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  • swarovskisukuna
    22.10.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    alu getting excited to see u after missions. it’s a little pathetic—he has to stop himself from phasing into whatever room you’re in. his teeth get a little longer, saliva pooling in his mouth when your scent first hits his nose. he slides into the room as an inky mist, carefully enveloping you in a warm welcome. he finally takes a solid form, big hands sliding over your shoulders, down your arms, bending at the back to give you a tender kiss. he’s always holding back. 

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  • bjornolf-bjarki
    22.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I’m doing a Reader headcanon for Hellsing and posting it soon.

    Hey, I’m making a headcanon with a Male Reader that’s Bi and it’s going to be in multiple parts and based off of vikings and all that. It’s going to be super long so do read it and give me feedback when it’s out. 

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  • my-mild-ginger
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Sketch practice ✨✍️

    Dumb HC of mine: Integra once told Alucard that 'under no circumstance should you delay a mission report'.

    And now he conveniently finds the most inconvenient times to give those reports. (Integra has no objections.)

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  • manga-and-stuff
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Source: HELLSING | ヘルシング

    by Kouta Hirano

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  • vladislavthedad
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I feel like Alucard would be decent at Blackjack.

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  • icecry
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #hellsing the benediction #Alucard#benedict victoria
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  • masteroblivious
    21.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Lost and Found

    Castlevania/Hellsing Crossover Alucard never thought he'd be raising he'd be raising a child but here he was. The question is, now what?

    Author’s note:

    So the world for this story is as follows: Netflix Castlevania never happened. Lisa was alive and met Dracula much later. She died when Adrian was still a child. Dracula was stuck raising their child himself. He was determined to get the boy a new mother to help care for him. This ran him into trouble and was defeated by Abraham Van Helsing.


    Alucard had been sitting on his throne picking away at the magical bonds that help him. He no longer remembered why it was important, only that it was. He knew Van Helsing did…something but what had been lost to him. He remembered frantically tearing at the black magic in the beginning but he had been robbed of why it was so important; only that it was. Finally, the magic yielded, and he remembered. He remembered what had him feverishly tearing at the mental bonds.

    “Tati, nu-l lasa sa ma ia (Daddy, don’t let him take me)!” Screamed a five-year-old Adrian, pulled against Abraham Van Helsing as he was pulling the child away.

    Dracula strained against the magical chains and wards that kept him from his son. “Adrian!” He threw all his occult strength against the magic but the staking and bleeding had weakened him considerably. He lacked the strength to break through. “Don’t hurt him, Van Helsing! Damn you!” He spat at the human.

    “That is ‘Master’ to you, monster. But don’t worry, Alucard, soon you will be complete. You do not need distractions like an abomination with half a soul,” Van Helsing soothed. The human pulled the struggling child from the dungeon and the heavy door slammed shut.

    Dracula screamed and cursed for his son until the man returned some time later. “Where is my son!” He demanded.

    Van Helsing shook his head and pulled out magical instruments. “That won’t matter soon.” He approached chanting and the wards lit up. Dracula clutched his head and screamed again for a very different reason.

    Tears streamed down the ancient vampire’s face as he recalled his son. “My boy. Lisa’s greatest gift to me,” he whispered. A hysterical, desperate thought occurred to him. Van Helsing didn’t come back smelling like blood. Had the man sealed his son like he had been? He cast out his senses, looking for any sign of magic or vampiric presence other than the Police Girl. He found one almost immediately. If he hadn’t had been looking for it, he would have missed it completely. Alucard looked at the stones beneath his coffin. “He didn’t,” he snarled.

    Integra had felt something foreign in her mind and knew immediately the elder vampire was poking at the bonds again. She had felt it before but didn’t know what to do about it as the little information left about the magic that held the vampire said nothing about what to do to repair broken bonds. “Better see what the Git is doing,” she sighed.

    Seras had been talking with Walter about her new uniform when she heard the crash. She stopped mid-sentence about the skirt to look in the direction of the sound. “Did you hear that?” She asked.

    “Hear what, Miss Victoria?” The butler replied.

    “A crash. Sounds like it came from Master’s room.” She opened the door and saw Integra marching towards Alucard’s room. Seras and Walter immediately followed.

    Integra opened the Master Vampire’s door to see him pulling the stones out of the floor where his coffin had been. “What the bloody hell are you doing!” She demanded.

    Alucard barely paused long enough to answer. “He’s here, I will find him,” he half answered.

    “What the bloody hell-“ the Head of Hellsing stopped when a small, child sized coffin was pulled from the hole in the floor “-is that?” She finished lamely.

