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  • Koopa Cuddles:

    Bowser is shy about cuddles, but he fricken loooves them. He’s a big boi™ and I have a headcanon that Koopas are naturally very warm where they possess fire-breathing abilities, so he always gives really good snuggles. And once cuddles have been initiated, he’s not moving for any reason until you make the first move to get up.

    Ludwig also loves to cuddle, but only if he’s not doing anything important prior. If he’s working on something and you want to cuddle, he’ll get a bit irritated if you interrupt. If he’s just reading though and you snuggle up to him, he’ll throw an arm around you and call it a day until you make him put the book down. Despite that, he’s very affectionate so cuddles are likely to happen often.

    Roy is very tense when you cuddle and holds like, super still. It’s rare you can get him to cuddle with you because 1.) He has no experience and 2.) He gets very flustered. Cuddling is for wusses! He’s a tough guy, he doesn’t do cuddles!… Unless you want cuddles. Still, it’s gonna take some convincing. He’ll tell you no and brush it off if you ask, but stand there long enough, tell him, ‘Okay,’ and go to walk off, or pout at him and he’ll give in within a minute at most.

    Lemmy is also very affectionate and loves to cuddle. He’s the type to set up pillow forts or make a nest of blankets and pillows just so the two of you can cuddle up and watch a movie together. However, he can be a bit wiggly because of his rather excitable nature. You can distract him with a movie, but if there’s a catchy song in it you will not be able to stop him from jamming to it. And, if you do manage to get him to hold still- either by distracting him or just being patient- he will fall asleep once he gets comfortable enough.

    Iggy cannot stay still for long. If you do manage to get him to cuddle with you, he’s constantly shifting, twisting, or fidgeting. He might indulge you with a sudden hug and nuzzle, but cuddling is entirely different. The only way you could really get him to settle down is to get him distracted with something he can do with his hands (give him a stim toy or one of those metal wire puzzles!) or get him super interested in a movie or something.

    Wendy doesn’t cuddle very often, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like them. She’s usually very busy or too riled up for you to get her to settle down enough. She’s a bit hot-headed so she’s more likely to go on a rant than to cuddle in her spare time. When she does cuddle, however, it’s very calming and quiet.

    Morton gives some of the best cuddles. He’s big and warm and can actually hold still. He likes to just have you in his lap where he can curl his arms around you and hold you close. He’s very tense and shy the first few times you cuddle, but he gets the hang of it pretty quick and loves to just nuzzle his face in your hair and relax.

    Larry also has trouble holding still long enough but his enthusiasm makes up for it. He’s very affectionate and cuddly but he just… Has trouble being still and quiet unless the two of you are actively trying to sleep. If he holds still, he has to talk. The topic doesn’t matter, he just says whatever mostly and if you humor him, all the better! If he’s quiet, it’s the opposite: he has to be moving somehow. Whether that be placing sloppy kisses on your face to make you laugh or nuzzling against you, he’ll be moving constantly unless he has something to do. Watching movies and giving him small game consoles don’t work as he’s still wiggly and kinda loud. You’ll have to get him a stim toy like with Iggy or just talk to him.

    #Super Mario Bros. #Headcanon#Sfw#Bowser#Koopalings #Ludwig von Koopa #Roy Koopa#Lemmy Koopa#Iggy Koopa #Wendy O. Koopa #Morton Koopa Jr. #Larry Koopa #Yes. These are the cuddle hcs I was talking about. #It started with the idea for Iggy after brushing up on his character some more and I just had to do the rest of them.
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  • I like to think that Magolor’s parents were so salty at Halcandra being a “false paradise” that they named their literal fucking child like that out of spite.

