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    chapter 2 - lee heeseung

    ╔═══*.·:·.✧    ✦    ✧.·:·.*═══╗

    who you want to be with

    is entirely up to you.

          ╚═══*.·:·.✧    ✦    ✧.·:·.*═══╝

    -✧ summary: it’s the first date out of all the seven dates that you did not look forward to, and it was your best friend, lee heeseung that was going to take you on your first one.

    -✧ warnings: the cuteness might not be enough for you so prepare yourself i guess :3, a bit of angst, and some cursings.

    -✧ words: 4,212

    -✧ tagging: @chiefturtlebonkghost @rose-tea (i cant tag ur user for some reasons, sorry) @sunshineshouchan @ghjasksdk @ncityy04 @cha-raena @love13tter @rubyanne @yunapixie @youreverydayzebra @ellynabi @spacxmann @jungwon-luv-bot-pt3 @dear-dreamie

    ══════ ∘◦❁◦∘ ══════

    “can you calm down for one sec-“

    “nO I CAN’T CALM DOWN!” you wailed, dropping your head onto the pillow that you clutched onto tightly. “i can’t believe i got myself into this mess.”

    soyoung sighed on the other line, “y/n i can’t hear you, your voice is muffled. speak up at least.”

    you raised your head from the pillow, scowling at your phone that laid beside you on the bed. “gosh, you have to help me! please i-i don’t think i can handle this on my own.”

    you arrived home earlier than usual. even your parents were surprised since they were expecting you to go off somewhere before heading home. with your bedroom door locked behind you, you screamed with your head buried on your pillow for a good ten minutes once you realize what you got yourself into.

    and here you are, on the phone with your confused best friend.

    “how the hell am i supposed to help you when i don’t even know what your problem is?” soyoung blurted out, the sound of cries could be heard faintly in the background. “sangkyu, hush for a second please.”

    you quickly grabbed your phone, “sorry, i forgot you were supposed to be taking care of him. how about i’ll call you back later?”

    “oh please,” soyoung let out a sigh of relief, “that would be very much appreciated. and don’t worry too much, will you? i’ll listen to whatever you have to say later, i promise.”

    a smile formed on your face, “i know you will.”

    as soon as you ended the call with ‘goodbyes’, you went back to screaming your head off, with the same pillow muffling out the noise.


    “they what?!” soyoung shouted through the phone, making you flinch at her sudden change of tone. “y/n missy, you have a lot of explanation to do because i am so fucking confused right now, you have no idea.”

    a chuckle came out of your lips, “well i’m just as confused as you.” you proceeded to lay your back on the bed, eyes staring right at the ceiling. “i don’t get why they like me. what’s there to like anyway? and i barely even talk to like, half of these guys. heeseung’s the only i’m really close to so i could understand him, but the others? i really don’t know.”

    “you’re missing the whole point, y/n. sunghoon has feelings for you, are you gonna elaborate on that or do i have to make you get that right to your head?” your best friend muttered out and you swore you heard her curse at how lucky you were.

    “and jungwon too, how lucky can you get for crying out loud!”

    “oh god, soyoung, i could care less who the hell they are, i’m not liking the fact that seven guys are willing to go after me!” you cried out, “you know that guy i was sitting next to in class earlier? he’s one of them!”

    soyoung bursted into laughter, “the one that you caught staring? yeah, i’m wondering what he saw in you too.”


    you hear her burst into a fit of giggles on the other end making you scowl, “i’m kidding.” she laughed even harder when you mimicked what she was saying in a funnier tone.

    “about that jake guy... i think i remember you talking about him last time,” you can hear soyoung closing a door behind her as she strut towards her bed. you didn’t realize how nervous you had gotten when she said that, “he’s the guy that always gave you an extra pen, right?”

    clearing your throat, you nodded at her question, “yeah, he’s the one. although he’s like a few chairs behind me, i think he’s too generous to always let me borrow his things.”

    “that’s because he likes you, you dumb fuck.”

    “right, i almost forgot about that part.” you sarcastically replied, “and jay, and niki, god all of them! my head hurts just thinking about all this, i shouldn’t have agreed, damn it!”

    soyoung sighed through the phone, shooting her younger brother a glare when he asked if he could eat some snacks. “well too bad, because you did agree to this and you’re gonna have to go through it.”

    you groaned, sitting up from your bed, your shoulders falling into a slump. “i don’t have much of a choice, huh?”

    “i mean, you did, like hours ago when they asked you,” your best friend smiled, “but since you said yes to whatever the hell they had in store for you, then no, you gotta stick with that you said, sorry to break that to you.”

    “it’s fine, i-i got myself into this anyway.” you admitted, heat rushing up to your cheeks when you remembered how confident you were when the boys were right in front of you earlier.

    all that confidence was long gone now.

    silence filled the air for a moment, only your breathing could be heard as you waited for whatever soyoung had to say.

    you should’ve known what she was about to say next would help, even a bit, with your mood today.

    “if you don’t mind and you know how giddy i can get with this type of stuff, wanna know what i think for each of them?”

    “and i can tell you my thoughts too?”

    “oh you already know i’m all ears for that! lets hear how good your taste in boys is and i’ll be your judge.”


    you hid your face with the book you were holding as you quickly walk to your classroom, with soyoung trying to catch up to you.

    “y/n, wait up! you’re not a trackstar-”

    your eyes widened when she called your name, sending a glare her way, “yOU LITTLE- don’t call me out like that!”

    soyoung laughed at your reaction once she realized why you were in such a hurry, tilting her head to the side to tell you that the group of boys you were trying so hard to avoid were now aware of your presence.

    “fuck you seriously!” you whisper-shouted at her, no longer caring if they saw you or not. you strut towards your best friend and grabbed her by the ear, earning a loud yelp from her as you walked towards your classroom.

    with soyoung crying out for help and at the same time, laughing at your face that was starting to turn a bright shade of red, you didn’t miss the obvious laughter coming from the boys you passed by earlier.

    “i thought you were gonna help me avoid them but you’re not even helping me one bit!” you cried out, slapping soyoung on her shoulder when the two of you finally arrived at the door of your classroom.

    the girl groaned at your action but laughed it off afterwards, “i’m sorry! i didn’t mean to catch their attention like that, and besides, you were acting like someone was chasing after you, i was just tryna catch up!”

    a scoff came out from your lips as you pushed her inside the classroom, soyoung still laughing about what happened moments ago.

    the two of you walked towards your usual seats, you breathing out a sigh of relief once you finally sat down.

    “i can’t believe they were just standing by the lockers like that, it’s as if they had something planned for someone.”

    “shut it!” you hissed at soyoung, making her giggle at how fast you reacted to what she said. “what? i didn’t mention anything about you.”

    “oh you damn well know what you were saying and i suggest you stop.” you blurted out, folding your arms and blowing the strands of hair that covered your face. “i don’t know if i can do this..”

    soyoung finally stopped teasing you, her expression turning serious when she noticed the way you’re acting, “you’ll be fine, okay? we already talked about this last night. and it’s only heeseung for later anyway, you can worry about the other guys after your date with him.”

    “that’s why i’m terrified!” your voice was a bit too loud when you said that, catching everyone else’s attention in the room. you muttered out a quick apology before turning back to your friend.

    “not only am i worrying for the others, i’m worried for the date with heeseung too! it’s not gonna be like any other hangout we did before and you know that, soyoung.” you explained, you sounded desperate at this point. “this time, i’m aware that he has feelings for me, and i can’t just ignore that. i can’t see him the same way after that-“

    “why are you so worried about that? it’s not like you’re going to pick him.” soyoung cut you off, you suddenly froze at her words. it’s not like you were going to pick your childhood friend?

    your mouth hung open at the sudden accusation, “i- wha- why would you even assume-“

    your words were cut short when a teacher suddenly entered the room, five familiar boys helping her with the tv equipment right behind her.

    “well, i guess that means we’re watching a movie. again.” you hear soyoung mutter under her breath, you finally turn to the front to acknowledge your teacher’s presence.

    after all of you stood up from your chairs and greeting your teacher a good morning, you sat back down with soyoung quickly tapping your shoulder with her finger.

    “what is it?”

    “don’t look now but i see jungwon and jake are making heart eyes at you.” soyoung replied, shooting a smile at their direction as you turned your head.

    she was right, they were staring at you and it looked they had been talking about you too. once they notice that you caught them, they quickly looked away and continued to help the teacher setting up the television.

    you sighed, looking back at soyoung, “i just need to endure seven days, right?”

    “seven days, and add one or two more for you to do some thinking.” she stated, “well, if you’re planning on choosing anyway.”

    “i guess i’ll try.”


    the bell finally rang, erupting a chorus of cheers and “YES!”es from your classmates. you’d be happy about finally not having to watch the boring movie your teacher played anymore too but you remembered that you weren’t going to be following your usual routine after classes.

    your heart jumped when you remembered it was your best friend accompanying you for the day.

    “gotta go, i need to buy lunch for sangkyu and i.” soyoung mumbled out, stuffing her bag with the books she took out that she used as a pillow to sleep while the movie played earlier.

