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  • gypsysmiles
    01.08.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    I havent posted a progress shirt in over a year... The first picture was taken in May 2020. I weighted 147 pounds and my BMI was 17..... The second picture was taken in July 2021. I weight 155 with a BMI of 22.5.

    Both pictures look relatively the same except in the past year I have put up over 5 pounds of muscle. It is not super noticeable, however this is probably the best I have felt and look in my life. I think I look pretty darn good for being in my mid 30s.

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  • awayjo
    01.08.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Zon't read if you're struggling with suicide or don't want to hear about the subject but

    Would I hang myself? Fuck no. Pills? Sounds horrifying. Drink chemicals? Same shit. Step in front of a moving car? Bus? Train? What if I don't die on impact. Jump off a building? How am I supposed to overcome that fear that warns me of the damage lmao. Literally a gun or a knife and the right mood are the only options. I can't imagine cutting my arm and having a bath like what you see in movies. When the switchblade I bought off wish (lmao) wouldn't always open when I pressed the button and I tried to flick it into the locked position once I cut my index finger so deep and my brain and body rushed into self preservation mode lmao. But I've cut myself with that same blade enough that I think on my forearm I could do the job. I mean ten years ago I was afraid to cut there because of the veins but I've done it within the last year lmao. Just one deep cut and the water 100 feet from my apt and I'd be gone. I live with my brother and I wouldn't want him to find my body. Anyways I think I could actually do it and be free. An afterlife or endless nothingness like a dreamless sleep; either way I'll find peace lmao. Literally I want to work toward that so badly.

    #I don't want to be mentally healthy I don't want to have a happy life I want it to be over #that's it lmao
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  • im-always-estella
    01.08.2021 - 19 minutes ago


    #i just want #a healthy coping mechanism #just one please #i cant seem to find one that both works and doesnt fucking destroy me #i hate everything about my own fucking body #i wish i was fucking dead
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  • foolhearteyes
    01.08.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    I stopped basing my identity and sense of self around fandom and parasocial relationships with celebrities after thomas s*nders let me down. he didn't do anything problematic he just started doing the s*nders sides thing and it was too much for me

    #that was when i was like. 14 or 15? 5ish years ago? #yeah you just have to like. grow out of that stuff eventually. #there are healthy ways to participate in fan spaces but uh a lot of y'all are NOT practicing them #like it's not a bad thing to create/consume content around a piece of media you love but it's really not healthy for it to be ur whole world
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  • the-ginger-rose
    01.08.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    Honestly, with all the Rebels character cameos and character development they’ve prioritized over the actual main characters, I'm at the point where I don’t even care about any of the bad batch besides Echo (and wrecker somewhat)

    I just want to see my fav Rebels characters, and whenever an episode doesn’t have a cameo I just end up bored :,)

    #ginger rose talks to the wind #honestly... half expecting the last episode to fade out into a 'star wars: rebels' logo #like the first episode faded out from the clone wars logo to the bad batch logo #Like it feels like they're just making a rebels prequel series - and i'm actually really excited about that! #without Sabine and Ezra I feel like there's a lot of opportunity to make a more mature show focusing around Kanan Hera Chopper and Zeb #Like... ngl i'd love to see the genocide on Lasan. Like. I want to suffer #and I still want to see young Kallus on Onderon beg for his life... lol that ain't healthy but I want it #I just wish the show would be straight forward about it - like you aint slick we know what you're doing
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  • doekkabi
    01.08.2021 - 47 minutes ago
    i think there’s something so special about ghilan’nain being avidly aware of generational trauma by experience and always made a conscious effort towards gentle parenting and wanting to give hana the freedom to be anything she wanted , yet was not prepared for hana wanting to involve herself in the politics surrounding elvhenan ( the ONE thing ghilan’nain shielded hana from, in her biased effort to give hana freedom & choice ) and it was ... hard to let go, but ghilan’nain & hana’s mother / daughter relationship was and always about respecting each other & loving each other unconditionally. 
    #hana really out here always trying to do good no matter what lifetime ... will it be in vein stay tuned as da4 news comes around #anyways i just love them a lot and ive been thinking of ghilan'nain's connection with motherhood A LOT #its NOT easy . its a conscious effort but she has a lot of love and i think thats so great of her #she's still v dotting just not in the 'comedic' aggressive way thats not at all healthy in my opinion but u know #anyways hi :) her blog SOON !!! #im just tired and in a weird headspace #but ghilan'nain will be YOUR mom too :)
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  • stanleyb-art
    01.08.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    The way that I have absolutely no sense of identity and heavily rely on fictional characters to have a personality is probably really sad but oh well !

