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    26.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    While I’m here:


    Here’s a cute lil fic where Heisenberg is a Good Dad to Rose

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    26.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Wintersberg is the only ship, actually

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    24.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Good morning, my children.

    I made your favorite for breakfast,


    #wintersberg#heisenwinters #ethan x karl #ao3 fanfic #archive of our own #fanfic #shipper from hell #crowleykoh writes#original au#established relationship #part of a series #fan ficiton
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    24.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    You know who you are.

    Tag your OTPs

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    23.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Look okay I have to come back to this Greek AU Patroclus/Achilles Wintersberg I've just remembered how fucking Strong the love they shared between them was girl heLP-

    Okay. Prince Heisenberg destined for war and carnage, son of a king and sea nymph, a prodigy in all things violent and deadly...

    He meets a disgraced and traumatised Ethan who's just some normal kid who hides and isolates himself from everyone and he just goes "I want that one"

    Them growing up together, becoming men together, going to fucking war together. Ethan dying for Karl's honour and Karl going Fucking Berserk after the fact. Killing all in his path with one single name falling from his split, bloody lips...

    Please I beg I don't even know what for at this point I just gotta get this imagery out there yaknow??

    #karl heisenberg#ethan winters#wintersberg #resident evil village #wintersberg au#greek mythology #achilles x patroclus #ethan winters x karl heisenberg #heisenwinters #greek wintersberg au
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    23.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    Today is the first official day of Fall.  You know what that means. . .


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    22.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    Did someone ask for new AU lore ~

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  • electric--blanket
    22.09.2021 - 3 days ago
    For Ethan Winters, nothing is more important to him than saving his daughter. So, when he’s caught in a time loop, cursed to die over and over again until he makes it out alive, he finds himself connecting with Karl Heisenberg. It’s an unexpected turn of events for Ethan, instead of falling into Heisenberg’s factory as an enemy, they come together as allies and — eventually — close friends. At first, Ethan has no choice but to team up with the man who wants to use his daughter, but in the end, all he wants is to leave hand-in-hand with Rose and Heisenberg at his side.

    - 11/18 chapters complete

    - Upload schedule: Wednesdays and Fridays (5-6pm BST)

    - Rated: Explicit (Warning: Violence & death)

    - Ship: Ethan Winters/Karl Heisenberg

    #back on my bullshit #chris shows up this chapter bois #we're in the endgame now! #ethan winters x karl heisenberg #karl heisenberg x ethan winters #heisenwinters#wintersberg#winterberg #resident evil 8 #resident evil village #re:8 #resident evil fanfiction
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    21.09.2021 - 4 days ago


    Well, that’s that, folks. The end of the line.

    #at least until the sequel ehehehehehe #wintersberg#karl heisenberg#ethan winters#heisenwinters
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  • electric--blanket
    21.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    a place where the heart rests

    so, because @thekaiserroll drew fanart of my fanfiction i decided to return the favour by writing a long Wintersberg one-shot based off of her short comic! i hope you enjoy touch-starved Heisenberg.
    warnings for death (not for main characters) and some angst.
    read on ao3


    Mama… I want mama. It hurts.

    Where’s mama?

    Karl Heisenberg always suffered from nightmares. Even before he was taken in by Mother Miranda — as a child, Heisenberg often experienced night terrors that had him screaming in his bed. There were distant memories in the back of his mind, where he’d wake from a terrible dream that had him screaming for his mother — and she’d always come to his side. In that terribly large, cold estate that Heisenberg once called home, it always felt so lonely. But, his mother always eased his fears; with her silk nightgown and the distinct smell of expensive soap. Her soft fingers would comb through Heisenberg’s locks of ashen brown hair, hushing him in a soft tone of voice — a voice he could no longer remember.

