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  • xipe-keys
    01.08.2021 - 2 days ago

    Does it gross anyone else out when (usually) older heterosexual men refer to attractive women as "smoking hot"? It sets off my gag reflex. 🤢

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  • void-tiger
    29.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    If anyone starts quoting modern!functionalism at me, I’m running tf away from them screaming. ‘Cause the only other alternative is to punch ‘em directly in the throat.

    #tiger’s roar #let’s be icarus #what’s (modern) functionalism? OHH…just Right Wing Bullshit #about ‘a woman’s place’ and rabidly frothing at the mouth in heteronormativity for ‘what counts as a REAL family!’ etc #like every super gross ideology ya hear from a right winger’s mouth? #yeah they’re quoting THESE guys
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  • spacelizardswhopassedthreshold
    20.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Soren from The Outcast was accused of being a woman only because she was attracted to a man.

    So much for queer representation.

    #fucking rick berman #lgbtq+ trek#lgbtq+#queer#nonbinary#heteronormative bullshit#tng #the next generation #star trek #star trek the next generation #riker#william riker #tng the outcast #the outcast
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  • spacelizardswhopassedthreshold
    20.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Considering that "The outcast" was supposed to be the episode that dealt with gay stuff, there sure is a whole lot of heteronormativity-- and sexism-- and gender norms-- also it's a lot about praising the gender binary... which is kind of dumb.

    But i do love that Riker fell for a woman while believing that she was non binary.

    Riker is a cool dude.

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  • becomingicarus
    18.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    lmao i HATE ads bc they’re all like

    TEN MANLY TRICKZXSS to help make your 🍆 gROWW!!! ~!!~🥴


    10 ~subtle, stunning~ tips to make your Diamond 💍 bigger !!1!1 🤩💎💎

    bye,,, when will gender roles, heteronormativity, body shaming, & classism end i’m tired !!!

    #rant #i just saw two ads like that in a row i’m #hhhh#heteronormativity#heteronormative bullshit#gender roles#classism#hhhhhhrng #i hate society !! but i love humanity !!! fuck
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  • tenthousandcats
    12.07.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    my boss ships me with another coworker 😩 when will her crimes against me end 😩😩😩

    #blabbering #and HELLO coworker and i never even talk to each other in the gcs we share with our boss bc we have no reason to..????? #like we literally never interact w each other in front of our boss #and boss's whole basis for her stupid stupid ship is that we did a presentation together ONE TIME #and she liked the way our speaking voices sounded together??????? #imagine being so deep in heteronormative bullshit that you'll ship 2 ppl just bc they had their mics on at the same time during a zoom call! #and imagine telling two living breathing people that work UNDER YOU that you ship them! in front of the whole team! epic cringe!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • stuckinakillingjar
    09.07.2021 - 3 weeks ago


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  • witchwork-at-home
    04.07.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    The idea of ‘manofestation/magic can fix any physical or mental disability/illness’ is inherently ableist to me.

    Because the other side of the ‘I can fix any physical issue with manifestation’ is that those who have physical issues just haven’t manifested right.

    People with cancer don’t have cancer because their magic isn’t ‘strong enough’ to fix it. Suicidal people aren’t suicidal because they aren’t praying correctly.

    Someone with an amputated limb will never be able to ‘manifest’ their arm back to the flesh and blood it was before a farm accident.

    It’s just blaming people for the difficulties they face but with a crystal aesthetic. It’s the same scam christian faith healers have been selling to people for generations but with a ‘praise the goddess’ instead of ‘be healed by the love of christ’.

    #you have to confront the bias in yourself and your beliefs #it’s like all of the ‘divine feminine’ bullshit on instagram that’s just new age heteronormative sexism #witchcraft#spirituality #same old shit sandwitch with new flowery packaging
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  • speutschlish
    04.07.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Watch "Heterofatalism: WHY the straights aren't okay." on YouTube

    I've started watching this YouTuber and I love her work!

    In discussing this video with my spouse, he said that it does a good job of pointing out how in heterosexual culture, men are granted choice with no responsibility attached, while women are given responsibility with no choice. It's an astute observation.

