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    ㅡ choices.

    !!abra a imagem para mais qualidade¡¡

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    happy birthday, joy !! @jayseung​ ♡
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    Please stop, don't stop

    Pairing; [Jake Sim x Fem!Reader]!Mob au

    Summary; Y/N, despite living in luxury, had always felt like a prisoner with the way her brother treated her. Jay would drag her to countries, only to have her locked up in a hotel room with two bodyguards that weren't allowed to interact with her. She had no friends, her parents were estranged from her and the only person she had was Jay.

    Jay, deciding to realise that his sister wasn't a child anymore, gives her a little freedom. It's a long-shot, for a mobster like him to let loose and not keep his guard down. Amidst trying to build a better relationship with his sister, he agrees to let his right-hand man walk into her life.

    He expected them to be friends. Someone she could lean on when he wasn't there. Nothing more, nothing less. But God forbid the undeniable affection between Y/N and Jake.

    A/N; so I hope the summary made sense. And before any of y'all come at me, this is an AU aka alternate universe. The Maknae line might as well be older hehe. All legal. Yes. And, I don't know how the word count got so out of hand. AND, i don't own any of these people except Y/N, and some other mentioned characters.

    Words; 15.8k


    For the longest time, all Y/N knew was to hide under the shadows of her brother. Wherever he went, she had no choice but to follow. She'd been to exotic countries but stayed locked in hotel rooms while her brother tended to business. Never did she get the chance to enjoy travelling, never did she find herself smiling while she stared out of a balcony, and never did she feel sociable.

    Granted, she had bodyguards with her, Sunoo and Jungwon, suffocatingly accompanying her wherever she went. They were at her feet, tracking everything from a lift of her finger to a dart of her eyes to report back to their boss by the end of the day. For all she knew, she thought they were insufferable.

    They were all insufferable, blindly following her brother's orders in the hopes of getting a minuscule ounce of validation. She wondered how her brother managed to get them wrapped around his fingers, having them- all six of them- live for him and his needs and his desires.

    Because at the end of the day, Jay Park was in charge, the strongest of them all, the one that could wipe off their existence with a snap of his fingers. Y/N never believed her brother could possibly hold that much power. Maybe power was just a figure of speech, maybe it was just fear that drove everyone to fall at his feet. Maybe it was because they had all signed their souls to him- a devil's contract.

    Her brother, the same boy that fed her popcorn when they were kids, couldn't possibly be the cruel man he now showed himself to be.

    Her brother, who once thought of her as the apple of his eye, only coldly glanced at her when he cried or complained. With a glass of whiskey in one hand, the other tracing his jawline, he'd tut at her. "Don't be pathetic," he'd sneer. "What would mum and dad say if they saw you like this?"

    Y/N would ask herself the same question. If her mum and dad saw her locked away in random hotel rooms with two men watching her like hawks, they would be disappointed. If her mum and dad saw her cry to her brother about her loneliness, their hearts would ache.

    Well, those were the answers concocted from fantasy.

    In reality, her mum and dad would tell Jay to do whatever he could in his power to keep her safe. Her mum and dad would allow her to live the rest of her life miserably, as long as it meant she was still alive, breathing. Her mum and dad would applaud Jay for making the decisions he made.

    She hated it, Y/N hated him with every fibre of her being- in the beginning, at least. It got exhausting, after a point. To hate her brother was to hate someone he was forced to become. To hate her brother was to hate the industry she saw herself taking over someday. To hate her brother was to mar the good memories she had with him.

    Y/N accepted it just around the time she turned eighteen. She accepted spending half her life around expensive hotels and services. She accepted being an unknown sibling when she attended gatherings with her brother on one of those rare days. She accepted being helpless.

    She was pathetic. Or maybe she wasn't, her life was. She had overheard Heeseung and Niki talk pithily of her to Jay. She had watched Sunghoon give her half-hearted glances as he walked past her. She would let Sunoo and Jungwon- who were ordered to not converse with her- ignore her mundane requests. She would endure the helpless shrugs Jake passed her-

    Jake. How she envied him sometimes. How she envied the way treated him, his right-hand man, more like a sibling than he treated her. Y/N didn't know what it was about Jake that her brother admired so much. What was it that he could do that she couldn't? What was it that Jake had to offer that she couldn't?

    He was so loyal to him, Y/N noticed. Jake Sim would do anything to protect Jay Park. To be fair, she did hear them argue quite a lot. She wasn't sure about what, but every time they argued, Jay would become a little angrier, a little more controlling and a little more on edge.

    In the world she lived in, loyalty was the only thing keeping them alive. Keeping her alive. Y/N stayed loyal to Jay by not running away. The boys he strung alone stayed loyal to him by obeying him, not selling him out.

    In the world she lived in, looking over her shoulder was her priority. Physically and metaphorically, of course. Everything had safety precautions, from the keychains on her purse to her beloved phone- the same phone that Jay controlled with through regulations.

    He baned her from using social media. All she did with it was watch movies, listen to music or play games. Nevertheless, it was better than having nothing at all. It was better than enduring an eternity of boredom.

    Because, Y/N was currently tucked away in boredom, locked in a room with her two trusted bodyguards. They were somewhere in Italy- her balcony gave her a splendid view of the city and with the moon shining in the corner of her sight, her room sparkled with silver.

    While she shamelessly hummed a tune and looked out the balcony, Sunoo and Jungwon sat in the room on separate chairs. The pair stared at their phone, thumbs typing away yet somehow, half their attention was on Y/N.

    Their one order was to take care of her, and she was sure they vowed to do a damn well job at it.

    "Y/N," she heard Jungwon step into the balcony, his phone fisted into his hand as he waited for a response. She simply hummed at him, telling him to continue. "Your brother wants to speak with you."

    A groan drawled from her throat, head tilting over her shoulder as she glanced at him. Jungwon, though he wasn't innocent, he certainly did look like it. With his beady eyes and puffy cheeks- Jay must have gone to hell and back to have him and Sunoo on his side. Both of them didn't look like they belonged. Perhaps that was their advantage.

    "What does he want?" Her eyes tiredly narrowed as she spoke but ultimately received no answer.

    She rolled her eyes, following Jungwon back into the room. She was being guided out by him and Sunoo, strolling behind her as she strutted out the door and down the hall until the door to her brother's hotel room came to view.

    Swinging the door open, she was immediately met with the sight of two tramps- one entertaining her brother while the other danced in the middle of the room.

    Niki sat on one couch, holding up a phone to record the tramps while Heeseung sat beside him. Jake and Sunghoon sat on another, smirks of amusement plastered on their faces as they watched. Y/N scoffed when Jungwon left her side to sit with Jay and Sunoo left to sit beside Niki.

    "Dismiss your prostitutes before asking for your sister next time," she crossed her arms, heels clicking as she came closer to her brother.

    With a tut and a snap of his fingers, the two girls disappeared into the bathroom. Niki groaned out a complaint, something about being bored, and tucked his phone away. He was the youngest, yet he was the strongest out of them all. Y/N had heard rumours about his talents in wielding knives.

    Heeseung, who sat beside him, was the oldest and smartest. The one in charge of planning and executing- or so she heard. He had his arm wrapped around Niki's shoulders, a stoic scowl taking over his face as he looked at Y/N.

    "I know you hate me but try being nice to me when my friends are around," Jay smirked, standing to meet his sister's gaze.

    "It's exhausting to feel anything towards you, brother," as Y/N rolled her eyes, Niki involuntarily snickered.

    Jay flashed the boy a glare and he quickly covered his mouth. "As I said," he looked back at his sister. "Play nice."

    Y/N hid her disbelief by sucking in a breath, digging her nails into her arms. "Why'd you want to see me?"

    "Mum called," he said so casually, it made her raise a brow.

    "What am I to do with that piece of information?"

    "Again with the attitude," he warned, clicking his tongue against the roof of his mouth. "She wants us to attend a gathering tomorrow," he informed.

    "Tomorrow?" She asked.

    "Yes, tomorrow," he echoed. "And not to worry, mum already has a dress sent for you," he offered her a teasing smile which earned him another roll of her eyes.

    "Are you bringing all six of your playthings or is it just gonna be the two of us?" She waved her hand, pointing towards the rest of the boys, eyes still trained on her brother.

    "Have some manners," Jay scowled. "They haven't done anything to you."

    "Doesn't matter. They're all loyal to you, aren't they?" Y/N cocked her head. "I don't feel like giving you lot manners," she seethed.

    "I'm not gonna repeat myself," Jay seethed back, snapping his fingers at her face.

    Y/N flinched. She shamelessly flinched, eyes blinking and body leaning back. But then she shook away the shock on her face, standing straight and offering him the same stoic expression she gave her when she was angry.

    "Just answer my question."

    Jay rolled his eyes this time, hand retreating to his side. "It's only going to be me, you and Jake," he promised.

    "Awe, am I not gonna have my lovely bodyguards there?" She pouted, clearly showing off her sarcasm.

    "Jake is more than capable of taking care of you for one night," Jay smiled teasingly, looking over her shoulder to steal a glance from his right-hand man. "The rest of them have business to attend to."

    "Of course," she smiled right back at him, narrowing her eyes. "Is that all?"

    "Yes, that is all," Jay nodded. "I expect you to be ready by tomorrow evening."

    "The dress better look pretty, then."

    "Oh, don't worry. It is," Jay cooed. "Mum even got it in pink."

    Her scoff went unnoticed by everyone when they fell into a stupor of laughter. Y/N was used to it, to be openly made fun of. Maybe she didn't care, either. Regardless, if something happened to Jay one day, it would be her they listened to. She knew how she could get her way.

    "Sunoo and Jungwon can stay here for the night. Have some fun," Jay announced.

    "Yay, I get to spend the night alone," she leaned her weight on one leg. "Generous of you," she crooned.

    "I know," Jay crooned back, eyes trailing towards his right-hand man. "Be a gentleman, Jake, and bring my sister back to her room, will you?"

    Jake stood up, rubbing his palms against his jeans and giving Jay an assuring nod. Y/N didn't bother to meet Jake's eyes or bid her brother a good night. She trailed towards the door, leaving as she felt Jake's hand hovering over her back.

    The halls were empty, ground matted with blue carpets, walls plastered with ivory wallpaper, all the glory made visible by dimly lit golden lights. Yet her senses drowned in the sounds of their feet padding against the carpet, his hand guiding her by her back.

    Jay must have trusted him the most. If it were anyone else, he probably would have chopped their fingers off for even dreaming of touching her- his sister. For someone that acted like she deserved no happiness, he sure was overprotective.

    "Jay only wants to keep you safe."

    Jake's voice rang loud and clear, his accent giving away his nerves. Y/N scoffed again, rolling her head to the side to get a better look at his perfectly styled hair and sculptured nose.

    "I thought none of you were allowed to talk to me?"

    Then came silence, just as she expected. And Jake had let her into her hotel room, locking the door as he left, leaving her in silence. Lonely silence and she liked that she was alone. For once she wouldn't have two bodyguards shielding her to sleep.

    The next morning, she was happy to realise that Jay was wrong. The dress her mum sent was, in fact, black. The satin wrapped around her frame effortlessly and Y/N admired herself in the mirror, her hands brushing over her collarbones and neck that hung a thin chain. Her fingers adorned with rings, ones that Jay bought for her.

