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    22.01.2022 - 31 minutes ago

    ✧⋄⋆ wash day with enhypen ⋆⋄✧

    warnings; none.
    a/n; i’m black. i’m an engene. this was bound to happen at some point🤷🏾‍♀️. and fun fact; the only reason I have arm muscles is because of wash day 😭😭


    hee is just along for the ride☺️

    he clears his schedule for the day, comes over, and he just watches and admires you and your “pretty curls” as he likes to call them😭

    but once you asked him to wash your hair becuz your arms were too tired, he freezes up

    he knows how particular you can be about who touches your hair so the fact that you trusted him enough to let him wash your hair made his heart burst‼️

    but after his heart goes back to normal lol he sits in the tub with you and helps you scrub your scalp

    he even sings softly to help you relax

    his hands are so soothing and gentle that it takes all of your willpower to not fall asleep in his arms listening to his beautiful voice

    no he’s your designated hair washer becuz he does a damn good job

    but unfortunately he’s useless with a comb😔

    [rest of the members under cut!!!]


    jay actually offers to help you

    he knows how much of hassle wash day can be from detangling all the way to styling

    he knows how much of hassle wash day can be from detangling all the way to styling

    and he wants to be a good boyfriend and help as best as he can😤‼️

    but he always underestimates how l o n g it’s gonna take

    it isn’t until 2 hours have passed and you just start washing your hair that he starts to understand the magnitude of the situation

    “I should’ve cleared my schedule for the day if I knew this would take so long!!”

    but no matter how long it takes he loves being there just to watch and help you along the way🥰

    he even pulls your hair into a puff at the end becuz your arms are way too drained and tired for you to do it yourself😭😭



    the only one who can actually help you the most on wash day

    he helps with sectioning, detangling, and washing your hair

    the only reason he doesn’t blow dry your hair for you is becuz you refuse to let him do everything no matter how much he begs you to🙄

    but the most important thing is that he BRAIDS YOUR HAIR FOR YOU OMFG

    his grip on your hair is even better than the most wicked of hairstylists😤

    we’ll talk about jake and his grip strength another day

    but he actually knows what he’s doing and he actually enjoys helping as much as possible

    the perfect combination

    he’s perfect😔


    he never really understood why wash day was such an ordeal for you

    he knew your hair was quite different than his but he thought you could just bust out the 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, blow dry your hair and call it a day

    it wasn’t until he came over and saw the slew of hair products, combs and brushes strewn across your bathroom that he finally understood that this was no ordinary process

    “y/n….. there’s no way you use all of this one your hair in one day. our stylist don’t even use this much stuff on us”

    “hoonie my hair isn’t built like yours!! if I don’t use all of this than my hair is gonna be like Brillo!!”

    and even tho he’s a bit shocked by how much needs to be done, he does his best to help however he can

    he refrains from getting near you while you detangle your hair for fear of getting elbowed in the face😭😭

    but he’s better at blow drying and parting your hair than you are so it’s become his job now✨🤷🏾‍♀️


    he has no idea what’s going on but he’s willing to learn!!

    he always asks questions about the products you use and what they’re for

    and you love answering his questions, it warms your heart that he’s so interested in the process🥰

    he watches everything you do intently so that next time he can actually help you with the process

    but even having sunoo there with you is enough to make wash day less of a pain than it usually is☺️


    jungwon is pretty knowledgeable about wash day

    he’s watched videos about it on youtube

    he’s done research on the subject

    he even called your mom to ask for tips becuz he really wanted to help

    he thought it seemed easy enough🤔

    but once he comes over, watches you detangle your hair and sees the comb snap in your hair-

    everything he thought he knew just flies out the window😳

    he stands there and watches as you basically throw hands with your hair trying to get the knots out and is like

    “no wonder she can beat the members in arm wrestling😧”

    so he’s basically just🧍‍♂️the whole time

    he mostly just hands you things like combs or brushes or your towel


    he wants to help you

    he really truly does

    but he’s too scared of ruining your hair in some way to even go near you on wash day

    you tell him that it’ll be fine and he doesn’t have to worry so much but he thinks it’s just too beautiful to even risk messing it up

    so the most he does is bring you food and make you laugh

    which to be honest is the best thing he can do

    becuz wash day gets boring sometimes ://

    better moral support than none at all😌

    © 2021 copyright. all rights reserved. @0x1lovebot.

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    21.01.2022 - 2 hours ago



    ☼ Summary: When Riki invites y/n over to work on a school project she doesn’t expect much more than to see her brother and his friends. But what happens when she there’s someone who means so much more to her?

    ☼ Genre: fluff, friends to lovers, smau

    ☼ Warnings: cursing and pure oblivion 

    previous - masterlist - next

    y/n’s pov

    i laid on my back on riki’s bed while waiting to be taken off hold. “i swear these people have left me on hold for like three hours!” i whined. “its been like two minutes. why did you need to call them anyway?” “statistics! their website says nothing and we need these in order to finish the first part of the project.” he sighed. “i’m bored. let’s continue this another day and go play with the hyungs or something. we’ve been working for an hour and its not due til after break.” “after this phone call.” i turned my focus to the phone as i heard someone on the other line begin to speak. “sorry for keeping you, how may i-” “now lets go play.” i looked up at riki with murder on my mind. “you have ten seconds to run.” “what?” “I’M GONNA DIF YOUR GRAVE NISHIMURA!” riki ran down the stair as i chased after him. “HELP!! SHES GOING TO KILL ME!!” “I WAITED FOR THIRTY MINUTES AND YOU HUNG UP AS SOON AS THEY ANSWERED! SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR ENGENE!” I reached my arm out to grab him but was pulled backward by a strong force. i fell backward, knocking whoever stopped me over as well. we fell onto the couch and they grabbed onto my waist, keeping me from slipping right off the couch. “let’s calm down, yeah?” i sat up, out of breath and turned to see i was now sitting on jungwon’s lap. “i’m sure whatever he did was annoying but it’s okay. i think you both need a break.” i huffed. “but he just hung up and i was so close to finishing up part of the project,” i whined. jungwon chuckled and rubbed my back. “it’s okay, let’s watch a movie. you can pick.” i sighed getting up from his lap and sitting in between jungwon and jake. riki walked back into the living room and sat on the floor far away from me. “riki, apologize,” heeseung said as he sat in a chair. “but-” “no buts, apologize.” he rolled his eyes and looked at me. “sorry.” “forgiven. now can we watch princess diaries?” “NOOO!!! NO NOT FAIR!” riki said, jumping to his feet. “i swear, y’all are actually two,” sunghoon sighed. “yes, we can watch princess diaries,” jungwon said grabbed the remote to put the movie on. i smiled and laid my head on his shoulder. “awe stop cuddling. you literally only want to watch princess diaries because she does. dont be a simp jungwon.” jungwon rolled his eyes. “it’s called being a gentleman, ni-ki.” a few minutes into the movie, i fell asleep on jungwon’s shoulder.

    jungwon’s pov

    “riki do you like y/n or something? why do you always fight with her?” “no, we’re just like that. we have a sibling complex.” y/n nuzzled closer to me. i smiled down at her. “what about you jungwon? you two seem close, no?” i looked up at heeseung. “no, i just have a soft spot for her i guess.” “yea just dont go around fucking my sister, okay?” i felt my face get red and i swallowed hard. “y-yeah, of course.” jay laughed. “you made him all nervous. the thought of fucking y/n got to you or something bud?” “stop, don’t say that!” i said pushing jay. the others laughed. “watch out sunoo, hes gonna be family soon.” “YAH!” i covered my face in embarrassment. “you can date her just dont do anything… weird… you know,” sunoo said while patting my head. “okay next topic. i dont like talking about this,” i said causing the boys to laugh. after a while the biys went to bed one by one, leaving me and a sleeping y/n. i looked at her and smiled. i wrapped my arm around her. “you are cute, huh? i’m sorry for never noticing,” i whispered.

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    21.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    enhypen - being protective ! ‧₊˚

    「 mlist 」

    a/n: hyung line only !! as requested by the lovely @4jakes <3 i decided to write this as one of the first enha posts bc i love the idea too much sorry


    he'd be in between being very lowkey and natural about it and being incredibly bold. he would be most comfortable with those types of gestures in private, but i'd say at home or maybe even around the members he'd do his thing here and there. he'd definitely be proud of himself when he reaches past you to hand you the cup you couldn't reach, or he'd have to bite back his smile when he sees your flustered face after grabbing you and pulling you out of the busy side of the street. extra points for him when his chest brushes against your back, the body contact making you even more flustered. definitely pats your head and strokes your hair, and will 100% hold your hands in a crowd, especially if you feel anxious in one.

    ✰ JAY

    it's in his blood and veins. he is fueled with protectiveness. he looks at you and his brain goes "must protect". but he tries to play it cool, you know? he just casually insists on carrying your bags for you and totally does not fight you every time you want to sit down before he pulls out the chair. he'd gently nag and talk on and on as he adjusts your scarf and hat before leaving the house. the type to take the thing you'd be struggling with out of your hand, fix it, and give it back without saying a word. he'd look after you when you separate in public spaces and he'd just love taking care of you in all these little ways! his hand would be practically glued to yours because he feels safer like this.

    ✰ JAKE

    he'd be a bit like your personal guard dog and emotional support puppy in one! if you call his name he'd be by your side in an instant. would put a hand on your thigh almost instinctively when you sit down next to him, and would always scan your face for any kind of negative emotion. also, you two are food buddies, no questions asked. what's his is yours, and what's yours is his. would be so happy to make you food, no matter what time it is. would lowkey be one for matching couple items or outfits because he likes the way you two look so obviously like you're together.


    he'd be cocky about it when you two are alone, but he'd still do small things if you aren't. he'd be the type to tease you but still wipe your cheek for you when you get sauce on it, or he'd guide you through the crowd by holding your hand. pats your thigh a lot and would definitely side-eye anyone that would be behaving weirdly towards you. you know that video where he comforts jake and does this little head bump? (:)).


