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    Hetalia Platonic Ships Week Day 7: Free day Mochitalia and Nekotalia

    In typical Hetalia fashion, The Japans once again get everyone to test out their new invention which inadvertently transports the mochi and nekos here. The most notable are the mochis and cats of the 2ps who managed to find a way out of their previous world, starving and dirty. After getting them all back up to full health, getting a quick lesson in Mochi care from Estonia, and giving them baths though in Lucicat's case forcing him to get one, they bond with their human counterparts. They also meet and greet their 1p mochi and neko counterparts. Strap in y'all, it's about to get cute!

    Luciano: Lucicat is that one cat who thinks he's the king of everything. This doesn't sit well with his Luciano. Gets his knife stolen by an equally as devious Lucicat and tries getting it back while calling him a hairball. Lucicat immediately ain't having it and starts trying to claw everything in the vicinity starting with Luciano who's running around with a ticked-off demon cat on his face then trips over LuciMochi who also gets angry and starts chasing him, somehow doling his little swiss army knife despite not having hands. The world may not be ready for three Lucianos. Feliciano, Italycat, and Feli Mochi immediately try hug therapy on all three which seems to start working. It seems that after a little while, Luciano and Romano have started opening up more and liking the therapy a little.

    Flavio: Immediately starts designing cat clothes while Flaviocat is being the best kitty model he can be. Mochi Flavio is also loving this and posing with him on Flaviocat's head. When not modeling, Flaviocat and Mochi Flavio love messing with Romacat and Lovi Mochi. Lovino will never admit it but they all look really cute.

    Lutz: Doesn't care and starts a cuddle pile while he's napping on the couch. Lutzcat is lounging on his stomach while Mochi Lutz is on his face wearing his military hat. Strangely, Mochi Lutz is more of a soft cube shape than a stiff one like Ludwig Mochi. This confuses Ludwig to no end. Germanycat also immediately tries getting Lutzcat to train.

    Klaus: Is a little nervous around Klauscat thinking he might get rejected but Klauscat immediately finds comfort in him and rubs himself up against him staking his claim on his person. Klauscat does the same to Klaus Mochi who's also shy and hiding under his Teutonic Knighthood. Prussiacat and gilbert Mochi doesn't let this stand and immediately try playing with him, though they tend to scare him.

    Kuro: Thinks Kurocat is really cute though doesn't really show it. He's already bought a Nyan Cat costume for him. Japancat immediately gets him hooked on tuna as well. Kuro Mochi acts like a ninja and disappears often. No one can catch him. Unlike Mochi Kiku who seems to be a sakura mochi, Mochi Kuro is a wasabi mochi. Kiku loves getting pictures and is very curious about them and their origins.

    Allen: Allencat is defiantly the jerky cat who likes causing trouble and punching things off of stuff. Allen learns this the hard way. after his shades go missing and it turns out Allencat stole them. They have a sort of love-hate relationship. Americat is instantly excited about a new playmate and gets really hyper. Alfred loves trying to give Allencat scratches though will end up with a scratched face. The only one's Allencat lets pet him or hold him are the states and acts like a guard cat with them, especially Hawaii and Alaska since they're the youngest. Allen Mochi is unlike America Mochi in how it's not able to grow limbs and isn't creepy. He carries around a mini bat but no one knows where he gets it just like Allen's. The first time Allen witnesses the little demon that is America mochi he gets really freaked out and even passed out the first time he saw it. Now he's extremely careful around him and is kind of scared of the 'little demon who's clearly plotting something.'

    James: Basically has a starting contest with his Mochi self until they both just nodded in solidarity. Mochi James is a bit bigger than Mochi Canada and kind of acts like his bodyguard. At first one wouldn't think James would let a cuddly cat sleep on his lap but that's exactly what he let Jamescat do. Jamescat also likes sleeping in Mathew's lap or with the bears or provinces. They tend to rotate. Funnily, Jamescat is also easily scared by cucumbers which Allen likes to take advantage of but not without getting a face full of scratches. James Mochi has also taken it upon himself to try getting Canada Mochi and Mathew to be more assertive.

    Oliver: The first time he sees Olivercat, he's lounging on the counter in his bakery. He does this often and helps attract customers with his cuteness. He also almost accidentally bakes Oliver Mochi until Arthur manages to stop him with Oliver profusely apologizing afterward. Oliver Mochi accepts his apology and quickly becomes a big help in the kitchen often sitting on Oliver's head in Rataoullie style. Olvercat and Oliver Mochi both try getting Britaincat and Arthur Mochi to be more happy-go-lucky. This works about as well as it does for their human counterparts. Meanwhile, Arthur is trying to figure out how they found their way here in hopes they may travel there to find any more survivors.

    Luiz: He takes one look at his mochi and immediately assumes it's just another drunken haze. That is until he sees Mochi Luiz light a cigarette without opposable thumbs somehow. Luizcat is a really scruffy cat and Francis immediately tries to take him to the groomers while Francecat tries to groom him himself. Luizcat has successfully aided all attempts so far. Mochi Francis subtly unnerves Luiz with his super-realistic face.

    Xiao: Unlike Mochi Yao, Xiao Mochi isn't censored thanks to Xiao's natural ability to bypass them. Mochi Xiao is really interested in Mochi China because of his censorship. Xiao mochi will also try to grab the pixels. Xiao Mochi has become Xiao's new mascot for his blog and the mochi even has the same dragon tattoo design as Xiao. Xiaocat also loves causing trouble, especially for Chinacat. He's definitely that one cat who'd get himself stuck in the blinds. Yao has to help him out a lot. They even have a scoreboard as la "The Office, "to keep track of how many days Xiaocat has stayed out of trouble. This always gets flipped and is never at zero for long.

    Viktor: Doesn't know what to make of them but doesn't exactly trust their cute looks as evidenced by Mochi America. Mochi Viktor also does this as he doesn't quite know what to makes of them. Russia Mochi immediately tries to make friends and sometimes one can see them both curled up with their red and pink pile of scarves. Ivan also helps try to ease the tension by putting him in a sunflower patch. Mochi Viktor seems to really like this and this is one of the few times he's seen sleeping. Also, Mochi Viktor seems to have a sort of Cold War rivalry going on with Allen Mochi. Viktorcat seems to be more strict like his counterpart and could care less for toys. He'll humor Russiacat from time to time, but will inform him of when he's coming off a little strong when trying to make friends.

    Everyone settles back into a good routine and the cats and mochi are welcomed by their counterparts. Though, in Luciano's case, it's more like he's forced to tolerate them. With these new additions who knows what kind of trouble the mochi and nekos will get up to!

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    Day 2: Long Distance/Reunited; Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong

    Yo! So here's day 2 of @hetaliaplatonicshipsweek (finally)! I love this trio but I never see enough of them :'<.

    This is a human AU btw.

    Human Names:

    Taiwan: Lin Xiao Mei (Xiao Mei "Mei" Lin)

    Macau: Wong Hou Keang Vicente (Hou Keang Vicente Wong)

    Hong Kong: Wong Ka Lung Leon (Ka Lung Leon Wong)


    Mei looked at the clock. Her friends were supposed to meet her here at their favorite bubble tea shop five minutes ago.

    They definitely wouldn't not come without saying something, she knew that much. But what could the hold up be?

    Then Hou Keang and Ka Lung came in rushing through the door.

    Hou Keang immediately apologized, "We're sorry we're late! Thanks for waiting for us!"

    Ka Lung's first reaction, however, was, "Did you like, get the like drinks?"

    Mei teased, "Is that the way you greet your best friend that you haven't seen in ages?"

    It's true that they haven't seen each other in ages. The trio met in high school when Ka Lung and Mei were freshman and Hou Keang was a sophomore.

    Ka Lung gave a guilty smile, "Guilty as charged. Besides, I like food."

    Hou Keang snorted, "Like? That's an understatement."

    After a few minutes of laughter, Mei finally replied to Ka Lung's question, "No, I didn't order for you. You can do that yourself!"

    Ka Lung stuck his tongue out and went to look at the menu with Hou Keang.

    Mei took a sip of her boba tea. It was really good and it was truly a classic part of the trio's friendship.

    They had been going to the same place since, well, forever really.

    After some time, Vicente and Leon came back with their drinks.

    Soon, they were all talking like they did when they were younger.

    Vicente asked, “So how’s college for the two of you?”

    Leon shrugged, “Boring. It could totally be better. Everything is way too, like, easy.”

    Mei was more enthusiastic, “Really fun! The girls in my dorm are so sweet and nice! What about you, how’s work?”

    Vicente smiled, “I think I’m going to get a promotion soon. Things have been going really well.”

    They would’ve kept talking but alas, their time together was coming to an end.

    Mei waved goodbye as she left, “I’ll talk to you both soon!”

    “Bye Mei!”

    “We’ll see you soon!”

    Mei felt happier in the days that followed. She would definitely have to schedule another meet up.


    Phew! I’m done with this submission! I hope y’all liked it!

    - Rae

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    Day 7: Free Day; Nyo!IceSeyLiech

    Hey! So this is a Human AU! I decided to go with free day because I don't know if Iceland/Seychelles/Liechtenstein have interacted with each other in history.

    Human Names:

    Nyo!Iceland: Lilja Styrsdóttir

    Nyo!Seychelles: Shawn Laroche

    Nyo!Liechtenstein: Noah Stein


    Shawn trained his gaze on the screen. He could not afford to lose this game. The consequences would be astronomical.

    Toad got hit by a blue shell.

    Shawn exclaimed, "No! Who threw that shell?!"

    The Icelander sitting next to him, Lilja, pointed to Noah, "It was him."

    Noah had a guilty smile on his face, "Sorry Shawn." But something about the way he had a glint in his eye told Shawn he wasn't really sorry but it wasn't malicious.

    "Evil jerk." Shawn said, more to himself than to the others, smiling warmly.

    Noah Stein had a reputation of being an angel child, a true gentleman. But he could also be mischievous if the time called for it.

    Mario Kart, was the time to call upon all the skills you have in order to crush your enemies.

    Lilja chuckled as her character (Rosalina) passed Noah's character (Shy Guy) in the race, "If you guys are going to just keep fighting each other back and forth I'll win this."

    Shawn stuck his tongue out but didn't say anything.

    He couldn't afford to not focus. But he could afford to mess with Lilja's head a bit.



    "Don't you think that Rosalina looks like your sister?"

    Lilja turned to stare at him menacingly, "Do not continue that thought."

    "But they're both blonde, have some sort of magic powers," Shawn continued. It was true that Lilja's sister was blonde but the trio weren't sure about the magic powers.

    It was simply something that they came up with when they went to Lilja's house for the first time.

    Lilja seemed to be in deep thought about this for a second.

    Noah figured out what Shawn was doing and decided to help out a bit, "She also wears a lot of blue.”

    Lilja frowned before realizing what the boys were doing, “I won’t fall for that!”