    She was brave enough to wear stilettos, and her feet tapped against each other while she sat in the back of her car, staring out the window. Jake drove, Jay sat in the passenger's seat. The rearview mirror angled directly at Y/N, giving Jay a clean picture of his sister.

    "When'd you get your nails done?"

    Y/N admired her nails, shiny black liquor matching her dress. "I did them myself," she spoke with a smile.

    Jay hummed, amused by the way his sister entertained herself. He didn't say anything else, just tapped his phone against his cheek and looked out the window. Jake found himself glancing at her through the rearview mirror.

    Soon Y/N found herself standing in front of another hotel. The party hall, she presumed, where the gathering would be held. That would be the third time she was attending a party that year, to be able to witness human interaction.

    Jay made sure to keep his hand wrapped around her forearm, subtly dragging her around as Jake followed them into a room lit by chandeliers and organised with circular tables- covered by white cloth, of course.

    "Alright, listen," Jay held her at an arm's length, eyes sternly begging her to listen to his requests. "I need you to stay in one place. Where I can keep an easy eye on you," he blinked.

    "Am I not allowed to have fun?" Y/N crooked a brow, a smile creeping up her cheeks. "Dance with the rest of the guests, maybe?"

    "Jake will be with you at all times. I'm sure he can give you all the entertainment you need for the night," he clenched his jaw. Jake let out a hum, his hands clasped behind his back.

    "Then why do you need to keep an eye on me?"

    "Because I'm paranoid, Y/N," he said, rolling his eyes. "Just tell me where you'll be sitting. At least I'm letting you pick."

    "Yeah, because that's being charitable," despite her annoyance, she looked around the room, eyes landing on the open bar with tall stools. She pointed in its direction. "There. You'll be able to see me from any corner and I'll at least be able to drink."

    "Fine," he agreed. "Just don't get drunk. I expect to see you be able to walk by the end of the night."

    Then he exchanged a promising nod with Jake, leaving the pair alone while he went away to act like a polite guest. Jake, after a moment of silence, offered Y/N his arm and she hesitantly looped in hers. He guided her to the bar and helped her sit on the stool.

    She fixed her dress, one leg crossed on the other as she ordered champagne. "What would you like to have?" She turned to Jake, her earrings shining under the light.

    "I can order for myself," he said, weaving his fingers together as he sat beside her.

    "Too proud to let a girl speak for you, huh?" Y/N chuckled, wrapping her fingers around the drink that was being handed to her.

    "Funny," Jake passed her an annoyed glance. He called for the bartender with a wave of two fingers, asking for a whiskey that was handed to him within seconds.

    "Strong men only enjoy strong drinks, I guess," she mumbled, smirking as she brought the rim of her glass to her lips.

    Jake scoffed. "You're full of opinions, aren't you?" He narrowed his eyes. "You don't know how to be nice to people?"

    "What?" Y/N scoffed right back at him. "I've been stripped away of living my life and now I can't have emotions and opinions?"

    Jake looked away, clenching his jaw and gripping his glass of whiskey. He wore his own set of rings, ones that strained against his skin and clanked against his glass.

    "And please enlighten me as to why I have to be nice," she continued. "Have any of you been nice to me? Hence, do I owe any of you my kindness?"

    "Fair enough," Jake let the words push past his teeth.

    "That's what I thought," her lips frowned into a scowl as she sipped her champagne again. Upon looking at his defeated face, though, she recoiled. "But since my brother's forcing you to keep me company tonight, perhaps I should play nice."

    Jake chuckled, involuntarily letting himself enjoy Y/N's humour. "Here I thought you didn't owe me your kindness," he cocked his head, hiding his smile with his glass of whiskey.

    "Don't make me regret it," she tipped her glass towards him.

    Jake hummed, nodding as he mustered up the courage to look at Y/N- his boss' sister, the same girl he wasn't allowed to cross paths with until the previous night. He smiled at her, pondering if striking up a conversation was a good idea.

    If he was allowed to, he might as well let himself use his freedom to his advantage. Y/N was doing it, too, after all.

    "Your life's always been this way, huh?" He asked, shamelessly showing his curiosity.

    "What way?" She wondered, pushing her newly emptied glass away. Her fingers curled under his chin, propping her elbows on the counter.

    "This," he pointed his finger at her, looking her up and down. "Controlled by your brother, denied of freedom," he listed.

    Y/N pondered over his question while asking for a refill of champagne. She swirled her glass around, watching the bubbles fizz away. She cleared her throat, nostalgia filling her conscience.

    "I used to be a wild girl while I was still in high school," she chuckled. "You know, typical high school parties, cheap beer and making mistakes?"

    Jake nodded. "Then what drove Jay to treat you like this?" He cringed. "He pulled you out of school, didn't he?"

    "You know, I thought he would have told you of all people the reason for his actions," she chuckled but continued explaining. "Yes, he pulled me out of school. He forced me to live in secrecy and whatnot," she shrugged.

    "We're all just as clueless are you are," he shrugged back. "All we know is that you and your brother have an... Unconventional relationship."

    "Unconventional doesn't even begin to explain it," she sipped her champagne. "He was forced into all of this, you know? The Mob, the violent mentality. With that came paranoia and the constant need to keep up his guard."

    "You seem quite sympathetic towards him," he noticed.

    "Maybe I am," she agreed. "But whatever he's been through doesn't excuse how he treats me," she insisted, pressing her finger to her chest.

    "Right," Jake pursed his lips.

    "His overprotective act just made me despise him a little. He ruined my life, after all," Y/N rolled her eyes.

    "Of course," he let out a scoff, a slight grin taking over his features as he finished off his whiskey.

    Y/N tilted her head, attempting to get a better glance at Jake. "What's so funny?" She asked, the same grin spreading on her lips.

    The more she examined him, the more she realised how little she knew of him. Of any of them, for that matter. They lived under the same roof, travelled everywhere but the only information she gathered of them was by overhearing conversations. To be fair, her brother did ban them from interacting with her, regardless of how much he trusted them.

    She came to realise that this was probably the closest she had to a conversation in a long time.

    Jake, on the other hand, shook away the glee on his face when he looked over Y/N's shoulder, only to find Jay approaching them. He looked away, clenching his jaw and weaving his fingers together. Y/N's brows knitted together, confusion slapping her harder than a wave.

    When Jay finally made himself known, her expression contorted into realisation. Brow raising, she watched him smile at her and Jake. "I see you've been enjoying yourselves so far," he said. "I hate to interrupt but I have a certain someone that was begging to meet you."

    Beside him stood a woman that Y/N found much too familiar. Her auburn hair flowed past her shoulders, almond eyes shining with a smile as she looked at her.

    "Pearl?" Y/N's eyes widened, excited as she started the woman up and down. She used to babysit her and her brother when she was still children, oblivious to the bad in the world.

    Pearl was a reminder of her past, a sliver of naivety.

    "Yeah, It's me," the woman fondly opened her arms and Y/N found herself leaping at the hug.

    "My God, it's been years," Y/N gasped, holding her at an arm's length.

    "I know, a lot has changed," Pearl enthused. "You look great, Y/N."

    "You too," she agreed. "How have you been?"

    "Good. Great," Pearl nodded. "I've got two kids, a great husband," she smiled at her, then craned her neck to smile at Jay.

    Jake watched the scene unravel from behind with a refill of whiskey held between his fingers. He saw the way Jay licked his top teeth as Pearl smiled feverishly at him and that Y/N wasn't oblivious to the looks they shared. Unloyal she was, it was obvious.

    Jay was quick to cut the reunion, standing between his sister and their once babysitter. "Nostalgia is a joy, isn't it?" He grinned. "Now, Pearl. I'll have a few words with my sister and then come find you. Go on now."

    Pearl nodded, waving Y/N goodbye. "I'll be waiting," she said to Jay and breezed past them.

    Y/N gaped at her brother, wide-eyed as she realised what she just witnessed. Jay raised a brow. "What?" He asked, holding his hands by his side.

    "She's married," she reminded him. "She has two kids. And you want to sleep with her?"

    "Since when did you have a say in my actions?" Jay jeered, completely careless towards her point. Y/N rolled her eyes, Jake scoffed and shook his head.

    "Unbelievable," she cursed. "You're unbelievable."

    "I know," her brother smirked, then strolled past her, leaving her alone with Jake again.

    Y/N scoffed at him, returning to her stool while shaking her head out of disbelief. She didn't say anything, just thought to herself that this was probably the most eventful night she's had since her eighteenth birthday.

    "He disappoints you, doesn't he?" Jake swirled around his whiskey, training his eyes on the way her mouth gaped.

    "He has no self-respect, does he?" Y/N ran her fingers through her scalp, meddling with her hair as she hollered for more drinks- this time, wine.

    "No, I guess not," he mumbled, too entranced by the anger that seemed to suit her so well. The way her brows furrowed and eyes narrowed, mouth parted and chest rising a little more than usual- Jake looked away.

    For the rest of the night, he stripped her and himself of any interaction between them. The pair enjoyed their drinks, lost in their phones. A part of Jake hoped that she'd ask him for a dance or whine about how bored she was.

    Maybe she was too proud to ask for anything else, maybe she was just angry towards her intolerable brother.

    It was proven to be the latter when Jay came striding back, hair tousled and shirt wrinkled from his controversial expedition. "You're insufferable," she said to him

    "Don't ruin my mood," he dismissed her, and it was back to being ignored by her brother.

    She was taken back to the hotel, her diner waiting in her room along with Sunoo and Jungwon. She quietly changed her clothes, freshened up before eating and replayed the events of the night over and over again.

    She thought about Pearl and Jay and Jake- Oh, especially Jake and the conversation she had with him. She found herself craving more conversations, desperate for an escape. But, wishing for leisure was like wishing for a unicorn.

    She got over it by tomorrow, accepting her loneliness once again while she ate pancakes in bed while her brother and his friends were enjoying breakfast together. She swore she could hear laughter echoing from the banquet hall, overpowering the melodies she had playing on her phone.

    A knock on her door, however, was not what she expected. She didn't have to get out of bed and open the door, though that was the whole point of knocking. It opened on its own and Jake's head peaked through the crack, his hand gripping the doorknob.

    Y/N immediately sat straight, duvet pooling at her waist as she turned off her music and put away her pancakes. A breath left her lips as he entered her room, followed by her brother and Sunghoon.

    "What a surprise," she mumbled, fisting the duvet as the three boys stood around her bed, one on each side.

    "Good morning," her brother offered her a curt smile and she nodded at him.

    "Am I in trouble?" She almost laughed. "Or do you need something?"

    "I just need to talk to you," Jay rolled his eyes. "Andrei has been asking to see you for a while."

    "And who's Andrei?"

    Jay smiled viciously, realising that his sister was curious, giving him the attention he expected. "He's a work buddy of mine, it's not important."

    "Seems like it is," she furrowed her brows. "He wants to see me, after all," she argued.

    "Just listen, will you?" He scoffed. "I'm attending a meeting of his and he wants you there."

    "Then why are these two here?"

