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    17.10.2021 - 10 hours ago
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  • mell-bell
    17.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Got my Hela costume and I can’t wait to go full hair and makeup

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  • bloodmageapologist
    16.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    I’m thinking a bit of Hela Surana and Moria Lavellan this morning. They both have similar positions in their respective stories: mages who accompany the rogue in their quest to save Thedas.

    Hela was a Circle mage, ‘conscripted’ during the Broken Circle quest. She was already on poor terms with Wynne, as Hela was more interested in the study of darker magics, and the theories they presented, and didn’t at all like the concept of complete obedience keeping her from abuse. But I digress. She taught herself the theories of blood magic, but never used it until Kinloch fell, and then was the first time she opened her veins to seek revenge on the Templars who attacked her friends. When Brielle brought her along, there was a tension in the camp that couldn’t be broken with two mages with wildly different views. But Hela’s research and practice proved useful and Brielle was happy to have her along.

    Moria was First to the Keeper in Clan Lavellan, and in my headcanon, this version of the Clan is very open and accepting to the teachings of blood magic. Her uncle was Artemis’ father, also a mage, and taught her everything she knew about magic from the moment her power was revealed, until his death at the hands of rogue Templars who wandered too close to the reclusive clan, months before the Conclave, and right in front of Artemis. It was this event that spurned Lavellan to send Artemis and Ronan to spy on human affairs, hoping to the Creators that their bloodshed would stop.

    Moria did not go to the Conclave, but remained behind until news of the explosion reached their clan. She took it upon herself to travel to Haven to find her cousins, and was very nearly executed as a Maleficarum until Ronan stepped between Moria and Cassandra’s blade. Luckily for her, Hela was a part of the Inquisition at Leliana’s request, as a Warden consultant, and also as a cover for Brielle. The moment she saw Moria, she saw the blood magic, and basically adopted her as her own within the Inquisition. Anyone laid a hand on her, and not only would they have to answer to the Lavellans, but Hela as well.

    Hela’s style of blood magic was always offensive, with a specialty of making golems out of dead bodies--darkspawn corpses in particular. Moria taught herself blood magic for the sake of healing and defense, things that the common folk of Thedas never associated with the ‘unholy arts’. It was something Hela never came across in her studies either, so the pair bonded, teaching each other their powers and becoming quite close.

    And as someone who ended the Fifth Blight, crossing Hela to punish Moria in any way would land anyone a one-way ticket to getting their ass kicked. She’s often underestimated before people meet her, so they expect someone short and slight, not a giant beast of a woman wielding a staff.

    Idk I just really love my blood mage ladies, and when Lilith shows up, boy do they have a fun time.

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  • indri-on-ao3
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Apparently I have peculiar tastes in fanfic. I just spent hours sifting through Loki-on-Sakaar fics, looking for ones in which he was concerned about the political situation he'd left behind on Asgard. I didn't find much. I understand he has to switch contexts quickly to survive, but I imagine he'd spare it a thought, after three years on the throne.

    Will I manage to write one myself?

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  • lesbian-deadpool
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Bruce: You are horrible!

    Hela: Yes, I know; thank you for reminding me.

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  • metacarpus
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #hellblade: senua's sacrifice #hellblade #just like sleep #passarella death squad #hela
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  • theevoh12
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Y/N: *stepping into Odin's palace* HEY ODIN-

    Odin: what the-

    Y/N: Can I date your son?

    Odin: which one?

    Y/N: The gay one.


    Odin: which one?

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  • h1myname1sv
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Title: Life Asked Death Chapters: 14/20 Rating: Teen and Up Audiences Warnings: Implied/Referenced Character Deaths Categories: Gen Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor (Movies), Guardians of the Galaxy (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel Movies) Relationships: Gamora & Loki & Nebula (Marvel), Loki & Thor (Marvel), Gamora/Peter Quill Characters: Gamora (Marvel), Loki (Marvel), Nebula (Marvel), Thor (Marvel), Peter Quill, Thanos (Marvel), The Black Order (Marvel), Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, Stephen Strange, Other Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy Team Word Count: 34k Summary: Infinity War AU. Thanos moves on with his goal to wipe half the universe out of existence. Gamora, Loki, and Nebula have to come back together and face their pasts. Part 7 of “Three of Us Against the World.”

    It’s the fourth day since the world died, the day after they’d confronted Thanos and lost.
    That’s all Nebula seems to be doing, lately.

