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  • La próxima película de David Fincher será Mank, un biopic acerca del guionista Herman Mankiewicz y el accidentado desarrollo del guión de Citizen Kane, el clásico de 1941 de Orson Welles. Esta cinta será exclusiva de Netflix y será protagonizada por Gary Oldman.

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  • Christmas Holiday (1944) 

    Dir. Robert Siodmak. 93 min.  

    A young soldier gets more than he bargained for on a holiday stopover in New Orleans when he is introduced to a young “singer” (prostitute) and a local “nightclub” (brothel) and he learns the tale of her descent into degradation. Venerable scribe Herman Mankiewicz hews Somerset Maugham’s novel into a brilliant script, directed with delirious intensity by Siodmak. Deanna Durbin is memorable in her first adult role, and Gene Kelly is unforgettable as the murderous cad with whom she tragically falls in love. Unquestionably the most romantically soul-crushing Christmas movie ever made 

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  • Herman Makiewicz wrote an anti-Hitler film in 1933, but the Hollywood censors prevented it from being made in fear that it would offend German filmgoers.

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  • “They are laying bets over on the RKO lot that the Orson Welles deal will end up without Orson ever doing a picture there.”

     – The Hollywood Reporter.


    – Orson Welles & Herman Mankiewicz

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  • #herman mankiewicz#Ben Hecht#movies #Doesn't Kurt Vonnegut give similar writing advice to this in Man Without a Country or something?
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  • Moment of sigh: when your film professor asks if anyone knows who wrote Citizen Kane besides Orson Welles, not actually expecting anyone to answer, and you raise your hand and say “Herman Mankiewicz!” and he replies, “Uh, yeah, Joseph Mankiewicz.” And you’re like, Oh, um, OK… but YOU KNOW YOU WERE RIGHT.

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  • Citizen Kane the best movie of all time

    Orson Welles teamed up with screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz, took the money from the studio and filmed it all in four months

    Orson Welles was already a genius at age 25 when he joined the screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz and $ 840,000 of RKO Pictures to film in four months, Citizen Kane. The premiere in 1941 was a failure of the public, but since that time critic says is the best movie of all time.

    The plot full of news - the chronology of the flashbacks without daring framings and angulation of the cinematographer Gregg Toland - unfolds from the death of Charles Foster Kane and the failed attempt to tweak the reporter guided the only secret is not revealed in the life of newspaper tycoon: Rosebud.

    “It is not smart, it’s witty, and towards darker German word,” said Jorge Luis Borges, in August 1941. And the curious thing is that Orson Welles knew nothing of cinema. Before you run it, had to read a manual cinema and watched “The Stagecoach”, John Ford, and “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” by Robert Wiene.

    Although Welles denied having been inspired by William Randolph Hearst, owner of a network of tabloids, no coincidences: both bought the entire essay competitor lost the election for governor and anticipated the government and declared war on Spain in 1898. Hearst tried to attach the film. In 1971, another intrigue: the critic Pauline Kael, the magazine “The New Yorker”, tried to assign Mankiewicz, who knew Hearst and his mistress, the actress Marion Davies, fatherhood more about the work of Welles.

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  • Fun Fact! Ben Mankiewicz, the film critic and occasional host on TCM, is the grandson of Herman Makiewicz, who helped write Citizen Kane.

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