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  • resonating-kitty
    20.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    A fun crossover would be an Origins/Hybrid SMP and Hermitcraft crossover, more specifically, Wither!Grian and Bunny!Technoblade.

    Even more specifically, Wither!Grian seeing Bunny!Technoblade and deciding that he a) likes him and b) wants to keep him as a pet.

    Even even more specifically, Wither origins being treated with a very cautious and wary approach because they are known for their endless love of bloodshed and chaos and their love of feasting off souls of the living. So when Grian shows up to the area, all the other origins are just slightly wary of him all except Techno, who just does not care.

    I am talking about Wither!Grian going up to Bunny!Technoblade and literally Techno looking at this highly dangerous and destructive origin and literally not caring at all that this origin seems to have some kind of fascination with him but he can smell the carrots and he wants them. (As it just so happens, Grian has golden carrots - which were peace offerings from the Piglins in the Nether to appease him)

    It would be funny.

    #hermitblr#grian#technoblade#bladeblr#osmp#hybrid smp #a crossover au of sorts #wither!Grian #bunny!blade #it would be hilarious
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  • gimblegamble
    20.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Ah look at how the turn tables-... the turn- the tables table- the turns table...

    #hermitcraft#zedaph#tangotek#bdoubleo#mumbo jumbo#vintagebeef #a sneakpeek at how my brain handles common phrases #like hey wouldn't it be funny if you mess up the words? #I go no? it wouldnt be? #but my brain messes it up anyways ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #hermitblr #its shippy if you squint #or if you're in that one discord server i adore
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  • cannedcrow
    20.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Hermit's Hold (Gold Rush AU) - Part II

    Part I

    In which Grian meets the enigmatic Scar, and decisions are made.

    Please reblog if you enjoy! :)

    ‘LYNXHOLDING’, the sign declared in beautifully painted copperplate, a cat’s silhouette in patched grey and white illustrating the fact. It was a pretty, neat cabin, made of stripped pine logs with a slightly steeped roof of planks and slate, an unlit lantern above the door. A slate and adobe chimney at one end billowed smoke, and a jar of wilting golden poppies decorated the sill of the single window, although the curtain inside was drawn. Grian found himself taking needless care as he tied Elderberry’s lead to the fence post outside, and when at last he moved away from the horse and towards the door, he found his heart beating furiously. He raised his hand and knocked firmly on the door, forcing down anxiousness.

    “Come in!” Called a voice from inside.

    Grian did as he was bid, entering the cabin and closing the door behind him. Inside it was as small as any of the others - only one room divided neatly and efficiently. The walls were hung with tools, sacks of provisions, and a variety of kitchenware. Unusually, the floor was made of slate and quite clean. On one end of the cabin was the wood stove, which provided heat and supported a bubbling pot of something, and the other a bed - a simple affair of piled fir branches covered by blankets and furs, and lounged upon by a cat whose countenance matched that of the sign outside. A table dominated most of the room, haphazardly strewn with quills, papers, and books, as well as several uncleared tin mugs and plates. The remaining furniture was hewn simply from pine boughs. Two oil lamps hung from ceiling beams and lit the room in dim, comfortable gold, while a candle on the table provided light enough for paperwork.

    A man sat at the table and scratched at a paper with his quill, not looking up as Grian entered and stood hesitantly at the door.

    Deciding it was most polite to let Scar start, he was silent as the man scribbled for another minute or two, each second dragging painfully for him (though the other seemed unaware). He looked away and met the pale citrine gaze of the cat, who seemed to be scrutinising him even before her owner did.

    “Well, hello there!” The man greeted him as though no time had passed, depositing his quill in an inkpot decisively as he finally looked up. Grian was struck immediately at how young he looked, although his skin was marked with the jagged discolouration of scars. He wore a deep red shirt, rolled to his elbows and half unbuttoned in the lateness of the evening, lazily displaying a V of a well-muscled chest. Grian, to his surprise, found himself blushing very slightly and was glad for the dim room.

    “Evening,” he greeted in return, “I’m Grian - Doc sent me so see you.”

    Scar’s brow furrowed slightly in puzzlement.

    “He said you’re looking for a builder?” Grian pressed further.

    “Oh! Why, yes I am!” The man exclaimed with an apologetic, lopsided grin. He gestured for Grian to sit down on the chair across from him, then leant forward and rested his chin on his hands.

    “I didn’t expect Doc to send someone here to see me, so I’m afraid I’m rather unprepared. Uh… Let’s just talk for now. Tell me about yourself! Sounds like you aren’t from here.”