    During the experiments, it was the only thing Heisenberg begged for when he felt the cadou infesting his body. It felt like a worm wriggling around in the wet soil during a storm, curling and writhing through his organs. He screamed for his mother, wishing she would save him from the pain and take him home again. A seventeen-year-old boy screaming for his mother to come and save him looked utterly pathetic from Mother Miranda’s perspective, and the feeling of fear only intensified when she stroked Heisenberg’s hair whilst he screamed. A soft whisper that uttered, “I’m your mother now, child.” It made Heisenberg nearly vomit.

    That was the last time someone had ever touched him so tenderly. He’d not felt a loving touch since then and ducked away from Miranda’s so-called ‘motherly’ touches.

    At first, Heisenberg coped with the intense trauma of his bodily changes by taking it in stride and calling his newfound power of magnetism a ‘gift’. He knew deep down it was the opposite: it stopped him from ageing, rendered him infertile and stripped away his dignity by becoming a slave to Miranda. It took a long time for Heisenberg to fully process what had happened to him. His father had left him in the clutches of a madwoman, and his life only got worse from there.

    In a fit of rage — perhaps at the age of twenty-nine — he revisited his parent's estate to confront the man he could no longer call ‘father’. He had aged since Heisenberg last saw him, but those steel eyes he’d inherited were still as hard as ever. His mother lingered in a doorway just down the hall, but she didn’t dare come to greet her son as he snapped with a short, interrupted breath. Heisenberg had grabbed his father by the neck and pinned him to the nearest wall, knocking down a beautiful oil painting his mother adored. His fingers didn’t seem to stop, squeezing on the skin and bone until he felt a sickening crack vibrate beneath his fingers.

    Heisenberg hadn’t meant it, not really. It was as if a demon had taken control of his body and sought revenge that barely mattered anymore. He didn’t realise what he’d done until he heard the sound of his mother screaming; distraught and fearful of her own son that she’d once coddled so long ago.

    That was the last time Heisenberg saw his mother and father. The estate was quickly abandoned not long after, and from what he knew, his mother took her belongings and moved to Austria with some distant relatives. That large house teased Heisenberg every fucking day, with how it towered near the factory grounds and reminded him of what he’d done. Arson wasn’t exactly on his bucket list, but Heisenberg couldn’t resist taking a match to the place and watching it burn. Whatever childhood remained in that house was left in a pile of ashes, and he never looked upon it ever again. All of the silly dreams and hopes he’d had for his life were gone.

    That was until Ethan Winters showed up. Nearly a hundred years later, Heisenberg felt something he’d sought after for so long — hope.


    “Karl? Karl—!”

    Mama. I want mama. Everything hurts.

    Heisenberg forced his eyes open. It felt like his life was replaying in front of him whilst he was passed out; like watching an old film reel repeating itself and becoming more distorted each time. Up until that very night, Heisenberg’s life had been a series of traumatic events and unforgivable actions.

    That night, he’d turned it all around just by laying his eyes on Ethan Winters. A man so incredible, resilient and insane… He’d do anything to get his little girl back. It was the man Heisenberg had oh-so wanted his father to be, and he admired that about Ethan. He’d never been so good at expressing his emotions honestly, or even laying out his ideas in a proper fashion to others… Oh, but Ethan was special. He’d shown Heisenberg patience that he’d not been offered before and decided to join him at his side to kill Miranda. Together.

    “Karl… Fuck— Don’t die on me, asshole.”

    Ethan… Ethan…

    Above the metal remnants of what his mutated body had used as a shell, he could hear Ethan pushing the scrap aside to try and find Heisenberg buried beneath it. He could also hear the distinct cries of a distressed baby, something that brought him back to Earth. Heisenberg reached up through the metal until his bare, calloused fingers brushed up against Ethan’s soft knuckles. There was a moment of silence when their skin touched, but Ethan didn’t waste any time in grabbing Heisenberg’s hand and pulling him out.

