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  • enhypenot7writergirl
    04.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Character Intro

    Muthiah Y/N

    Tomboyish but a hopeless romantic as well

    169 cm tall aka 5'6.5

    Doesn't cry much and is mistook at first impression as cold-hearted by others but actually isn't

    Mentally strong but tends to hold in pain and burst at once

    Doesn't like seeming weak

    Has low stamina

    Very good in verbal arguments and debates

    Loves to rap and dance although she isn't really good at dancing

    Born on (DOB)2004

    Kpop trainee currently

    She is Korean but adopted by a Tamil couple

    She can speak English, Korean, Tamil fluently and a bit of Japanese as well

    Terrible at cooking

    Super 4D personality

    Motto in life: You get 1 chance take it or leave it!

    Hwang Hyunjin

    A sweet guy and another hopeless romantic

    179cm tall

    Born on 20/3/2000

    Tends to cry easily once he cried reading a comic book

    He is great at dancing though he used to hate it

    Loves challenges and competitions

    Gentle and caring

    Part of Stray kids a dance cover crew

    Motto: Let's try even if you regret it later!

    (A/N:  Stays you must have noticed I haven't added much info about Hyunjin that's because I think you know him pretty well and I'm lazy lmao XD)

    Nishimura Riki

    Y/N's older brother

    Seems cold and introverted but is a really bubbly guy around you

    Super protective

    A real goofball

    Dance machine

    Born on 5/12/2002

    Loves Kpop

    Currently participating in a survival show called I-land

    Lalisa Manoban

    Hyunjin's Bestie and a member of blackpink

    Tomboyish style but also girly

    goofball #2

    Dance machine #2

    Secretly like Hyunjin as more than a friend

    Born on 27/3/2001

    Hwang Yeji

    Hyunjin's Twin

    Super Kind and likable person

    Studying at the University of Science and technology to become a marine biologist.

    Born on 20/3/2000

    Likes dancing a lot like Hyunjin

    Lee Minho

    In the same dance crew as Hyunjin

    Likes to annoy Hyunjin but secretly looks after Hyunjin like a little brother

    Born on 25/10/1998

    A dirty-minded boy  😏

    Dance machine #3

    4D personality

    Super savage

    Lee Heeseung

    Y/N's Best friend

    Adorable little crackhead

    His specialty is his vocals

    Used to train at Be:lift with Y/N

    Currently participating in a survival show called I-land  with Y/N's brother

    Park Sunghoon

    Ni-ki's Best friend

    Close to Y/N too

    Likes ice skating

    He is also competing on I-Land with Ni-ki and Heeseung

    Is very proud of his visuals

    Kind but seen as a cold-hearted guy on the outside

    He is known as the ice prince and was almost on South Korea's national Ice skating team

    (A/N note: That's it for the main characters for now but as the story progresses more characters will come in and there will obviously be personality changes in many characters!😁 I hope you have fun reading and in case your wondering where I got the inspiration for the story it's from one of my dreams! I also changed their personality and ages a bit to fit the storyline a bit this is in no way meant to hurt or offend anyone! Please don't take anything seriously)

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  • enhypenot7writergirl
    04.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Arrangement of hearts m.list

    Hiiiiiii my lovely readers! I hope you like reading this fanfic and it's my first one so if u have any constructive criticism pls leave it in the comment don't be a silent reader but pls no mean comments!!!!

    None of the happenings in this story are real it is purely fictional unless indicated otherwise!!

    Here is the Wattpad version's link tysm pls go check it out:


    Date started: 28/11/21

    Date ended: ongoing

    I hope you have a good time reading this and pls dm me for any corrections or leave it in the comments!!☜(゚ヮ゚☜)^_^(^///^):-D☺🥰😍😘😋😁

    Character Intro

    Teaser- 1


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  • b3-your-boyfri3nd
    04.12.2021 - 4 hours ago



    Shy at first but confident as he goes

    Caring boyfie

    Can and will let you know he loves you every chance he gets

    Very adoring

    Best hug giver

    check here to know how you can interact with Heeseung!

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  • wonvelvet
    04.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    𝗱𝗲𝗮𝗿 𝗳𝘂𝘁𝘂𝗿𝗲 𝗵𝘂𝘀𝗯𝗮𝗻𝗱;

    11 #.. who's mik oosun?