    © aemoonie

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  • enhas-bestie
    21.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    uni love [33]

    chapter thirty three: finally! (written)

    “what do you mean you and yeji planned all of this?” you shake your head incredulously, not quite believing the words that had spilled from taehyun’s mouth just minutes ago, “what do you mean she doesn’t like heeseung?!”

    taehyun looks at you blankly, sighing for the fifth time and wondering if you were really just that hard of hearing, “it means exactly that—yeji doesn’t like heeseung.” he says slowly, enunciating each word carefully so that you could finally get it through to your thick skull “come on now yn, you’re literally a medical student, you cannot be this slow.”

    “shut up” you retort, but there’s no real bite behind your words, “you shouldn’t have done this tae. yeji doesn’t like heeseung, but heeseung likes yeji. all of this is extremely unfair towards him.”

    your words have no effect on taehyun, who’s phone buzzes. you watch as he checks it before putting it away and turning his attention back towards you, “I don’t think he likes her as much as you think he does.”

    “what?” you say dumbly, “look taehyun, I literally made a deal with him and promised that I would set him up with yeji if he were to give me extra tutoring. he likes her, a lot.” you don’t know how else to convince taehyun of this fact other than emphasizing your words. you don’t know what’s more preposterous—the fact that taehyun is blatantly ignoring your words, or the fact that he thinks you have a chance with heeseung in the first place.

    “well if he likes her so much, he should really tell his friends to stop talking about how much he likes you.” taehyun laughs as he looks at your stunned face, “they’re loud about it too.”

    “what exactly are you talking about?” you’re at a loss for words.

    taehyun tilts his head, dyed silver hair shifting ever so slightly as he thinks about the conversation he had overheard in the cafeteria a few days ago, “I was at the vending machine, right--the one in the cafeteria on the second floor,” he lays the scene, “when these three guys walked past me. I wasn’t paying them much attention—it’s not like I had a reason too—and then guess what?” he says it like he’s about to share with you a brand new phenomenon, “I hear your name.”

    “my name?”

    “yeah,” taehyun looks at you, looking far too excited for your liking, “and then they start fucking arguing about how heeseung likes you but he’s just too stupid to notice it! and I was thinking “man, that’s crazy, because yn likes heeseung and she’s stupid too!”—a match made in heaven I tell you.”

    you purse your lips, “you’re not funny.”

    “well I hope you didn’t find that funny, because I wasn’t joking.”

    you’re about to retaliate, perhaps tell taehyun how absolutely ridiculous all of this sounds, when his phone buzzes again, “look alive yn. yeji and heeseung will be hear in about a minute.”

    you respond with a faux smile, “a minute?? that’s great—because in a minute you’re about to take me home.”

    “here,” you’re abruptly pushed back as taehyun shoves the flowers and chocolates (oh my god, was that some ferrero rocher??) into your hands, “yn, i’m so sorry for putting you on the spot like this, but you’re gonna have to let go of all of the nervous feelings you have and just go for it.”

    You splutter, “let go of my nervousness? Are you insane?”

    “it’s now or never.”

    now or never?

    …you ponder over those words. now or never.

    you either confess now, and by the end of the day you’ll have some answer…or you never confess and you’ll end up going home with absolutely nothing. you put your hands on your head and tug on your hair lightly as you make your decision.

    “okay—okay fuck, I’ll do it.” you don’t where this sudden bravery of yours had come from, but you cling on it with all of your might. you were going to confess today. and if you got rejected-- then, so what? It wasn’t like you were dating him anyway. you’d be in your feelings for a while, sure, but at least you’d have some closure at the end of the day.

    “really?” taehyun looks shocked, and you half feel like hitting him.

    “you were literally convincing me to do it and now you say “really?” what do you want from me??”

    taehyun shakes his head, a weight lifted off his shoulders now that he knows you’re on board, “nothing, nothing. I just thought it would take a little more to convince you.”

    you send him a glare, the car feeling more stuffy than it did a few minutes ago, “taehyun stop talking before I psych myself out.”

    but taehyun’s not looking at you, instead his focus lies on the two people walking into the coffee shop “yeah, don’t worry about having time to psych yourself out--they’re here.”

     despite the cold weather, everything around you feels hot. your jacket feels to heavy, your face feels to warm, and the coffee shop feels to crowded even though there were only three other people occupying the spacious interior of CoffeeBeanz.

    just before you had entered the shop, yeji had come running out, giving you a tight hug and a whispered “goodluck, we’ll talk later!” before sprinting to taehyun’s (borrowed) car and getting in.

    god, you felt like you were being sent off to war.

    and that, was what led you to sitting in the seat across heeseung, two untouched mugs of cocoa sitting on the table between you as the two of you struggled to make eye-contact.

    “well,” you start off hopelessly, “this is awkward.”

    a soft puff of air leaves heeseung’s mouth as he lets out a small laugh, “yeah, it is.”

    “umm, did yeji tell you anything…about why you’re really here?” you hoped she did, it would save you the trouble of having to tell him yourself. not that you were sure you’d even be able to relay the complicated situation to him anyway. not without feeling embarrassed at least.

    heeseung nods his head, his gaze strictly on the table and his neck slightly red, “yeah. she filled me in on everything.” he looks up at you apologetically, “I’m sorry I’m being quiet right now, I’m just not good in these…situations.”

    “oh, trust me, I know.” you say, giggling slightly when you think about how nervous he always acted whenever you even payed him a compliment. you wonder how he was able to act so confidently most of the time, but when he was the center of attention or being praised he would turn into a shy mess. 

    your laughter seemed to have brightened up the mood, because heeseung finally looks up and you can see a smile creeping up on his face. 

    and it’s in that moment that you decide it’s now or never.

    “heeseung,” you dig deep for the tiny embers of bravery you had felt earlier and cling to it, “you know why you’re here, so I’m just going to say it—I like you.”

    the boy in front of you has his eyes wide open, and even though his cheeks are tinted red (the same way you’re sure your cheeks are), you still don’t know what to expect. you fidget in your seat slightly as heeseung gathers his thoughts. were confessions always this nerve wrecking? that you didn’t know, seeing as how he was the first boy you ever confessed to.

    “yn…” heeseung begins off slowly, and you immediately feel your heart sink. fuck, here comes the rejection.

    “no—no. I’m not rejecting you, really,” you hear him panic, and you look up to see his concerned eyes watching over you, “it’s just…how do I say this?”

    “just say it,” you try to tell him calmly, even though you were internally freaking out, “I won’t hate you for anything you say here heeseung. just be honest. with me, and yourself.”

    “I-”, he pauses, “can I…hold your hand?”

    you freeze, hold your hand? he wants to hold your hand?

    “heeseung, I swear to god if this is your way of rejecting me I’m gonna-”

    a soft chuckle leaves his mouth, and you watch him grasp your hands, which were cradling your warm mug, and wrap them with his own, “I already told you yn,” he traces your hands gently with his own, “I’m not rejecting you.”

    “for starters, let me just tell you that I don’t like yeji anymore… to be honest, I don’t think I ever did,” at your confused face he adds, “well, I won’t lie, I did like her a little bit-- just not as much as I thought I did. It was more of an admiration thing.”

    you nod at his words carefully to show that were listening (but you wouldn’t lie, it was damn hard to concentrate when he was holding your hands like that).

    “anyway, the more we hung out, it kind of felt like we were just friends…I still think she’s great and I still admire her—that’s why I came here to reject her in person instead of over the phone--”

    “you were gonna reject her?” you reel from this new piece of information.

    “yn, please focus.” you hear him say through an amused smile and you nod distractedly. so he came here to reject yeji…but he wasn’t rejecting you? how did that even make sense?

    “I’ll be honest with you… yn, I do have some feelings for you… I’m just scared. what if one day I don’t feel those things anymore? what if I hurt you in the future? how do I even know what I’m feeling won’t fade a week from now?”

    as heeseung lists all of these things, you look at him carefully and squeeze his hand softly, signaling him to stop, “heeseung, you know that it’s okay for you to feel scared about these things, right?”

    “It is?”

    “well, yeah” you laugh, “I’m asking you for a chance, not your hand in marriage. we can take things slow—you’re not supposed to be in love with me before we even start dating.” you blush as your words ring in your ears, “if we start dating. If.”

    heeseung looks at you with worried doe eyes, “yeah, but yn, what if--”

    “heeseung, listen to me, relationships are scary. that’s how they’re supposed to be. if we started dating—if you started dating anyone, for that matter—you’re gonna be scared of hurting them. that’s just how things are. but you can’t let that stop you from even trying to let somebody get closer to you.” you look at him again, “you think I’m not scared? taehyun literally lured me here to confess. and even though I’m fucking terrified, I still wanted to try to let you know how i felt.”

    heeseung’s chest feels light and heavy all at the same time as he watches you speak. he doesn’t think you know how much your words have had an effect on him, and he doesn’t think he you know how much your words have assured him. you’re funny, and smart, and you always brighten up his day when he sees you. hell, you were even able to make a situation like this, feel light hearted and warm amongst all of the nervousness.

    he knows the way you make him feel is different to the way yeji made him feel. his feelings towards yeji shifted to friendship the moment he started to get to know her better. but with you? The more he started to get to know you better, his desire to get to know you even more intensified.

    heeseung is scared, the same way that you are, but he thinks that if it’s you, he’s willing to give it a chance.

    heeseung takes one look at your rosy cheeks, and pretty eyes. he looks at the little wisps of your hair framing your face, and your reassuring smile. heeseung looks at you and he just knows.

    “yn, I think…I want to give us a chance.”

    your mouth parts open slightly, and you let go of one of his hands to cover your mouth, “really?” you look at him, your hear racing at his words, and then you lean forward conspiratorially “are you sure?”

    heeseung finds himself smiling at your ridiculous question. honestly, you always found ways to amuse him “do you want me to be unsure?”