    Alucard broke the magical seals like they were paper. The three stepped closer to see what was in such a small coffin. The elder vampire pulled out a small dried out corpse with dull blonde hair carefully. Integra was reminded of how Alucard looked when she saw him for the first time. He pulled a blood bag from his coat and tore it open. “Băutură. Te rog să bei (Drink. Please drink),” he pleaded under his breath. He poured the blood into the dry mouth with tiny little fangs and waited in desperate silence. After the longest couple seconds of his unlife, the blood was swallowed. “Băiat bun. E un băiat bun (Good boy. That’s a good boy),” he encouraged. Red tinged golden eyes snapped open and the child sprung to life, reaching for the bag. Alucard held it steady as the boy drank greedily.

    The Draculina and the two humans stared dumbfounded at the scene in front of them. “A vampire child under the floor.” Seras blinked.

    Integra studied the little blonde boy closely. Something seemed off about the child but she couldn’t decide what. Has Alucard ever made a child vampire? She wondered.

    The blood bag was emptied and another replaced it and was drank with almost as much fervour until one quarter remained and the boy slowed and showed signs of being done. “Bea totul (Drink it all). Eşti aproupe gata (You’re almost done),” he ordered. When the last of the bag was empty, Alucard pulled it away and examined his son. What little colour the boy had had returned, golden curls were almost glowing, and the red of his eyes was gone.

    Adrian finally looked up and saw who was holding him. He lunged forward and clung to the elder. “Tati, esti tu (Daddy, it’s you)! Esti aici (You’re here)!” He sobbed and buried his face into Alucard’s shoulder.

    Alucard hesitated for a second before wrapping his arms around his son. “Sunt aici (I’m here). Acum eşti În sigurantă (No one will take you from me again),” he consoled and Adrian cried harder.

    It took several minutes before the boy calmed down and started to take in his surroundings from the safety of his father’s arms. He blinked owlishly at the three staring speechless at the scene before them. “Cine sunt ei (Who are they?)” Adriand asked and pointed at the three.

    Alucard pushed Adrian’s hand down. “Nu indica (don’t point),” he admonished. “Acesta este majordomul, Walter (that is the butler, Walter),” he started.

    Walter bowed at his name. “Good evening,” he greeted. Adrian clearly didn’t understand what was said but nodded back at the butler.

    “Aceasta este noua mea nou-născută, Fată de poliție (that is my fledgling-the word I used means newborn but close enough-Police Girl).” Alucard looked at Seras. “Say ‘hi,’ Police Girl.”

    Seras started and smiled at the boy and waved. Adrian shyly waved back at her.

    Finally, the introduction he was dreading. Based on what was coming back to him, he worried how Adrian would react. “Acesta este Stăpânul meu, Sir Integra Hellsing (This is my Master, Sir Integra Hellsing).”

    Integra was all ready to at the very least smile at the boy if nothing else. She wasn’t expecting the child to start wailing and have a death grip on her servant. “No! Fără hellsing! Fii Înmormântat din nou (No! No Hellsing! Be buried again)!” He howled, “Tat, nu vreau să fiu Îngropat (Daddy, don’t want to be buried again)!”

    Seeing the child’s distress, the three left to Seras’ room. Answers would have to wait. Integra lit a cigar and let out a drained puff of smoke. “Well, that was…something,” Seras commented.

    “Walter, do we have any mention of that boy in any of the Hellsing records?” Integra asked.

    Walter shook his head. “Not that I recall. I will take another look.” The butler thought for a moment. “I recognized one word that was said. ‘Tati’ is Romanian for ‘Daddy’.”

    Seras fell onto her bed and the cigar fell from Integra’s mouth. “Could Master have turned a little boy?” The fledgling asked. She felt a certain connection to the child but wasn’t sure what. She didn’t feel a compulsion to obey like she did Master but an instinct that told her that the boy’s safety and happiness is her Master’s happiness.

    “Alucard has never shown much of an interest in children,” Walter commented, “not that he’s had much of an opportunity to.”

    “Did anyone notice that that little boy has the same face as Master?” Seras asked.

    “Is it possible that Alucard had a son and turned him?” Walter wondered.

    “If he did, why was there never any mention of him? Why was he locked in a coffin under the floor?” Integra questioned. “There are too many questions and precious few answers.”


    Adrian was still beside himself after they had left and stayed that way for a long time. Alucard had tried to comfort his son but the child was inconsolable until he had cried himself out. Eventually, he stopped and looked up at his father with watery eyes. “Tati, mi-e foame (Daddy, I’m hungry).”

