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  • dellinah
    23.10.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    Should I listen to the new Stolas' song and cry for 5 hours or finish an essay that is due in 2?

    #APPARENTLY ITS A SAD STOLITZ SONG??? #i mean idt its an official one but MY BOY STOLAS IS GETTING LOVE AND APPRECIATION!! #AND ITS ABOUT HIM AND BLITZ?? #im gonna cry before i even listen #tho i should get this done #before any of that #yeah guess who stalled and disassociated again ayy #anyway its called Just look my way by paranoid dj on yt! #stolitz#stolas#blitz#helluva boss
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  • here4vibes
    23.10.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    My Stolas from a week or so ago!

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  • scary-spooky-gacha-blog
    23.10.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    I’m alive babeeyyyyy

    #au - hazbin boss #baby you are my angel - 🦇 #gacha helluva boss #oc x canon
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  • advnterccs
    23.10.2021 - 52 minutes ago


    @ladiesofhell sent; ⚡️

    my first impression of your muse: despite not knowing much abt helluva boss/hazbin hotel (besides seeing snippets/the pilot ep ect) I think you have a good characterization of the characters and you make them really interesting and fun! my first impression of you: You looked so fun to write with!! my favorite thing about your muse: you have so many but they're all so great in their own way and I love all of the tiny details you put into each of them! my favorite thing about you: You're so fun to talk to and write with!! would I ever consider shipping our muses: maybe ? 👀 a plot I’d like to see between our muses: I can't think of one right now, but I'm down for pretty much anything. an AU I think would be interesting for our muses: Also can't really think of any at the moment, but !! i'm so down for any type of AU.

    #ladiesofhell #{ answers ; 🧪 } #{ wubba lubba dub dub. ooc posts } #helluva boss tw #hazbin hotel tw
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  • spxcemuses
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    @vampiric-bite​ asked: Rei asking Striker if he’d like to go horseback riding, or opting for some very questionable training/a challenge of Rei asking Striker to shoot in his direction/try to catch him as he runs away, just to see how long he could make it (Icons only, for Striker)

    [ Send "Icons only" and something for my muse to react to ] | Always Accepting!

    #( strikingly devilish. ); Striker #vampiric-bite // reistr #. answered #helluva boss tw #he's up for the challenge rei #or for horseback riding that too :0
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  • hhf23
    22.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i told a friend on twitter this but i used to call stolas’s legs chicken legs cuz of this reason 😂

    #stolas helluva boss #stolas goetia #i love his thighs y’all #they’re thiiicccc #but what are stolas’s toes😂
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  • princssealexis165
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    🖋 InkTober Drawings (2) 🖋

    Days 11-20

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  • rhues
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Some silly character designs from awhile back when I was just scribbling...

    #hazbin hotel fanart #helluva boss fanart #hellsonas#artofrhues
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  • a-little-ray-of-fantasy
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    PARANOiD DJ: Releases an original song on YouTube about Stolas' conflicted relationship with Blitzo.

    Me after listening to the song:

    #Vivziepop#Helluva Boss#Prince Stolas#Stolas#Fave Character#PARANOiD DJ #Please go listen to the song it's so hauntingly beautiful! #Personal Rambles
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  • theseawillbringdarkness
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    My hand slipped.

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  • pitohuiart
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    When you’re kidnapped/interrogated but your best power is being annoying.

    Dialogue from Hellava Boss Episode 6. What a great scene.

    #halluva boss#oc#comic #saw this helluva boss episdoe and go t such huge griffin/siren vibes i had to draw it
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  • artdoer93
    22.10.2021 - 4 hours ago


    #stolitz#helluva boss #stolas x blitzo #vivziepop#helluva stolas #blitzo x stolas #helluva blitzo #helluva boss stolitz #helluva fluff
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  • mythicaldemigoddess-of-deltarune
    22.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    At The Beach: Sci-Twi’s Glasses, Collin, The Tallest & Blossom


    Credit for Helluva Boss goes to Vivienne "Vivziepop" Medrano & SpindleHorse Toons

    Credit for My Little Pony Franchise goes to the Creator: Bonnie Zacherle

    Credit for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic goes to Lauren Faust

    Credit for My Little Pony: Equestria Girls goes to Meghan McCarthy & Jayson Thiessen

    Credit for Invader Zim series goes to Jhonen Vasquez

    Credit for The Powerpuff Girls goes to Craig McCracken


     this is a bit mature, but not like super mature I guess.

