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  • 10 cosas que odio de ti (1999)

    “Odio la forma en la que me hablas, y la forma en la que cortas tu pelo. Odio cuando manejas mi auto. Odio cuando me miras. Odio tus botas de combate enormes, y la forma en la que me lees la mente. Te odio tanto que me enferma; hasta me hace rimar. Lo odio, odio que siempre tengas razón. Odio cuando mentís. Odio cuando me haces reír, y mucho peor cuando me haces llorar. Odio cuando no estas cerca, y el hecho de que no llamaste. Pero odio más la forma en la que no te odio. Ni cerca, ni un poco, nada.”

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  • Here is my Secret Santa, hosted by @ariesselfships​, for @basil-shipping, made with Code Vein’s character creator; Just in case anyone asks no he isn’t a Code Vein OC, he is just an OC for Basil.

    Name: Heath O’Farrell
    Age: 18
    Birthday: March 13 (Pisces)
    Nationality: Irish
    Height / Weight: 5′10″ / 147 lbs
    Species: Human
    Occupation: College freshman (majoring in agriculture)
    Dominant Hand: Both
    Gender: Male

       Heath has dirty blond hair with ash brown highlights, freckles dusting the bridge of his nose, and heterochromia eyes: his left eye having lavender and the right eye being light blue. His clothing color schemes are akin to earthly colors like dark greens and browns with some grays and maybe blue in the mix. His trademark accessory is his choker with the fleur de lis symbol on it.

       He is a kind-hearted fellow who was not only taught to respect his peers (and women from his mom) but also taught to not take crap from anyone that would take advantage of him. Since middle school he prefers men romantically over women, but the guys in his class would often make fun of and bully him because of it; but thankfully his parents, despite them not understanding much- let alone anything- about same-sex relationships, backed him up and he was soon transferred to another class to get away from his tormentors.

       His life is fairly well-normal; born to two loving parents, a father who worked as a landscape artist, and a mother who used to raise horses at her grandpa’s farm before she became a mother, and the small family lives just outside of town with his new younger brother whom is only at the age of six.


    - When he was young his mother would take him to see his grandparents in the Summer to play with the horses, so he has had some experience with them in his time.

    - He can be obvious that he would like someone via nervous fake coughs and him glancing around if you focused on his eyes.

    - Heath only knows how to work a phone, he would have to have help with learning how to work the computers and televisions since he isn’t too technology-adept.

    #basil-shipping#ariesselfships#secret santa #self shipping secret santa #Heath#oc #selfshipping secret santa #f/o oc#for mutual
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  • image

    There’s two types of people

    📷: Christen Press’s IG story

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  • Inktober Cont. Day Seventy Two: Bruckenthalia/ Spike Heath
    The seventy second day of Inktober 2019. The flower for today is bruckenthalia, an evergreen shrub that prefers sandy peat. It is a perennial that attracts pollinators and can flower a second time in autumn if cut back. This plant is adept at preventing erosion.

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    With stylish Tobin 😍

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  • My Gorgeous Girl

    David Dobrick

    Summary: meetin’ the boyz™️ with David low key showing you off

    Word count: 1500

    Warnings: body negativity


    Originally posted by ughitsdavid

    I checked my make up one last time before heading into my closet, David’s eyes followed my body from his position on the bed. A low whistle echoed behind me causing me to roll my eyes and mutter a “shut up.” I could hear him shuffle off the bed and make his way to closet too. He stood in the door frame, I could feel his eyes raking over me then I felt his arms wrap around my shoulders, pressing my back into his chest as he trailed quick pecks all over my neck and shoulders. I giggled and ran my hands through the clothes hanging in front of me. I pulled out various items, holding them against me then frowning and replacing them back to the hanger.

     “I love that dress!” David whined and I pulled the item away from my body.

    “I do too, but it’s a teeny bit tight.” I sighed then pulled out another item of clothing.

    “And your problem is?” he said pulling out the dress again and turning me to face him. He held the dress against me again before a warm smile fell onto his face, “See? Absolutely stunning.” He walked out to the bedroom again, feeling confident in his decision.

     “I’m meeting your friends today David.” I said bluntly and rolled my eyes. I placed the dress back on the hanger and went on searching. “I need to look at least a little good.”

     “Pardon?” he said flatly as he sat up in bed even though he heard me clearly. He always did that when he didn’t like what you said, he especially does it when people say hurtful things, he likes seeing them squirm uncomfortably at having to repeat their words.