    “you’re not even gonna go with me to my locker?” you whined, soyoung raising an eyebrow at your words. “who am i, your babysitter? you can do that on your own, and heeseung’s gonna go with you anyway.”

    you were about to ask her how she knew that when a knock from the door stopped you from doing so, all heads in the classroom turned to the front to see who it was.

    soyoung was not wrong.

    heeseung smiled at the attention he got and leaned his shoulder on the side of the door, “sorry for intruding but i’m here for y/n.”

    you closed your eyes, aware at the number of looks and snickers you received from your classmates. cussing under your breath, you grabbed your bag and books from your desk.

    soyoung pouted, “aww, not even gonna say goodbye to your favorite girl?”

    you pursed your lips at her, receiving a teasing smile from the girl. you walked towards the door, ignoring the stares from your five classmates that had taken a liking in you.

    you stopped on your tracks and turned to soyoung, shooting her a smirk, “farewell to my dear friend who won’t stop talking about our beloved class president and the ice prince that represents our school. have a great day, bestie!”

    “oH YOU DID NOT JUST-“ soyoung stood up from her chair, your classmates bursting into laughter when they realize who the two boys your best friend gushed over you were talking about.

    heeseung laughed as well, turning to jungwon who was oblivious to who you were describing because he was too busy looking at you when you were talking duh. “ready to go?”

    you grabbed heeseung’s hand, taking him away from the classroom and towards the lockers’ room. you quickly shoved your books inside your locker, closing it shut once you were done.

    “yep, i’m ready now.” you grinned, you could feel how fast your heart was beating in your chest but you ignored it. “so where are we off to?”


    after you and heeseung went to your favorite fastfood restaurant to buy lunch as takeout, the both of you walked to a destination that you had absolutely no idea where it was.

    “you know, i could’ve guessed this was what you were going to do. you never forget to buy me my favorite takeaway.” you turned to your best friend who smiled at your words.

    “well, we’ve known each other for years now so of course, i had to. i know too much about you so i used it to my advantage.” heeseung smiled, pushing his bangs back and you swore you felt your heart skip a beat.

    the rest of the walk was filled with comfortable silence, it had always been like that with him. you weren’t complaining though, that was more than enough to let you know that the both of you had always enjoyed each others’ presence, whether the two of you had so much or little to talk about.

    you broke the silence with a sigh, “right, you haven’t answered my question. where exactly are we going?”

    not noticing that heeseung had stopped walking, you continued to do so, taking in your surroundings. when you realized that he was no longer beside you, you stopped and turned around to see him stare at you.

    “what? is something wrong?”

    heeseung let out a chuckle, biting his bottom lip in the process. you felt your breath hitch at the sight, god it was the bare minimum but the action drove you insane. “hee-“

    “sorry, i thought you would’ve known by now.” he replied, going towards you and gestured for you to continue walking.

    your mouth opened to say something but your words weren’t clear, “o-oh, was i suppose to know where we’re going? i’m a horrible friend omg, i’m sorry-“

    “it’s okay, y/n. it’s been a while since we’ve been there anyway so i could understand.” he talked you out of it, but you swore you could feel a bit of pain in his voice when he said that.

    “no, no, no.. it’s not okay!” your sudden change of tone caught heeseung in surprise, “look, i apologize that we haven’t been hanging out that much, i guess it’s my fault for that since i’ve been with soyoung for a while.”

    you took a deep breath before continuing, “i’ll... i’ll make it up to you, in any way, if you just let me know where we’re going.”

    “you’ve changed.” he blurted out, you stared at him in surprise. “uhm, that was out of nowhere, care to explain?”

    “i mean that in a good way.” heeseung added, immediately closing his mouth and contemplating on what he said. “you were always the quiet type, you weren’t always open with your thoughts, not that there was something wrong with that, you just... matured a lot. and i’m really happy about that.”

    you smiled, taking what he said as a compliment, “thank you, so are you going to tell me where we’re headed?”

    your best friend laughed at how fast you changed the topic, he nodded and turned to the front. “that area under the tree.”

    you looked towards the direction heeseung pointed out, noticing the tree that was beside a playground. there were little children playing, in the swings, the slide, and the trampoline.

    a feeling of deja vu rushed through your veins, the wind coming from the front adding a dramatic effect to what you felt, a few blurred memories of the place in front of you played in the back of your mind.

    “you feel it too?” heeseung’s voice snapped you back to reality, “yeah... it feels strangely familiar.”

    “this was where we first met, you were five years-old and i was seven.” he explained, sitting down down on grass when the two of you finally reached the shaded area under the tree. you sat down next to him, placing your food down and laying it out in front of you.

    you chuckled, “i sometimes forget that you’re two years older than me, it feels like we’re just the same age.”

    “i get that,” he nods his head in agreement, “uh.. and i had come up to you to ask if you wanted to play with me, as childish as you were, you said yes.”

    “i probably found you cute, maybe that’s why.” you muttered to yourself, not noticing the way heeseung’s eyes widen and his cheeks redden at your statement.

    he pretended not to hear what you said and cleared his throat, “and that’s when we started to play with each other more. hell even our parents planned playdates for the both of us, and as we grew older, we...”

    a small smile played on your lips, “i wouldn’t say we distanced ourselves from each other if that’s what you’re trying to say.” you found yourself fidgeting with your fingers.

    heeseung listened to you intently, taking out the food you bought and laying it out in front of the both of you. “i hope you don’t think i’m trying to excuse the fact that i haven’t been with you for a while. i just, fuck.. i don’t even know anymore, all i can say for now is that i’m sorry.”

    “i told you already, you’re not the only one at fault here.” he replied, “i should say sorry to you since i must’ve put you in a difficult position when we made that deal.”

    “well i agreed to it anyway so you’re not exactly the only one wrong here.” you turned your head to him, his eyes meeting yours, “and are you implying that you’re the one who thought of this whole date thing?”

    heeseung shook his head, “actually, no, sorry for giving you the wrong idea.”

    you shrugged your shoulders, taking out the cup of ramen you bought earlier, grabbing the pair of chopsticks that came with it and starting to eat. “it’s okay, but hey, i’m just happy we finally got to sort out all this..”

    “actually, we’re not finished yet.” heeseung opened his cup of ramen and blew it to soothe down how hot it was, “are you not going to ask me how i developed feelings for you?”

    you choked on the ramen you were eating when you let his words register in your brain, coughing as you quickly grabbed the bottle of water you brought and gulping down a huge amount to help you calm down. “o-oh, maybe that was a bit too straight to the point...”

    heeseung rubbed your back with one hand as you continued drinking your water, finally letting out a loud gasp, wiping the excess liquid from your mouth with the back of your hand. “i’m fine, sorry about that, i was just taken back.”

    silence filled the air once again, but anyone that passed by could tell that both of your hearts weren’t as silent as the air between the two of you.

    instead, they were beating out loud, so loud that even you were terrified that heeseung could hear it about to make its way out of your chest.

    “right, so- uh.. when? or how?” you asked, feeling slightly embarrassed that you were stuttering in front of him. the two of you had known each other for so long so you stuttering out of nowhere could give him the wrong idea.

    are you sure you’re wrong though?

    “that time when both of our families went for a vacation in jeju island.” heeseung replied, making you look at him wide-eyes, “that was when i realized it, when we looked at the sunset.”

    a memory of you suggesting to look at the sunset together replayed in your mind, the place was not so crowded at the time and it felt like it was only the two of you when it happened.

    “i remember you talking about a certain guy you took a liking to in your class at that time, so i couldn’t really say anything but listen to you,” heeseung added, smiling sadly at his words, “do you still like him?”

    oh god, him.

    you could not believe heeseung remembered you talking about another guy in your class when he had liked you too.

    “oh him, uhm...” you started, how exactly were you going to explain this? “it was just a little crush, not that big of a deal, and i-i don’t think i like him anymore, seriously.”

    heeseung raised an eyebrow, “i’m guessing you’re still in the same class with him today?”

    you couldn’t lie to him so you nodded, “yeah... but i’ve never really gotten the chance to talk to him properly though..”

    “did i ever tell you his name?”

    “you never mentioned a name so i was guessing it was one of the new students since i don’t think you’d like someone you’ve been in a class with for years.” he answered, “that was like two years ago, do you happen to know who he is now?”

    you pursed your lips at that, you didn’t know how to answer that question. heeseung noticed how quiet you got so he let out a soft chuckle, “hey, i’m not forcing you to answer that. you can keep it to yourself.”

    you felt relieved, that he wasn’t demanding an answer, yet you couldn’t help but feel the guilt engulfing you whole when you decided not to say anything.

    you decided to quickly change the topic, “right, i’m a bit of a nervous wreck to ask you this but i’ll let it out anyway since it’s been bugging me since all this started.”

    heeseung let out a hum at that, “okay, what is it?”

    “why me?” you asked immediately, you were sure he could hear your desperate tone. “as far as i know, i never thought you’d be the type to like someone like me. is it because i was always with you ever since we were kids, is it when i decided to clung onto you when we went to school together, or is it-“

    “it’s because you’re just being you, y/n.” he cut you off, catching you off-guard. “you’re right, you were always there for me when i needed you the most. i sometimes felt as if i don’t deserve having you by my side because of the amount of times you stuck with me, and you made me realize that it’s okay to be myself because i’m with you.”

    “this is probably so cliché and i’d like to apologize for that, but you made me feel something so... i don’t know how to describe it but it drives me insane, you drive me insane, and i like how you’re making me feel.” heeseung continued, his eyes locking with yours, “i don’t know if you’ll ever feel the same way since there’s still six other guys who feel the same way as i do to you but for some reasons, i think i feel something way deeper than them.”

    “if there was ever another, an even better or bigger word than love, then i’d probably use that to describe how i feel about you.”

    you were at loss for words at what he said, you could feel your eyes watering a bit but you held back. it was too early, too early to feel this way and make a decision.

    you still had six more days.

