wear glasses and contact lenses. While in high school she didn’t want to make the sudden change of not wearing her glasses, so she switched the lenses out for ordinary glass but she stopped wearing them when she reached her final year of HS and college. 
    #🕷 ᴡʜᴏᴀ! ʜᴇᴀᴅꜱ ᴜᴘ ( HEADCANON. )
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  • ladyofthelounge
    21.09.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    I’m sorry but a crossover between my two fav shows, Ben 10 and Wild Kratts, will never not be funny, because the idea of Aviva Corcovado, a presumably 20-something grad student who focuses solely on environmentalism being potentially the SECOND SMARTEST BEING in the galaxy behind FREAKIN AZMUTH, or even being more than Paradox is HILARIOUS like

    Ben: Oh, so the suits don’t actually transform them into the animals, it’s just, like, robotic enhancements?

    Aviva: Yeah, sorta. It still involves genetics, though. It’s a bit complicated but it’s biomechanical.

    Ben: Phew, whatever it is, I’m just glad it’s not as advanced as the Omnitrix.

    Aviva: I have invented time travel, though.

    Ben: wha-

    Aviva: yeah, the time machine is a trampoline


    #wild kratts#ben 10#ben tennyson#aviva corcovado#wk aviva#azmuth #rip to the two fandoms i serve #who don’t know anything about the other #crossover au#headcanon
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