    #like my name is literally stanley because of stan pines #i do not feel real ever #and i have no sense of individuality #so i just #turn my favorite traits from characters into my own personality #its definitely not healthy #but oh well #better than nothing i guess! #stan talks
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  • kumarmedicalcare
    01.08.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    What are the best foods for heart health?

    Heart disease is still the number one killer in the United States. In this Spotlight, we outline 16 foods that, when consumed as part of a well-rounded diet, might help to keep your heart healthy.

    There are many things you can do to help keep your heart healthy and disease-free.

    You can schedule an annual checkup, exercise daily, quit smoking, or take steps to reduce the level of stress in your life.

    All of these things can have a positive effect on heart health. But, one of the simplest lifestyle changes that will benefit your heart is watching what you eat.

    Nearly 6 million trusted Source people are currently living with heart failure, and around half of these will die within 5 years of being diagnosed.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warn that eating foods high in fat, cholesterol, or sodium can be very bad for the heart. So, when taking steps to minimize the risk of heart disease, diet is a good place to start.

    In this article, we examine some of the best foods for ensuring that you keep a robust and healthy heart.

    1. Asparagus

    2. Beans, peas, chickpeas, and lentils

    3. Berries

    4. Broccoli

    5. Chia seeds and flaxseeds

    6. Dark chocolate

    7. Coffee

    8. Fish high in omega-3s

    9. Green tea

    10. Nuts

    11. Liver

    12. Oatmeal

    13. Red wine (sort of)

    14. Spinach

    15. Tomatoes

    16. Vegetables

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  • suchbrokenstars
    01.08.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    {Mobius -- @mobisexual​}

    “Please take a seat.” The healer spoke, his back turned to the other as he laid out a fresh set of tools including a cold compress on a nearby tray. “Tell me, did my brother give you a rough time at training or did you not stretch enough? I know that Thor can get rather intense with training, but I can assure that pulled muscles can be potentially be avoid by making sure you stretch enough.” It was obvious that that had been a common issue that he had been dealing with today.

    He finished arranged the tools before turning back to face what he assumed what was his newest patient today. “Or is it something else...?”

    #mobisexual#m: shadow #v: the good chaos #i give to my variant of loki who while he doesn't know he's adopted yet #was raised with so much love by both odin and frigga #he has a strong and healthy bond with thor #and is a master at healing magic #however he's supposed to get kidnapped and tortured #and causes a darkness to ascend on asgard because of it
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  • bwglifestyle
    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Reasons You Should Be Listening To A Motivational Speaker On A Daily Basis

    Motivational speakers are there to do just that – to motivate you through their speeches. Very often, their interesting perceptions can lead you to keep up the positivity in life.  Very often, they harness the power of words to rejuvenate a physically, mentally or emotionally drained individual, team or group of people, making them change the way they see a specific challenge.

    It can come from anywhere or anyone, but usually a motivational speech will have a specific audience in mind. Whether it is a sporting event, a conference keynote, a staff meeting or even an individual seeking self-motivation, these speakers lend inspiration from their lives, showing us how to make our lives better and happier.

     When should I listen to a motivational speaker?

    Very often something that someone says may leave you feeling unmotivated. It may even alter the way you’ve been looking at a particular task or problem. Other times you may have had a bad nights’ sleep or you are experiencing some personal issues. You may not even experience any of the above, but you feel unmotivated and unable to understand why you have these negative feelings at all.

    No matter your current state of mind, motivational speeches are meant to inspire, or convey a highly emotional message. Its purpose is to initiate action and is often useful in dealing with difficult times or a great deal of uncertainty. The one thing they all have in common? Resonance. They need to resonate with you. Any time you are feeling low, or lack motivation, this would be a great time to get inspired by a great motivational speech.