    The moment the pressure around his body ceased, Heisenberg felt the telltale feeling of sickening warmth seeping from many wounds across his body. The cadou inside him didn’t react too well to it, trying to cope with the trauma done by squirming and pulsating inside of him. Heisenberg drank in the expression of Ethan’s relieved face for just a moment, only until it warped into one of worry and horror. Heisenberg was weak, and his knees buckled beneath the weight of his torso before he fell back onto the ground.

    The baby cupped carefully in one of Ethan’s arms began to cry again as Ethan jostled her accidentally in an attempt to help Heisenberg. A baby crying wasn’t really helping Heisenberg’s already distressed state, but it made him realise just how fucked he was. There was no way they would get away in time together, and Heisenberg was too injured to walk. The cadou might have helped to some degree, but it didn’t ease the burning pain in his body, and the loss of blood that was making him dizzy.

    Ethan’s horrified expression was pinned on an appendage from the Megamycete, which rose up from the cave systems like a flower bud in spring, ready to bloom. The small, red flashing light alerted him to the fact that Chris Redfield had succeeded in planting the bomb. They had to leave.


    A silence hung in the air for just a moment, and Heisenberg didn’t realise what he’d just said. For the first time in his miserable existence, he was being selfless and urging Ethan to leave him behind. It was the last thing Heisenberg wanted.

    Don’t leave me here. I’m fucking scared. I don’t want to die yet.

    “Fuck you,” Ethan’s voice trembled with venom, “I’m not leaving you here now. Not after everything we’ve been through.”

    Heisenberg let out a bitter chuckle, tasting the blood seeping from his gums as he grinned, “I don’t think we have any time to be arguing about this, buttercup.”

    “No. I— Mia’s dead, Karl. I need you.”

    That’s right. Heisenberg briefly recalled Miranda’s kidnapping of the not-so-innocent woman and the experimentation that followed. Unfortunately, her body gave in due to her state after giving birth and she died on Miranda’s operating table. Ethan’s wife was dead, and Rose was now left without a mother’s loving touch.

    “I said go. Rose needs her papa intact, not blown to pieces.” Heisenberg insisted, slumping back against the pile of scrap metal.

    “Damn it—” Ethan looked hesitant to leave Heisenberg. It was a truly sweet sentiment: to see someone care about him after all this time. After all of the terrible things he’d done, and the love he’d been deprived of… Someone cared about him. Maybe that was enough. Maybe it wasn’t so bad to die like this.

    “Fuck.” Ethan stammered again, licking his dry lips and swallowing, “Karl… I… Thank you.”

    “... Yeah. I know, Ethan.”

    That was all he needed. A trembling, watery smile shot his way before Ethan held Rose close with both arms and turned to run.

    He’s going to be a great father.

    Heisenberg looked up at the plant-like form the Megamycete had taken, looming down upon the ceremony courtyard with writhing mold creeping closer to Heisenberg. It was then that he decided that giving in like this wasn’t who he was: he was a fighter to his last breath.

    In a last attempt to preserve his life, Heisenberg parted the pile of scrap metal and shuffled beneath it all. He rolled his wrist, the cocoon of metal surrounding him and tightening. The metal creaked, drowning out the sounds of the mold writhing around the metal to try and get inside. Heisenberg closed his eyes tightly, gritting his teeth. I won’t die. Not yet.

    The explosion that followed shortly after was deafening, causing the entire ground to shake beneath him and the metal to shudder against his body. It felt painful, rippling off his injured skin like that… But, fortunately for Heisenberg, the explosion wasn’t nuclear — the blast was enough to do the job and wipe out the mold and the Megamycete.

    A silence followed the explosion, brick and ash collapsing against Heisenberg’s metal cocoon. Each noise made him flinch, and his fingers twitched instinctively as some final line of defence. He didn’t know how long it was before he felt brave enough to let his guard down and release his telekinetic grip on the metal. The scraps suddenly slumped, collapsing around him as Heisenberg pushed the metal off of his body and emerged like a phoenix rising from the ashes of its former self.