    [🗒] NOTE. Oh no riki found out 🤭 so like won and riki one on each side😗


    synopsis. you always get what you want, spoiled with the loves of your three brothers who are known to have a sister complex; it comes with much surprise therefore when heeseung makes a move on you. thirteen long years of being in the brother zone having made him utterly clueless that if he’s going to date you he has to pass through yeonbin first. and he knows how scary they can be. especially since he’s been the third scary one with them, numerous times before.

    [sister complex. a state of strong attachment and obsession to sisters, always having them as their first priority]

    :: #heeseung is not a choi but has grown up together with the choi siblings as their neighbor so the three consider him family.

    taglist. OPEN @sunflower-riki @megdoienalds @abdiitcryy @rae-blogging @blaqpinksthetic @allyg-onz @strwberrydinosaur @ryujinae @penny-quinn @thaliee @youreverydayzebra @jayujus @love13tter @baekhyunstruly @heecyon @milkycloudtyg @icywhatim @jannine00742 @gtfovi @hoonstrology @ppyongjin @woniebae @liliansun @acciomylove @jongsaengseong @w3bqrl @nyfwyeonjun @yougeans @enxnesblog @jhanleanne @wonwoosh @pinkheadflowers @seungstarss @mykalon @heelariously @bubblejunnies @rinyx @msxflower @moaberryjjunie @wondering-out-loud @yurazuyori @nyujjan @rolexjung @maeumiluv @hoonbokki @c9tnoos @luv3iza @dear-dreamie @ivyxily @studioreader

    #enhypenwriters#enhypennetwork#wkcnet#enhypen imagines#enhypen smau #enhypen social media au #enhypen drabbles#enhypen scenarios#enhypen reactions#enhypen fluff #enhypen heeseung imagine #enhypen heeseung scenarios #enhypen heeseung x reader #txt imagines#txt smau #txt yeonjun imagines #txt soobin imagines
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  • msgirlie
    04.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    "sunghoon?" you questioned the boy in front of you. the star player had been wooing you for months now but never really got much of your attention. You did actually like him, you just weren't really sure how to tell him that after rejecting him multiple times. "come to my game" he demanded. "no." you said, about to close your door but he pushed it open. "come to my game or I won't play in it." you stared in disbelief. "this is your finals sunghoon go win that trophy for the school." he stared into your orbs, "i want to win it for you. so come to my game for me." he repeated. you relented, letting out an exasperated sigh.

    he was shocked to say the least. he didn't think you'd say yes. he was already thinking up some half-assed excuse to sit out of the game. "oh, really?!" he asked, slowly forming a smile. "yea yea i'm gonna get dressed first, go have a seat."

    he was in awe when he entered your home. you had an octopus chandelier above the dining table, and a smart sofa and ever after high playing in the background and a lot of cats. a lot of cats - one, two... five!?! "what's up with the cats," he snickered. "i like them so fuck off. oh and also, the black one scratches strangers, so be careful. the grey one is most friendly." his heart swelled. "awe you're caring for me," he teased. you could only blush, rolling your eyes.

    "i forgot to add, you're coming on a date with me after that." he added, one hand on the steering wheel and the other in yours. "only if you win though," you said. loving the motivation

    that night, you cheered and screamed the loudest you ever had. all of sunghoon. and he won! all for you, he claims, sweeping you into a kiss, igniting cheers from the other players. "go shower, smelly," you smiled.

    "hey bro, coach is bringing us out for a celebratory dinner," jake called while drying his hair. "nah, i've got a girl to bring on a date." he replied, causing jake to tease him. "simp," riki called out. "jealous much?" sunoo said sassily. "ok c'mon guys let's go. see you tomorrow sunghoon!" jungwon rounded them up, a simultaneous 'yes captain' ringing around the locker room.

    going back to meet you outside, he smiled brightly, excited for the date you two were going to have. "can we go to yours?" he asked innocently. "i want to hear about your cats." that sparked something in you, a happy glint in your eye. "sure! let's go!"

    sure, he had to spend the rest of the night binge watching ever after high and being surrounded by cats, but nothing could change the fact that you were sleeping with your head on his chest, wearing his jersey from last year, fingers intertwined with his.

    and that night, he was the happiest he had ever been.