    “no, no!” you flail your hands, “I just can’t believe it.”

    “we have to take it slow though,” heeseung says, bashful brown eyes looking at you, “I’ve never really dated anyone before…”

    “like I have.” you snort, and your reaction makes him laugh, “but yeah…” you smile at him softly, “we can definitely take things slow.”  

    when you and heeseung leave the coffee shop an hour later, taehyun is still parked outside, and you tug on heeseung’s sleeve, “hey, look—tae’s still here.”

    heeseung squints, eyes following your pointed finger to a familiar black vehicle that he’s seen his another of his friend drive in, “isn’t that yeonjun’s car?” he asks questionably, but allows you to drag him towards the car anyway.

    when the two of you finally reach the car window, taehyun rolls it down and you catch sight of an excited yeji in the passenger seat, “I take it everything went well?” she asks, a happy grin on her face, as if she and taehyun weren’t watching everything unfold through the window of the café’.

    you and heeseung share a fleeting smile before you answer, “you could say that.”

    “finally,” a voice cuts in and you tilt your head in confusion, because that voice definitely came from inside the car, but it didn’t belong to taehyun, nor did it belong to yeji.

    heeseung on the other hand freezes at the familiarity.

    “we’ve been waiting for this moment since forever!” another voice joins in.

    and then another voice, “I know right…can’t believe things worked out in the end.”

    three heads force their way through from the backseat to squeeze between yeji and taehyun, “hi yn! I’m sunghoon-.”

    “-my name’s jay-”

    “-i’m jake-”

    “it’s nice to finally meet you!”

    “uh, hi?”

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    main UL masterlist
    ❗taglist is now closed ❗

    synopsis : you have high hopes for your second year of university. so it’s a damn shame that your university’s administration messed up your timestable and put you in a business course you had no intention of being in. you’d think being assigned an attractive teaching assistant would at least make things a little bit better, but of course you were wrong once again. luckily, you’re allowed to swap modules in the new term, but only on the condition that you pass the business module. sounds good,, except for the fact that you’ve never done business in your life...but not to fear! TA Lee Heeseung promises to help make you pass your module.

    you just have to set him up with his crush, Hwang Yeji.

    p.s do NOT fall in love with him :)

    [tag list] : @nyfwyeonjun @sunghonkers @blossomnct @creamkwan @mykalon @shit-idek-meself-at-this-point @icywhatim @echelhoops @grace1852 @msxflower @pszyfaery @ramenais @catbitchh111 @kyleeanne @kingkaithekiwi @hoonbokki @hxxsng @chuntians @miiiwaa @liliansun @azure-arcanum @youreverydayzebra @sunshine00z @heejake-en @jayk2511 @acciomylove @yurazuyori @c9tnoos @shiningstarsarah @masterofdoom @navsnct @dinosdance @studioreader @rein-deer-stuffs @datiny-zen @kpop-bambi @leeis @mochisnlix @hime98 @alo-ehas @sleepyenhasasha @missmadwoman @sunghonne @jayk2025 @angel-hyuckie @heeseunqxly @staysstrays @glxwingstar @woniewhite @jaywonlix

    #the confession scene has finally arrived😩 #unilove🏫❤️ #enhypen x reader #enhypen#enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios#enhypen fluff#lee heeseung#enhypen heeseung #heeseung x reader #lee heeseung x reader #enhypen lee heeseung #lee heeseung fluff #lee heeseung scenarios #heeseung imagines#heeseung
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    21.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    See Right Through Me Masterlist.

    Summary: Kwon YN is invisible in the eyes of her classmates. They spill secrets with her there. Any cheating secrets she tells Yuna. Who uses her popularity to expose it. When YN finds out a secret about Lee Heeseung. YN goes straight to him and now she's fake dating Lee Heeseung?.

    Pairing: Lee Heeseung x f! Reader.

    Genre/Tropes: fake dating, humour, angst, fluff.

    Not me thinking up another idea 😂. As a Heeseung bias it hurt that I hadn't written a smau with Heeseung as the male lead so here it is.

    I'm still figuring things out and I don't know when I'll get round to posting profiles or even anything to do with this but it will happen.

    Taglist: Open. @ourschan @jakesim-p Send an ask/reply to be added to the taglist.

    ★Enhypen Masterlist★

    ±Main Masterlist±

    Profiles 1.

    Profiles 2. Hee + YN Priv

    Chapter 1.

    Chapter 2.

    Chapter 3.

    Chapter 4.

    Chapter 5.

    Chapter 6.

    Chapter 7.

    Chapter 8.

    Chapter 9.

    Chapter 10.

    #enhypen imagines#enhypen fanfic#enhypen fanfiction#enhypen smau #enhypen social media au #enhypen scenarios#enhypen fic #lee heeseung x reader #lee heeseung x you
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  • moorinesblog
    21.01.2022 - 6 hours ago
    heeseung bf

    heeseung was your boyfriend for 2 months, you guys were just a new couple although you guys have been friends for a couple of years together, being in a relationship feels different. you have met heeseung through your good friend, jake which was heeseung’s friend too!

    it was hell week for you because it was your finals week, you were nervous, stressed, emotional and tired. you’ve been reviewing and studying for the past week yet you are not confident enough to ace the exams. heeseung was worried that you have been overworking yourself and he was really looking out for you even though its been days since you last met him. while reviewing for you literature subject your phone suddenly chimed, it was your boyfriend.

    love: hi baby, im almost home from practice do you need anything?

    love: dont over work yourself baby hmm?

    y/n: hi lovey, can u pls bring starbucks on ur way home? 🥺

    love: sure baby, should i order with caffeine or no?

    y/n: with caffeine love. thank you i love you

    love: sure thing baby. i love you too 💘

    after 15 minutes i heard the door open and appeared was heeseung in sweats and with my starbucks drink on his hand, i went up to him and gave him a hug and kissed him “i missed you so much baby” he whispered in my hair, “im sorry baby i’ve been too busy, its my finals week” i sadly replied while detaching myself from the hug and grabbing my starbucks drink.

    “are you still studying?” heeseung asked while removing his shoes and making his way to the living room, “yes i was just reading some lessons trying to review but i can’t seem to focus anymore” i mumbled while looking down at the starbucks drink i had, heeseung patted the space on the sofa next to him and eyed me telling me to sit down beside him. i walked to the sofa and placed my drink on the coffee table and cuddled beside heeseung.

    “baby, i know you want to pass your exams but you have to take care of yourself. you can’t force yourself to study without resting because you won’t be able to understand and memorize your lesson.” heeseung lectured me, “i’m taking care of myself hee, its just that i’m too dumb. i can’t even understand some lesson because my brain is too slow” i replied. “y/n stop saying that you’re dumb. you’re not dumb, okay? you just need practice and more rest for your brain to work well.” “come on, lets go to sleep” he said while standing up and pulling me with him. “but i still need to study” i said, “tomorrow.” heeseung said strictly.

    we walked to my bedroom and laid down while cuddling each other. “hee baby” i called him “hmm?” he replied tiredly “thank you” “for what baby?” “for being my rest.” heeseung chuckled. “stop laughing heeseung!! it’s true” i pouted against his chest, heeseung looked at me and stared at me then suddenly he said, “i love you more, my home”

    this is my first imagine !!! wrote this bcs its my finals next week and i thought of heeseung and how heeseung would comfort me throughout my finals week :( btw. stream blessed-cursed to pass this sem 💘
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  • enhasubs
    21.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    4. ramen night…

    prev. \\ masterlist // next.

    synopsis: you became an idol after going on i-land 2 and debuted in a group called “cozmo”. your group gained a lot of popularity and success quickly like enhypen did so the company decided it would make them even more money if the two groups became close and started working on projects together.

    (taglist): @enhacolor @artgukk @wntrsgf @shdowhuntr @luvrseung @deobitifull @nyfwyeonjun @zhaixiaowen @yabukkura

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    21.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    HAVE WE MET BEFORE? — pt 26: just a summer fling, right?


    prev // next

    wc: 663

    TAGLIST: @youreverydayzebra @rae-blogging @so-jays @icywhatim @sseyk @iuwon @gyuuss @yeoforce @bluhr @heebabyy @spoooooooooooon @athena103 @tyongolden @yjwfav @baekhyunstruly @enhacolor @fiantomartell @eternallyhyucks @junityy @changmin-wrlds @luv3iza @yyxy27 @bbyenha-hyung @rinyx @fairybinie @moondust-zia @w3bqrl @whoe-dis @yougeans @witheeseung @baekhyunstruly @msxflower @mykalon @a-vian @tyongishs @chuntians @hobistigma @ddeonuism @banana-boat-doodoodododo @elicheel @primorange @dear-dreamie @ncityy04 @kyleeanne @nyfwyeonjun @yoonkeehoe @choisanzs @guroyeu @liliansun @hoewithnojams

    Stepping into the coffee shop, Sunoo examined the room until he finally saw Sunghoon. Sunghoon waved him over and sent a soft smile as he approached the taller boy.

    After a small exchange of greetings, he finally blurts out his question. "So what exactly are we gonna do about Heeseung? He seems to be screening everyone's calls and refuses to speak in person."

    "I thought that'd be the case." Sunoo starts, biting his bottom lip as he thinks of what to do. "Y/N isn't handling things well either. It seems her entire world has come crashing down."

    Sunghoon scoffed a bit before replying, "Wow? She really liked Heeseung that much?"

    Sunoo fidgets a bit, unsure of how to reply. "Actually, I think there's a bit more to it." He says, intriguing Sunghoon. "You see, as long as I've known her, Y/N has always been bound by expectations. She's perfect, after all. Every person around her was always telling her what to wear, where to go, who to befriend, and who she should love."

    "What are you getting at?" Sunghoon asks, confused as to what to do with this newfound information.

    "I had never seen Y/N under more pressure than she was freshman year." He starts, "Her parents, especially, had been harder on her than they ever had before. She was at an all time low."

