Right now I am outta the country…but I did a thing with my tribe beforehand… honored to work with such incredible creators. My frenz rock!! Being able to do this live version of this song brings me all the joy!

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“Amelia Earhart is a song about rising above it all. I titled it #AmeliaEarhart as a metaphoric representation of someone who went above and beyond. The song has nothing to do with the person and everything to do with soaring above the things that weigh us down and finding our place in the sky. Like balancing in a high frequency cloud and maintaining that feeling and energy even when clouds get grey.” - @breathlessmusic

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Song by Breathless
Featuring Jazz Mafia’s #HeaviestFeather
Arranged by @teddyravenmusic
Outfits by @peacefits
Video/editing by @onino.fernandez
Audio by @thebryanlovett
Jazz Mafia is part record label and part artist collective, committed to our original music here in the SF Bay Area for the past 20 years! “Jazz Mafia Presents” is our brand new special events company. This branch of our work is geared towards festivals and private events, offering clients a variety of ultra-unique musical offerings with clever & carefully curated repertoire, and your favorite high energy performers from Jazz Mafia. Jazz Mafia was voted the “Best Band” in the East Bay this year for a reason, and you can feel extra awesome about supporting a collective that is run by, for, and made up of the artists that keep the Bay Area so vibrant year after year!

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