    "They will be taking care of you. I'd much rather have these two look after you while the rest of the boys attend the meeting with me."

    Jake pursed his lips, nodding as he listened. Sunghoon passed Y/N a stoic glance from the corner of his eyes. She gulped, covering up her second guesses with a furrow of her brows.

    "So, what? I'm just gonna sit outside while you have all the fun?" She chuckled half-heartedly, a hesitant smile gracing her face.

    "I don't call this fun, Y/N" Jay seethed. "You've been popular around my colleagues and I'd rather not know the reason. The least you can do is not ask questions and follow simple orders."

    "I am not one of your playthings to follow orders, Jay," she seethed back. "It's early in the morning, I don't need you snapping at me."

    Jay, with a smile that screamed anything but good, crouched beside her bed, face inching towards hers. "I can say the same," he chuckled, two puffs of air escaping his lungs.

    Y/N glared at him, jaw clenching as she let go of her duvet and crossed her arms. "You're insatiable," she growled.

    "I know," Jay smirked. "Now get out of bed, get ready and change into something presentable," he stood to his feet, stomping towards her suitcases and flinging them open. Y/N followed him, jumping out of her bed and yelping.

    "I'm obviously not going to show up in my pyjamas!" She yelled. "Now, stop going through my stuff and get out!"

    She swore she heard Jake and Sunghoon stifle their laughter as Y/N pushed her brother towards her door. Their hands covered their mouths, unsubtly looking away.

    "Out!" She continued yelling. "The lot of you!"

    "I'm only messing with you," her brother grinned at her as he stepped out the door, ushering the two other boys with his hand.

    "You show brotherly affection at the worse times," she clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth, Jake and Sunghoon strolling past her and out the door.

    Jay shook his head, crooning. "Be ready before I get annoyed."

    Y/N slammed the door in his face.

    Sighing, she brushed her hands down her face as silence consumed her once again. She strolled around her room, taking ten minutes to waste before ultimately disappearing into the bathroom.

    It was rather dramatic of her to saunter out of her door in a little red dress, hands shifting her hair to one side of her shoulder. The carpet muffled the click of her heels and at the end of the hall stood Jake like a knight in tailored clothes.

    His presence took her by surprise and her lips parted as she approached him. "Jay told me to get you," he said and she curtly nodded.

    Jake walked her downstairs, an awkward silence following their path as Y/N looked ahead; he fought to steal glances of her. Then they entered the elevator, metal doors sliding behind them.

    He cleared his throat, licking his lips. "Had a good breakfast?"

    "Of course," she answered nonchalantly, eyes trained forward. It was a lie, obviously, but neither of them felt the need to acknowledge it.

    She was piled into a car with him, Jay and Sunghoon. She didn't say a word, didn't seem like she wanted to either. Her earphones stuck to her ear, feet bobbing up and down to an unknown beat.

    Jake, despite fighting his urges, had his eyes trained on her arms, legs, exposed neck and collarbones- any exposed skin he could get his gaze on, gaping from the corner of his eyes. He'd surely get in trouble if Jay caught his subtle glances.

    An exhausted sigh left her lips when they reached her destination, her shoulders slumping as she stood in front of a rather tall building. "Come on, now," Jay had clasped his hand around her arm and dragged her inside- Jake and Sunghoon followed.

    "I can walk on my own," she complained, a breathy whine escaping her throat as they entered a meeting room. Empty, it was- a long table surrounded by cushioned chairs for privileged backs to lean on.

    "I know, I just don't want my baby sister to get lost in this mess," he taunted. "So, listen carefully and just follow the rules, yeah?"

    "You make this sound like mission impossible," she groaned. "Why are you making this such a big deal? I'm just meeting one of your colleagues," she argued, tilting her head to the side.

    "You're meeting a colleague that's killed people for fun," he glared. "As surprising as it may seem, I'd like to keep you alive."

    "You've killed people too. What's the difference?" She almost chuckled, disbelief taking over her features.

    Jay had the same reaction. "The difference is that I'm your brother," he reminded. "Now, can you just listen?"

    "Fine. I'm listening."

    "Good," he started. "When Andrei comes in, he's gonna want to see you. obviously. All you have to do is behave, smile like the little princess you are and minimally answer all his questions. Simple enough, right?" He shrugged his shoulders, a sarcastic smile appearing on his face.

    "Right," Y/N rolled her eyes.

    "Exactly," he enthused. "When he's done talking to you, Jake will take you away and you'll wait in the bar, right across from this room," he pointed his arm out the door, towards the area he was referring to. "Sunghoon will join you later."

    "Great plan, brother," it was clearly a sardonic compliment. "Keeping me alive and all... You deserve an award."

    "I'm not in the mood for jokes, Y/N," he sighed and she furrowed her brows, telling him that she wasn't joking either.

    Her reaction went ignored when the door to the meeting room flung open, revealing a man taller than the three boys Y/N was surrounded by. She presumed it was Andrei and he did fit the mental image she created for him. Tall, as old as her dad and holding pride as he walked in.

    All three boys curtly turned their heads towards him, bodies stiffening as they greeted him with their hands meeting in the middle. "It's good to see you boys," he smiled.

    "It's good to see you too, boss," Jay exhaled, letting go of his hand. Y/N lightly gaped at her brother, confused by his choice of... Words.

    Andrew crisply turned around, surprised when his gaze was met with the presence of Y/N. He bellowed out a chuckle, brows raising as his arms extending past him. "My, God!" He cheered. "I didn't actually think you'd bring her," he directed towards Jay.

    "I thought it'd be nice if you took a trip down memory lane," Jay offered, shrugging.

    "It's been years since I've seen you!" Then he wrapped his arms around her, bringing her into a hug.

    Y/N was taken by surprise as her cheek pressed into the man's chest. She didn't know what he was talking about, she didn't know what either of them were talking about and Andrei sure as hell didn't seem like he was the murderous type. Towards her, at least. So the confusion stayed on her face when she was released from the embrace.

    "Do you remember me, sweetheart?" Andrei asked.

    Y/N shook her head, almost embarrassed. "I'm sorry," she chuckled.

    "Oh, I don't blame you," he waved it off. "You were a baby the last time I saw you, clinging to your father's side," he smiled warmly, a stark contrast to the description she received of him.

    "I'm sure she'll remember if our dad gives her a little push towards remembering," Jay smiled sarcastically again. Andrei agreed with a laugh.

    "Regardless," Andrei started. "It's good to see you, Y/N."

    "Goodie," Jay clasped his hands together, ushering at Jake with a nod. "I'd rather have my sister out of here before the rest arrive. Wouldn't want her to die of boredom," he took two steps towards his sister, a hand pressing on her back as Jake stood on her other side.

    Andrei raised a questioning brow, turning to Sunghoon who answered with an inattentive shrug.

    "I have so many questions," Y/N whispered to Jay.

    "I'll answer them later," Jay added. "If I feel like it."

    Then, Jake was guiding her away to the bar. It was like the previous night all over again as he helped her sit on one of the chairs, keeping the meeting room out of her sight. Y/N dryly laughed, scratching the corner of her brow with her pinky.

    "He calls this entertainment," the span of her palms spread across her thighs.

    "He's just being protective," Jake debated.

    Y/N shook her head again, chuckling out of disbelief. She ordered a glass of wine- a whiskey for Jake with it. The thought of being granted recreation was completely thrown out the window as her eyes met with Jake's.

    She scoffed. "You'd think that the right-hand man has to sit through every meeting," she commented.

    "There's a lot more to my job than attending meetings and tending to your brother's requests," he chuckled. "Besides, my presence isn't required. We already know what the meeting's about."

    "Wow," Y/N leaned her head on her shoulder. "There's a lot about my brother I'm unaware of," she stated. With that, it sounded like she affirmed it.

    "I'm sure he'll give you your answers when he thinks your ready."

    "I'm eighteen and he's been dragging me along for three years. I think I'm ready," she sipped her wine, eyes narrowed at the sight of Jake sighing. Her shoulders slumped again. "You know," she trailed. "Jay treats you more like a sibling than me."

    Jake's eyes widened, almost coughed up his whiskey as he gawked at her. Her statement came out nonchalantly, almost like she'd been waiting to finally say it.

    At his reaction, Y/N laughed, waving her hand in front of her as she put away her wine. "No, no," he coaxed. "Don't freak out, I'm just saying," she grinned.

    He wiped the corner of his mouth with the side of his hand. "You don't just say things like that," he scoffed.

    "Eh," she shrugged a shoulder. "Am I wrong?"

    "You are," he insisted.

    "You could be wrong, too," she reasoned. "But then again, he wouldn't be treating the lot of you like playthings if he actually cared," Y/N raised her brows, hiding her expression by drinking her wine.

    "Playthings," he echoed. "You throw that phrase around a lot- what do you even mean by it?" He weaved his fingers together, perfectly styled hair falling over his left eye, curiosity taking over his duty.

    "Well," Y/N pondered, swirling around her wine glass. "You let him boss you around, use you, made sure that your sole purpose was to serve him-"

    "Alright, I'm gonna stop you right there," he silenced her with a wave of her hand and she couldn't help but realise how similar he was to her brother. She exhaled, giving up. "You sound really stupid."

    "Is that so?" She hummed. "Please enlighten me," she squinted her eyes, pulling her bottom lip between her teeth.

    "He doesn't use us or boss us around," he waved around his fingers, body language suddenly animated. "You think he's some sort of monster and I don't blame you for it but he cares, Y/N. He just shows it in a messed up way," he crossed one leg over the other, finishing his whiskey in one gulp.

    "I feel very cared for," she rolled her eyes.

    Y/N wasn't going to admit the pit she felt in her chest, a rock of disgust and jealousy churning her stomach, making her abandon her wine. It stung to know that he treated his friends better than he treated his own sister.

    "Protect me, my ass," she mumbled, rolling her head and looking past Jake's shoulder.

    Heeseung, Niki, Jungwon and Sunoo walked down the hall, leading a small crowd into the meeting room. Her fingers drummed against the counter, lips pursing as she pondered.

    "Listen," she heard Jake sigh. "I know it stings but he cares for you. More than any of us. Hence the overprotective act he puts on," he coaxed.

    "Act?" She huffed. "Was that supposed to make me feel better?"

    "I mean, did it work?" He tried, clearly getting a laugh out of her.


    "Fair," he pursed his lips. "Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?"

    "We don't even know each other," she said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world, pointing between themselves.

    "So?" He asked. "We can get to know each other now?" He offered.

    "Is that allowed?"

    Jake smirked, tracing his tongue over his teeth. "I'll let you in on a secret," he whispered, leaning closer to her for dramatic effect. "Your brother trusts me more than anyone, which means he trusts me around you more than Jungwon or Sunoo."

    Y/N raised a brow, smirking back. "Which means what?"

    "He doesn't mind me interacting with you," he let out. "I've always been looking out for you. Longer than Sunoo and Jungwon."

    She gaped at his confession, a shiver of shock running down her spine. "How am I only finding out about this now?" She inquired.

    He shrugged. "I told you. There's a lot more to being the right-hand man than you think," he grinned. "Plus, he knows you're going crazy. That's why he needs me to tag along with him if he's bringing you," he explained.

