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  • Being ablated from each others body, it marked the death of lovers but honey, inspite that it bothers no one, this universe will always mourn the perishment of our love.

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  • you used to look at me,

    and i used to know,

    without a doubt,

    that you adored me,

    just as much as i adored you.


    when you look at me,

    i cant tell a damn thing,

    and it hurts more

    than being able to see you don’t love me.

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    #unrequited love#unrequited feelings#unrequited affection#heartache#feelings #one sided friendship #one sided relationships #one sided love #one sided feelings #overthinking #more than friends
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    Originally posted by musicalgifs

    Pairing: Katherine Howard x Reader

    Characters: Katherine Howard

    Warnings: N/A

    Request: Anon- Imagine the Queens of Six helping you, a princess, get over a bad breakup where your ex cheated 

    Word Count: 500

    Author: Charlotte

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    #Heartache#Anon#Request#Katherine Howard #Katherine Howard Imagine #Katherine Howard One Shot #Six Imagine #Six One Shot #Six The Musical #Six The Musical Imagine #Six #Six The Musical One Shot #Charlotte
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  • It is ok to give people a second chance because everyone deserves one no matter how bad they were. But if it happens again. If they hurt you again. Rethink if you want to let this person into your life again. If you want to risk another heartbreak. If you want to risk the happiness you just got back.

    Love is the strongest emotion humans can feel. It can get you high and make you so happy but if you share it with the wrong person it can drag you down to the point that you loose yourself. And still we won’t give up on the “wrong” person. We’ll make up excuses just to stay with them because we love them. But the truth is they’re not good for us and they’ll never be.

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  • A letter to her:

    I know I wasn’t the best, but you weren’t either. I’m sorry for making it a hard time for you, but you had no reason to hurt me like this. You could’ve been honest and pure just as you said you would if we broke up.

    You heard me cry over the phone when you told me you are happier without me, but you didn’t cry with me because you choose drugs over me. You didn’t cry because you were high.

    Or what about that time we decided to go on a break and I messaged you telling you how much I love you? You don’t know that I had a horrible panic attack that night, but you weren’t there to support me because you were off drunk with your friends. Then when you got sober you expected me to be there for you, and of course I was. Of course I fucking was because I care about you, but still you let me down, and you let me down hard.

    You heard my voice break, you heard the pain in my voice but I bet you still don’t remember admitting to me about how you talk shit about me and our relationship because you don’t want to remember me for who I am, because you chose those fucking drugs over me and you knew how much this would hurt me.

    The drugs made you happier than I did, so you broke up with me. And I hope you dearly regret it, but I know you don’t because you don’t fucking care about me. And don’t tell me you do, because you promised me, you promised me that you’d keep your life together even after we broke up but that was a fucking lie. You already knew you were abusing drugs when you told me that. Fucking lies. How many more lies did you tell me that I just don’t know about?

    You hurt me so fucking bad, and you hurt my family too. They opened up to you because you had a hard time home, they made you feel loved. My mom even gave you a fucking job and this is what you do? Go fuck yourself, seriously

    Or don’t, because I care, and I don’t want you to be hurt. I want you to be happy. I want you to be so fucking happy. But please don’t come to my fucking funeral and cry over me, don’t you ever dare to say you cared, because if you did you wouldn’t do this to yourself.

    I still don’t feel like I can blame you, because if you were so hurt you turned to drugs, then how can I ever forgive myself? Was this my fault? Or did you just fuck up like you told me you would do one day?

    Sincerely, your broken ex

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    i keep dead roses in a vase

    hoping someday they’ll rebloom

    just like a lonely wolf

    i’m only howling for the moon

    // Ophydia


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  • i just wanna run my hands through your hair and stare into your eyes, letting them guide me into neverland where we can forever be young, dancing within each other’s arms to music we make in our own heads. sometimes i get lost in the thought of a fantasy, but then i hear his name linger off your lips like a poisoned breath, ready to pierce my heart and pull at my heartstrings one by one until they snap, leaving my heart in a million pieces, reminding me that my fantasy can never become a reality.

    i don’t want to force my alternate reality to become my current reality. i really am content being able to hold your hand platonically as we frolic through an orchard as you ask me to pick the apples for you. i really am content with having you rest your precious head upon my shoulder in a movie theatre as you fall asleep as i rhythmically pet your head. i’m okay with just being a close friend; one that you tell your dark thoughts with or share heavy, warm laughs with. i’m okay with all of that, but the thought of a hand hold meaning more than “i’m here for you” is something i have been reaching out for for years on end.

    each time i turn the page, thinking there will be something new, a repetitive chapter begins. i’m stuck reading the same sentence, “and you’re to find out she doesn’t love you the same.” she doesn’t have to admit it to me. i can tell by the way my eyes lock upon hers, being met with a friendly smile when my smile is trying to be covered up by the first silly face i can think of. i want it to go away. i want a new chapter to begin. i want to erase the words i see in the book i am forced to keep reading.

    i know you could read this or decide to look past it as if it means nothing, possibly forgetting that this is even me. i don’t intend to make you feel bad because whatever i get from you is okay with me, but, god, does my heart yearn for you every moment of every day. i take a breath, i think of you. i lay down to rest, i think of you. how i treat you will never change, despite my feelings. i just wish they would go away so i didn’t feel like you’re walking on eggshells to avoid breaking me. i love you in a million different ways, and i know you only love me in nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine.