    The smoke and dust still remained, causing Heisenberg to cough heavily as he took a sharp inhale of the air. He squinted through the dust and remains of what was left of his home town and realised how much he’d lost. It hit him all at once; his childhood, his parents and his fucked up little family. Even though he hated Miranda and his makeshift siblings deeply, they were all he truly had left to call ‘family’. It was over in the blink of an eye, and Heisenberg suddenly felt like a child all over again. Like a child waking from a nightmare, scared and alone.

    Heisenberg’s fingers twitched into tight fists, clamping his mouth shut as tears threatened to spill down his face. Even after all this, he tried to will himself not to cry, to never let down the walls he had so carefully built. But, at that moment there was nothing left to keep the foundations upright. Heisenberg’s fists loosened, and he brought his hands up to cover his face instinctively. A knot seemingly untied itself in his chest and throat, and a guttural sob left him. Maybe — just maybe — it was okay.


    Navigating the woods was even worse during a snowstorm at night. It was bad enough that Heisenberg’s body was weak from his healing injuries, but it felt haggard from his intense emotional breakdown. In a strange sense, he felt relief from it but at the same time, it felt awfully inconvenient. Heisenberg was sure he looked like a terrible mess; his clothes were torn and his hair was damp with clumps of ash hanging from his silver locks. Not to mention the blood staining his clothes, and his valuable dog tags that hung low on his chest.

    In his many idle chats with Ethan before they fought Miranda, he could recall the other man mentioning he didn’t live too far from the village. It was a fair distance away, but not too far that it would be impossible to reach if your car broke down on the road between them. Still, it wasn’t a pleasant or short walk.

    By the time Heisenberg even managed to reach a place that looked like a livable home, he was close to collapsing in the snow… But, he held out. The lights were turned off inside, but a motion sensor light on the property turned on once Heisenberg got close enough. The bulb blinded him briefly, and he held a hand up to shield his eyes as he walked up the porch to the door. Heisenberg sluggishly lifted his hand, knocking on the door as hard as he could and leaning against the frame. It took a few moments before he could see a light turn on inside from the windows, and the sound of someone walking down a wooden staircase slowly.

    The person on the other side of the door stopped before they reached for the doorknob, and they spoke out.

    “Who is it?”

    Ethan Winters. That voice Heisenberg had missed so dearly; in all of its glory and full of caution. It almost made him laugh.

    “Let me in, Ethan. I’m freezing.”


    “As smart as ever, Ethan. Can you hurry up?”

    Ethan was quick to unlock the door and remove the security chain, twisting the doorknob and pulling it open. There, Ethan was standing in a pristine white shirt and some boxers that hung low on his hips… Along with a pair of comical slippers that seemed to resemble a cartoon dog. Heisenberg’s lips twitched into a tired grin.

    “Oh my, too much skin, Ethan. Back in my day—”

    “Shut up and get in here!”

    Ethan grabbed Heisenberg’s arm, tugging him inside to shield him from the snowstorm outside. He slammed the door shut and quickly locked it back up, and the two men finally stood face-to-face. There was a silence that hung in the air, with so many unanswered questions on the tip of Ethan’s tongue, but none came. Without any further hesitation, Ethan threw his arms around Heisenberg’s neck and tugged him close for an embrace.

    It was the first time Ethan had touched him in such a way. So full of affection and genuinity, it made Heisenberg’s fingers tremble with uncertainty. He didn’t know what to do with his hands: so overcome with the touches that smothered him. His brows creased into an expression of relief, and Heisenberg’s steel eyes fluttered shut as he succumbed to the hug. He wrapped his arms around Ethan’s waist, squeezing him carefully and burying his face into Ethan’s shoulder. The smell of talcum powder and formula milk permeated his shirt, giving Heisenberg the comfort he craved. He never wanted Ethan to stop touching him, and he was content to stay like this for as long as he could — to make up for all the time he’d lost aching after affection.