    Collin’s wings are suppose to show that he’s “turned on”

    you know like that one thing that fans came up with that had to do with with Pegasus’s wings, I have no idea who originally came up with that idea.

    anyway like it shows in this, Sci-Twi who is 21 years old now.

    lost her glasses and she is trying to look for them.

    Collin is thinking to his cinnamon roll self

    “I Must Stay Pure.” over and over in his head.

    while he is blushing all cute and flustered like.

     Purple is blushing too and giving the thumbs up.

     Red can’t see anything because Blossom (his girl buddy)

    has her hands over his eyes so he can’t stare at Sci-Twi.

    when I can I will post this over at deviantart too.

    should of put Mugman in this drawing too, I would of loved to see how cute and flustered he would end up getting too.

    Collin being all flustered would be the cutest thing ever,

    if he returns in a future episode, it be nice if he blushes.

    at least he actually gives two “bucks” about humans,

    unlike Keenie and Cletus. 

    just go work for the Goddess/Earthly Mother/Mother of All Angels, Collin....you would be the treasured heavenly cinnamon roll.

    both Collin and Moxxie are precious Sweet & Spicy Cinnamon Rolls.

    also I don’t want this to reblog by those under the ages of 16.

    that will be one of my rules, also don’t reblog this without my permission.

    if you want to, please ask in the notes for this drawing.  

    some reblogging will be okay, and I know someone on tumblr did reblog my crossover art that has Blossom, Ashi, Nergal Junior, Dexter, Son Goten and Tallest Red in it.

    and I’m okay with that.

    but for this, it will have some rules, and even if I’m not sure this will get reblogged....I’m going to put those rules for this drawing anyway.

    also you can NOT re-post this anywhere, you can however reblog.

    but only if you have my permission.

    the only one who will be allowed to re-post this over at deviantart is me. as it shows in the art.

    failure to comply to what I ask, will end with being blocked.

    if you wish to do a reply drawing to this, you have my permission but please make sure to put a link of the original drawing.

    once again, the only one who can re-post this drawing over at deviantart, is me.

    I also want to say, that I do not want it on Youtube without my permission, so like unless I’m okay with it, then a art I draw can be used in a video so long as the proper credit is shown.

    Youtube-Poop Parody stuff, will 100% Absolutely Not Be Allowed on ANY OF MY WORK.

    even if there could be good people who have that kind of interest in that parody.....but I have been hurt by jerks before who did stuff that were involved with that.

      I even saved what the jerk wrote, for memory sake.

    I wont say who they are but this is what they had wrote...

    'Technically, it's not stealing. We're not saying that your art is ours. That would be stealing.

    What we're doing is taking your art (which is very badly drawn, no offense) and editing pictures onto it for a laugh. That's not stealing. That's not even against the law.

    It doesn't matter whether your "Mom" doesn't like what we're doing, because neither you nor her can lift a finger to do anything. Even if we get banned from DA, we can still edit the pictures.'

    there are some lines that should NEVER be crossed.

    even if it is good that they don’t say that the art is theirs....

    there is no need to be a freaking insensitive jerk.  

    even if they say “no offense” they are still being an “A” Double “S”

    they say they mean no harm, and even say that even if they do get banned from deviantart, they will still do it.

    if I was making a base, others can use it but would have to give the proper credit.

    I think they might be on tumblr too, I decided to look up the name they went by on deviantart.

    and while writing this, I looked them up...

    and it seems that I might of found them on here.