    Grian explained himself as he had to Doc, his reasons for coming and hopes for the future. He recounted his conversation with Doc, too. Scar took in his words, that pleasant smile never faltering. Grian found it almost unnerving - the expression reminded him of how a cat might purr up until it bites you.

    “Hm,” Scar mused, when Grian had finished, “He must’ve considered you worth confiding in … I wonder why.” His tone was light, not accusatory, and he had an air of serene curiosity. Grian, imagining it was not his place to answer that ponderance, stayed silent.

    “Well?” Scar asked after a moment, “Reckon you’d like to be my builder?”

    Taken aback at the suddenness of this offer, Grian stammered an affirmative.

    “Wonderful!” Scar exclaimed happily, clapping his hands together decisively and standing.

    “Right- uh, should we discuss the details?” Grian inquired tentatively, but Scar was already removing a pot from the little stove, deaf to all but his current whim.

    “Celebration coffee!” he announced, handing Grian a tin mug of what looked like liquidated coal, “Normally I’d offer you a proper drink, but we tend to go into town for that. Also, I was making it before you came.”

    “Thank you, but I should really find somewhere to stay,” Grian ventured, already feeling the tiredness of the day on the road creeping into his head.

    “Oh, you can stay here for tonight at least,” Scar offered cheerfully, “I wouldn’t send you wandering into the dark and looking for a charitable neighbour; that’d just be impolite.”

    Although he resented the idea of being considered about as self-sufficient as a particularly dim stray dog, Grian accepted gratefully, not fancying another excursion into the cold night. He sipped at the coffee, savouring the sharp flavour and the near-scalding heat. Scar returned to the table to sit once more, his own mug steaming.

    “So, what is it you want built?” Grian asked, beginning to relax in his chair.

    “A store,” Scar answered simply, “Doc runs a shop in town selling mining gear and other goods, see? I reckon we oughta have a front out here, too. At least a proper building for me to work from. I’m out here to manage land claims, but I think we’d benefit from having a store of supplies for replacement.”

    Grian nodded in understanding, already working out ideas in his head.

    “You’ve a good operation going, huh? Playing both sides for the ultimate profit.”

    “That’s just the way, isn’t it?” Scar replied matter-of-factly, “I consider it more as strategic business operation than … swindling. We’re not exactly taking advantage of people, just providing them what they need for their own ventures - whether or not those ventures are a good idea isn’t my concern. We’ve got a hydraulic mining operation a couple miles to the east, which is where the iron comes from for making tools. For the land claims here, they can pay in money or a percentage of the gold they find. If they can’t pay, we … figure something else out. It works for everyone, but me and Doc most of all - and most importantly.”

    “I suppose I should keep in your good favour then?” Grian asked, only half-joking.

    Scar laughed good-naturedly. “I think that would be best for all of us, don’t you? Besides,” he sipped from his coffee, “I’m not the one you really have to worry about. Doc has a mean streak. If he considers you a problem he can make things hard - and I won’t stop him.”

    Grian felt his wings tense slightly. Scar’s words may be honeyed, but he could see that beneath the friendly exterior was a dangerous streak of ruthless practicality. He was puzzled though - Scar seemed to be warning him against betrayal, but as far as he understood, their work wasn’t illegal, even if arguably immoral.

    “You realise your warning is rather disproportionate to your work, no?” Grian asked, puzzled.

    Scar looked thoughtful. “I suppose so,” he concurred. “Guess what I meant is … play nice?” He donned his crooked grin again - that reassuring, friendly smile that might as well have been made up of pearlescent fangs.

    Grian couldn’t help but return it. Damn this man and his spellbinding charisma.

    The two talked late. Scar, in his infinite hospitality, insisted that Grian take the bed, while he fell asleep in a chair by the woodstove. Grian found sleep difficult, however, and stayed awake for a long time, turning everything over in his head. The air smelt of coffee and wood, dust and warmth. He watched Scar’s silhouette haloed by the soft glow of the fire, and he wondered what kind of man he’d elected to work for. He fell asleep to the far off shriek of coyotes.


    Grian spent the next week working hard at the beginnings of the store building. In the end, upon hearing Grian had no plans of building himself a cabin and rather living in a small tent, Scar had graciously offered him permanent residence at his cabin, insisting it was no trouble. The two had quickly become tentative friends, and Grian had also risen considerably in Jellie’s esteem - Jellie being Scar’s treasured feline companion. They fell into the comfort of routine. After Grian’s days spent felling pines and stripping the logs, he’d return to a fair meal usually consisting of dark bread accompanied by beans, some sort of meat, or whatever else Scar had procured.

