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  • Jude has autism!- The way he acts and certain things in the game just made it stick out to me,,- He’s sensitive to the sound of his marbles clacking together- It gets him super distracted and he hates it- Another thing is he’s fixed on his special interests- Joey mentions Their babysitter needing to take Jude to a “doctor” before- saying he’s needed some mental help in the past - because things got really bad- this could’ve been a meltdown he was having (As someone with autism, I can confirm that those can get really, really bad.) Also, when Langly left him- he was having problems with his anger- claiming he may accidentally put the mission in jeopardy if he couldn’t get his emotions in check- Also his attachment to the pigeons!!! They’re literally his comfort animals,,,,,,, And also his practiced form of speech- figuring out what to say can be really difficult so “TRY THE OTHER DOOR over” using “over” as a way to make sure he won’t get interrupted, and so he can realize when others are done talking!- Also notice how he can’t really pick up on Joey’s sarcasm and jokes,,,he takes everything literally-

    These are all my personal thoughts and stuf that you don’t gotta agree with and yes this was all written in one sitting with no editing or anything so it’s just the mess of my thoughts <3 thank you for coming to this infodump

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  • I can’t believe I couldn’t find anything on the internet???

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  • Sunan Ibn Majah, Fasting, Hadith 1741

    It was narrated from Abu Mujibah Al-Bahili that his father or, his paternal uncle, said:

    “I came to the Prophet (ﷺ) and said: ‘O Prophet of Allah, I am the man who came to you last year.’ He said: ‘Why do I see your body so thin (and weak)?’ He said: ‘O Messenger of Allah! I do not eat during the day; I only eat at night.’ He said: ‘Who commanded you to punish yourself?’ I said: ‘O Messenger of Allah! I am strong enough.’ He said: ‘Fast the month of patience* and one day after it.’ I said: ‘I am strong enough (to do more).’ He said: ‘Fast the month of patience and two days after it.’ I said: ‘I am strong enough (to do more).’ He said: ‘Fast the month of patience and three days after it, and fast the sacred months.’”

    Sunan Ibn Majah, Fasting, Hadith 1741/3214

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  • i have never drowned
    or swam much
    or dove under

    but i can imagine
    the feeling it must be
    to struggle for air
    to stay above the water

    except my water line
    is a darkness
    it is black water
    a misery

    in that blackness
    there is pain
    and my thoughts
    the worst of all

    it is physically exhausting
    to tread the water
    that is
    the threat of falling under

    it is now sunday
    and i have stayed above
    all weekend 
    with drugs
    and you
    and target

    how long can i 


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  • who’s online for me to share a snippet of the smut with them cus i dont know how to write

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  • ima simply sonic hedghhog

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  • oxt

    me: sudoku

    mom: from the ring?

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  • When I was a young kid, maybe 5 or 6, I got a pen that was designed to have a snake curling around it. It was one of my favorite possessions for a VERY long time but unfortunately, it has since been lost to the years

    It looked vaguely like this but was definitely NOT this


    It was more ceramic, almost, a brownish color and the snake’s head was resting on the end of the pen. There were definitely little jewel-type things in the eyes and maybe beads/little stones or jewels in the rest of the pen itself (which were almost certainly glass.)

    No matter how hard I’ve looked I haven’t been able to find it, please help me find this thing I had as a kid and loved more than anything

    #help #help me find this #pens
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  • it’s that one about lesbian pirates fighting against Evil Corporation pirates?? and one of them is named Pisces??? and they were on a ship with like 30 other girls, and then they found a boy and they had to decide whether to keep him or not??

    #book#help#question#pirates #what book am i thinking of #books
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  • image

    Wtf am I playing

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  •   To live my life and chill in London or Amsterdam with (hopefully) the love of my life and some good friends while we’re smoking some stuff and hanging out on a nice summer night. – Guest Submission

    (Please don’t add negative comments to these posts.)