    “if ever you don’t choose me, i’d understand, you don’t have to worry about me.” heeseung grabbed one of your hands and held it tightly against his chest, “please don’t feel pity for me, god please don’t choose me just because you feel as if you have to or because i’m your best friend and you’ve known me the longest. think about how the other guys would feel too, and how they would make you feel.”

    “promise me that, okay?” he asked, his tone softer than before, placing a quick peck on your forehead and laying his forehead on yours. “promise me you won’t think about me, just think about yourself, yeah?”

    you didn’t say anything, you just shut your eyes and grasp his hand tightly in yours. you didn’t want to think about anything else, just you and heeseung, that was all you wanted to think about.

    you and heeseung, that sounded so right.

    this was only the first date but you were already feeling a rollercoaster of emotions, you didn’t know if you could survive another six days of pure love or torture.

    you’ll just have to go along for the ride.

    ══════ ∘◦❁◦∘ ══════

    you have finished chapter 2!

    quick a/n!

    i just wanted to apologize for not updating! i don’t really have an excuse for that except for the fact that i’ve been taking good care of myself nowadays, but still, i’m really sorry that chapter two took so long! believe it or not, i started writing this a couple of weeks ago, it wasn’t even halfway and i just finished writing this now and it’s currently 12am as i’m typing this so i’ll be heading to bed soon :’) i really appreciate your patience and don’t worry, i’ll be updating more frequently now and you won’t have to wait another month or two for an update dhdjsnx, expect the next one days or a week from now so i hope you’re excited! i also wasn’t expecting for this chapter to be so long so do enjoy reading! i love you all so much and thank you again! <3


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    D-3 ♡ Favorite Sunoo Moment : Teaching HeeHoon Aegyo
    ↳ @enhypennetwork

    bonus: heehoon’s souls leave their bodies feat. happy sunoo

    #enhypenet#enhypennetwork#idolsincedits#kpopccc#idolnexusedit#enhypen#sunoo#heeseung#sunghoon#my gifs #sunoo birthday week ! #scheduled for 12 am kst because i sleep #i should save the psd for this i like how the coloring turned out :P #they’re so cute i love this vlive #hijaehyukkies#usergyukai
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    [ENHYPEN] MTL Date Someone With Tattoos



    Most likely to date someone with tattoos







    Least likely to date someone with tattoos

    Jay and Heeseung would like dating someone with tattoos. They think it would be really cool if the person they love expressed themselves through tattoos that are meaningful to them or they like the design of. Would 100% encourage their s/o to get more tattoos and ask to get at least one together.

    Sunoo strikes me as someone who is intrigued by uniqueness. So if the person he's dating has tattoos, awesome! He'll tell them how much he likes their tattoos ALL THE TIME. Sunoo will also absentmindedly trace their tattoos while sitting next to each other or cuddling. I see him being open to getting matching tattoos with his s/o.

    Jake and Niki wouldn't mind dating someone with tattoos, but they wouldn't go out looking for someone with them. They both see someone with tattoos as a cool person to be around - also brave. Unless their s/o convinces them, I think it will be hard to bring them along to the tattoo parlor to get a tattoo.

    Jungwon and Sunghoon would be a little intimidated by someone with tattoos at first. It's not on purpose, in fact, they would be open to getting to know the person because they're intimidated. After warming up to their s/o, they would think their tattoos are super cool and special like Jay and Heeseung. Would easily go and get a tattoo with their s/o as a result.


    ©️ 2021 xxatinyminionxx. All Rights Reserved.

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    Memories kept in the pink hoodie

    pairing: Ex! Heeseung x reader

    genre: angst, fluff in the end ig, breakup! AU

    warnings: swearing, uhhh they like break down together

    word count: 2.2k words OMG

    a/n: another one of my requests!! thank you all for the ideas its really helping!! mmm this one was very interesting to write because i usually write crack/fluff, aaannndd ive literally never done anything ive written IURHWIU thank you for the great idea anon <33 THIS HELPED SO MUCH OMG USUALLY MY ANGST SUCKS BUT IM PRETTY PROUD OF THIS AAAA ALSO IM SORRY IF THIS WASNT REALLY WHAT YOU WANTED IDK THERE ALWAYS HAS TO BE FLUFF IN MY IMAGINES IG 😓😭

    You should've known the consequences of dating an idol, you should've been careful. Of course they wouldn't let you be together, he's in one of the rising groups, heck, he was in one of the biggest companies.

    It wasn't necessarily the company's fault you were so heartbroken, it's both your faults. You couldn't help but blame each other for how careless you were. You know better than to make things worse, and yet you did.

    The evening you go back to his dorm after being confronted by the company, you two started a huge argument of who's fault it was. Either it was his fault for not taking caution during work, or your fault for always checking up on him. All loving actions in the past became reasons for why you should break up, thus cracking your relationship further.

    When you went home that night, with your backpack full of your things, you did nothing. You didn't cry, you didn't rage, you simply thought that this was the end, you felt guilty that it had to end like this, instead of just working it out and breaking it off peacefully.

    Your heart was left cracked and hurt for sure, but this time, you blame yourself. You shouldn't have met him, you shouldn't have got to know him, it's all your fault. And for the first time that night, you cry.

    Your heart clenched at every thought of having to leave Heeseung, more tears falling at the fact that he's not gonna be a part of your life anymore. He's gone, and it's all your fault.

    It's when you unpack your things when you realize you still have a bunch of things left at his place, you realize you never want to go back and face him.

    You leave your stuff there for the next 2 days, your heart still unready to confront and be reminded of the fact that Heeseung is gone. Unfortunately, he has other plans.

    Your phone lights up, and the last name you want to see is lighting the phone up.

    'Hey... you left some of your stuff.'

    You instantly turn your phone off, breaths picking up as you quickly look away from it and finish your lunch. You can feel the anxiety filling your body as you notice it light up once again, and it swarms in your chest even more when your mother winces at the next text.

    You put down your spoon, quickly glancing at the text.

    'If you want, you can come by and pick them up? I'll pack them for you...'

    Your heart clenches yet once again, you know it's true, literally half your stuff is still there and you have to pick them up. You unlock your phone, quickly sending an 'okay' before completely shutting your phone down. You wouldn't stand a second more looking at his contact.

    You decide to go at 4, because that's when the other members are at the company training. You don't know if Heeseung's gonna be there to give you your things, a part of you hopes he is, another hopes he's not there. But then again, who else would open the door for you?

    You stand outside the familiar door nervously, picking on your nails and the lint on the hem of your cardigan. Just as you were about to knock, the door swung open, and instead of your ex boyfriend standing there it's the youngest of the group, his eyes wide and puffy lips parted.

    As usual, he woke up late. You can't help but chuckle as he picks his shoes up and scurries down the stairs, bidding him a friendly goodbye.

    You almost forget about Heeseung, but as you hear shuffling from inside, it all comes back.

    You two share awkward glances, the tension slowly building itself back up. Instead of the heated, rage filled tension, this time the tension is guilty, and without each other knowing, yearning.

    “T-this way,” Heeseung mutters tightly, eyes glued to the ground as he shuffled quickly to the living room. You follow along just a few seconds later, still processing the fact that this is the end. He could be gone out of your life after this, it’s your last chance to speak.

    Your eyes slowly travel up when you stop, the beating of your heart quickening with the slight burning in your eyes. Lo and behold, there your things laid, ready for you to bring back home. You can’t help but notice how it’s packed completely how Heeseung would pack, neat and with care. It’s not too stuffed, it’s in the perfect place.

    Biting at the dead skin of your lip, you trudge towards the duffle bag—his duffle bag—and kneel down to grab the handle. The moment you pick it up, you notice how the bag isn’t fully zipped, and a certain pink sleeve peaks out from the tiny space.

    All too familiar, the pink sleeve was. It was the one he took from Daniel in I-land. He knew you loved it, for you loved the kid like your little brother. But, he can’t. It’s his, it’s his favorite, he can’t just give it to his ex.

    You instantly place the bag down, the tears starting to well up in frustration and sadness. You zip open the bag and take the pink hoodie out, before shoving it into Heeseung’s chest, “Take it, Heeseung, Please don’t give it to me.”

    It takes him a few moments, before Heeseung is shaking his head and handing it back to you. “No, it’s practically yours anyway. And you really like it right? It’s just a-“

    “Don’t tell me it’s just a hoodie!”

    You both are shocked at your sudden burst, frozen in your spot. Your breathing is heavy, like a weight is holding it down and slowing your breathing. There are tears keeping your cheek moist, warm, they stream down continuously, the sensation as if there was fire dripping from your eyes and burning your skin.

    Heeseung’s just on the verge of crying himself, the grip on the pink hoodie deathly, he feels the material ripping against his skin. How did it come to this? When did it even happen? It all feels surreal, to think what you two had could fall apart.

    All the happy moments in your relationship fading to memories, the hoodie representing the fact itself is true. None of you wanted to take it, afraid it would remind you of the other.

    Deep down, you wanted to keep it, keep the memories it held, keep the tears that once soaked it when you vented all your stress to him, keep the scent of Heeseung that lingered on the fabric. You were just too afraid of being reminded that along with the happy memories, came the sad memories of the night you fought and broke it off.

    Your grip on the poor hoodie eases, as you slide to the floor helplessly with tears messing your face up. You desperately wanted to hold the pink piece of clothing and keep it forever, and another part of you cursed at you for being too vulnerable.

    Your hand quickly wipes away the tears on your cheeks and chin harshly, almost hitting yourself for being so sensitive. Before you could do the action again, a softer grasp is stopping your hand, Heeseung’s other hand reaching up to brush the tears away dearly, blowing your hair away from your face.

