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  • glasscasse
    16.10.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    sun shining through on a rainy day

    #hws america#hetalia#hws #alfred f jones #aph america#aph #I just want it to rain so badlllyy #gimme that fall weather
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  • demonicpiano
    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Have you ever seen something so beautiful? Pt. 2

    Russia smiles through any pain.

    (insert head in between hands for ultimate squish)

    “Excuse me? Who invited this dude?”


    #NENDIES BABY NENDIES #hetalia#hws#hws America#hws Russia #I don't like how the inside of Russia's coat is flesh colored though #I don't like those connotations....
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  • myapathyhaspeaked
    16.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    england: america, you really should watch how much candy you eat.

    america: why, what are you gonna do old man, impose another sugar tax? oh wait, you can’t, i’m independent and you can’t tell me what to do, ha!

    america: *chugs several pixie sticks and starts choking on the sugar*

    england: ah. you really showed me, lad. i feel so “rekt”.

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  • hetalia-fanart-memes
    16.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Seychelles: In your opinion, what is the height of stupidity?

    Canada: Hm, good question.

    Canada, turning to America: How tall are you?


    America: We are the same height.

    #hetalia#hws#hws hetalia#hws seychelles#hws canada#hws america#hws usa#faces family #hws faces family #incorrect quotes #incorrect hetalia quotes #incorrect hetalia #hws incorrect quotes #hetalia incorrect quotes #north america brothers #na bros #hws na bros #hws na brothers
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  • sinunamor
    16.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    olympian meetings never go anywhere without these two being fuckin gROSS af

    Arthur - Ares - war, exploitation, honor, conduct

    Francis - Aphrodite - beauty, passion, philosophy, love

    And with them begot 2 trash childrens

    2 cupids of strong idealism - fave pastime: starting twitter arguments

    #fruk#hws america#hws canada#face family #aph face family #im reading percy jackson for the sake of my kids and its making my hetalia wrinkel extra smoof and smushy
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  • fwoggycake
    16.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    allen my beloved

    #hetalia#aph#hws#2p america#aph 2p#hws 2p#2ptalia#hws america#aph america#allen jones #allen f. jones #2p aph america #2p hws america #2p!america #2p!hetalia #portrait#bust#a king #i love him so much
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  • milopottzart
    16.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    My very very late entry for Day 6 of 2ptalia Week: Free Day

    I decided to draw a prequel to the Hades and Persephone AU post I made last year. Wanted to redraw it but I gave up.

    (Dw, I changed it so that he didn’t kidnap her, he just found her passed out trust me click the link-)


    #this is so lazy i know #2ptalia week #hades and persephone au #hetalia#2ptalia#2p usuk#2p america #canon 2p america #2p nyotalia #2p nyo england #nyo 2p england #allen f jones #rosa kirkland#2p hetalia#fan art#digital art#digital drawing #artists on tumblr
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  • hetaliafucker
    16.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    For those that want to hear England's voice but can't watch the dub yet, I quickly threw this together. It's only short but Steven Kelly does such a good job!

    #England#england hws#hws england#hws#hetalia#arthur kirkland#hetalia dub #world stars dub #funimation#steven kelly #the way he says pillock is oddly satisfying #and also Eric Vale as America how I have missed you 💖 #Arthur sounds like he walked out of Assassins Creed Syndicate for some reason #idk but that's what it reminds me of #very satisfying tho #my favourite one by far
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  • ironicorange
    16.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Alfred and Anya

    #mommy? sorry mommy? sorry mommy? sorry #nyo russia#hws america#anya braginskaya #alfred f jones #nyotalia#hetalia
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  • crumpled--notes
    16.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    12: Broken Trust

    Prompt List Follows “Buried Alive” but can be read on its own Nationverse Characters: England and America Warnings: Death and hanging, not graphic Words: 694 Also on AO3

    * * *

    England hadn’t meant to be away so long this time. However, the ocean was vast, his home far away. His crown as ruler of the seas felt more like chains weighing him down, especially now that his king was aware that the infamous pirate called The Scarlet Prince had been Arthur all along.

    Nations could not always do much to rebel against their governments; their existence was a balancing act, tiptoeing along fraying rope suspended above oblivion. Sometimes England wondered if being a Nation was punishment for souls unfit for even Hell.

    Close enough to humanity that they felt love and hate and fear and pain, yet far enough that it often felt like they didn’t truly have free will.

    France had once said, “The humans have God. We have humans.”

    Adam and Eve had been made in their Creator’s perfect image. Eden had been made by the humans’ imperfect understandings of their own collective consciousness.

    It was no wonder some of them occasionally went mad.

    The wonder was in how they didn’t stay mad.

    England couldn’t help but wonder as he walked down the empty paths, passed homes devoid of life.

    England couldn’t help but wonder as he passed the distorted bodies, the strength needed to tear off limbs and crush in skulls belonging to only one person—one person since Rome breathed his last breath, anyway.

    England couldn’t help but wonder as he reached the base of a hill, finding bodies hanging from the branches like macabre ornaments.

    In the light of the setting sun, England soon came to recognize the bloated corpse of Eleanor Beall, the governess England had hired to teach and watch over Alfred while he was gone.