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  • hime98
    04.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    ENHYPEN won another award tonight on MMA— GLOBAL RISING ARTIST!!! 🎉🏆

    our 16th award in a year.. and counting!

    disappointed we didn't got the roty but we didn't end this day empty handed<3 nevermind the fanwars like lmao

    "no talent" "no one knows them" they paid for the award"— we all fucking know none of these bs are true. even haters recognize, so keep crying ig 💀

    Congrats, Enhypen and Engenes!!! 🎉

    also, have you seen their intro perf? aacckkkk— that was one of their best stages yet!!!
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  • hsngarchive
    04.12.2021 - 20 hours ago

    what he realized. — heeseung x fem!reader

    pairing: heeseung x reader (she/her pronouns)
    genre: angst, fluff if you squint, lovers to exes
    word count: 1k
    warnings: break-ups, mention of dying (but no actual death lol). tell me if there's more.
    summary: he was in love with her, he was sure of it. yet why did he never get excited when he was with her and why did he never enjoy their time together? why did he always lie to her?
    taglist: @amakumos @ja4hyvn

    he hated this.

    he hated whatever he was doing to her. the guilt wouldn't stop eating at him, he felt so, so bad. he didn't know why he was like this, he was sure he felt something for her, something different. it was definitely not what someone would feel towards a friend. but he still couldn't understand why he always had to act like the perfect partner, why he couldn't be honest with his feelings, why he just wanted to impress her. he wasn't like that with friends.

    maybe he was trying too hard. when he asked his friends about it, they told him his behaviour would not lead to good results in the long run. maybe they were right. maybe he was trying too hard to make it work, maybe he never actually liked her in the first place. maybe he only found her pretty. it was true though. the moment he saw her walk through the doors to the lecture hall, he could not stop staring, she looked like an angel, she was stunning. it was like she was the only person in the room.

    those thoughts were consuming him. the mere thought that he had only found her cute and didn't actually love her made him so sick. he felt like he had been lying to her the whole time, that he had faked his entire personality. she would be in despair if she found out what he was actually like, right?

    yet for the first few months after he realized his true feelings, he refused to let her go. he refused to let her roam free, be with other people, live her own life. so he pretended. he pretended that he was still in love with her like he used to. but, however much he wanted to make her happy, his inner feelings were threatening to spill out any moment.

    but alas, all good things come to an end. he couldn't hide his true feelings any longer. she had noticed his behaviour changing more and more each day. after a while, it felt like he was a new person. he stopped sending her weekly bouquets of flowers. he stopped going to his favourite coffee shop, something he would do every time they passed by. he texted her less and less often, and always seemed to be in a rush to get home. in the end, her curiosity came to the forth.

    "heeseung? why are you acting so strangely lately? is something wrong?"

    now he had no choice. because of his cowardice, he only had the last and most painful way out.

    "let's break up. i'm sorry (name)." he told her everything he felt, how he loved her so much he would die for her, yet how he didn't feel fully comfortable with her. he thanked her for everything and said that he would always treasure their memories together. to her, they may have sounded like empty words, but he was serious about them.

    he still remember the day she confessed to him, and how thrilled he had felt. before that, he had always found her cute, yet didn't harbour any of those "butterflies in his stomach" feelings for her. maybe the saying that "when someone confesses, you tend to like them more" is true after all.

    to his surprise - and somewhat relief - she didn't seem to be mad.

    "thank you for being honest, actually i noticed that a while ago but didn't want to bring it up in fear of losing you, but thank you for telling me. i won't forget what we had." she walked away, trying not to let him see her tears.

    — 2 years later.

    "heeseung? what are you staring at?" his friend, jungwon, asked.

    he had not seen her for 2 whole years, had never contacted her and never checked up on her, even though they had ended things on good terms. he never had the guts to, after he broke her heart like that. she still looked as stunning as before, but there was something different about her. he couldn't quite pinpoint it until someone came up to her. he did not recognise him, yet his heart twinged a little when he saw him take her hand in his. however, he felt happy for her, nonetheless. he was happy that she had found someone who could take care of her properly, unlike him. he was happy that she would be loved for real, something she deserved but couldn't receive in the past.

    when she caught his eye, her eyes widened, then she gave him the most heartwarming smile he had ever seen. honestly, he didn't even know if she would recognise him, but she did. she smiled as if she was thanking him for letting her go, letting her love someone else, and letting her learn how it felt to be loved by another person.

    "heeseung, is something wrong?" jungwon asked.