    #txt#kirby#magolor #i always found it funny that magolor's name basically means false paradise or paradise of lies in jambandran #it actually fits pretty well with his character #but it makes me wonder why his parents named him that way #maybe they were prophets or something #idk i got like 4 hours of sleep #headcanon
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  • Headcanon: Early on in getting to know him, Trucy starts purposefully trying to use fancier, more ‘grown-up’ language when talking to Edgeworth. She can tell that he and her new Daddy are good friends and she likes him, and she wants him to like and be impressed by her, and he tends to really flex his vocabulary and word usage, so this feels like a relatively easy way to get his esteem. (This wouldn’t actually have been necessary, as she’s a smart, charming kid, but she’s eight and also still trying to ensure she has a place with Phoenix, so potentially not getting along with his ‘we’re just friends (blush, change subject)’ friend seems very important). By the time AA:AJ events take place, she knows that it wasn’t necessary, but it’s ingrained habit to use fancier speech patterns than she normally does when talking with Edgeworth. Talking like that has just become something they do together.

    She also insists on teaching Edgeworth and Phoenix both at least basic sleight-of-hand tricks, because it’s an important life skill, how have you both survived this long without it?!? And what she doesn’t know until sometime after the events of AA:AJ is that Edgeworth’s always had absolute crap dexterity when it comes to doing things with his hands. It took him forever to train his handwriting so tidy, and he actually spent hours upon hours practicing these ‘simple’ tricks she insisted he learn because he could tell right away that Phoenix adored Trucy, and he was doing his best to get along with her as well.

    Basically Trucy and Miles can both be charming and eloquent but also grew up in rather unusual circumstances, and their friend-making techniques aren’t exactly par for the course.

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  • // Alex really enjoys the British candy, Jelly babies. He usually has a lil bag of them in his jacket pocket in case he wants to pop one in his mouth.

    #It's another ramble (( OOC post )) #headcanon #// me self projecting on my son? #// yeh
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  • Redtail is a nonbinary gay asexual!
Requested by Anon!

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  • So after discussing it on Discord, I’ve come up with some headcanon for Lulu.

    Lulu like all Yordles has a Glamour that makes her look like she is human (still four foot two, so short human).

    But certain people can see through this Glamour, due to naturally high perception. (Caitlyn, Victor) a slightly warped grip on reality (Jinx.), mental conditioning. (The Ionian Ninjas) or magic (Sona or Sera)

    I won’t enforce this in RP, but it’s a nice little thing to play with.

    #Headcanon #should be fun
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  • Hamilton Edition

    BOLD all that apply to your muse.
    Italicize all that somewhat applies to your muse.