    Under her feet lay the lad, curled up and asleep. His skin, hair, and clothes were covered in dirt and blood, but for clean tracks on his face from tears. England drew in a breath and sighed, part of him afraid but the rest of him simply tired and maybe just a little annoyed.

    “Mmph….” Alfred’s brow furrowed as his lips pursed. He slowly blinked, squinting up at England.

    Usually, at the sight of his guardian, Alfred would break into a bright smile and knock him down in a hug, but he only frowned, gaze cold enough to chill even the Empire’s hard heart.

    “You left me…,” he accused, but his tone was flat.

    Ignoring the statement, England stood tall with his hands behind his back. “And I see you made a right mess of things while I was away.”

    “They hurt me and Miss Eleanor.”

    “I see….” England looked up at the hanging bodies. “We’ll bury her together then, but you need a bath, first. Now, come on.”

    He held out his hand, but Alfred didn’t take it, instead only narrowing his eyes.

    The little boy who’d begged for blue flowers, whose eyes had shimmered with love when given those toy soldiers… That little boy had died from whatever the villagers had put him through.

    This boy had no love or trust for his guardian, and he smacked his hand away as he got up, taller now than the last time England had seen him—almost to his shoulder.

    “I don’t need you,” Alfred growled, sounding almost feral. He almost looked it, too, with the wild look in his eyes and the way his chapped and dirty lips curled back away from his teeth.

    Sighing again, England pulled his hand back and told himself to remain calm, patient. All of them went mad once in a while, and this village was far enough from the others that hiding the deaths would be easy enough, especially with some magical help from his faery friends. He didn’t want this massacre being penned into history books.

    “You may not think you need me,” England said evenly, “but I am still in charge of you. Now follow me. I’d like to bury Miss Eleanor before we lose the light.”

    He turned and walked towards Alfred’s house here without looking back to make sure Alfred was following. He knew he was.

    There was little Nations, Colonies especially, could do to rebel against those leading them.

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  • kitaychan
    16.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Nerium Oleander

    Chapter 10: Raindrops.

    Warnings: Blood, Violence, smut, it's a Hannibal AU so yeah

    Pairing: America/ Russia/ China.

    Summary: Alfred is the new investigator in the small town of Adelfa, his days will turn into a spiral of sleepless nights and bloody murder scenes as he has to look for a serial killer whose work exceeds the years of training he's had. This is a sort of Hannibal AU so expect what is obviously problematic on Hannibal.

    Chapter Preview:

    As the light turned red, Ivan stared at it, annoyance flaring up in him. Why had he bothered to stop? There were no cars anyways and skipping a red light wasn’t the worst he could do in this town.
    The small forest on the side was grim, the leaves grumbling as the drops of water hammered on them. He remembered running around and laughing with his sisters, playing hide and seek with them after school, it was a shame Katya became an expert in that game.
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  • dario-el-estupido
    16.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Guess who has English official voices??

    #hetalia world stars #hetalia czechia#hetalia slovakia#aph czechia#aph slovakia#hws czechia#hws america #also apperently they're replacing Prussia and Belgium #big f #but England is being recasted too #im interested in where that will head #Megan spoonman#kieran fitton#Austin tindle#Sarah weidenheft#Steven kelley #they're probs replacing vic too smh #Istandwithvic
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  • aph-greeting
    16.10.2021 - 21 hours ago
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  • peacyzephyr
    16.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Kinktober Day Fifteen

    Kink: Mommy Kink Pairing: Nyo!England/Nyo!America Warnings: MDLG Relationship, Clitoral Orgasm, Dirty Talk Read on AO3

    “Are you almost done in there, Amelia?” Victoria called, knocking on the bathroom door. She had sent Amelia in there nearly an hour and a half ago to get herself ready.

    “Almost, mommy! I’ll be out in a minute!” Amelia called back, barely retrained excitement in her voice. And just like she said, a few minutes later she was opening the bathroom door. She had shaved and lotioned, her hair up in two curly pigtails, and dressed in a short, light blue overall dress and a white button up. Amelia was beaming ear to ear as she did a little spin for Victoria.

    “Whaddya think, mommy? Aren’t I cute?” Amelia couldn’t help but giggle. Getting dressed up for Victoria always made her excited. She liked impressing her and loved the praise that came with it. Her heart hammered as Victoria smiled and nodded, bringing a hand up to play with one of her curls.

    “You look positively darling.” Victoria patted her cheek before pulling away. “Now, let me see and make sure you did every correctly.” Amelia nodded eagerly and lifted her skirt, showing off her smooth, freshly shaved pussy, spreading her legs so Victoria could check and make sure. Victoria reached her hand between her legs, running it over her cunt and making sure she was spotless, patting the area where he clit was as she pulled away, enjoying the way her hips twitched forward.

    “Good girl. Now, I have a surprise for you. Come along.” Victoria let her drop her skirt and took her hand to lead her back to their room where a wrapped box sat on the bed. Amelia rushed over and nearly through herself on the bed, taking the box into her lap.