    "no, i just saw someone i'd wanted to see for a while. i really missed her."

    he did not regret anything about their relationship. in fact, he was so thankful for it. he was so thankful that she had wanted to be with him. he learnt so much from her and so much from their relationship. he had realized that finding someone cute did not mean that you had romantic feelings for them. he still felt bad for leading her on, but at least she was happy now. he realized that his whole life, he had just wanted to love someone, and maybe this was why they didn't work out in the end. he also realized that truly liking someone meant that you wouldn't have to go out of your way to be the perfect partner for them. finally - and most importantly - , he realised that letting go of his first relationship was the best decision he had made, because seeing her happy, even if it was because of someone else, was everything he could ever ask for.

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  • ickbite
    04.12.2021 - 21 hours ago

    El chico del apartamento 512

    heeseung x fem! reader

    inspired by “El chico del apartmento 512” by selena

    Every day is the same. Wake up, go to school, go home, sleep. But when you recently quit college due to lack of money, you suddenly became hyper-aware of your neighbors in your apartment complex.

    especially the guy from apartment 512.

    you’ve seen him a few times walk up and down the hall, stopping outside your door a few times. just seeing him makes your hurt flutter. Nothing happened between you two until a faithful night.

    A knock on your door was heard, you were awake, of course, having just gotten back from your job as a bartender. you opened it to face him, shower supplies in hand and a towel around his neck.

    “Hi, uhm, I know we haven’t really talked before but can I use your shower? mine broke and everyone else said no.”

    the situation was awkward sure, but you were more surprised at the fact that he came to you, ignoring the fact that he asked other people.

    “Yeah, come in!” you smiled, “I’m YN, and you are…?”

    “Heeseung! Nice to meet you,” he smiled back, following you to your bathroom, you having to quickly pick up the place as you went.

    you started the shower for him and bowed while leaving, hearing him close and lock the door behind you. can you believe it? the guy from apartment 512 is here, in your bathroom!

    You really hoped your older brother wasn’t gonna come back, it was only 5:34, he isn’t supposed to come back from his friends house until 7, so hopefully he won’t see Heeseung and mock you. Contrary to his belief, you were NOT a whore, you just get attached easily and this is one of those situations.

    Next thing you know, you hear two door opens, the front door and the bathroom door. You look in horror as Soobin, your brother, walks in and Heeseung walks out… wearing only pajama pants and socks.

    “Y/N, I’m home! Jun had to go so I just came back,” Soobin doesn’t seem to notice him, just on his phone. You turn to Heeseung and hold up a finger to your lips signaling him to be quiet, which he nods when he sees it.

    “I can see, was it fun of Taes?” You asked, slightly pushing Heeseung back in the bathroom.

    “Real fun, did you talk to the guy from 513 yet?”

    Your face heated up as you turned to Heeseung who looked shocked, “What do you mean?”

    “The guy you have a crush on, you know? Tall, brunette, real jacked — You talk about him everyd—“

    Your blush was evident, giving Heeseung one final push into the bathroom and following him in, closing the door behind you.

    “So you talk about me?” A smirk was shown on Heeseungs face.

    Oh god, what’d you get yourself into?

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  • wiltingdaisies
    04.12.2021 - 22 hours ago


    ✧.* 𝐒𝐀𝐘 𝐘𝐎𝐔'𝐑𝐄 𝐌𝐘 𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄 .ೃ࿐ / masterlist !

    ⇚ previous | next ⇛

    synopsis ! when jake has to leave for university, his relationship with his high school sweetheart becomes rocky. he thought he would do anything to salvage their relationship, but being miles away creates more than physical distance between the two teens.

    note ! the “sherlock holmes” gc is in jungwon’s pov and the “og 7” gc is in jake’s.

    @sprngfeverr , i saw your note on my taglist form that you don’t get notifications when i update ! usually it tags you but today when i tried it said “no blog found” i think it may be an issue with tumblr because another person from my taglist experienced the same problem :( hopefully we can figure it out but if not, i try to update on tuesdays, thursdays, and sundays between 8am and 11 pm MST (United States).

    【taglist】 | [current status: open ! join the ‘say you’re my love’ taglist at this link !]

