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  • ikeslittlesussybaka
    19.06.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Reigen is now pansexual. Serizawa is now pansexual. Mob is now pansexual. Etc, etc.

    #I'm healing okay. #Psycho posts#Benny Rambles
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  • melpurmene
    19.06.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    idk why i feel so awful lately :( im out of energy and sleeping is hard, i wake up constantly

    #plus my tummy hurts today #at least nena is okay and ruffo healed well #meu.txt
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  • ask-badly-drawn-sk
    19.06.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    When your cat steals your gf

    #i was feel healed but a little moody after cleaning my mouth painful #aph vietnam #aph south korea #korviet#hetalia#my art #Axis Powers Hetalia #i can't stand with my moods lol #hws south korea #hws vietnam
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  • jaseminedenise
    19.06.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    I'm on this ascension kick hard.

    Renovating my life despite where I'm at has been helping immensely. The anxiety attacks have been spaced out a little better and I know it's because I'm dropping clients that don't pay left and right. Watching my projected income go down makes me anxious but knowing I'm no longer budgeting money I'm not receiving in is better long term.

    Trying to get on routine where I work 15 days in a row, no days off is probably the hardest part. Everyone's like "rest, rest." and my brain is like "If you rest, and you don't get the money you need, you're a fucking failure." My own brain tells me that in my own voice. Which is a tremendous improvement from having to listen to all of my exes/ex friends voices speak negativity into me on consistent rotation.

    Even though my space is temporary, watching it improve has been a small triumph for me emotionally and mentally. The closer I get to my goals and the more I'm seeing my personality shine throughout everything I do, the more I know I'm doing the right thing.

    Each move is like a step pushing me into the direction I've been petrified of for so long because I simply didn't want to have to take this step alone. Doing it alone has however made me appreciate who I am apart from who I've been in relationships with. I've even gone to appreciate how before my mom was claimed by alcoholism, she was an avid knowledge seeker. So in addition to my father's drive, I have my mother's thirst for knowledge beyond education to propel me forward and I can't even begin to talk about how much shadow work brought me to that conclusion.

    #personal#healing #mental health check in
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  • rosikm
    19.06.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    I know I should concentrate on my own life and my own blessings but after you played me I sometimes can’t help wishing that someone will hurt you like you hurt me.

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  • kuchizukemp3
    19.06.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    got my foot tattooed somewhat spontaneously last week but now i have another appointment next week which was planned long in advance to finally get my huge fucking dragon coloured.... many regrets

    #after each tattoo i need a period of time to forget how annoying the healing process is #and it has NOT been long enough yet. sigh #not to mention the fact that this tattoo is ginormous and i was already suffering when i got the lines done #i dont even wanna think about shading and colours i fucking hate that part esp shading #and i know im gonna have a full day session again AND my leg will be raw meat for a week after #its also expensive as fuck and my foot tattoo already put a dent in my wallet lmao i shouldnt have gotten it this soon. lmao too late now #a
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  • jungkooksbroski
    19.06.2021 - 47 minutes ago
    #ellie's escapades #hobiandsprite's healing hearts
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  • rxally-borxng
    19.06.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    After Escaping Expulsion Headcanon:

    Emira and Edric trying to bandage Amity's hand back home after she smashed her necklace, because she was really focus on helping Luz that she forgot about the little cuts in her palm.

    The funny thing is that they're terrible with basic Healing treatments, so Amity ends with too many band-aids and healing glyphs in a single hand. But Amity doesn't care too much about this, because while Edric and Emira are treating her wounds, they're telling jokes and talking with her fondly.

    The bandages don't last too much time, but at least they last enough for the Blight siblings to start connecting again.

    #the owl house #toh spoilers #the owl house spoilers #the owl house season 2 #amity blight#edric blight#emira blight #amity edric and emira sibling bonding #i cant believe that amity broke a crystal gem and gets no cuts #only amity knows about healing magic but she let her siblings try
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  • catpainrogers
    19.06.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    not to be a clown on my main but a 7-1 looks very promising to me now 😏

    #euro 2020 #wouldn't that heal everyone? #german nt
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  • sunajax
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    apparently??!! the statue has a limit hello??!! now im forced to use barbara to heal my characters omg

    #.txt #but apparently it replenishes #but idk much abt it rach just told me abt it awhile ago while we were playing #but omg i didnt know that i always go there when kaeyas almost dead #and he has like 10k+ 😀 #all the others are like 8k something #but wtf but its alright barbara heals them pretty quick #okay gn my head is starting to hurt 😣
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  • goldenburning
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i am who i am and that is something nobody and no hurt can take from me

    the love that is inside of me is mine. the childlike excitement and wonder that i have; the way that i can find the beauty in anything; the creativity that i have in my mind—all the characters and storylines and plots and worlds; the passion i have for things that interest me; the softness that lives inside me; the giant heart in my chest that breaks so easily yet understands and cares so deeply; the experiences that i have had that have taught me so much.

    i am who i am. i have a deep love for this life and this world, despite what i am going through. despite the ache that i constantly feel and the uncertainty of my future now. despite the constant battles i am having in my head.

    i have hope for the future.

    nothing can take any of this from me. no heartbreak, no trauma, no abandonment.

    i won’t let anything or anyone take this from me again. i am still alive and i am still me and nothing will ever change that.