    Alucard blinked at the sudden change and realized that is had been over a century since his son had eaten. The blood had helped but a Dhampir still needed human food. “Atunci vei mânca (Then you will eat).” The vampire scooped up his son and phased through the walls and floors unto the kitchen.

    Adrian stared in wonder at the modern appliances in the room and at the ceiling lamps lighting everything. He pointed at a bulb. “Ca castelul tău (Like your castle),” he chirped.

    His father nodded, he hadn’t though of his old castle in over a century. He vaguely wondered what had happened to it. “Da, la fel ca şi castelul meu (Yes, just like my castle),” he agreed and started to rummage through the kitchen. He couldn’t cook, never could, but figured Walter would at least have some fruit and vegetables for him to eat. He was rewarded with a bowl of apples and oranges sitting on a counter. Setting the boy down on the counter next to the bowl, he pulled a knife from a nearby knife block and cut up an apple like he had seen Lisa do so long ago. The attempt was clumsy but passable. Adrian happily ate the apple pieces with his feet swinging and occasionally kicking the cupboard beneath the counter.

    Walter had gone to prepare tomorrow’s breakfast when he heard the kicking. He entered the kitchen to see the Hellsing trump card struggling to peel an orange. “I take it our newest resident got hungry,” he assumed, unsure why a vampire would even want human food. He plucked the orange from Alucard and expertly peeled it and put the pieces on a plate and it out for the child.

    Adrian hesitantly took it. Alucard nudged his son. “Mulţumesc (Thank you),” he muttered shyly. Alucard nodded approvingly.

    “If I remember right, that is ‘thank you’.” Walter smiled at the boy, “Cu plăcere (You’re welcome),” he spoke back slowly.

    “I didn’t know you spoke Romanian,” Alucard mentioned.

    “Just a few words and phrases,” Walter confirmed. “If you would indulge me, why does he want the orange? I was under the impression he is a vampire.”

    “He is a half vampire. His mother was human,” Alucard answered.

    “A Dhampir! They’re quite rare. How did he end up under the floor?”

    “Van Helsing decided he was in the way and took him away and locked away my memories. I only recently got them back.”

    “Small blessings he didn’t kill the boy.” Walter looked sadly at the child squeezing an orange slice in his hand and licking juice dripping out. “I will prepare a bath for…”

    “Adrian.” Adrian looked at his father at the mention of his name.

    “…Adrian and try to find him something that fits him until he gets his own clothes.”

    Alucard looked over at his son squeezing another slice. “Aceasta nu esta o jucărie (that is not a toy). Asta este mâncare. Tu o mănâci (that is food. You eat it),” he chided. Adrian giggled and shoved a slice in his mouth. The vampire glared at Walter’s back as the butler chuckled as he left.

    Walter knocked on Sir Integra’s door and entered when she approved. “Our newest resident has a name. He is Adrian. A Dhampir,” he informed.

    Integra’s eyebrows rose. “A Dhampir? Are you sure?”

    “Confirmed by Alucard himself.” Walter nodded.

    “Well, now we know who that boy is but not why he was locked away. Unless Alucard told you.”

    “It would seem your ancestor didn’t like having a small child distraction Alucard from his ‘domestication’ and sealed the boy way along with Alucard’s memories of him.”

    “What an awful thing to do to a child. No wonder he was scared.”

    “Indeed. It would seem Adrian has a reason to fear your name.”

    Integra unhappily puffed on a cigar. “Why else are you here, Walter?”

    “Ah yes, to find Adrian a change of clothes. I was hoping you would still have some of your old clothes for him to try.” Integra nodded and got up to rummage in her closet. She managed to find an old tee shirt. Adrian would still be swimming in it but no one had been expecting a child.

    Walter returned to find Alucard trying to get Adrian to eat the remaining two slices and not play with them. The parent vampire clearly had not been having success judging from Adrian’s hands, face, and the front of his shirt. “The bath is ready and I have found a shirt that will suffice for now. I will send for some more appropriate clothes during the day.”


    Alucard was surprised that Walter had found a bottle of bubble bath solution. The butler had also tracked down the gentlest shampoo and body wash in the manor for the child. “E timpul pentru o baie (time for a bath).” He helped his son take off the ancient clothes and plopped the boy in the tub.

    “Sunt bule (There’s bubbles)!” Adrian chirped and blew some at his father.

