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  • globalriseofblackpeople
    21.09.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    Men are in a place of surrender. They are willing to do something different than they have traditionally. Men want to break free from the box that men have been put in. They want to redefine what it means to be a manly.

    There are facets of a man that doesn’t get expressed because of what society dictates a man is supposed to be. It negates much of who he truly is.

    He is emotional sometimes, insecure sometimes and fearful sometimes. However, he can never express that based on society’s definition of a man.

    All that he is dealing with on the insides get bottled up. Pushed down. Unexpressed.

    He needs to express these negative thoughts but he can’t. And that expression needs be heard and seen. Or it will show up in other ways that are not so positive.

    Unless there’s a safe space for a man to be vulnerable, he will hold it all inside and suffer in silence.

    Men suffer in silence, holding on to pain because safe spaces are rare or nonexistent for men to share without judgment.

    That’s why we were adamant about bringing the work of @manhealthyselfprogram into the @qawellnessinstitute.

    Over the course of the last few years it has truly become a safe space for the men in our community. MHT is unique community where men share authentically freely what’s going on inside without the fear of how he’ll be perceived.

    If you or someone you know is in need of a space to evolve and grow in this way, register for the

    12-Week online holistic rites of passage training:

    Man HealThySelf 🤲🏽🌿 Only a few spots left 💯


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  • minkibot
    21.09.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    feeling shitty in my pants think it’s time for asta therapy

    #r.thots #black clover #funny how a bit over a month ago he was nothing to me #now he’s everything #i love him so much #he has healing powers
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  • yageosocofan
    21.09.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    "CEREMONIAS DE SANACIÓN CON PLANTAS SAGRADAS / MEDICINA INDIGENA ANCESTRAL DEL AMAZONAS" TAITA OSO COFÁN, médico tradicional indigena del Putumayo Colombiano en Europa junto al Músico-Medicina Juan Carlos Herrman. Juan Carlos tiene una década en el camino de las medicinas ancestrales, además es terapeuta (meditación sensorial), con 2 discos en su haber es autor de una de las canciones más versionada y tocada en entornos de ceremonias de distintas medicinas de poder: "La Gotica" y actualmente vive en España. @herrmannjuan "SANA-CELEBRA-TRANSFORMA-EXPANDE-CONCIENCIA+TU!=PERFECCIÓN" Viernes 24/9 Sábado 25/9 BARCELONA Vierrnes 1/10 Sábado 2/10 MADRID Viernes 8/10 Sabado 9/10 BERLÍN Viernes 15/10 Sabado 16/10 HERLEEN Viernes 22/10 Sabado 23/10 MADRID Viernes 29/10 ROMA Sabado 30/10 BARCELONA Rapé, ícaros, fuego, limpias, sanación, naturaleza, música medicina, consultas, artesanías, mandalas, geometria sagrada, fractales, dibujos, souveniers, etc. Info Wsp: +58 412 8992967 Invitados al próximo 10MO CAMPAMENTO OSOCOFAN en enero 2022 (del 14 al 24). Orito, Putumayo, Colombia. #yage #ayahuasca #dmt #healing #campamento #retreat #medicina #medicine #naturaleza #nature #ritual #purga #meditacion #sanacion #autoconocimiento #taita #chaman #chamanismo #indigena #tradicional #curaca #curandero #transformacion #expansion #euro #europe #europeo #europa #barcelona #madrid https://www.instagram.com/p/CUF0YrpltgL/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • devildog357
    21.09.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    Sooooo I just did a thing…

    In this journey of stepping into my power and being aware of my energy and the things that def make me feel a way, I just asked my best friend to vacate sooner. End of October to be specific. I’m being generous cuz what I really feel is right tf now, but I’m trynna remain in my food karma and be considerate of the children and the need to adjust plans and fisure out where or with whom to stay with while she pursues her own place.

    But I really need my house back. I bought this, my first home, November 2020. Great feeling, and even greater with the thought of finishing school and moving my gf at the time and her son in. Then there was the falling out, one door closing for one and a week later opening for another. In that time I got overwhelmed and didn’t prioritize the person I should have. I was stuck in this childhood trauma response of people pleasing and ended up fucking up the thing I wanted. It’s that revelation as the fact that I’m at my wits end with things (which I highly discourage getting to this point before speaking up) and in listening to my soul and energy I’m in, I had to hit send on that msg. I’d thought it over week after week and things just got worse in that time. Borderline disrespectful regardless of hustle or circumstance. I hope not to lose a friend, but if I do, fuck it. It’s my happiness I’m prioritizing. And I see 12:34 on the clock as I type this sentence. Number 1 encourages you to step forward and start something new, different and life-changing. Number 2 sets you on your course with balance, faith and ability, and number 3 sees expansion of concepts and life-themes, and expressing and communicating from your authentic self. Number 4 encourages stability working steadily towards goals. Angel Number 1234 can be seen as a number of progression and/or steps along a journey or life path.