    She did fall for it in the end.

    As Lilja finished the race she turned to the boys, “I hate you.”

    Shawn put a hand to his chest in a dramatic manner, “Betrayal! How dare you!”

    Noah laughed at Shawn’s antics and Lilja had no choice but to join in.

    It was a very fun day in the end.


    And that’s the last day of @hetaliaplatonicshipsweek for me! I’ll get to doing Day 2 soon!

    I hope y’all enjoyed it!

    - Rae

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    Day 7 - Freeday

    @hetaliaplatonicshipsweek Word Count: 978 AO3 Link: Here Author's Notes/AU Discussion

    Based on my little AU that is called "I'm a Reader" AU but this time- it's Seborga trying to cope with how his brother died and like grief in general. Kinda inspired by how my friends would talk to me after losing someone important to me- so yea! Not really sad! Just took too many creative liberties!

    "You're sad again." Marcello raised his head from looking too deeply to the dark and deep waters below the wood. Robin's bells that hang from their braids echo rather dimly in the silence of this part of the pier. The laughter of their group from the other side only made the pain in his heart squeeze tighter.

    He wasn't near that part of the group. Too many thoughts in his head that he still can't process at all. Marcello was a bit worried that if he stayed with them, he'd end up putting their moods down. But even when he takes his refuge near the water, Robin takes notice of him.

    He looks down at his childhood friend. The other is still a bit tiny compared to him. Marcello having reached a painful height spurt earlier that summer. The summer where he...

    He didn't meet the rather concerned eyes of Robin who puts their hands down on the aged railings of the pier. They pulled themselves up, sitting on top of them while Marcello turned his face away when Robin made a small sound of discomfort.

    "You're sad again." Robin repeated, insisting that whatever is going in their head is what is happening to Marcello.

    Robin... Was an odd friend. An extremely odd friend that often looks up at the sky, talking about the stars and the planets like he knows them personally. Not that Marcello really minded. Feli... Feliciano was the same way.

    He thinks a bit bitterly that if Feliciano managed to live long enough, they both would have gotten together. Both of them were artists. Always taking note of the little things that Marcello would ignore and cherish the oddest of things. Feliciano with the little shiny rocks he finds on his daily walks and Robin with the ribbons that they would ask to have whenever they pass by the bookstore going home.

    (They would have met if not for Marcello's childish anger at his brother. His new brother who decided to ruin the lovely atmosphere they have back then with his own presence.)

    They also know what Marcello is thinking just by a single look.

    "I'm not." He grumbles, keeping his head down to prevent the other from looking at his eyes. Against the light of the street lantern, he can see his own reflection. Murky green eyes staring back at him. If- if only they were a lighter shade of orange, then maybe he-

    "You're lying." Robin says with a matter of fact voice, hands going to their pockets to pull out a chocolate bar. The large snap of it being broken to pieces made Marcello flinch.

    "What's it to you?" He scoffs, glaring at the younger child until he finds himself staring at a piece of chocolate being offered to him. The owner's face was blank as always but underneath it, Marcello sees a fragment of concern.

    "You're sad. You're allowed to be sad." Robin watches him take it and put it inside of his mouth with a frown. "But it's better if you let yourself be sad around us too."

    The chocolate melted in Marcello's mouth. The taste of it made his eyes water on how good it was and he brushed his eyes with his arm, wiping away the liquid that threatened to fall. It was good. Smooth really. That tasted like something like home.

    "I don't want to be a downer." He confesses, leaning against the railing. His head drops while he laughs bitterly. Shoulders shaking and hands attempting to pull his jacket closer to him to shield himself from the cold.

    "They're your friends. They will understand you more than you think."

    "You do know you're part of that friend's part." Marcello watched as Robin's mouth made a small 'o' before the other nodded in understanding.

    "Oh." Robin gave a small nod before eating their own piece of chocolate. "But you do understand what I'm trying to explain right?"

    Marcello looks at them, smiling softly. "Yea."

    "That's good!" Robin didn't say anything more, just humming while their hands continued to snap the chocolate apart. "He's happy."

    The Italian teenager looks up, a bit confused with Robin's words. "Who's happy?" He asks a bit slowly. Sometimes, Marcello is wary of Robin. There was just this air about them that is often... Misplaced. Off. Like they both lived in different dimensions that are right next to each other and Marcello can't reach out for them.

    "I don't know him." Robin shrugs their shoulders, jumping down. Their braids get snagged on the wood and they let out a welp of pain. Hands automatically raising themselves to rest on their head, whimpering.

    "Ahhh." Marcello laughs softly, approaching the other and pulling on the silky strands that latched on the nails on the wood. "Be more careful. You'll lose your hair if you aren't." He chided.

    "You're a good brother."

    He freezes, the strands fall away from his hands at that simple phrase. Green eyes meet bright purple ones, stars in them. The soft smile that Robin gives him makes his heart clench and automatically, he stuffs his hands back to his jacket.

    "What?" He mutters underneath his breath. That... That was weird. The look in their eyes made Marcello look away, taking a step forward.

    Robin pats on their head, checking their braids to see if there was any damage. There was none, so they chased after Marcello who had the intention of joining their group. They tilt their head, looking at the dark sky before uttering a thing that would make Marcello wonder what really is going on in their head.

    "There's still tomorrow. But I think it's okay if you just live today." Robin skips, jumping on a plank that creaked under their weight. "You're going to be okay."


    Marcello sighs, patting Robin's back. "I'll be okay." They'll be okay.

    <- Previous Day

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    {Hetalia Platonic Ships Week 2021} Day 7: Free Day - Iceland & Latvia

    A/N: Submission #7 for @hetaliaplatonicshipsweek!

    Aaaaand the last day! I was originally planning to do Canada and Cuba (a platonic pairing I just adore) for this day until I realized I didn't actually have any solid story ideas for them :')

    Sooo I chose Iceland and Latvia instead, because I imagine the two to be pretty good friends. This is just a high school au (bc as many of y'all know I'm a sucker for them) that I came up with one day while sitting in class lol. You can choose to see this as taking place in the same universe as the fic I wrote for family week (the Anko Family submission for Day 5, Embarrassment) if you wish, bc everything lines up pretty much to a T. Also, my demiboy Iceland hc is back, so he/they pronouns again.

    Also, here's the reference for human names again (though most of these characters are only briefly mentioned):

    Emil - Iceland

    Raivis - Latvia

    Leon - Hong Kong

    Michelle - Seychelles

    Mei - Taiwan

    Lili - Liechtenstein

    Ok, I hope you guys enjoy!

    »»————- ➴ ————-««

    Being a librarian's aide at a high school wasn't nearly as bad as it appeared on the surface—well, at least for Emil it wasn't. It was always nice and quiet (for obvious reasons, since it was a library), and it allowed him to get out of a couple of boring classes which he didn't even need to take since he'd already received all the credits for them. Plus, the librarian herself was always very nice and even gave him free coffee and donuts from the teacher's lounge on most days. So, needless to say, Emil actually liked being her aide very much.

    It wasn't even that much work, honestly. Not that much work at all. Usually just stacking returned books back on the bookshelf and taking out papers from the printer and giving them to students and teachers. Emil didn't have to interact with too many other kids as there were only a couple of other aides—a senior girl who was the librarian's secretary, and a boy named Raivis who Emil was pretty sure was a sophomore. Raivis basically did the same tasks as Emil, placing books on the bookshelf and whatnot.

    Raivis was a curly-haired brunet who was very short for his age, barely even coming up to Emil's shoulder; he had a round boyish face that added to his middle-schooler look. Though he seemed to be a pretty quiet kid, just like Emil, since the two worked together they evidently had to communicate with each other sometimes—and honestly, Emil really enjoyed talking with him. He seemed to have a lot of the same interests as Emil—video games, indie music, hell, he even liked science fiction novels too—and a similar personality to them. Emil wouldn't exactly consider themselves close enough to Raivis to consider him a friend, probably just a very good acquaintance; however, they definitely saw the potential for friendship. It was there.

    Sometimes Emil wondered if Raivis even had any other friends, as they'd never seen the boy really talk to anybody else. They wondered where he sat at lunch and tried to recall countless times if they'd ever seen him at lunch with anybody else (at their school, all juniors and sophomores had the same lunch period, so Emil knew that they had lunch with Raivis).

    Anyway, on one Thursday morning Emil and Raivis were in the library, organizing books in the—what do you know—science fiction section. They had set their uneaten donuts and coffee on a nearby table and were just talking and laughing among each other, as well as sharing some of the good books they'd found that they happened to have read in the past. Emil made a mental note of all the reading suggestions Raivis had given him. I'm gonna have to check out those books when Mrs. Newman lets me pick some out again, Emil thought to himself (Mrs. Newman referring to the librarian). Another perk to being a librarian's aide was that they got to pick out more books than the other students, about three to five every other week.

    Everything was going okay until these two boys who Emil had never seen in the library before casually walked up to the table that had the two's donuts and coffee and sat in the chairs.

    However, Emil just kept their attention on Raivis, who was laughing as he told them about this one dystopian book, holding it up so Emil could see. "Yeah! And the best part is when—" Raivis stopped talking abruptly when he noticed the two boys there; his eyes grew wide and he got a...scared look on his face? Hurriedly, he shoved the book back in its spot on the shelf, averting his eyes from the boys and holding Emil's arm loosely, trying to guide him away from the section they were at. "Um...how about let's go sort out the encyclopedias," Raivis suggested quickly.

    Emil cocked his eyebrows, now very confused. "But what about our food?"

    However, Raivis didn't respond and instead continued to try to push Emil away from the boys.

    "Hey, short stack!"

    Raivis visibly cringed at the voice of one of the boys. This prompted him, as well as Emil to lift their heads up. One of the kids was cackling annoyingly, while the other one had carelessly taken a bite out of one of Raivis' donuts.

    Seeing this latter action immediately caused Emil to furrow their eyebrows. "Hey, what the heck?" they said sternly. "That's Raivis' food."

    The kid who'd eaten Raivis' donut snickered. "Yeah, no shit, Dad."

    "Emil, just leave them alone..." Raivis said quietly, still holding onto their arm.

    Emil ignored him and, though his heart was pounding nearly out of his chest with nerves, he continued to try to set the two boys straight. "I'm going to tell Mrs. Newman if you two don't stop," he threatened.

    The other boy, who'd started to drink Raivis' coffee, set his cup down and made mocking jazz hands. "Ooo—Mrs. Newman. I'm so scared," he said sarcastically.

    Emil shot the two one last glare and went up to the front of the library to do what he'd just said he would do—tell Mrs. Newman. As he began to walk, he heard the sounds of pounding footsteps, splashing, and then a high-pitched wail that could only belong to one person. Emil whipped his head around and gasped. The kid with the coffee had dumped the entire beverage onto Raivis' head; it was dripping from his hair, and onto the floor.

