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  • Weight Loss!


    How I Lost 184 lbs In 65 Days Fastest Way…

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  • How I Lost 84 Pounds In Third Months!


    How I Lost 84 Pounds In Third Months..

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    There were so many wasted years that I spent in a vicious cycle, of judging myself harshly, body-bashing and hating on every part of me and then comforting myself with food.⁠⁣

    Don’t waste your life, find the right tools you need to support you to make whatever changes you need too, so you can feel good about yourself now. Change comes from a place of positivity not negativity. .⁣


    Drop an ❤️ in the comments if you like this transformation 👇⁣


    Weight is just a number, it’s important for size !!! It’s not easy but it’s worth changing!


    Who will do this!?!?

    Don’t wait for the opportunity, start right away 💪 💪 💪


    👒 Want to lose up to 20 lbs in the first month alone with keto lifestyle?⁣⁣ 👉 Then sign up now for “The 28-Day Keto Challenge” to start your own keto journey and lose weight from now on and in the long-term.

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  • Food plan for today:

    2 hard boiled eggs and some fruit for breakfast

    Lunch is homemade vegetable soup with a bread roll

    Tea is either going to be cream garlic mushrooms pasta and roasted Mediterranean veg or homemade pad Thai

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  • Wenn ich mir alte Bilder anschaue, war ich zwischen meinen Freundinnen eine lange Zeit immer die, die am dicksten aussah. Eine lange Zeit war ich immer die, der keine Hose gepasst hat, weil meine Hüfte zu breit war und mein Arsch zu dick. Ich war sowieso immer die, die einen dicken Arsch hatte. Ich war immer die, die noch die Reste der Freunde gegessen hat, weil ich nicht satt war. Ich war immer die, die sich in der Umkleide anschaute und einen Nervenzusammenbruch bekam bei der ganzen Cellulite, die sie gesehen hat. Ich war aber genauso auch lange die, die sich um 22 Uhr noch eine Pizza reingezogen hat. Ich war immer die mit den radikalen Diätphasen und gleichzeitig die, die von Essen nicht genug haben konnte. Aber das alles bin nicht mehr ich.

    Ich bin jetzt die, die in eine 36 passt und hoffentlich bald auch in eine 34. Ich bin jetzt die, die sich hauptsächlich diszipliniert verhält was das Essen angeht. Ich bin jetzt die, die kleine Portionen isst. Ich bin jetzt die, die Komplimente bekommt. Ich bin jetzt die, die nicht mehr frühstückt. Ich bin jetzt die, die viel Sport macht. Ich bin jetzt die, die sich mit weniger Kilos immer wohler fühlt. Ich bin jetzt die, die unter ihren Freundinnen nicht mehr als dick raussticht und ich bin jetzt die, die gefragt wird: Wie hast du das gemacht?

    - sayhellootooana

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  • Day 50

    Spent an amazing day with my kids, had some gross fast food. My stomach began to hurt immediately. Too think I used to live off of day food. Yuck!!

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  • +++ Update 18.01.2021 +++

    Diese Woche haben wir in unserer Gruppe eine neue Challenge. Unabhängig von vorgegebenen Kcal, Liter und Sport bzw Schritten, trinken wir jeden Morgen eine heisse Zitrone auf nüchternen Magen. Das soll den Stoffwechsel ankurbeln.

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  • I got a new exercise bike! My mom’s friend is moving and just so happened to have a fairly new indoor bike she didn’t want anymore. I’ve been using it daily for the last 3 days and I love how it’s so much quieter than my old treadmill.

    Today I ate less than 1,800 calories and burnt 200. I’d say today went quite well! Honestly I think I’ve been doing quite well every day lately. I did get to around 2,000 calories 2 days ago but burnt off at least 250 so it wasn’t too bad. Tomorrow’s weigh-in day!

    I hope everyone is seeing their weight loss progress!

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    I like to reflect back from October to prove to myself that in the end it really isn’t about the way you look. It’s the way you feel. Accepting yourself from the inside out no matter what stage you are at.

    The whole reason why I binged was because all I wanted and dreamed was to be shredded & I got there. But in this stage of recovery I was actually really unhappy and had a massive wobble. Once you loose weight and that part is done and dusted your like .. well what now? I don’t want to gain weight again but I don’t want to loose weight. I was kinda stuck & scared at this point and being in the setting I was going back to work and remembering the past me I done a 360 turn and had so much fear of going back to how I was when I was bigger (this fear is still there). So the emotions got the better of me and I started being over obsessive with food again and I thought if I ate 5G more of something I would gain the weight back etc, my ED brain truly took over and I’m sorry for not being honest about it but I really was just being in denial

    I’m so so glad I have @shanmack_wellness that noticed my wobble and literally had my back through it all. She made me realise the importance of just being relaxed. I also had a therapy session which really help me too. I was so exhausted and it clicked in my brain again that I just wanted to feel strong and energised and food is fuel. I got back on my feet I ate more.. went out my comfort zone and started eating more fear foods and I FEEL sooo much better. Yeah I’m not as shredded & even I feel crazy saying this but I actually feel better now. You think the more you restrict the happier you’ll be but I realise it really is not true. Being relaxed, being free, in the moment, literally accepting you are who you are. That is what makes you happy and the body shows through. Learning to accept yourself takes time trust me I’m not 100% there yet but it’s WORTH IT.❤️

    Recovery isn’t a straight line but the dips are how you learn, grow and go further✨

    More information click here link

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    Why you need to stop your cardio addiction like… yesterday👀⤵️

    I get people asking me this allll the time: “so I have X amount of pounds to lose, should I just do cardio first and then weight lift?”