    (Btw, I started watching Tara Mooknee because of her video criticizing the fake empathy of Jubilee videos - I can't stand their "let's find middle ground between people that think another group of people are subhuman and people who just want to exist with human rights!!!" - there is no middle ground there. You either think everyone has the right to exist as they are with full human rights as long as they're not hurting anyone else or you don't)

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  • kingnorth
    04.07.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I'm fed up with the fact that this heteronormative-ass fandom thinks Peter is a girl. I'm all for feminization and crossdressing, but I can count on one hand the amount of fics I've read where he wasn't cast as "the woman" in the relationship.

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  • ashayam-blog
    01.07.2021 - 1 mont ago

    okay, this is gonna be a long, elaborate rant with a lot of foul language and a lot of spoilers! (I just need to get it out of my system)

    Okay, so I just watched episode 4 of the Loki series and WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?! I had such high hopes in this show. This character. Those relationships… 

    So, let me break down the heteronormativity for you.

    Number one of things that made me highly uncomfortable- no, wait, let me rephrase that - things that made me wanna fucking throw myself out of my fucking window, was Sylvie touching Loki’s arm. And from there, it just got worse. 

    Listen, I’m not saying you can’t ship them. But I’m saying I’m completely utterly uncomfortable with the idea. They gave me the best sibling vibes and now it feels like incest. And yet, I agree, the writers and actors gave them sexual/romantic tension and I can totally see the whole narcissism topic playing into this. HOWEVER, narcissism isn’t a healthy form of love, therefore this feels like it IF THIS WHOLE THING HAPPENS IN THE FIRST PLACE it should be a toxic relationship. BUT it’s romanticised and made into “true love”.  FOR THE RECORD, falling in love with some female version of yourself that clearly isn’t yourself but in a strange way kinda is but not really - that’s not some sort of healthy self love either!  Now, even if they didn’t have this whole very weird sibling/I-am-you-but-also-not-exactly dynamic going on, it would still weird me out!!! You know why? Because they have known each other FOR LIKE MAYBE 12 HOURS MAX!!! And they started out wanting to kill each other. That’s simply just not enough time to develop deep romantic feelings!!! (And I know you’re gonna say that they know each other because they are each other, but please think about that - it’s fucking weird. I mean would I fuck myself if I had the chance? Yeah, I guess if I’m really horny. But I wouldn’t fall in love with some weird version of myself! And defo not in such a short time wtf!) Now, I have nothing against a good enemies to lovers arc, but it needs to be done right and with a lot of pining and this SO wasn’t it.  Furthermore, what pisses me off, is that even though the whole romantic arc was set up so fucking horribly, it was A BIG THING PLOT-WISE!!  And you know why that pisses me off so much? Because if it was a gay couple that would never happen. A gay couple can be a thing on TV but Lord protect us of a gay relationship contributing to the actual plot!!  The isn’t all. To stay on topic - if this was a “gay relationship”, so if Sylvie was a guy, this wouldn’t have happened in the first place! You know why? Two reasons: 1. People are homophobic. 2. It would be weird, because it is fucking weird and the only reason why it works out at all to force them into a romantic dynamic, is because Sylvie is a girl and because we have gone so used to heteronormativity.  There. We’ve gone full circle.

    At least they didn’t make me watch them kiss. 

    Now, moving on to number two of things that made me wanna fucking throw myself out of my fucking window: Mobius’ and Renslayer’s relationship. 

    We know they go way back. And they immediately gave me vibes of “We dated but we both agreed that it wasn’t working out so now we’re besties.” And honestly? I loved that! 10/10! No complaints.  But in this episode??? It felt like the writers were actively trying to force ANOTHER straight relationship on me. No, I don’t have a problem with straight relationships when they’re done right, but that’s not the case, and I just KNEW that this would happen!!! After having watched ep 3 I called it. I said:  I’m scared that if they’re too pussy to make Lokius a thing they’re gonna force Loki and Sylvie into a romantic dynamic and try to revive whatever Mobius and Renslayer had going on. I KNEW IT!!! BECAUSE THAT’S HOW HETERONORMATIVITY WORKS!!! AND IT HAS CAUSED ME INTERNALISED HOMOPHOBIA FOR YEARS AND EVER SINCE THAT I CAN SEE IT!!! Because I have to. I have to see it everywhere. It’s saddening!  My point being, they forced two straight couples in one episode instead of focusing on establishing and exploring interesting, platonic relationships that would actually not be cringy and uncomfortable to watch. Because heteronormativity, my dudes. 

