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  • I finished my test early and I don’t have much on the schedule for today so *rubs hands together* time to finish chapter 11

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  • Adventures in Rivenspire

    It seemed as good a time as ever to take my necromancer Safinia questing in Rivenspire (and take more screenshots of a certain Count, of course) with Greymoor coming up. 

    (It also amuses me to headcanon that the bat pet is in fact Arellius, her vampire companion, hiding in bat form, as in my head they adventure together through Rivenspire at the same time)

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  • Anyone got good kdrama recommendations?

    I already watched:

    • Basically all newer historical ones (if you know a few good older ones - I’d totally be up for them as well)
    • Goblin
    • What’s wrong with secretary Kim
    • K2 & Healer
    • Rich man & poor woman (the one with Suho in it 😂)
    • Descendants of the sun
    • King2Hearts
    • She was pretty
    • Strong woman bong-soon
    • And probably a few others I can’t remember 😂

    Please send me your favorite ones or some you’d really recommend. Im open for Cdramas as well as long as they are not too cringy with too much fantasy stuff in it.

    Here is a gif of one of my all time favorite kdrama - enjoy 😁


    Originally posted by amelliwood

    Thank you guys ❤️

    #kdrama#kdrama recommendations#cdrama #descendants of the sun #goblin#goblin reaper #what's wrong with secretary kim #she was pretty #k2#healer #strong girl bong soon #strong woman bong soon
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  • I have written this for my yin class tonight, and I would like to share the wisdom over here. 

    “Welcome to your full moon yin flow. I am honoured to create a virtual connection with each and everyone of you. It brings so much joy and expansion in my heart to be able to offer this practice and medicine with you at no charge. Know that I am doing it because it brings me joy, and allow yourself to receive this gift from me to you.

    The program for this evening will be between 60 to 90 minutes. I will share a little bit about my perspective on the wisdom of the moon, and then we will move into a guided meditation, followed by a series of passive poses, using movement to facilitate your meditation practice and journey inwards.

    For those who are new to my classes, I create my sequence of poses based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principle. This discipline acknowledges the embodiment of nature within us, and tonight we will specifically place our focus and healing intention on the water element that manifests through our urinary bladder. I like to share this practice of connecting to the physical body, simultaneously acknowledging its multidimensional expression, as more than just an organ or a 3D structure. In this way, we can begin to explore that our entire experience, including our emotions, beliefs and environment, is existing in a form within our own body.

    Currently, our planet is undergoing a global transformation, that has disrupted our “normal” experience, including our “normal” movements, “normal” routines and “normal” relationships. This can leave us feeling ungrounded and unsettled, unsure of what “normal” even is. In these times, we acknowledge that in the greater scheme, we are humans on a planet, Earth, and we look towards the Earth to help us to understand what our true nature, and “normal” is. 

    I think that there is an innate desire within all of us to observe and understand our environment, and that desire is what births the scientific field. We look towards the moon, and we want to know more about what the moon has to teach us, and what it reflect back to us about our personal experiences.

    Nature, and the moon, reflects the wisdom that there are definite, and predictable cycles that are consistently repeated in our environment. For example, Summer moves to Autumn moves to Winter moves to Spring. During the day there is light and the sun is shining, during the night, there is darkness and the moon appears, at dawn, the sun rises again and the cycle of day and night repeats itself. Furthermore, during the night time, there is a gradual increase and decreasing of light that is reflected off of the moon, within a fixed time frame.

    The wisdom that lies within these cycles of nature, is the awareness and acknowledgement that absolutely nothing remains static. Nothing is fixed as it is. We are constantly in a state of motion, and change, and evolution. This means, that where you are now, in this exact present moment, is most definitely going to be different from tomorrow, and the next day. Whether it is a drastic or a very marginal change, it is guaranteed to transform. 