    Hermit’s Landing was certainly beautiful, and the bustle and activity of the day were almost always pleasant. He got to know other residents of the camp and became quickly used to seeing them in the mornings as he sat outside the cabin with Scar, drinking that charcoal coffee. The river ran endlessly, and miners gathered upon the streams like mosquitos at veins, their pans and paraphernalia scattered about them. Alongside the various horses and mules of the camp, there were several dogs who assisted in hunting, whose yelps could often be heard winding through the woods. The mountainsides were splintered with wooden beams indicating various mines, each thick beam turned to matchsticks against the towering rock face. It was a place that always made sure to remind its inhabitants of their transience and smallness.

    So it was that one of those lilac evenings Scar proposed the idea of going into town for a drink to celebrate Grian’s first week. He had eagerly assented - he’d already begun constructing the skeleton of the building and was proud of his work, and he had to admit he’d like to drink something that wasn’t coffee or water. The two saddled their horses as dusk lurked overhead, galloping through the pines on the muddy path that led towards Hermit’s Hold. It was wonderful to ride through the woods with someone who knew them well, and Grian felt far happier than the first time he’d navigated through the dark trees.

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  • blooming-mushroom
    20.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    I just need Hermitcraft friends. That’s it. That’s the post.

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  • korasonata
    20.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Cleo: We’re venting. Just so you all know.

    Joe: We’re hyper venting over here.

    Cleo: No, that’s just you. You’re hyperventilating. There’s a difference.

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  • incorrect-hermits
    20.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Cleo: I am not 'full of hate' as if I were some passive container. I am a generator of hate, and my rage is a renewable resource, like sunshine.

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  • hermit-chats
    20.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Source: Grian S8E23

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  • incorrect-hermits
    20.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    today has been a Tired Day

    so I decided to treat myself and work on my hermit fandragons in Flight Rising

    i now have pairs to eventually get the dragons I want to use for Joe and Scar

    for shits and giggles, I named the pair for Joe Nashville and Tennessee. It’s exactly what I needed today.

    for anyone who cares, here are my designs for them!

    Scar [Male Fae dragon with Ginger Skink, Copper Flair, and Chocolate Glimmer. Final pair will need to be in Nature Flight, however I still need to close in on the colors and genes with the two pairs I have before I do that.]

    Joe [Male Nocturne with Cerulean Fade, Eldritch Trail, and Orca Runes]

    Gem [Female Veilspun with Fern Clown, Saffron Constellation, and Saffron Branches. I’m not particularly picky on the exact color of her branches, though. I may get an accent for her if a festival has a nice one, as Ancient Breeds can’t wear apparel.]

    I don’t yet have pairs for the following, but I have designs!

    Tango [Male Skydancer with Obsidian Ribbon, Vermilion Blend, and Sanguine Circuit. His eyes are Plague Facet and I will need to have someone in Plague Flight nest him]

    Docm77 [Male Banescale with Jungle Jaguar, Hunter Edged, and Grey Skeletal, as well as Plague eyes. I am extremely iffy about this one and it is likely to undergo a lot of changes, especially if I can find a suitable modern breed.]

    Cleo [Either a Female Wildclaw or Snapper with Spruce Giraffe, Tangerine Patchwork, and an undecided tertiary. Examples above show Orca Runes and Eldritch Ghost respectively. No apparel designs for her yet. She will need to be nested in Nature Flight for the sake of green eyes]

    Pearl [Female Pearlcatcher with Ginger Skink, Phthalo Flair, and (probably gonna change this) Pearl Runes]

    Grian, my Struggle. [I just can’t find a design I’m vibing with for him. The first design pulls more from the fanon watcher stuff, while the second is a bit more plain. Now that I’m looking at it again, I absolutely hate what I did to attempt to mimic his sweater.]

    If anyone here has suggestions, feel free to share them! I’m struggling to come up with designs for some of the other hermits, although I think Bdubs will be very fun to do when I get to him.

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  • ximacrow
    19.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    So that dragon AU huh?

    Etho defo wears the mask to hide a majority of his dragon traits, plus it's very comfy.

    I did try not to change the height to much for Bdubs because that would just be kinda strange, I guess seeing a 5"11 guy turn into a 6 foot dragon seems much more plausible than 8, yk? Etho's " height " is measured different because he's a different kind of dragon, he's measured in length instead. Like a scary flying spaghetti noodle?

    #dragon au #bdubs is still terrifying! #wonderful#etho#bdubs#dragons#hermitblr#hermitcraft au #crow did a thing
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  • pretzelfishes
    19.01.2022 - 17 hours ago

    I'm v tired and sad so during math class I very shittily doodled a bunch of last life bois to vent my grief

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