    Before you could even bring yourself to stop, you’re already reacting to his touch, cowering into his hold and placing your hand over his on your cheek, almost intertwining them together.

    “I’m sorry,” you whisper into his palm, your other hand reaching up to grasp at his t-shirt. You’re sorry for so many reasons, for not being careful, for all the things you said in the argument, for making a sudden commotion just because of a stupid hoodie. “I’m so sorry...”

    “Shh, it’s alright, it’s alright.” Heeseung grabs you into his infamous embrace you would hate to leave, stroking your back with patterns just the way he knew you loved, just the way it would calm you down. “We’ll be alright.”

    More tears fall between your eyelashes, dripping and soaking into Heeseung’s shoulder as he himself sniffles quietly into your hair. None of you want to leave each other behind, it’s the painful truth that you both can’t have, the truth you’ve always feared.

    A sudden feeling of relief fills you up inside, his words reassure you in a way, we’ll be alright, you’ll be okay, it just had to leave his lips for you to believe it. You crawl closer to Heeseung, squeezing yourself in his bear hug, “We’ll be okay, we can make it right,”

    A hoarse and hearty laugh leaves Heeseung, it shakes right by your ear as you press it against his chest, and he nods, “Yeah,”

    He gently pulls your head back right in front of his, wiping the last of your tears and tucking the stray hairs back to the back of your ear, “Let’s just talk,” his whisper tickles your nose, causing you to lightly giggle at the feeling, his lips pressing softly against the pink tinted skin, “Make everything better?”

    You nod, finally grasping at the pink hoodie and holding it tight to your chest as Heeseung laughs and bonks his forehead right on yours.

    For the next few hours, you talk, make up, talk some more, maybe even a small cuddle, but that’s a secret. You make ramen for when the other members come back from practice, you feel happy to see the members thank you and eat with enthusiasm, you feel glad this is how your last moments together last.

    Now you have the (practically ripped) pink hoodie in your arms as you bid the boys goodbye, slightly tearing up at the sight of them sadly waving, but you keep it in and continue your way back home, where you would tell your mom how you ended it on good terms.

    And that night, you slip on the pink hoodie before you sleep, and you feel a piece of paper poking at your arm. You’re surprised to see a crumpled envelope poking out, your name written messily in blue ink.

    You pull the envelope out quickly, opening it out with something bubbling in the pit of your stomach as you notice the handwriting as Heeseung’s.

    ‘My dear Y/n,

    Hello there! I don’t know if i got the guts to make it right with you or if i pussied out and watched you as you drove away with regrets, but that’s what this letter is for. hopefully you didn’t throw this letter away hehe

    i just wanted to thank you. for everything. your love, your care, your trust, Your happiness, thank you for everything you’ve given me. im sorry we had to end our journey, but know that you’ll be in my mind everyday. when we practice, I’ll remember your encouraging smile, when we win, I'll remember the fact that it’s you who gave me the courage to start this whole career.

    i love you y/n. we’ll both probably find our other person in the future, but you’ll forever be in my heart as my first love, my first heartbreak, my best memory. thank you for helping me through my hardest times, thank you for helping the other boys through their worst times, especially jungwon, he’ll miss you the most.

    i guess this is goodbye, y/n. not forever, of course, but for some time. thank you for everything, i hope you enjoyed the times we had together as much as i did.

    with all the love in my heart,

    Lee Heeseung :)’

    You wipe at your tears for the nth time that day, folding the paper back into the envelope. “Fuck you Heeseung, you’ve ruined my makeup again!” You curse under your breath as you slip the letter into a certain box at the corner of your bedside table, patting your cheeks one last time.

    You truly cherish the memories you had with Heeseung. You hope he does too.

    #ehypen#enhypen imagines#enhypen angst#enhypen fluff#enhypen blurbs#enhypen drabbles #enhypen x reader #enhypen scenarios#enhypen heeseung#lee heeseung #lee heeseung angst #lee heeseung fluff #lee heeseung blurbs #lee heeseung x reader #lee heeseung scenarios
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    ps; thank you for 200 followers ;)

    #enhypen hard hours #enhypen smut #park sunghoon smut #sunghoon smut #enhypen jay smut #jay smut#Jake smut #enhypen Jake smut #heeseung smut
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  • annoyinghorangdan
    20.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Requested by two people actually and one was with a plot so i hope it's ok:

    "Are you mad at me?"

    ❤︎Pairing: Enhypen (Sunghoon) x Male Reader

    ❣︎Genre: Angst/Fluff


    After Sunghoon sees his boyfriend talking to one of his members, mind you, as friendly as possible, he decides to play dirty and do the exact same thing which makes his lover jealous and that doesn't bode well with Sunghoon.

    "Hey Sung" Heeseung greeted Sunghoon when he entered their practice room.

    "Hey, is Y/N here; He said he'll meet me in our practice room"

    Sung asked quizzically.

    "Yeah, right over there" He pointed towards Y/N talking to Sunoo in a, as he would describe it, flirty way.

    But Y/N wouldn't do that, right?.....right?

    "Hey Seung?"


    "Humor me for a minute"

    "Oh lord, again? The last time you did this Jake's birthday cake exploded in his face" Heeseung said chuckling at the very vivid memory.

    "No, this time i wanna do something less practical, pretend i'm flirting with you and like....swoon or whatever straight boys do"

    "First of all, why assume thy sexuality, second of all WHAT?!"


    "Ok, ok but your flat ass owes me so goddamn much"

    "Damn i didn't ask to get ass-shamed"

    "Mf, just do as i say"

    Meanwhile, while all of this was happening, Y/N couldn't help but notice the cacophany of shouts and yells coming through the other side of the room from Heeseung and his boyfriend.

    But that yelling resolved into....weird flirting?

    "Ohh Sunghoon, your face is so pretty, and your arms make me suffocate take me now please" Heeseung said while trying not to laugh.

    "I will absolutely rain hellfire upon you"

    "This was your idea was it not?"

    While continuing this charade, Y/N couldn't help but be absolutely...confused? Sunghoon never showed any signs of being attracted to Heeseung albeit only platonic so seeing this was quite a shock.

    Nevertheless, Y/N started to get annoyed so he walked up to the boys that were "flirting".

    "Hey babe, i didn't notice you were here"

    "Hah no wonder, i'm sure Sunoo had some "very interesting" topics that you were so invested to the point just couldn't see me walk in"

    Saying Y/N was shocked at his sudden outburst was a word that would be too meaningless to use right now.

    "W-what are you talking about"

    "Oh, don't play coy with me, you know exactly what i'm talking about"

    "All i asked Sunoo was to show me some aegyo so i can send it to my overly obsessed fan of a friend Yuna"

    "Right right, cus giving him flirty glances and touching his shoulder is sooo "platonic" isn't it?"

    "Are you mad at me?

    I can't tell if you're insecure or believe in your own lies, but i would never do such a thing to you, and while we are on topic, why did you do the exact same with Seung"

    "N-no, that was just a friendly conversation, it means nothing"

    "Oooh it means nothing huh?? CuS gIvInG hIm fLirTy glAncEs iS sOoO pLaTonIc iSn'T iT? Y/N mimicked his voice.

    "Ugh can you not, i'm wasting time talking to you cus i cannot believe you're so jealous"

    "Me.....I'M JEALOUS?? Do you think i would, under ANY circumstance, flirt or even talk to someone in a flirty manor, even though i confessed my love for you?"


    "No, you don't get to talk.

    I cannot believe you would waste your breath yelling at me trying to make me feel like i would... i don't know cheat on you? Maybe worse?

    How could you even suspect such a thing i mean, after everything-"

    "Are you crying-"

    "- I did you would think, oh i don't know, maybe i should trust him but no, you have to go around accusing me of whatever"

    "Hey, hey don't cry, come here" Sunghoon said while enveloping you in his arms.

    He waited for you to slow down your breathing before he continued.

    "I am extremely sorry for what i did or said, i absolutely did not mean it in any harmful way, i was just upset about not getting your attention after i arrived, and you were talking to that cutie over there ("I HEARD THAT") while not noticing me and it made me insecure"

    "Ok, but if you use that sarcasm at me one more time, i will knock you out"

    "i WiLl kNocK yOu oUt" He mimicked.

    "Don't test my patience, fruity ice skating basket.

    "what...does that even mean"

    "IT MEANS THAT YOU'RE FRUITY MF ANYWAYS how about that "you owe me big time" think, can i use that now? Cus i'm very thirsty and i can't get up, can you get me some soda"


    but he did it anyways, cus Heeseung lord and saviour 🛐.

    Not proof-read like at all, if it has grammatical mistakes, i apologize ☠️

    Here it is, thank you so much for requesting, and again if it was an absolute trainwreck and i COMPLETELY missed the plot you requested you have the absolute right to beat the shit out of me , and i hope it's ok to the other kind fellow thank you for rq as well 💀

    peace y'all ‼️✋

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    Check out my twitter: jungwoniee20

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    i really need ideas for anything really- wallpapers, icons, headers, anything-

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    “got my eyes on you” pt.2 — lhs.

    ‣  pairing. heeseung x fem!reader

    ‣  genre. fluff, romance, college!au, strangers to lovers!au, nonidol!au, music major!heeseung, architecture major!reader, basketball captain!heeseung, senior!heeseung, freshman!reader

    ‣  side characters. fashion design&linguistics major!jay, physics major!jake, marine/aquatic biology major!sunghoon, theatre arts/drama major!sunoo, journalism major!jungwon, photography&dance major!niki

    ‣  wc. 5.2k+

    ‣  warnings. i tried to be as inclusive as possible but there might be scenes where i may have failed to do so and i apologize for it. also the reader’s personality has been described at various points which some might not like.