    Within the wisdom of cycles, there is also a concept that there is a place and time for everything in the universe. In very basic terms, winter is a time to stay indoors, and summer is a time to go outside. The environment of cold in the winter, pushes us to stay inside, and the heat of summer urges us outside. In this way, the environment clearly communicates and guides you towards the appropriate action for the present moment. To be in the flow, you should embrace the present moment and what it asks for you, because you need to journey through the winter, to reach the summer, you cannot have both experiences at the same time. As sure as the sun is to rise after every night, there will be a time to feel enlightened, and expansive in the summer, after a period of darkness and depression in the winter.

    With regards to the specific time of full moon, we acknowledge that this is a time of amplification, whether that is more physical or psychic energy, or emotional experiences. The light gradually builds on the moon and at the full moon, when we have awareness of the whole, we acknowledge what serves us and what doesnt, we let go and release so that we can be focussed on what is really worth our intention and attention as the light begins to become dimmer, with less energy for us to work with. At new moon, in total darkness, we plant new seeds of intention, so that they can be fed by the light as it builds on the surface of the moon.

    The moon cycle also reflects a specific time frame of 28 days, which corresponds to the length of the average menstrual cycle.  It resonates with the actual time Frame it takes for the female body to build towards a maximum, and then the time that it takes for the physical form to completely shed. If you are station ed in a masculine body, you still hold the wisdom of the physical form within you. Acknowledging this period of time, helps us to understand that when we plant a seed of intention, it does take time for it to manifest into physical form in our reality. So when we ask for something, or we manifest a certain experience, it takes time to come to form, and it won’t appear immediately.

    Today, is the full moon, and we know that the moon affects the tides of the ocean. Our body, made up of up to 70% of water, is also affected by the gravitation pull of the moon. So tonight, we will move through a series of poses that stimulates our urinary bladder meridian, that manifests the essence of the water element within our physical body.

    I want to quickly refer to healing intention, and the power of intention. Recently there was a viral global meditation on the 4/4/4, to send healing to the collective during this difficult time. Before Covid 19, I read a book called the power of 8, in which the author shares scientific experiments with strict protocol, where she gathered a group of 8 people, who meditated on a single intention. They found that their intention was fulfilled or sensed across unlimited time and space. So there a body of evidence representing the impact of our collective intention, and it is revealed to have more power with more participants.

    Lastly, before we move into meditation to put into practice what I have shared, I want to remind you that we are our own healer, and it is not possible for us to fully heal somebody else. As a healer, you may hold space and share tools with somebody else, but they are the ones who chose to take the actions of taking the medicine every day. If you are able to return to a state of balance and wholeness, you might inspire another to find their personal path to balance and wholeness. With the awareness that we can only heal ourselves, we can see that the path to a grand healing of the collective is for us each to turn within, and manage and heal our own pain, distortion, and self destructive forces. Doing this inner work, is planting a seed of intention, that is bound to manifest within a physical form, over time.

    They say that “the seeing is the doing”. This means that when something uncomfortable arises within you, you should not cut the cords, throw it away and push it out, you should rather invite it in, and learn more about it’s form, characteristic and origin. You do not need to know what to do with it, but you need to fully see and acknowledge it, and the seeing is the doing.”

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  • I was able to do more writing than I expected the last couple of days, so I should be able to have chapter 11 posted by tomorrow night!😊

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  • I dunno if its the kind of scripts Park Min Young picks or if its just her but I never have to yearn for skinship or any other kind of validation of the relationship on screen. It’s always there. And it makes shows and pairings so much more enjoyable.

    #park min young #when the weather is fine #i'll find you on a beautiful day #i'll go to you when the weather is nice #healer #her private life #what's wrong with secretary kim
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  • Forests are full of surprises.

    Forest is healer. Trees stand there are learner. Learning to grow, learning to be strong, learning to give pleasure to their surrounding, learning to survive from all the bad weather. I am learning from them.

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  • image

    Goodnight 🚿🍵🧘🏽‍♀️📖🧿🧚🏽‍♀️🌿

    - just a quick pic of my curls after my shower tonight.

    IG: oneofoneash

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  • the depth of this plot is starting to sound like diddly-squat but tbh y’all don’t come for the plot anyways ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  • A few 100x100 icons from Dawn of X: Wolverine #2. Snurchable with credit to perletwo.

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