    “I thought…” Ethan mumbled slowly, “I thought you were dead.”

    “Mm.” Heisenberg hummed lowly in response, curling his fingers into Ethan’s shirt. “So did I. Turns out I’m hard to kill.”

    Ethan snorted softly.


    As it turned out, Heisenberg wasn’t too bad with kids.

    It was a tough adjustment for the two men at first; Ethan had to keep Heisenberg a well-guarded secret as he was moved to a new location with Rose (courtesy of the BSAA). Heisenberg followed their steps at a safe distance, but he was never too far from them. Understandably, Ethan was moved into a smaller home: a humble bungalow in a quiet German village. Once the BSAA had left Ethan in peace with Rose, it didn’t take long before Heisenberg settled into the bungalow with them.

    Ethan had insisted that if Heisenberg was going to stay there with him and Rose, then he’d need to learn to help take care of the baby. At first, he was extremely hesitant to do something akin to a parental figure… But, Rose was a surprisingly sweet baby. She didn’t fuss too much and rarely threw a tantrum over the little things. Rose was the right amount of responsibility for Heisenberg, and that made him a patient parent.

    He’d been taught how to properly hold her (after many lectures), how to prepare her formula and change her. Rose was understandably unhappy with Heisenberg’s presence at first, perhaps longing for her mother that was no longer around… But, after a few months, she took to Heisenberg very well.

    Because of Karl’s lack of mortality and infertility, he never thought he’d take the figure of a father like this… But, it wasn’t exactly an unwelcome opportunity. He’d even upgraded from sleeping on the couch to Ethan’s bed.

    The first night Ethan invited him to bed, Heisenberg could tell from the flustered look on Ethan’s face that it took a lot of courage to ask him to bed. A sexual joke lingered on the tip of Heisenberg’s tongue, but he bit it back in favour of keeping the proposal on the table. Instead, Heisenberg had nodded with a cheeky grin and followed Ethan to bed.

    There had been some nights where the loss of Mia hit Ethan harder than he’d liked it to — even after Mia’s work with The Connections was revealed, he had still loved her to a degree. Those nights were the hardest. All Heisenberg could do was hold Ethan in his arms and comfort him with nothing more than his presence.

    This invitation into Ethan’s bed was far more intimate than a comforting hug. At first, they stayed a polite distance apart on either side of the bed, with Ethan turned on his side whilst Heisenberg stared up at the dark ceiling. In the darkness, his eyes created shapes that danced across the ceiling and warped before him. Much like the mold that infested him, it was as if it continued to taunt him with its presence. After a moment, Heisenberg finally turned onto his side and glanced at the lump that was Ethan with his back to him. That urge to touch returned to the forefront of Heisenberg’s mind. It was that deep ache in his chest, like a lump of flour stuck in a smooth dough that needed to be coaxed inward.

    He reached out but stopped himself before he could touch, trying to plan the best way to move forward with what he wanted. Heisenberg pursed his lips, shuffling his body closer to Ethan’s back until he finally slid his arm over Ethan’s waist. He could feel Ethan’s body freeze and tense up a little, which made Heisenberg’s heart feel like stopping altogether. Had he gone too far?

    But after a moment, Ethan relaxed, pressing his chest back into Karl slowly. It was all the permission he needed to slot himself fully against Ethan and quietly seek out his hand. Once Heisenberg found it, he carefully laced their fingers together as he held Ethan like that, tugging him close with his elbow.

    No words were spoken in the darkness, but a silent understanding of what they both wanted. Heisenberg finally felt complete like this, closing his eyes and exhaling tiredly. His body suddenly felt tired, releasing all the tension it had been holding trying to psyche himself up to do it.

    A feeling of affection swelled in Heisenberg’s chest as he held Ethan, finally giving in to the darkness and drifting away with their bond now stronger than ever.


    “Are you fucking insane, Ethan?!”