    Now simmering with anger, Emil stomped up to the two kids—he was about to yell something until he heard one of the boys snort loudly and then run up to place the now-empty cup of coffee into Emil's hand. The ash-blond didn't have time to be too confused; he was much more concerned for Raivis at that moment. He prepared to yell at the two boys to get the hell out (he honestly didn't care at that point that they were in a library) before he heard a voice behind him: "Hey! What are you two doing?"

    The teens all looked toward the voice and saw Mrs. Newman standing there, hands on her hips, her expression very angry looking—though not at Emil and Raivis, rather at the boy that'd spilled coffee on Raivis' head, as well as his friend.

    The two boys, though they'd just mocked Mrs. Newman a mere few minutes prior, stood there, scared, until they glanced at each other briefly and then dashed out of the large library doors. Emil smirked internally as they saw this. Now they're afraid, huh? they thought to themselves.

    Mrs. Newman stared at the boys like a hawk as they ran out into the halls, but once they were out of eyesight she turned to Raivis, her face instantly growing from full of anger to full of concern. She walked up slowly to the boy, gently placing her hand on a part of his arm that'd been untouched by the coffee. "Oh, sweetheart," she said, "I'm so sorry that happened to you."

    Raivis shrugged his shoulders slowly, his face looking so solemn, so pitiful. "It's fine..."

    The tall blonde woman turned to Emil then. "Honey, will you take him to the office to get a fresh change of clothes?" she asked. "He will probably need to use one of the showers in the gym too...can you walk with him, please?"

    Emil nodded instantly. "Yeah. Sure thing."

    Mrs. Newman smiled back. "Thank you."

    Soon, the two teens were walking off to do just that. Raivis was very quiet all the way to the office—which Emil could understand one hundred percent. Poor kid must've felt so embarrassed. He decided he wouldn't make the situation any worse for him and kept his mouth shut, too. They swiftly went to the office to get some spare clothes and then got the clear to go down to the gym bathroom so Raivis could wash up.

    The two got to the gym and were standing in front of the door to the bathroom; Raivis glanced up at Emil, his face a little pink. "Um," he began, holding his hand out a little, "could you give me the clothes?"

    "Oh, yeah," Emil replied, handing Raivis the sweatpants and t-shirt.

    Raivis nodded his thanks and headed on in. After he shut the door, Emil just decided to sit against the wall and wait for him while he showered and changed.

    Nearly thirty minutes later, Raivis finally came back out. Emil looked up, put his phone back in his pocket, and then stood up. "How was it?" he asked the sophomore.

    Raivis sighed deeply; his eyes were very close to watering, even though he looked and smelled as fresh as a daisy. "Um...okay I guess," he answered, voice quavering a little. "There was a lot of coffee on me."

    Emil nodded, but tsk-tsked. He began to walk out of the gym, and Raivis followed close behind. "Who even were those kids?" Emil asked.

    Raivis shrugged, looking down at his toes. "Eh, just some kids from my grade. They're jerks."

    Emil bit his lip. "Seems like it. I can't believe they put that coffee cup in my hands like they were trying to frame me or something," he said. He laughed, a bit bitterly.

    Despite himself, Raivis managed to chuckle a little. "Yeah. Don't they know Mrs. Newman has cameras in there? She could've checked them if she really wanted to."

    Emil snorted. "I know, right?"

    It was silent for a moment afterward, with Raivis gulping loudly every now and then. Emil turned their head, noticing this. He cocked an eyebrow, concerned. "Are you okay?"

    Raivis (who Emil could tell now was definitely on the verge of crying) sniffled and rubbed at his face. "Yeah," he answered, voice hushed. "It's just...thank you, Emil. No one has ever stood up for me like that."

    The boy's voice was so sincere that Emil had to grin. "It's no problem—really."

    "You're a great friend," Raivis added.

    Emil's heart was warmed at that—they didn't know if it was just the way he said it, or the knowledge that he actually thought of them as a friend. He answered warmly nonetheless. "Thank you. You are too."

    Raivis glanced at him and gave the most genuine smile Emil thought he'd ever seen on the younger teen.

    "Hey, where do you normally sit at lunch?" Emil asked Raivis, just out of curiosity.

    Raivis' smile fell a bit. "Oh...well, I normally just sit outside," he said quietly.

    "Alone?" The word seemed to echo in the empty hallway, though it might've just been Emil's imagination.

    Raivis nodded a bit solemnly. Emil grew the same solemn expression for a moment before asking, "Hey, would you like to sit with me and my friends at lunch?"

    Raivis looked up then, eyebrows shooting up. "Really?"

    Emil nodded, cracking a small smile. "Yeah. I sit with my best friend, Leon, and then my other friends, Michelle, Mei, and Lili. Leon's really cool; Michelle and Mei might seem a bit...much at first, but they're really nice and cool too."

    Raivis' expression slowly began to brighten the more he heard Emil talk, until he paused. "...Are you sure that's okay? I wouldn't wanna ruin your guys' lunch..."

    "Trust me, you won't," Emil assured instantly.

    The sophomore paused for a minute, as if thinking. "...Okay. I'll sit with you guys."

    Emil grinned. "Good. I'm sure they'd love to meet you."

    The two continued to walk back to the office to get passes for their next class in comfortable silence, the content feeling one feels after finding a new friend overwhelming both of them.

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    Hetalia Platonic Ships Week Day 6: 1p-2p Drunk Headcanons!

    Alfred: Thinks he's Captain America and uses a trash can lid as a shield. Knocks out Allen with it accidentally after trying to throw it.

    Allen: Gets a Texan accent and will sing country songs horribly and annoyingly loud.

    Mathew: Doesn't drink often, but does it for hockey. Immediately goes into hardcore mode and gets aggressive. Has succeeded in beating up both Russias before with his bare hands after losing a game. James is subtly scared of drunk Mathew.

    James: Surprisingly is a lightweight but won't drink to keep Mathew in line when he does. Has tried to tie hockey sticks to his and Kuma's heads to make them look like moose and try to start fights. Kuma just inwardly polar bear sighs at his owner's antics and quickly knocks him out and carries him on his back. Kuma lets him and sometimes Mathew sleep on his back when they're passed out or having a hangover.

    Arthur: Well, we all know how he is when drunk, but one should never give him a spellbook. The last time that happened, he made Alice in Wonderland real. Now that was a trip!

    Oliver: Unsurprisingly, he's a complete lightweight and can't hold his own. Gets really bubbly and tries to bake everything while dancing. When I say everything I mean everything. The kitchen still stains on the ceiling after he chaotically baked every sweet known to man and then proceeded to initiate a one-person food fight.

    Francis: Gets really silly and loses his fashion sense. Arthur has a video of him trying on curtains for a dress, toilet paper for a cape, and a lampshade for blackmail purposes.

    Luiz: This is a man who has a tolerance level rivaling Thor. Has a preference for aged wine.

    Yao: Actually lets loose and acts more like Xiao. Xiao takes full advantage and they immediately cause havoc. Yao may have a high tolerance due to his age, but Xiao's combos will affect him almost instantly, as will any other combo since he's only ever drunk Baiju and other old drinks straight.

    Xiao: If you thought he was a chaotic force of nature before, he becomes the perfect storm when drunk and no one can stop him! Also, his combos will get anyone drunk within the first 10 minutes and he especially loves using it on Yao who he'll follow behind with a camera for blackmail. He and Gilbert are the two major sources for blackmail and will compete over who's got the best pics.

    Ivan: Has a high tolerance, after all, he drinks vodka on an almost daily basis. If one can get him drunk though, he'll actually start getting sad and cry, pouring his heart out. Viktor will sit and be there for him while also making sure he never goes hard so he doesn't end up like he did.

    Viktor: Literally never gets drunk and no one has ever been able to get him drunk. Some think it's because he has an astronomical high tolerance level and they're not far off the mark. He's drunk so much to cope with all the terrible stuff in his life that it's lost its effect and he literally can't get drunk anymore, no matter how much he wants to. Even hard liquor doesn't work and he keeps trying to fill the void.

    Ludwig: Can't handle anything besides a good beer. He'll be the life of the party, completely contradicting his usual strict demeanor and everyone will collect blackmail for when they get in trouble at the next meeting. Gilbert has the most and will sell it for a good price. He's made a good sum of money and this keeps his video game funds filled.

    Lutz: Will get so energized he'll be doing laps for a while until he eventually crashes once again. He's got to retain those muscles somehow! Also has a reasonable level of tolerance.

    GIlbert: Likes going on rants about the old days as the Teutonic Knights. Ludwig and Klaus like hearing the stories he otherwise wouldn't share if sober. They've sworn a vow of secrecy.

    Klaus: Loses his anxiety and depression for a while but believes he's still a knight. But this knight is more akin to a stereotypical knight and he'll try rescuing the dogs, Klaubird, and Gilbird from the vacuum.

    Luciano: Also has a huge tolerance level but on the rare occasion he gets drunk enough, he'll start acting more like Feliciano and say Ve~ after every sentence. According to Flavio, this is how he use to act before Rome died and he had to become the boss. Also, Flavio has managed to get pics of him while wearing a homemade Wario costume courtesy of Flavio who's dressed up as Waluigi to compliment Feliciano and Lovino who're wearing Mario and Luigi costimes.

    Feliciano: NEVER, EVER GET HIM DRUNK. If you thought he was hyper before, he goes ham like the Tasmanian devil when drunk. Though he's fine after drinking wine, if he gets anything stronger he'll become chaos.

    Lovino: Will get affectionate, more happy-go-lucky, and cuddly, completely contrasts his regular tsundere attitude. Flavio takes advantage to have him try on his new clothes. Has been convinced to wear the Luigi costume by a sober Feliciano because he thought it was fun.

    Flavio: Prefers drinking while designing. He gets a lot of inspiration while tipsy so he has a reasonable tolerance level.

    Kiku: Otaku side comes out and gets extremely extroverted. Alred thinks drunk Japan is really fun to do stupid stuff with.

    Kuro: If he gets drunk he won't show it. But Gilbert has somehow managed to acquire video of him pretending to be an actual ninja and trying/failing to stick to walls and naruto run. We suspect Kiku may have something to do with GIlbert getting the video. Never let him find out!

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  • rae-does-stuff
    17.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Day 6: Drunk/Party and Holiday; Iceland and Latvia

    Hey! So this is going to be Nationverse. I have no idea how to write drunk people because I don’t get drunk for a number of reasons. I kinda did both prompts so yay me I guess!

    And without further ado, Day 6 for @hetaliaplatonicshipsweek!

    Also: TW for Alcohol


    Iceland found parties to be a pain in the a$$. You had to socialize with people you barely knew and make small talk.

    Truly an introvert’s worst nightmare. And it was even worse because it was America’s annual holiday party.

    But this year Iceland had found a few common friends, among them being the personification of Latvia.

    Iceland didn’t really know how he and Latvia met in the first place but he was grateful nonetheless that he had a friend.