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  • Why yes, I DID go through the hassle of swapping my iTunes region so I could download and play IDOLiSH7 and not understand any of the Kanji all to just collect Riku’s birthday card. :’)

    #idolish7#help #i cant read
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  • Should I only post memes here? Since my drawings are cringy as hell :/

    No seriously, Idk

    #shitpost#meme shitpost #omg meme or art or both omg aaaaaaa #send help#help mommy#help#someone help #i need answer >:(((((
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  • i wanna start reading again so can someone recommend me some good books pleaseeeee

    #i'm not a heavy reader but anything works uwu #thank you love u #books#help
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  • Daily Tafsir of Ibn Kathir

    Musa was sent with the Message of Tawhid to Fir`awn and His Chiefs

    Here Allah tells us about His servant and Messenger Musa, peace be upon him, and how He sent him to Fir`awn and his chiefs. That is, his governors, ministers, leaders and followers among the Egyptians and the Children of Israel. Allah sent him to call them to worship Allah alone, with no partner or associate, and to forbid them from worshipping anything other than Him. He sent him with mighty signs, such as his hand and his staff, other signs such as the flood, locusts, Qummal, frogs and blood, and the loss of their crops and lives. Yet despite all that they remained arrogant and stubbornly refused to follow him; they rejected his message and made fun of it, and laughed at the one who had brought it.

    (And not an Ayah We showed them but it was greater than its fellow preceding it,) but despite that they would not give up their sin, misguidance, ignorance and confusion. Every time one of these signs came to them, they would go and implore Musa, saying,

    (“O you sorcerer!…”) meaning, expert or knowledgeable one – this was the view of Ibn Jarir. The scholars of that time were the sorcerers or magicians, and magic was not regarded as something reprehensible by them at that time, so this was not a slight on their part. They were in a state of need, so it would not have been appropriate for them to insult him. This was a way of honoring him, as they thought. On each occasion, they promised Musa that if the torment was lifted from them, they would believe in him and let the Children of Israel go with him, but on each occasion they went back on their word. This is like the Ayat:

    (So We sent on them: the flood, the locusts, the Qummal, the frogs, and the blood; manifest signs, yet they remained arrogant, and they were of those people who were criminals. And when the punishment struck them, they said: “O Musa! Invoke your Lord for us because of His promise to you. If you remove the punishment from us, we indeed shall believe in you, and we shall let the Children of Israel go with you.” But when We removed the punishment from them to a fixed term, which they had to reach, behold! they broke their word!) (7:133-135)

    (51. And Fir`awn proclaimed among his people (saying): “O my people! Is not mine the dominion of Egypt, and these rivers flowing underneath me. See you not then”) (52. “Am I not better than this one (Musa) who is despicable and can scarcely express himself clearly”) (53. Why then are not golden bracelets bestowed on him, or angels sent along with him’’) (54. Thus he fooled his people, and they obeyed him. Verily, they were ever a people who were rebellious.) (55. So when they angered Us, We punished them, and drowned them all.) (56. And We made them a precedent, and an example to later generations.)

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  • Daily Hadith

    Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was Salaam ‘ala Rasulillah

    Narrated Ibn 'Abbas (Radi-Allahu 'anhu):

    'Ukaz, Majanna and Dhul-Majaz were market places in the Pre-lslamic period of ignorance. When Islam came, Muslims felt that marketing there might be a sin. So, the Divine Inspiration came: “There is no harm for you to seek the bounty of your Lord (in the seasons of Hajj).” (2.198) Ibn 'Abbas recited the Verse in this way.

    Bukhari Vol. 3 : No. 266

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  • [disclaimer: this is pretty long. i just have to get this off of my chest somehow. expletives are used, although minimally]

    ever since the early years of my parents’ marriage, my mother has encountered nothing but lies and secrecy. prior to getting married, my mother found out that my father has a daughter with his ex, whom he keeps in contact with at the time (for child support and other expenses). she was surprisingly okay with it and still pushed through with marrying him, with the condition that he involves her and keeps her informed of whatever contact he has with his daughter and her mother. 

    this condition, apparently, was never met despite her numerous pleas and reminders. it had gotten so bad that she would constantly check his things to look for clues (e.g. receipts, electricity bills, etc.) until it got to the point where she secretly followed my dad to his ex’s house and confronted him then and there. 

    for years this had been a major source of conflict. although i am rather close to my half-sister now and my mother has grown to love her, her husband and children. i sometimes still hear my parents bicker about not telling who about what.