    12:22 was the time when I sent the msg. Key points:

    The number 1: New beginnings • assertiveness • initiative • stepping out of my comfort zone to achieve my desires. It also relates to creating your own realities with your thoughts, beliefs and actions.

    The number 2: balance and harmony • faith • encouragement • consideration • diplomacy. Number 2 also resonates with faith and trust and serving and fulfilling your Divine life purpose and soul mission.

    All in all, I take from this that as I continue to move in my divine purpose and DO THE WORK, no just rely on divine timing in stagnancy, I am further putting fuel to the creative fires of that which I am manifesting.

    Asè. Asè. Asè.

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  • soulorigin1
    21.09.2021 - 11 minutes ago



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  • zulkarnain09
    21.09.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    I'm not what happened to me, I'm what I choose to become!

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  • ericbrandonrp
    21.09.2021 - 21 minutes ago
    #lovelylostminds#;ch:charlotte evergreen #|| someone to call home #;eric speaking #v:magic can't heal a broken boy #//thank you!!
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  • vibratingwords-photos
    21.09.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    Watch "9/21/21 Amy Sever Speaks on Breaking News and the Biblical Perspective on Current Events/GESARA" on YouTube

    Shedding light on where we're at✨

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  • secondblooms
    21.09.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    My dear fellow travelors,

    Trust in the beautiful transformation that is unfolding in your life. That force is Love, the more you connect to that Presence the more you will activate your Healing.

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  • starshine-selfships
    21.09.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    Okay!! I wanna do some timelining n stuff to talk about pouf, I've mentioned some stuff before but I wanna make a formal post about it

    Heads up, not just for major ch.imera a.nt arc spoilers, but also for uhhhh discussion of war, the aftermath of war, mentions of death, and trauma. I'm not going super hard on the discussion, but it's all gonna be brought up so proceed with caution if any of that's an issue!

    Alright so, the Lore tl;dr is:

    Unstable man + War Is Hell is not a good combo at all and he flat out refuses to address anything that went wrong, even with how he felt before everything fell apart. Post-war he's doing even worse and has flat out just given up, until he ends up meeting someone who's also moving through some wild rough patches who helps him put one foot in front of the other in a sort of mutual recovery type of way.

    If you wanna see some specifics then you're in luck bc I've also got a 7 paragraph long version of info regarding canon events and the eventual segway into what this blog's mostly about 👀, let's go:

    We're operating on a post-war "no one dies" timeline lmao. For the uninitiated, this arc builds into a small scale war between ants and humanity bc ants wanna replace humans as the dominant species and there's a little too much death involved for anyone to feel comfortable about it; amongst other things that happen, this continues to escalate until the detonation of a nuclear bomb with a rose shaped cloud (that detail is a surprise tool that will help us later). Long arc, lots of gray morality, lots of discussion of what really makes you human, etc etc.

    Pouf himself is a royal guard protecting a king alongside two other guards/siblings (he's the middle child U_U); as the arc progresses he becomes more and more attached to his own personal idea of what the king should be and it looks increasingly more like self destructive devotion as well as unbelievable homoeroticism, just a small man with a big crush and self worth issues as he bases his own personal value on his ability to effectively serve his king. You can already see how this just doesn't work 😔. Pouf + his younger brother actually witness the bomb detonation and immediately head to ground zero to find their king at the brink of death, but he does end up surviving until the effects of radiation poisoning start kicking in.

    Backtracking a bit, the king keeps talking to a human and he learns that maybe not every single person is terrible, something that really distresses pouf bc That's Not How It's Supposed To Work. Post bomb, pouf kinda learns that he doesn't have a lot of time left after seeing his brother dead in the dirt and starts actively trying to kill this person out of sheer desperation, tl;dr he can't do it, he feels like he's failed his singular purpose in life, the king he loved and admired literally turned his back on him and walked away, and then the poisoning FINALLY actually kills pouf, we get one last shot of him laying in the dirt, covered in his own blood and tears.

    Wow, that's kinda heavy, let's back that up a bit 👀

    The ants were pretty sturdy, and the bomb itself canonically carried poison, not specifically radiation, but poison, and that's the detail I'm hinging all this on. Strategic human retreat after one of the most powerful explosives in existence doesn't do the job, maybe some kind of "if you don't do anything then we won't do anything" truce or smthn; the oldest guard had their own things going on outside the bomb, but they also manage to get through their ordeal. There's some ant casualties, a few ants even worked for the opposite side, but the guards and their king make it out alive, albeit in varying amounts of pain as they all wait for the poison to eventually purge itself.