    The Hellsing assassin wiped the bubbled from his nose and scooped some of the bubbles and blew them at his boy. “Vedeți cum vă place (see how you like it).” The boy giggled and wiped his face. “Inchide ochii (close your eyes),” Alucard instructed. Adrian hesitated, afraid of opening them and seeing only the lid of the coffin, but closed them. Alucard noticed the pause but decided now wasn’t the time to bring it up. He dumped some water over the boy’s head and squeezed far too much shampoo onto the five-year old’s head and scrubbed a century’s worth of dust and grime out of his hair. When he was done, he dumped more water over him and Adrian wiped his eyes clear. Alucard then sat back and let his son play with the bubbles for a little while before helping the boy figure out how to scrub his body with the loofah. Once the water had started to cool, the vampire pulled the boy out and dried him with the fluffy towel sitting nearby. Now that Adrian was dry, the shirt was pulled on. The ancient vampire had to admit, his son looked ridiculous in the tee shirt. But he wasn’t in those old clothes that were close to rotting off his small frame anymore.

    Feeling the tug of the sun, Alucard picked up his boy and was about to head back to his room but stopped. He had a feeling that Adrian would not appreciate being back in a coffin so he headed for one of the many unused quest rooms. He settled the boy into the large bed, promised a bed time story tomorrow, and was ready to leave for his own rest when Adrian started to panic. “Nu! Nu pleca (No! Don’t go)!” Adrian cried and launched himself from the bed to attach himself to his father. “Nu vreau să mă trezesc din nou în întuneric (Don’t want to wake up in the dark again)!” Alucard froze. His son had been aware for at least some of his stay in the coffin. A boiling rage threatened to consume him but he pushed it down. He would save it for the next unfortunate target he was sicced upon. He sat on the bed and pulled his son off and tucked him back into the bed. “Stai cu mine? Te rog, tati? (Stau with me? Please, Daddy?” Adrian pleaded, tears welling up.

    The plea broke his unbeating heart. He sighed as he felt himself give in to his son. “Bine, treci peste. Voi sta cu tine (Alright, move over. I will stay with you).” The Dhampir happily wiped his eyes and shifted over, letting his father get comfy over top of the covers. Once both were settled, Adrian snuggled up close to his father. As long as his father was here, he knew he wouldn’t wake up in the dark again.


    This chapter started with the image of Alucard on his knees with his hat and coat hanging on the door, sleeves rolled up to his elbows as he bathes little Adrian in the tub and went from there.

    I did want it to be a more serious fic but it’s looking like the characters have other ideas

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    I for one am glad this isn't 2012 Hellsing Tumblr anymore.

    #any of y'all experience that? I have novels of shit to tell about 2010-2013 hellsing tumblr. #✒ ooc ⍆ ᴀ ʙᴜɴᴄʜ ᴏꜰ ᴍᴀʟᴀʀᴋᴇʏ
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    #fanfic summaries#bnha #hellsing ultimate abridged
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    won pip Bernadotte ( ╹▽╹ )(◍•ᴗ•◍)

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    Alucard headcanon 

    Alucard and Ellina (baby edition part 2) 

    - Alucard wore a front sling that his kept Ellina in when she was still trying to walk. The sling was a simple gray, but Alucard didn’t really care about color or pattern. It kept Ellina close and still freed up a hand. 

    - One time Alucard had a meeting and he had Ellina strapped to him. Not caring what those of the round table thought, Alucard went. With Ellina strapped to his chest. Those in the meeting were very confused. Should they say something? Should they do something? Should one just point to Alucard and get Integra’s attention on the fact that there’s a baby strapped to him? Is that baby coping Alucard’s facial expression? In the end, no one mentioned the baby sling on Alucard. 

    - When Ellina is finally able to walk, Alucard found himself with a shadow. Go to the kitchen? She’s right behind him. Have a meeting? There she is. Sitting in his room? His coffin makes a great playpen. If Alucard is near, Ellina isn’t far behind. 

    - One food Alucard had an issue getting Ellina to eat was peas. Anything with peas she would not touch. Smashed and mixed with another veggie or some fruit? Nope, not happening. Peas as a side dish? Not touching dinner. Seras and Integra tried and she wouldn’t touch them either. Alucard didn’t know what he could do to get Ellina to eat peas, so he gave up. He tried about 2 months later and she ate the peas easily. When this is brought up, Alucard says that drove him crazy. 

    #alucard hellsing#hellsing alucard#hellsing ultimate#hellsing manga #- Hellsing Alucard's Sunrise #- The Daughter Ellina #gif
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    Drew my own version of Rip Van Winkle!

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