    I’m going to block them on here (I don’t think I have blocked them before on here), but I’m not gonna say who they are.

    it might not be a coincidence, that the same name over at deviantart would also be on here as well.

     even if the name they used over there, is just their tumblr page name

    and they seem to go by a different tumblr name.

    but using that same name, even if it is used for their tumblr page...

    can’t be a coincidence, yes there can be some coincidences.

    like if you meet someone who gave the same name to a Lion King OC, but at least you were able to talk it out and agreed that it is just a friendly coincidence.

    I don’t think I had blocked that jerk before on here, so I had to see about it now and after checking to see if they are blocked...

    I guess I can have some peace of mind.

    at least when one person on here disagreed about the theory I had about Allison Angel being secretly evil, they didn’t take it THAT far...

    but the name Alice is a gender neutral name, even if they did question it...but Alice is a gender neutral name, or otherwise known as a Unisex name.

    it means that it is both a Girl & Boy Name, and with how things are now in the modern days.

    it could also be used as a name for Nonbinary too.

    also not everyone has to agree with fan theories,

    but even if I was told I had no evidence.

    there is in fact possible evidence in the game,

    where Henry is held prisoner by both Allison and Tom.

    if you take that device (I forgot what’s it called.)

    and hold it up to the wall outside of where Henry is in imprisoned in.

    you will see the words “she will leave you to die.”

    and it is possible that the “she” might be Allison.

    we just have to wait and see if the theory proves true or not.

    but one of the evidences is those words on the wall

    “she will leave you to die.”

    which might of been talking about Twisted-Alice, but Allison instead.

    but yeah even if there was a disagreement about the theory,

    and even about the name Alice being a gender neutral name.

    but at least it wasn’t taken too far and the words didn’t end up being really bad.

    I mean Alice Cooper’s name is “Alice” and I’m listening to his song

    “Poison” right now, but after I listen to that I’m going to listen to  ADDICT, the song that became a official Hazbin Hotel Music Video and was wrote by a fan who is very talented.

    also I did rename one of my OCs “Alice”

    but I replaced the “i” with the “y”

    and me renaming them that has nothing to do with my name technically being Alice....(but is only half of my name.)

    it had to do with a song I was listening to that inspired the idea.

    the song is called “Her Name Is Alice” it is by Shinedown.

    it was by listening to that song, I was inspired to rename my OC.

    but having her first name be Alice, but with a “y” instead of a “i”

    and having her still go by a nickname version of her middle name.

    and well the middle name use to be her first name,

    and I was having a bit trouble with her middle names, and I would change the idea of the middle name a few times.

    before deciding to have her original first name, become her new middle name and then have her new first name be Alyce.

    my Mom naming me Alice does kind of make sense now...

    because I’m always in “Wonderland” which at times is a good thing.

    with the bull I have to put up at times at home and with some stuff that happen before in 2015 and even 2016....even if I did end up not feeling 100% okay because of that second depression I had.

    anyway I think I will wait until later, to listen to ADDICT.

    I will sign back on here later or tomorrow.

    so anyway see ya later and stay safe everyone.


    and remember the wise words of Andy from Red Vs Blue,

    which has to do with Humans....but I will say it this way...

    “Give A Care About Omnimanity, Don’t Be A Shisno”

    that should be made into a Red Vs Blue shirt.

    give a care about omnimanity, don’t be a shisno...

    would make a interesting message and could be used for a Red Vs Blue shirt, with a Human in Spartan Armor and Sangheili shaking hands.