    #thinking about how much i have healed and grown as a person this past year #thinking about the person i’ve become #i hit rock fucking bottom and you know what? i made it out #i clawed my way out of the lowest point in my life. i feel like i went through hell #and you know what? i made it out the other side #i didnt do it entirely alone of course #but even if the people who helped me through those times are gone. the lessons never will be #i have learned and grown and changed so much and nothing can take that from me #even if the people who helped me learn and grow and change #leave #when they leave they dont take these things with them. they are mine forever to do what i wish with #and im going to cherish these things. they are part of me now and its a good thing #i am who i am #all the good and all of the bad. its me #i wont let anymore pain or hard times take any of this from me again #i wont let hurt take my hope or my love or my softness or my adoration for this life #its mine damn it #ive fought for so long and so hard to be here again #i wont lose this again
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  • geth-consensus
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #the poppy war #the burning god spoilers #su daji#jiang#fang runin #oh to spend an eternity encased in stone #all because daji forgot you #memes help heal the pain #even 5 months on
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  • xrinsohma
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Something that has been on my mind is Rin's recovery.

    Because it happens post-fruits basket and before fruits basket another we aren't given details of her recovery. Fruits Basket confronts mental illness and trauma. In fruits basket we see the trauma Rin experienced and the resulting mental illness. She was physically, mentally, and emotionally abused by her parents.

    The violent episode at the dinner table and the suggestion that Rin was sometimes starved by her parents, the chronic anxiety and depression she developed as a result of those things led to stomach ulcers. The ptsd of her parents' abuse and the stomach ulcers made it difficult for her eat. She didn't like eating in front of other people (we see that when Tohru makes homemade jello for Rin because jello doesn't hurt her stomach and Rin says she'll eat it later because of that. This scene also shows how respectful Tohru is of people's boundaries.)

    Rin's physical, emotional, and mental deterioration was illustrated through her body physically collapsing, her uncontrollable vomiting, her nightmares, and the blurring between the present and the past (which is shown when Tohru walks in on Rin on the floor, vomiting, and Rin sees Tohru as her parents, and begs for them to not hurt her and to not abandon her). The abuse Rin suffered at the hands of Akito (being thrown out of a window and being imprisoned in the cat's room) because Akito didn't want any of the male zodiacs to be in love with a woman, a woman who would take precedent over Akito, also caused ptsd.

    It led Rin to reject Haru, the person who loved her the most and who she loved more than anything. She rejected him to keep him safe.

    Haru was an intrinsic part of Rin's recovery. Haru must have helped her come to terms with everything, to process what happened to her, to learn how to be vulnerable, and to be happy without worrying about that happiness being ripped away from her. He was probably also involved in helping her become physically healthy again and in recovering from her eating disorder. Rin suffered horribly. For such a long time. But in the end she got the love she always wanted, needed, and deserved. She became healthy and happy enough to be with Haru, and to become a mom. For so long Rin's body was a source of great suffering, of loss, but down the line her body became something that she became comfortable enough in and felt safe enough in that she could have children. She could have a happy, loving family.

    "I don't think she knows how much I love her."

    Fruits Basket

    Rin Sohma • Haru Sohma

    #and it makes me want to cry #she deserves the world #haru is a top tier husband #fruits basket#furuba #fruits basket commentary #fruits basket another #anime couples#manga couples#trauma#healing#recovery#mental illness #the zodiac curse #love#romantic relationships#family#tohru honda#rin sohma#isuzu sohma#haru sohma#hatsuharu sohma #haru x rin #hatsuzu#anime stills #fruits basket quotes #quotes#akito sohma #fruits basket final season
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  • ezery
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    they're so cute together

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  • zukoscalzones
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago


    #i actively try not to make zuko ooc in my fics but one thing that i do want to say is having kids does change you a bit #like you arent just concerned abt yourself you also have to worry abt this tiny little person and so yeah zuko is a bit 'ooc' #he cant be as selfish or impulsive or as aggressive as he is in canon anymore because he has a kid to worry abt #so yeah having a kid did make him a little bit softer and more understanding and stuff because it allowed him to heal from some things #aaaaaaaa this is making me emotional nowwwww 😭 #delete soon maybe??
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  • astroshaliini
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    20 June #remedialpathmakinglifeeeasy #astroshaliini #upay #crystalclear #chakra #astrologer #tarot #aries#healing#horoscope #astrolovers#vedicastrology# #astrologerindia #vastushastra# #mantras #astrologersofinstagram#astrolovers#astrologyreadings#astrologerindia #astrologyposts #astrologyremedy #zodiacsigns ##astroshaliini #astrologerindelhicr #astrologyreadings #astrologerindia##jyotish #astrology#meditation #feedback#share#numerologyreading #upay #Astrology#Facereading (at ASTRO Shaliini Malhottra) https://www.instagram.com/p/CQTyVaCl1sv/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • p13rr0ts
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Street preacher in town making me unreasonably excited as I didn’t realise pentecostalism had any following in this region of the country. Fairly generic lecture on the inherently sinful and wretched nature of man and how jesus will love you anyway (you’re going to absolve me of an existence that is only sinful according to you? What a deal!) Not much of an audience and two people I thought were listening were actually just handing out leaflets. This is why political grifters and successful evangelicals go in for controversy. A little fire-and-brimstone act with some theatrical miracular flourishes at least draws interest.

    #no-one does it quite like the church I attended as a teenager #where are the old women speaking in tongues? #where the faith healing? #where the atrocious christian rock?
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  • esotericstarot
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #crystalbowls crystalhealingbowls dogs funnydogs chakra root throat solarplexus healingsounds healing grounding clearingrootchakra aligningch
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