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  • Headcanon of the day:

    The Daft bois, Pedro, Paul and the EDM crew are coming round to chill out and play video games.

    What’s their favourite genre? Beat ‘em up? Sega racing? Fighting games? MMORPGs?

    Whose the strategist? Who’s the tank? The healer? The one who goes in gung ho and has to be dialed back? The dad trying to calm everyone down and get back to the main objective?

    Does Pedro suggest a Tekken tournament?

    Does Kavinsky say “I’m bored” within 10 minutes and brings his own group into the opposite corner to play Need For Speed or Outrun?

    Does Paul just lark about in the background lying on his back blowing smoke rings at the ceiling?

    Would I be the sensitive bitch who gets anxious about item management and has a crying meltdown in the corner? Or do I make a surprise comeback and wreck everyone in the Street Fighter melee??

    I need to know!!

    Ah, to dream. 🥰

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    what does your muse smell like?   
    Milk, tea, and cookies!

    what do your muse’s hands feel like?     
    A bit rough from all the housework he does, like cleaning or cooking!

    what does your muse usually eat in a day?   
    He usually eats what’s leftover for what he cooks for everyone’s breakfast/lunch/dinner. (Omelette Rice, Fried Tofu, Toast, etc.)

    does your muse have a good singing voice?     
    Yes and No. He’s a shapeshifter, so he could mimic any voice he wants. For example, he can turn into Mystia, but he can only copy her pitch, not truly sing.

    does your muse have any bad habits or nervous tics?   
    Bad Habits: Immediately assuming that things will be much easier to solve as someone else than himself, and half the time, it ends up being worse.
    Nervous tics: Crossing his fingers from behind or playing with his hair, mostly. He’s a honed actor, so he taught himself how to hide such tics.

    what does your muse usually look like/wear?   
    Commonly seen in his usual green attire, aka a replica of Youmu’s outfit, as a reminder to be strong to himself. Sometimes wears a black maid outfit when working in the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

    is your muse affectionate?  how much?  how so?  
    Quite affectionate! He’s usually at the sidelines, so he doesn’t expect people to notice him much, but once you start being nice to him, he’ll be nice in turn.

    When he really gets to know you more and starts to take a liking to you, he’ll start doing light teasing or even playing playful pranks towards you, never out of hostility.

    what position does your muse sleep in?   
    Fetal position!

    could you hear your muse in the hallway from another room?  
    Not really, no. His footsteps are really light, and he’s usually a soft-spoken boy, unless he’s acting. Rarely raises his voice for anything either-

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    So, we’re going to get detailed up in here. I’ve talked before about Snake Style Wushu, but I really want to get in depth with it, and also explain how it works and where it comes from. 

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  • OMG, I now know why Slytherin is the house that is cunning and values ambition!!!!

                            SLYTHERIN= SLY + THERIN

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  • #headcanon #music;; wolf's howling song
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    Originally posted by haruicchi

    • This boy

    • Okay this boy is the most chivalrous and gentlemanly boy that has graced the academy of UA

    • He will always check mid-cuddle with you

    Always asks for your consent and makes sure that you are comfy and okay with him touching you

    • There’s this thing he does

    • And you secretly love it but pretend to hate it

    • You’ll be busy doing something and he’ll come up from behind, scoop you in his arms bridal style and pepper your face with butterfly kisses, relishing in your giggles

    • He knows you’re ticklish, he knows how freaking ticklish you are but he doesn’t care

    • He loves hearing you laugh and whine his name, asking him to stop

    • If there was one thing that could cure the pain of this world, he’s sure it’d be your laughter

    • Also how freakishly strong is he refusing to let you down?

    • You know if he could, he totally would carry you everywhere bridal style

    • Okay

    • So hugging

    • This redhead was made for cuddling

    • Despite his reputation as the hard-skinned guy, he is surprisingly soft

    • He loves feeling your soft curves press against his ragged skin

    • He is incapable of keeping his hands from you

    • No matter where you are

    • No matter what you do

    No matter what

    • He has to touch at least some part of you, be it your arm, your cheek, your waist, your hair

    • So yeah

    • Sleeping with him can be very… warm

    • Whether he drapes his arm around your waist or has his legs tangled with yours or presses his head against your shoulder blades

    • Whether it’s a cold winter’s night or a scorching hot summer afternoon

    • Homeboy cannot and will not keep his distance from you (with your consent of course, because anything that is not consensual is unmanly and Kiri is all about being a man)

    • Okay next is kissing

    • His FAVORITE way to kiss you is when you’re busy doing something else and not paying him any attention

    • If his urgent need to carry you bridal style is anything to go by then Kiri absolutely loves surprising you

    • He will come up out of nowhere, cup your cheeks between his callused palms and press a big old smooch on your lips

    • He will smush your cheeks together, releasing you with a very loud smack and hum afterwards as if he had just eaten the most delicious meal on the planet

    • He can’t help it

    • You get incredibly flustered and burn a brilliant shade of red whenever he does it

    • Your face rivals his hair color and there’s nothing more he enjoys doing than turning you into a stuttering clumsy mess

    • But he can also be slow-paced and kiss you in a way that leaves you breathless, your mind swirling

    • This, he likes to do when you’re in a bad mood and lash out at him for being too loud and cheerful, and it works every. damn. time.

    • Also

    • Did you know

    • That Kiri is the type of guy

    • To introduce you as his goddess

    • To


    • I mean, literally, everyone

    • It don’t matter where you at or who be with you, if there’s anyone who doesn’t know his relationship status, he will drag you by your hand, the goofiest grin plastered on his face and he will proudly announce that he belongs to you

    • When I say that Kiri is completely infatuated with you

    I mean that Kiri has completely committed his life and heart to you

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    Which headcanon would you like to read?

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  • Headcannon #1: Conversation between Lucio and Julian in front of the apprentice

    Good of you to say that MC is also there cuz there’s no way in hell a conversation between this two wouldn’t escalate into a physical fight real fast. In fact I’m having a hard time imagining what they could be talking about without at least yelling and name calling. I’d reckon they’d behave themselves for the sake of MC, but nothing else.

    “So how’s your eye, dear Doctor?”

    “It will be fine once I make yours look even worse.”

    “As if you could stand a chance against me in a fight! I’ve slayed monsters heavier than you as a kid!”

    “Your mother tells a different story.”


    “I don’t know, how dare you give me, the doctor who was trying to heal you, THE VERY PLAGUE THAT WAS KILLING YOU?”

    “Get out of my sight, you useless leech obsessed bastard!”

    “Make me, you arrogant, balding, sock eating, cowardly goat bitch!”

    And then MC has to dive in between them and pull up a protective barrier before they start throwing hands.


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  • hear me out guys

    So I have a headcanon that Rich likes to watch anime and like the squad would come over to his house and watch anime together on the weekends. I think it’s cute

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  • @argetlam007 replied to your post “@naddynyy replied to your post “headcanon time higgs broke his…”

    fragile nursing him??? omg the best thing ever ������

    he so wouldn’t be used to someone taking care of him, he probably sat there and let her do her thing, trying to comprehend all that’s happening, at least if it’s right after they joined forces, I imagine he warmed up to her pretty quickly

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  • I have a headcanon that Remus Lupin had a crush on Lily Evans when he was a student. He never acted on it because he knew that James had feelings for her and he was afraid of loving anyone because he was a werewolf.

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  • Some more headcanons on H!Steven and G!Steven.

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