    "And here I thought my day was ruined," she enthused, finding it in her to finish her abandoned wine. "So Jungwon and Sunoo aren't my bodyguards anymore?"

    "I guess you could say that," he said. "They're not gonna be locked in your room with you all day. They have other work to tend to for now is all I know. And I'll be looking after you when you need to be."

    With the new information that was practically being fed to her, Y/N felt a rush of relief wash over her. "I can be alone in my room now," she gushed.

    "Yeah," Jake chuckled, nodding.

    She was still being babied, she knew. But the little splinter of freedom she was being given gave her a little hope. Maybe this was just the beginning of a better future, maybe Jay was realising how unfair he had always been. Regardless, she still felt happy and confident.

    Hopefully, nothing would burst that bubble.

    "And, by the way," he added. "You didn't hear any of this from me."

    "Of course," she grinned and Jake found his hand moving towards hers, cupping it right on top of her knuckles. Y/N didn't oppose it, she let his contact be the big red bow to her good day.

    Jake thought her skin was warm. He thought the sight of their hands touching was more than just a pretty picture. He thought he wanted to hold her hand for longer than he'd like. He spent more than a couple of years watching over her like a fairy godmother- or guardian angel, whatever it was they called them these days. This was probably the last thing he expected, but it happened.

    He wished for the moment to last a little longer, but Y/N's face contorted into realisation, her gaze moving past his shoulder. She slipped her hand away from his, clearing her throat and dusting her dress as Sunghoon stood in front of them, the same stoic expression gracing his expression.

    "The meeting's almost over. Jay should be out soon," he informed and Y/N nodded, pulling her lips to the side.

    Before Sunghoon could make himself comfortable on one of the stools and enjoy himself a drink, Jay was striding towards them. With his hands balled into fists, his arms swung as he approached them.

    Y/N found it in herself to smile at her brother, head innocently tilting as he looked at her with confusion. "What?" He asked. "What's so amusing? Why are you smiling?" He wondered, looking between her and Jake.

    "Am I not allowed to smile?" She blinked innocently.

    "You don't smile for no reason," he pointed out, then rolled his eyes. "Where's the angry remark I usually get?"

    Jake and Sunghoon exchanged glances.

    "Don't be a bore, Jay," Y/N chuckled. "I'm just excited to ask you those questions I was talking about earlier."

    Jay sucked in a breath, face relaxing as realisation washed over him. He glanced at the ceiling, then at the ground, helplessly sighing. He only realised just how much his sister was going to pester him.

    "Let's just go, shall we?" He pursed his lips.

    Jay grabbed her forearm, smoothly dragging her out of her stool and past the hallway, all the way down to the ground floor. Y/N let him, yet curious questions tumbled out of her mouth, none stop. By the time they reached the car, Jay was annoyed.

    He ushered Jake and Sunghoon to get in the car as he held Y/N by the arm, glaring at her until she shut up and gave him a reaction deemed serious enough. "What do you want from me?" He fumed.

    Y/N took a deep breath, throwing away the questions she had on Andrei, or her parents or about the business he leads. Instead, she pursed her lips into a smile. "I just want you to be my brother," she freely admitted.

    "I am your brother."

    "But you don't act like one!" She argued. "I just want you to let me live my life and be happy when I find happiness. I want you to let me explore the places you drag me to, let me interact with people," she listed breathlessly, hope filling her voice.

    "Y/N, you know how dangerous it is to just let you wander," he sighed. "I'm not willing to take that risk."

    Her tongue poked her cheek as her brother looked away, eyes frantically blinking as a wind blew past them. "Okay, then Jake can follow me around while I go wandering," she offered. "You trust him, and he keeps me safe. I'll be a good girl and won't talk to strangers."

    Jay immediately let out a chuckle. "What did you and Jake talk about while I was gone?"

    Her brows furrowed, lips forced into a frown. "What? We didn't talk," she insisted. "it was more of a chat. And he didn't exactly tell me anything."

    With that, Jay pondered, hands resting on his hips as he looked his sister up and down. He sighed defeatedly. "Fine," he said. "I'm not going to let you wander all by yourself. You can stay in your room alone and do whatever you want but when you're outside, you're either with me or him. Understood?"

    Y/N couldn't help the smile that reached her eyes, stretching her cheeks and showing her teeth. She'd jump up and down if she could. "Understood," she said to him.

    "Good," he nodded. "I trust him enough to know that he'll do whatever it takes to keep you safe. So, make friends with him or something, I don't know. I'm only letting you do this because I don't want you going crazy."

    "I know," she nodded, lovingly looking at her brother who had his guard down. "Thank you, brother."

    "Don't make me regret this," he warned and she was being piled into the car, sitting in the back seat with Jake.

    As Sunghoon started driving, Jake managed to catch Y/N's attention. He curiously nodded at her, silently asking what she was smiling about. She only shrugged at him and looked away, hands resting on the exposed skin of her knee.

    She was alone when she reached her, a silence she accompanied on her own. She starting squealing out of joy, skipping towards the bathroom with a smile that refused to leave her face. Music blasted through her phone and she shamelessly sang along.

    Dinner was sent to her room later in the night and she happily located herself on the bed, duvet pooling at her waist as the TV played a random movie she'd never watched or understood. Nevertheless, she watched intently, wide eyes scanning across the subtitles as she stuffed her mouth with carbonara pasta.

    She didn't cross paths with her brother since their merry little conversation. And neither did she expect to see him or any of his friends. But her door creaked open, and a familiar set of fingers adorned with a familiar set of rings held the door frame and Y/N was wiping her mouth and placing her plate on a table.

    Deja vu washed over her.

    "Jake?" She raised a brow as he entered the room without an invitation, slowly and softly clicking the door closed behind him.

    Jake gazed at her with doe-eyes, filled with some amount of hope and desperation. His lips crooned into a sheepish smile as his fingers laced together in front of him. "When I said I wanted us to get to know each other, I meant it."

    Y/N smiled involuntarily, blinking twice as Jake took two steps towards her bed. She had to admit, the conversation she had with him was forgotten about, overshadowed by the satisfaction of her new predicament.

    For starters, she didn't know if Jake alone was allowed in there. She didn't know how her brother would react if he found out he was in her room. Bending and breaking the rules so early into freedom wasn't the best idea.

    But what the hell did she know? She let him walk right up to her.

    "I don't know why but something in me thought it'd be a good idea to sneak into your room," he chuckled, pulling a chair towards the foot of her bed. He sat comfortably, eyes trained on the sight of Y/N pulling the duvet to her shoulders.

    "He knows you won't hurt me," she waved it off. "He made it quite clear that he trusts you with his life. Ergo, he trusts you enough to keep my life in the palm of your hands. You chatting with me alone in my room shouldn't bother him-"

    "-But Jay's ego is so big that if he finds me here, he'll wig out," he gladly finished for her, waving around his fingers as he spoke. "He told me about the small changes he allowed."

    "Exactly," she laughed.

    "Were you just saying all that to convince yourself that it's fine for me to be here?" He inquired, smirking

    "Maybe," she trailed. "I just don't want to mess up, cross a line, have Jay find out and wig out and treat me like a doll again. You know?" She shrugged, belting out her explanation with a single breath.

    "I know," Jake nodded, giving her a comforting smile.

    Y/N had to wonder why she was letting this happening, why she found herself enjoying his company and the conversations he started up. She could have easily chalked it up to the lack of human interaction during all these years. She could have easily chalked it up to the desperation of needing valid attention.

    He was sitting in front of her, with the first two buttons of his shirt undone, his fingers trailing up and down his thigh and he listened and spoke. He had a perfectly charming smile and a perfectly carved nose. He had eyes shaped like pointy almonds and his laugh- Y/N loved making him laugh.

    If Y/N could box up his laugher and get lost in how ridiculously restricted it sounded, she would. Perhaps it was his laughter that put her to sleep that night, unaware of just how tired the adrenaline rush made her.

    But it was the same adrenaline rush and the absence of laughter that woke her up hours later. Her head lifted off her pillow with a gasp, hands fisting her duvet when she realised Jake was still in her room, sleeping in the chair with his head thrown back.

    The sight of him at peace didn't stop her from gaping, though. "Oh, my God," she said, then repeated herself a little louder. That was enough for Jake's eyes to shoot open and look around in complete confusion.

    "What?" He rubbed his eyes with his palms, fingers scaling through his scalp as he fixed his hair. "What is it?" He mumbled.

    Y/N squinted her eyes, forgetting for a split second that he wasn't supposed to be in her room. "How is it that your hair is still perfect?" Her lips parted while she dramatically parted.

    Jake's face fell, a disinterest washing over him as he stared at the messily clothed girl in front of him. "You were freaking out a second ago and now this?" He raised his brows.

    "Oh, yeah!" Her fingers buried in her face. "You're still in my room!" She reminded him like it was no big deal but the clench of her jaw betrayed her.

    The warm Italian sun was rising and shone its light through the curtains. Jake found himself flinching at the hasty realisation, jumping out of his chair and straightening his shirt. "Shit," he cursed. "I'm not supposed to be here."

    "No shit Sherlock!" Y/N scoffed, pushing the duvet off her legs and trudging towards the door. "Go back to your room before Jay wakes up," she opened the door and Jake gladly followed with fisted hands.

    "You think he'll find out?" He stood at the entrance, hands holding the doorframe.

    "He will if you stay any longer," she closed the door as a scoff left his lips. "I'm sorry you had to sleep on a chair!" Then the door clicked shut and her back leaned on the door, a hand running down her face.

    It was then she realised the grim on her face and stench on her skin but she didn't find it in her to shower. Instead, she mulled over the number of ways the rest of the day could go while sitting on the edge of her bed and fixating on the chair Jake had slept on.

    Now that she thought about it, her hotel room wasn't as spacious as she thought. The ivory carpet was comfortable, and the golden lights seemed to brighten the bathroom more than the actual room. The bed was large and had pillows cosier than the ones back at home- Jay's house.

    All of that didn't matter because today would be the day she would venture the streets of Naples and eat something other than five-star dishes for every meal. The thought brought a smile on her face, an exhausted smile but a smile nonetheless.

    When she moved towards her suitcases, her door opened again and her face fell, lips pursing. "Good morning," she heard her brother say, his sarcastic smile could be heard from a mile away.

    "Morning," she sang, the same sarcastic smile spreading on her face as she turned to look at him.

    "You're chipper," he commented. "Why?"

    He was oblivious to the fact that his trusted, loyal and honest right-hand man was previously in the room.

    "Because I have a request that I know you won't turn down," she smiled ignorantly, a sparkle in her eyes and Jay strolled towards her, rolling his eyes.

    "Ah, yes," he mused. "Last day in Italy and the first day of filling your dream of getting the small sliver of freedom you've been chasing," he taunted, holding up his thumb and index as he described what he meant by small.

    "Come on, don't ruin my mood," she slapped his chest with the back of her hand. "When are we leaving, anyway?"

    "Late in the evening," he informed. "So whatever activities you have planned for today, they better fit the schedule," he added.

    "Don't worry," she said. "I just want to go shopping and try pastries," she shrugged. Jay's face contorted into mild disgust.

    "You really are miserable," he commented, though it was obvious to be passed on as a joke.