     Benefits of listening to a motivational speaker

    See a different perspective on life

    Everyone has their own perspective on life. Sometimes a particular motivational speaker may have the same outlook on love, spirituality, career or family that really resonates with you and gives you the inspiration to believe in your dream. By them explaining how they are or were in a similar situation as you, could give you the motivation to work harder towards reaching your goal, knowing that somebody else went through what you did, and succeeded.

    To value success and failure equally

    Many people have been through numerous rejections, failures and sometimes, just really bad days, and yet still managed to succeed. They never gave up and through their difficulties, they found their path forward. When you hear about the obstacles that other people go through, you begin to realise that your own hardships can be conquered, and you are able to make a success of whatever you put your mind to. It further makes you realise that it’s worth it to work twice as hard at your goals in order to succeed.

    Learn something new

    There are many motivational speakers that love to share their ideas, tips and tricks on how to create or try something new. Often, they will share the workings of how they made themselves successful. By paying close attention, you could learn something new, or inspire yourself to try something that you may have felt would never work for you or your situation. They teach you to think out of the box, and show you how doing so can reap greater rewards than you ever thought was possible.

    At the end of the day, it is vital to take care of your mental wellbeing, and if a motivational speaker helps to keep you in a great mood, so be it. Feeling motivated could earn you a promotion or allow you to have a breakthrough with a project you’ve been working on for ages. It may just put you in a better mood, making your day more enjoyable not only for you but everyone around you.

     Here are 10 of the best motivational speeches of all time.

    J.K. Rowling: “The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination” (2008)

    David Foster Wallace: "This Is Water" (2005)

    Simon Sinek: Live2Lead 2016

    Fearless Motivation: "It's Not Easy, But It's Worth It" (2018)

    Jim Carrey: Commencement Speech at Maharishi University of Management (2014)

    Brené Brown: "The Power of Vulnerability" (2013)

    Steve Jobs: "How to Live Before You Die" (2005)

    Ellen DeGeneres: Tulane University Commencement Speech (2009)

    Sheryl Sandberg: Harvard Business School Class Day Speech (2012)

    Dan Pink: "The Puzzle of Motivation" (2009)

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  • nareshkishnani
    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    To cook or not to cook? Food prep can affect the nutrition value of your food. #nutrition #fitness #health #healthylifestyle #healthy #healthyfood #weightloss #diet #motivation #workout #wellness #food #lifestyle #healthyliving #healthyeating #vegan #training #protein #exercise #nutritionist #eatclean #foodie #cook #cooking #cookingathome #nutritionist #nutritionvalue #nareshkishnani24 (at Bloomigo Nutrition Centre) https://www.instagram.com/p/CSBHz7AoGgq/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • clove-shrinks
    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    My gut is slowly getting smaller :) and I’m on my monthly so I’m actually bloated in the pic. I’m trying so hard to not binge and slowly making progress 😅

    #personal#obese ed#weightloss#health goals #obese to healthy #my fitness pal #obese to fit #my fitness journey #obesetofit#obese ana #binge eating things #obese binge eater #binge ed #binge eating disorder
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  • ahealthiermind
    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    "While you may think you don’t need close relationships or intimacy, the truth is we all do. Humans are hardwired for connection and deep down, even someone with an avoidant-dismissive attachment style wants a close meaningful relationship—if only they could overcome their deep-seated fears of intimacy."


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  • pockydays
    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #hmm i better think of some filler tags first #it's like 11pm and my brain don't work #i hope this text post gets ignored like my other ones bc i just had to get this out #it's been on my mind for weeks #but i think this should be enough to make it past the tag cut? #anyways how do i tell some people i know that their reliance on *fictional* characters will not solve their *real life* problems #yes akaashi keiji is hot and is probably - theoretically - an amazing person but will fantasizing about him solve your anxiety? no #i think you're better off actually working out your problems instead of resorting to some form of escapism #because in the end it won't help you #you're literally just ignoring the problem #there's a limit to how much escapism is healthy #and if you're ignoring your issues while doing so that's *not* healthy at all #your problems are just going to become more severe the more time passes that it goes unresolved #until it comes to the point when you can't ignore it #anyways i'll delete this as soon as i wake up
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  • officialleehadan
    01.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Goodbye Heart

    Hello darlings! Today's story was brought to you by Arcanist Lupus! Darling you send me such interesting prompts! Thank you for all your support!