    ‣  summary. now that you're getting closer it's getting harder for heeseung to hide his mayhaps lovestruck eyes; doing everything which lays out in the open his feelings for you but afraid you'll notice the look in his eyes when he looks at you.

    note. this was inspired by @enhypenova  ’s edit and a bunch of my dreams, it was written in a rush so IT'S SHIT im so sry

    taglist. @enhypenova @ifvjay @strwberrydinosaur @032421 @stagefrjghts @spoilertrailersurprise @rubyanne @ferxanda @riheon @simluvbot @hobistigma @heeseungslove @sunshineshouchan @herasalvatore @peachhyun @twntycm @danyxthirstae01 @sznoflove @shawkneecaps @wonieewrld @megdoienalds @lovelyutas @colouryourfears @pooppatata @nugunugu00 @cafejay

    #PART 1.

    "you're everything that i see."

    you didn't like it how everyone looked at you as you entered the class late, perhaps it was because you were usually on time but then if it was just about being late, their eyes shouldn't have followed as you walked up to your seat and stayed on you for the most part of the lecture, a girl even got called out and scolded by the professor for staring at you continously.

    after class now it feels strange making you cower you head slightly as everyone in the corridor keeps looking at you, people stopping whatever they're doing to point to their friends and then turning to look at your figure walking past them, to be more specific at your back. exiting the building you think that maybe someone put on a sticky note with a dirty or dumb message on your back so to check on your assumption and to remove the paper, crumble it in anger and throw it somewhere, you take off your jacket only to realize it's not yours. the name ethan lee written in bold big letters on the back, it's heeseung's varsity jacket that you are were wearing.

    less than an hour before class you came across sunghoon and him on your way here, and in the wake of startlement, ended up knocking sunghoon's iced vanilla latte all over your shirt. not having the choice of going back to change you decided to try washing the area of the cloth but before you could leave, heeseung held you back, giving you his jacket and without thinking much about it you put it on, completely missing the name displayed on it's back.

    you would have never thought wearing his jacket would get you so many stares, making you the center of attention. you know he is one of the heartthrobs of the campus but you never paid much effort into learning just how much he's known and liked. nevertheless you wear it back, it's not like you can walk around with a coffee stained shirt. heeseung has another match today, and though you wanted to attend and watch him play, you couldn't risk skipping one of your main classes. checking the time on your phone, you see that it's past noon, his match would probably be almost over but giving a visit wouldn't hurt.

    when you reach the court you find his team members lounging about in the sidelines, all covered in sweat, a towel either hanging around their neck or held in their hand with a bottle of water but the boy you came for is nowhere to be found. among the others you spot jake clad in his jersey and beside him sunghoon, looking exactly the same from this morning. you gulp feeling a little out of place and nervous to approach them, what if they pretend not to know you and make fun of you but so far all the time that you've ever interacted with them, they've been nothing but sweet never mistreating or ridiculing and taunting or mocking you. yet it still feels like a possibility to you, the whole situation of heeseung spending time with you, wanting to get to know you, his efforts to flirt, or fluster you, him behaving almost like your boyfriend seems surreal to you, like it's something like the calm before the storm; like the bomb of reality could be thrown at you anytime, him saying something along the lines of you being a toy to cure his boredom, an experiment, a playtime and at times it scares you more than you can admit.

    still you find yourself walking up to them, tapping jake's shoulder to catch his attention, and as he turns around so does sunghoon, both their eyes fixed on your form, indiscernible but quite surprised seeing you wearing a varsity jacket that's way too big for you.

    "did heeseung not play today?" you ask, watching them intently to read their expressions.

    "he played in the first half and then left," jake smiles like he always does, running a hand through his sweat-wet hair.

    "oh.. do you know where he went?" you don't know why you want to know that, recently you've been finding yourself wanting to spend more time with him, talking with him on the call for more time than you doubt you have with any of your exes, randomly showing up to his practices both basketball and music performances when you have time. it's like you're both pining after each other, you more discreetly while him blatantly, its unfathomable to the your friends how you're still not together and how you still think the feelings are not mutual.

    "to meet eui-", "dorm-" both of them blurt out at the same time, if sunghoon had something other than dorm maybe you could've tried believing him but the fact that heeseung doesn't live in the dorms verifies to you that jake is telling the truth, especially when you see sunghoon giving him a knowing glare like he wasn't supposed to say that. it makes you feel uneasy, who is yeoreum? and why don't they want you to know about her? Is she perhaps his girlfriend? the girlfriend he never mentioned, and tried fooling around with you because it was her he was bored of? the feeling of you being sort of his side chick disturbes you, face falling into a subtle frown.

    "who is she?" you swear you've never before wanted to hear the word 'friend' as much as you want now, wishing for your thoughts to be wrong but it's not like that.

    "his ex," jake spills getting a small obscure kick from sunghoon which they think you wouldn't notice but you do and seeing it you know you were indeed right, you are not supposed to know this. it could be heeseung told them not to tell, so you would never find out how you're possibly being played around with. you want to get mad but the more you think the more pathetic you feel but you don't want them to see that so you try your best to put on a small smile.

    "do you know, we won the match! you have to come tonight, we can watch movies after the party is over and have a sleepover maybe if you like?", jake says, "heeseung, us, jungwon and his friends are the only ones staying behind, it's your choice if you want to join," sunghoon adding to it as if a kind of correction to what they disclosed before. you think about it, wanting to say yes but somewhere your subconscious trying to persuade you to deny, like trying to protect you from being hurt but you remember you have to return heeseung's jacket so using it as a bait to convince yourself you agree to come to the party, as for the sleepover you tell them you'll think about it and let them know later tonight.

    an hour before the afterparty you find yourself contemplating whether you should wear make up or not, the possibility of him bringing his ex to the party is very big in your mind and so is the fear of not having his interest anymore. if you didn't like him before through the past two months, you've grown to have feelings for him, ones you never thought you would ever harbor for a boy like him. in all honesty in your eyes he used to be someone you considered out of your league and it never bothered you any more than your messy desk or skipped breakfast.

    but now you want to put effort into looking good not just for him but also for you to feel better about yourself. since you don't have any dress that might come close to those you've seen other girls wear to such occasions, you end up wearing a simple crop top and box pleats skirt the only relatively party-like clothing in your wardrobe. as for the make up, your roommate decides on helping you after seeing you struggle to even put on foundation but it's all in vain because on your way to the frat house, it's feels so not you to you that you end up going into the nearest restroom and washing the products off your face.

    if he isn't going to like you for you then he isn't worth it.

    when you reach there the first person you see is jay talking on the phone outside, he gives you a smile as you wave at him before walking past his figure and into the house, you've been meeting him a lot when you're with jungwon, the boy finally getting closer with someone other than heeseung, you and his roommates.

    looking around you find no familiar faces and not knowing what to do you sit on the couch at the corner of the room, hands on your lap, and head lowered, not wanting to spot heeseung with his ex incase you keep looking around. as you fiddle with your fingers wishing for time to just pass you sort of regret coming, maybe it would've been best to make up an excuse to jake and not attend. the atmosphere here is not your cup of tea, it somehow makes you a little uncomfortable, mayhaps disgusted how it smells so alcoholic and the loud music and chatter, way too much for your ears, so many people you doubt how they even have fun in such filled up space, you don't understand how.

    the last thing you expect is for heeseung alone to come up to you all of a sudden and knowing you don't like it in here offering to take you outside and play his guitar for you, it's things like this that make you feel like you actually do matter to him, when he notices the little things and remembers. maybe you should just not overthink and try to enjoy, "let's get you out of here, hmm?" he says making you stand and bending to your height to look in your eyes.

    he plays a song you haven't heard before but it's exactly your the style you like, it makes you question if it's a coincidence or he actually tried to find out what kind of music you like. the way he sings it feels so natural like he's putting in no effort, his voice so soft and like a lullaby radiating fluffy vibes. you don't even realize when he's finished, like a sudden consciousness when the sound of him stops. he puts down his guitar on the side against the wooden round stool in the backyard on which he sits facing you, his eyes looking at you in silence.

    he wants to apologize for not being there when you went to see him at the basketball court but he knows you'll ask why and doesn't have an answer for that. he also knows that you know about him going to meet his ex but he doesn't know what to say, what excuse to give, so he avoids the topic altogether.

