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    20.06.2021 - 1 minute ago
    #yandere friday night funkin #yandere fnf #yandere x reader #yandere oneshot#vs tabi#tabi fnf #tabi x reader #Friday Night Funkin tabi #tabi mod #fnf x reader #friday night funkin x reader #oneshots #friday night funkin oneshots #fnf oneshot#fnf headcanon#yandere headcanons #friday night funkin Headcannons #fnf imagines#imagines #friday night funkin imagines #yandere imagines#yanderecore
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  • potas-time-patrol
    20.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago
    @cursedfortune​  asked: 📂📂📂 soma

    Ever since she was a child she slept curled into a ball, she still does this out of habit. At least it doesn’t hurt as bad now, Soma used to wake up sore and stiff but now it’s not nearly as bad.

    She has a hard time growing close to men, the only man she has really known was Gebo. It’s really difficult for Soma to like men, she could like them more if they can put up with her aggressive nature and treat her with kindness though. 

    Soma likes to run off into the mountains with no real plan in mind, she just likes to find new places. She also just enjoys being out of the lab, Soma has spent he whole life in there; she wants to explore.

    #asks #miss murder (Soma) #Headcanon
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  • seakicker
    20.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago
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  • hudiexing
    20.06.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    I might or might not be considering to bring back my Dainsleif sideblog this is @ventumusica​ fault of course ♥︎ But I fear that I might get stuck again with the fact that since he’s a difficult character and plotting makes things easier, given that from what I’ve seen peeps are shy to plot (so am I but I’m doing my best to push that aside). If you don’t mind, please let me know on this post if you’d be interested in having interactions with him as that would certainly be of great help ♥︎

    #◟༺雷༻◞ What lays behind the mantle of faux stars. ┊OOC.┊ #I've been missing him so much #and I even have quite a bunch of headcanons #for him to build his past and also to help me #have a grasp of how to portray him
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  • crimsonsunsets
    20.06.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    ★ ┈┈ (personal post, don’t reblog)   steve rogers. introduction post!!

    after months of hinting about this, i’m finally doing it.

    timeline: to be quite frank, i don’t care about the avengers movies outside of the first one. i don’t like the plots, i don’t like the overall relationships, so instead of dealing with that, i’m putting steve in the agents of shield timeline because i love aos, their timeline is great and i think this will be a better place to develop steve.

    captain america: the first soldier && avengers (first movie) have no changes. in captain america: the winter soldier, instead of natasha coming to present him with the file about bucky, its coulson (who reveals then he is alive).

    steve is angry. here it is again, another horrible lie told by SHIELD. sure, coulson actually died and sacrificed himself in new york, but steve understands in that moment that fury manipulated them at that moment so they would become a team. used a man’s death to create a weapon (the avengers). 

    coulson’s offer is simple — join shield and they will give him every resource to track bucky down and in turn he will help them create a better shield and help them in more dangerous missions. he says no at first, still angry, and a lot more interested in finding bucky than rebuilding shield. he never liked shield, he only joined because he saw it as a part of peggy’s legacy and he felt it he owed it to her. a part of him though wants to accept coulson’s challenge, to rebuild it as a group that protects people from threads and doesn’t chase things for their potential to one day be used as weapons.

    after a week, he tracks coulson down and accepts the offer. with a few conditions: (i) he is not agent steve rogers, they will share the director title. coulson can do more of the administrative stuff, but he can’t make any big decision without him; (ii) the technology department will be heavily monitored so they don’t have the resources to create weapons of mass destruction; (iii) they will help all the agents whose identities he compromised.

    the last item is important to him. while he doesn’t regret his actions, he still feels guilty that innocent people were caught in the crossfire and he wants to help them. 

    #★ ┈┈ 020.  steve rogers    —    general #★ ┈┈ 020.  steve rogers    —    interactions #★ ┈┈ 020.  steve rogers    —    visage #★ ┈┈ 020.  steve rogers    —    musings #★ ┈┈ 020.  steve rogers    —    headcanon #★ ┈┈ 020.  steve rogers    —    mannerisms #★ ┈┈ 020.  steve rogers    —    meme answers #★ ┈┈ 020.  steve rogers    —    aesthetic #★ ┈┈ 020.  steve rogers    —    about #★ ┈┈ 020.  steve rogers    —    v. director rogers
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  • northstarfarmers
    20.06.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    ffxiv has my brain in a vicegrip and so i just wanna say… sebastian totally plays ffxiv