    Read More on ff.net Read More on AO3

    #life asked death #three of us against the world #nebula#thor#rocket raccoon#loki#gamora #guardians of the galaxy #mcu#marvel#fanfic#mine#hela#mcu fanfic#marvel fanfic#my fanfic #ff.net #ao3
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  • thundermilch
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Tonight we are: back into a Maneskin x Manuel Agnelli in "Amandoti" bisexual panic and romantic longing loop and how are you doing besties?!

    #help#hela talks#maneskin #maniskin x manuel agnelli #amandonti#rip me
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  • thoughtlessarse
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    The World Health Organization on Wednesday honored the late Henrietta Lacks, a Black American woman whose cancer cells were taken without her knowledge to provide the foundation for vast scientific breakthroughs.
    Lacks died of cervical cancer at the age of 31 in October, 1951.
    "What happened to Henrietta was wrong," said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus during a special ceremony in Geneva.
    "Henrietta Lacks was exploited. She is one of many women of color whose bodies have been misused by science," he added. "She placed her trust in the health system so she could receive treatment. But the system took something from her without her knowledge or consent."
    'Mother' of modern medicine
    The tissue taken from Lacks at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore provided the first human cells to be successfully cloned. Those cloned cells have since become a cornerstone of modern medicine, contributing to the development of the polio vaccine, genetic mapping and COVID-19 vaccines. The innovations have led to Lacks being called the "mother" of modern medicine.
    The HeLa cells, a name derived from Lacks' name, were also used in the development of methods to combat cervical cancer.
    continue reading
    #us #world health organisation (who) #henrietta lacks #mother of modern medicine #racism#institutional racism#exploitation #thermo fisher scientific inc #lawsuit #hela cell line
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  • winterfrostsarmy
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    WinterFrost OctoberSmutFest

    Giant Blue Popsicle Stick Part 2💙❄

    Dom! Jötun Loki x Fem! Reader

    Sexual Content: Cuddle fuck, mentioned of several sex positions, multiple orgasms, dominance, slight choking, rough sex and double penetration.

    Tagged List:@wolfsmom1 @wolfish-trickster @latent-thoughts @luthien-t @blackcat2907

    The bickering between the three of you, sadly ended that night, when Loki somehow managed to get you to explain that you learned those two words from him..but tonight, the Guardians of the Galaxy isn't here.

    Dinner was ready and everyone was sitting at the table, putting food on their plate while having a conversation here and there..Loki had just picked up the blue bowl of breadsticks "Hey Lokes, can you pass me your giant blue popsicle stick?"you asked causally, not really knowing what you just said out loud. Silence filled the room and all could be heard was a sound of silverware being dropped on the floor, Thor choking on his food causing Dr. Hulk to pat on his back and poor Peter spitting out his drink in Brunhilde's face.

    "I b-b-beg your par-MY WHAT?!" Loki asked stuttering for once, a loss for words as you looked around confused to find poor Mother-hen Steve wearing a face of unreadable and mixed emotions..fixing to pass out with Wilson at his left and Barnes on his right ready to catch him. Both Wanda and Natasha had that knowingly smirk look on their face while Hela looks like she's about to do an air-fist bump in victory with a look on her face that just screams "yaaaassss Bitch yes! Get you some!" leaving you to think 'what the fuck? I did just ask for him to pass the blue bowl of breadsticks..right?..RIGHT??'

    Clearing your throat as everyone looked at you spoke nervously trying to clear the uh..tension in the room "So, uh..how 'bout that weather today was it hard out there-?" AGAIN not realizing what you just said..until Tony nearly choked on his drink and you swear you saw Steve's eyes began to twitch, his face beat red with sweat covering his forehead. "I mean hot, HOT! HOT COCK! That's what I was going to say hot cock, how 'bout that hot cock wea-?" you begin to say but stopped when you saw your soul sister, Wanda waving her hands in a "stop, just STOP talking" motion looking at her in confusion. Wanda talked to you telepathically telling you what you've been saying causing your face to flush beat red of embarrassment while Loki just kept absolutely still in his seat and hasn't spoken a single word, since then.

