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  • wicked-witchalaina
    28.09.2021 - 1 minute ago
    #she's made of outer space and her lips are like the galaxy's edge || reflection #q
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  • nerevar-quote-and-star
    28.09.2021 - 1 minute ago

    Nixiel Veres: I’ll have you know that my trust issues and my daddy issues are two completely different topics of conversation.

    #yeah#totally different #ceryon veres a+ parenting #let's not get started on her trist issues #oc: nixiel veres #house Telvanni #nerevar queue and star #incorrect quotes #incorrect elder scrolls #incorrect skyrim quotes #the elder scrolls #tes #the elder scrolls v: skyrim #skyrim #source: texts from last night
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  • transjackmerridew
    28.09.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    also re: my apush research paper, i was talking to my teacher after the first round of proposals were turned in (only one student per year can write about each document) bc pretty much everyone else already had them in (and i won't until tomorrow) and so she was telling me to avoid popular topics when choosing which documents to write about and i was like "oh i've narrowed mine down to letters written by james madison during the war of 1812 but i'm still trying to figure out which of his correspondents to choose from" and i swear she just took a moment to buffer bc i Know she thought she had figured me out in that i was just another unmotivated student who breezes through classes by turning in all the work at the last possible minute and gets As anyways (which i am, sure, but i'm trying to change that) and she was just like "Ok. you don't have any competition for that time period, just try to figure out a second one and avoid topics like women's rights and education"

    #also i was telling my friend abt it next class and i swear she paled bc BOTH of her proposals were abt women's rights and education #honestly i was originally planning to use my knowledge of what to avoid to basically shoot myself in the foot in my second proposal #so i'd definitely get the war of 1812 one #but then my dad said 'why don't you do one about pirates in salem' and like. #alright sam bellamy's not a salem pirate but he HAS ties to new england and he's one of my favorites #(bc i'm the type of person to have a favorite historical pirate) #romeo.txt
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  • arlertbabe
    28.09.2021 - 3 minutes ago
    #sandie n kale ❤ #muah bestie #sandie n her mooties ✨
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  • wellnoe
    28.09.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    i want these panels to be from a good comic so so bad but they are not

    [id: two panels from x-men fairytales #3. In the first panel is a silhouette of a pair of scissors in scott’s hands, pointing toward jean’s neck. jean is saying: “Please, the spell’s already starting to take hold. I can’t do it myself..if you love me...”

    the second panel shows jean and scott facing each other. jean has wrapped her hands around scott’s, holding the scissors with him./end id]

    #this comic makes me so mad bc it is so bad and then it introduces this concept on the last page and utilizes it SO poorly #w.me #truly i think about this comic so often it sucks so much. #doesn't get what can work about the original dps and doesn't do anything good with its own version #and also doesn't care about jean despite choosing to write a story about her
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  • brogley
    28.09.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    shhhh.... your thoughts are keeping her awake!

    #shes my malakvian babey #malkavian#vtm #vampire the masquerade #vtmb#c: oreo #yes her name is oreo #its cool #world of darkness
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  • punkghxst
    28.09.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Heather Mason officially transgender icon 1: because I said so and 2: artbreeder thought she was a guy 😔

    #I was trying to get a fancy painting of her on it. didn’t work.
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  • autumnnal
    28.09.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    big susie inspo     :     sarah  williams,     lilo  pelekai,     stephanie tanner,     mia  thermopolis,     pippa   (   from  the  goldfinch   )

    #i had more written on my main blog but i cannot remember all of them so im writing them down now so i can go back #and look at every movie / show / book her main inspos r from
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  • sternvonafrika
    28.09.2021 - 8 minutes ago


    #maybe ... maybe love is just your friend witnessing people openly mocking you on the train and standing up for you #maybe ... it's said friend knowing i need quiet time when i am crying #maybe ... it's her sending me pics of her cat and texting me ''sleep well nico; i love you'' because she knew i still wasn't over it #it got me hard yesterday i felt a bit dumb crying like a baby when i got off the train #they just managed to be both mysoginistic & homophobic at the same time - - i felt crushed #but all the ways different friends (not only the one who was there when this happened) tried to cheer me up or reassure me when i - #told them what happened really made me realize i am lucky ;; and feel loved #nico.txt #to be deleted when i'll be less sad and less soft
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  • plates-in-the-fridge
    28.09.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Frankie my beloved