    @abdiitcryy @heelariously @mymeloem19 @luv3iza @sthinqsz @tomorrowbymoa-together @nikkitc0703 @ja4hyvn @studioreader @sprngfeverr @neovrse @enhacolor @aleinasstuff @luvrseung @loveleejn


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    𝐢 𝐬𝐰𝐞𝐚𝐫 𝐡𝐞 𝐰𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐟𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭.

    《《 au masterlist 》》

    taglist [open]; @ryuflix @banana-boat-doodoodododo @wh4txium1n @freckledwinterfalls @sthinqsz @acciomylove @foolish-kpops @heelariously @msxflower @wccycc @mykalon @ddeonubaby @youreverydayzebra @softforqiankun @hibuki-chan @jongsaengseong @bangchan-fairy @gongiz @thesunshineshop @enhacolor @kpop-bambi @baekhyunstruly @kyleeanne

    couldnt tag; @yuqiqu

    taglist open!! lemme know if you wanna be tagged!!

    © 2021 copyright. all rights reserved. @0x1lovebot.

    #the sunshine shop #jake x reader #enhypen jake x reader #enhypen x reader #enhypen smau#enhypen jake#enhypen heeseung#enhypen jay#enhypen sunghoon#enhypen sunoo#enhypen jungwon#enhypen niki#nishimura riki#enhypen fluff#enhypen crack#enhypen angst#enhypen #enhypen social media au #enhypen socmed au #sim jaeyun x reader #sim jaeyun#jake sim #jake sim x reader #jake sim smau #faithwrites🌱
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  • moapiaf
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago


    GENRE pure fluff.

    WARNINGS use of girlfriend/ boyfriend.

    im going to mention food.


    𖦹̸ laugh i feel like he would laugh to himself at some parts of the movie. specially at the parts that don’t have jokes.

    𖦹̸ whisper to you sometimes here and there you’d feel a breathing at your neck followed by “do you think he is the murderer?”.

    𖦹̸ shoulder rest you put your head at his shoulder and watch the movie, he would do the same.

    𖦹̸ his top picks would be fiction, mystery and action.

    — SIM JAKE!

    𖦹̸ eating all of your pop corn this happens because he always says he isn’t hungry, so he ends up only buying a small bag of popcorn for you.

    𖦹̸ talking to himself he’s the type of guy to get really into the movie and starts speaking with the characters, at some point you have to put your hand over his mouth.

    𖦹̸ placing your hand on his tight especially at the most exciting part of the movie. sometimes even forgetting he’s squeezing it.

    𖦹̸ his top picks would be sci-fi, action and superhero.


    𖦹̸ naming brands if a new character appears with a different outfit he would try and guess the brand they were wearing. even going as far as, later at home searching and purchasing the same clothes because he liked them.

    𖦹̸ repeating lines he always does this when he is with you. his only duty is to make you smile when you had a bad day.

    𖦹̸ interlocking arms he loves playing with your fingers or simply just caressing your hand.

    𖦹̸ his top picks would be spy, super hero and action but sometimes a romance-comedy.

    — KIM SUNOO!

    𖦹̸ the best popcorns he always knows where the best food is at, popcorns is one of his specialties. he even sometimes makes you smuggle some into the theater.

    𖦹̸ not paying attention to the movie he’d be just looking at you all the time. making you smile is enough for him.

    𖦹̸ holding hands all the way through the movie. perhaps along with head rests?

    𖦹̸ his top picks would be 100% drama, romance and animation.


    𖦹̸ making you laugh he’d always make jokes about situations or characters. you two would always end up being shushed by someone. you two would laugh at that as well.

    𖦹̸ tease you he always goes in a rant on how much he likes a character, he only stops when you are visible annoyed and adds “but they aren’t like my girlfriend/ boyfriend”.

    𖦹̸ holding your tight when this happens he never lets it go. you always become stiff and don’t know what to do.

    𖦹̸ his top picks would be musical, action and comedy.


    𖦹̸ talk i feel like he would talk a lot to you, from all the things that were happening on the screen.

    𖦹̸ wow at things he would be impressed by the movie and always show that he’s impressed by making any type of sound. you always found it amusing because his cute eyes would glow.

    𖦹̸ put his arm behind your back in his eyes that is the most comfortable way to be close to you.

    𖦹̸ his top picks would be superhero, action and dark comedy.


    𖦹̸ feeds you popcorn that’s all i have to say

    𖦹̸ cuddle this man will straight up hug you, theres no limits. he definitely hates the cinema chair because he can’t rest his head on your lap. he has to content himself with hand holding.