    #not a headcanon CA told me himself /jk jk LMAO #would love to put out some more stardew stuff especially since i do be thinking abt it daily but #im just so tired all the time and ffxiv is all i have energy to play these days lol #i think seb would play as a magical ranged class like thamaturge #he gets abby and sam to play casually #sam is paladin class abby is warrior #if astraia played she’d be hm… prolly warrior class too cuz big axe or maybe dark knight cuz big sword… #mayhap… ffxiv sdv crossover whenever my hands stop hurting and i get out of this art block hmmmmmmm #del speaks
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  • shadowshcse
    20.06.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Kate does not know who her parents are or any of her ancestors. Like many of the shadow demons, she was created by the Lord Grandfather. She has been kept in the children section of the palace, never meeting the other shadow demons before.

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  • arcgeminga
    20.06.2021 - 6 minutes ago
    #anonymous #(HAHAHAHAHAH And they're both blond if you count my blond aspros headcanon) #(And they're Gemini... and they have twin siblings... Yeah! Check out!! Aspros is Hypno--/KICKED)
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  • pulchramusae
    20.06.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    concept; freya writing to her partner in runes so nobody but her and her partner can decipher it

    #thank you for coming to my ted talk :) #( ooc. ) | shut the fuck up; hailey. #( headcanons. ) | and with his sword up raised for the slaughter; abraham's daughter raised her bow. #( freya. ) | no matter how the wind howls; the mountain cannot bow to it. #( mobile. ) | out for lunch. #:) im slowly learning the runic alphabet so maybe one day i can write a sample of what she'd write for someone.....
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  • honeydulcewrites
    20.06.2021 - 7 minutes ago
    #chris evans headcanons
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  • the-magicians-blue
    20.06.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Something about dating a thick black girl just makes so much since in Bokuto’s head. Just about everyone knows he likes plus sized people but its just something about how you carry yourself that drives him crazy. Akaashi has seen Bokuto do some weird things, but physically drooling as he stared at you from across the court? That was a new one. You weren’t even there for them you were an exchange student at Nekoma and promised your friends Kenma (your online gaming buddy before you moved to japan) and Kuroo to be a manager so they could brag to Karasuno about having the cutest manager during the summer training camp. And to Bokuto, cute was an understatement. The way that red tracksuit complimented your skin tone and the way your thighs jiggled as you walked by made Bokuto almost lose it.

    He can’t help but show out the whole game, trying his hardest to catch your eye (which wasn’t hard to do since he stared at you every time he got a spike through). After beating Nekoma, Bokuto rushed for Kuroo and Kenma, begging them both to introduce him to their gorgeous manager to which they both refused immediately. This didn’t stop him in the slightest. Though Kiyoko lived close enough to go home every night you were a different case. Your guardian’s house was too far so you stayed in a room to yourself in the building meaning you would be having dinner with them. This was Bokuto’s shot. Before Kuroo and Kenma could respond fast enough to defend you Bokuto swiped a seat right next to you and introduced himself. He almost malfunctioned hearing your voice and Akaashi had to come get him when he immediately asked you to marry him before Kuroo came to drag him away. You didn’t mind it, you actually thought he was kinda cute when you saw him play but Kuroo and Kenma were always super protective of you.

    The next time he saw you you were with Kenma tying up your hair for the night before playing a few rounds of smash. Bokuto immediately sat down mesmerized by your actions. He asked a ton of questions about you hair before commenting on how much he loved it. He made sure he didn’t touch it though, Akaashi taught him that its rude to do so without asking and he didn’t think you knew him well enough to ask. Bokuto spent the rest of that camp spending any free time he had trying to sneak you away from your guard dogs to talk. After a while it was you searching for him, you found his presence so energizing and sometimes got bored when he wasn’t around. He nearly fainted when he overheard you ask Akaashi where he was.

    The last night of camp was what got the both of you in some trouble but it was the most important night for both of you. Bokuto snuck the both of you into the gym for some late night practice with just you and him. You weren’t the greatest player but you knew enough to set balls for him to spike. He’d boast about how he was the best ace in all of japan to which you claimed you could probably block him. This immediately caused an uproar between the two of you. Then grabbing the ball you told him if you could block him he had to take you on a date. This made him freeze completely. He was gonna ask for the same prize if he won. You liked him? Like, REALLY liked him? He wanted to prove you couldn’t block him but he wanted that date so bad. So he purposefully lost and excitedly picked you up, asking where you wanted to go for the date. When you headed back to the rooms you stayed up just a little longer to watch some anime. You even let him wear one of your bonnets since he seems so intrigued by it. Before you knew it, you were both sound asleep in your room.