    Prompt: Queens Crowned, to THIS SONG!


    Essyina was a tease.

    Aeliatari really hadn’t expected that, all things considered. Most of her experience with the journeyman mage was with a woman who, although beautifully powerful, magnificently talented, and decorative to boot, was reasonably quiet.

    But no. Her lady wife, her queen, had taken to her role with an enthusiasm that was just entirely unreasonably, all things considered.

    Today, for instance, she was dressed all in almost-white green gauze that made her look like a particularly stunning ghost. Layered beads in the fabric made her glitter, and the sheer nature of the fabric, probably magical and cleverly layered, kept offering tantalizing glimpses of the milky skin beneath.

    And damn it all, Aeliatari was trying to run a war council.

    It was both annoying and satisfying that she was not the only one distracted by her lovely queen. Satisfying, of course, because that was herqueen. Her wife, who only she was allowed to gather into her arms and kiss breathless.

    Annoying, because that was her queen, her wife, and Essyina was being distracting.

    And knowing her double-handful of trouble lady wife, she was probably doing it on purpose.

    “You are distracting,” Aeliatari finally growled, half-playful, the next time Essyina circled past her, bouncing in all the right places and glittering with magic as she powered the tactical table, which showed all the positions of their forces. It was an incredibly valuable tool, and while Aeliatari could power it herself, it was easier to have someone else do it so she could focus on the tactics. Focus, however, was in somewhat short supply. “Come here, you.”

    The rest of the war council stilled as their warlord captured her blushing, giggling wife, kissed her collarbone in passing, and settled into her throne with an armful of mage.

    “Right,” she said once she was seated and Essyina had wiggled into a more comfortable position on her lap. “Now, we were talking about the elementals on the border.”

    ‘I have a report about them.”

    Essyina spoke up before anyone else could. Much to Aeliatari’s dismay, she escaped and returned to the table, but not without a very promising flounce of her mostly-transparent skirts. The beads caught the light, and she looked like a daydream in the mist for a moment, before she turned her distracting smile on three of Aeliatari’s generals. They knew that Essyina was one of their most capable mages, but they weren't’ used to seeing this playful side of her, or of Aeliatari.

    Bright magic dripped off her fingers and left tiny yellow stars across the map like constellations.

    “We figured out how to scry for wind spirits,” she said, still smiling with that troublesome glitter in her eyes, but absolutely professional besides. It was a strange combination, considering her dress, and the silver filigree that decorated her throat. White gems trailed down from her necklace like water droplets, and Aeliatari lost a minute to a brief, but filthy daydream. Reluctantly, she drew her mind back on task. “They don’t know we can do it, seeing as it’s supposed to be impossible and all.”

    “How did you manage that?” Grannth, one of the better mages at the table and one of Aeliatari’s advisors, asked. His tone was surprised, but admiring. He was spare with praise, but genuine when he gave it. If he was impressed, it was a harder task than Aeliatari truly knew. “They’re hard to detect on any day, let alone at a distance.”

    “It’s an old sailor’s trick,” Essyina explained delightedly. She was still distracting, but now it was because she was brilliant, which was even more lethal to Aeliatari’s clear-headedness than the gauze dress. “See, we’ve always known that the little fishing boats had a trick for knitting up winds, right?”

    “Aye. Doesn’t work for larger winds though. Didn’t that one fellow try to tie up a storm?” Grannth asked, apparently more educated on the topic of arcane scholarly pursuits than Aeliatari. Not that it was a surprise. She kept him around because he was an expert. “Didn’t he explode? How is that relevant?”

    “Master Tidesmith, he styled himself, and yes. The storm blew him into tiny pieces. It was a substantial mess, I’m told. We’re not tying up the elementals, more, we’re putting a placer-stitch in them,” Essyina said. She waved a hand over the map and a complex magical formula, which seemed to be utterly incomprehensible to Aeliatari’s eyes, shimmered into sight. By the awed noises of her council’s mages, it was dully impressive, so Aeliatari did her best to focus on that, and not her distractingly brilliant wife. “Or more precisely, on their attendant breezes. They go where they like, but that little breeze that follows them around belongs to us. Since those attendant winds can’t leave their host-spirit, we can track the spirit by the attendant’s location.”