    "No, I just want to enjoy the little things in life," she insisted.

    "Please, don't become a romantic," he whined, his hand raising to hover in front of him.

    "I've always been a romantic," she snarled. "You'd know that if you bothered to spend a little time with me."

    "You'd be surprised," he rolled his eyes. "Just don't drag Jake into your romantic fantasies," he waved his hand.

    "You're not funny," she rolled her eyes. "And for someone who trusts Jake so much, you really have a way of being subtle about your concerns," she pointed out. "Why?"

    "Doesn't matter how much I trust him," Jay replied. "I know you and I know you'll do something stupid and drag him into it with you. Why did you think I ordered Sunoo and Jungwon never to talk to you?"

    "Seriously?" She scoffed, mouth gaping. "You thought I'd fall in love with them or something?"

    "No," he trailed. "But that might as well happen with Jake."

    "Wow, you trust him so much," he taunted, drawling out her sarcasm.

    "Seriously, Y/N. Don't make me regret being lenient," he scrunched up his face. "And it's weird enough that I'm having a conversation about love and emotions with you," he cringed while pulling out his phone. Y/N assumed he was going to call Jake.

    She agreed with a tut, hands reaching into her suitcase to find new clothes to wear. Curiosity washed over her and she looked at her brother through her lashes. She licked her lips. "What would you do if something did happen between him and me?"

    Her question was unacknowledged because he already had his phone pressed to his ear.

    When Jake entered his hotel room, he wasn't expecting Heeseung and Sunghoon to be sitting on his bed, with looks of what he thought was concern on their faces. He furrowed his brows and tilted his head. "What are you doing here?"

    "Waiting for you," Heeseung replied. "You're supposed to join us for breakfast in a couple minutes, Jake. Where were you?"

    Heeseung and Sunghoon glared at him, though it was unintentional. Jake looked between the pair with hard eyes, contemplating if he could be honest with them. They'd find out, anyway. One way or another.

    "I was in Y/N's room the entire night," he confessed.

    Heeseung's jaw fell and he stood up, stepping towards Jake. "What, are you her new bodyguard?"

    "I guess you could say that," he shrugged. "But I wasn't supposed to be in her room."

    That was enough to have Heeseung leering at him, his hands reaching to fist his collar and dared to threaten him. "Listen," he seethed. "I know Jay won't literally kill us- his friends- when we mess up but his sister is a different story. He will explode if he finds out-"

    "Can you calm down?" Jake pushed Heeseung off of himself, just as annoyed as he was. "I was just in there talking to her," he defended.

    "Without his permission," Heeseung added.

    "He won't find out unless one of us tells him," Jake rolled his eyes.

    Heeseung looked over his shoulder to connect his eyes with Sunghoon. The pair were worried, for Jake and themselves. They'd keep a secret, no questions asked, but it wouldn't take long for the situation to unravel and become something more than a mess.

    "You're gonna get caught up with her," Heeseung warned.

    Jake tutted, then scoffed as his hands rested on his hips. "I already am!" He exclaimed. "I've been watching over her for years, I know all her schedules and the books she reads like the back of my hand. Can you honestly blame me for wanting to know more?"

    Sunghoon sighed, leaving the bed and strolling towards Jake with furrowed brows. "No, I guess we can't blame you," he agreed, but the twitch on his mouth told him that he had more to say. "But whatever you do, don't get yourself in trouble. Don't throw around Jay's trust. Don't fuck yourself over."

    He clapped Jake's shoulder twice and pursed his lips. Before the conversation could continue further, Jake's phone rang and he rushed to get it out of his pocket. "It's Jay," he mumbled but a part of him knew that he wasn't in trouble. He ushered the pair in front of him to calm down when he pressed the phone to his ear.

    "Are you awake?" Jay's voice rang loud and clear.

    "Wide awake," Jake answered.

    "Good," Jay said. "Be ready in thirty minutes. My sister wants to go shopping and as much as I dread it, I'll still have to comply."

    Jake found himself chuckling and the boys in front of him looked at him, confused. "Where am I supposed to take her?"

    "I don't know, a mall? Some shopping street?" The confusion in Jake's voice was hard to miss. No one could blame him, though. He didn't know the first thing about letting his sister have fun. "She said something about enjoying the little things in life."

    "Right, got it," Jake nodded and then hung up the phone.

    He ushered Heeseung and Sunghoon out of his room after explaining the schedule for his day. The two boys glanced warningly at him for the last time before Jake shut the door and took a minute to himself. He leaned his back on the door, hands covering his face as he groaned and cursed at himself.

    The next half an hour went past like a blur- he wore a shirt similar to the one he wore prior, black pants and leather shoes, a watch to top it all off. When he entered Y/N's room, he walked into the sight of Jay handing Y/N his credit card. They then turned to him and bid him their greetings.

    The rest went downhill from there because he found himself driving to the nearest shopping street. Y/N thought malls were suffocating. He found himself glancing at her while she sat beside him, wanting to reach over and play with the end of her sundress.

    Then he found himself carrying at least five shopping bags, filled with cheap dresses and tacky jewellery that looked beautiful regardless- and would certainly look stunning on her. She laughed and giggled and twirled as she skipped down the rocky pavement with a newly bought sun hat on her head. It matched her outfit to a tea.

    Jake followed her without complaints. He was annoyed, yes, but that didn't stop him from smiling at how happy she was. It was like she was on top of the world, exploring for the first time in her life.

    "You know, Jay was being nice to me this morning?" She said while walking beside him, a few shopping bags hanging from her forearm too. "Sort of."

    "Oh, yeah?" Jake smirked as she nodded enthusiastically. "What'd he say?"

    "Well, he was being his usual overprotective self and all," she started. "But in like a nice way. A funny, trying to keep it loose kind of way. He was talking about love and all with me," she glanced at him from the corner of his eyes, waiting for a response.

    "I knew he was trying to be open with you but I wasn't expecting that," he chuckled. "What'd he say exactly?"

    "To not drag you into a mess," she responded nonchalantly with a shrug.

    "Me?" He asked, blinking with surprise as he gripped the shopping bags tighter. "Odd," he commented.

    "I know," she crooned. "He thinks I'll fall in love with you or something. I don't blame him for thinking that but Jay saying it out loud is just weird."

    Jake stared at the ground, swallowing a lump in his throat as he nodded. His hair covered his forehead, rosy red lips threatening to fall into a frown. "Yeah," he said. "Weird."

    Y/N laughed, apologising for even bringing up the topic and skipping past him and into a cafe. He followed with a groan, padding his way past the door and letting her order whatever it was that she was craving- a cheesecake, blonde brownies and two cups of coffee, one for her and the other for him.

    They found a booth somewhere in the corner, against the yellow bricked wall and beside a few potted plants. They rid themselves of the weight of the shopping bags and sat across from each other, sipping their coffees and enjoying the warm blonde brownies and cheesecake.

    "Did you enjoy today?" Jake asked while he jabbed his fork into Y/N's cheesecake.

    "Very much," she grinned, chewing on a mouthful of brownies. "I plan on dragging Jay into my room so I can do a little haul for him. I'm sure he'll love it."

    "He'll suffer," he laughed and as did she, agreeing.

    "I'm just trying to bond with him," she reasoned. "He'll go back to being cold-hearted soon but I plan on breaking that shell," she smiled proudly.

    "Well, good luck on that," Jake offered. "I'm sure he'll come around."

    "Hopefully," she groaned. "I want to have a good relationship with someone from my family," she grabbed a fork and dug at her cheesecake too.

    "You don't talk to your parents?"

    "Nope," she shook her head. "Jay acts like a messenger between them and me. They basically just handed me over to Jay and said figure it out. I have no idea why but I'm honestly better off," she explained.

    Jake didn't understand how none of what she said bothered her. Or maybe it did, the indifference of her demeanour just hid it. He didn't know. "Why are you better off?"

    "Because," she started, running her tongue across her teeth. "My parents are worse than my brother. Jay at least tries to keep me happy. My parents would just throw me in some room," she cringed.

    "They can't be that bad," Jake furrowed his brows.

    "Fine, maybe I exaggerated," she confessed. "But they still don't care."

    "I didn't know all that," he waved his at her.

    "Oh, really?" Y/N raised her brows in surprise. "I thought Jay would have told all of you."

    "He never talks about it."

    "Don't blame him for that either."

    "Yeah," he agreed, shaking the great of his questions out of his head. He blinked and wet his lips. "What else do you have planned for the day?"

    "Nothing else, I had my fair share of fun," she finished the cheesecake. "Why? Do you have something in mind?"

    As a matter of fact, Jake did have something in mind. He was going to take her to Museo Cappella Sansevero which wasn't far from where they currently were. He was going to take her to an aquarium as well and call it an unofficial date.

    He'd tell Sunghoon all about how she enjoyed it and how he made her laugh. He'd brag about how he spent an entire day with a pretty girl in a building surrounded by ancient paintings and sculptures and he'd gloat about how he took pictures of her in front of fish tanks.

    Well, the fantasy was thrown out the window as the image of Jay's livid face fogged his head. It was only then that he realised the idea of an unofficial date was foolish. Selfish, too. Y/N might as well have laughed in his face if he carried it out.

    So he just shook his head, a tight-lipped smile answering her question. "We don't have much time before the evening," he reminded. "We should get back soon so you can torture your brother with your haul."

    That is exactly what she did. She dragged Jay out of his room and into hers and forced him to sit on a chair. Despite his groans, objections and complaints, he still sat with his fingers weaved on his thigh. Y/N put on a parade, showing him the various tops, skirts and dresses she bought.

    Jay thought the necklaces and earrings she got were garish. Y/N silenced him and continued gushing. She talked about how warm the sun was and how she talked to the shop owners with the little Italian she learnt in her free time. She told him about the lovely cafe where she and Jake enjoyed a cheesecake and coffee.

    "What, like a date?" Was Jay's response and Y/N threw a pillow at his disappointed face.

    "The thought didn't cross my mind," she said. "Even if I do end up falling for your right-hand man, you should allow it because you trust him so much-"

    "One, don't cross the line. It doesn't matter how much I trust him, my ego will still get hurt," he cut her off. "Two, Jake shall not find out about this conversation," he held up two fingers. "Three, I'm never talking about love with you ever again. And four, I'm trying to be a better brother so let me."

    Y/N laughed at him, collapsing on her bed as Jay chuckled with her. They couldn't remember the last time they laughed together, a moment where anger or arguments didn't come into the way of siblingly bonding.

    That smile stayed on her face as she was being guided around the airport, arm linked with her stoic-faced brother who gently sat her down beside him in the charted flight. They didn't talk. In fact, the siblings enjoyed the comfortable silence between them as one read a magazine and the other sat with earphones plugged.

    When they reached home, Jay told her to sleep in her room while he and the rest of the boys dealt with something he wouldn't tell her about. "You can worry about unpacking tomorrow," he said and she fell right to sleep.

    She thought her sleep schedule would start messing up if she kept waking up in the middle of the night. A creak made her groan awake and as she opened her eyes, she was met by the sight of Jake and his innocent smile.