    𖦹̸ focused this man is eating the movie up, not even a word for the rest, he will feed, cuddle but not saying a word.

    𖦹̸ his top picks would be martial arts, action and comedy.

    enha- master

    tags: @bbanggami @teucu12

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  • tashazone
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Chess Club Crush [Part 1]

    Pairing: Sim Jaeyun x gn!reader / Lee Heeseung x gn!reader

    Genre: highschool! au, lovetriangle! au, friends to lovers! au, fluff, crack, lil angsty

    Synopsis: (Y/N), a new student at Enhypen High, exhibits interest in becoming the eighth member of the school’s unfunded chess club. Needless to say, the reader befriends the respective members, and even ends up helping the club shoot to national chess stardom. Inevitably, (y/n)’s relationship with one particular member flourishes throughout their time spent together. (Part 1)

    Word Count: 1.3 k

    Warning: Some swearing, didn’t proofread… don’t sue me lol

    A/N: Don’t worry if you have limited or no knowledge about chess! I attempted to break down everything to understandable bits, no need to be scared off <3


    “Damn it, I’m almost late to the meeting.” I mutter, practically flying through the hallway. There were lots of clubs holding their bi-weekly, after-school meetings in different rooms, and as a new student, I was hopelessly lost . “Finally, room 301,” I said, flinging open the door, to be immediately met by an almost irritatingly chipper kid, a kid who barely reached my shoulders in height. “Welcome to the free hug club, friend! Bring it in!”, they shouted gleefully, closing in on me. “Oh wow, I think I’ll pass… sorry I didn’t mean to uh… join the free hug club, I’m looking for the chess club.” The kid is visibly disappointed but nonetheless cheerfully says, “that’s room 310, not 301 you silly goose!” I could have sworn that the announcement bulletin board had said that it was room 301, but in spite of that, with a barely audible goodbye, I darted out of the room, both embarrassed and almost completely at a loss for words.

    I was for sure going to be hopelessly late to the meeting, “gonna make a great first impression” I thought. As I approach room 310, I notice it’s at the end of the hallway and is obviously quieter than the rooms other clubs had occupied. Catching your breath from the exhaustive running I just did, I peer into the window, with a view of two boys playing chess, with the rest watching them, however, my thoughts are rudely interrupted by a sarcastic voice. “Are you going to come in, or are you going to stand there like a moron all day?” Embarrassed yet again, I sheepishly open the door saying, “sorry I’m late, I got kinda lost back there, didn’t know what room we were gonna meet in.”

    There were two kids playing chess, completely uninterested in what was happening, and five other kids staring at me, some with an apologetic look, and some with no discernible expression. Eventually one of them speaks up, “Hi, I’m Jungwon, the president of the chess club. Sorry about Heeseung, he’s always been more on the sarcastic side,” he then gives an expectant glare to who I now assume is Heeseung. “...my bad, I’m Heeseung.” Jungwon continues, “anyways, the two playing chess are Jake and Sunghoon; but the other guys beside me are Niki, Sunoo and Jay.” I introduce myself as (y/n), to which the others give a greet me, while the two playing chess give me a grunt of acknowledgement.

    “Soooo”, I start, “where are the rest of the chess boards?” After saying this, I am immediately met with laughter by all members, even the two previously engrossed in their own little chess world. “That’s cute,” said Jay, “they actually think we’re given any funding.” Sunoo pipes in saying, “bold of you to assume the school gives a shit about anything other than sports.” “Hey!”, goes Niki, “isn’t chess technically a sport??” Immediately after saying this, Niki and Sunoo start bickering about whether chess was a sport or not, while Jungwon facepalms. “I’m shocked you’d even be interested in joining the club at this point,” Jungwon says in an exasperated tone.

    “No, I love chess! Actually, my grandpa was a chess grandmaster, he taught me all there is,” I say, trying to emphasize my interest in chess. At this point, attention is once again on me, with all members looking at me in disbelief. “Wow, so lying through your teeth and looking at people through small windows are two of your biggest hobbies, huh?,” said Heeseung. Getting tired of Heeseung’s bullshit, I retort, “I'm seasoned in the arts, but clearly being a jackass has got to be your favorite pastime.” Heeseung rolls his eyes while Niki immediately shoots questions at a mile a minute. “What was their strategy?”, “When did they start teaching you?”, “Do grandmasters get a lot of mone-.”