    No one is okay after this, no one brings it up, but all the guards are noticeably jumpy and quiet after the war. Pouf wasn't doing so well before it, afterwards he's a mess. The king can pretty easily hold his own in a fight and spends more time without his guards, starts spending more time that one person that made him realize why life is special. Pouf barely sees his king (read: the most important person in his life) anymore and spends every day after the war inconsolable. He feels like a complete failure with a shattered heart. If he cried a lot before, at this point it's rare to see him without tears in his eyes; spends lots of time just staring out the windows, sometimes he plays music but it sounds upsetting enough that no one wants to be around for it. He continues isolating himself, and eventually gets pushed to play outside by someone who's also feels poorly. He always comes back in the evening, but he gets a little farther away each day.

    But then one day, the strangest thing happens. He's already so wary of humanity, after everything he saw and what it did to his king, but he's too tired and upset to really protest; the eventual discussions that start breaching mental health cause him to open his eyes a bit more and really think about what he's doing with me. He's still on guard, waiting for a stab in the back that will never come, but gradually learns how to be more comfortable with himself and his experiences. It's a lot of work that occasionally gets very painful, but it's so rewarding when he realizes that he's able to be genuinely happy for the first time in a long time.

    This man works through his p.tsd and severe anxiety with someone who's had to do the same; he finds someone who shares his thinking and behavioral patterns and finds out he's neurodivergent. He's got a rose trigger that vexes and haunts him bc he's a romantic at heart and just feels so sickened and uneasy around roses, and that's also something we work around and through.

    Solace and comfort in mutual growth and healing.

    #say you're coping without telling me you're coping jsjdkfkf 😔 #hes definitely a lil anxious but then im personally handing him my neurodivergence and my p.tsd 😤 #he just already has so many issues going on; let's give him like 5 more; i want that twink (obliterated) #i just. there's so much going on here but i unfortunately saw a lot of myself in this man and think it would be cool if he got some help #YES the overarching theme for us is coping and healing what about it 👀 #butterfly kisses#star speaks
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  • this-is-why-i-stay
    21.09.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    🌻🐾d o g s🐾🌻

    If this post came across your dash,, I hope it gave you some positivity! I believe in you! You can do it! shit's hard but you'll get through it!!

    #dogs#cute dogs#tiwis #this is why i stay #hope #you deserve to heal #you deserve to be loved #safe space#doggo#dog aesthetic #dogs of tumblr #animals#cute animals #mental health awareness #mental health support #depression#anxiety
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  • devildog357
    21.09.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    1133:1144:1155 showing up throughout this energy for the read.

    Again, I just Want to say that I am thoroughly enjoying my newfound, increased connection with spirit because my energy is all in these cards. I have watched many readings and heard people say things about their energy being in the cards and right now I’m experiencing that on an exponential level. The cards that came out in this reading popped out off of a shuffle before I even asked a question because spirit knew what was on my mind and heart.

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  • ancestralmedicinemagic
    21.09.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    I think I want to do mini herbal recommendations for $10 today (9/21) and Thursday (9/23). If you are interested just DM me.

    So you tell me what your ailment is, I will ask a few questions and provide some ways to help. Let me know if you're interested.

    I haven't done this before, but I am testing out small scale consultations. For those of you who don't know me, I am a clinical herbalist with a Masters in Therapeutic Herbalism. Helping people is my passion, so I want to see if this will be effective.

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  • piink-honey
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    dont wanna leave, ive been at the creek all weekend & im so not ready to go back 😒

    #personal#me#myself#nature heals #i could stay here forever #camping#420 camping#420#stoner girl#weed girls #girls that smoke #nature#snap model#premium snap#selling noods#buy noods #pics for sale #sexy#custom pics#custom videos#premium kik#premium content #pay for content #pay for kik #pay for snap #pay for vids #pay for noods #pay for pics #buy vids#buy content
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  • crystalsofthemyst
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Clear Quartz Crystal Pebble Stone for Healing, Energizing and Cleansing 

    You Choose - Available in my Etsy shop CrystalsofTheMyst - https://www.etsy.com/listing/907439509/clear-quartz-crystal-stone-pebble-stone?ref=shop_home_active_27

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  • spacingout
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I just wanted to enjoy the beach and my vacation and now i cant even wear a shirt without being in pain

    #ramblings #all i want to do is be in the ocean #but i cant even change clothes #and the whole rest of the week is gonna all the same and ruined because these blisters are gonna take a week or more to heal #i dont understand i always wear sunscreen and reapply and this still happens
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