    Y/N tiredly smiled back at him, mumbling out a question that neither of them could comprehend. He chuckled, allowing his fingers to brush away the hair from her face. She rubbed her eyes, pushing herself to lean against her headboard. "What are you doing here?" She murmured.

    "Thought I'd wish you a good night," he whispered back, crouching down to get a better look at her.

    "How sweet of you," she cracked a smile, leaning into the fingers that rested against her cheek. "But you didn't have to wake me up."

    "Sorry, I wasn't trying to," he coyed. "I'm not supposed to be here," he said, reminding himself rather than informing her.

    "No, no you're not," she agreed. "But now you woke me up and I won't fall back asleep any time soon," her expression fell somewhere between a pout and frown and Jake found himself swooning.

    "I can't sleep either," he shrugged a shoulder, tracing his fingers down her jaw.

    Y/N doesn't respond to that, just smiled warmly and moved enough to push away her blanket. Jake looked at her a little confused, then questioningly but complied anyway. He crawled beside her, meekly moving his arm over her shoulders and she gladly got comfortable.

    "If only Jay could see this," she snorted. "He'd be furious if he saw his right-hand man putting his sister to sleep."

    "Which is why you need to speak a little more quietly," he uttered, but the pair laughed anyway. They struggled to hold it in and ended up in a laughing mess. But they were quiet enough. Nobody woke up.

    "Sorry," she chuckled. "My sense of humour is broken."

    "Pretty obvious."

    Y/N laughed at that again, one hand covering her mouth and the other lightly hitting his chest. "Oh, my God," she snickered. "Not laughing is harder than I thought."

    "Tell me about it," Jake took a deep breath. "But it's better than lying awake all night with nothing to do, right?"


    The pair turn towards each other, eyes connecting for only a second, smiles stretching to create a memory that would probably be burnt into their heads. Y/N looks away first, mostly because it was an involuntary action but also because she wasn't ready to break another rule in one night. Jake took a second, eyes easily gliding down the bridge of her nose to the turn of her jaw. Then he looked away too.

    It was quiet for exactly twenty seconds where Y/N thought about what conversation to strike up next while Jake's head was riddled with ifs and possibilities of what would happen if Jay walked into her room. It was probably not the best thing to think about while her head was nestling into his arm.

    "Why do you think Jay is trying to be better?"

    Turns out, Y/N was thinking about the same person. A different reason but the same person, regardless. Fear was what she felt, a small dent in her stomach bringing her nerves. She knew what she was doing was wrong, to be letting herself feel so comfortable lying next to someone she acquainted with for less than a week.

    "Because you asked him," he said, though he wasn't so sure of his answer. "He probably realised that he can't control you for the rest of your life."

    "I hope so," she sighed. "I'm turning nineteen soon, I'd like to build a life for myself," she stated.

    Jake shifts his head, eyes glancing at her hair. "When?"

    "In a week," she said, fingers reaching to play with the ends of her hair.

    "Oh, Yeah," he breathed. "I remember."

    "You do?" Y/N shifted her head too and Jake's chin touches her hair. She doesn't seem to give a response to the contact but a swarm of butterflies rushed to his stomach and a chill ran down his spine- stark emotions colliding within his body.

    "Of course," he swallowed. "Jay always reminds us. He gets excited."

    "Really?" Her heart swelled, a warmth wrapping around her as she realised just how much her brother actually cared. "I didn't know."

    "He didn't want you to know," he said. "He'd be embarrassed if he found out you knew."

    "I can keep a secret," she grinned.

    Jake grinned back, tightly. "What presents does he give you?"

    "A ring," she simply said and Jake's brows lifted at the mundane response.

    "A ring?"

    "Yeah," she nodded enthusiastically. "Every year since I was three, he buys me a ring for every birthday. I'm going to get the sixteenth one next week," she pulled her bottom lip between her teeth. "I'm only realising how much he cares."

    "I don't blame you," he cleared his throat, slumping further into her bed. That made her head fall against his shoulder- he had no complaints. "The bad parts overshadow the good parts, most of the time."

    "That's true," she nodded.

    They were both tired, it was becoming rather obvious. Y/N smacked her lips together, eyes fighting to stay open. But she slipped into slumber, soon enough. Jake didn't notice until he looked at her again, her breath steady and moonlight highlighting her cheekbone.

    He sighed in defeat, slowly sliding his arm away as she fell back on her pillow and Jake slipped out of her bed. He took the liberty to properly drape the blanket over her body, covering her arms and legs equally. She nuzzled into her pillow, humming. He slowly crept out of her room.

    The nights leading to her birthday went the same way. She didn't ask him to, but he'd slip into her room to talk to her every night. He'd blame it on the lack of interaction between them during the day because he was either busy with paperwork or she was given no other choice but to stay in her room.

    She usually spent breakfast with Jay, where they would talk about the most random things that came to mind. It was an unspoken rule- for Y/N to never ask about what he did for work every day. She was content enough with laughing and bonding with her brother.

    Lunch and dinner, though, she was either sitting alone on the dining table in an empty house or sitting in her room with her face stuffed with food. The tv was usually playing a movie, other times she listened to music.

    It wasn't as depressing as it sounded, the constant loop her life scheduled. Because she had two highlights in her days. One in the morning, where she'd chat with her brother and the other at night, where Jake would lay beside her and keep her company until she fell asleep.

    Neither did Jake talk about what he did in his day. He'd usually just tell her the gist- exhausting, boring, typical day for someone who worked in the business he did. With that answer, Y/N had to wonder what it was that she was being protected from, why she was being guarded like a precious gem that could be stolen. She realised she'd rather not know and she'd realised that they'd rather not tell. Living in a plane of oblivion was always better.

    He once told her about his life in Australia and how he used to be with his parents and big brother. He talked about his dog, Layla, like he was talking about the love of his life and it made her smile. His accent finally made sense.

    Y/N didn't have much to tell Jake. Her life was boring. She elaborated on Pearl and how Jay had always had a crush on her when they were kids. They collectively made fun of him for sleeping with her even with the knowledge of her marriage.

    She also told him how Jay finally told her about Andrei and how he and her dad were childhood friends. Andrei was the reason Jay was part of a mob and he was the reason they got to live in both luxury and misery.

    When her birthday finally came, Jake didn't have the chance to wish her. He knew for a fact that Jay would be surprising her at the stroke of twelve. That was exactly what happened.

    Y/N, oblivious to her brother's plans, was still awake, waiting for Jake to come into her like he was doing for the past week. But it was safe to say that she was much happier seeing Jay tip-toe into her room with a small birthday cake in his palms.

    He had an excited smile on his face- a smile she rarely saw- as he sang Happy Birthday. A single candle was lit on the birthday cake and she quickly blew it out. The small celebration happened quietly and lasted until the pair managed to finish the cake. Before he let her sleep, despite knowing it'd be hard with the sugar rush, he handed her a birthday gift.

    Another ring, like Y/N wished and expected for. A ring that was shaped with flowers, colourful enamel painted on the petals. "That is the opposite of tacky," he said and she laughed at his humour.

    She was glad that he could freely joke around with her, regardless of the situation.

    She didn't see Jake that entire day because her brother took her out for the first time in a long time. She wasn't complaining, mostly because she was too engrossed in the empty park they walked around and the empty theatre they watched a movie in.

    Regardless of how much Jay was willing to let Y/N have fun, he sure as hell wasn't going to pass up an opportunity to book out entire parks and theatres. He had the money, so why not.

    Y/N honestly didn't care as long as she was with him. She couldn't remember the last time she enjoyed a day out with her brother.

    They got home later in the evening and Y/N agreed to stay in her room for the rest of the day. When she walked past Jungwon and Sunoo, they wished her a happy birthday- she smiled gratefully at them, then shut the door of her room and sunk into the white sheets of her bed.

    Suddenly it was like her old life chased her down, following the same loop she was so used to. Today was a rare day, a special day that probably wouldn't be repeating itself until next year. It was just one day.

    She wondered if she could plan something special for Jay's birthday, too.

    That night, when the moonlight filtered through her curtains and crickets chirped, Jake snuck into her room again, a determined look on his face. He held something in his hand, hiding it behind his back as he cautiously made his way towards her bed.

    "Hey," Y/N whispered to him, a beaming smile on her face.

    "Hey," he cooed back. "I didn't get to see you all day," he said as he slipped under the sheets beside her.

    "I was with Jay the entire day," she explained. "A special birthday surprise," she jazzed her hands, earning a low chuckle from Jake.

    "Before you tell me about it," he started. "Happy birthday," he crooned as a finger reached to tap her nose. They smiled at each other, humming. "And I got you something," he added and pulled out an averagely sized box.

    Y/N gasped softly. "You really didn't have to," she insisted but he shook his head, ushering her to move and sit in front of him. She complied, both crossing their legs as they sat in front of each other. Jake opened the box to reveal a bracelet, a simple, silver chain that would wrap around her wrist.

    "It's not much, but it's something you'd like," he smiled sheepishly.

    "You're right," she gushed. "I love it."

    "Can I put it on for you?"

    She nodded enthusiastically and Jake softly reached for her hands, fingers nimbly wrapping the bracelet around her wrist, cool metal touching warm skin. He was right, it suited her.

    "Thank you," she lifted her hand to ogle at the bracelet around her wrist. "It's so pretty."

    "Pretty girl deserves pretty gifts," the words slipped out involuntarily. He played it off with a shrug and leaned against the headboard. Y/N trained her eyes on him, moving closer so that their knees were touching. "How'd your day go, then?"

    "Oh, right," she chewed the inside of her cheek. "Jay came into my room with cake at exactly twelve in the night and then in the morning we went to a park and ate ice cream. Then we went to watch a movie."

    "Jay really did all that?"

    "Granted, he did book out the entire park and theatre but it was still fun," she added, a sly grin taking over her pursed lips.

    "That's the catch I was waiting for," he laughed. "What about your parents?"

    "They messaged me a birthday wish and sent me some money," she scoffed, darting her eyes away for a brief second. "They act like they're some distant relative of mine," she commented.

    "At least, you have Jay and me," he offered. Y/N nodded, agreeing with a minuscule grin.

    Silence followed with that. Neither of them were complaining, though, because they just gazed at each other, pupils fighting the dim moonlight. Y/N found it in herself to move her hands towards his, nimble fingers playing with his. She always thought he had pretty hands and she knew how bizarre it sounded.

    Jake watched as her hands played with his fingers and recalled how he wanted her to do the exact thing. Her index scaled the span of his palm, then the crevices between his knuckles and veins. She paid so much attention to the one thing she was doing, he found it adorable.

    "Can you believe that less than two weeks ago, Jay and I were at each others' throats?" She mumbled, a light chuckle following her observation.

    Jake hummed. "Can you believe that less than two weeks ago, you and I were strangers to each other?" He nodded between himself and her.

    "Yeah," she giggled. "And all it took was for me to be a whiney brat," she muffled the cackle that left her mouth.

    Jake laughed at her, chest rising and falling as he felt his heart race, banging against his ribs as Y/N absentmindedly wrapped her palm around his two fingers. Her delicate, little hand around his. He would curse if he could.

    "I'm pleased with the way things turned out."

    While Y/N nodded, Jake let his free hand wrap around her wrist, tugging her towards him. It was clear that she wasn't expecting it, almost slipping onto his lap. But Jake caught her, his other hand holding her waist as her palms landed on his chest.