     “Don’t ‘pardon’ me David.” I muttered loud enough for him to hear. “You know I have to wear something rather flattering.”

     “what does ‘rather flattering’ mean?” he almost growled, “I know what you are trying to imply y/n.” he had gotten up from the bed again and was standing in the closets door frame watching me flip through the clothes.

    My stomach sank at his anger, he hated when I negatively commented about myself. It came naturally to me though these days, I had spent years seeing my reflection and grimacing at what I saw. “I’m not implying anything.” I mumbled and did not dare look up at him in fear that he’ll see my facial expression screaming it was a lie.

    “Then what does ‘rather flattering’ mean y/n?” he had crossed his arms as silence filled the space between us.

    “It means you’re literally friends with models who also have highly attractive girlfriends, and I’m just a pudgy nobody.” I said after a moment of silence, “Which means I want to wear an outfit that makes me feel as if I look a little less like a pudgy nobody.” I looked up at him, his face flushed red in anger and he was clenching his fists with his arms still tightly crossed over his chest.

    “How could you say these things about yourself when I can say the total opposite? I think everyone you know would actually agree with me, how about we phone your mom and see what she would say about you saying such disgusting things about the beautiful girl she made and raised” I looked down in embarrassment and waited for him to stop ranting so I could forget about this and go back to finding a slimming outfit. “I do not see this pudgy nobody y/n” he said softly and reached for my hand, he laced his fingers around mine and gave it a squeeze. He then walked up behind me and faced us opposite the mirror. “You know who I see?” he didn’t give me time to answer, “a gorgeous girl with stunning eyes and a smile, soft arms and hands…” a smirk flashed into his face, “lovely long legs and gorgeous curves right over-”

    “Okay Dobrik.” I cut him off as his hands started roaming down my sides.

    The smirk faded from his lips, “But do you understand? You are literally the only person that thinks up those negative comments. You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever meet, you make heads turn when you walk into a room.” he turned me to face him as he praised me, “I have to give guys the death stare, so they don’t steal you from me.”. I giggled making him smile as he cupped my face in his hands, “You are beautiful and nothing less.” He mumbled before pressing a firm kiss to my lips.

    He pulled back and stared at me trying to figure out my expression, “Sorry.” I muttered embarrassed before shifting my gaze back to the floor.

     “Don’t be baby, you just need to learn that your much more than those stupid thoughts you come up with and definitely more that appearance.” He gave my hand a squeeze as I nodded softly. “You are so funny, charming and intelligent and if you think people, especially my friends would think otherwise just based on your looks you must be crazy.” He pulled out the dress again and placed it in my arms, “So please put this on for me because it looks absolutely stunning on you and please don’t ever hurt your feelings because it hurts me more than it hurts you.” He pressed a sweet kiss to mt fore head and walked back out to the bedroom.

     I pulled on the dress and smiled with a slight sense of new confidence. I walked out into the bedroom earning another whistle from David as I stood in front of the bed modelling my outfit. I tried to hide the redness rising onto my cheeks as he gawked at me. He chuckled and got and pressed a cheeky kiss to my temple before grabbing the car keys and leading us out my apartment to where we would meet everyone.

    David let go of my thigh which he held whilst he drove us, he hopped out the car and jogged to my side opening the door for me, earning him a giggle and a thanks before I took his hand. He open the door to the restaurant allowing me to step in with him following right behind. The group fell to a silence as we approached with some mouths hanging wide open.

    “You didn’t mention she was a this attractive!” Todd accused, breaking the silence causing the rest of the room to mumble in agreement. David smiled brightly then introduced me to everyone. I knew most of them from their videos anyways but it felt good to finally meet them.

     “Well Dave you won big time, a hilariously funny and beautiful sweetheart, you better treat her well.” Jason lectured just before he was about to leave.

     “Oh don’t worry I will.” He said smiling at me then pressing a kiss to my head as Jason said his goodbyes. He then whipping my ear, “I’m gonna treat you like the Queen you are.”

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  • This is my favorite scene because Kat looks at  Patrick she says “hey…your eyes have a little green in them” and it’s actually true. Heath had a little green in his eyes.

    #10 things i hate about you #ten things i hate about you #heath ledger#heath#ledger#julia stiles #heath ledger julia stiles #patrick verona#gifs#quotes
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    • Luna: Can we just have pizza for dinner tonight?
    • Luna: And before you say something about me having pizza last night, just hear me out. Pizza is LIFE. 🍕🍕🍕
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