    "But wasn't it freshman year when she met...?" Sunghoon trailed, finally beginning to put the pieces together.

    "We knew she couldn't handle the pressure, it was just too much. But then, when she came back from that vacation, she seemed to be better than ever." Sunoo chuckled, reminiscing on y/n's more playful side. "She was carefree, outgoing, she smiled more, she was happy."

    "Are you saying Jay made her like that? But what about Heeseung?" The older one asks."

    Sunoo lets out an airy chuckle before he finally gets to the point. “For her whole life, she was told Heeseung was the only one for her. When she thought she lost that, her whole life which she worked so hard to perfect came crashing down. As bad as it sounds, I think it’s less about Heeseung and more about the social status he has.” He explains, seeing Sunghoon’s head tilt in confusion.

    "But...y/n and heeseung have been in love since primary school. That doesn't all change just because of a summer fling, right?" Sunghoon points out, but Sunoo is still unconvinced.

    "Y/N may like Heeseung, but she doesn't love him. She never has. Freshman year, I know what I saw- even if I didn't know why at the time. Y/N fell in love with Jay on that vacation, and by the looks of it, she never fell out."Sunghoon's jaw hangs open in shock as he begins to grasp the bombshell Sunoo has just dropped. "How do you know all this? I don't get it, why wouldn't you tell anyone?"

    "Because I'm in love with Y/N. I always have been,'' Sunoo admits calmly. As Sunghoon looks over, he sees Sunoo's sad smile. "I know she'll never feel the same way about me, but I really just want her to be happy. Even if that means seeing her be with someone else."

    Sunghoon’s face slowly contorts from shock to pity. Putting his hand on Sunoo’s shoulder, Sunghoon takes a deep sigh. “Hey buddy, the whole unrequited love thing? I’ve been through it, and it sucks. Really badly.” Sunghoon starts, still trying to figure out what to say.

    “Dude, you’re not really helping.” Sunoo laughs as Sunghoon rolls his eyes and begs to let him finish.

    “What I’m trying to say is- what you’re doing for y/n? What you have been doing- It’s really admirable. I wish I could be more like you.” The taller admits, sending a soft smile to the other. “So cheer up, and let’s figure out how to get Y/N and Jay to come to their damn senses.”

    #enhypen#enhypenwriters#enhypennetwork#enhypen smau #enhypen social media au #enhypen social au #jay #jay x reader #park jay x reader #heeseung#lee heeseung #heeseung x reader #enha smau#park jongseong #park jongseong x reader #lee heeseung x reader #enhypen x reader #enhypen imagines#enhypen fluff #enhypen sm au #enhypen angst#enhypen crack#sunoo#kim sunoo #sunoo x reader
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    Afterglow Part Twelve.

    Check out Profiles 2 + Character introduction since these are new characters.



    "It's all on me, just don't go. Meet me in the afterglow."
    Summary: It's been 2 months since your break up with your boyfriend. It was not pretty, neither of you has contacted each other since. That is until a thread you make about rating your ex's using Taylor Swift songs reaches him.
    Pairing: Park Sunghoon x female reader.
    Taglist: [Open] @hiqhkey @mykalon @jakesim-p @wanlore @rielleluvs @enxnesblog @ourschan {just ask or reply, whatever you want.}

    Authors Note: What do y'all think of the new characters???

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    uni love [32]

    chapter thirty two: the things you never saw (pt. 2)

    III. the conversation you never saw


    IV. flashback to chapter twenty six : denial clearly isn't just a river in america🤦

    prev -> chapter thirty two -> next
    main UL masterlist
    ❗taglist is now closed ❗

    synopsis : you have high hopes for your second year of university. so it’s a damn shame that your university’s administration messed up your timestable and put you in a business course you had no intention of being in. you’d think being assigned an attractive teaching assistant would at least make things a little bit better, but of course you were wrong once again. luckily, you’re allowed to swap modules in the new term, but only on the condition that you pass the business module. sounds good,, except for the fact that you’ve never done business in your life...but not to fear! TA Lee Heeseung promises to help make you pass your module.

    you just have to set him up with his crush, Hwang Yeji.

    p.s do NOT fall in love with him :)

    ❗taglist is now closed ❗

    [tag list] : @nyfwyeonjun @sunghonkers @blossomnct @creamkwan @mykalon @shit-idek-meself-at-this-point @icywhatim @echelhoops @grace1852 @msxflower @pszyfaery @ramenais @catbitchh111 @kyleeanne @kingkaithekiwi @hoonbokki @hxxsng @chuntians @miiiwaa @liliansun @azure-arcanum @youreverydayzebra @sunshine00z @heejake-en @jayk2511 @acciomylove @yurazuyori @c9tnoos @shiningstarsarah @masterofdoom @navsnct @dinosdance @studioreader @rein-deer-stuffs @datiny-zen @kpop-bambi @leeis @mochisnlix @hime98 @alo-ehas @sleepyenhasasha @missmadwoman @sunghonne @jayk2025 @angel-hyuckie @woniecore @staysstrays @glxwingstar @woniewhite @jaywonlix

    #unilove🏫❤️#unilove #enhypen x reader #enhypen#enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios#enhypen fluff#lee heeseung#enhypen heeseung #heeseung x reader #lee heeseung x reader #enhypen social media au #enhypen lee heeseung #lee heeseung fluff #lee heeseung scenarios #heeseung imagines#heeseung
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    𝐇𝐀𝐋𝐅 𝐀 𝐌𝐈𝐋𝐋𝐄𝐍𝐍𝐈𝐔𝐌 ㅤㅤan enhypen historic!au series.

    in the midst of a conflict between nations, you find yourself falling in love. but what's the worst-case scenario possible, you ask? all of it. as an uncontrollable love begins, seven different stories with seven possible outcomes make up a new chapter in the history. this is the moment where the love of your life bursts forth, radiant than the sun and stars.
    release date : unknownㅤㅤupdates : possibly slow
    warnings : will soon be addedㅤㅤtaglist : open, send me an ask or comment here in this post regarding which member you'd like to be tagged to. can be specific members only and can also be all of them.


    “ i love you, more than i think i could love in billions of lifetimes. ”

    at first, he initially considered you as a threat, but before you knew it, you were being doted on by the most popular man in gyeonggi-do. you two get close enough as a result of his helpful and loving nature, as you easily take on the position of his 'little sister.', but was it really enough for you? … and for him?
    pairings : knight!heeseung x princess!reader
    tropes used : enemies to lovers, brother's best friend

    read here.


    “ even if i had known you were my enemy from the start, i still would've fallen for you. ”

    he's a tactless grump who was also brash and assertive, and he's surprisingly awkward around women. he's a man who wants vengeance on the crown prince you have been serving. the two of you, on the other hand, are becoming extremely close. you may not realize it, but your love was never meant to be.
    pairings : combatant!jay x minister!reader
    tropes used : rivals to lovers, forbidden love

    read here.


    “ i will use my lifetime, all of them, just for you. you're my only light. ”

    the truth behind the man who calls himself a demon out for revenge, is that he is no demon at all, soon finding out that he is the gentlest of them all. but do not be deceived, he is someone who's filled with deep resentment, and there is no end to the lengths he would go to exact his revenge.
    pairings : demon-human!jake x spy!reader
    tropes used : rivals to lovers, secret relationship

    read here.


    “ you really are a fool. but it's too late to stop this now, so i guess i'll be staying with you starting tonight. ”

    you were commanded to live under the care of ambitious, determined, and a competitive warrior. despite his every effort to push you away, you can't help but want to bridge the gap between you two. once a cold and distant man, now had his invisible walls broken by yours.
    pairings : warlord!sunghoon x royal chef!reader
    tropes used : strangers to lovers, slowburn

    read here.


    “ even though i am new to love ... i assure you, i will devote myself onto learning how i will love you right. ”

    a brilliant aide who exceeds at strategizing, too immersed to say the least that he forgets to look after himself. his kind demeanor and effortless sensuality makes him very appealing. your first task as a chatelaine was to look after him, and before you knew it, you were completely captivated by all his sides; the angel, the strategist, the warlord, and his true identity; being himself.
    pairings : strategist!sunoo x head of the medical household!reader
    tropes used : friends to lovers, first love

    read here.


    “ too late, i've caught you now and i'm never letting you go. ”

    a prince who loves a good thrill as much as a good battle. someone with a free spirit, his natural curiosity drawing him to you from the very start. though impossible to keep up with, his unwavering resolve and spellbinding words draw you closer together. despite the differences, your attraction to each other is undeniable.
    pairings : crown prince!jungwon x commoner!reader
    tropes used : arranged marriage, strangers to lovers

    read here.


    “ screw the world that refuses to see us, i'll love you no matter what, i'll always recognize who you really are. ”

    his reputation for being a strange crown prince rings throughout okayama. he's someone chaotic, friendly, and someone who knows how to truly have fun. you two hit off right away, but you soon find out that all of it was just a ‘mask’. feeling betrayed, you start to wonder– is there a reason why he has to pretend?
    pairings : soon to be emperor!riki x entertainer!reader
    tropes used : childhood best friends, friends to lovers

    read here.