    He exhaled, chest heaving as her body pressed against his, lips parted. Y/N darted her eyes across his face, flitting to read what he was feeling. "I'm pleased too," she gulped, smiling ever so lightly that anyone could have missed it.

    "Good," then his fingers were wrapped around her chin, guiding her face closer to his. Their eyes fluttered shut in unison and Jake caught her lips with his.

    Y/N wouldn't say that she felt sparks fly. No, it was something subtler yet more intense. It was like waves of butterflies crashed down on her, the back of her head tingled and her spine would have given up if it wasn't for Jake holding her tight. As her hand travelled towards his jaw, she felt fire between her fingers.

    A moan parted from her throat, her brows furrowing when Jake's lips parted from her with a wet smack. Y/N's eyes fluttered open, breathless just as he was. "Was that supposed to be my second birthday gift?"

    Jake chuckled dryly, shaking his head as he leaned towards her again. "Take it as whatever you want," he pecked her, repeatedly, punctuating each with a smile as his hands buried in her hair.

    If it weren't for the air conditioning, she was sure she'd spontaneously combust out of joy, excitement and ardour. She wouldn't say she was pining over him. Hell, they only started talking a week ago. But a part of her knew he was pining for her, for a longer time than she knew.

    He made it quite obvious. He was so nice to her, so caring and endearing. The bracelet as a birthday gift just gave him away. Maybe she was happy, maybe she was scared. She didn't know which overpowered what as her brain turned into mush while he held her.

    All she knew was that she liked him and he liked her. What more could she possibly ask for?

    Right. Her brother's acceptance.

    "Shit," she cursed as Jake's palm pressed the small of her back, her chest arching into his. He sighed, darting his eyes up and down her face before kissing her nose, and then her cheek and then her forehead but his lips found their way back to hers nevertheless.

    "What is it?" He breathed, giving up and resting his chin in the croon of her neck. She slumped against him, her arms latching around his neck and the smell of lavender filled her nose.

    "Jay," she reminded him.

    "I just kissed you," he pointed out. "And you're thinking of your brother?"

    "Exactly, you just kissed me," she whined. "And if he finds out-"

    "How will he find out?" Jake hummed as Y/N pushed herself off him, sitting inches away from his touch. His fingertips traced her cheek, pushing back any strand of hair that covered her face.

    Oh, how long he had waited for this exact moment, to have her freely for him to touch. For her hands to explore his face and chest and for his hands to disappear in her hair. But there would always be something stopping him- them.

    "I don't know," she hissed. "It's Jay! He'll find out somehow!"

    "Then let's just hope he doesn't find out any time soon," he tried. "I'm not gonna let him ruin this."

    Then Y/N felt butterflies in her stomach again and she fought the smile that threatened to grace her features. Jake didn't hesitate to grin, pulling her closer to him and letting his hand roam her waist, fingers sliding under her shirt and trailing lines across the band of her pants.

    She giggled, lips tracing his jaw and complaint that she felt ticklish. He told her that it was the whole point- she whined as she kissed his jugular. Jake's hands refused to leave her hips, he held her in place, praying that he could have a few more minutes to spend just like that.

    They didn't know how long they stayed that way, lips on each other's necks, hands teasing the little exposed skin they could find. But however long it was, nothing seemed to be enough. Jake left her room when Y/N started feeling sleepy. He left with a kiss to her head and mouth and slipped past her door.

    She woke up early regardless and she chalked it up to the adrenaline that still surged through her veins. The previous night's activities dazed her head as she raced down the stairs and into the kitchen. Jay sat at the dining table just like she expected, a plate of waffles with whipped cream sitting in front of him. His attention stayed on his phone, though, even when she settled beside him.

    "Good morning," she sang but received no answer. Well, if she counted a hum as an answer, then so be it.

    The cook hurried to hand her a plate of waffles as well and she smiled at him, reaching for a fork and knife. She wasted no time in eating, oblivious to the way her brother's jaw clenched and unclenched, eyes narrowed to an empty screen on her phone.

    "Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or something?" She chuckled, chewing a mouthful of waffles.

    Jay tutted, shaking his head and shoving his phone into his pocket. "I might as well have," he grumbled. "How does one react to finding their right-hand man sneaking out of their sister's room in the middle of the night," and his hand reached for a tissue, wiping it between his fingers.

    Y/N stilled her actions, fork falling out of her hand as her eyes connected with her brother. He was truly livid, fires of anger blazing in his eyes as his fingers intertwined under his chin.

    "What?" She blinked, a chill running down her spine. Her hand hovered in the air, hair falling into her eyes, mouth agape.

    "Don't play dumb," he rolled his eyes. "Do you know how angry I was?"

    "What did you do?" She panicked, palms pressing against the slick wood of the table. The cutlery shook, her plate might as well have dropped to the floor.

    "Yelled at him for a good fucking hour," he seethed.

    "That's all you did?"

    Jay doesn't respond but takes his knife and fork to his waffles. Y/N watched patiently but it felt like her head could detonate at any given second. The worse possible scenarios crossed her mind- was Jake still his right-hand man?

    "He's still alive, if that's what you're wondering," he said nonchalantly. "He's not just my right-hand man. He's my best friend. I'm not cruel enough to kill him."

    If she could, she would sigh out of relief. But more questions surfaced. But she wasn't in a place to ask him anything. After all, she did betray him.

    "Not two weeks and he's bought you a gift for your birthday and had the nerve to kiss you," he let out a breath in disappointment. Y/N bowed her head down, embarrassed by just how much he knew. She couldn't blame Jake for confessing, though. She would have confessed too. "To be fair, it was inevitable, right? Falling for the brother's best friend- you've always been a clichè, right, Y/N?."

    "I'm sorry," she mumbled, playing with her thumbs. She wasn't sure if it was the right thing to say but it was the only appropriate response she could muster.

    Jay ignored her, continuing to eat calmly. The shiny watch on his wrist slid up and down as he moved his arm while eating. Y/N knew her brother well enough to know that he was seconds away from exploding into fury. This was the calm before the storm, for all she knew.

    "You'd think that I wouldn't mind you having a rendezvous with him. You know, because I trust him and whatnot," he continued, echoing the words she had said to him before. "But that's the thing. I remember telling you not to drag him into your romantic fantasies," he chewed on another piece of his waffle.

    Y/N sat in her chair shaking, wondering how on earth she messed up so bad. Not two weeks and she had ruined her chance of freedom and a better relationship with her brother. Not two weeks and she proved that she didn't deserve anything she asked for.

    "Now I'm sitting here with my ego hurt. And we all know how I am when my ego is hurt" he reminded. "But I'm torn between minding my own business and doing something about it. So tell me, what should I do?"

    It was a rhetorical question. Y/N knew that. She felt like a little girl being scolded by her parents after committing a small crime. But this wasn't a small crime. It was a mistake that might as well cost her relationship with her brother. So she just sat there and took it. She was on the verge of tears, the corners of her lips twitching downwards.

    "Because I don't want to do something about it. You're legally an adult. You can do whatever you want, right?" He coaxed, staring daggers into her head. "Right?" Y/N hesitantly nodded as he persisted. "Which means you can take care of yourself. So why need me at all? Why do I have to bend over backwards to do everything in my power to make sure not a hair on your head gets hurt?"


    "I'm doing everything I can to keep you safe," he said. "But guess what? You aren't the only one telling me that I'm being unfair. Heeseung, Sunghoon, Jungwon- all of them. I don't want to know why they have a sudden interest in you and the way I treat you. But call it peer pressure. I was being convinced. And not two weeks, you find a way to make me regret being nice to you."

    "So you only put effort into being a better brother because of them?"

    "No, Y/N. Everything I did was so I could call you a sister. So that you could look at me like I'm your brother. Not some monster that locks you up in your room all day," he insisted, slamming the cutlery in his hands onto the table. "Can you blame me for being angry that you and Jake have your thing going on?"


    "What am I going to do when you have a falling out? What am I going to do if Jake, my right-hand man, my best friend, is the reason you get hurt?" He retorted, eyes squinting. "I can't abandon him. Neither can I abandon you, can I?"

    "What if we don't have a falling out?" With the sudden surge of confidence, Y/N spoke back, head tilting at her proposal.

    "Funny thing is, Jake said the same thing," he scoffed. Like on cue, Jake was walking into the kitchen. The fear in his eyes covered by the clench in his jaw and fisted hands. Jay and Y/N turned their heads to look at him. "You did say that, didn't you, Jake?"

    Jake nodded, training his eyes on Jay as Y/N willed herself not to cry. Everything was going to be fine.

    "But that's the thing. Who are you to predict what might happen in the future?" He pursued. "It's always best to prepare for the worse, right?"

    "But why?" Y/N whispered. "Nothing bad will happen- Jay, I like him," she reasoned. The girl might as well burst into sobs as she pointed between Jake and herself. "You and him are the only people I have in my life."

    "I know," Jay growled. "That is what leads me to my conclusion."

    Jake and Y/N shared glances, both scared and confused. "What's your conclusion?" Jake urged.

    Silence was what followed as Jay continued eating. All Y/N and Jake could do was stare and wait patiently. This was their punishment, the silence that followed the verdict. The numerous thoughts and possibilities that conjured in their heads.

    What could possibly happen now?

    The sound of metal clattering with porcelain seemed to be the only distraction. Y/N fought the urge to coax him, force an answer out of him because she swore if she waited any longer, she'd go crazy.

    Jay even stood up and kept his plate in the dishwasher. He cleared his throat, dusted his shirt and ran a hand through his annoyingly bleached blonde hair. He glanced at his sister and his right-hand man and gave them a curt not.

    "You can do whatever you want."

    Y/N gaped, her jaw might as well have hit the floor, eyes involuntarily widening as she started her brother up and down. It was safe to say Jake gave the same expression, hands hovering in front of him.

    "What?" Y/N asked.

    "I'm furious," Jay reminded the pair, the same stoic expression on his face. "But I'll allow it. You're so confident in yourselves, right? So be it, I'll let you two live it down. Call this a test. I was just trying to see if you're answers would stay the same."

    "You can't be serious," Jake stared, stepping closer to Y/N.

    "I am being serious," Jay said simply. "I accept this relationship," it took every muscle in his body not to cringe.

    Then Jay walked out of the kitchen because he didn't know what he would do if he continued the conversation. Y/N and Jake were left frozen in their spots. They were still confused, puzzled at what just happened. So there was no storm, Y/N thought to herself, and he raged for so long just because he was mad.

    Would it be appropriate to cause after her brother and hug him? Probably not the right timing.

    She knew how much Jay had to suppress to let out the words he just said. So all she could do was be grateful. Her mouth only closed when Jake touched her chin with his fingers. She blinked, shaking her head and looking at Jake.

    "What just happened?" She asked.

    "I think we just got Jay's blessings," Jake mused, pulling a chair beside her and collapsing in it. A sigh left his lips, hands resting on the table as he tilted his head towards her.

    "How are you so calm?"

    "Why would I not be?"