    The duo were standing in a corner away from all the talking and drinking from small cups of what Iceland assumed was alcoholic drinks when Latvia commented, “I wonder why England is acting so weird tonight.”

    Iceland looked into the chaos and saw that the old b*stard had gotten himself drunk. Singing and mumbling about whether he was Catholic or Protestant, it wasn’t hard to tell when the Englishman was drunk.

    But maybe Latvia had never seen him drunk.

    Iceland replied as he took a sip from his cup, “He’s probably drunk.”

    “What is “drunk”?”

    Iceland nearly choked on his drink. How do you describe being drunk?

    “Um, well, you get drunk when you drunk too much alcohol. It makes you act weird.”

    “How much is too much?” Latvia pressed. “I want to know if I drink too much.”

    Iceland frowned. Has Latvia really never been drunk before? How much alcohol does Latvia drink?

    Iceland asked, “It depends. How much alcohol do you drink?”

    “About forty cups at my best.”

    Iceland stared at him. Forty cups of alcohol and he’s never gotten drunk?!

    “Wh-what do you mean “forty cups” of alcohol?!”

    “I meant what I said.” Latvia downed his drink in the next second, “I’m going to get a refill. Want me to get you one?”

    Iceland looked into his half full red solo cup and looked back at Latvia, “I think I’m good.”

    Latvia shrugged, “Suit yourself.”

    As Latvia walked off to get another alcoholic beverage, Iceland stared after him.

    “Holy sh*t.” He muttered under his breath.

    Holy sh*t indeed.


    I hope y’all liked it!

    - Rae

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  • ifindus
    17.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Favourite Memories - for the first day of @hetaliaplatonicshipsweek

    During the 1800s it was very popular for the British upper class to spend the summer in Norway to fish for salmon. There were farms that became based around their claim to rivers and hosting/helping the Brits. This was a good relationship because the Brits only fished for sport and so the farmer got all the salmon in the end anyway, in addition to all the money they would spend there.

    #hetaliaplatonicshipsweek#hetalia#aph england#aph norway#hws england#hws norway#historical hetalia #I know I am late with this but this seemed like too good an event to pass on #I've caught a bit of a break rn so I hope to be more active here now
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  • infusions-and-truths
    17.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Day 6 - Drunk/Party

    @hetaliaplatonicshipsweek Word Count: 994 AO3 Link: Here Author's Notes/AU Discussion

    No comment. I blame twitter for this. Kinda. I'm planning to write a some sort of oneshot drabble thing where in like just the characters being "protective" of one another in different chapters. Idk. Seems like a good idea when it was in my head.

    There are two things that America doesn't understand. Even after living for so long now, there are still things that he doesn't want to understand.

    The first one is... How the hell does Italy move with his eyes close. Though that was coming to an answer with Italy showing his eyes every now and then.

    The second one was...


    This situation.

    "Tagaaaay!" (Cheers) Philippines screams, putting his pitcher of beer into the sky. Uncaring whether or not it would spill or not. Though it had already done, judging from the wetness around the mantle of his table.

    There's nothing wrong really about Philippines being drunk. On a good day, he would appreciate it when he needs some cheering up. The smaller nation has the best grooves and activities during what he calls "inuman nights." However, they just came out from a world meeting and that's when everything started to go downhill.

    Curling around Philippines' shoulders was England's arm. The European country laughing and chuckling alongside him while he drowns another glass of alcohol. Both of them had their cheeks flushed with the telltale sign of being... Well... Drunk.

    "One more one more!" England chanted, slamming the glass on the table and ignoring the way everyone seemed to try and avoid their table. "One moreeeee!"

    "One moreeeee time!" Philippines sang, almost falling down off his chair when he accidentally rocked backwards too far.

    "Okay okay!" America had enough, standing up and going around the table while ignoring the murmurs of the other nations when he did so. "Enough drinking for you two- I thought drinking was banned in the after-parties!"

    He tried to snatch the wine bottle in the middle of the table, surrounded by the rose centerpieces but he was too slow. Philippines already jumped up on the table and tackled the bottle to the floor, holding it to his chest when he created such a commotion that everyone- and America means *everyone*- stared at them when he hits the ground with a groan and a laugh

    "Safeeee!" He sits up, light bleached hair falling in front of his purple eyes that sparkled with excitement, like he didn't just tossed himself over the table but for the two drinks that America was unfortunately sitting with.

    "Nice catch lad!" England wasn't even helping, tossing his head to the side when he chuckles, hands shaking when he attempts to grab his cup on top of the table that has spilled rum everywhere.

    America groaned, looking at anyone to help him with but none of the other countries wanted to even do anything when England was drunk. "Okay okay alright!" He stands up, reaching out for Philippines that looked at him with glassy eyes. "No more drinking for you!"

    "Noooo KJ mooo!" Philippines whines, gripping onto the bottle that America was trying to take it away from him. "KJ si Americaaaa! KJ! KJ! KJ!"

    He doesn't even know what the other was babbling about. The blonde man frowns, tugging gently to make the smaller let go. If he wasn't scared of harming the other, he would have taken it with force. But that wouldn't look good for him.

    For anyone really

    "KJ? What the hell dude? Are you cussing at me?" He raises an eyebrow, putting both of his hands on the neck of the bottle.

    Philippines pouting and already mumbling underneath his breath in his native language. Though America did stay for quite some while in the Philippines, he can pick up some of the curse words that the older nation used on him.

    Some of them made him sigh and rub tiredly on his eyes.

    "It means Killjoy." Someone interrupts him. His elbow accidentally hits a warm body when he takes a step back from the now whining drunk nation.

    "Excuse me?" Someone's calling him a killjoy?

    He turns his head around, looking down to meet the blank face of Singapore. The white strand that contrasted against his dark hair always caused America to focus on that rather than his face that is currently sporting a frown.

    "A killjoy. Jaime means Killjoy when he said KJ." The nation corrects America, pushing him away in favor of kneeling beside Philippines whom he called by his human name.

    They're... Close? He thought that Philippines' name was Felipe? Huh?

    The southeast Asian nations ignored him. Philippines threw the bottle to the side to curl his arms around Singapore who easily pulled him up. Woah! America wouldn't say he was jealous that the other could do that to Philippines. Anytime he tries to do so, the other would start to make a face and shake his selfie stick at him.

    "You need help?" He asks, not liking how Singapore and Philippines swayed to the side. One wrong step forward, both of them might topple over which isn't really a good thing.

    "No thank you." Singapore shakes his head, moving forward with Philippines putting most of his weight on the smaller male. "We can handle it."

    "You sure? You do know if you need help-". America couldn't even finish his sentence when Singapore flashed him a smile.

    "Yes. We're good. Excuse us."

    The smile was perfect. Shining in his eyes but America got the feeling from how coldly the other's eyes were, he didn't like him very much. Watching the two of them gather alongside their group. Philippines throwing himself towards Thailand who easily caught him.

    "He hates youuuu." England slurs from the table. "Singapore wouldn't smile at anyone like thaaaaaat."

    America can figure that out for himself thank you. Laughing a bit awkwardly, he grabs England's elbow and hauls him up. "Weird. Thought we were family. Anyway come on dude! Let's get you back before you pick a fight."

    Though he can't forget it. The coldness in the other nation's eyes when he tried to hold onto Philippines' other side. The image of sharp purple eyes staring straight at him with barely veiled dislike.

    How scary. That group is.

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  • emma-likes-to-write
    17.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    {Hetalia Platonic Ships Week 2021} Day 6: Drunk/Party - America & Japan

    A/N: Submission #6 for @hetaliaplatonicshipsweek!

    Next up, America and Japan! One of my biggest brotps in Hetalia tbqh, a classic.

    I'm also using a hc for this fic (geez, I'm using a lot of hcs in this event lol); it's that when Japan is drunk, his entire personality basically does a 180. He's the total life of the party, a big flirt—that type of drunk person. And I like to imagine this creates some...odd scenarios for him, particularly the next morning after he drinks, so this is mainly what I'll explore here lol.

    Oh, also forgot to mention that this is a human au. Enjoy!

    »»————- ➴ ————-««

    Kiku slowly opened his crusted honey-brown eyes. He sat up carefully, but then snapped a hand to his head and winced as he felt a horrible head pain pounding against his temples. After a few seconds, he finally gained just enough strength to open his eyes and look around at his surroundings (though he seemed to be extremely sensitive to the light in the room, which only fueled his headache)—and, to his surprise, he wasn't anywhere that was immediately familiar. In fact, he seemed to be on the floor, a blue blanket and white pillow carelessly covering him. He looked up a bit to see a body sleeping on a large bed that he recognized right away—his best friend, Alfred. That's when Kiku realized that he was, in fact, in Alfred's house.

    The American must've heard his friend stirring because he soon woke up too, and just as slowly. He turned to look at Kiku and gave a weary grin, his eyes halfway closing. "Hey, Ki—" he began to greet, though, just as his friend had just a few minutes prior, he shot a hand up to his forehead and rubbed at it while gritting his teeth. "Oh man..." he groaned loudly. "Hangover..."

    Hangover? Kiku thought, quite confused at first. Then it hit him: he vaguely remembered going to a bar last night with Alfred, where they must've gotten very hammered, because Kiku's head was pounding and he felt downright sick to his stomach. And Alfred looked to be in the same boat.

    Alfred, though he looked nearly ready to puke, in all honesty, grinned and chuckled, pulling a blanket up to his chin. "It's fucking worth it though," he said. "Last night was so damn fun—wasn't it?"

    Kiku looked up at his friend, confused. Had last night been fun? He really didn't even remember last night. "Um...I don't remember," he said weakly, but bluntly.

    Alfred's eyes widened as he heard Kiku say that. "Y-You don't?" he asked as if he couldn't believe it, voice a little less staggered. "Like, you don't remember anything? Nothing at all?"

    Kiku's face turned a bit red as he shook his head slowly, brows drawn.

    Alfred paused for a few moments, mouth agape, and he slowly began to grin and cackle. "Dude," he said. "Oh. My. God." He paused again, still making that face, as if he truly couldn't believe Kiku had lost all his memory from the previous night (though, was it really that big of a shock? They'd both clearly gotten very drunk. Kiku was pretty surprised that Alfred even remembered it). "You seriously don't remember anything?" he asked yet again, as if for further confirmation.

    "No," Kiku replied, his voice now getting a bit irritated. He felt like shit right now and didn't really feel like constantly answering the same question.

    Alfred opened his phone then and scrolled through it. "Dude, you have to come see this. Seriously." He motioned with his hand for his friend to do just that.

    Kiku got up and did so (staggering as he did) and flopped onto Alfred's bed to see what his friend had to show him.

    "These are some vids I took of you last night," Alfred said, and showed Kiku the videos (which were on some social media site).

