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  • racetrackhigg
    16.05.2021 - 12 minutes ago
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  • raccooninnit
    16.05.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    Woah woah whoever the artist was that said they'd make emotes for free for Michael. Nonononono charge money for that shit! If you're offering your services as an artist charge money, get paid, make bank!

    Note to all artists: If you wanna offer your services to make emotes or do a commission or something, charge for it. You can look up different guides on how much to charge but get paid for it. Know your worth, you're an artist, you're putting your time into that, get paid!

    #it's cool to reach out and be like 'hey i make emotes would you like to chat over that with me?' #like great do that! #but if any discussion gets serious you charge for that
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  • anarmorofwords
    16.05.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    Matthew upon finding out about Charlestairs, probably: ... I can't decide whose taste I'm more disappointed in

    #you know he would #and Thomas just goes 'hey-' #the last hours #tlh#alastair carstairs #chain of iron #thomas lightwood #the shadowhunter chronicles #matthew fairchild#charles (derogatory)
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  • tiredodie
    16.05.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    whatever. everyone haates me and i hate them. i dont care if its bpd, i dont care at all. im pissed. im going to keep being pissed forever

    #vent #god im so #i know its black and white thinking #but i hate them all #fuck them #im not allowed to be angry??? #hes an adult he can ask for help on his own #I WAS FUCKING OFFERING #BECAUSE HE STRUGGLES TO ASK FOR HELP #MAYBE YOUD KNOW THAT IF YOU DATED HIM FOR 5 YEARS #but hey i barely get to claim that cuz he leaves me every 6 months #the only reason hes with me still is he lived in my house when he had nowhere else to go #and he would feel too guilty to leave #whatever #maybe i should fucking leave for once #flip the script #leave hhim first
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  • destructivour
    16.05.2021 - 32 minutes ago


    #hey so like. #make bleach verses for ur muses. #holds u all at knifepoint.
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  • warverse
    16.05.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    lil - feral man

    #dont ask XD #server shitpost #hey you guys should join ++ #htgrfedws#toxart#shitpost#warverse
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  • anammxlech
    16.05.2021 - 48 minutes ago
    every day i put myself thru the struggle of wanting to make it canon that sometimes Annie does gator bellows but then i just can’t,,, i can’t,,, i know they only do that when they are horny,,, i can’t dO TH
    #;ooc #;DELETE VERY SOON. #and also when they are territorial which is jhgjdhfghsdgf #Annie vc: hey sexy **BRBRBRRRRRBRBRRRRR*
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  • rubberhoze
    16.05.2021 - 54 minutes ago
    #answers #i also id as genderfluid in a way so hey genderfluid solidarity!!!!!!!
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  • crystalkiseki
    16.05.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    fuck it , sayaka appreciation post

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  • kateyboosh
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I try not to overthink it and work intuitively, tapping into my subconscious.

    Noel, 2020 x

    #noel fielding #i am soft for art boy fielding #i gasped #this is so beautiful #it is dreamy #all the soft blending and the detail #hey guys remember #'julian says i dream in the daytime' #- noelfielding11 #a god damn chicken boy
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  • 0-cal-dreams
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    my size s skirt is now big enough that i have to wear a belt and it bunches up all weird and i have to mess around a lot to fix that


    #hey im getting to the point of bad where eugenia cooney kind of lookin thinspo ngl #like i promised myself i'd go until i'd lost enough weight to be a size xs again and have a little bit of a thigh gap #but now i want to lose more #im not sure what my weight is and it's driving me buts but i don't have a scale nor can i order one without people asking what i bought #im still fat though #especiall my stomach is my main problem area #stomach and thighs need to G O
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  • batarangsoundsdumb
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #at some point people just start sending clark weird shit they found on the internet like cats presenting their owners with dead animals #'hey prize winning investigative journalist here's a fanfiction i found about y/n being adopted by the justice league have fun' #bruce just demonstratively shreds all of it in the communal paper shredder #bruce wayne#clark kent#superman #the justice league #jla#justice league#batman#superbat#anon#bataranswers
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  • dungeons-and-dragon-age
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I got into a HP phase again and then this happened

    Rambling under the cut again ovo

    - basically I switched up mages and non-mages and made the mage characters muggle-borns

    - I literally decided their ages on their respective games (DAO = 5th years, DA2 = 6th years, DAI = 7th years)

    - no I have no idea who the teachers would be

    -except Wynne probably

    - did this before Lilian and Arar exiated

    - but Lily would be Slytherin or Griffindoor and Ari a Hufflepuff probably?