    You got up from your seat and retreated to your room without saying another word leaving your plate of spaghetti behind, Hela aimed a piece of her breadstick in Loki's face getting his attention as he blinks a couple of times before looking at his sister "What are doing just sitting there?..go and get her" Hela said. After Loki left the dinner table to go and find you, but not before Hela shouts out "Don't forget to give her what she asked for, brother!" causing the raven-haired God to give her a look while everyone else just looks at her "What?" she asked with a shrug. "Wait.. wait.." Steve begin to say sitting foward "so let me see if, I got this right?"he added causing all eyes on him, now " so..Loki and Y-Y/N are gonna do the, you know..." the super soldier than starts to whisper, like he's about to share a really 'juicy secret' and says "fon-due-ing with his fondue stick."

    "God dammit Steve, just say it! Why is it so hard for you to say it?!" Tony exclaimed, gaining everyone's attention "It's a three letter word, just three. Sex, there gonna have sex!" he shouted while shaking the dinner table. "Steamy, hot and animalistic sex! Sa-" gets interrupted by Dr. Hulk "Uh, Tony buddy. Calm down he-" then there was a loud "THUD" everyone looked and found that poor Motherhen Steve has finally passed out, by falling backwards next thing you know Barnes and Wilson get into an argument about who was suppose to catch him.

    💙 Smutty-Smut ❄ Time 🍆

    Loki is fucking you in a spooning position with a slow and agonizing pace but with very hard thrusts in his Jötun form, feeling the ridges on his enormous icy hard cock hitting you in all the right places.. causing you to gasp and moan in pleasure, as he sucked, bite and nibbled all over your neck marking you as his to ravish and claim. He's already taken you in at least three other positions in his Æsir form... or maybe it was four?

    Loki lifts up your upper leg and draps it over his butt, propping himself up and grabs hold of your thigh allowing himself to go deeper thrusting in and out of you vigorously. That familiar feeling quickly build up in your stomach, already so close to your fourth orgasm tonight as he goes deeper..faster.. harder suddenly the fire building inside of you erupts like a wildfire your body shook as you came hard crying out his name in pleasure. Clenching tightly around his cock as you did causing him to hault his movements with a hiss, he pulled out only half way before slamming back into you with one powerful thrust earning some squeak from you as you came again "FUCK!" Loki shouted cumming deep inside you with clenched teeth.

    Upset with himself that he came too soon..he pins you against the headboard of your bed with his cold body pressed up against your sweating back trapping you there. Loki began kissing all over the back of your neck and shoulders, as he waited for you to come down from your high..until he found "the spot" on your neck to mark you as HIS, he licked and nibbled in that same spot.

    You finally woke from your high and squeaked out like a mouse being caught by it's prey, as Loki nipped on the neck before nuzzling and licking it. "Always so responsive to me, my dear."he mumbled against your neck, sending chills down your spine in good way as you moaned for him when you felt him lick your neck again "Are you ready dove?"he asked in your ear, as he lined himself up at your soaked and heated entrance behind you. "Yes. Please fuc-" you didn't even get to finish your sentence, as he plunged himself inside of you, screaming out his name in both pleasure and pain over and over again like a chorus to a song..as he slammed into you repeatedly, your sounds were like music to his ears. "Hmm..that's right my dove, sing to me. Sing to me, my little songbird." he purred in your ear and nips the side of your neck "Lo-Lo...KI!" you managed to gasp out. "Lovely. Say my name, dove."he rasped in your ear and nips at your neck again "Lo..uhh, uhhh-LoKi!" you squeaked, panting while his movements doesn't faltered. "Say. My. Name. "he demanded with a feral growl, as he slammed into you with powerful thrusts for each word "LOKI! LOKI! LOKI!"you chanted loudly with a moan for each movement, as your body jerked foward and close to coming. "SAY MY NAAAMEEEE!!"he shouted with a roar while slamming in and out of you wildly "LOKKKIIII!!.."you cried out in a whimpering mess "Oh holy mother of-" you began to say getting ready to cum but.. "Don't you dare fucking cum!!.." he commanded pulling out completely you whimpered in protest.