    “DAMN IT”, yells Sunghoon, “YOU ONLY WON BECAUSE THEY DISTRACTED ME!” Jake pacifies Sunghoon, “you were great, we can always have a rematch when it’s our week to use the chessboard.” “But that’s in two weeks…” Sunghoon says dejectedly. “Wait a minute, you have to wait weeks to play?” I said, confused. “Duhh, there’s only one chess board, do you think we can just all play at the same bloody time,” said Sunoo. “Trust me (y/n), we all wish there was more than one, it’s not like they're expensive or anything, the school’s just uninterested in anything that doesn’t involve sweating like a pig,” sneered Jungwon.

    Suddenly an idea hit me, “hold up, I’ve got three extra chess boards at home, I’m sure my parents won’t mind me borrowing them.” The boys visibly become excited, however, my statement doesn’t protect myself from another one of Heeseung’s sarcastic quips, “who in their right mind needs more than one chess board though?” Jay nudges Heeseung, “listen, you can just watch us play since you’re so against us having extra boards.” “No! Fine…” sighs Heeseung.

    “We’ve got like 10 minutes until the school kicks us out for the weekend, our next meeting is this Monday, so make sure you remember to bring the chess boards, ok?”, goes Jungwon. “I’ve got a better idea,” goes Jake, “just give me your number, I’ll remind you over the weekend. After all we’re counting on you (y/n), no pressure!” Suddenly, I feel my face going warm, “so he’s cute and friendly, I’m definitely going to make this real awkward, real quick,” I thought to myself. “Uhm, yeah, I’ll just put it in my phone…” “Wait, shouldn't you put your number in my phone?” Jake laughs. “Damn it. Yeah you’re right, I forgot,” trying to laugh off my cringeworthy moment.

    “That’s unfair! How come (y/n) can get your number but I can’t?” Niki whines. “That’s because you dropped your phone into the toilet! You don’t have a phone anymore, dingbat,” Sunoo shouts. “Oh yeah…” Niki says sheepishly.


    It’s Sunday, and I’ve been texting back and forth with Jake. He’s been super sweet and even went out of his way to describe each of the chess club member’s personalities and their dynamic within the group. It was similar to the meeting on Friday, Heeseung having a dry sense of humor, Jungwon being the more mature member in the club, Sunoo and Niki finding any possible opportunity to bicker, along with an easygoing Jay, and Sunghoon, a notoriously sore-loser. I asked Jake for the rest of the members' numbers and Jake, being a sweet friend, happily obliged, meaning I now had means of communication with all members of the chess club… sans Niki, because well, Sunoo explained his lack of a cell phone back on Friday.

    My parents were cool with my taking of the chess boards and the respective pieces, so long as they were not damaged, after all, they were sentimental since they belonged to my late grandpa. All they said was that I should bear in mind that these boards were on the expensive side, but nonetheless, they trusted me. Besides, they weren’t exactly opposed to their child making new friends through chess. While I was daydreaming about Jake and haphazardly doing my biology homework I heard my phone go off. I checked to see who it was, to find an unknown number telling me “hey (y/n), at ur place, come outside we’re going to get food together.” Obviously I was on edge, I just moved here, and I had the numbers of the rest of the members, who the hell could this be? I text back, “who are u, how do u know where I live?”, to which the unknown number goes, “just look outside dummy”.

    I decide to get up and look out my window and I am met with both shock and confusion. How the hell did this guy know where I lived, and why would they wanna hang out with me, we just met like two days ago???


    Part 2 coming Friday, December 10th, 2021

    #enhypen#enhypenimagines #enhypen x reader #enhypen x y/n #enhypen fluff #niki x reader #jungwon x reader #sunoo x reader #sunghoon x reader #sim jake x reader #park jay x reader #heeseung x reader #niki imagines#jungwon imagines#sunoo imagines#sunghoon imagines #sim jake imagines #park jay imagines #heeseung imagines#kpop#kpopimagines#nishimura riki#sim jaeyoon#yang jungwon#park jongseong#park sunghoon#kim sunoo#lee heeseung #enhypen high school au #enhypen crack
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    ep 4: belift lounging

    synopsis: it's a rule that bestfriends should never fall in love with one another, and that will never happen when they're both notorious players of belift university. but what happens when y/n meets heeseung's bestfriend, jay, behind his back?

    warnings: none

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    authors note:

    sorry for the late updates
    jay was actually looking at his notes and not at anime girls sunghoon is just a liar 😒
    y/n actually smacked somi in her ribs tbh
    poor heeseung.. but whatever

    please re-blog, like or simply interact! thank you for reading <3

    taglist (open): @m1ng-how @giyyuzz @jongsaengseong @hobistigma @sunshine-skz @p2arks @darkheartpeace @c9tnoos @hoonbokki @papiibuprofen @acciomylove @datiny-zen @shigamiryuk @yeetjake (ask or comment!)