    What the Japanese man saw made his jaw drop. There he was, amidst the flickering blue and purple and red lights of the bar, drunk out of his mind and having pretty much the best time of his life—or at least that's what it looked like. In one video, he was singing karaoke very loudly, his voice hoarse (most likely from all the liquor) but high-pitched; in another, he was flirting with a group of girls; in yet another, he was downing a whole row of shots while a flock of men he didn't recognize stood behind him and cheered him on vigorously.

    Alfred took the phone away, leaving Kiku just standing there, slack-jawed. The taller blond looked almost nervous as he rubbed the back of his neck. "Um," he began rather awkwardly, "I guess you're not too happy with me for posting those online. I'm...sorry. I was face drunk, dude."

    Kiku glanced up at Alfred slowly. He thought Kiku would be angry at him for that? Well, truthfully, maybe the Japanese man would've been a little peeved at Alfred for posting about him online without his permission, as Kiku was a very private person generally—but, for right now, all he could feel was shock that he actually did those things at the bar last night. "Oh no, Al," he assured, "you're fine."

    Alfred, who appeared relieved, stuffed his phone into his back pocket and let out a rough chuckle. "Soooo yeah," he said, "that was you last night." He then laughed louder. "You're pretty damn fun when you're drunk, dude."

    Kiku couldn't help but chuckle along with Alfred. "Yeah, I guess I am," he admitted. "I just can't believe—"

    He was interrupted by the sound of his phone ringing. Alfred gave him an odd, confused look, which Kiku returned as he dug his phone out from his pocket. He read the caller ID; it was a number he didn't recognize. Even more confused now, he answered the phone.

    "Heyyyy!" It was a girl's voice. "Is this Kiku?"

    "Yeah?" Kiku answered; it came out sounding more like a question. He furrowed his brows. How did this (seeming) stranger know his name?

    The girl on the other end laughed. "Oh my God, hey! Remember me from the bar last night?" A pause. "Oh, this is Robin, by the way," she added.

    Kiku's face turned red. "No. I-I'm sorry, I don't really remember anything from last night. Sorry."

    A longer pause. "...Oh." Robin sounded quite disappointed. "Well, you...gave me your number and told me to give you a call in the morning."

    "I did?" Then, realizing how rude he must've sounded to this girl who he'd clearly formed some type of bond with at the bar last night, he shook his head. "I'm sorry, it's just...I do not remember who you are."

    "Oh no no, it's cool," she reassured. "You were really drunk last night, so I can definitely believe that," she said, letting out a laugh. She had a nice laugh.

    Her laugh was so contagious that Kiku had to join her. "I was kinda tipsy last night too," Robin added. "You fighting a pretty bad hangover?"

    Kiku put his hand up to his aching head. "Yes," he said with a sigh.

    "Yeah," she said sympathetically. "Hey, take some pain meds and try to rest up if you can, 'kay?"

    Kiku smiled a little despite his pain. "Okay." This Robin seemed very nice—Kiku could see why he'd be attracted to her, even in both their drunken states the night before.

    "Oh, and also," Robin began, "I don't wanna sound like, weird, but um...you kind of gave your number to a bunch of my girlfriends last night too. And...I think to some other people as well. So, I guess all I'm saying is expect some texts and calls from them too."

    Even though she'd said that all in probably the nicest way ever, Kiku basically got the gist: he'd been a huge flirt at the bar. He also deduced that Robin was probably one of the girls that he'd been flirting with in that one video Alfred had shown him. "Okay," Kiku answered, taking a deep breath.

    Robin took a deep breath too and chuckled sympathetically. "Hopefully you'll get everything sorted out soon," she told him.

    "Cool beans. Well, I guess this is goodbye?"

    "Yeah, probably."

    "Okay...well, bye then. Thanks for at least picking up the phone," she said, giggling. "And thanks for the fun night too! Even though you can't remember." She laughed louder.

    Just as he had before, Kiku joined in. "Well, I suppose you're welcome."

    Robin hung up the phone after that. Kiku looked down at the phone for a few minutes and then decided to add her number to his contacts...just for future reference. Plus, it would be nice to hear that voice again sometime.

    He looked up at Alfred then, who glanced at him with wide eyes. "Was that that Robin girl?" he asked his friend.

    "Yeah," Kiku answered. "How did you know?"

    Alfred shrugged a little. "Recognized the laugh." He still had the same wide-eyed expression.

    "Why do you look so surprised?"

    "Oh, I just...didn't expect her to call you back."

    Kiku didn't know what that meant or implied, but he figured it was best not to ask. He then laid his eyes back on his phone; he remembered what Robin had said about expecting a lot of texts and calls. He opened his phone, and sure enough, there were more than a few unread texts, as well as a missed call from very early in the morning, about four o'clock.

    Kiku read through some of the texts (all from numbers that were unfamiliar to him):

    hey, thanks for the awesome night, kiku! ❤️❤️❤️ u were great, plz text me back soon haha 😘

    KIKU! Damn, wild night last night XD hmu soon! (this is Kyle btw)

    hot shit lmao

    There were a few others, though Kiku wasn't even sure if he wanted to go through them all. Robin hadn't been exaggerating—how many people had he seriously given his number too?

    Soon, Alfred was looking over his shoulder curiously, reading the texts as well. He let out a rough laugh as he did so. "Dude..." He sounded like he was about to say something else, but didn't; instead, he just continued to stare down at Kiku's phone, looking dumbfounded.

    Kiku rubbed the side of his face, sighing slowly. "I can't believe I have to sort this all out..." he said. Just thinking about it made him feel exhausted and a bit nauseous (though that could have easily been from the hangover). "Hey, Al?"

    "Yeah, Keeks?"

    "Never let me get drunk again," he said seriously. "Please."

    Alfred had to laugh at that. "Okay. Promise." He took a closer look at his friend, who now had his hand cupped over his whole face, phone sitting lightly in his palm. "...Want me to get you some Tylenol, dude?"

    "Yes. Please."

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  • rae-does-stuff
    16.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Day 5: Partners in Crime; Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan

    Hey! So again, I'll just jump right into it. No human names and it's Nationverse.

    Here’s Day 5 for @hetaliaplatonicshipsweek


    Hong Kong crouched silently behind the door of the kitchen. He couldn’t get caught.

    “Hong? What are you doing?”

    Hong Kong looked up to see Taiwan staring down at him, “Uhhhh, nothing?” It sounded more like a question than he’d like.

    Taiwan snorted, “You suck at lying. What are you really doing?”

    “Pranking Sensei…”

    Hong Kong had the awesome idea (in his own opinion) of replacing some of China’s tea with crushed coffee powder. It was going to be worth it.

    Taiwan crouched down next to him, “And you didn’t tell me? I’m very disappointed in you!”

    They heard footsteps coming down from the stairs and muttering. Definitely China.

    “Western countries are a$$holes.” China muttered as he made his way to the kitchen. Probably to make some tea like Hong Kong predicted.

    Then they heard (South) Korea running down the stairs.

    But whilst China walked by without a clue, Korea actually spotted Hong Kong and Taiwan behind the door.

    “What are-”

    “Shhh!” Hong Kong and Taiwan said in unison.

    Korea gave a knowing look and crouched down next to them, “Ohhhhh, I know what you’re doing! Pranks were invented in Korea da-ze!”

    Taiwan rolled her eyes but didn’t say anything while Hong Kong was thinking up a prank to play on Korea. One day he’d prank Korea, one day.

    “Aiyaa! Who replaced my tea with coffee?!” China exclaimed.

    Hong Kong stood up and started to run, “And that’s our, like, cue to run!”

    And so the trio dashed out of the house as fast as they could.


    I hope y’all liked it!

    - Rae

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  • aphprussiaskinkysideblog
    16.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Sorry for not writing today for @hetaliaplatonicshipsweek Im much more busy then I thought I will be

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  • gamer-logic
    16.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Hetalia Platonic Ships Day 5 Partners in Crime

    Xiao is currently getting scolded by Yao for hacking the presentation screen at the World Meeting to play "Yao's Greatest Hits" which he recorded with an unseen cameraman to put on his blog. It shows him getting walking through the house and popping his back like an old man at various times of day, playing with his Hello Kitty collection, practicing with his wok as a weapon and accidentally swinging it into a window breaking it, Xiao drawing on his face during his 'old-man nap,' cuddling someone in a large panda suit in public, going on a rant about the proper way to prepare spring rolls and dumplings while furiously explaining the difference between them, etc. The cherry on top is when he directly quotes Mushu while ranting about Alfred's version of Chinese noodles. "ALL RIGHT, THAT'S IT, YOU'VE BROUGHT SHAME TO THESE NOODLES! DISHONOR! DISHONOR ON YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY! DISHONOR ON YOU! DISHONOR ON YOUR WHALE!" Alfred is completely unaffected by this and, being the Disney fan he is, starts laughing his butt off when Yao does this.

    "I can't believe you showed you showed that video to the whole world! You're so irresponsible, blah blah blah" At this point, Xiao just tunes him out and stares into space. About 10 minutes later Yao's still going at it when Honk Kong climbs through the window with Iceland, who was drug into this, holding another camera. Leon sneaks up behind an oblivious Yao and depantses him showing off his 'I heart Hello kitty' boxers to the world. Before he can make it back out of the window, China immediately comes out of his shock and seizes his ear with a chopstick.

    "Ai-yah! So this is your accomplice! I should have known!" Yao also grabs Xiao's ear before he can blink. "You two are in so much trouble!"

    Xiao and Leon are punished by Yao getting his revenge and making them both wear Hellow Kitty costumes around town while he and Emil follow and videotape it to show at the next world meeting. Xiao and Leon hate this but can't help but feel some respect towards the guy he originally thought was a complete stick in the mud and has to admit he has skill after seeing him be so lightning fast with those chopsticks. They still put the video on YouTube because this doesn't stop their chaos as Partners in Crime but it does make them consider recruiting Yao when they're pranking the rest of the counties. Though the pranks on Yao continue because he's their favorite target to get a rise out of and they think he needs to loosen up. Yao does accompany them sometimes when they're targeting South Korea and particularly loves getting back at him for BTSm K-pop, and Gangnam style. Also the many times Im Yon Soo has tackled and/or jump scared him out of nowhere. Seems like the Prank Duo may just become a Trio. Ah who am I kidding, they'll never stop pranking Yao!

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  • gamer-logic
    16.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Hetalia Platonic Ships Week Day 4 Annual Canadian-American Sleepover

    Allen and James had never had the pleasure of experiencing the annual Canadian-American sleepover/prank way before, so the kids all decide to 'initiate them.' Pure chaos ensues.

    They all have the sleepover at Alfred's place since it's the biggest.