    © yunkifoldr, 2022ㅤ|ㅤmain masterlist

    #enhypen#enhypen series#enhypen fluff#enhypen angst#enhypen oneshots#enhypen fanfic#enhypen imagines#enhypen jungwon#yang jungwon #jungwon x y/n #jungwon x reader #enhypen heeseung #heeseung x y/n #heeseung x reader #enhypen jay #jay x y/n #jay x reader #enhypen jake #jake x y/n #jake x reader #enhypen sunghoon #sunghoon x y/n #sunghoon x reader #enhypen sunoo #sunoo x y/n #sunoo x reader #enhypen niki #niki x y/n #niki x reader
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  • linoragi
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    three. / four. — how heeseung became sunshine. / five.

    you, me and the moon. — l. heeseung

    synopsis: lee heeseung is a famous frat boy who is known to be mysterious since he would always stay at the corner to observe people passing by but he does not like the fact that his eyes would linger a little longer on you than he likes to admit because who the fuck is he kidding? you're way too good for him.

    pairing: fratboy!heeseung x fem!reader

    content/genre: college au, fratboy au, pining, big ass slowburn (here we go again), angst, fluff

    warning(s): none

    note: if y'all are wondering what the song from the prev update is, this is it. im having second thoughts on making a playlist for this smau bcs i failed the last time HEHEHEHEH

    au taglist [open!] : @amakumos @soobnny @jungwoniics @venusmir @dontcallme20 @ily-cuz-i @clarakyunisageek @angelicncity @jongsaengseong @rielleluvs @luvrseung @sirephines @c9tnoos @tyongsbbfish @prettysweet02 @ncityy04 @hobistigma @heelariously @sonjuyeonnie @enhacolor @arikiu @sakvas @leilaidk @jjunis @chirokookie @enhyped-up @alo-ehas @babygay-stay @lilacrosebud @sunshine-skz @ilovekflop @myvaine @rosieeyy @luvddeonu @msxflower @yeonwon @mariaantonya @bunniin @jalnandanz @mintbgyu @lhsng @nochuwastaken @mochisnlix @art-junkie-13 @asleephun @n1k1tty @magssu @mymeloem19 @httpheeseung @markleepooh

    [ can't be tagged/deactivated: @robotsahi @sheepgardenenha @oreoisa @papiibuprofen ]

    #hee got it so bad and he's not even denying <3 #enhypen imagines#enhypen reactions#enhypen scenarios#enhypen fluff #enhypen x reader #enhypen socmed au #enhypen social media au #enhypen social au #enhypen smau#heeseung imagines#heeseung scenarios #lee heeseung imagines #heeseung reactions #heeseung social media au #heeseung soft hours #heeseung x reader #heeseung au
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  • kpophubb
    21.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    ❥Enhypen Imagine

    Hʏᴜɴɢ ʟɪɴᴇ: ᴡʜᴇɴ ᴛʜᴇʏ ғɪɴᴅ ᴏᴜᴛ ᴛʜᴇɪʀ ᴄʀᴜsʜ ɪs ᴅᴀᴛɪɴɢ ᴀɴᴏᴛʜᴇʀ ɪᴅᴏʟ

    ᘜᗴᑎᖇᗴ: 𝚊𝚗𝚐𝚜𝚝, 𝚜𝚊𝚍 𝚎𝚗𝚍𝚒𝚗𝚐 <|𝟹

    “𝑊ℎ𝑦 𝑑𝑜𝑒𝑠 𝑠𝑎𝑑 𝑙𝑜𝑣𝑒 𝑎𝑙𝑤𝑎𝑦𝑠 𝑡𝑎𝑠𝑡𝑒 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑠𝑤𝑒𝑒𝑡𝑒𝑠𝑡?“


    ☘︎︎ ℍ𝕖𝕖𝕤𝕖𝕦𝕟𝕘:~

    Heeseung and you met unexpectedly in a picnic spot by the river, where he lost his AirPods and you found it and returned it to him.

    “Excuse me. Are you looking for this?” you asked timidly as you held out a pair of AirPods to a man who was desperately looking for something.

    “Yes ahh. Thank you so-“ heeseung began to speak before he was interrupted by your beauty. You were standing in front of him, sun kissed by the golden rays of the sunset, with a pair of the most dazzling eyes he had ever looked into.

    You gave him a welcome smile and exited the scene to join your friends who were impatiently calling after you.

    Heeseung was actually too stunned to speak and just stared at you as you left. You were such a gorgeous girl, and the way you unexpectedly popped up in front of him, he could swear you looked like his most beautiful dream wrapped up in divine beauty.

    Time passes, but he remembers that encounter with you like the memories from a cherishing day. Clear like glass, the feelings he felt still intact and tender. But he’s mature when it comes to love. He doesn’t fancy over the idea of meeting you again like people see in movies, and doesn’t really hope much for it. To him, something like that is too good to be true.

    But, much to his utter surprise, he’s dragged to the world of delusions, the world of loving, when he sees you again outside a cafe about a month later.

    His feelings from that day still linger and take over him as he feels the knot inside his stomach tighten. Today, he was gonna thank you properly and atleast get your name. Cause the way he made you feel just at one single encounter, nobody has been able to make him feel that special feeling in his whole life.

    However, before he can make it to you, he sees a man grab you by your waist, and pull the door open for you,giving you a sweet, heartwarming smile.

    And much worse than worse, that man was someone he knew. Someone he looked upto and blindly admired as a senior and an artist. That man was no one but his co-artist, choi yeonjun.

    With this one sight, heeseung feels his innards drop to the floor. He feels his heart hit the ground so hard, it almost felt like he was bleeding inside. But yeonjun was a deserving person, an amazing man who’d take care of your heart well ,maybe even in ways that heeseung could’ve never.

    He withdraws his steps and moves away from the cafe with a saddened heart reminding himself that-

    Maybe some people are better off as just memories.

    ☘︎︎ 𝕁𝕒𝕪:~

    Jay being the man he is, is someone who doesn’t fall in love with anyone easily but when he finds his special someone, he falls and falls hard.

    It was a given that he’d eventually fall in with you, your confident demeanour and the smart way you carried yourself won his heart since day 1. You were his college classmate who was in a different class, but being the executive club president you interacted a lot with everyone.

    Jay didn’t attend classes a lot because of his busy schedule but he loved going to college whenever he could, just for you. He wanted to see you and get close to you. He loved the way you were so beautiful yet so empowering.

    You guys did talk once or twice but it was only for club activity. Despite you being easy going and friendly and jay having a crush on you for months now, he never got the chance to approach you properly. Deep down, he was figuring out his real feelings and recently he just got the answer that he’s truly, deeply in love with you.

    The next week after his big realisation,he got the opportunity to finally interact with you. After the college hours were over, you were sitting in a bench all by yourself and seeing the empty space beside you, he seated himself and waved a gentle hello in your direction.

    “jay!! Hello!!” You replied excitedly, catching him off guard. He sat down and responded to you with a confused smile.

    “The new comeback!! Wow, enhypen is so cool! *~*” you started fangirling, sth he wasn’t absolutely expecting.

    “You know…us? I mean enhypen?…’’ jay asked genuinely surprised bc you never looked like the type to be a fangirl material.

    “Ofcourse I do!! I have become an engene this era 😏 I wanted to talk to you a lot of times about it but trust me I was so occupied with my club work and you’re mostly absent. “ “gosh anyway, the title track? Wow the choreo” you went on talking nonstop with excitement filled eyes as he intently listened.

    Honestly, he found you so cute. The way your eyes shined as you kept making different expressions while talking about enhypen, his band. He found you so adorable, he felt like he’d explode. His crush fangirling over his band, wow what an amazing coincidence.

    “So you like kpop? Wow that was unexpected” he responded matching your energy level, giggling broadly.

    But the giggle faded in the most horrible way when you replied- “OFCOURSE I do! You don’t know but my boyfriend is a kpop idol as well. Gosh, he’s such a cool dancer and singer. I’m so proud of him.”

    Did you just say boyfriend? He couldn’t believe his ears. Ouch. That hurt so freaking bad. He loved you silently all this while only to get his heart broken by this bitter truth?

    “…umm. Who is he?” He asked in a low tone, gulping hard to make sure his voice doesn’t crack. He didn’t want you to notice that he was breaking down.

    “He should be here to get me today-“ “ah wait- I think he’s here” you smiled looking at your phone that was buzzing, alarming you of your boyfriend’s arrival.

    A few feet away, there stood your beloved boyfriend wooyoung, with flowers in his hand and a big, happy smile. He flung his arms open, gesturing you to come right in.

    Jay just watched you as you got flustered and ran to him, burying your head on his chest and losing yourself inside wooyoung’s warm, loving arms.

    He looked at the sky to avoid seeing his heart broken for another time today, thinking that maybe-

    Some people are meant to stay in your heart, and not in your life.

    ☘︎︎ 𝕁𝕒𝕜𝕖:~

    The first time he sees you in the hybe building, he’s mesmerised by your beauty. Your pretty doll face, with subtle makeup highlighting your features, and long brown hair flowing below your waistline caught his attention almost immediately.

    jake thought you were maybe an intern for a staff work, as your easy going outfit and foreign face didn’t suggest you being a trainee. You guys cross paths in the hallway, and you recognising jake as an enhypen member, bow and greet him with a warm smile.

    Oh my god. That beautiful smile sets his heart on fire the very second and makes him feel butterflies inside his stomach. A typical love at first sight moment that he never imagined, but it happened when he saw you. He felt an instant connection with you and being speechless at your overwhelming presence and his fiery feelings, he doesn’t begin a conversation. Instead, he just lets you walk past him after returning your greeting gesture.

    For a long time after that, he thinks about you. He just can’t get your face out of his mind and the way your sweet smell gave him a feeling of home. He tried to ask around and find who you were, but nobody seemed to recognise you. Heck, he didn’t even know your name.

    Until finally he comes across a staff who understood your appearance by his description. “Ah y/n! Yeah I know her! She’s friends with txt you see and drops by to meet them at their studio.”

    Jake’s eyes immediately light up from excitement. He finally found you after such hard work. “Will she be coming again anytime soon?” he asked with sparkling puppy eyes, with an eager voice. “Yes. As far as I know she will come again tomorrow :)”, the staff said casually smiling at jake, unaware of how this boy was actually searching for the girl he fell in love with.

    So the much anticipated next day arrived. Jake dressed himself in a white tee and black jacket, did his hair with care and waited in the hallway of the main floor. To get towards txt’s studios, you needed to cross this hall first so he waited excitedly to see you again. He had a drink in his hand and busied himself on the phone so as to not seem suspicious and giggled shyly, imagining lovely scenes with you inside his head.