    "do you want to learn?" he asks, him and his teaching tendencies yet again emerging from under the surface. when you nod as a yes, "come sit here," he makes space between his legs and pulls you to sit there, hands going around you to the front as he picks up the guitar and lets you hold it before putting his hands on yours guiding your fingers to pull on the strings, carefully in a gentle manner so you don't get a cut. occasionally he tells you about some random facts he saw on the internet, his voice sounding right beside your ear making you shiver subtly and the content making you laugh, letting you forget about all the bad, disturbing and saddening thoughts in your mind for a moment.

    it's not long before jay is kicking out everyone as politely as he possibly can, and as heeseung and you watch them leave you remember the plan for movies and sleepover, if you want to escape, now is the chance but strangely enough the desire for it is not in you anymore, nothing like how it was in the morning. you flinch visibly, body going stiff as heeseung places a soft kiss on your earlobe, "you're staying, right angel?" you feel goosebumps arise on your skin at the petname, words caught in your throat but a yes manages to make it's way out.

    he takes away the guitar from you and standing up with you, places it on the seat before grabbing and holding your hand, walking with you inside.

    the room is all dark, only the light of the tv screen illuminating the walls, a suspense, thriller movie on which had you sucked in. you are sitting beside heeseung on the right end of the couch, wrapped in a blanket he brought you from somewhere and under the cover his fingers absent-mindedly trace patterns on the skin of your hands. with how close you're both sitting you almost prepared yourself to hear something from the other boys but the only thing you received were looks, masked as blank which your oblivious head took in and believed. in reality, heeseung had threatened them to keep their mouths shut after what happened in the morning, the warning was especially for jake, who tried his best by sitting the farthest away, lips pursed when he happens to look towards you.

    it's not even an hour later when you feel the sleepiness from your lack of sleep the past few days, kick in so as a way to block it out you start playing with heeseung's fingers, and the two rings he usually wears, yet your head constantly sways time and again and before you know it you are finding comfort on his shoulder, forcing open your eyes only for them to close again.

    when you wake up in the morning, the sight of a room that's not your dorm room makes you freak out for a moment before you realize it's the frat house, the last thing you remember is hearing sunoo and niki bickering over snacks, "niki stop taking my chips after you've said you want no more, you keep stealing more saying it's the last time!" and heeseung shushing them before asking you if you wanted to sleep in one of the rooms and then carrying your knocked out figure upstairs; it's plays like flashes from a film camera in your mind. getting up from the bed you wash your face and brush through your hair, trying to be as presentable as possible before going downstairs. though you assume most of them to not be there since it's already past noon and morning classes usually start at nine, you don't want to look scruffy incase someone decided to skip.

    you peer around the living room to find the mess from yesterday all cleaned up, none of the boys in sight having you thinking you're all alone here until jay comes out of the kitchen, a casual smile on his face to you getting startled, "you're awake? i'm sorry if you're hungry there's nothing worth breakfast here,"

    "it's fine, i'll probably have lunch after going back to dorms," he nods, taking out his phone to check the time, "then let's have lunch together, sunoo and heeseung's class will end in an hour, we can go to the cafeteria together or maybe somewhere outside," looking up he raises his brows at you as a way of asking if you're down for it.

    later after lunch with them you rush back to the dorm, having already wasted half of your day you want nothing more than to quickly get to library, finals are less than two months away and you're still left with parts of a few of the semester's projects. planning to finish all of them today, without a thought you leave for the library outside the campus. for hours you're so engrossed in completing the assignments that you totally forget to check time, only realizing there's less than an hour before your dorm curfew when you get a text from heeseung, even if you go back now, there's no way you'll be reaching on time, so you end up calling him, asking him to pick you up.

    standing outside the building as you wait for him, you remember that you haven't returned his varsity jacket yet, you could've returned it yesterday or at lunch today but your dory of a memory forgot. though you don't think he'll have any negative feelings regarding it but it just doesn't sit well with you- having his clothes, especially the one which has his name on it. it makes you feel disturbed now that you think about it, it feels wrong for some reason the thought of his ex invading your intellect.

    when heeseung reaches, the first thing thing he does is scold you in kind of doting manner for staying out of campus at such a late hour, and touching your cheeks speaks of how cold they are, that you should have worn a scarf. then grabbing your things, he places them on the seat before taking out the spare helmet.

    "this is my first time," you mumble out in a small pout, wide-eyed and cheeks puffed out, the massive adrenaline rush making you feel like you're burning hot on fire, it feels scary yet thrilling compelling you to cross out the choice of backing out in the back of your mind, moreover this is the only way you could reach before the dorm manager locks the doors.

    "I wouldn't have assumed otherwise," heeseung smiles softly, removing his scarf, putting it around your neck and winding it round securely, covering your ears and the exposed skin of your neck. then he gently pulls out the ends of your hair pressed under the scarf and caresses the sides of your head to smoothen the strands before putting on the helmet on you and fastening the chin strap to the retention system firmly. "we can't have you getting hurt now, can we," he flashes another small smile as he checks to make sure it's not too tight for you; his gaze meets yours, and he finds the concern in your eyes, "you're the one who might get sick, i'm used to the cold so don't worry about me,"

    putting on his helmet, heeseung sits on his motorbike and gestures for you to get on, he waits as you carefully perch on the cold leather seat, adjusting your overcoat and pulling on the sleeves to cover your hands which are sweating due to nervousness. he expects you to hold onto him but when you only grip onto his jacket, he reaches behind and grabbing your adorable sweater paws makes you hug him tight on the waist.

    "hold on tight, angel," he warns in a sweet voice.

    by the time you reach the dorms it's way past the curfew time and the doors are already closed and locked, no one in sight who could open it for you. the way you turn back and look at heeseung pleading with your eyes on what are you going to do now makes him melt from the inside, he finds you so cute in the moment that he gets an urge to kiss you everywhere on your sulken face. he thinks of taking you to the frat house but then there's supposed to be another party today and he knows you don't like it so the only choice he has in his mind is his apartment. But the thought of what you're going to think of it, whether you'll think of it as him trying to take advantage, or that you feel uncomfortable to go somewhere where it's going to be just the two of you makes him hesitate in saying anything.

    he tries going with you up to the front doors, and lightly bangs on them to get the attention if someone is still around but when there's no response he gives up in keeping quiet and just asks you, "do you want to go to my apartment? the frat house is having a party so I can't take you there and I promise I won't do anything, I'll stay as far as possible if you want,"

    "you don't have say like that, I don't think that bad of you," but you're still nervous about going to his apartment, you don't know what to expect, how his apartment would be, or how you are supposed to act, it'll probably be quite awkward. you've never been to someone else's house other than your friends and heeseung certainly doesn't come under friendzone for you, he is your friend but its just different. another question is what about your clothes, you dont have any spare ones in your bag and there's no way you could sleep in what you're wearing now, it would be way too hot.

    just less than a mile away from the campus his flat is in this big apartment complex which is huge enough for you to get lost even when it's not dark like it is now. his apartment has a color pallette of blue grey, surprisingly cleaner than you would have assumed, the walls have aesthetic, expensive looking abstract paintings, pretty much all the shelves having plants or succulents, a grey minimalist aldora leatherette sofa. the interior design looks as if done by a professional, mayhaps it is, judging from the way he dresses expensive and has this custom matte black harley davidson night rod which you could never even imagine the cost of; it does seem reasonable that heeseung comes from a rich background.

    after you're in, having taken off your, shoes, coat and his scarf, he shows you to the bathroom and gives you a shirt and a pair of sweatpants before disappearing out into the kitchen probably to prepare something for you to eat. the entire time in the shower all you think of is ways to get sleepy so the night would just pass away in the blink of an eye, like the classic sheep counting, or use an eye pad if he has one to give, or hug the pillow or the best option pretend to be asleep so you don't have to talk about anything, you're afraid you'll evince your jealousy towards his ex.

    coming out into the living room you find heeseung shuffling around cooking, not knowing what to do you sit on the sofa hands resting on your lap on top of each other, fiddling with the hem of the t-shirt as you wait. "did something happen? you've been looking down since I picked you up? are you like upset with me?" he asks walking over to sit on the adjacent seat, a little away from you. you bite your lips thinking of what to say, should you just spill it? tell him you're jealous and after that what, you're supposed to give a reason but what possible reason could there be besides you having feelings for him. even if you say you don't know what of or why you're jealous, knowing heeseung he will automatically come to the former as a conclusion, irrelevant to whether he returns those feelings or not.

    "where did you go after your match?" you ask nevertheless, not having it in you to keep it in, expecting something like why should you care where or with whom he spends his time with, what right do you have to even be jealous.

    heeseung goes silent, head lowering down for a moment before he reaches out to hold your hands in his, eyes finding yours and gaze locking in a kind of seriousness which has you on edge, a jittery anticipation yet still he has a warm smile on his face, "I went to meet my ex to get some of my belongings she had, also I wanted to completely end things with her, she kept approaching me with hopes of getting back in a relationship and I.. I like you," he mumbles out in a soft voice, heart on pause waiting for your response. he has little to no expectations of you returning his feelings, he might have had a lot of confidence flirting with you, or openly behaving like your boyfriend but now that he has actually confessed he feels vulnerable, afraid he's going to get his heart broken, something he hasn't experienced in years but feels it would hurt way more than the last time.

    "does that mean I can call you my boyfriend now because I like you too," you blink at him so clueless and doubtfully that it makes him question whether this is your first time being infatuated with someone, much less being in a relationship. his right hand leaves yours and cups your cheek, you're barely able to register him leaning in closer to your lips, an inch away when he whispers, "yes angel, I'm your boyfriend from now," before the sound of the oven going off breaks through the air in the room and you're flinching in his hold. it doesn't faze him in the slightest though, sparing a glance towards the kitchen and then turning back to catch your lips in a kiss which takes away your breath.


    you're rushing around your room, tidying up your books which you were previously studying to find the usb flash drive which had the pictures for jungwon's school newspaper article. you were supposed to give him that this morning but you forgot, much like heeseung's varsity jacket that you still have washed and kept inside you small closet space among your own clothes. on the other side of the building searching through the room numbers when you reach jungwon's dorm, it's only sunoo and niki in there, playing games, the room messier than when you came two days ago.

    "where's jungwon?" you ask wondering where the boy could be when has a huge paper to write by tomorrow.