    THE WORLD’S GONNA KNOW YOUR NAME / there’s a million things I haven’t done / YOU GOTTA FEND FOR YOURSELF / YOU COULD NEVER BACK DOWN. YOU NEVER LEARNED TO TAKE YOUR TIME / i may have punched him. it’s a blur / HE LOOKED AT ME LIKE I WAS STUPID. I’M NOT STUPID / WE’RE WORTH MORE THAN ANYONE BARGAINED FOR / TALK LESS. SMILE MORE / fools who run their mouths off wind up dead / if you stand for nothing, what’ll you fall for? / i am not throwing away my shot / i’m young, scrappy, and hungry / i probably shouldn’t brag, but dang I amaze and astonish / the problem is I got a lot of brains but no polish / DON’T BE SHOCKED WHEN YOUR HISTORY BOOK MENTIONS ME / I WILL LAY DOWN MY LIFE IF IT SETS US FREE / YOU AND I, DO OR DIE / SOMETIMES I GET OVER EXCITED, SHOOT OFF AT THE MOUTH / THEY’LL TELL THE STORY OF TONIGHT / raise a glass to freedom, something they can never take away / YOU WANT A REVOLUTION? I WANT A REVELATION / LOOK AROUND AT HOW LUCKY WE ARE TO BE ALIVE RIGHT NOW / CHAOS AND BLOODSHED ARE NOT A SOLUTION / I’D RATHER BE DIVISIVE THAN INDECISIVE / i will send a fully armed battalion to remind you of my love / I WILL FIGHT THE FIGHT AND WIN THE WAR / ANY HOPE OF SUCCESS IS FLEETING / DYING IS EASY. LIVING IS HARDER / i have never been the type to try and grab the spotlight / THEN YOU WALKED IN AND MY HEART WENT “BOOM!” / I REMEMBER THAT NIGHT, I JUST MIGHT REGRET THAT NIGHT FOR THE REST OF MY DAYS / i have never been satisfied / love doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints / when they died they left no instructions, just a legacy to protect / death doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints / I am the one thing in life I can control / I AM NOT STANDING STILL, I AM LYING IN WAIT / STAY ALIVE ‘TIL THIS HORROR SHOW IS PAST / WE HAVE A WAR TO FIGHT, LET’S MOVE ALONG / MY NAME’S BEEN THROUGH A LOT, I CAN TAKE IT / I am more than willing to die / JUST STAY ALIVE, THAT WOULD BE ENOUGH / I made every mistake / I IMAGINE DEATH SO MUCH IT FEELS MORE LIKE A MEMORY / THE WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN / IT’S MUCH HARDER WHEN IT’S ALL YOUR CALL / domestic life was never quite my style / KEEP ON FIGHTING IN THE MEANTIME / I’VE SEEN  INJUSTICE IN THE WORLD AND I’VE CORRECTED IT/ NOW WHAT I’M GOING TO SAY MAY  SOUND INDELICATE / I HADN’T SLEPT IN A WEEK / SHOW ME HOW TO SAY NO TO THIS / DO WE NOT FIGHT FOR FREEDOM? / YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU’RE ASKING ME TO CONFESS / I LOOKED UP AND THE TOWN HAD IT’S EYES ON ME / I WROTE MY WAY OUT OF HELL / I WILL CHOOSE HER HAPPINESS OVER MINE EVERY TIME / i knew you were mine. you said you were mine. i thought were mine / BE CAREFUL WITH THAT ONE, LOVE, HE WILL DO WHAT  IT TAKES TO SURVIVE / THE WORLD HAS NO RIGHT TO MY HEART / i hope that you burn /  i can’t have that, I’m making my father proud / mom, I’m so sorry for forgetting what you taught me / THERE IS SUFFERING TOO TERRIBLE TO NAME / And I pray… that never used to happen before / THERE IS A GRACE TOO POWERFUL TO NAME / BUT I WON’T APOLOGIZE FOR DOING  WHAT’S RIGHT / I’M RUNNING OUT OF TIME. I’M RUNNING, AND MY TIME’S UP / you have no control who lives, who dies, who tells your story

    #MEMES#Headcanon #hey why not I saaaaaaaay #Bowen Chuuno : The Mighty Atom
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  • HEADCANON ☆125

    Po still saddens as he remembers his own childhood. Despite having an awesome father like Mr. Ping, he never really had friends to play with. Getting bullied most of the time for his weight, he was also mature enough to not share them too much with his father to not worry him.

    #kung fu panda #kfp#master po #mr. ping #Aw poor sweet po #headcanon
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  • image


    Honestly He Would Prefer A More Thick S/o (More To Grab Onto-)

    He Loves Cuddling You! He Even Full Blown Cuddles You At The Guild And The Others Are Like Wtf Stop Bragging Buddy! We All Know You Have A Great S/o Like Stop Making People Jealous Over Here!

    No Kidding He Flaunts You Everywhere! Even If You Try To Be All Insecure He Will Be Like No- You’re Beautiful,Amazing,Special,Cute,Hot-  You Would Have To Stop Him Before He Just Talks About How Beautiful You Are For An Hour!

    If Someone Makes A Rude Comment About Your Weight? Psh There Burned To A Crisp On The Spot.

    You Also Get Along With Happy Really Well! He Literally Thinks Of You As His Mom-

    He Tries To Make You Feel More Confident In Yourself! (We All Deserve Someone Like Him-)

    But He Also Doesn’t Urge You To Go To The Gym.. He Doesn’t Think You Need To Anyway I Mean You’re Perfect The Way You Are!