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    sunoo's pretty brown eyes

    here's an appreciation post for this sunshine who has never failed to make me feel happy even on my worst days. #ENHYPEN_SUNOO

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    CH. 08 — jongseong [ prev / next ]

    you never meant for the thread you made about your exes to gain so much attention. now with over 15k likes, people are asking for an update about your third ex— jay, when there's nothing to update at all. thankfully, he himself reaches out to you. (or is it something you should be thankful about?)

    FEATURING : jay x reader, the rest of enhypen, some gp999 contestants, and a lot more!

    AUTHOR'S NOTE : yes, i know jungwon is allergic to cats. but does that matter in this smau? yes, it will.

    TAGLIST : (closed) @wkhdery @eufrsr @acciomylove @mitsuhamiyas @sunshine-skz @hobistigma @primorange @jakestan @defxciii @99swinwin @whoe-dis @riklvrs @ncityy04 @enheyy @yangyanghq @enhypeman @seoli-16 @msxflower @c9tnoos @cscarletred @oofsoftnanahours @squidyelmosquidbutt @mishtidoie @dear-dreamie @blossomnct @wanlore @hahajajajhaja @j4yluvr @mymeloem19 @bbanggami @vickys-witchylife @littlewolfieposts @yougeans @tobiosbbyghorl @lokideadontheinside @doyumoon @kingkaithekiwi @doyumoon @lixseu @hibuki-chan @jdyunvrs @aleinasstuff

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    CH. 07 — mr. tuna [ prev / next ]

    you never meant for the thread you made about your exes to gain so much attention. now with over 15k likes, people are asking for an update about your third ex— jay, when there's nothing to update at all. thankfully, he himself reaches out to you. (or is it something you should be thankful about?)

    FEATURING : jay x reader, the rest of enhypen, some gp999 contestants, and a lot more!

    AUTHOR'S NOTE : apparently u have a cat now ... yay 😁 and the second update for today will come in a few minutes

    TAGLIST : (closed) @wkhdery @eufrsr @acciomylove @mitsuhamiyas @sunshine-skz @hobistigma @primorange @jakestan @defxciii @99swinwin @whoe-dis @riklvrs @ncityy04 @enheyy @yangyanghq @enhypeman @seoli-16 @msxflower @c9tnoos @cscarletred @oofsoftnanahours @squidyelmosquidbutt @mishtidoie @dear-dreamie @blossomnct @wanlore @hahajajajhaja @j4yluvr @mymeloem19 @bbanggami @vickys-witchylife @littlewolfieposts @yougeans @tobiosbbyghorl @lokideadontheinside @kingkaithekiwi @doyumoon @lixseu @hibuki-chan @jdyunvrs @aleinasstuff

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    What Happened to Lee Heeseung?

    7- a session with ryujin

    Synopsis: After a heartbreak, Lee Heeseung is no longer the in-charge, straight-A class president he used to be. He's fallen into the virtual world of Black Sky, and fallen off the grade boundary a long time ago. Before his game addiction gets worse though, he meets you in-game, and you offer to be his therapist to overcome this addiction. Soon, Heeseung finds himself falling for you... but you're miles away and a virtual relationship could never work, right? Not to mention you literally think he's an 11-year-old girl...

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    Taglist: @loveonthefloormp3 @mykalon @hobistigma @msxflower @rinyx @axurio @diestheticu @nshitae @shiningstarsarah @liliansun @postalenha @icywhatim @punneysushi01 @giyyuzz @studioreader @sthinqsz @datiny-zen @tomorrowbymoa-together @yukii0-0 @mymeloem19 @baekhyunstruly @ja4hyvn @shynypeacekitten @luvrseung @deez-nutzz @darkheartpeace @mavlogist

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