    “Can I open it? Can I, can I, can I?” She was bouncing a little, giving Victoria her best pleading look. She nearly squealed when Victoria nodded her permission and tore into the wrapping.

    Inside the box was a large dildo with a thick knot at the base. It was a transparent blue with sparkles inside, the thick, flared tip a deep swirled purple that ran down the underside to the knot. It filled both of Amelia’s hands and her breath caught a little.

    “Oh my god. This is gonna tear me in two.” Despite the statement, she licked her lips, running her hand up the shaft. She could feel herself growing wet at the idea of it filling her up. She turned her gaze to Victoria and beamed. “Thank you, mommy!”

    “Of course, dearest.” Victoria moved to take the dildo from her, assuring she would get to use it, and moved to the freshly swept and mopped floor in front of the mirror and suctioning it to the floor by the base. She had set up two small pad for Amelia’s knees. Amelia was quick to follow her after grabbing the bottle of lube.

    “Am I gonna ride it?” She asked, absently twirling one of her twin-tails as she moved to stand beside Victoria.

    Victoria nodded. “Yes, but not yet. Mommy needs to stretch you before you can though. I don’t want you to hurt yourself.” She moved to sit on the floor, motioning for Amelia to lay before her. “Lift your skirt for me.” She instructed once she had laid back, legs spread and pussy on display, pink and twitching with eagerness. She was a little wet already.

    Amelia was quick to lift her skirt up past her hips, trying not to squirm as Victoria squirted a generous amount of lube on her fingers. She shuddered as her finger ran through her folds, soaking her labia and clit. She focus her attention on her clit for a moment, knowing how twitchy Amelia got when she was played with. Direct contact was always a little too much, Amelia preferred attention around it and the hood, but Victoria wanted to make her squirm. Amelia’s hips jerked and she whimpered as Victoria rubbed two fingers directly over her clit.

    “W-wait, Mommy,” Amelia whined, already flushed. “It’s sensitive there.” She pouted at her, turning her head away to hide her blush.

    “I know baby. Mommy’s going to make you cum first, so you’re nice and loose.” Victoria kept it up, grinning at Amelia’s thighs twitched, her entrance grasping for something to fill her up. Her darling was always a bit of a size queen, the bigger the better and she loved to be filled until she was incoherent but Victoria knew she fell apart as soon as her clit was played with, sensitive and needy.

    Amelia’s heart hammered as Victoria continued to rub her clit, heat boiling in her cunt as she tried not to squirm. She throbbed with every pass of her fingers, hips pressing up and pulling away, too much and not enough at once. Her hands gripped her skirt tightly and she struggled to keep her legs open as she throttled towards an harsh orgasm.

    “Mommy, mommy please, I can’t- mommy-“ Amelia whined, loud and needy and ready to burst at any second, her pretty little pussy leaking, even without the lube. Her stomach trembled with every breath and her hips stuttered up into Victoria’s hand.

    “Good. Cum for mommy so she can fuck you with your new toy. I’ll fill you up the way you need and make sure your pathetic little cunt is stuffed until all you can thing about how good it feels. Until you’re crying and begging me to stop.”

    Amelia’s breath caught as she spoke and came only moments later to the mental image of Victoria holding her down on the thick knot, forcing orgasm after orgasm out of her until she was crying and couldn’t take it anymore. Her vision went white and her whole body tensing for a moment and shaking violently before she stilled and went limp.

    “Good girl,” Victoria cooed, pulling her hand away. “Now, let’s get you ready to be fucked.”

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  • frukyou
    16.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    UsUk || FrUk || Graphic violence, dub-con, major character death

    “Alfred loves his brother. But Arthur loves someone else.“

    Read on AO3.

    #mary talks#photo#usuk#fruk#aph france#aph england#aph america #one day ill finish this #hetalia fic#hetalia fanfiction#non con #major character death #major character injury #spoilers in tags ooooh #read the ao3 tags pls
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  • a-dorky-american
    16.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Just watch all the episodes that were available in dub. I LOVED IT!!! England and China sound a little weird to me (especially England), but they were still good, nonetheless. It was really nice to hear Italy's voice actor again (he's one of my favorite VAs) and I like the voice actors for Czech and Slovakia, although I do think the duo sound a little... bland? I don't really know how else to put it, lol. Of course, I'm always happy to hear more of my boys Eric (America) and Patrick (Germany)!

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  • jesswithane
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Al, at family dinner: So, guess what I learned?

    Matt: *rolling eyes* What did you learn?

    Arthur: Be nice to your brother.

    Francis: Yes, Alfred, tell us what you learned

    Alfred: I'm allergic to pistachios!


    Alfred: Yeah! Vinny took me to get gelato and I said "as long as it's not the green nut one. I don't get why people like having their tongues swell" and he went "you're allergic to pistachios?" And I went "ohhhh"

    Arthur: how did we not know you're allergic to pistachios??

    Francis: to be fair, we don't eat them or have them around all too often.

    Matt:...you just thought people ate things that made their tongues swell?

    Al: I mean...yeah

    Matt: ...himbo

    #hetalia #hws face family #hws skaterboy!au #hws olympics au #hws america#allergies#hws canada#hws fruk
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