    Full-on prank war starts right out of the gate. Allen and James are immediately initiated by everyone with the oldest trick in the book: getting slathered in maple syrup and chicken feathers. Louisiana teams up with Ontario to terrorize Quebec voodoo-based pranks. Of course, Allen runs damage control makes sure to keep track of what they're doing, and cancel any horrible aftereffects. Nevada runs bets on who falls for what prank. The highest is California falling for the kale snack that's actually grass prank. With Tony's help, Alfred pranks Mathew by beaming down beavers on his head and teleporting him into a giant pile of maple leaves filled with syrup. Mathew immediately retaliates by jump scaring him with a creepy eagle mask every time he enters a room then chases him into the barn where he's covered in ketchup and mustard.

    Pennsylvania and New Brunswick team up to switch PEI's hair care products and New Jersey's hair gel. They also replace New Jersey's bottle of soap with Tan in a Can mixed with Cheeto puff powder. Saskatchewan and Nunavut scare New York and make him think Wendigos are after him. New Mexico and Arizona fill every bit of Minnesota's winter gear with desert sand. North Dakota and North Carolina team up against South Dakota and South Carolina in a giant nerf war. Delaware, being Delaware, puts sticky notes on everything. There's can only be one. The Southern States team up to terrorize Florida in revenge for Florida man. They convince Florida she needs to around dressed as all their state football mascots to ward off Florida man who's coming to fight her Alligators.

    Arkansas borrows Lousiana's pet pelican and trains it to dive-bomb Alabama and Mississippi with stink bombs. Texas mixes his five-alarm chili seasoning in with food and gets people to eat it. Alfred easily falls for this when it's put in ice cream. Mathew as well when it's put in poutine. Wisconsin makes various cheese replicas of everyday items and replaces them. He'll go around just eating things like a lamp in front of people to subtly frick with them and make them question reality. Oregon tye dyes everything Washington has. Tennesee has trained various chickens to crow at Kentucky at various hours of the day whenever she walks by. Hawaii and Alaska are currently leading on the scoreboard because, despite their unassuming looks, they're little devils, especially when hyped on sugar.

    Their most successful one to date would be tying one end of Texas' lasso to Ameriwhale and telling him they found it, giving him the other end, and making him go for a swim. British Columbia and Alberta accompany Maryland who loves subtly messing with Mr. Perfectionist Delaware by moving everything he has in his room an inch over to the right and making everything crooked. Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa rig a popcorn matching to shoot popcorn at random intervals. James ducktapes Allen's shades to his head and his bat to the top of the tallest tree in the yard. He also trains Kuma to roar in his face every time he turns a corner and turns on Jersey Shore every time he comes close to a TV to get him stuck using that accent for a whole day. Allen retaliates by hiding his hockey stick in a nearby beaver dam, dies all his flannel pink and puts polka dots on them, puts honey in his scruff and hair which makes Kuma chase him down to lick it off. He also rigs his motorbike to be remote controlled (a trick learned from Massachusettes) and attaches the back of his paints to it, making them fly off.

    Eventually, things start settling down and everyone starts up the movies and eats pizza. The award for the best prank goes to, surprisingly, Wyoming and Newfoundland who actually are aresponsible for over 20+ pranks with Hawaii and Alaska in a close second and Wisconsin in third for sheer creativity. Wyoming enlists Newfoundland to help her set this up, swearing him to secrecy. Many of their pranks include creating an impossible-to-navigate maze and trick people to go in, being continually chased by prairies dogs, gophers, and various farm animals, rigging various wire traps around the house and whenever someone activates one they immediately get pied in the face, and somehow rigging every toilet in the house to flush and sing Another One Bites the Dust on command. No one knows where they got them or how they managed to do this in such a short time. They were also never caught until the scores are tallied and they revealed themselves after no one could figure out who did most of the pranks. It's always the shy ones.

    About five minutes into the movie, New Jersey hits New York with a pillow starting another all-out brawl. Texas immediately goes big with a bean bag chair because it's on like Donkey Kong and his motto is 'go big or go home!' Even Delaware, usually a tightwad, gets crazy and helps West Virginia target, Virginia. All of the New England states hunker down in a pillow fort under heavy fire with the Southern states who also vote unanimously to sacrifice Florida. Oklahoma and the rest of Tornado Alley team up and become a giant collective twister of unstoppable force. The battle of the 48th parallel states and provinces i.e. BC, Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario vs. Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, and Washington rages on with South Dakota betraying them for the chance to hit North Dakota and Ontario also going rouge after being booted out. Eventually, though, they reveal their double agent status which decimates both sides. Mathew and James immediately go into hockey mode while Allen goes into baseball mode and Alfred into football mode.

    The party shows no signs of slowing as the chaos continues late into the night. Everyone wakes up the next morning to find feathers everywhere, Texas' entire cowboy hat collection on the roof, PEI, Ontario, New Jersey, California, and Quebec are all duct tapped to the ceiling, Kansas is wearing a Dorothy costume while Maryland wakes up surrounded by hermit crabs. Georgia is covered in peaches and Florida is seemingly missing until they find her safe and sound in the pool snoozing on a giant Alligator float still in the Bulldog costume with every other state mascot suit next to her. Manitoba, Utah, Kentucky, and Nebraska all wake up in the barn with the chickens crowing. Texas is sleeping on top of his bull ride with his state flag dropped over him. Alfred wakes up in the bathtub in a Captain America costume and Mathew Wakes up in the shower with a Captain Canada costume on. Allen and James come out of things relatively unscathed with Allen crashed on the couch with his motorbike covered in glitter courtesy of Hawaii and Alaska in the living room and James with Kuma in the garage with Wisconsin's cow and goats. Basically, everything is pure chaos and no one knows what has been replaced by cheese and what hasn't. Needless to say, Allen and James' first annual family prank war/sleepver was a success. See y'all next year!

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  • emma-likes-to-write
    16.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    {Hetalia Platonic Ships Week 2021} Day 5: Partners in Crime - Latvia & Moldova

    A/N: Submission #5 for @hetaliaplatonicshipsweek!

    Sooo I was originally gonna do Sealand and Latvia for this one (or just a submission with these two in general), but then I thought this scenario would be funnier for a reason I'll talk about in the next paragraph sooo yeah. Plus, I like to think that Latvia and Moldova probably grew pretty close to each other during the Soviet Union days, seeing as they were the two "little ones" I suppose. (Although, in general, I do feel like Latvia would've hung around Estonia and Lithuania more, seeing how his age and maturity level are much closer to theirs than to Moldova's. But anyway.) I don't know...I just wanna see more content with these two cuties just being friends with each other ok??

    For this one, two of my hcs are joining forces to create one (hopefully) pretty humorous little fic. These hcs are: one, Latvia is a pretty big prankster; and two, Moldova is a goody-two-shoes and is lowkey a tattletale (though not in a malicious way at all; he's just trying to be good). I do honestly really like the end result of this one, though I think I got a little carried away with this story and may have made some of the characters a little ooc in the process, sorry 'bout that lol.

    Ok, enough with this long ass author's note and onto the fic-

    »»————- ➴ ————-««

    Latvia raced to the back of a chair, crouching down low and hiding behind it while also trying to hide his intense giggles. He watched as Ukraine went up to the pot in which she'd been cooking some soup—the same soup where Latvia had dumped a spoonful of spicy sauce in beforehand.

    The woman did just as the Latvian had wanted her to—she picked up a spoon and dipped it into the pot to do a small taste test. The curly-haired boy bit his lip as he watched. Soon enough, she set the spoon down hurriedly, let out a noise that was halfway between a yelp and a surprised whistle, and shortly after began to cough lightly.

    Latvia had to place his face between his knees to silence his laughter, his small body beginning to shake. Any sort of enjoyment he could get in this hell house, he would one hundred percent strive to get—and pulling small pranks like this on all the residents inside of it was just what he needed to accomplish that.

    Soon, Latvia heard tiny footsteps and then a voice: "What's wrong, Sestra?" Moldova.

    Ukraine let out another whistle and answered, "I don't know, the soup was really spicy for some reason." Latvia almost let out another snort at this, but caught himself just in time.

    The teen heard a few more words of soft chatter and then footsteps coming up close behind him. Then, a pause. Latvia could already tell it was Moldova and got a bit nervous. The little boy tended to be, for lack of a better word, a bit of a tattletale—he was afraid the child would somehow find out what he'd done and go rat on him.

    Sure enough, Latvia heard Moldova pull the table curtain back and crouch down to Latvia's level. "What are you doing down here?" he immediately asked curiously, sitting down on his knees as well.

    Latvia turned to him and put a finger over his lips, trying to tell him to quiet down a little. "I'm hiding."

    "Why are you hiding?"

    Latvia bit his lip. "I...did something."

    "Did what?"

    He internally grumbled. The kid wouldn't let up now, would he? Latvia thought it might be a little okay to tell Moldova—he was, admittedly, kind of eager to show off what he'd done, to somebody. Even if it wasn't that big of a prank (especially compared to some of the other masterpieces he'd done in the past), he still thought it was funny. Plus, he could probably easily stop Moldova from tattling—all he figured he'd have to do was give him candy or something. "Okay—I put some spicy sauce in the soup Ukraine was cooking. As a prank." He bit his lip to keep from letting out a big laugh.

    Moldova was much less amused—in fact, he looked more confused than anything. "Why?" he asked, brows furrowed.

    Latvia didn't really know what to say; he just shrugged. "...Because it's funny."

    "But that's bad," the boy pointed out, his tone turning a bit stern.

    The teen sighed. "Yeah, I know...but it's funny."

    Moldova gave Latvia one more quizzical look before slowly standing back up. "Ses—"

    Latvia caught him, pulling him back down and covering his hand over his mouth. "Moldova!" he whisper-scolded through gritted teeth. "No."

    Moldova looked over at Latvia, eyes wide. Finally, the teen released his hand from his mouth. "Latvia," he asked, "why did you do that? I only wanted to tell Sestra."

    "No!" he responded. "It's a prank—you can't just tell her."

    Moldova cocked his head to the side. "A prank?"

    "Yeah—it's supposed to be funny."

    "Funny?" the little boy asked. "I like funny things. Pranks aren't supposed to be bad though, are they?"

    Latvia looked up. "Well, kind of. I'm technically not allowed to pull them—but I do anyway." Despite himself, he giggled a little at this.

    Moldova blinked. "Why?"

    Latvia placed his palm up to his cheek—this kid really asked a lot of questions, didn't he? "Because it's funny."

    "Well, I wanna have fun too." Moldova sat for a few moments, looking down, as if thinking. Then, he pursed his lips and motioned for Latvia to come closer, to which the teen did. "...I kind of wanna try a prank, just a little one," he whispered into his ear. "Not one that's too bad, though."

    Latvia contemplated this a bit. It would be fun to have a small partner-in-crime to his mischief—especially one as young as Moldova, whom he could hopefully mold and shape to be his sort of sidekick. He grew a little smirk. "Okay."

    Moldova gasped in delight and clapped his hands. "Yay! What should we do first, Latvia?"

    Latvia rubbed his chin, before getting a good idea. "I've got it." He grabbed the Moldovan's small sticky hand. "C'mon, let's go."