    In one swift motion..he flips you onto your back and plunged himself inside of you with a hiss feeling you clench down on his erect member, wrapping your legs around his waist allowing him to sink in further with ease moans escaping from both of your lips. "Not yet." Loki added gripping your hip with one hand, his claws digging into your skin and the other wraps around your neck, as he begins to brutally pound you "Ah-Uh..Oh my-Uh, uh, uhh..Ohmygod" you managed to gasp out in between moans "You called, my dear?"he asked as his lustful crimson red eyes stare into your hazey, lustful ones. "You like this dove? You like me fucking you like this with my hand wrapped around your pretty little throat? You like me to have my way with you, like this? You like getting filled with my giant blue popsicle stick?" Loki asked, not at all slowing down on his savagely violent pace "Yes I I-ahh, fuck.. love it! I love it al-ahhh... OH FUCK, PLEASE DON'T STOP!"he chuckled. "I know love, I can feel it. You take my cock so well dove, it's like you were made for me..."he praised "Do you wanna cum, my love?"he asked "Y-Y-Ahh, Ahh.. Ye-Uhhh, Uhhh.." his movements and the multiple orgasms you've tonight, it was all too much but it all felt SO FUCKING GOOD! You felt like you were on cloud nine, he was fucking you so good that you were a whimpering, moaning mess and saying incoherent words...HELL you're beginning to see stars.

    Loki losen his grip on your neck, as he spoke "Do you wanna cum dove? Blink once for yes and two for no."he said slowing down his movements, as you blinked your eyes once for yes. "Then cum. Cum for me dove, cum for your king."he purred against your neck and that was your undoing, you came hard like a hurricane just soaking his cock with your juices..with one last thrust he slammed into you and roared your name as he came, his cold seed mixing with yours while pulling you into his chest holding you close to him.

    About four hours later, you woke up from your slumber to find your being sandwiched between two Loki's one in his Æsir form and the other in his Jötun form. 'Well fuck! I'm fucked' you thought, next thing you know Jötun Loki takes you from behind and fucking your ass while Æsir Loki lays on his back and fucks your pussy..it felt like they've been fucking you for hours cause you just kept cumming over and over and over again, but it's only been FIVE SECONDS?! Jötun Loki waved his hand and the Æsir Loki disappeared, as the real Loki bends you over and grabbed your hips as he pulled his cock completely out of your ass and slammed into your soaking entrance "FUCK!" you shouted with a moan, as he fucks you furiously doggy-style. "YESSS! FUCK ME, PLEASE!! I'M YOURS!" you cried out with feral growl, he pushed you further on the bed causing you to fall flat on your stomach "MINE! Nobody else's, mine!" he growled out, as he fucks you into the mattress..not long after he sinked his teeth into your neck to claim you as his, spilling his seed deep inside of you and this caused you to cum as well.

    #loki#hela#valkyrie/brunhilde#the avengers #dom! jotun loki x you #dom! jotun loki x fem! reader #dom! jotun loki smut #winterfrost octobersmutfest#my posts#my writing
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  • realasgardianhouseknives
    15.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    *watching monster movies*

    loki: i bet i could take godzilla

    thor: t'would be a glorious battle indeed, brother!




    bruce: uh thor i think he meant–


    #realasgardianhouseknives#loki#thor#hela#heimdall#valkyrie#mcu valkyrie#brunnhilde#bruce banner#the hulk #godzilla x loki new otp #marvel#mcu#mcu au #thor has mastered the art of denial #loki has mastered the art of monster fucking
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  • recycled-teenager
    15.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Everyone talks about how Thor: Ragnarok is the bisexual fantasy but here's the thing -

    Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth are great but......

    Let's just take a moment to appreciate Cate Blanchett and Idris Elba, please.

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  • probably-need-sleep27
    15.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    So this idea been stuck in my head all day

    So thor:the dark world still happens but Loki isn't stuck in a white cell instead he been chilling in the palace library for the past year or so and catching up on the gossip, the only reason no one realised is because Loki been using his illusion, everyone in asgard knows except the royal family and thor friends, thor only realised this after asking Loki for help but thor accidentally falls into Loki cell, he's not shocked but overall disappointed, Loki been having manicure with his bestie Amora, so while loki was walking back to his cell to sleep, he saw Thor and open his cell to let his dumbass brother out and to save the universe and obviously save Jane but Loki went to the vault to get his beloved Tesseract to travel to the dark world duh, Loki nearly dies but he was kicked out of valhalla by Hela because it wasn't his time to die yet, Loki travel to Alfheim to see his bestie Sigyn and celebrate not ending up in madman hand this time, Odin falls into Odinsleep or die you decide, thor is force to be king and pardon Loki name, Loki is free person and Loki can do anything they want now, he casually go into the Royal Palace library to read and just to tell Thor he's alive , Hela comes but instead of being insane and wanting to commit genocide, she is chill and want to kill Thanos for hurting her baby bro, Hela was in timeout for a while but Odin forgot about her so that why she wasn't around