    He Eats Like A Pig (Sorry Natsu-) So Don’t Be Afraid To Chow Down!

    He Just Overall Thinks You’re Really Cute And Fhjbkjhtdfjhvhj He Loves You!

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    aka here’s the overview, we’ll handle specifics as we go.

    I don’t really know how to describe Seth’s mental state other than “Hard Times by Paramore playing on loop” and that one nihilism expectation vs reality image but yeah that’s where he’s at…pretty much constantly?

    Teetering between apathy and depression is sort of How His Brain Is more often than not, it’s just sort of indiscernable due to his muted expressional range, surprisingly cheerful tone of voice, and general energy of “yeah I’m just vibing it’s all good (it’s not all good)”.

    That’s not to say he’s never happy or is particularly morose, it’s more that he lives in a state of semi-permanent Brainweird Bad Brain Hours™ that he isn’t particularly fond of, but doesn’t actively do much about; he’s also genuinely a fun-loving person, but due to his coping mechanism for…a plethora of things (trauma, brainweird hours, etc) being marrying himself to his work to a point of turning away people with even the vaguest interest in him, he’s really not. Doing himself many favors.

    Tldr let him know you’re there and he’ll appreciate it - as a warning, though, reassurance and comfort does and will make him cry because he’s still not used to it (it’s not so much an upset cry as an overwhelmed and happy one, support is just A Lot for him to deal with). He doesn’t really…reach out to people actively because the concept is still weird and new to him, which has lead to some – painful misunderstandings at times (file under Lucy thinking he’s a coward and that he hated her because His Vibes Are WONKY until he had to explain everything to her, among other things), and it’s contrasted with his desensitized overstating of traumatic incidents when he’s asked (it becomes a long story almost as if he’s speaking about someone else, a state of mild dissociation which he can be best grounded from by being handed a warm drink, touching warm things helps when he gets there).

    In short: Seth may look put together, but at no point in time is he ever doing “great” – and he doesn’t really lament it, he’s fine just being alive and being around his sisters.

    #Headcanon #tw dissociation mention #dissociation mention tw #[hard times playing muffled in the bg] yeah!
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  • Humanity Branches & Other Species

    Humanity branches

    • Human, Men/Race Of Men||subspecies: Hobbit, Half-Hobbit//Half-Elf//Half-Orc//Half-Ogre
    • Demi: Homo-Sanguinem//Cursed One; Skin Changer; Infected One//Aasimar, Half-Aasimar//Teifling, Half-Teifling
    • Elf/Quendi
    • Dwarrow/Dwarf
    • Goliath

    Distant humanity branch subspecies

    • Distant humanity branch subspecies Cursed One(Worgan)//Aasimar, Half-Aasimar//Teifling, Half-Teifling
    • Monsters
    • Daemon
    • Goblinoids: Goblin//Hobgoblin//Bugbear//Qiquirn//Urgal//Gnoll//Dunmer
    • Ogre; Orc||Half-Orc(Human-Orc//Draenei-Orc//Ogre-Orc)//Half-Ogre(Human-Ogre//Orc-Ogre)
    • Troll; Shal’dorei//Kaldorei//Quel’dorei//Sin’dorei
    • Tauren
    • Draenei; Half-Draenei(Orc-Draenei)
    • Gnome
    • Pandaren
    • Vulpera
    • Sethrak

    Creatures born from beast stock corrupted by dark magics or changed via ancient magics

    • Uruk-Hai
    • Olog-Hai
    • Kapul-Hai
    • Trow: Stone//Cave//Mountain//Hill
    • Warg
    • Crebain
    • Mamuk/Oliphaunt
    • Fellbeast
    • Gorluc; Murloc; Jinyu
    • Quilboar
    • Centaur
    #headcanon#crossover#homebrew#lotr #the lord of the rings #lord of the rings #the hobbit#silmarillion#undertale#eragorn#dnd#d&d #world of warcraft #WoW
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  • y’all i have HEADCANONS but idk if you wanna hear ‘em. just send me an ask or something if you do, i don’t want to bog down my blog with hc’s that you guys don’t want to hear ,:)

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  • Nyalter’s tendency to hide her emotions lowkey comes from the tendency that many cats have to hide their pain in order to not show weakness. In her case she’s also slightly in denial at times.