    »»————- ➴ ————-««

    "Okay, so you have to be very quiet before he comes—got it?"

    "Mhm!" Moldova replied obediently, grinning from ear to ear at the older boy.

    The two had placed one of Moldova's stuffed bears—the one that said I love you! when the stomach was pressed—on a seat at the dining room table, where Estonia was about to sit, as he was in the kitchen getting a cup of coffee and a newspaper. The hope was that he would be surprised by it and jump out of his seat. Nothing very exciting, Latvia knew that—it was mainly because Moldova had been very picky about what kind of pranks he wanted to pull, as most of the ones Latvia suggested were deemed 'too bad.'

    The two boys watched from behind the door in the small office across from the dining room in anticipation. Soon enough, Estonia walked in and was about to sit in the chair he always sat in, the one containing the bear. He flopped his newspaper and prepared to sit down. Once his butt hit the bear, it activated that sickeningly-sweet high-pitched voice: I love you!

    Startled, Estonia immediately sprang from his seat, gasping; he spilled his coffee all over the floor and his newspaper tumbled to the ground.

    Latvia and Moldova began to cackle at this hilarious sight (still trying to keep their voices down, which was difficult); Latvia held out his hand for a high-five, which Moldova gladly accepted.

    Estonia must've heard this, as amidst wallowing in the mess he'd just made, he crept over toward the door of the office, poking his head into it and seeing the two boys. He cocked an eyebrow. "...What are you two doing in here?"

    Latvia was about to make up some petty excuse before Moldova spoke first: "Haha! Haha!" he exclaimed, still giggling. "You got pranked!"

    Estonia was still a little confused until he realized: they must've set that bear down purposefully on the chair (he already figured Moldova had done it, though he'd thought the little boy had just accidentally left it there after playing with it). He then put his hands on his hips and grew a bit of an angry look on his face—they'd made him spill coffee on the floor and ruined his newspaper, for crying out loud! "Well," the Estonian began, "hate to say this, but you two are gonna be the ones to clean up the coffee."

    Latvia had been laughing right along with Moldova, though when he heard Estonia say that he immediately grew a cross look as well. "Aw, no fair!" he argued. "You're the one who spilled the coffee! You clean it up!"

    To his surprise, little Moldova backed him up. "Yeah, you clean it up, Estonia!"

    Latvia looked down at the small boy and he couldn't help but crack a smile despite himself, thinking it was quite cute how he was mimicking him.

    Estonia gave the two an annoyed glare. Latvia backtalking him wasn't really that out of the ordinary, but Moldova? The kid who literally asked every morning if he could take out the trash? Okay, now that was ridiculous. He groaned and, now out of options, he turned around and shouted, "Ukraine!" If there was anyone who would back him up and make the two clean up the mess, it was her.

    Latvia clicked his tongue and immediately jumped up to run after Estonia, already complaining. Moldova hurried up and followed him, parroting him again.

    Soon enough, the trio had all stormed over to Ukraine, who was sitting in the living room reading a book. She set the book down and got up as she began to hear their complaints, throwing her hands up in the air. "Goodness, what is going on here?" she asked.

    Estonia shifted his glasses and began to speak, now gaining his composure and standing up straight (Fake, Latvia thought to himself as he saw this): "Latvia and Moldova tried to pull a prank on me," he began. "They sat one of Moldova's bears down on the chair—you know, the one that Russia bought for him that says I love you when you press on its stomach?—yeah, they sat that one down in the chair and I sat in it; it scared me and I jumped and ended up spilling coffee everywhere." He cleared his throat and concluded, "So they made me spill the coffee, therefore they should clean it up. But they won't."

    "Oh, please. We didn't make you spill the coffee," Latvia protested loudly. "That's ridiculous."

    Estonia began to argue back with Latvia, before Ukraine stomped her foot lightly and demanded, "Quiet!"

    The two teenagers obeyed. Ukraine stood with her hands on her hips then, her face angry as she turned to Estonia. "Latvia and Moldova pulled a prank on you and made you spill a cup of coffee," she repeated crossly. "Yeah, I really believe they did that."

    "But the—" Estonia began to say before Ukraine interrupted again.

    "They act like they didn't do it," she said. "Especially Moldova. Look at him! How could you blame a little kid for such a thing?"

    The group turned their eyes toward the said boy, who had his arms folded, eyes widened, and lips pouted, looking as innocent as ever (even though he'd been a more-than-willing accomplice, of course).

    "But!—" Estonia said, before sighing, deciding it was pointless. Then, Ukraine went to the laundry room, picked up a mop and a bucket, walked back, and handed it toward Estonia. The bespectacled blond sighed again, taking it and going into the dining room to clean his mess. All the while Latvia was standing behind them, his hands tightly clamped over his mouth to avoid rolling on the floor in laughter. Moldova stayed just as he was, analyzing this interaction curiously and carefully.

    Ukraine stood in the doorway between the living room and the dining room, watching Estonia. In the living room, Moldova watched Latvia closely. "Are you about to laugh?" he asked, tilting his head a little to the side as he looked up at the teen.

    Latvia took his hands away for a brief moment, biting his lip, before nodding vigorously.

    Moldova paused for a few moments, still staring at Latvia, before asking, "Is it as funny as when you put that spicy sauce in Sestra's soup?"

    Moldova had said that loudly, loudly enough for Ukraine herself to hear; the woman turned around slowly, giving Latvia the same look she'd just given Estonia a few minutes prior.

    Latvia stared ahead in absolute shock, feelings of dread mixed with anger simmering through him. Oh. My. God. Moldova truly hadn't learned anything, had he?

    »»————- ➴ ————-««

    Soon enough, Latvia was in the dining room alongside Estonia, helping him clean the mess on the floor—it had gotten practically everywhere, apparently (how much coffee did Estonia seriously drink?) and it was very sticky. So, in short, it was not too fun to clean up. There was also the newspaper to worry about, which had its papers scattered all across the floor too.

    And where was Moldova at that moment? Sitting at the dining room table, munching on a batch of cookies Ukraine had baked for him and drinking cold milk. A long milk mustache got caught on his top lip more than once, with every time Ukraine quickly dashing over to clean it up with a napkin.

    Fun for him, Latvia thought sarcastically as he swept his mop through another stain. Whatever happened to partners in crime? He guessed telling the truth and mint chocolate cookies tasted more appetizing.

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  • infusions-and-truths
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    Day 5 - Partners In Crime

    @hetaliaplatonicshipsweek Word Count: 1018 AO3 Link: Here Author's Notes/AU Discussion

    Just two cousins trying to get used to each other through heartbreak and not all "strong" people are strong. Heartbreak sucks y'all.

    When Feliciano entered the dorm, the first thing he noticed was the mess of clothes and ripped-out plush toys that made quite a hill of white stuffing near the middle of the hall. The art student shakes his head, slipping off his shoes and stepping on the warm indoor wood with just his socks. Seriously, this is the reason why Feliciano was so hesitant about leaving the dorm earlier for classes.

    "Luci? You here?" He shouts, picking up the picture frames scattered about. "Come on! I don't want to call someone to help me find you. Give me like- a grunt or something?"

    His cousin, his closest cousin really, was going through something. A break-up with his boyfriend- well, now ex-boyfriend for many years and Feliciano really didn't think that the short-tempered cousin of his would go to him for comfort. No one really expected it.

    But Feliciano grew up with him. And he knows what it felt to have their heartbroken by someone they really really liked. His mind flashed back to his first love, his mi amore. A small blonde kid with the brightest blue eyes that he has ever seen.

    Something that he can't just easily forget despite it being years since the day that he lost him.

    "Luuuciiiii!" He whines, looking in the kitchen and seeing no cousin but a large stack of dishes and wine bottles on the counter. Oh! He got into his special cabinet for wine. "Luccii! You drank my wine!" He pouts, making a list to clean the room later.

    He may be a messy person but he's not a slob thank you. Feliciano has an organized mess and this mess isn't even like any of his mess.

    The brunette stumbles deeper into the dorm, trying to search for his cousin before noticing that his bedroom door was open. Pursing his lips- did Luci really... No no. Luci will really.

    With careful movements, he takes a step closer to the door, peeking through the cracks to see what's inside. In this case, who's inside and he shakes his head in relief when he sees his cousin's much darker hair on top of his bed, barely even visible from how much he had bundled himself with Feliciano's blankets and pillows.

    "Luci!" He coughs into his hand, opening the door and waddling towards the bed. When he reached it, he seated his butt on the mattress, patting his cousin on the back. "Are you okay?"

    His cousin was very still. Too still really for Feliciano's liking. He continues on patting his cousin's back, humming a song before he hears something.

    A sniffle. A soft sniffle that made Feliciano coo, kicking off the blankets that fell on the bed, he joined his cousin, trying his best to comfort him the best way he could. Still humming a song, he wiggles to get himself comfortable before ending being able to wrap his arms around his cousin, despite the other being taller than him by a few inches.

    "Does... Does he hate me?" His cousin murmured, voice muffled by the pillow that he used to catch his tears. "Was I too much?"

    Feliciano's lips pressed together, creating a thin grim line. "I don't think you were being too much." His cousin was clingy, needy really but who isn't in their family?

    "Then-" his cousin couldn't even finish his question before he burst into tears. Silent sobs wracking his body that his shoulders shook with every gasp of breath he tried to take. "Then why did he leave me- was I lacking? Is it because I don't know how to cook yet?"

    He could only tighten his arm around his cousin, silently comforting him. Honestly, when his cousin appeared one day in front of his dorm, soaking wet and eyes rimmed red, he knew something was wrong.

    His feeling suddenly worsened when he managed to rushed his cousin to the bathroom and put towels on top of him. He doesn't want his landlord to say something about the wet floors. It's bad enough that the old man hated Feliciano for accidentally putting paint on the walls, no need for another repeat of the screaming accident. When he thought that his cousin was taking too long, he knocked on the door and when there was no reply, he panicked and opened the door.

    There on the floor was his cousin brawling his eyes, fat tears falling down on his face and gasping too fast for Feliciano's liking.

    Then it leads to this situation where he's now housing his cousin without anyone knowing it. Even if it's against the school rules to do so.

    "It's his loss!" Feliciano countered back. "Like who wouldn't want you! You're Luciano! The scariest and most powerful business student on the whole campus!"

    His cousin was extremely scary that no one wanted to anger him. But Feliciano thinks that's just part of his charm. The same way his older brother is the angry but caring type and he's the ditzy type!

    "Come on dear cousin!" He pulls on the blanket so that his cousin would let go of the death grip he has on it to share. "Let's watch a movie and eat some ice cream! No need to wallow on my bed about something horrible when we can laugh and mock those chefs on the tv!"

    He sits up, tugging on the blanket with all his strength before finally- finally his cousin lets go of it. Holding up his trophy in victory, Feliciano hops off the bed, waiting for his cousin to actually move and do something.