    That morning you awoke to screaming. Bokuto, who was half awake, was getting dragged out by Akaashi while Kuroo, who was being held back by Kenma and Morisuke, was attempting to kill Bokuto for supposedly sneaking into your room. You tried to calm the group down by explaining you were just hanging out because you couldn’t sleep and ended up sleeping together on accident but what came out of the half awake ace’s mouth made the situation worse.

    “I mean, she’s gonna be my wife one day, what’s the harm in sharing a room for one night?” At that comment Kenma and Morisuke let Kuroo go leaving poor Akaashi to block him as best he could so Bokuto could run. You grabbed Kuroo before he could chase and asked him not to make a scene. The Nekoma boys tried to ban Bokuto from ever speaking to you again but you informed that he owed you a date and therefore that wasn’t possible. Once everyone was finally ready to go home everyone packed onto their respective buses. Before you could get on Bokuto stops you, quickly earning glares for the entire team from the bus windows. He gave you his team jacket and a small peck on the cheek before scurrying off to his own bus. You had to fight some of the Nekoma boys once you got on your own bus as they tried to wipe the kiss off of you. As you sat down an put on the jacket you noticed a note in one of the pockets.

    “I can’t wait to see your smile again.Don’t forget about me before our date ok!? -Bo”

    Like you could forget someone like him.

    #Aster’s rando hcs #haikyuu x plus size reader #haikyuu x chubby!reader #haikyuu x chubby reader #haikyuu x black reader #haikyuu headcanons#haikyuu #bokuto x y/n #haikyuu bokuto#bokuto kotaro#bokuto fluff
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  • gentletwin
    20.06.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Also I couldn’t figure out how best to work this organically into the headcanon post, but can we not forget about Alec today? Let’s be real here, Alec had to have been a major emotional rock for Lucas when Flint wasn’t available. And even though his home in the mountains being destroyed by lightning isn’t a good thing whatsoever, Alec being in the retirement home at the VERY least made it easier for Lucas to visit him and talk about things. Alec is the real MVP here and I never see anyone talk about him

    #if no one else is gonna be a lucas's gramps appreciator then I'LL do it dammit #❀ ; ◜ HEADCANON: but you've grown so strong. ◞ #❀ ; ◜ OOC: lucas comes out of nowhere! ◞
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  • deadlight-loser
    20.06.2021 - 8 minutes ago
    #re8 karl heisenberg #Karl Heisenberg#headcanons#ask game #resident evil village #resident evil
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  • ravenkruposts
    20.06.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Headcanon- Marper's Wedding on the Ring

    Monty and Harper always give me huge married couple vibes in season 5, so here's my HC of what their wedding looked like!

    -takes place during the fifth year, as kinda a bright spot despite the fact that they haven't managed to figure out the fuel situation yet

    -even though memori has already broken up at this point and murphy has left the group, he still comes back for the wedding bc its monty

    -bellamy is the best man, emori the maid of honor

    -raven officiates and is crying before she even begins the ceremony

    -echo does some weird azgedan marriage rituals which involve a lot of knives

    -they break out some of the old alcohol they've saved over the years and everyone gets super drunk

    Reblog if you think of anything else that could happen!

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  • adoringhaikyuu
    20.06.2021 - 8 minutes ago
    #haikyuu #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu fluff#haikyuu headcanons#atsumu #atsumu x reader #atsumu headcanon#atsumu fluff #atsumu mini hc #iwaizumi #iwaizumi x reader #iwaizumi headcanon#iwaizumi fluff #iwaizumi mini hc #oikawa #oikawa x reader #oikawa fluff#oikawa headcanon #oikawa mini hc #haikyuu hcs
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    20.06.2021 - 9 minutes ago
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  • chloeabbacchio
    20.06.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Sweet Domesticity pt.2- Toji edition!