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  • Leon’s relationships with everyone else in the polycule thing based on headcanons that I have and skjhfsjdfh it’s 3am and I’m depressed, don’t judge me.

    Raihan - Enemies to Lovers 100k Slow Burn. This relationship is carefully curated and helped along a lot like a tiny ember that was finally allowed to grow into a blazing wildfire. Stand back or you’ll be burned! Everyone has been hoping these two would end up together since the beginning but it took them 2983478374 billion years to both admit it. 0 - 100. If you hurt Leon, you WILL feel Raihan’s wrath. They still fight and rib each other A LOT. Epitome of “only I’m allowed to pick on him”

    Sonia - Highschool Sweethearts Trope! They’ve been off an on since they were kids who didn’t know fuck about shit when it came to dating. The first time they were official was around the time Leon was 17 and she was 18. They had a huge falling out, but got back together and have been going strong and steady ever since. They’re both hopeless romantics who love mushy stuff, which is good because no one else does so it’s good they have each other. The sugar content of any room they are both present in is more than 200% of your daily recommended value.

    Kabu - What started as “””training partners””” turned into something more. Leon’s always been smitten but would never admit it. Kabu is a little surprised someone like Leon is interested in dating someone his age. Leon doesn’t care because Kabu is the perfect size for being his little spoon and he likes to just listen to him talk sometimes. They fit together like puzzle pieces, a perfect match! Leon can get a little unnecessarily protective of Kabu and no one has figured out why.

    Piers - Leon is one of the few people that “get’s him.” Leon is patient with him and the two have a lot in common with raising their younger siblings and balancing their careers. They bond over never having a proper childhood and over their general disdain for Rose. Leon also doesn’t try to pressure Piers to fit into any mold and he admires his free spirit. Overall a lot of time spent chatting and cuddling and not much else, but neither of them would really have it any other way. 

    Nessa - The couple that just made world record tabloid sales because they H*ld H*nds in public? Yeah that’s these two. Unfortunately with both of them being extremely busy, they rarely get to spend quality time together and what little time they do get usually gets them bombarded if they step out into public. Nessa appreciates Leon’s hopeless romantic nature, even if she’s not so great at reciprocating it and Leon appreciates Nessa’s passion and strong will. Leon likes letting Nessa take the reins for a bit so he can relax and she likes being the one in charge for a change. Very natural and comfortable around one another in general.

    Milo - Fluff personified. Tooth-rotting adorableness. The others purposely coordinate getting these two in the same room because the cuteness is off the charts. Two rays of absolute sunshine who feed off each other’s positive energy and just keep getting brighter and brighter. Milo has always been extremely supportive of Leon and was one of the first to forgive him after The Incident. He was also the one who helped Leon get back on his feet when he was injured by Eternatus. Leon is extremely loyal as a result. They cannot spend 5 seconds in the same vicinity without making some kind of contact. Leon likes snuggling on Milo like a lil ginger teddy bear and Milo ain’t complainin’. Milo may be shorter than him, but he can lift him like he’s nothing and Leon appreciates that. 

    Gordie - Gordie is a special case. He isn’t quite involved yet, though he wants to be. He is a year or two younger than most of the other young adults and isn’t quite as mature as a result. Leon finds him perfectly endearing, but hasn’t been pursued or had reason to pursue yet beyond casual gestures. Every time Leon is even remotely affectionate, Gordie turns into a blubbering mess and denies him, so nothing has happened yet between these two as Leon doesn’t want to push him before he’s ready. It will take some time.

