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  • People say, “Ah, we all have regrets.” As if it’s normal and okay. But regret often eats people alive and pulls them further into bad situtations. They feel like they deserve to be in a bad place because they can get away from something they did. But Jesus washes all that away. He cleanses the conscience from dead works in order for us to serve God with love from a pure heart, a clear conscience and from sincere faith. You can’t go back and change what you did but who you are can change. And I think that’s a very good thing for everyone.

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  • I have made horrible choices growing up and did lots of bad stuff but I’m not the same person who made those choices, so I don’t have regret because Jesus gave me a new heart and changed the way I see things.

    You’re not a product of your past. You are not defined by your mistakes or the bad things you did when you didn’t totally understand, or even when you did understand but chose to do it anyway.

    God’s not going to push you away. He’s going to shout from the rooftops for you to keep drawing near. He is happier when you are with Him.

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  • You know people carry regret with them and feel they’re not good enough because of their past decisions but when you come to Jesus, all of that changes. In an instant, He makes all things new. God doesn’t want you to carry regret. He wants you to fall for Him because He is madly in love with you, not because you did everything right along the way but because He made you for nothing more or less than to be filled with His love and kindness.

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  • To all the homophobic people out there that made my friends fell like they were wrong for loving the people they did. What’s it like being heartless, what’s it like know that these people you say love wrong have a better capacity for love then you ever will. I hope you know tho it is taking time they are getting better and soon when they are fully healed you will never be able to hurt them again.

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  • [GLOW UP/HEALING 2021] #1

    What I learned from The King’s Stilts by Dr. Seuss


    The King had a pair of tall, red, and flashing pair of stilts made by the royal carpenter but he never wore them during business hours. He has so much work to do that every morning he has to get up at five, sign papers during his bath, command orders when he is eating his meals. 

    At seven starts his Big Work, which is keeping Nizzards away from the border of the kingdom. The island was surrounded by Dike Trees and those trees are what kept the surrounding sea from pouring in. Nizzards eat the roots of the Dike Trees that’s why it is important to keep them away from the border.

    King Birtram did not permit this to happen. He gathered the smartest cats in the world and trained them to chase the Nizzards away. The Patrol Cats are treated with utmost care because their job is the most important in all the island.

    At five o’clock ended the great task and started the fun. The King took out his stilts from the closet and played! The townsfolk loved it when they saw the King play because they believe he deserves a time of pleasure. However, one person didn’t like the fun, or any fun in general. He was Lord Droon and he does not like laughs and games, and he was a scowler.

    Lord Droon hated seeing the King have fun so he decided to steal his stilts and ordered an assistant to bury them and never come back. When the King found out, Lord Droon blamed the townsfolk then chuckled to himself. The King, though his soul was not into it, said he was going to try to do without them.

    The truth is, he couldn’t. Day after day he grew sadder and he started declining his duties as a king. Day by day he grew lazier, and he lost his authority so the Patrol Cats wouldn’t obey. Day by day the Nizzards grew bolder and bolder and they cackled and fluttered over the Dike Trees.

    Eric, the page boy who buried the stilts, went back to the palace to tell the truth to the King but Lord Droon saw him and locked him away. With his guts and nuts, Eric was able to escape and decided to get the stilts and go straight to the King as fast as he can. The sea was already starting to pour in, so there was no time to lose.

    The moment the King saw his own stilts, he felt energy rushing through his body. Up onto the stilts sprang the King, his head shot up high, his chest broadened wide, every inch of him a King. He called the Patrol Cats and it was the loudest command the island has ever heard. The cats heard the call, and they knew that the King was back.

    👑 Rest and leisure is important. No matter how busy you are, always try to find a time to relax and have fun. Studies show that having many short breaks help your productivity increase, and it’s better than working continuously then taking a long rest.

    👑 Do not be guilty from treating yourself. We all have that one activity we truly enjoy, and that thing will keep us going, so keep on doing it. Even though you have tons of homework, you’re on a budget,  your schedule is full, please treat yourself.

    📝 In my first semester in college, I put a lot of pressure to myself because I felt like I wasn’t smart enough for my university and I had to double my efforts. I left no time for rest and felt guilty when I’m not doing schoolwork. I ended up being so drained and I just had no joy and will left in me. I didn’t go to school for a couple of weeks, I barely did anything in that time. This is one of the books I read that helped me get back up again. I love children’s books and it’s what I’ve been collecting recently. I thought I would share this story and experience with everyone 💖

    - Lois

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  • Your body tells you when it’s hungry— listen. it knows what you need and what’s best for you

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  • ***Ask Yourself if This Makes Sense***

    They say plastic is a major source of pollution on the planet and takes forever to decompose if it ever decomposes.