    this problem along with other smaller problems kept piling up over the years. until in the past decade of their relationship, a new one had been added to their growing pile of problems. my father had apparently been contacting / is being contacted by “pimps” and “girls”. my mother immediately took notice of this, and soon one by one my sisters and i found out too. one of my older sisters was the first to find out and decided to investigate on her own. (god bless her guts)

    she got the number of one of the people messaging my dad and texted them. she pretended to be him and asked to meet up at a fast food place nearby. at the time, she was a first year college student, so she effortlessly blended in. when the person finally messaged her, saying that they were there. she was shocked to see a middle-aged man standing next to a scantily clad young girl who was about her age. she got up and left without them noticing who she was, all the while ignoring her phone which kept vibrating nonstop from texts and calls from that man. when she got home, she told my mother. she bawled her eyes out as this was solid proof to all her suspicions. 

    when i got a little older (high school), i found out too. my father would sometimes leave his phone face up and i would see some texts from people asking if he’s interested in meeting up or commenting on the wonderful time they had previously and other similar texts. i, of course, being the curious high schooler read all the messages, and snooped around in his phone to find more (i found a lot). i was so overwhelmed by what i found and didn’t know what to do. so i went and told my mother, because as his wife, she deserves to know. when i told her, i was confused because she didn’t seem surprised at all. she then told me everything: my half-sister, her suspicions about him cheating on her, my sister’s findings — all of it. 

    my mother of course confronted him about everything she’s found out (thanks to me and my sisters’ “investigations”). he denied everything. he said that he was only acting as the middle man and never actually met up or did anything with the girls. my mother calls bullshit, of course. but my father kept saying the same thing.

    my mother almost left him. but for her children’s sake, she stayed. she most especially stayed for my little brother who was only in elementary school that time. she didn’t want him to have a life without a father figure. my father however, started becoming very secretive and protective of his phone. since he found out that my mother found most of the information from there, he brought it with him literally everywhere and never let anyone see what was in it. (this of course never stopped my mom from snooping around to check if he’s still in contact with “those people”)

    fast forward to two years ago, when my father finally showed some initiative and invited my mother out for a drink. that night after a couple drinks, my parents talked and (ugly-)cried everything out (they were thankfully in a private booth at a bar, so it was all good). my father finally confessed and explained everything and my mother finally told him exactly (with no sugarcoating) how she had been feeling these past couple years. 

    after that, things had been going well. they went to therapy and started sleeping in the same bed again. my father was still pretty protective of his phone but he allows my mother to inspect his phone every now and then. when “those people” try and contact him, they would block and delete the number together. although my eldest sister had her own house and family, and we barely saw my other sister, we were all closer than ever. we drank together, played games, and went out together regularly. when the quarantine started we played and drank almost everyday, and my parents seemed happy together. 

    fast forward to last month, when my dad finally got a new phone. my mother was excited as she wanted to explore the new phone together and share what she knew (context: my father was a long time samsung user and bought an iphone. my mother is a long time apple user). it seemed perfect; an old married couple trying to understand the “intricacies of the smartphone”. right? 

    much to my mother’s huge disappointment (this is an understatement), as soon as my father got his phone, he suddenly more secretive and protective of its contents (especially while transferring data from his old phone to the new one). while setting up the phone password and facial recognition, he made sure no one saw a thing. my mother was of course fuming and asked him, “why are you being like that? what are you still hiding from me?” and now they’re back to square one again.

    this brings us to now. she’s “tired of his shit” so she stopped talking to him and acts cold. he seems to be waiting for her to make a move. she keeps making passive aggressive comments in front of him. he keeps shrugging it off. she cries and drinks a lot. he hasn’t been sleeping well. she keeps saying that at this point she’s staying out of pity. he tries and fails to reconnect with her (e.g. making small talk, tries to give her a kiss or a touch in the small of her back, etc). she “fucking hates it” when he does that.

    basically things are very awkward at home (this is also an understatement; a huge one, at that). 

    i’d like to think that i am on both of their sides as i constantly try and talk to them (individually) and not make things any more awkward than it already is, and i love them both. but i know for a fact that if asked to choose a side, all my siblings will side with my mother and openly rebuke my father. my father knows this too. 

    i don’t know what to do. my mother refuses to do anything because she’s tired of always being the one who adjusts and fixes things, and my father becomes either evasive or super defensive. i am so overwhelmed by the things that i don’t want to happen but might actually happen. 


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