    His wait was over in a short while as you made your entrance, dressed in a lacy white dress and perm hair and god you looked so beautiful.

    But before he could take a step towards you, the scene was interrupted with an unexpected guest.

    “Y/n! ~” taehyun called out, catching you in a quick embrace. From the smiles on both your faces, it was evident that you guys weren’t “friends” the way the staff addressed. But,Jake still tries to divert his mind and be hopeful about the situation, because unwillingly but surely, he had begun loving you a little more than anything else.

    However, love doesn’t always work out the way you want it to. His hopes and heart are both crushed when taehyun pecks your lips.

    “I missed you so much” he gasps afterwards in a loving tone and you reciprocate the kiss, making it obvious that you two were not friends, but actual lovers.

    Heartbroken and dizzy, jake hides himself in a nearby room to not be in the frame anymore.

    “I know you belong to him but I can’t help but wish you were mine. “ is what he kept thinking as a tear escaped his eyes.

    He walks out the room after you guys leave, clutching the drink he bought for you in his grip, obviously wounded by the sad truth. But he still wished the best for you, because to him, your happiness meant the world to him, even if it was without him.

    “It’s okay as long as I can see you smile, so I won’t wish to make you my own anymore.”

    ☘︎︎ 𝕊𝕦𝕟𝕘𝕙𝕠𝕠𝕟:~

    You were a regular audience at the music bank show, where sunghoon was obviously the mc.

    You loved kpop since childhood and the show theatre being close to your house, you came almost every Friday to watch your favourite idols perform.

    Being someone who was a mc, sunghoon had a good idea of the faces of the audience and the guests of the show. He saw you many times before, and thought you were just really cute.

    Things didn’t really progress from his side, until that day came. Sunghoon had a cold and felt really nauseous but he still had to perform his duty. He was so nervous, and so tired and couldn’t bring himself to do the job. As you were making your way to your seat, you saw him being nervous and stiff, so you decided to go boost his confidence a little.

    “Don’t worry sunghoon oppa. You’re the best mc of this show so far and I’m sure you will be amazing tonight as well.” You told him encouragingly and with your soft sweet voice that sounded as reassuring and calm like a song, he felt his heart melt and strength recover. He just nodded and uttered a polite thank you and moved into the stage.

    Ever since then, sunghoon would always come to converse with you back stage. At first, it was just casual conversations and talking about the bands who were gonna perform but eventually you guys got really close and had fun conversations like friends.

    And just like that, somewhere in the middle sunghoon fell in love with your soothing presence. The way you were so comforting and your voice diminished the silent storms in his heart. The way you smiled so whole heartedly and laughed with such a free spirit. He got to know you more and more and loved how mature your thoughts were and how thoughtful and kind your heart was.

    So one day the day arrived where you showed up really late compared to your usual routine. It was the day enhypen was supposed to perform at mubank and sunghoon was secretly looking forward to you seeing him perform for the first time. He practiced really hard and wanted to show you what a determined performer he was, hoping to make you fall in love with him today just the way he was in love with you.

    You showed up after almost half an hour, but the way you showed up was enough to make him forget how much he waited today. For the first time, you dressed yourself in a lavendar dress, the colour perfectly complementing your glowy skin tone. Your figure looked so beautiful and your gorgeous face stood out so well today with the neutral makeup, it almost drove him crazy.

    “You look good today.” He told you hiding his heart eyes. “Yes cause today the man I love will be finally performing.” You shyly muttered.

    Could it be him? He couldn’t help but wonder. Atleast he hoped it was him.

    He gave his best in his performance after a while and right after that, he raced to you, confusing all enha members except for Jake who knew where his best friend was going. He rooted for sunghoon and prayed things went well.

    “How did his performance go?” Sunghoon asked timidly, yet eagerly.

    “Noo, what are you saying? He hasn’t performed yet.” You shrug looking in the right direction to the band who was about to perform next. You were looking at hyunjin, and stray kids was going up the stage then. Hyunjin looked at you and gave a flying kiss in your direction as you pretended to catch it and smiled back at your man.

    This is the problem with love. You can love who you want to, but so can they.

    Sunghoon just stood there still, his vision blacking out from excruciating pain, unable to absorb such a cruel truth. He felt his heart shatter into a million pieces as he asked you inside his head-

    Tell me, if we met in another world, would you have chosen me then?

    The End

    𝙲𝚑𝚎𝚌𝚔 𝚘𝚞𝚝 𝚖𝚘𝚛𝚎 𝚘𝚏 𝚖𝚢 𝚠𝚛𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚐𝚜 𝚊𝚝 ᴍɪᴀ’s ᴘʟᴀʏʟɪsᴛ ♡︎
    This is my first time writing angst genre. This is for the readers to love angst and 4th gen crossovers! If you like my writings, please like and reblog to show your appreciation!🖤

    {𝕖𝕟𝕙𝕒 𝕞𝕒𝕤𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕝𝕚𝕤𝕥}

    𝙿𝚕𝚎𝚊𝚜𝚎 𝚜𝚞𝚐𝚐𝚎𝚜𝚝 𝚢𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚏𝚊𝚟 𝟺𝚝𝚑 𝚐𝚎𝚗 𝚎𝚗𝚑𝚊 𝚌𝚛𝚘𝚜𝚜𝚘𝚟𝚎𝚛𝚜 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝚖𝚢 𝚗𝚎𝚡𝚝 𝚏𝚕𝚞𝚏𝚏 𝚠𝚛𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚐!<𝟹 𝚢𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚘𝚙𝚙𝚞𝚛𝚝𝚞𝚗𝚒𝚝𝚢 𝚝𝚘 𝚐𝚎𝚝 𝚢𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚝𝚠𝚘 𝚋𝚎𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎𝚍𝚜 𝚒𝚗 𝚘𝚗𝚎 𝚙𝚒𝚎𝚌𝚎. 𝙼𝚊𝚓𝚘𝚛𝚒𝚝𝚢 𝚟𝚘𝚝𝚎 𝚠𝚒𝚗𝚜~

    #enhypen#enhypen fanfic#enhypen fanfics#enhypen fanfiction#enhypen angst #enhypen x reader #enhypen imagine#enhypen scenarios #enhypen x you #enhypen x engene #enhypen writings#enhypen drabbles#enhypen headcanon#enhypen headcanons #lee heeseung x reader #sim jake x reader #sim jaeyun x reader #park jay x reader #park sunghoon x reader #enhypen imagines #Jake x reader #sunghoon x reader #heeseung x reader #jay x reader
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    3. i think sunghoons boner traumatized her…

    prev. \\ masterlist // next.

    synopsis: you became an idol after going on i-land 2 and debuted in a group called “cozmo”. your group gained a lot of popularity and success quickly like enhypen did so the company decided it would make them even more money if the two groups became close and started working on projects together.

    (taglist): @enhacolor @artgukk @wntrsgf @shdowhuntr @luvrseung @deobitifull @nyfwyeonjun

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    > word count: 3.3k

    > genres: fluff atm

    > au’s: university au

    > pairing: yandere!heeseung x gn!reader, ft. chan from skz

    > TW: obsessive yandere behavior, subtle suggestive content

    not proof read cause i'm lazy LOL

    also there's 0 character development in this but if i continue this mini series i swear there will be

    Your second year of university had gone pretty shitty. With two four hour labs, eight hour work shifts, and barely enough sleep, it was a hell that was dragged on right up until the end of the spring semester, where you could afterwards enjoy a summer vacation and thus enjoy your life again. The summer in between your second and third university years, as you decided it, was going to be the summer.

    Turns out, the summer wasn’t as grand as you had wanted it to be. Go figure. Internships were a thing, as was your college job at the local library, and this season was hit with a particularly ridiculous amount of thunderstorms leaving for little tanning and lots of binging Netflix.

    Your third year, you had your hopes high. Your fresh hair cut had somehow managed to manifest a newfound motivation to make the most out of this year, or at the very least the semester.

    Things were going nearly the same as they had the previous seasons until you realized you had an admirer. Naturally, that made you feel quite proud—someone liking you surely meant you had been doing something right. You weren’t sure who, yet, but you knew that it was someone who frequented your university’s Science Center, where kids went to get feedback from science professors as the name would imply. Whoever your admirer was must’ve been taking some of the same courses as you; how else would they have known to slip a note in the textbook you frequented? You did not buy a textbook for your organic chemistry course, and seeing how your school was actually more of an art school, your interactions with the note-leaving secret admirer were surprisingly private.

    They started off innocent—not that they went another direction, but innocent in a way a child strikes conversation. You would have originally thought it was some freshman messing with the school’s textbooks, but when you went looking for the notes they had disappeared the next day, being replaced at a later point in your assigned chapters relating to the last note.

    Hey! The note said one day, on page 243.

    Hey… again ;) It said the next, page 281.

    Me… again… won’t you say hi back?

    Not to be weird, but I really liked the black sweater you wore yesterday.

    This was the instant you knew it wasn’t some bored student scribbling on paper and shoving it in between random pages. You had wore a black sweater yesterday. You figured that it’s an easy guess to make; how many people wore black sweaters yesterday on campus? It had to have been dozens. You blushed, willingly ignorant, wanting to believe that this was not coincidental but entirely on purpose.

    The next few weeks, you received notes in that one textbook with various compliments. They never crossed the line, but always made your cheeks burn red and your lips twitch upwards into a smile. It came to a point where you began to remember your spot in the book not because of the chapter you were on, but because yesterday’s note was on page 456. One day, about three weeks after your very first note, you were written a note not about you, but about the author themself.

    Tan hoodie, black hair. The corner table by the window.

    As soon as your mind put the pieces together, your eyes weren’t far behind. They darted to any one of the corners of the open room searching for a tan hoodie until your eyes finally locked with another’s for a brief second. The pair of eyes got shy and looked down quickly, only looking back up when your shadow casted on his table.