    #ppl ask how she got her name and I’m just O-O
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  • badasswomengivemelife
    28.09.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    What does Bradley really want Part II

    From Cory continuation of this X

    Why does she want that personal apology so badly...(it’s about power and control for sure and she’s been wronged..but to go three weeks about it...I mean?). Remember Reese says Bradley thinks she’s in control but she’s really not...X This scene is a prime example of it. I find it so interesting it all changes the moment he comes down to her room, when it seemed pretty definite that she wouldn’t come up for the dinner... but a few minutes later after he left. She did. I just have some thoughts on it because if anyone else were her boss...unfortunately Bradley would be fired(let’s be real guys), and the whole dinner...speech thing beforehand, would not  have been an option...

    Anyway more long ramblings below

    It’s clear she wants an apology from Cory and she doesn’t exactly get it... She’s resentful she has to go through it with her agents and resentful that honestly Alex is getting preferential treatment. 

    But  from this scene(IMHO) I get the sense she wants him to reach out to her...especially her reaction to the phone call from UBA  below...which I talk about more below:

    She is hurt, she felt let down and betrayed and she has every right to be....but again remember three weeks has passed...and that’s a long time. Long time to hold a grudge, risk your job(she has every right to). But this hurt goes a lot deeper(definitely centring around her trust and abandonment issues tbh X and here X). 

    IMHO They and them is Cory guys tbh.

    ..yeah she’s probably angry at Mia and Eric too(cause she says she won’t go back till he’s gone).  But she seems ok with Mia at the dinner and eventually hugs Eric(probably for the show...honestly I don’t like Eric after the latest episode), but nah this pain is directed at Cory IMHO

    Tagging you again @chiara-mastroianni <3 because your new gifset captures it perfectly.

    Then the bit that had me convinced that this isn’t about the network and her contract...but the betrayal by Cory... it’s the fact she says this isn’t about Alex...that made me go ooof... She’s every right to be annoyed by Alex tbh. But this is definitely about something else. She gets extremely hurt, when she tries to convince herself and them what it’s really about

    The way Reese acts this is brilliant...she struggles to say it out loud, and the hurt that comes along with it when she does (I’m still maintaining they and them is Cory)

    THEN HER PHONE rings...it’s the “network” and her reactions says it all tbh. I talk about it here or have screencaps of it here X But from her just looking at the phone, she’s all in pain when it’s ringing and want looks like she wants to answer it. But won’t do it in front of Jeff

    It’s in the above screencaps, but got to quickly cut to how smug she looks about to answer it...(only answering it when no one else is around...hmmm). 

    Anyway back to negotiations, where Bradley seems bad ass initially telling Jeff where to go(loved it cause he deserves it). But while Bradley has some valid points here....she loses track. Her agents know they don’t have much ground to hold on...not really...she knows it too in a way, but doesn’t want to admit it..(Is “they” in this scene, still Cory..maybe...)

    When they don’t respond the way she expects them to, she leaves and the above phone call in the hall happens, where she reluctantly agrees to go to the meal at Cory’s..But when the meal occurs, oh boy she takes her sweet time going to it (so on purpose). To the extent that Cory has to go down to her room to convince her to come down(he has no choice). 

    But I think there’s part of her that wanted him to reach out and to test him in way. I mean look at her reaction at the door knock, she was hoping for it maybe...but not expecting it either

    Then Bradley has another rightful but childish reaction to Cory(still very angry and hurt at him). But he then he gives a fair accurate speech to her on how she’s only fucking herself(and she is :(), and he is really trying to help her.

    But the reaction she gives is captured in awesome gifset  by @billy-crudup​ asking where is her apology? Is just prime example, she wants to maintain control and it’s easier for her to feel angry, rather than focus on anything else. But her reaction after he leaves...OH MY HEART (she looks like a child all hurt too IMHO). She didn’t get her apology....and she’s confused as to why (why does she want it so badly from him)

    But five minutes later who arrives at Cory’s door dressed and ready to go

    I do find this funny the way she walks into his penthouse, like she owns the place. Then we have the awkward dinner from hell, filled with awkward and angry glances directed at Cory, and finally the screaming match at Alex. But eventually she returns to work....whether motivated to take down Alex or by Cory’s speech who knows...

