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  • Season six, but from Castiel’s POV.

    We see the war in heaven, and the strain of what’s actually happening. We see the angels mourning each other and the order. We see the chaos of Michael getting lost in the Cage.

    We see Cas ( or maybe some other angel) attempt to summon Michael from the Cage to help put back the order, but only end up with half of Sam instead.

    We see angelic true forms. The depth of their power.

    We see Cas learn, slowly, why he prefers humans to angels. We see his siblings turn on him and attempt to kill him over and over. We see power struggles, and anger and the pain. We see Sam and Dean become a refuge, not a problem. We see Sam and Dean attempting to help, and failing.

    We see angels threatening Cas’s only safe place and safe people (Sam, Dean and Bobby) We see events in history that Cas took place in.

    We see people’s personal heavens desecrated throughout the war.

    Just. Angels.

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  • The one marvel headcanon I live by and will die believing is that the reason Bucky cut his BEEYOTIFUL AWESOME GORGEOUS INCREDIBLE IMMACULATE hair after Endgame is because Sam put gum in it and he couldn’t get it out.

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  • #you’re not wrong #she likes loona and Pentagon #and listens casually to Stray Kids and Everglow #her favorite song is Daisy because I say so #but also is that not her vibe #tell me I’m wrong #kotlc #keeper of the lost cities #ask#anon#anonymous#headcanon#sophie#sophie foster
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  • honestly you know what fuck it

    the Empire (or at least, my version thereof) does not a shit give about your gender or sex.

    as @thatmmolesbian said it’s not important to your ability to do good for Empire, it’s irrelevant

    i also don’t feel they’d be beholden to (or care that much about) the Earth-bound binary gender/sex ideologies and that the presence of such in the game is a limitation imposed by the creators’ interpretation and not necessarily indicative of what could be going on

    yes you could say that’s murdering the author but who cares, none of it is canon anyway

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  • image

    lazy sunday

    #this is so super self indulgent Whats up! #drawing stan with top surgery scars is free therapy #gravity falls#stan pines#stanley pines#mullet stan#mullet#grunkle stan#trans#ftm#headcanon#disney XD #trans stan pines #trans headcanon#alex hirsch#fanart
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  • Headcanon that, regardless of how mature and responsible Bart gets as he grows older, he’s still not allowed to do any shopping by himself. He’s only supposed to shop when he has someone with him (Max, Carol, the Young Justice bunch, anyone else (except maybe Meloni, she’s just as bad as him)).

    That’s because he’s the worst impulse shopper. He runs to the store to just pick up stuff for dinner, and leaves with 3 carts of stuff he doesn’t need, and probably won’t use. (Max made that mistake once, and he’s still trying to get rid of all the Cheetos Mac and Cheese Bart wouldn’t eat.)

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  • #hawks#keigo takami#hawks headcanons #keigo takami headcanons #my hero academia #boku no hero academia #head cannons#Headcanon#headcanons #keep sending them people!
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  • Bonehilda stuffs her bra (with cleaning supplies)

    #ts1 #the sims 1 #the sims#bonehilda#headcannon#headcanon #i can't fucking spell
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  • dad!stiles would include…

    i have gone off the deep end with dad!stiles and i am so sorry (not really)

    this is for @screamxqueenx94 , the anon who generously gave baby stilinski’s middle name and the anon who sent me the concept asks about stiles as a husband finding out hes gonna be a father 🤍


    Originally posted by ak-cain

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    #stiles stilinski x reader #stiles stilinski imagine #stiles stilinski imagines #dad!stiles #baby!stilinski #headcanon#scheduled post
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  • Nishinoya and Terushima headcanons!

    ❤︎Dedicated to Jazzy <3 here’s your food you fucking simp

    ❥Genre: Fluff i think

    ⌫Warnings: light cursing >w<

    ꨄCharacters: Terushima and Nishinoya (seperate)


    • right off the bat i head canon him to be the biggest hand holder ever
    • walking the halls? his hand is in yours. getting lunch? holding your hand. sitting next to each other? holding. hands.
    • he loves the nice familiar warmth of your hand in his as he does any task.
    • he is 100% your biggest hype man for any task.
    • whether it be art, music, dance, theater, hell even cooking or getting a passing grade on an assignment, he hyped you up and makes you feel like you’re on top of everything.
    • “holy shit babe! you’re so cool! look at you go!”
    • “i just made toast-”
    • he’s a sucker for compliments himself
    • not cause he’s cocky, but this lil boy needs reassurance
    • it’s tough being the shortest in a sport that typically requires height
    • so every now and then rub his shoulders and tell him how well he’s doing
    • he will return your compliments with kisses and holding your hand :>
    • on that same note, he also knows how it feels to be insecure, so he makes sure to tell you that you’re perfect no matter what you look like, and that you’re the only one for him
    • ROAD. TRIPS.
    • he blasts music he knows you both like and drives to god knows where
    • he sings and dances, holds your hand, shares snacks and always tries to make conversation
    • he doesn’t like silence, so he’ll strike up conversation and somehow manages to keep it going until you’re there
    • or on more sensual and domestic rides he’ll sit in silence and just appreciate you being there
    • ceo of picnics under the stars
    • but it’s always you he finds himself looking at the whole time
    • back on the topic of music
    • he has multiple playlists of you and songs that remind him of you
    • including but not limited to
    • “dancing with y/n” “how y/n makes me feel” “comforting y/n when they cry” “i miss y/n”
    • overall he’s just obsessed and in love with you and falls harder every day
    • 10/10 your number one fan


    • starting off strong, he’s underrated .
    • he definitely packs your lunch for you and eats with you
    • also steals from your lunch but . can you complain? no
    • he LOVES pictures, he’s constantly taking them of you, with you, you also take pictures of him
    • he has a lil photo album of his favorite moments you two have shared<3
    • i kinda headcanon him to think deep down that no one likes him, so any validation from you means the entire world to him
    • when you’re walking he always has an arm around your shoulder, he likes to feel as if he’s in charge in a good way
    • the king of comfort, he somehow knows exactly what you need without you having to tell him
    • i also think he’s really good at reading people
    • he likes calling you pet names. change my mind.
    • “you need help, babe?” “how’s your day been, beautiful/handsome?” “care to spend some time with me, hun?”
    • i also think he’s a huge softie so when you guys are alone he kinda just throws himself on top of you and politely asks for attention
    • he gets caught up in volleyball sometimes, but you’re always there to sit during his practices and games and cheers him on
    • you’re his favorite part about games, no cap
    • he loves looking up and seeing your perfect smile. and when you make eye contact you cheer louder and wave at him
    • his heart swells
    • he feels like he can accomplish anything when you’re with him
    • he loves you a lot, and cherishes every moment he has with you

    hope you enjoyed this <3 love you jazzy

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