    A/N: happy Father’s day to best dilf Toji! Also, I’m not into daddy kink, but c’mon, it’s father’s day... i really am the worst omg

    Warnings: NSFW content (18+), PWP, washing machine (dryer?) sex, unprotected sex, creampie, couch sex, cockwarming, (accidental) daddy kink, size kink, afab reader

    On the washing machine:

    “You look good bent over for me like this.”

    You can barely hear him over the whirr of the dryer you’re pushed face-first into. Toji’s hips faster into you, his cock pushing deep and hitting your cervix over and over, drawing needy moans from your lips.

    It was an average afternoon when your husband approached you in the laundry room after you had finished washing some towels. Now it was anything but. But how could you resist when he ground his hard cock into you and whispered dirty things in your ear?

    The rhythmic vibrations of the washing machine against your nipples had you crying out. Pleasure wracked your body, reducing you to a whining mess underneath Toji.

    The sight of his cock sliding in and out made him throb. By the way you were clenching around him, he could tell you were close. “Mm, you gonna come baby?” he said cockily, slamming his hips harder.

    “Fuck, Toji!” you cried. The intensity was almost too much, swelling even more as his hand reached down and began rubbing your clit. “Fuck, I’m gonna come, Toji, I’m-”

    Orgasm tore the words out of your throat. The hum of the dryer did little to drown out your moans as your cunt gushed and fluttered around his cock. It was Toji’s turn to swear. You were clamping tightly around his cock as you rode out your orgasm, bringing him even closer to his own. The mess you were making of his cock and abdomen only made him slip in and out of your wet cunt faster, obscene noises growing louder and echoing through the laundry room.

    “Goddamn it…” he swore. With a groan barely audible over the dryer, he released into you. You shivered as his warm come dripped out and smeared onto your thighs.

    The sight of you, fucked-out and leaking his come was enough to have Toji hard again. He was definitely going to approach you again with the next load of laundry.


    On the couch:

    After hard missions, Toji is tired.

    So when you hover yourself over his cock, he’s secretly relieved to not be in control for once. You lower yourself onto him, gasping at the stretch. Every time he enters you, it feels like your first time over and over. You grip his shoulders for support and sink down a bit further. You feel so full already, almost at your limit, but when you look down, you’ve only taken half of him.

    His mouth quirks up watching you struggle to take his cock, pretty face screwed up in concentration and pleasure. The hand on your thigh clenches tighter, his thumb rubbing small circles. “C’mon baby, you can take more than that.”

    His words spur you on and finally, you’re fully seated against his lap. You sigh and rest your head on his broad chest. His cock is spearing you, splitting you open, filling you completely, and it takes all your concentration to not fuck yourself on him. “Daddy, it’s too much…”

    You’re too focused on the stretch of his massive cock to realize what you just said. But Toji doesn’t miss it. The throb of his cock is in time with the smug look on his face. Suddenly, he’s not so tired anymore. “Hmmm? What was that, baby?”

    An abrupt thrust of his hips makes you gasp. The drag of his cock grants you that sweet friction you desperately want more of. “Ah, Toji!”

    His palm connects with your ass, leaving behind a red print that he soothes immediately. He clicks his tongue disapprovingly. “That’s not what you just said. Say it again.”

    The answer is pried from you as he grips your hips steady and thrusts his cock , making your back arch and sending a bolt of pleasure through you.

    “Daddy, more!”

    His face breaks out into a grin. “Okay, princess.”


    A/N: the speed at which I wrote this so I could post it before Father’s Day ends lol… please leave a like, comment, or reblog if you enjoyed! <3

    #chloe writes jjk #toji x reader #toji fushiguro x reader #toji x you #jujutsu kaisen x reader #jjk x reader #jjk x you #toji fushiguro x you #jujutsu kaisen x you #toji#toji fushiguro#jjk#jujutsu kaisen #jujutsu kaisen scenario #jujutsu kaisen self insert #jujutsu kaisen imagine #jujutsu kaisen headcanons #toji fushiguro self insert #jjk smut #jujutsu kaisen smut #toji smut #toji fushiguro smut #toji fushiguro imagine #dilf toji
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    20.06.2021 - 9 minutes ago
    #ahhhh I like hearing headcanons about Overhaul #always very lovely #ovy is a stressed man #give him a massage #overhaul x reader #kai rambling
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  • lucky-lacmac
    20.06.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    I was gonna make some flag edits, but I hc the Stranger is alloaro. Specifically, he's pansexual and romance repulsed. Happy Pride, Oddtumblr.

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