    I legit don’t know what my conclusion is but the whole negotiations with her agents really shows a lot going on with Bradley. While it seems she wants to do battle with Alex now...she’s holding onto that anger that pain, that anger and pain is probably transferred over from Cory to Alex by the end of the episode. Even though she says it’s not about Alex and I really don’t think it is, the fact she emphasises that and is pain when she does...reveals a lot more than she even really knows. I think it’s more than Cory. But Cory set off these motions and Alex’s return became a part of that, but there’s some other stuff...and she’s so desperate to have control. Because like I discussed before in other essays it’s being continuously let down throughout her life and she thinks for once Cory is different. But despite all of this....she doesn’t leave her job, she’s still there. She still goes to his penthouse for the dinner..she still listens to him in a way...but going forward I am so curious how we are going to see this with her growth and emotions...if it’s really going to be explored...what exactly this rage and hurt is really about

    SPOILER totally her family screwing her and being lost and confused about her identity...also other major SPOILER..but will add that in later too 

    #Bradley Jackson #Cory x Bradley #Cory Ellison#Mia Jordan #Bradley x Mia #Bradley x Eric #Alex Levy #Alex x Bradley #Bradley x Cory X Alex #The Morning Show #beautiful gifsests by #Dara <3 #<3 <3 Nastya #also I am incapable of doing short essays #if you read this and understood this I #<3 you #conclusion bradley in pain brief period maybe she won't be in pain seems happy gets confused by more pain and pressure and pain and pain and #I have no idea...BUT BETTER CONCLUDE WITH HER BEING HAPPY FOR THE LOVE
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  • magdasabs
    28.09.2021 - 10 minutes ago
    #doubt birmingham will get close to magda though #but with the double broccoli I'm expecting an overhead kick or at least a header from her
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  • b99peraltiago
    28.09.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    the way i’m weeping at every dan/trixie scenes 😭😭😭

    #the way he got the chance to talk to her one last time though ❤️ #adele watches lucifer #lucifer spoilers #OF COURSE she was his way to heaven though
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  • masnmounts
    28.09.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    she’s too pretty not to post so anyway LOOK

    #she’s the loml #cant get over her #i want to marry her actually #or be her #idk yet#madelyn cline
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  • his-haunted-librarian
    28.09.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    please stop coming over so much <3 thanks

    #and he’s flirting with my mom and massaging her #it’s so fucking upsetting #god. please stop #posting.💔
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  • lunaria16
    28.09.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Sae-byeok in squids game……

    #I love her #that’s all
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  • betrayher
    28.09.2021 - 12 minutes ago
    just found a discrepancy in my backstory im gonna LOSE IT
    #*    JO  HAS  NO  CHILL   (   . ooc   ) #it's not that big just like. i said sheila provided for her financially but im gonna change it so thats not true for the first few years #not even worth a psa its not important
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  • linkedswords
    28.09.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    uhiwaugusgrh, i want zelda to braid my hair

    #ramble#source #this could apply to link or ko' tbh #mostly link. <3 //thinks about zelda's fingers in my hair and her voice in my ear #lol kokichi won't really let anyone near him w a hairbrush though
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  • kaerinio
    28.09.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    I know I come onto this dash every couple of months to talk about Dany when she’s sick. But...the girl really and truly does not believe that she can get sick. When she tosses her head and haughtily tells her advisers, “Have you ever seen a dragon with the flux?” she means that shit. She never got sick as a kid, never saw Viserys get sick, or, at least, she cannot remember?? Which is why she was also so scared out on the Dothraki Sea because that was the first time she has been/can remember being SICK (from the poisonous berries!!!). It’s the same in modern verses! So when Dany gets sick, she’s just...confused...and you have to tell her to stay in bed to rest!! Because she’s going to try and get up to hold court or work on something, and SHE JUST NEEDS TO STAY PUT!

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  • whiteshipnightjar
    28.09.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Details of Joanna Newsom for Rodarte x Tom Petty collection

    #the green cowboy boots matching the green suede hat #flowers in joanna's hair #her engagement and wedding rings #her smile #it's all so beautiful and full of life #joanna newsom#rodarte#tom petty#radarte#fashion#love joanna#jnew #yes i'm not over this photoshoot it'll take some time for me to relax lol
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