    His laptop, the only item on the table, was open, but stuck on the login page. His hands weren’t even resting by the keyboard, but lame in his lap, serving no purpose other than to simply be there. Frankly, you didn’t realize either of these things. You looked at him and he, you, and you realized that your third year of university was a total win.

    Your secret admirer had turned out to be called Lee Heeseung as you discovered a few minutes later, and absolutely gorgeous which you discovered as soon as you made eye contact. He had a charming smile, confident yet shy, an incredibly smooth complexion, and fluffy black hair that made you want to reach out and pet it. You immediately grew conscious of how you had looked, but you flashed him a smile nonetheless.

    “Hi,” you whispered to him. “I think you left something in this textbook, did you need to borrow it?”

    He grinned up at you with impossibly perfect teeth. “No, no. I actually don’t even take organic chemistry,” he confessed. “I just wanted a way to talk to you.”


    You grew close to Lee Heeseung. Incredibly close, actually, because the two of you had began dating pretty quickly into your friendship. You both lived fairly nearby, but you a little farther from campus, but that was never a problem because he had always offered to hang out at his place which he owned himself. It seemed like it was your second--no, honestly, your first home now.

    An apartment off-campus with no roommates? You first thought. You wondered if he was rich.

    Your query was pretty much answered seeing as how much he was willing to pamper your cravings. Bubble tea? "Yeah, I'm always down for some boba." Ramen? "Ooh, I heard of this cool place downtown, let's go!" Walk around the local mall, maybe get some pretzel bites (the kind with cinnamon sugar, of course)? "You read my mind." He was happy to do anything by your side. In the library, you two sat at the same table now, and while you studied molecules he would do whatever work he had on his opened laptop, although you suspected he didn't have that much work to do in the first place. Come to think of it, you never really saw him study, which begged the question:

    "Heeseung, I feel so silly for asking this, but what is your major?"

    He looked up at you, his mouth already bending upwards into a smile. You didn't realize that it was a nervous smile; Heeseung always smiled when you called his name, so it seemed quite ordinary.

    "My major?" He echoed, and coughed to buy time. "I'm undecided as of the moment. I'm just covering basic requirements for most majors."

    You hummed in response. That was a valid answer... for a freshman. Juniors in college know their major, or at least bullshit one. "How are you a junior that's undecided?" You half-teased.

    "I, um, have an embarrassing confession." His eyes landed on his hands, clearly too nervous to meet your own. In response to this, you placed your hand over his own, peering into his eyes until they finally locked with yours.

    "You know you can tell me anything, Heeseungie."

    On queue, he grinned at you calling his name. His cheeks even flushed a little. Adorable, you cooed in your mind.

    "B-but, I don't want you to think I'm weird, or creepy, or-" You squeezed his hand to cut him off, trying your best to reassure him.

    "I actually don't go to this school."

    You squeezed your eyes in confusion, hand still resting on his. You were confused, and you definitely thought it slightly weird, but you promised to support him so you put on a smile best you could and asked further.

    He went on to explain that his parents are big on real estate, and their lifestyle was, in fact, comfortable as you had guessed. He was his family's successor, and school by their definition was useless because they could teach him everything he needed to know. He said that, behind their backs, he toured campus, wanting to attend, which is when he first saw you. He didn't say this and thus you didn't know it, but when he saw your interaction with a stranger he fell in love and felt an attachment to you. He needed you, and was dedicated to getting you.

    There were so many logistics you were confused about. How could he enter the library? How does he park on campus? How is he even connected to the wi-fi without student login info? He explained it all (although in a complicated manner, so as to not have you really catch on).

    At the end of it all, you didn't find it that creepy. He saw you on campus and just ended up being… really shy and dorky, you guessed. Maybe a bit weird, but in a lovable sort of way that didn't call for any concern. When you laughed it off, you could see that Heeseung exhaled a deep sigh of relief, pressing your hand to his own face to comfort himself. You let him kiss the palm of your hand before returning to your studies.

    At the end of the day, you had told Heeseung you had to run some errands. You were running out of your favorite sunscreen and secretly wanted to buy a new toothbrush to suggest staying the night at Heeseung's. Three months into your relationship, you've stopped at first base and wanted to at least reach a comfortable spot between first and second. The thought put butterflies in your stomach (and, of course, other things stirred below), but also made you reasonably nervous: what if he didn't want to move that fast? Was three months fast to begin with? You weren't sure of the answers and it made you nervous. You'd be incredibly embarrassed if the feeling wasn't shared--would he look down on you? Would he feel obligated?

    Heeseung was seemingly perfect for you in all the stereotypical ways you could think of: funny, charming, handsome (so. Handsome.), smart, dorky, and needless to say his willingness to pay for everything was an unexpected bonus. His eyes were always on you, even when you didn't know, and you alone. If your suggestion went south, would this put a wall between you two?

    Whatever the outcome may be, Heeseung wouldn't let you run your errands alone. You hadn't dropped the L-word aloud, but in your mind you thought, I love you, Heeseung, but you're ruining my surprise!

    You agreed to his addition, but skillfully suggested that game all the couples have been playing on Tik Tok: each person buys the other's favorite snack, favorite drink, something that reminds them of the other, and something they'd like to do together. Damn, I'm good, you beamed.

    Inside of a Target, you split up and gave each other fifteen minutes to find the four items. The last item was easy enough, it was the whole reason you had wanted to come in the first place, the toothbrush. You grabbed your sunscreen, located only a few aisles away, while you were on that side. As for favorite snack and drink, you scratched your head a bit. He mainly went with what you wanted to eat, never proposing a food of his own. Although, you recalled, he did seem more excited to eat ramen than any other food you craved, so you hoped that that was enough to go off of. You snatched the best looking instant ramen you could find, which to your knowledge didn't look half bad. As for the drink, you really had no idea. You had never seen him hold a drink in his hands other than the occasional soda when going out for dinner, so instead you grabbed a strawberry kombucha, a drink you'd never tried before and hoped it was the same for him.

    The final gift on your list: something that reminds you of Heeseung.

    "What do I think of when I think Heeseung?" You said under your breath while briskly walking between aisles. You had seven minutes left, a decent half way, but you had a feeling you'd be pondering until the very last minute.

    What do I think? You pictured him in your mind. Soft hair, you imagined. Softer lips. Adorable smile, even cuter laugh when he's excited, oh my god. You found yourself distracted, hearing his boisterous, innocent laugh, paired with his hands clapping in excitement. He's so cute, it's actually unfair.

    Your eyes glazed over each aisle, preoccupied with the mental picture of your boyfriend himself, until you felt the thud of another person collide into you, which in turn caused you to trip on your feet, and fall on your behind like an idiot. Someone began profusely apologizing, but you were still stuck on the fact that Heeseung's hands were just big enough to envelop yours.

    When you were back on your feet, you pulled your phone out of your back pocket, half to check for any damage and the other half to check how much time you had left. Three minutes, forty seconds. Only when you confirmed you had enough time left was when you decided to exchange a polite word with the individual who had run into you, who had all of your unpurchased items in their hands stretched out to you.

    "Sorry about that," the voice said for probably the tenth time, but to you it was the first. It was a boy, well, not a boy, but not a man, rather a male roughly your age, maybe a bit older. He had an Australian accent, strangely enough. "I lost my friend in the aisles and I was trying to find him. Hey, do you go to Hawking University? I think I recognize you."

    You gave a brief laugh, out of pity if anything else, because you really didn't care. You didn't mean for a conversation, in fact, you actively didn't want one. But the well-mannered person in you, however deep down they would be, gave in and entertained him. "Uh, yeah, I do," you replied. You hadn't met his eyes, instead scanning nearby aisles and racks for anything you could possibly get that made you think of your boyfriend.

    "I knew it! I'm pretty sure you were in my forensics lab last semester," he said to you. You found nothing in the visible aisles, finally making eye contact with the person in front of you. He was in your lab, he had pink hair that was pretty hard to mix up with another. "You know what's funny, actually, they've got our merch in the back, I was even considering--"

    "Our merch?" You echoed. There was something that reminded you of Heeseung--merchandise to the school he didn't even attend.

    "Yeah, like our uni's hoodies, in the back." In the back? You were by the registers! The agreement was fifteen minutes, purchased and all, and the lines at the self check-out were growing by the second.

    You pulled out your phone once again. Two minutes, twenty seconds. "Could I bother to show me, Bang Chan, right?"

    He scoffed and waved his hands, dismissing the usage of his full name. "Chan's alright. Yeah, walk with me!"

    "Can we, like, run, actually?" You asked. "I'm doing one of those Target gift challenges and I've got two minutes left." You felt your nose scrunch saying the words to basically a stranger, but your priority was Heeseung: the part of you that cringed would just have to deal.

    Chan chuckled at your honesty and picked up his pace. You picked up an extra large (if you knew one thing, baggy was Heeseung's style, and if your toothbrush proposal went well, that hoodie would be your night gown), thanked Chan ("Glad to be of service. See you around, Y/N!" he called as you ran to the registers), and promptly checked out with not a second left.

    You met with Heeseung at the main entrance of the store, out of breath but grinning with pride from your last minute buys. Heeseung stood, bag in hand, but didn't share your excitement. Instead, his eyes were clouded with a numbness you had never seen before, one that made your heart drop and your stomach churn.

    "Heeseungie, what's wrong?"

    His eyes weren't on you, but someone behind you, someone calling your name loudly.

    "Y/N! Did you have enough time?" Chan called to you. His voice was light and playful, like an older brother inquiring about his sister.

    "She did," Heeseung grunted. His eyes didn't have the same life they normally had, and his expression was enough to send shivers down your spine. Maybe other people wouldn't react the same, but you had only seen Heeseung as an innocent (hopefully not too innocent, if your plan worked), loving man.

    Chan laughed anxiously, tension radiating off of Heeseung like scorching rays from the sun. He didn't want to get sunburnt, or more realistically, burnt to a crisp. "Ah, well... good! I'll get going. I'll see you around campus, Y/N." You murmured your goodbyes, biting the inside of your cheek in response to Heeseung's change in demeanor.