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  • at night it hits me even worse

    i wish you could take back everything you said

    because it’s repeating in my head

    over and over again

    you made me so sad

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  • The color of heartbreak isn’t red like everyone thinks.

    It’s not blue or black either, no.  When she shattered my heart like a lightbulb smashed on the floor, the color it bled was green.

    It was spring when I first met her.  Out the window I stated through: a perfect scene, the trees, grass, and leaves so bright green they almost glowed, and rustling in a pleasant breeze.

    “Can I sit here?” 

    Making eye contact with her was like being punched in the chest.  Her eyes had a gleam to them, a shine that lit up her face, the laugh lines like rays of light expanding outwards.

    How could her eyes have been any color but green?

    It was a good while before I saw her sculpted eyebrows, raised at me inquisitively.  

    “Oh, yes, of course.”  I fumbled to move my things off of the seat, dropping pencils in the process.  I picked them up as she sat down next to me with the grace of a thousand ballerinas.  And when she reached over to pull out a laptop with a watercolor-patterned case, her arm brushed against mine, just the faintest touch of skin.  I thought I was going to die.

    Our first date was the botanical garden, because she was just magical like that.  I was studying the yellow tulips when she called my name.  It was like honey on her tongue, and twice as sweet in my ears.  

    “Piper!”  I had never known I liked my name that much.

    She pointed out the striped carnations, touching the petals with a softness I had never seen before.  I tried to channel that same gentleness as I brushed her cherry red hair behind one ear.  She smiled, not meeting my eye.

    It was just after chemistry a week later.  Stepping out of the building was like an assault; the reds and oranges of fall too bright.  I was exhausted, but seeing her across the plaza was like a shot of caffeine directly into my bloodstream.  She turned from the two people she was talking to and frowned, touching the dark circles under my eyes.  I couldn’t help but close them, her touch a salve on my tired skin.  Then her lips were on mine, the gentlest brush of a leaf as it falls.  I saw stars.  No, I saw entire galaxies in the space between my eyelids.  I had kissed girls before, but this was different.  I couldn’t explain how.  It was like they were apples, and she tasted like limes.  They were blue skies, and she was a raging sunset.  They made me feel like I was flying, but kissing her was like jumping out of a plane without a parachute.  They were a campfire, and she was a raging bonfire pushing smoke into my lungs.  They were summer, she was the sweet release of spring.  

    To put it simply: they were red.  She was green.

    She pulled away and smiled sweetly at me, touching my cheek.  I was still trying to figure out how to smile back with numb lips when she turned back to continue her conversation with the two friends from before.  They snickered at my expression.  My knees buckled.   

    It was two weeks later int he same place that I realized what the term “green with envy” really meant.  I thought he was just another friend, of which she had many.  Charismatic hardly captured the true power she had over everyone she met.  They flocked to her like moths to a flame, myself included.  

    But as I approached, snow crunching under my feet, she touched his shoulder.

    I stopped dead in my tracks.  This wasn’t just a friendly touch.  I knew girls, I had watched them from afar before I even knew exactly where my fascination came from.  And more importantly, I knew her far too well to mistake that touch.  Then she turned, and her smile said it all.  It glimmered with the power of a girl who perfectly embodied a Venus Flytrap.  Her chin was tilted down ever so slightly, and a coy, half-smile shaped her perfect lips.

    Vines sprung from my heart and reached towards her, even as I stood perfectly still with snow melting into my shoes.  They were all of my feelings for her, but ugly, twisted.  They were a horrid, thorny extension of myself, wanting to coil around her so tight they drew blood.  They wanted to suffocate her in their protection, to keep her so close she couldn’t move.  But she brushed them off with a flip of her hair and a flash of teeth, turning back to him.  I didn’t want to watch her kiss him.  But, as when watching the Venus Flytrap devour a bug, I couldn’t look away.  She smiled against his lips, and he brushed her hair behind her hair.  The vines fell limp on the snowy ground as she made eye contact with me across the plaza.  The look on her face was what did it.  Unapologetic.  Remorseless.  Predatory.  My heart cracked.  She looked away, back towards him.  It broke.  She didn’t give me the mercy of a goodbye, the half-comfort of an apology, however counterfeit it may be.  Instead, she laughed at some joke he had told, and my horrid heart bled green, staining the snow so dark it was almost black.  I watched as all the morning walks, the strands of her cherry red hair, the flowery scent of her perfume, the millions of stars above us as we sat in the park, the feel of her skin under my fingertips spilled onto the pavement, dirtied by the tread of passing feet.  Her ballerina flats were the last to crush them into the ground as she walked away, leaving me alone in the snow, standing in a pool of my own blood.

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  • You make me live

    And die again



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  • nothing hurts more than being left by the one who made you believe in love

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  • Pov you’re Sitting in an empty parking lot, smoking a doob, listening to your ex’s spotify playlists as the rain trickles down the windshield.

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    I feel so lost and it hurts. My heart is lost and idk how to find my way back.

    -dsh 💔

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  • I just wish someone cared.

    -dsh 💔

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  • I’m so tired. I think Alex and I are done. 


    Originally posted by marinak12

    I told him about some stuff going on with the unboxing channel–if you guys watched my latest unboxing video, it’s the phone thing–and he got angry again. He doesn’t get that I can’t just drop this. His parents are paying for his art degree, but my mom and i need the money from unboxing.


    Originally posted by myxandme

    He texted me after. Said he was going home to Vermont. He was already on the train to the airport.


    Originally posted by myxandme

    I wish I could call my mom. :’(

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