    And my answer every time is…. NO!!!!!

    Here’s why you should NOT just do cardio:

    ❌ Cardio alone only burns calories

    ❌ When you hit a plateau with cardio, you have to do MORE cardio to lose more weight

    ❌ In order to maintain the weight you lost, you have to keep doing that same amount do cardio for….. ever.

    In other words, cardio alone is the easiest way to get frustrated with the process, burnt out, and despise the gym😅

    BUTTTT throw some lifting in the mix, and now we’re starting to get a good formula

    Why you SHOULD lift even if you want to lose body fat:

    ✅ Builds muscle mass

    ✅ The more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism

    ✅ The faster your metabolism, the more

    you can eat while maintaining your result

    ✅ it’s not time based. You don’t have to add on another 10 mins of lifting to push past a plateau

    If you’re not convinced yet, let me put it this way:

    Would you rather work a minimum wage, hourly rate job with no job security or benefits ORRR would you rather work a salary job with promotions, benefits and job security. That’s cardio vs lifting in a nutshell👏🏼

    More info click here link

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  • Health Benefits of Papaya

    👉It has anticancer properties

    👉It improves heart health

    👉It helps maintain weight

    👉It fights inflammation

    👉It has powerful antioxidant effects

    👉It improves digestion

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  • Weights Workout. Barbell and Dumbells 17 th January 2021 1 hour 3 mins total. …

    Weights Workout. Barbell and Dumbells 17 th January 2021 1 hour 3 mins total. …

    Barbell and DumbellsSunday, 17 January 2021 at 15:03

    Bench Press (Barbell)Set 1: 71.6 lb × 8Set 2: 71.6 lb × 6

    Concentration Curl (Dumbbell)Set 1: 35.8 lb × 10Set 2: 35.8 lb × 10

    Preacher Curl (Barbell)Set 1: 44.9 lb × 10

    Arnold Press (Dumbbell)Set 1: 35.8 lb × 10

    Bench Press – Wide Grip (Barbell)Set 1: 71.6 lb × 10

    Bent Over Row (Dumbbell)Set 1: 35.8 lb × 10Set 2: 35.8 lb × 10

    Bicep Curl…


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    Homemade Granola Bars ☑️

    Taste Better than Store Bought Ones 🤤

    Recipe 📌:

    Rolled Oats

    Raw Honey Or Agave

    Peanut Butter

    Chocolate Chips

    Walnuts (Or Your Nut of Choice)


    Originally posted by jennyellie

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  • Saturday, January 16 and Sunday, January 17, 2021

    Ring Fit Adventure: Days 3 and 4


    Did these Saturday, holding my barbell over my head. I think I’m actually getting used to this exercise, because I can do a whole set now without stopping one time.

    This morning, when I woke up, everything from the waist down was sore from exercise, so I did some good ol’ bow pulls.


    I can’t believe I used to do ten sets of these on the reg. It took sooo long, and my arms are sore now, too. I’ve neglected my arms the last few months, to be honest. Even today, I did these lying in my bed, because I’m a lazy mofo when arms are concerned.

    Haven’t defaulted to my easy thigh presses yet, although I’m sure that day is coming soon.

    Food’s still a problem. I have hella munchies. I just want to crunch on some oatmeal raisin cookies, which tells you how desperately I want them, because chocolate chip is usually my jam.

    Been adding this lentil and beet pasta in my food, and that’s been okay. Adds more protein, but honestly, I really need to start transitioning to a more budgetarily sustainable vegan diet. I love all my food, and it generally keeps me from binge-eating because it gives the illusion that I’m eating way more food than I actually am. But that illusion is getting to be so expensive.


    Having a love-hate relationship with my body and mindset. Should be proud about my progress - am disappointed, instead, that I could have been further had I not collapsed in December and early January.

    Am also trying to be patient and forgiving with myself, because weight loss was never the issue - it was the mainenance and the learning new healthy habits thing that was the real challenge.

    And smack-dab in the middle of that is some realization about the world and timeline I currently exist in and trying to cope with that.

    All in all, a complicated weekend. I tried to let myself relax and do nothing. To keep myself from feeling like I had to do something this weekend to make it ‘worthwhile’.

    C'est compliqué.

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  • 17.01.21

    okay so i still weighed myself today bc i needed to know. i think i did so well today and if i did this everyday it would be amazing, i know i can’t though but i’ll certainly try my best.

    today’s weight - 60.5kg

    breakfast - frosties and a cup of tea (179)

    lunch - none

    dinner - beef and tomato soup with bread rolls (333)

    snacks - kinder bar (71), caramel shortcake bite (60), after eight (35), ripple (175), squares (97), cucumber (4)

    total - 954

    burned - 1,070

    net - (-116)

    #clean eating #health & fitness #healthy eating#nutrition#workout#food mention#food log#food tw#food #eating disoder things #disordered eating tw #eatclean #eating disoder thoughts #tw eating things #eatwell #tw eating stuff #it's not as simple as just eating #eating diary #eating disoder mention #lose weight#tw weight #need to lose more weight #weight mention#weight log#goal weight#weightloss#pretty#thinspr0#proannnnna#beautiful
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