    "out shopping with jay hyung," sunoo answers looking away from the screen for a split second. these past two months spending time with jungwon, helping him with interview articles, you've grown closer to the two. playing games with them in the room while jungwon works on the writing and occasionally asks for your help.

    "what about the article?", niki pauses the game before moving around in his desk chair, "he'll probably stay up the entire night, you can just leave the drive on his table and come play with us," he rummages out another headset for you and pats on his bed behind the common table in the middle where he has his laptop on.

    "can't you be thankful for once, I've been doing your job for the last four months, going to those parties just for the sake of helping jungwon with the photos when it should be you," sighing you place the small piece on jungwon's desk beside his table lamp so he sees it as soon he turns on the light after coming back later. "I'll let you win if you don't bring that up now," niki bribes you and you take it, quietly putting on the headset and opening jungwon's laptop to login to his game account. he's told you numerous times to make an account for yourself but you're too lazy to level up the character, it'll probably take you a year to reach their level so instead you keep on using his, it's not like he can do anything to stop you.

    heeseung on the other hand is blowing up your phone which you left back in your room, with calls, if you hadn't put it on silent yesterday when you went to the library the constant ringing would have annoyed your roommate who is trying to sleep and it wouldn't be long before she would grab your phone to silent it herself and find out about your secret relationship with heeseung. not really secret but you just hadn't told anyone yet that you got together, it's been a week since that day and you've been trying to decide when it would be the right time to reveal your relationship to the others, afraid of what is to come off of you dating a senior heartthrob who has a number of exes you don't even want to make a count of even if it's possible.

    when you go back around eleven pm after jungwon returns, you check your phone before preparing to go to bed to see heeseung's text.

    you watch as heeseung carefully climbs over the concrete wall barrier of the balcony and with hushed steps walks through the open glass doors, a plastic bag in his hand which held cans of your favorite juice, even the brand is the same one you like. he wearily keeps it on your desk as slowly as possible making sure there's no sound before you usher him to sit on your bed, following behind and closing the curtain attached to it so that even if your roommate wakes up like she usually does once a night, she won't be able to see him here otherwise you'll probably dig a hole in the ground and bury yourself there.

    "how was your day? you didn't come to see me at the court today," he pouts, his back resting against the wall, dressed in his grey t-shirt and beige sweatpants you've seen him in, in a picture jungwon had showed you.

    heeseung can't remember the last time he felt like this, his pupils though not widening, quaking like an earthquake, body going hot, all tense and uptight, breathe caught in his throat and he doesn't even realize it, mind going into a state of existential crisis the moment you sit up and straddle him, hands going around to lock behind his neck and the side of your face resting on his shoulder. this is not new to him but it's you. whenever he does something daringly flirty he doesn't feel even a half of what he feels right now, it like you do something minutely bold and he gets the shock of his life.

    "i'm sorry, let's cuddle?" you turn to look into his eyes and it's then when he feels himself relax just a tad bit, shaking off and getting rid of whatever otherwise thoughts that had been occupying his mind. his hands wrap around in a hug and he pulls you closer letting out a satisfied hmm, snuggling against you and rubbing his cheek against yours making you giggle.

    his cotton candy scent a sweet honeyed touch of vanilla notes and caramelized sugar, lulling you to feel sleepy. you stay in the same position occasionally talking softly about random things until your roommate wakes up at around 2 in the morning and you both try to be as quiet as possible, before he decides to leave as soon as she goes back to sleep, this time you don't forget to give him back his varsity jacket; not like he won't make you wear it again, you know he will.

    for the next month and a half you both get busy with studies, preparing for the finals as well as heeseung having his graduation performance he has to practice for. you barely have time to meet frequently and as a result you still don't get to reveal your relationship amour but it doesn't affect anything except provoking a few jealous instances.

    the others have probably guessed it already.

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  • skyaura-koo
    20.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    500 followers special !

    these are fic ideas i have please choose one(or two if you like) to help me decide which one i should write > <


    park sunghoon stalker!au

    ╰ genre. angst, fluff with an open or happy ending

    to his friends he says he's dating you for laughs, to himself he says it's just to please his parents, to his parents he says that you're the one but he can't hide the soft spot he's slowly developing for you, his stalker.

    park jongseong second lead!au

    ╰ genre. angst with an open or sad ending

    you noticed the way his behavior towards you changed, how he reminds you now that you no longer have a chance, that your advances need to stop, your feelings need to disappear; maybe if you weren't his friend first you'd be her.

    sim jaeyun/park sunghoon/both roommates!au

    ╰ genre. fluff, a little angst with a happy ending

    he's the sweetest to you, one might confuse him for your boyfriend, but he's not, he just your fuckboy of a roommate who treats you like a delicate candy, always looking out for you and never at you or so you think.

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  • hannsbear
    20.06.2021 - 7 hours ago


    includes: thigh spanking, edging, oral sex fem!receiving, vibratior play, use of "sir", cussing, sexting (?), begging, dom!heeseung x sub!reader.
    wc - 500


    you laid down, knees pressed against you chest, as your boyfriend, heeseung, pressed a previously used hot pink vibratior against your clit.

    of course, it felt amazing, but just circling couldn't give you enough. plus, he had been edging you for god knows how long.

    "c'mon baby, i know you love this."

    heeseung put the setting to the higgest and you moaned in response. "h-heeseung please- ah~" you let out a sound that would've never been heard before as heeseung slapped your thigh.

    "sweetheart, we both know that isn't my name right now."

    he pressed the vibratior harder against you clit, making your core burn up; your orgasm was approaching.

    "sir please let me cum, i can't take anymore," your cried out as tear slipped your eyes. all you needed was one orgasm and you hoped he would give it to you.

    instead, he didn't say a word but continued pleasuring you. you orgasm was coming fast and you closed your eyes, anticipating the feeling of relief that was supposed to wash over you. supposed.

    he pulled away the vibratior from you just before you could cum, edging you yet again. "s-sir, please. ple-please let me cum."

    still in your position, he leaned next to your ear, feeling his hot breath against your cheek. "bad girls don't get to cum."

    how did you get yourself in this situation, you might ask? heeseung left your apartment while you were horny, so you took the pink vibratior and pulled up pictures of his body that he sent you; his arms, his abs, and of course, his massive dick.

    you couldn't help but pleasure youself at the thought of his huge cock pounding into at lightning speed, but with your luck, you got caught.

    heeseung slid his hand under your body, gripping you breast tightly vefore flipping you over. you finally got to see him, but your eyes darting straight to his hard, rising dick, admiring the veins running through.

    he leaned back down and pressed he tongue into your folds, making you cry out once again. "since you've been a good girl so far, I'll help you cum~"

    he kneeled to the ground and put you legs over his shoulders before diving into you, exploring every part of your pussy with his tongue.

    "mmh fuck heeseung, go faster." he slapped your thigh again before pulling away, both actions making you whimper.

    "sir please! please f-fuck me out with your tongue!" you begged before he attached his tongue back to your core.

    your orgasm was approaching faster then usual, making you let out the most sinful of noises. the knot in your stomach tighted while your walls clasped around heeseungs tongue, making him moan into you.

    "fuck, s-sir! im c-cumming a-all for yo- ah~ ah~ mmmh."

    you back arched dangerously as you snapped, juices leaking all into heeseung mouth. you laid on your back, catching your breath before he hovered over you.

    "we're not done yet, sweetheart."

    #heeseung smut#heeseung#enhypen smut #enhypen hard hours #enhypen#lee heeseung #lee heeseung smut
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  • highkeygolden
    20.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Jake x Fem!Enhypen!Reader

    "You kissed me first."

    "You kissed me back! What does that say about the both of us?!"

    "That we're both stupid and don't know how to take it back?"

    "Agreed," Y/N pursed her lips, striding down the halls of their dorm and into the bedroom.

    She promised everyone that she'd clean their room. So that's what she was going to do. Clean their room. Do their beds. Fold their blankets. Fluff their pillows.

    Y/N was going crazy. It was confirmed when Jake had to physically shake her out of her trance. And she was just staring at the bunk beds surrounding her. She blinked.

    "You're shaking," Jake pointed out as his hands rested on her shoulders. "Just sit down."

    So she sat down on the closest bed to her side. He sat across her, legs folding and fingers weaving together. "Okay," she breathed.

    "Do you wanna talk about it?"

    It being the kiss. Y/N was awake of that and nodded profusely. "We should talk about it," she agreed.

    "Yeah," he nodded back.

    She pondered what to say next, eyes darting across her hands and the bracelet that wrapped around her wrist. "I don't regret it," she mumbled. "But I do at the same time."

    "What?" Jake's eyes blew wide open. "Did you not like it or something? What?"

    "What?" Y/N scoffed. "Of course I liked it. How the fuck could I now? It's you! I like everything about you! So can you blame me for wanting to hold you or be close to you all the time? No. But if the management finds out then I'm the one getting in trouble. And if the rest of the world finds out, I'm the one getting hate-"

    "You're doing that thing again," Jake mumbled, a hand moving to rest on her knee.

    Y/N stopped talking altogether, parting her lips in confusion. "What thing?"

    "You know when you get stressed? You overthink and start blabbering," he said.

    She sucked in a breath, utterly giving up on their current predicament. "I'm sorry," she breathed. "I don't know what to do anymore."

    "Then don't do anything," Jake insisted, washed over by a surge of confidence. "Whatever happens between us is no one else's business."

    He was right, Y/N knew. But she'd agree with him if they were living a normal life. She would agree with him if people didn't have cameras pointing at them for the better part of their days. She would agree with him if six other boys weren't sitting on the couch, oblivious to what was happening around them.