    Jake looked back to the prior night when Jay had caught him walking out of her room. He looked back to the way Jay seethed at him and spewed words but the tears that brimmed his eyes were unmistakable. Jay wasn't just angry, he was giving Jake the protective brother talk.

    Maybe a part of him saw this coming. Jay couldn't do anything to stop it. Well, he could turn to physical force but he wasn't as cruel as people made him out to be. So he wasn't worried. He knew Jay would come around to it someday, learn to be happy with the way things turned out.

    Because the way things turned out wasn't so bad, after all.

    "What did he say to you?" Y/N's hand moved to rest on his, thumb touching his knuckles. She moved closer to him; Jake chuckled and placed his hand on her knee.

    "Not important," he assured. "But can we just celebrate? This is the best day of my life!"

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    22:46 - jake sim

    smiling to yourself as you walk with bf!jake his dog layla, you subconsciously rub your arms from the chilly breeze. within seconds, you feel a jacket drape around your shoulders and look up to see jake smiling at you. squeezing his hand as a thanks, you notice he dropped layla's leash to give you his jacket. unfortunately, layla also notices and runs off into the nearby park as you and jake run after her, your laughter echoing throughout the streets.

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    summary: living with four guys isn’t what most would expect. it isn't some real-life adult fantasy where every guy gets to fuck the girl at the same time AND one by one on their own. it just isn't. right? RIGHT?

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    rating: r19 (explicit smut content)

    a/n: a collated masterlist for all parts of take it! i hope you enjoy, loves <3 (the first masterlist was flagged hhhh)

    [in chronological order, mostly]

    take it (original fivesome)

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    take it easy (heeseung + fluffy ot5)


    took you long enough (bonus chapter, jakehoon, mxm)

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    the biggest tease ever

    it was just a way to cover up the fact he liked you

    ngl i think he was kinda shy asking you out

    extremely happy when you accepted

    he's the best bf ever end of discussion

    a gentleman too??? like honey you got yourself a prize 😧

    he treats you soo well tho

    if you want something he's getting it

    does anything to make his baby happy 🥺

    he loves you sm all he wants is to see you with the smile he loves on your face

    dates with him are amazing

    if you wanna stay at home then yall kick the other members out and cuddle 😚

    or if you want something more energetic then he takes you to the most extravagant places

    l o v e s going out at night on a drive while playing music

    creates all sorts of playlists too

    one day yall could blast some oldies, other days you could relax to some lofi

    generally, it's never boring ;)

    i don't think he minds PDA all that much

    in fact he'd be real cheeky afterwards

    like i said before, a HUGE tease

    he's tall so he takes advantage of that A LOT

    and if you're tall, cause we don't discriminate height here, he'd still be a huge tease

    like damn boi let your s/o breathe 😟

    cuddling him is soo endearing??

    loves holding you, especially when you nuzzle your face into his neck, it makes his heart swell soo much

    but if you run your hands through his hair?? he's puddy in your hands

    it comforts him sm when you kiss him all over his face after a long day at the company :))

    loves spontaneous gifts

    shows up at your house randomly with a big ass teddy bear

    surprising you is prolly his favorite activity 😚

    the big sparkle you have in your eyes makes him fall harder sobs

    im honestly not sure if he gets jealous all that much

    its prolly a 50/50 chance

    he most likely does get jealous but gets over it easily

    and he hates arguing :(

    tries to avoid it as much as possible

    his kisses are soo wholesome???

    loves holding your cheek and giving you a loong kiss

    looks you in the eyes with such a loving look 🥺🥺

    after the kiss he softly smiles at you and gives you a tiny kiss afterwards

    all in all, he's the sweetest bf who treats you like the royalty you are

    pls treat him well too 🥺

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  • cassy131
    18.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    happy 200 days with enhypen <3

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  • crjwon
    18.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    I’m on my limit...this is what I fear the most. Let’s not let this happen please...History will not repeat itself. What happened to X1 will not happen to Enhypen. Let’s just educate enha properly. This shit is Every Engenes fear.

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  • http-wommy
    17.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    𝖇𝖊𝖙𝖙𝖊𝖗 𝖓𝖔𝖜; 𝖘𝖎𝖒 𝖏𝖆𝖊𝖞𝖔𝖔𝖓

    jake x fem!reader, fluff, drabble

    relief was all you felt as the gentle hands of you boyfriend began to rub small circles onto your aching back, slowly but surely feeling the dull pain disappear as the feeling of comfort settled in. hours upon hours of standing on your feet and fulfilling orders given to you from left and right had left your completely drained, and the unexpected arrival of your monthly visitor could only be described as a cherry on top of the already awful day.

    "better now?" he asked, voice barely above a whisper when your hand grasped tightly at his hoodie, sighing in content. you could barely bring yourself to let out a hum of agreement, let alone a full sentence, instead opting to relish in the sensation of ease as jake continued his loving gesture.

    he couldn't help but smile when he noticed the frown on your face slowly fade away, placing a soft kiss to your forehead and reaching out to take your hand into his.


    "yes, baby?"

    "thank you."

    though at first he wanted to tease you for thanking him for such a thing, he chose not to, letting the corners of his lips curl into a grin as he watched you drift off into sleep. instead, he kissed your forehead one more time, whispering.

    "anything for you."

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  • ikpoptimes
    17.06.2021 - 5 days ago
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  • 20cube
    17.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    170621 weverse

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  • bwaldorf
    17.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    heesung acting crazy in this flashback and jiwon STILL confessed to him ... my girl is down horrendously bad to be ignoring his warning signs like this 🥲

    #yeah imma keep calling him heesung for convenience's sake for now #rm speaks #rm watches flower of evil
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  • thinkingabtriki
    16.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    maknae line and ways they'd confess!


    he would definitely do it face-to-face

    like in the hallways at school

    he'd probably bring flowers or something

    but try not to make it big bc he doesn't want it to get a ton of attention ot anything

    so he'd blurt out "ireallylikeyoupleasedontrejectme" (i really like you please dont reject me)

    then he'd shove the flowers in your arms

    and then run away

    wouldn't look you in the eyes until he gets a response


    tbh don't think he'd do a face-to-face

    i feel like he would make a playlist confessing

    he's gonna try and get all your favorite artists in the playlist because thats how thoughtful he is

    and if yall are texting he'll casually go "oh yeah i made you a playlist"

    he'll make the cover his favorite picture of you too


    he titled it "y/n" ot whatever and just throws his phone across the room and doesn't check it for the rest of the day

    probably doesn't check it until you mention it the next time he sees you

    but when he does see you i can see him acting like nothing happened


    also wouldnt do a face to face

    probably leave a note for you in your bag or whatever

    or give you a message similar to what he did in this timestamp

    or to annoy you he would write in a language you dont know and leave a note on the top basically telling you to google translate it

    and at the end be like "oh yeah im so cool i even put this in your bag and you didnt even notice"

    but i feel like the note would be really short and to the point

    he would act like nothing happened the next day

    until you bring it up he blushes really hard but doesn't say anything

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  • virghogh
    16.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    Okay y’all have convinced me that Jungwon is a Scorpio rising! I have an ask that I think I’m going to answer later as like a full blown post going through enhypens rising cuz I rlly think we nailed it yall!

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  • sailorjisunq
    16.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    enhypen icons

    #enhypen icons#enhypen stuff#enhypen edits#lq enhypen #lq enhypen icons #sunghoon icons #park sunghoon icons #jungwon icons #yang jungwon icons #heesung icons #lee heesung icons #jake icons #jake sim icons #kim sunoo icons #sunoo icons#niki icons #nishimura riki icons #kpop icons#kpop edits #boy groups icons #bg icons#bgs icons#bg icon#bgroups icons#bgroup icons
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  • highkeygolden
    16.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    Jake x Fem!Enhypen!Reader

    He was talking. All he was doing was talking and you were listening. Well, you were listening but Jake's words went in one ear and flew out the other. You wanted to pay attention, you did but his make-up was just done so perfectly, the two shaved lines on his right eyebrow defying his eyes.

    God, you were losing it. Never did you think you'd find yourself in a position like this, to be falling head over heels for your friend, someone you worked with, someone you were in the same band with.

    Granted, it was quite inevitable. He was good looking, all of them were. But that wasn't the only thing that drew your emotions out of the little box you stored them in.

    Jake was a good kid. A religious boy who loved seeing the good in the world, who liked helping the ones around him regardless of his stature. His parents did a good job in raising him, teaching him pristine manners when it came to treating people- and his friends.

    You were his friend. That's all you could ever be to him, above all. Despite anything and everything, all the nice things he's said to you and all the nice things he's done for you... You were still just his friend.

    Maybe staying that way, with a permanent label wasn't a bad thing. It was a constant reminder to keep your emotions stored in your Pandora's box.

    But... It was you. You always wanted the things you couldn't have, reaching for things that were forbidden, breaking rules whilst knowing the consequences of your actions. You didn't care, you liked the thrill, the adrenaline.

    "Y/N? Are you listening?"

    No, you weren't listening. You made that pretty obvious. His question breezed right past you as you found yourself reaching for his neck, pulling yourself closer to him and surprising him with a kiss.

    His body stilled, the hand that was animatedly joining his speech hovering in the air as his eyes shut. You brought your hands to his jaw, lips still pressed to his awkwardly.

    At the realisation, you pulled away, gasping as you scurried to the end of the couch, but that kept very little distance between the pair of you. Jake's eyes fluttered open, lips parted as he looked at with a newfound confidence.

    Then he found himself doing the same, leaping towards your body and closing the distance between your lips. It wasn't awkward this time, even though neither of you was prepared.

    His rings pressed coolly into your jaw and your lips moved, syncing with his as your eyes fluttered closed. You were in a state of euphoria, and you swore you heard violins playing in the background.

    You found yourself moving closer to him, his hand travelling down your chest to your knee. A satisfied hum rumbled from his chest, his lips smiling uncontrollably against yours.

    You chuckled, as did he and all you wanted to was to stay that way for a little longer. Just a little longer but a few wraps on the door made the pair of your spring apart, face contorting into realisation as Jungwon shuffled into the room.

    "It was so cold," he complained, oblivious to the antics that were being performed just seconds ago.

    "You're done shooting?" You asked, clearing your throat and tucking your hair behind your ear.

    "Yeah," he nodded, searching for a jacket. "When are you two done with your parts?" he asked, observing the white gown you wore and the prince costume Jake was in.

    "They said they'd call us when it's time," Jake nodded, pursing his lips as Jungwon sat beside him, mindlessly pulling out his phone.

    You glanced at Jake and he glanced at you, sharing the same expression of guilt and regret. It was silent for the rest of the hour until the rest of the boys joined you in the break room.

    They were all oblivious. Maybe it was wrong of you to find exhilaration from that fact.

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  • crjwon
    16.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    hello !

    If you have twt pls retweet my pinned twt !! Thank you!!

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  • thinkingabtriki
    15.06.2021 - 6 days ago


    - enhypen

    - ot7

    enhypen with a short s/o!!

    - hyung line

    ...coming soon!

    - maknae line

    ways they'd confess!

    - lee heeseung

    ...coming soon!

    - jay park

    ...coming soon!

    - jake sim


    - park sunghoon


    - kim sunoo

    ...coming soon!

    - yang jungwon


    - nishimura riki



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