    Slowly, like his whole body was weighted by something heavy, Luciano sits up. Red eyes pining Feliciano to his tracks, continuing to rock on his heels. "Let's goooo!" He whines and with that his cousin slowly stands up, stretching and body joints popping.

    "... Which cooking show?"

    "The one ran by that British dude that Arthur swears he doesn't know."

    "Oh... Can we have wine with the ice cream?"


    It might take a while but Feliciano knows that his cousin will be okay. Someday.

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  • rae-does-stuff
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    Day 4: Sleepover; The Magic Trio

    Sup y’all! Here’s Day 4 for @hetaliaplatonicshipsweek I don’t have the energy to do the thing with the prompt and the characters but just know that I’m using human names and the dorks are kids in this AU.

    I’ll list the human names here:

    England: Arthur Kirkland

    Norway: Lukas Thomassen

    Romania: Vladimir Popescu


    “And the shadow crept, closer and closer until,”

    Lukas interrupted, “I’m guessing that the shadow will either kill them or kidnap them.”

    Vladimir whined as he turned off his flashlight, “Lukas, why would you spoil the ending?!”

    Arthur said, “To be fair, I already knew the ending.”

    Vladimir gasped in fake betrayal, “How could you not tell me?!”

    Lukas grabbed some popcorn from the bowl, “Well he did tell you just now.”

    Vladimir Popescu, Lukas Thomassen and Arthur Kirkland were very good friends. They rarely hung out with anyone else, which arguably could be a bad thing but who cares? The parental units and a few concerned adults but other than them, who cares?

    Vlad shot him a look, “Gee, I didn’t notice.”

    Arthur intervened, “Shouldn’t we be starting the movie?”

    Vlad’s eyes sparkled, “I thought you’d never ask.”


    Vlad felt tears well up in his eyes.

    Arthur took a piece of popcorn from the bowl, emerald eyes trained on the tv screen.

    Lukas stared at the screen, and although you couldn’t see it on his face, he was tearing up on the inside.

    The ending was too emotional.

    Vlad shut the tv off when the movie ended, “We should probably go to bed.”

    The other boys agreed and started to get comfortable so they could sleep.

    It was a good night.


    I hope y’all liked it!

    - Rae

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  • aphprussiaskinkysideblog
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    Yellow roses @hetaliaplatonicshipsweek

    Note: its an platonic Liechtenstein x Belgium, sorry for it being short, but im sleepy af

    Lilly was spending time in her garden. She loved it here so much. She had much flowers which she took care of everyday. The girl enjoyed reading about flowers meanings and often gave them to her friends to show an affection.

    While she was watering her plants, Belle, who was Lilly's best friend came to her wicket.

    "Basch!" She screamed "Are you here? I want to give you back the books you borrowed for me some time ago."

    "Oh hi Belle" Lilly said much more gently then Belle. "My brother isnt home, he has to stay at work overtime. But you can give it to me."

    The constrats between these two girls was so big and noticeable. Belle was strong, confident and really social person, while Lilly was a bit of an outsider and prefered to stay quiet. But these wasnt a problem for them, they could be good friend without being the same.

    "He's such a workacholic and should definitely give himself more breaks." She smiled "But i wanted to meet you too"

    "Im so happy to see you" Lilly said going closer to her friend "We havent really seen each other for a long time. You can come in if you want."

    "I wanted to do it!" Belle said "I have much free time recently, i can stay here for a long time, really."

    "If you want we can have sleepover tonight" lilly said giving Belle a yellow rose "Yellow roses are simbol of great friendship, i should give you all of them."

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    Hetalia Platonic Ships Week Day 3: Into the World of Pokemon

    After moving in with their 1ps, the 2ps have had no shortage of weird moments they've experienced. One such crazy and weird adventure would be the time the Japans got them all sucked into their newest pokemon game thanks to a new virtual reality invention. Let's see how this goes!

    Dropped into various areas around the pokemon universe everyone freaks out and Luciano's particularly enrages screams can be heard everywhere. Starting in the beginner's area, everyone is separated and given their own starter Pokemon. Alfred immediately starts fanboying and runs up to every Pokemon he sees with his starter Rufflet following right behind while Allen gets his bat out as he has no idea what's happening as he's never gotten into video games and mostly tries keeping him out of trouble while eyeing everything with suspicion. Once he catches up and Alfred somewhat comes down from his fanboy high, Alfred immediately gives a fast explanation and tells Allen everything about Pokemon. Allen gets the gist of it and is really interested in Pokemon as they start exploring with his own Houndour walking beside him and his bat swung on his shoulder. France starts freaking out about his hair when a Caterpie string shots it while his Roselia fusses over it. Roselia seems to share the same personality as France. Luiz can't help but scoff and puts his cigarette out, being in a forest and all, and starts to pick a path with his Espurr and leave the two freaking out peas in a pod behind to catch up once they notice he's gone.

    Arthur and Oliver get dropped somewhere nearby. Arthur is immediately taken by his Galarian Ponyta introducing her to Flying Mint Bunny. Interestingly, the pokemon can actually see Arthur's magical friends. Oliver immediately starts gushing about his Slwirlix and how helpful he is with baking. They are the only ones who can completely understand and talk to their pokemon thanks to FMB translating. They end up running into the France's and Arthur and Francis immediately start going at it. Thanks to Japan giving their starters similar personalities, Roselia and Ponyta also start bickering. Meanwhile, Oliver is gushing over how adorable Luiz's Espurr is and showing him Swirlix. Luiz, who quickly grows a soft spot for Espurr, humors Oliver.

    Mathew and James end up near a stream where a Bidoof and Bibarel dam is. Thanks to countries having a natural connection to their national animal, this also extends to pokemon and they quickly befriend them, becoming the Beaver kings. Mathew has a Cubchoo while James has a gruff Teddiursa. James is immediately reminded of Kuma and how Kumajiro was as a cub and becomes extremely protective. The Bidoof and Bibarel help them find their friends. Gilbert and Klaus start out in a cave somewhere and thanks to millions of Zubat, get immediately get ejected. They come out to see a hilltop view a la BOTW. GIlbert has a Sneasel with the same mischievous streek GIlbert has while Klaus, being the trained knight he is, has a Honedge. Gilbert tries leading them but he and Sneasal immediately fall into a nearby stream because he wasn't looking. Elsewhere, Ludwig gets that strange feeling Gilbert is somewhere doing something stupid while he's petting his Riolu, and Lutz's Poochyena is napping on his stomach. The aforementioned Lutz is taking a nap on the ground. Feliciano has an Eevee and Luciano has a Zorua. Feli immediately tries to say high to every Pokemon in the vicinity and almost gets stunned by grass types, blown away by flying types, etc. Luciano wonders how he'd ever survived out here on his own without him. Flavio starts out with a Popplio and takes it in stride! He helps the, at first timid, Popplio regain his confidence by reminding him it's not the outside that matters and that he has an inner beauty that shines through. Lovino ends up with a grumpy little tsundere Pikachu and tries to find their way to the others while Flavio and Popplio are preoccupied with an impromptu photo shoot. It doesn't take long for them to reunite with Feliciano and Luciano and Feli immediately gets excited to show them his and Luciano's pokemon and meet theirs. Eevee's hyper personality exhausts Pikachu.

    Ivan ends up with a Sunflora and immediately names him Sunflower. Viktor thinks it's a stupid name but d doesn't say anything because he knows Ivan loves them so much. Viktor ends up with a serious Bagon who he helps train to evolve. Yao practices martial arts with his Meinfoo while also keeping Xiao and his Aipom out of trouble. Finally, the Kiku has a Treecko for himself and Kuro has a Pawniard.

    Eventually, they all manage to meet up with everyone talking excitedly or angrily about the pans sucking them into the game. Luciano especially exclaims they'll pay while Feliciano and Alfred are thanking Japan for doing something so cool. All of the countries start bonding with their partners and the Japans pass out Pokeballs and Ppkedexes for the fun has just begun. Kiku and Kuro regret nothing!

    Meanwhile, in the real world: The other countries eventually notice there all missing and they come to the meeting to find them in the game. Because this is a golden entertainment moment, they immediately start passing out popcorn and watching them. Hungary almost chokes laughing when Prussia falls in the stream. Belarus has been locked in the closet after trying to destroy the game or in her words the 'device trapping her big brother.' Denmark gets jealous that he can't join the rest of the Awesome Trio. Spain feels kind of bad getting left out but likes that Lovino's Tauros. The states and provinces also sneak in and try to reverse engineer the device used to get into the game. They want a pokemon adventure too after all!

    BONUS Everyone's final teams:

    Alfred: Braviary, Muchlax, Elgyeam, Wailord, Charizard, Vanilluxe

    Allen: Houndoom, Manidbuzz, Garchomp, Scrafty, Sigilyph, Krookodile

    Matthew: Cubchoo, Bibarel, Sawsbuck, Decidueye, Togekiss, Swanna

    James: Beartic, Ursurang, Pidgeot, Kangaskan, Stantler, Alolan Sandslash

    Arthur: Galarian Rapidash, Mismagius, Corvinight, Gallade, Inteleon, Toxtricity Low Key

    Oliver: Slurpuff, Hatterene, Male Pyroar, Wigglytuff, Alcremie, Polteageist

    Francis: Roserade, Furfrou, Florges, Gardevoir, Vivillon, Tsareena

    Luiz: Meowstic, Aromatisse, Thievul, Vileplume, Malamar, Granbull

    Yao: Meinshao, Pancham, Spinda, Ribombee, Drampa, Relicanth

    Xiao: Aipom, Pangoro, Infernape, Dragalge, Sabelye, Yanmega

    Ivan: Sunflora, Abomasnow, Bewear, Mamoswine, Aurorus, Dubwool

    Viktor: Salamence, Hydreigon, Avalugg, Frosslass, Shuppet, Dusknoir

    Ludwig: Lucario, Manectric, Arcanine, Stoutland, Rhypherior, Lycanroc Day

    Lutz: MIghtiyena, Aggron, Tyranitar, Rampardos, Slaking, Steelix

    Gilbert: Weavile, Gengar, Fearow, Lycanroc Dusk, Gliscor, Male Salandit

    Klaus: Aegislash, Mimikyu, Golurk, Comfey, Absol, Audino

    Flavio: Primarina, Milotic, Beautifully, Glameow, Delcatty, Cincinno

    Luciano: Zoroark, Honchcrow, Liepard, Noivern, Alolan Persian, Wobuffet (He just appeared at some point and Luciano couldn't get him to leave).

    Feliciano: Eevee, Plusle, Smeargle, Boltund, Latias, Goodra

    Lovino: Pikachu, Minun, Incineroar, Golisopod, Latios, Tauros

    Kiku: Porygon, Metagross, Octillery, Lurantis, Greninja, Alakazam

    Kuro: Bisharp, Ninetales, Accelgor, Kommo-o, Rotom, Samurott

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