    "It's not that easy," she muttered.

    "It can be," he crooned. He scooted closer to her, his breath brushing over her cheek. "I like everything about you, too. So what's stopping us?"

    "The management-"

    "They technically can't do anything as long as we're focused on our jobs," Jake informed, letting his knuckles glide along her cheek.

    "I'm scared," she confessed.

    "Don't be," he whispered.

    Then he kissed her, lips latching onto hers again. The pair fell in sync, eyes closing and mouths moving against each other. Jake's hands held her face, pulling her as close as he possibly could. Y/N's nimble fingers rested on his white shirt.

    Y/N realised that she liked when he held her face. His course fingers resting bellow her eyes and palms pressing her closer to him. She also realised that she liked having her hands on his chest, having the leverage to pull him closer by his collar.

    That was exactly what she was going to do; pull him closer by his collar. But before she could do so, the door clicked open, followed by the most awkward scream she'd ever heard- Sunghoon.

    With his reaction, the rest of the boys came following in a group, running into the room to find Y/N pinching the bridge of her nose and Jake hiding his face in a pillow, lying chest first into the bed.

    Jungwon and Jay looked around confused, asking Sunghoon why in the world he had to scream. The boy only stared, mouth ajar as he pointed at his two friends that sat on the bed.

    "They were kissing!"

    Niki immediately burst into laughter, failing to stand still as he held onto Heeseung for support. Sunoo looked dumbfounded. "No," he mused, wide-eyed as he stared.

    Jake sobbed into the pillow, nodding as Y/N sighed deeply. "You can't be serious," Jay commented.

    "I'm not lying!" Sunghoon insisted.

    Jake's response was another sob, confirming his answer.

    "So... You were kissing?" Heeseung repeated, just to make sure he wasn't deaf.

    Y/N nodded.

    "How long has this been going on?" Jungwon asked, looking absalutly in shock. Niki chortled in the background.

    Jake held up two fingers.

    "Two months?" Sunoo asked.

    Jake and Y/N shook their heads.

    "Two weeks?"

    They shook their heads again.

    "Two days?"

    A sigh from Y/N deemed his answer as correct.

    "Wow, you suck at keeping secrets," Niki cackled, settling on the bed opposite of them because he might as well perish while laughing.

    Heeseung and Jay, though, started clapping, pumping their fists into the air and turning to Jungwon. "We won the bet, you owe us dinner!"

    Y/N pulled her hand away from her face and gaped at the pair, disbelief filtering through her gasp. Jake looked up from his pillow, a forced frown on his lips.


    "I'm sorry! It was too obvious!"

    #enhypen#enhyphen #enhypen jake fluff #enhypen jake sim #jake sim#enhypen jake #enhypen jake smut #enhypen jake x reader smut #jake#jake enhypen#jake shim #jake sim headcanon #jake sim smut #jake sim x reader #jake smut #jake x reader #jake imagines#enhypen jay#enhypen sunghoon#enhypen heeseung#enhypen niki#enhypen jungwon#enhypen sunoo #italics is korean!
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  • enhyels
    20.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    ♡ after the breakup au masterlist | scents that linger - food related his perspective

    ⤅ heeseung - coconuts

    there was always so much pressure on heeseung to be the best at everything. the title of “ace” became one that gave more expectations than he initially expected. but despite all the stress, criticism, and constant questioning of whether or not he made the right choice, you were always there for him. your presence became the source of comfort the ace could let go in and he could just be lee heeseung. your hugs, those were his favorite. whenever he hugged you, he was instantly met with the scent of your coconut shampoo. whenever he kissed the top of your head, there was your coconut shampoo. before he went to sleep, he’d nuzzle his head in the crook of your neck, always met with your coconut shampoo. he never knew how much coconuts could mean to him. it was there when he woke up and there when he went to sleep. but today, he goes to sleep in a weight in his heart and thousands of thoughts running through his head. your coconut shampoo lingers on the fibers of his pillowcase but you weren’t here and he had no one to hug. 

    ⤅ jay - your favorite tea

    the scent of your tea was one jay was all too familiar with. you needed it right when you woke up, a lesson he had learned early on during the beginning stages of the two of you living together. sometimes, you made a cup at 2 am needing it to function as you continued your work before falling asleep. the scent sometimes woke him up, causing him to ask you to come back to bed only for you to tell him that you were almost done. other times, despite the caffeine content, you’d make a cup before going to bed. one day, you had run out of the honey you typically used for your tea and asked jay if you could use him to which he responded, 

    “you don’t need to ask, love. what’s mine is yours.” since then, you’d use his honey instead of the one you used to buy since it made the tea just a little sweeter. this led to constantly needing to make trips to the grocery store to refill that specific brand but neither of you quite minded. after moving out, you had left some of your tea bags behind. as much as he didn’t want to admit it, jay made a cup from time to time when he missed you. tonight, he uses the remaining drops of his honey on the last tea bag you left behind while closing his eyes as the scent hits his nose in hopes of feeling your presence with him.

    ⤅ jake - cookies in the oven 

    you liked to bake, something that jake always supported. but you did it at the most weirdest and most random times. sometimes you’d bake right when you woke up and the two of you would have a savory pastry for breakfast. other times, you’d bake in the middle of the night instead of sleeping because you “felt like it.” jake loved the scent of cookies in the oven not caring if it woke him up because it was that good. but one night, he fell even more in love with you and he looked into the oven and saw something baking in the shape of bones.

    “what are those?” he asked. 

    “treats for layla. if she likes them, i'll bake more babe so we don't have to always buy them.” that night, the scent of cookies left an imprint on his heart upon the realization that you cared for layla just as much as he did, to the extent that you’d give her homemade dog treats. as layla eats the last treat you made just before leaving, jake can’t stop his tears slipping, can’t stop his mind clouding with thoughts of you, and can’t stop missing you. 

    ⤅ sunghoon - garlic 

    garlic in the frying pan, a familiar scent for most people. it’s the first scent that hits you when you enter the kitchen, sometimes as early as your first step into the house. sunghoon has always loved the scent of garlic, reminding him of childhood meals and special dinners. when dating you, the scent of garlic took on a meaning different from his mother’s dishes and old home. the scent of garlic became accompanied with back hugs and constant teasing. it’d appear as a result of fried rice or sautéed vegetables, amongst other things in an effort to try and eat healthy for once. it became associated with endless laughter and failed attempts of trying new recipes since neither of you were actually chefs. he grew to love it more, found the scent reaching depths of his soul he was unaware even existed. the scent of garlic in the frying pan is lovely, but if neglected it can burn easily. 

    ⤅ sunoo - slightly burnt french toast 

    french toast has always something sunoo’s enjoyed. one night, ingredients in the fridge were running low and ordering in wasn’t something that you didn’t want to do, so you decided to make french toast for you and sunoo’s dinner. while cooking, sunoo came into the kitchen. he distracted you through a multitude of ways which lead to burnt french toast filling the air. but while food was something sunoo held in high regards, he didn’t quite the slightly burnt french toast now in his stomach. french toast became a staple when you were around (typically for dinner) and he looked forward to it every time. tonight, he made french toast. he didn’t pay attention to it, too caught up in wondering what it’d be be like if you were here. the burnt smell filled the air, reminding him of how your love burned down and turned to ashes. 

    ⤅ jungwon - vanilla

    for whatever reason, you loved vanilla. loved it in cakes. always chose it when going out for ice cream. tended to put just a little too much than you should’ve when baking cookies. the taste lingered on your lips when he’d kiss you, ice cream in the freezer and flavoring in the cupboard. he liked it, despite how vanilla was seen as boring, vanilla was uniquely you. jungwon learned that you were everything but vanilla. you were fun and spontaneous with a certain type of creativity he’d never seen in anyone else before. you were colorful and smiling, the better part of his day that he always looked forward to. but somewhere down the line, you started to see jungwon’s love as vanilla and there was nothing he could do to change it. 

    ⤅ ni-ki - strawberries

    the scent of strawberries was on your lips since it was the flavor of the chapstick you always wore, one that he bought for you. but strawberries held a special place in his heart aside from that. you found it weird that ni-ki liked to microwave strawberries (as well as other things) and you didn’t hesitate to call him out or tease him about it. but despite your constant teasing, you’d always warm up a bowl of strawberries for him. when he heard the familiar sound of the microwave running and the scent of strawberries filling the air, his heart would beat a little faster and in the bottom of his stomach he could feel the same warmth a person felt while rested by a campfire. the scent of strawberries meant your presence was nearby. but today, as the scent of strawberries fills in the air mixed in with the sound of the microwave running, his heart sinks to the bottom of the pacific ocean while the bottom of his stomach feels as if it were in antarctica. the scent of strawberries now meant you were gone.

    ♡ main masterlist || navi

    #riki microwaves strawberries like wha- #maybe that's why he's so tall lmao #enhypen angst #enhypen crying hours #enhypen sad hours #enhypen imagines#enhypen drabbles#enhypen scenarios #lee heeseung imagines #park jongseong imagines #park jay imagines #sim jaeyun imagines #sim jake imagines #park sunghoon imagines #kim sunoo imagines #yang jungwon imagines #nishimura riki imagines #ni-ki imagines #lee heeseung x reader #park jay x reader #sim jake x reader #park sunghoon x reader #kim sunoo x reader #yang jungwon x reader #nishimura riki x reader #ni-ki x reader
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    no thoughts, just heeseung railing you while your in the downstairs bathroom at your parents house.

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  • simwrld
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    my favorite jake & heeseung selfies !! <3

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