    Was this... jealousy?

    You swallowed a lump in your throat and reached out for Heeseung's bags as a sign of good nature. He snapped his head towards you, originally bent to ensure Chan left the building.

    His grip on his bags were tight, but his knuckles weren't white, you were relieved to find. When he realized your intentions, he took your bags instead, carrying all the gifts from today, abruptly turning around to walk towards his car. You scurried after him.

    "Don't talk to other guys," Heeseung said to you once in the car. "I don't trust them."

    "I don't really know him, Heeseungie," you replied, looping your arms through his closest arm and leaning your torso weight on the arm rest between the two of you. Your cheek rested on his shoulder, lazily looking outside the front windshield. He brought up his hand after a second, which was an infinity for him, to cup your face and bring it towards his.

    "I don't want them to steal you away from me," he whispered delicately. "I won't let them, okay?" He placed a gentle kiss on your forehead, long and genuine. "You're mine."

    Your face grew hot at his last comment. A part of you imagined the line in a different context, heart fluttering.

    "Let's go home, okay?" In the same way he smiled whenever you called his name, he smiled when you said 'home,' as if implying that his home was your home, too.

    Unbeknownst to you, Heeseung still harbored a disgust for that imbecile who talked to you earlier. His love for you outweighed the hatred for the man he hardly knew, so it was easy to forget. When he heard you call 'Heeseungie' his heart, soul, and body was up to the brim with love. But, when things went quiet, and you sat peacefully in his passenger seat counting the number of red cars you saw, he'd think about Chan. He saw him knock into you and was convinced that it was no accident, but a well thought out plan to sweep you off your feet and steal you away. In that moment, and tenfold when he dared approach the two of you by the exit, Heeseung had a primal instinct so deep he had never felt before. His hands gripped the steering wheel at the thought of anyone else even thinking of you the way he thought of you, the purest love he had ever felt. He decided, in that moment, that he would die for you. Although, the more he thought about it, it'd be incredibly selfish to do such a thing. To leave you all alone in the jaws of the cruel world, he shivered at the thought of you without him by your side. He peered over at you, as if to confirm you were alright, to which you returned him a smile. He knew he had to protect that smile no matter the cost. So, on second thought, he realized he wouldn't die for you; but instead he'd kill.


    interact to see a part 2 where heeseung reacts to y/n's overnight proposal :P

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    uni love [31]

    chapter thirty one: the things you never saw (pt. 1)

    I. flashback to chapter sixteen : the hypothetical situation.

    when yeji comes home from her friendly movie date with heeseung, she sees you waiting for her on your bed. It doesn't shock yeji at all--because you've always been the kind of roommate to wait up and check that she's gotten home safely.

    what does shock yeji, is your sharp gaze following her all over the room as she gets ready for bed, as well as the insistent questioning about how her day had gone with heeseung. yeji doesn't dwell on it--maybe you were just curious. who wouldn't be when their roommate came home with popcorn in her hair and a slushie stain on her dress?

    but then yeji watches as you go on a tangent about heeseung--you look excited as you talk about him and his apparent clumsiness (yeji can vouch for his clumsiness,, he spilt a literal drink on her today) - - and then she finally thinks she understands why you were so interested in her day with heeseung

    yeji waits until it's quiets, and then she looks at her roommate and asks "how would you feel if I were to tell you I liked heeseung?"

    when you lock up and turn around without answering the question, yeji already has her answer.

    II. flashback to chapter twenty three: 3AM

    taehyun thinks that soobin should not be in charge of relaying the private information and concerns of the students to hybe's administration offices. for starters, he's pretty sure that if a student were to tell the student council president (aka. soobin) to keep their transfer to another university a secret, said council president should probably listen.

    but here taehyun was, feeling extremely confused as he thinks about what soobin had accidently told him-- that yeji was transferring to JYP in the new year (honestly, soobin had told him a lot of things over the years and at this point, taehyun wasn't sure if soobin was "accidentally" telling him things, or if he just wanted to spill some tea to a trusted friend.)

    taehyun doesn't know what yeji's plan is, or why she's suddenly decided to tell you that she's all of a sudden developed some feelings for heeseung, but it doesn't add up.

    at 3 in the morning, taehyun decideds that he will get to the bottom of all of this.

    prev -> chapter thirty one -> next
    main UL masterlist
    ❗taglist is now closed ❗

    synopsis : you have high hopes for your second year of university. so it’s a damn shame that your university’s administration messed up your timestable and put you in a business course you had no intention of being in. you’d think being assigned an attractive teaching assistant would at least make things a little bit better, but of course you were wrong once again. luckily, you’re allowed to swap modules in the new term, but only on the condition that you pass the business module. sounds good,, except for the fact that you’ve never done business in your life...but not to fear! TA Lee Heeseung promises to help make you pass your module.

    you just have to set him up with his crush, Hwang Yeji.

    p. s do NOT fall in love with him :)

    ❗taglist is now closed ❗

    [tag list] : @nyfwyeonjun @sunghonkers @blossomnct @creamkwan @mykalon @shit-idek-meself-at-this-point @icywhatim @echelhoops @grace1852 @msxflower @pszyfaery @ramenais @catbitchh111 @kyleeanne @kingkaithekiwi @hoonbokki @hxxsng @chuntians @miiiwaa @liliansun @azure-arcanum @youreverydayzebra @sunshine00z @heejake-en @jayk2511 @acciomylove @yurazuyori @c9tnoos @shiningstarsarah @masterofdoom @navsnct @dinosdance @studioreader @rein-deer-stuffs @datiny-zen @kpop-bambi @leeis @mochisnlix @hime98 @alo-ehas @sleepyenhasasha @missmadwoman @sunghonne @jayk2025 @angel-hyuckie @woniecore @staysstrays @glxwingstar @woniewhite @jaywonlix

    #unilove🏫❤️ #enhypen x reader #enhypen#enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios#enhypen fluff#lee heeseung#enhypen heeseung #heeseung x reader #lee heeseung x reader #enhypen social media au #enhypen lee heeseung #lee heeseung fluff #lee heeseung scenarios #heeseung imagines#heeseung
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    ⌦ the fact that there are 400+ lovely people gathered in this humble abode of mine, i can't even find words to express. thank you for supporting me on my journey, either as a mutual, a reader, or a lurker — i appreciate every single one of you. as another way of expressing my thanks, expect continuous bite-sized drabbles written by me and curated by you in this event! 🎉

    「 EVENT STATUS ! 」

    SLOTS: 6/10 slots filled. (details below!)

    1ST SLOT: ni-ki + paint me naked by ten.

    2ND SLOT: heeseung + someone like u (interlude) by ariana grande.

    3RD SLOT: jake + sunkissed by khai dreams.

    4TH SLOT: ni-ki + enchanted by taylor swift.

    5TH SLOT: jungwon + cornelia street by taylor swift.

    6TH SLOT: jungwon + say you love me by jessie ware.

    7TH SLOT: available!

    8TH SLOT: available!

    9TH SLOT: available!

    10TH SLOT: available!

    「 HOW TO JOIN ! 」

    ⌦ the rules are simple: send me a member + one or several lines from a song of your choice. your song can be of any genre and language, what matters is the theme or concept you'd like to go with! (e.g. "can i get a drabble for heeseung + [lyrics] from [song] by [artist]? thank you!" — as an example.)

    ⌦ i will pick a genre and write a drabble based on your submission. please note that the lyrics you choose will be automatically used as the prompt for your drabble!


    ⌦ the submissions will be closed once all slots are filled. everyone is welcomed to join, no matter publicly or anonymously!

    ⌦ songs with horror/thriller/mystery themes are allowed. however, i am more experienced with writing drama/angst/fluff, but i'll try to write requests related to these themes as best as i can!

    ⌦ before submitting, please make sure your chosen song does not contain NSFW or inappropriate elements. i am a minor, and submitted songs that contain sexual themes will be automatically rejected!

    ⌦ posts related to this event will be tagged under song-inspired drabbles 🎬.

    ˗ˋˏ READY TO PARTICIPATE? then, head over to my inbox before the slots run out! ˎˊ-

    © meraniki. do not repost, plagiarize and translate. likes and reblogs are extremely appreciated! thank you for your support.

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  • atrirose
    21.01.2022 - 21 hours ago
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  • iuwon
    21.01.2022 - 21 hours ago


    pairings : enhypen ot7 x female reader
    warnings : another shitpost, crack content, cursing, enhypen are dumbasses😭 (not depicting their real personalities!), the following jokes are not made to offend any audiences
    hello it has been 2 months and i am back with my bad humor🤩 i used a different app for sunoo’s part ik 😐 pspspsps thank u to user yeoforce for providing that chemistry equation🤣

    general tag-list form

    BATCH 1 TAGLIST : @junityy @lovelycharm05 @intokook @yeoforce @magicalstellar @gyuuss @jiscloudd @illiterateliz @bloom-bloom-pow @envirae @yourlocalhotgf @vampirinaa @changmin-wrlds @bluhr @taegicarus @jannine00742 @withyunho @markflrt @seungwaitamin @wccycc @baekhyunstruly @enhacolor @ferxanda @marknaeroni @odxrilove @hime98 @fairybinie @yangrden @icywhatim @yjwfav @maeumiluv @lix-freckle3 @j4kefilms @kittiesandsunshine @heelariously @luv4dream @heeseung-irog-ko @probably-rk @squiishymeow @wonderwretch @sk4tersoobin @sseastar @gimmethatcoffee @0x1lovebot @myluv-yeonjun @crystaellites @donghanies @blaqpinksthetic @99outros @ddeonubaby

    CANNOT TAG : @jayuwu @fairybangtan @09sni-ki @robotsahi @ilandghosy @jaysfav

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    𝗣𝗥𝗢𝗩𝗘 𝗜𝗧 ☆ !!

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