    #Headcanon#OTPlus #Shipping Wars? #Never met her. #I just throw every character into a big consensual loving pot #and let simmer for 7 minutes or until noodles are soft #I wanna make more of these
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  • “You have changed, since I left the Halls its different,” an accusation.

    “You’re wrong,” soft denial.

    “Don’t tell me I am wrong, you are different!” uncertain anger.

    “But you are wrong, Ambarussa,” a plea.

    “I am not wrong, you hesitate with me now. You pull back my ideas and don’t want part in the things I do,” the challenge.

    “I did not change, I did not have time to change,” rejection?

    “But it’s different!” a shout.

    “You changed,” a whisper.

    “I did not! I carried on! You were gone and I carried you, I carried your name! I held you for so long!” sobbing rage.

    “It made you cruel,” fear.

    #had this in my head #so have a stupid thingy #Headcanon
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  • Some headcanons for the fearsome four

    - All of them are pan. They will beat up anyone and will date anyone, fairs fair

    - (abuse tw) Negaduck is cool and I know some people love him but he reminds me of my dad so I, terribly, see him mentally abusing Nega!Gosalyn.

    - Bushroot can go between sane and feral but he has no control over when or why it happens

    - Liquidator’s wiki says he only talks in slogans except when he’s screaming and my mind immediately went to him half-ruining the mood during smex by making bushroot laugh

    - ADHD Megavolt ADHD Megavolt ADHD Megavolt

    - scratch that all of them have some form of ADHD

    - except Liquidator, he’s more about money then water

    - Quackerjack never officially asks Megs out on a date they just start saying they’re boyfriends

    - Quackervolt and Liquiroot went on a double date one (1) time. It went so horribly that both couples decided to stick to their own devices.

    - I watched “stressed to kill” like 3 times yesterday and realized Quackerjack never fluidly said the nickname “Sparky” and I love imagining that he was tacking it on as a second thought just to tease Megs

    - Megavolt had an awkward crush on drake in highschool but his incident caused him to forget about it entirely

    - Megavolt canonically has been sent to the electric chair twice. I headcanon he killed 2 people entirely on accident, most likely from him short-circuiting

    - Quackerjack tests his water-based toys on Liquidator, 8 times out of 10 without his permission

    - Megs already has 2 hideouts, one of which he pays for (his apartment), so when people say the fearsome four rent a place out together, I imagine Megs doing one of 3 things:

    A. Coughing up the least amount of money of the 4 to sustain their hideout

    B. Pulling out the most money of the 4 due to how little he has to pay to sleep on the bad side of town

    C. Carefully explaining to whoever owns the complex about how he’s ‘going on vacation’ but isn’t going to necessarily be moving out

    - bushroot can eat normal food if he wants but he prefers water, sunlight, and fertilizer.

    - Liquidators water is classified as something that’s not-quite-water, so I imagine on their first encounter bushroot shook Liquidators hand and sirens went off in his plant brain like “NOT WATER NOT WATER” while his scientist brain was having an entirely different set of emotions at the fact that Liquidator as a concept alone was nearly impossible

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  • Yesterday I finished watching “Blood of Zeus” - Srsly go to Netflix and watch the hell out of it. The story is nothing new, but the look is so pretty and amazing. The Characters are all so adorable and fun to watch. The Gods were on f*cking point 🙏🏻 Zeus still a dick and Hera a snitch. Apollo is a sassy bi-icon, and Hermes is *chefkiss* ❤️🙏🏻

    But..what my thoughts really were, while watching this - Heron, the Protagonist, is Damen. U can’t change my mind. He is Damen. (The last episode felt a lil like Captive Prince too, you will know what I mean, when you watched it.)

    here a picture of him. I need to redo my Damen Cosplay rn.


    and Evios is Lazar. I found my Man in this series. I– <3 Yes. He is such an Idiot and a rogue, like, c'mon you look at him and you see Lazar.

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  • I’ve realized that you begin to relax a hell of a lot more when you realize that no one in the world is really out to get you. No one has time for that.

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