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  • Mission Yuy Monday

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  • AU. Heero POV. A new girl moves into his apartment complex - helping a combat veteran express the words and experience the crucial moments that matter.


    “I’m not a trainer. Just spent a lot of time working out.”

    “Misspent youth, clearly.” Relena shook her head.

    “My application to princess school was rejected.” Heero exited the building and fell into step alongside her. “Working out was how I coped.”

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  • The goodbye to summer and autumn.


    I love the look of Heero in a turtleneck. This is sooo handsome.

    Had a big trouble with colors in this one. I hope that in the end I managed to make it look at least decently. Feel free to tell me what do you think.


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  • So–I get this question a lot on Stand. Will it be 1x2? Will Duo and Heero ever get back together?

    And I’ve always been hesitant to spoil it. But I also realize that if I were reading Stand, for me, I’d want to know what the final pairing was. So–if you want to spoil yourself, now you can.

    SPOILER FOR STAND WITHOUT FLINCHING and the STARS THAT HAVE PEOPLE NAMES series below the cut! Read at your own risk!

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  • Duo and Heero’s Apartment
    Brussels, Belgium
    15 March 212 

    “I swear to God, man, if I have to listen to that fucker for one more meeting I am going to launch a stapler through his head.”

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  • Relena: I need you to promise me that you’ll be on your best behavior.

    Heero: I already promised the guys that I would be on my worst behavior. And I gave them my word, so…

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  • ‘a cute thing they do’

    when one of them is playing the game, as heero is on the right, the other will bring a drink up and sit on the bed while they play.

    i love it so much that they want to be near one another!!  i headcanon this so hard!! <3

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  • ‘duo is smitten’

    heero is smitten

    jana is smitten ^_~

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  • ‘more shenanigans in front of the fireplace’

    so not only did the game update yesterday *not* fix the fireplace glitch, it has added a new one!

    whenever they get hungry they cook something, and then cook something else, and then something else!  i do not know if they keep going beyond three meals, because i stop them!  lol

    oddest thing about it is that they never stop to eat any of what they made unless i tell them to!  wth?  the fridge is packed full after only a day!

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  • ‘heero is sad because duo is unhappy’

    something i am seeing right now for the first time! 

    *pets heero*  

    no worries! duo will be fine once he pees and has a shower!   lol

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  • ‘fabulous times two’

    you will not be hearing any arguments from me!

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  • We all know that cute, little scene of Relena opening Heero’s mail to check if he is still alive and being visibly relieved when she finds out that he indeed is. But that is not all there is to Mrs. Noventa’s letter. It also serves a second and much more important purpose:

    It kick-starts the revival of the Cinq kingdom.

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  • [at Preventers HQ]

    Heero: [suggests a course of action]

    Wufei: Surprisingly, you may have something here.

    Noin, under her breath: Yeah, a lawsuit.

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  • ‘heero is smitten’

    another sentiment from heero and i could not agree more!

    #heero yuy#duo maxwell#1X2X1#gundam wing#the sims #i am having all the feels today
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  • ‘making contact’

    this was such a sweet interaction! <3

    #heero yuy#duo maxwell#1X2X1#gundam wing#the sims #this is how i roll #this is how i melt
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  • ‘please give me all the sap’

    i am living for it today…

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  • image

    ‘anatomy of a kiss’

    i would have liked to combine these into one, but i am still learning how to use GIMP after years and years of using only ph*toshop and illustrator, and the progress is slow - much slower than i’d like.

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  • FT Excerpt: Noin talks to Heero about her family, ZERO, and OZ


    I was surprised and disgusted when I heard of my [real] family [name].

    “By the way, I have to ask you. I encountered Dixneuf Neuenheim in the Sanc Kingdom before.”

    My brother’s name evoked a feeling beyond hatred, even rejection.

    “It was the spring of AC-197. At the time, he said he lost a woman named ‘Astoria’ in a medical facility explosion… who was that?”

    “That’s his mother… I’ve never met her, but she seemed to have been very doting on him.”

    “Isn’t she yours?”

    “My mother was the second wife… She left Nove as she had also given up on him.”

    It was a past I did not want to talk about much. My mother, Vannozza, who could not bear the domestic violence from my father, Nove Neuenheim, fled from Mars to Earth with me as a child. She turned to distant relatives throughout Europe, moving from place to place, but she fell ill along the way and left me for Heaven.

    Perhaps Nove’s ex-wife, Astoria, had suffered a similar abuse from him. If she had been in the same psychiatric treatment ward as Angelina, that was probably the case.

    At the time of the explosion, we, who were on the rebel side, received two commissions from our leader, Ein Yuy. One was to correct the orbit of MO-VII, a resource satellite falling to Mars. The other was to support the rebel uprising in the L-1 colonies. All these judgements were based on what the ZERO System had predicted for the future, and Ein did not inform us of the gravity of what we had set out to do.