    #suggestive#mature warning#crossover fanart#blossom utonium #collin helluva boss #tallest purple#tallest red#sci twi #Invader Zim Fanart #helluva boss fanart #equestria girls fanart #beach#glasses #don't reblog this without permission
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  • thelovethatgrowss
    22.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Am I the only one that finds blitzo and Stolas toxic but I also think that’s the entire point of their relationship thus far. I think things will be even more complicated with feeling involved. I think stolas cares for blitzo but there’s merit in him also seeing blitzo as a little play thing so blitz’s fears are warranted. I still don’t think he sees blitz as an equal and that needs to be addressed. Honestly there’s a lot they need to address concerning their relationship. I just feel a huge fall out coming

    Just ramblings

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  • spider-circut
    22.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    yall should i draw Verosika or Angel in this pose

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  • creatorn1ghtmare
    22.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Holy crap I did it! So, this is something that won’t happen in my story. But I think I got struck by lightning and was like WHAT IF…

    #helluva boss #helluva boss fizzarolli #fizzarolli #helluva boss mammon #mammon
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  • mythicaldemigoddess-of-deltarune
    22.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Two Expecting Imp Fathers & A Book On How To Care For A Baby


    Credit for Helluva Boss goes to Vivienne "Vivziepop" Medrano & SpindleHorse Toons


    this is a drawing I was requested to do for a friend, who is also on tumblr too, if it’s okay with them for me to place their tumblr name on here to show who the request/gift drawing is for, then I can edit this description to add their tumblr name.

    I will also be posting this over at deviantart too, but it might be for maybe a few days.

    for now, I am posting it on here and I hope they see it.

    and like what Striker is reading suggest,

    Imp Parents have to “Mama Bird Feed” the new Baby Implings for a few months after they were born.

    just like my Headcanon that it is the Boy Imp that has the baby,

    this is also my Headcanon, but those two Headcanons might not end up being Canon in the Mainstream Timeline of Helluva Boss.

    so yeah in this Blitzykins is pregnant.

    is it weird for me to picture a Red Vs Blue Reference in Helluva Boss,

    where Blitz is Tucker, Moxxie is Church and Collin is Caboose.

    and Moxxie is in denial and keeps screaming “HE IS NOT PREGNANT!”

    the one who is the Andy, would be Sir Pentious’s Hat.

    a Crossover between those two shows in Fan Art and Fan Fic

    would be awesome.

    plus if Caboose ends up in Heck during that extermination day,

    and he is with the I.M.P., and they end up getting to know Caboose during that time...and Charlie, Vaggie and the rest of the Happy Hotel Staff is there too.

    Blitzo could tell Caboose to “Help” one of those Exterminators.

    and with how Caboose is, some of us know he might end up killing the Exterminators rather than help them.

    and without Tucker there to blame, he might end up saying “Moxie Did it.” and just how he mistakenly thought Donut was a Lady when he first met him...

    I think if Caboose ever met Angel, he might mistake him as a Lady too.

    in a Crossover, it be interesting if Angel treated Caboose like a little brother he never got.

    a Crossover of Red Vs Blue x Helluva Boss/Hazbin Hotel,

    picture the Reds & Blues being themselves there,

    and Tucker ending up as a Anthropomorphic Spider and hitting on Molly, even if it would be obvious she isn’t there and would only be there in the Fanon Timeline....

    but Grif’s Sister Kai becomes Tucker’s rival for Molly.

    it be funny that Angel, Sir Pentious or Arackniss fell for that running gag that has to do with Kaikaina Grif. 

    “Yeah...wait, what?”

    also it is possible that Donut’s name, comes from that whole driving and doing Donuts....which means his name might not having to do with Doughnuts at all, I have been living a lie! he wasn’t named after Doughnuts at all! lol XD

    also I hope that some of you like the idea about how it is the male Imps that have the babies, you know like the egg is still from the female imps but they are the carriers.

    like the Sea Horses, it is the Male Sea Horses that have the babies.

    so if fans want to headcanon and place in fanon timelines of Helluva Boss, about how it is the boy imp that has the baby, then we can.

    besides, even if it does turn out it wont be canon,

    we can still use it in fanon work.

    I hope my friend likes this, and if they happen to see this, I hope they like it and understand I will post this over at deviantart when I can. 

    #male pregnancy#two dads #striker helluva boss #blitzo helluva boss #shipping#gift art#request art
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