    But then…

    You go to the grocery store and buy a lb. of sliced ham wrapped in plastic, a loaf of bread wrapped in a plastic bag, a gallon of milk in a plastic jug, a pack of napkins wrapped in plastic, a Greek salad in a plastic container, a plastic bottle of mustard and a plastic bottle of ketchup, plastic bags on the shelf for sandwiches, quart size, gallon size, for different sizes of garbage cans, cheese, bacon, yogurt, and our chips and snacks are in plastic, ice cream, the toppings, orange juice, pineapple juice are in plastic, there’s plastic bags to put fruit and vegetables in scattered around the produce section Then they put them in plastic bags to take all that plastic home.

    You go buy clothes and carry them out in plastic bags that are thicker than the ones they put your groceries in, auto parts, CD’s, charging cords are wrapped in plastic, probably ¼ - ½ of the cars we drive are made of plastics.

    Then they say; “Plastic is bad for the environment?”

    Let that sink in!!!


    Do you get the feeling someone is pulling your leg?🤔

    Here’s another perspective to think about… Is plastic a poison to keep us sick?🤔

    What is plastic really all about?🤔

    Do a science experiment… Throw an individually wrapped cheese slice in a fire one time, hold a torch to one or even a lighter. Make a snowball and put a flame to it to watch in not melt, both will turn black and get soft but won’t melt.

    Let this marinate✨

    Or you could jump deep in a Rabbit Hole and find out for yourself🐇

    #awakening#free spirit#feelings#life#aginggracefully #be the change #change#growth#healing#caring#think #think for yourself #follow the white rabbit #rabbit hole #through the looking glass #let freedom ring #fight for freedom #freedom #do your own research #research#educate yourselves#educate yourself #educate your friends #learn the truth
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  • you ripped me down

    but i built myself back up again

    without you.

    so who’s really stronger?

    (your rain only makes me bloom)

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  • The old insights into food and nutrition and healthy bodies is just outstanding…*squinty eyes filled with sarcasm *

    #healersjourney #healersofinstagram #healingjourney #healing #healingyourself #eatingdisorderrecovery #eatingdisorderawareness #eatinghealthy #eatingdisordersupport #bulimiarecovery #bulimianervosarecovery #anorexianervosarecovery #anorexianevosa

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  • And with that I’m out… time to heal and put one foot in front of the other.. ✌🏼

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  • Just want a man I can grab by the neck while I push him into the wall and kiss him 😩🥺…… too much to ask for yeah, okay. 😔

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  • Due to this great digital age that we find ourselves in, many of us have sleeping patterns that are out of balance. In fact, I started writing this at 1:30 in the morning from my bed because I could not manage to fall asleep. For me, I know that this is mainly caused by my use of digital devices constantly throughout the day, as well as while in bed, with the latter having become a very bad habit within the past five or so years. Over the past few days, however; I have received a bit of guidance from the Universe on this very topic and felt compelled to share what I have been able to decipher thus far.

    First and foremost, it is okay that you are struggling to fall asleep. I know that this can be extremely frustrating, but the last thing you need in a moment like this is to begin a cycle of negative self-talk or criticism that will only make you feel worse. If you find yourself unable to get to sleep as quickly as you would like, then get out of bed. I know this sounds antithetical to the goal you are trying to achieve in that moment, but just bear with me for a second. Getting out of bed and moving around some can sometimes help your body get in a more relaxed state.

    When we are unable to sleep late at night, lying in bed can make us become tense without us even knowing it, leading to more restlessness and frustration in a moment where we need peace and tranquility. To aid in the relaxation, try to feel yourself moving with every step. Focus closely on the moves that your body is making and be sure to move SLOWLY. Moving slowly and with intent while focusing on every motion is the key here. It allows us to get in touch with our body while the mind slows down and flows into a more relaxed place. While you are up and moving around, try not to look at any screens such as TVs, cell phones, or computers. Looking at these things while trying to get into a relaxed state will have the opposite effect on restfulness and can make it much more difficult to fall asleep.

    This may be a bit stressful in the beginning because it is a new task or action. This is okay and is a perfectly normal reaction to something new. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed, find a nice and soft spot to sit down, besides the bed if possible, and bring your focus to your breath. In and out. Slowly. Slower out than in. Just remember that you can do this. This change will not take place in just one night. Just recently, I had an entire week of waking up at 3:30 a.m. and staying awake until 11 p.m. or 12 a.m. This was 20 to 21 hours of being fully awake, and this happened for five days straight. Luckily, my week was not very demanding, but it was frustrating nonetheless waking up at that hour and having very little to do because I wanted to be sleep along with the jittery feeling that comes from a lack of rest. Thankfully, that has subsided, and my sleep pattern is back to a relative normal. Stick with it. Times are getting better!

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  • Innumerable and complicated compositions: all in ONE. This, my friend, is the blueprint to #healing and #creating #unity in our human culture—it’s called #ACCEPTANCE and #FOCUSonPositivity and emit, transmite to others your #positiveenergy STOP WHINING ❤️Joe n Mamala are here!!

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