    Milliardo and Elv— no, he called himself “Zechs” at this time, so I’ll continue to call him that—Zechs and Elv flew off to Mars, while I became a member of the resistance unit and joined the fight for the colony uprising. It was difficult for Zechs and I to be separated, but I was still hesitant to go to Mars at the time.

    I later learned that His Excellency Treize of the OZ Specials was involved in suppressing the colony dispute. His Excellency Treize’s Leo-III Chimera easily subdued the rebels’ five old-fashioned Tragos. I faced him as a prisoner of war.

    “I respect your decision to rebel against the Alliance. However, one of these days Zechs and Elv will come back. Won’t you wait for them in my OZ until then?”

    I didn’t agree right away. I couldn’t help but feel like he was asking too much of me. His Excellency sat down and took a long time to persuade me. By the time my stubbornness had finally eased, he received the news about Vingt and Angelina’s deaths. 

    Before my eyes, His Excellency was crying. 

    "Was that it all along?”

    That was the only time I had seen His Excellency Treize cry.

    “It’s all my fault.” He then walked away from me. 

    I knew that it was really my fault.

    Ein Yuy must have involved me in the rebel uprising to prevent his son from being caught in the explosion. He wanted to protect Lord Treize, even if it meant leaving his beloved former wife to die.

    It was easy to understand why Ein made the difficult choice. In hindsight, there was no doubt that His Excellency Treize was a major influence on the future. It was fully understandable that ZERO would make that decision. However, was there no way to stop the outrageous act of blowing up the medical facility? That event left deep scars in the hearts of at least two people, and had a profound impact on the rest of their lives and the future of all mankind. 

    The two men were His Excellency Treize and my brother Dixneuf. 

    It was the reason why His Excellency had come to possess a strong sense of atonement, and why Dixneuf became a vengeful demon. Through the P.P.P., Dixneuf’s hatred for the Sanc Kingdom and the Khushrenada family led to the collapse of the world peace order that had been brought about by the sacrifices of his Excellency and many others.

    As for the other mission given to us by ZERO, Zechs and Elv were unfortunately unable to complete it. The resource satellite MO-VII had crashed into the Argyle Plains before they could reach Mars. This transformed Mars into a place where humans could live, but [the planet] had not known peace and prosperity to this day. I believe the reason Zechs worked tirelessly for peace on Mars since he became Milliardo and assumed the name "Wind of Cyrene” was because they had failed to stop that satellite from falling. He still felt the weight of that responsibility.

    The two missions that Ein had entrusted to us at the time were the turning points of various future events. I think about this. How many years or decades into the future did Ein know about? What the heck is the ZERO system thinking, what is its intention, and what does it want us to do?

    It might be that there is a conspiracy that an ordinary person like me cannot understand.

    ZERO is the same as the Heart of the Universe. It won’t give you any answers.” Heero suddenly said to me. It was as if he was answering a question in my mind right at that time.

    “It doesn’t form the motivation for humans, it just gives them purpose. The cause of their actions is just something that they assume and follow.”

    “So the people who were at the mercy of ZERO…”

    “Quatre used to be like that, and so was I. I’m just shifting the blame to the system. I needed some kind of excuse for my weakness.”


    I was silent. I was uncomfortable with the fact that the noble actions of Lord Treize and Zechs were being equated with Dixneuf’s vengeance.

    Heero said, “On the contrary, Katrina Peacecraft and Adin Lowe , who held themselves strong, were not at the mercy of ZERO.”

    “Maybe… I can’t say.”

    I’m undoubtedly one of the people who was played by ZERO, and when Zechs lead the White Fang he didn’t “make excuses”.

    “There was no hesitation on the part of Lord Treize or Zechs back then.”

    ZERO presented them with an objective, and they moved towards it without hesitation.

    The current Senior Specialist Zechs Merquise came from the residual memories from the cockpit of the Gundam Epyon he once piloted. I felt a pang in my chest. It was supposed to be a three-dimensional image with no human emotions, yet that man used the same logic as my husband to slaughter over ten thousand people.

    “So,” Heero casually changed the subject. “After that explosion, you went back to OZ, didn’t you?”

    “Yes… I decided to stay with His Excellency Treize while waiting for Zechs and Elv to show up. But I didn’t see them again for the next three years, until the Second Lunar War.”

    “The year AC-190,” he mumbled with a faraway look in his eyes.

    Frozen Teardrop, Vol. 12 

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  • ‘quatre’s look says it all’

    quatre finds outs - by walking in on heero and duo slow dancing in the bathroom! wufei walked in several minutes later, and so now everyone knows or has witnessed *something* between them.

    why they were slow dancing in the bathroom is not known ^_~

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