    #Crack treated seriously #Thor: the dark world #Loki isn't coping well #Loki casually celebrating his near death experience #Then he have break down later while Tesseract is comforting him #Thor tried making Loki asgard king but Loki isn't having it and tell him to keep the crown #Thor tried giving it to Hela but she's disappeared because she's doesn't want to be queen #So yeah thor is force to be king #Hela is chill and don't want to be queen #Loki and Tesseract living their best life #loki x tesseract #Rewrite of Thor:the dark world #Ragnarok never happened #Hela kills Thanos #Hela kills the black order as well #loki of asgard #Frigga is still dead because I say so #Loki and their beloved Tesseract elope and ask Tony to make a body for Tess #Obviously Tony does it #Loki is asexual of course
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  • dmills2012-blog
    14.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    What’s everyone being for Halloween?

    I’m being hela lol

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  • tristasi
    14.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Cosas random del cuaderno,

    Ruvan y Cirst son buenos amigos, aunque Ruvan aveces se harta de su amigo cambiaformas

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  • the-shared-brain-in-retrograde
    14.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Will we watch until the very end, or just turn it off at the opportune moment and pretend nothing terrible happens?

    What if?...everything was OK.

    On to Thor Ragnarok tomorrow, how exciting.

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  • brandonimhotep
    14.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Almost 70 years after her death, Henrietta Lacks receives wider recognition, hometown honors for her contribution to medical research. Her cells were stolen and used to make groundbreaking discoveries. #HeLa Cells were used to eradicate Polio and the Human papilloma virus. They improved cell culture practices, corrected the number of Chromosomes and Mapped the Human Genome 🧬 The chief of the World Health Organization has honored the late Henrietta Lacks, a Black Woman whose cancer cells provided the foundation for vast scientific breakthroughs. (WHO) has honored the life of #HenriettaLacks, the woman dubbed her the #MotherofModernMedicine . Lacks died of cervical #cancer in 1951, but her legacy lies in the millions of lives she has saved ever since. Before she passed away at age 31, doctors collected sample cells from her body without her or her family's consent - a controversial move for which her family is still seeking compensation. However, this led to several medical breakthroughs such as the developments of the polio and human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines. In a special ceremony held by global health leaders, Lacks was posthumously given an award to honor her legacy which has helped save 'countless lives.' Her 87-year-old son Lawrence Lacks - one of her five children, who was just 17 when she died - received the award on her behalf at a ceremony in Geneva on Wednesday. Lacks, born in 1920 in Roanoke, Virginia, died from an aggressive form of cervical cancer samples at Johns Hopkins. Her cells were collected by doctors without her or her family's knowledge. The cells were sent to a laboratory where they were found to be the first living human cells ever to survive and multiply outside the human body, and became known as 'immortal'. Her family has been seeking compensation for the move ever since despite a court ruling in the 1990s hat a person's 'discarded tissue and cells' are not their property and can be used for commercial purposes. However, family members spoke at the ceremony on Wednesday, thanking the #WHO for the posthumous honor. #dailymail #technologynetworks #whsv Kindly FOLLOW our new page @wonderwombman2 https://www.instagram.com/p/CVBNFr1rsDI/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • xgoddess-of-deathx
    14.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    @pages-and-words' Peter said: " don't go. please. i... i don't want to be alone... "


    It was a lot.

    Hela remembered the exact moment she was pulled from her own timeline, told the truth of the multiverse, told her entire existence was wrong because she was not who some council wanted her to be. That council was gone now and Peter had managed to split open the multiverse on his own somehow, but she imagined the truth still weighed the same. At least he was from this so-called "Sacred Timeline" though. At least he didn't have to deal with that aspect of all this.

    With a nearly silent sigh, Hela slid down the wall on the opposite side of the room to sit across from him. Her emerald gown pooled around legs. It was a stark contrast to his dirty jeans and the dusty kitchen tile.

    She had taken him home using the machine she had stolen from the TVA, some sort of handheld teleporter. Home to an cold, empty apartment. Home, but too early. She wasn't sure what happened here, but he seemed to. He knew it wasn't right.

    "Maybe if I can get it charged again, we can go to the right year..." she thought aloud as she turned the machine over in her hands. "We'll just have to figure out what it runs off of and go from there."

    #m; [[hela lokidottir]] #c; [[peter parker]] #v; [[???]] #[[pages and words]] #[[threads]]
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  • lvnamuraart
    14.10.2021 - 2 days ago
    "Darling, you have no idea what's possible..."

    Day 14: Hela

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