    Chris Redfield. A thorn in Heisenberg’s side, but not as bad as Miranda. His voice filling their home put Heisenberg on edge, but it didn’t really matter too much to him. It was around ten in the morning, and the couple had just had breakfast. The television was on, playing some cartoons in the background as Rose was sitting on the soft carpet of the living area with her toys, and Heisenberg sat close to her.

    When Chris made an unexpected visit, and he spotted Heisenberg in the living room, the yelling began. Ethan had kept Chris just outside of the room so that Rose didn’t see her father getting angry, and Heisenberg made sure to keep her attention on her toys. Heisenberg was wearing a pair of tartan boxers, along with a button-up pyjama shirt with a white tank top beneath it. It wasn’t exactly the pinnacle of bedtime fashion, but it made him comfortable enough at night.

    When the yelling only got worse and Rose seemed irritated by the noise, Heisenberg carefully brought Rose into his lap and crossed his legs.

    “Hmm,” He hummed in feigned thoughtfulness, “Does ol’ Karl need to perform for little Rose again?” Heisenberg sighed dramatically, “Oh, the things I do for you.”

    He turned his body subtly to the kitchen area, holding his hand out and focusing on one of the drawers. It slid open, a few tablespoons floating out from a cutlery tray. Heisenberg pulled his hand back, the spoons floating across to the living area and bringing them to a stop in front of him and Rose. With a simple, slow roll of his wrist, the spoons began to twirl and move in a circular motion above Rose.

    Her eyes widened with fascination, the corners of her mouth opening into a gleeful smile. Absently, she reached up with her soft, pink hands and tried to reach for the spoons half-heartedly as they continued their motions. A soft laugh bubbled from her, causing Karl to smile softly.

    “He’s a dangerous bioweapon, Ethan. He could hurt Rose!”

    Heisenberg managed to hone in on those words; a sharp pain digging into his chest when he realised the implications Chris was trying to make. That Heisenberg was a monster. A bioweapon without feeling. A creature that would kill a child.

    Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Ethan pointing wordlessly at the soft scene of Heisenberg with Rose in his lap, entertaining her with spoons. That was all he needed to say, really — without even saying it. Even Chris was at a loss for words, and he quietly relented. Ethan was surely in for an afternoon of lectures.

    It made Heisenberg smile a little more, turning his head subtly towards Ethan and catching his gaze. It was his quiet way of saying thank you. It went beyond thanking Ethan for trusting him with Rose but thanking Ethan for listening to Heisenberg, taking him into his home and loving him. Even though they’d never spoken those three little words out loud, maybe they didn’t need to. Their actions, affections and closeness spoke those words loud enough.

    Truly, after all this time, Heisenberg didn’t think he was capable of ever being loved or trusted. Now that he’d left that horrible life behind, he was now a father, a friend and possibly a lover. The trauma would always remain, yes, like the cadou and the mutations. That didn’t mean he couldn’t be happy like this, in this simple little life he’d started to build with Ethan.

    Maybe it would be okay.

    #ethan winters x karl heisenberg #karl heisenberg x ethan winters #heisenberg x ethan #heisenwinters#wintersberg#winterberg#karl heisenberg#ethan winters #resident evil village #resident evil 8 #resident evil fic #fanfiction#oneshot
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    21.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    Imagine Karl Heisenberg in the kitchen trying to use clingfilm/seranwrap(?? Whatever it's called in places that aren't here)

    Think of the static this man would generate

    Just imagine it

    Ethan asks him to cover something in a bowl and five minutes later there's a human chrysalis screaming in the middle of his kitchen because 'no hammers in the house Karl'

    I just find this image hilarious

    #karl heisenberg #resident evil village #wintersberg#heisenwinters#ethan winters #ethan winters x karl heisenberg #domestic wintersberg #for all your wintersberg fluff needs
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    21.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    Karl Heisenberg and Ethan Winters mod pops are done! ⚙️🧲🍄