    Ok, third thing that made me wanna fucking throw my weeping ass out of my window on the first floor: Mobius’ “death” 

    Listen. I thought we’d get a nice thing. Just one, bright, nice thing in this whole episode. Just one warm feeling.  When Loki and Mobius stepped out of that portal together after Mobius having seen the truth - when they were side by side again - it was pure relief for my heart. And then, seconds later, they had to go and crush it! Of course they had to!!!  now, i can see that this is just a cruel, dramatic device to hurt the audience. And it’s done well, because fuck, it hurt. It still hurts, in fact.  so I can see I shouldn’t be a baby about it BUT FUCK OFF THAT WAS MY EMOTIONAL SUPPORT CHARACTER OKAY FUCK. OFF. THIS MAN DESERVES A FUCKING JET SKI AND A FUCKING HUG GOD FUCKING DAMMIT! 

    Okay, I need to calm down. 

    I’m gonna list a few things that did actually like about the episode: 

    Mobius being angry and kinda devastated. I liked that, because it’s interesting and we haven’t seen it before and it’s a logical reaction to Loki’s betrayal that shows how much he cared and trusted him. (Also it was kinda hot ngl)

    Mobius being immeasurably grossed out by the whole Loki/Sylvie thing because YES ME TOO, BRO, ME FUCKING TOO! Also he seemed (dare I say) almost jealous of this romantic relationship and you know I’m always here for lokius 

    Mobius getting suspicious, because he’s smart, and finding out the truth all on his own (more or less)

    Mobius being so brave in the face of Renslayer and her pruning staff

    Just Mobius being back in general. I missed him. (tries not to cry)


    Just everything about her in that episode. 

    That’s it. And unfortunately, these things do not at all make up for the uncomfortable painfulness that the rest of the episode was. 

    Now, I don’t wanna bash the shit out of the show before it’s even come to an end. In the process of writing this, I have calmed down a little.  There are many ways in which they can still make up for the cringe and pain and weirdness that they have created here. There are still many opportunities. And honestly, my first thought when the credits rolled, were, “Maybe I’m actually not gonna keep watching.”  But after having written this and mulled over my anger and reactions, I think I will follow the show. (But istg if Loki and Sylvie are gonna be romanticised, this show is dead to me.) 

    Anyway, this has been my opinion and my rant. It’s not sensible, it’s not kind, it’s just my first, emotional, immediate reaction and it might just be an overreaction also. 

    But I think my point stands. It is quite hypocritical to have a coming out scene and make a big deal out of it and then slap the viewer in the face with a shitload of heteronormativity in the very next episode. 

    #thats it #thank you for coming to my ted talk #loki #loki episode four #loki episode 4 rant #loki episode 4 review #sylvie#mobius#lokius#rant#rage#rage mode#heteronormativity#heteronormative society#heteronormative bullshit#bs #just my personal opinion #lgbtq#lgtbq representation#representation #loki episode 4 #loki series #loki tv show #loki tv series #loki tv spoilers #loki spoilers#spoilers
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  • oobnar-my-beloved
    30.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    shielding a child/not allowing a child to be educated on the LGBTQAP+ community at any age is not only homophobic/transphobic/etc, but is is abusive and terrible parenting, and here's why :

    1 - first of all, it's homophobic/transphobic/etc because you don't shield children from straight people because they're 'too young' to know about it and 'they won't understand'

    you're promoting heteronormativity, and also promoting the idea that being gay is something shameful, bad and harmful.

    you shield your children from the ideas of abuse, r*pe (a), and other horrifying things in the world. someone's identity should not be a thing you shield them from alongside of those.

    2 - it is abuse. promoting the idea that someone's identity and being themself openly and loving themself is wrong to your child is abuse and extremely harmful.

    because your child could be gay, or trans, or anything else.

    yknow what those ideas will lead to in a queer child?

    shame, guilt, fear, the need for oppression and not authentically be who they are because of the ideas you, as a parent, put in their mind.

    then those feelings will lead to self loating

    which may lead to things like depression, anxiety, intrusive thoughts, difficulty sleeping, etc.

    and yknow what those feelings of self loathing can lead to?

    self harm. or worse.

    by 'shielding' your child from gay or trans or anything else people, you're reinforcing internalised homophobia, heternorms, and homophobia in general.

    stop acting like it does no harm.

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  • bladorthin
    30.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    My Thoughts on Loki Episode 4

    Firstly, and I will make that abundantly clear, it is not because they are different versions of themselves. If you dislike it, that‘s totally alright, but characters do not have to conform to society’s standards of what’s moral and what‘s immoral to be good characters. If you attack anyone, be it Tom or the writers, shame on you and your close-minded understanding of art.