    “A clever workaround,” Grannth said after some slow, careful thought. His gaze, when it turned back to Essyina, was still admiring and a little taken by her low neckline, but now it also carried the respect of one powerful mage to another. “Very clever. Can we use this same trick on other breezes?”

    In response, Essyina gave a very troublesome smirk, one that was very nearly Aeliatari’s undoing, and raised her hand. Magic coiled around her like a pet, familiar and obedient to her whims.

    The map burst with stars, color-coded, and following the paths that echoed the map in Aeliatari’s head of their troop movements. Armies of stars, some brighter than others, flowed here and there, mimicking troop movements in real time like even their finest map-spells could never manage. The war, Aeliatari’s conquests, now and future, played out across the land.

    “My lords,” Essyina said, flirty and so incredibly competent, and still distracting. “Allow me to show you what a little magic in the wrong hands can truly accomplish.”


    Queens Crowned:

    Aeliatari needs a queen. Essyina volunteers.

    Queen Required

    Smoke Bomb (Subscriber-Only!)


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  • meditating-dog-lover
    01.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Health and Fitness Updates (07/31/2021)

    I had a productive and very interesting week.

    1. I am updating my resume and Linkedin page so I can look for potential jobs. I'm headed in the right track. I just need to finish updating and I'll get it reviewed and then I'll contact potential employers.

    2. I got a consultation and am getting minor surgery next week. I'm so happy I'm able to get this done soon as my insurance is expiring in a few weeks.

    3. I took progress pics. I'm very happy with my progress. The before and after pics comparing January to today are shocking but extremely impressive. I still have some progress to make but I'm doing very well. I think I built a lot of muscle and that's what helped me lose a lot of fat. I weighed myself at the clinic this week and I have a pretty high BMI despite my small size. So I'm guessing it's due to building lean and compact muscle.

    4. For some reason I am sleeping much earlier these days. I want to maintain this habit.

    5. I reached out to old friends on Facebook. This was making me extremely nervous because (a) I have social anxiety and (b) some people I was not extremely comfortable with contacting. Not comfortable in the sense that it would take me out of my comfort zone to speak to them, not in the sense that it's a bad idea or they are terrible people. It's the absolute opposite actually. I established a good initial relationship after so many years. Maybe nothing serious or close, but I established myself in a positive way since I reached out to speak to someone I haven't spoken to in 10+ years (which is a sweet gesture at the end of the day). However I do feel the being in regular contact with some of these people does give me anxiety. I am still not totally my emotional and social trauma from those days, and I really need to heal before initiating a wide social circle. I need to manage my social anxiety and gain some confidence. This will take a lot of time but we will see what will happen in a few years from now. Maybe I can establish more solid connections. But now is not the time as this anxiety does not correlate with a good relation or good health. But at the end of the day, my anxiety and trauma of today is extremely minimal compared to that of 10+ years ago. I was a total mess, given that my parents were so strict and angry, I had problematic relationships in school, I was trapped in a terrible house and country, I had no accomplishments to be proud of, I was unhealthy, and the list goes on for an eternity. Now I've done many great things but I still do have social anxiety and confidence issues to deal with. It will take months even years to manage, but I know I can do it. Addressing them is the first step.

    But yes it took serious guts and balls to reach out to these people. It really did and I should be proud of myself. Never in my life did I think I would. I just imagine telling my 2016 self that I will communicate with these people in the future, and me having a hard time believing it. It's amazing to see old people in a new light, they're a lot more mature and polite now. It's amazing as it helps put the old memories to rest since they are no longer a reality.

    Next week is going to be quite productive as well - emailing potential employers, exercising, my surgery, and that's about it. But I hope for the best in my future. As a matter of fact, I really want to speak to someone about the anxiety I have, specifically regarding the example above. I'll eventually have the courage to.


    #health and fitness #healthy#fitness#exercise#weekly updates #health is wealth #jobs#surgery#progress pics#sleep#socializing#social anxiety #getting out of my comfort zone #my 30s will be better #but i don't want to rush my 20s #brave#new changes
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