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  • void-bitten-ghost
    21.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    Okay but if you dont think in a wintersberg au Ethan wouldn't tear up seeing Rose in a flower girl dress you're wrong

    If you think he wouldn't tear up seeing teen Rose in a bridesmaid dress/suit you're wrong

    If you think Ethan wouldn't be fucking inconsolable seeing Rose walk down the isle you're so fucking wrong okay that man would just remember the jars and how he never thought any of them would live to see those days and he'd be bawling. And you know the kicker??? So was Karl the night before like he's still tearing up behind the shades and is hiding sniffles behind his hat but he's staying strong so Ethan can lean into him and cry til his 'hearts' content

    #wintersberg#ethan winters#karl heisenberg #resident evil village #heisenwinters#rosemary winters#marriage #ethan is emotional about rose okay #ethan winters x karl heisenberg
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  • susspirria
    21.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    Title: honeypot

    Fandom: Resident Evil

    Ship: Karl Heisenberg/Ethan Winters

    Summary: For three years Ethan has been held captive in Miranda's lab and kept as a breeder for her potential vessels. His life seems endlessly bleak, until the day that Heisenberg happens upon him and decides to sweep him off his feet and take him back to his factory.

    Tags: Forced Pregnancy, Stillbirth,Kidnapping,Captivity,Mother Miranda sucks,all the dark tags are because of her,Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics,Alpha Karl Heisenberg,Omega Ethan Winters,Scenting,Accidental Rescue Missions,Hand Jobs,Anal Fingering,Rimming,Lap Sex,Groping,Knotting,Mating Cycles/In Heat,Sharing Clothes,Soft Karl Heisenberg,kind of hes not mean at least,Soft Ethan Winters,Hurt Ethan Winters, Dubious Consent,Kissing,Body Worship,Touch-Starved,Oral Sex,Manhandling,referenced child death,Possessive Karl Heisenberg,Intercrural Sex,mildly shady alpha tactics,Teasing,Multiple Orgasms,Frottage,Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot

    Chapters: 1 // 2 // 3

    #wintersberg#heisenwinters#ethan winters#karl heisenberg #resident evil village #a/b/o fic #resident evil 8 #just finished this fic lol #its just a silly little thing in between my other fics #complete fics
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  • susspirria
    20.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    Just found out about the German word to call someone lucky, Glückspilz (literally "lucky mushroom") on this website i use to find pretentious, untranslatable words for my fanfic titles. I'm currently losing my shit thinking about Heisenberg calling Ethan this, for obvious reasons.

    #wintersberg#heisenwinters#ethan winters#karl heisenberg #my little mold man ilysm #lets make this the new fanon lmao #i was just looking for a cute word for my genderpl*y fic lol and this is what i come back with
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  • crowleykoh
    20.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    The fluff thickens in the Wintersberg original AU ~

    #wintersberg#heisenwinters#ao3 fanfic #archive of our own #ethan x karl #fanfic #shipper from hell #crowleykoh writes#original au
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    20.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    I'm stuck at work and bored. Someone send me a prompt PLEASE.

    I literally have nothing better to do.

    #wintersberg writing prompts #wintersberg#heisenwinters
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    20.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    Mia in Fanfic: "Well, looks like I get Rose to myself all this week."

    *makes sad face at Karl because she knows he's grown deeply attached to the baby*

    Heisenberg in fanfic: "yeah, thanks for watching the kid, gives me a chance to f*ck your husband senseless all week."

    Mia: *angry stutters*

    Heisenberg: "which reminds me, I really should be heading home."

    #wintersberg #ethan winters x karl heisenberg #heisenwinters
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    20.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    Karl: "I still don't like you, but anyone with the fortitude to get fingered by my sister and live to tell about it has my respect." *tips hat*

    Mia: "there's just so much to unpack in that sentence that I don't know how to feel . . . But I think I'm flattered."

    #wintersberg#heisenwinters #ethan winters x karl heisenberg #miacina
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