    My problem lies with the fact that they have no romantic tension, at least in my opinion. In episode 3 Sylvie and Loki feel like exaggerated versions of a younger and older sibling. Loki tests her limits like a little child until she grows annoyed and they have to talk it out. It‘s weird to shift such a dynamic that’s inherently unromantic into the realm of romance. I am not a big fan of Mobius and Loki, but at least there was potential for them to be on equal footing and start a healthy relationship with a healthy dose of romantic potential.

    This brings me to my biggest problem. Heteronormativity and (MCU) Marvel‘s absolute disgust for anything remotely non-heterosexual. How is it possible for an inherently unromantic relationship to be confirmed, just because it’s a woman and a (genderfluid) male. Thor and Loki had an intensely romantic and also sexual chemistry/dynamic from the start and in that case it was impossible for Marvel Studios to even think about what they have just confirmed with Sylvie. As much as I enjoy her as a character, the romance plot is unnecessary. It just enforces heteronormative ideas of how relationships have to be. Thor would have made much more sense as a potential love interest, or even Mobius. I would have loved to see Thorki happen on screen. They just don’t want to portray queer relationships. It just drives me crazy to think about how they are gonna massacre the Young Avengers when it‘s their time.

    They could have at least not given any romance plot to Loki. It‘s not like he explicitly needs one. His family and brother were just ripped from him. He should be dealing with the knowledge that they actually loved him back and it‘s too late for him to change his life. The romance plot should have just stopped after confirming that Loki is indeed bisexual and not enforce heteronormative standards. (I want to make clear here that bisexual characters of course should be depicted with female love interests too. However, there is not a single explicit mlm relationship in any Marvel movie. Loki could and should have, therefore, been paired with a man, imo)

    I‘m very conflicted in all of this and would love to get a discussion going.

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  • realitystuck-realitysucks
    27.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Me: LGBT culture only feels forced and too much because it isn’t normalized like the heteronormative culture we’re surrounded by every single day

    A thousand idiots, jumping in to comment the same thing: Thats because there’s more straight people than gay people!!

    Me: ??? I know you guys think that’s a gotcha argument but it’s literally irrelevant to my point. Also I never argued otherwise.

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  • multifandomworldd
    21.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    No but heteronormative fucks you up so much that i literally have a crush on a girl and I am like "uhmmm, maybe i am just confused about being bi"


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  • mirae-is-awkward
    19.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I think we should have a day where being part of the LGBTQA+ community is the expectation. Straight people would really see what is it like to live in a world where your sexuality & gender identity are assumed by heteronormality.

    Plus, you'd get to say things like "what was Jessica's wife's name again? I heard she got married - wait, a husband? Didn't know she was straight" & "this person came up to me and asked if i was straight - and like, dude, I'm straight as a circle"

    #lgbtq#heteronormative bullshit #happy pride 🌈 #text post#shower thoughts #please make this a thing
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  • wyldlynxx
    16.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    The reason why all of y'all in your Hannibal fan art and fanfic want to feminize Will is because you can’t stand for there not to be clear gender roles even in a homosexual relationship. Both Will and Hannibal have masculine and feminine traits because they are human beings. Will isn’t “the woman” in the relationship anymore than Hannibal is and if you have actually seen a pic of the two of them together they are essentially the same height and Will’s legs are actually thicker than Hannibals so please stop bringing your heteronormative bullshit into the room, its unnecessary 

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  • anatomy-lesson
    12.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    “Seven-Year Term Imposed,” Toronto Globe. May 12, 1911. Page 15. ---- For committing a serious offence, Fred Watson, alias Beaumont, alias Casey, who has had previous convictions in this country and in England, was sent to the penitentiary for seven years by Magistrate Kingsford in the Police Court yesterday morning.

    #toronto#serious offence#aliases#buggery#theft #homosexuality in canadian history #homosexuality #regulation of morality #morality squad#heteronormative bullshit #sentenced to the penitentiary #kingston penitentiary #crime and punishment in canada #history of crime and punishment in canada
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  • mlm-joey-jordison
    10.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    heteronormativity is so fucking annoying. y’all can’t take not even a second to view a guy and a girl as more than friends. y’all will never let guys and girls just be friends y’all always have to assume something.

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