    - Lilian and Liam wouldn't actually be related, but they have the same birthday on top of the same surname

    - no one can figure out if they are twins or not and it doesn't help that neither denies or confirms it


    - doesn't like being prefect but is good at it

    - mature for her age, but somewhat naive

    - self-conscious about being the "gifted kid"

    - still has tendency to overwork herself

    - everyone thinks she and Alistair are dating but they really aren't


    - highkey idiot magnet and chaos enabler

    - regularly embarrasses his siblings on purpose

    - troublemaker but in an inconspicuous way

    - always gets away with pranks and smart comments smh

    - chill but energetic

    - has a friendly Quidditch-based (but very competitive) rivalry with June


    - smart but lazy af

    - very defensive about being muggleborn

    - probably holds anarchy campaigns with Anders and Sera (and Lilian)

    - has tried to set up a Wifi network at Hogwarts since year one

    - has the hots for Cullen but antagonises him on principle because he's Head Boy

    - will fight you


    - transferred from some other school in 3rd year, to kinda mirror her going to the surface

    - she's prolly American? For literally no other reason than Dwarves having American accents x'D

    - a lot less suspicious and closed off but still kind of stand-offish

    - scared of heights; avoids flying at all costs

    - still 100% oblivious to her crush on Alistair; Zevran thinks it's the most hilarious thing

    #look eff jkr but hp is still hella fun #and yes this was lowkey my excuse to imagine them all interacting as teens #it's probably dangerous to have so many dumbasses all in one castle #but hey that's half the fun #the fenris and liam one is courtesy to one of my friends btw #cos she wanted to see more of 'liam and his ravenclaw bf' and I obliged #also just maybe bc I wanted to draw tall fenris #I love gremlin fenris but smh I always imagine him being tall for an elf so he gets to be taller than Liam as a human #dragon age#hp au#zevran#alistair#cullen#dorian#isabela#varric#neira surana#kalagna brosca#liam hawke#june trevelyan#my ocs#my art
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  • afieldinengland
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    have convinced my parents to watch the wicker man tonight

    #i’ll let you know what they think #hey they liked theatre of blood so it’ll be fine right… and my mother was going to see it when it came out because her cousin’s in it #and couldn’t because she was too young so this has been nearly fifty years in the making
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  • lesbianleona
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    some fun yumi facts: She was one of my attempts to make a “yuusona” who has the ability to loop, but she was currently stuck in the gameverse constantly looping after perishing from each overblot and then some of my friends “alright satan that’s enough” lol

    #i was rewatching n replayin higurashi and went hey what if yumi was [redacted] #i mean the concept Is there i just felt its not that good #yumi in drafts was like a different chara #actually much meaner too #and she wasn't even related to the crowley-drake family #i mean you'd lose more and more of your humanity seeing every single overblot go haywire and you die too
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  • nickyhemmick
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I have another idea for a Palestinian book 😳

    #this one has me REALLY REALLY excited #but its gonna take me a long long time to get it done #but hey! long term goals right? #ill focus on my books rn and see #what i feel #tala.txt
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  • ofjcnnys
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    self para: i’m going mental wish me luck frog.png when: two hours past sunset, day 9 where: jungle part: 2 / ?
    tw: panic attack, psychosis (auditory and physical hallucinations), suicidal ideation

    They didn’t know how long they had been out there. By the time the sun set at last, they could barely remember that they’d left when it had still been in the sky. All they could think off was the shadows around them getting larger and larger until they seemed to encompass everything around them. They moved slowly, exhausted but afraid to stop completely. If they stopped, then what? What would happen if they stopped moving? Jenny could only imagine the worst, and so they had to keep going. 

    They didn’t know how long it had been since they heard Mia’s voice. The real Mia’s. The one they had initially believed was leading them to the waterfall. But since then, they hadn’t heard her again. They’d heard others, plenty of others. Each of their siblings, Cassia, their parents, Mia’s parents, that fucking dude they’d tried to fight on the street that one time, the catty bitches at their school, just about everyone they didn’t want to hear. Not that they’d ever admit to anyone but themselves that there were voices they did want to hear. 

    They focused on the ground as they walked, their body tensing and un-tensing. Their chest rising and falling quickly with each rapid and shaky breath. They were never that good at not listening to the intrusive voices in their head. Back home they’d gotten good at pretending they didn’t having them running circles around their mind. But here, alone, there was no sense in performing. 

    “ You’re gonna die out here. ”

    They looked up, searching for the gravely voice that had sounded like it was right beside them. Like they just hadn’t been able to see them because the curtain their hair had provided.But there was nothing around them. When they stopped walking for a second, they could have sworn they heard a second pair of footsteps stop a moment later. But they couldn’t see anyone. 

    “ Maybe I will. ” 

    “ Maybe that’s not such a bad thing. ”

    That voice was softer, and unlike the gravely one they had recognised it. Their mother. Even if it had just said such a hurtful thing, and they knew it was going to say more, they spun to try and find it. They couldn’t see her, it frustrated and terrified them all at once.

    A moment of silence, no sounds but those made naturally by the jungle around them. But then they react. Jumping away from a hand reaching for them, moving before it could grab them. They felt it manage to grab the sleeve of their hoodie and they quickly ripped their arm away from it, starting to move again. Their eyes trained on the ground as the voice quickly got more and more intrusive. They walked as quickly as their legs could carry them. If they’d had the energy, they would have run. Tried to outrun the swarm of voices that descended on them. 

    They kept moving, breathing speeding up once more, their entire body feeling tensed. Where was Mia? Why hadn’t she shown herself yet? Why– they felt their own train of thoughts, the one that was their own voice in their head, interrupted as they almost walked directly into a large tree. They stopped about a foot away. Eyes travelled up it’s trunk,  from roots, to lower branches, to the branches that disappeared into jungle canopy. While voices fell quiet for a second, a split moment, they quickly started attacking again. All suggesting the same thing. 

    “ You could climb up there and ... ”

    They moved past the tree, swallowing deeply, despite how dry their throat felt. They didn’t realise it then, but it was then that tears started to escape them. Staining clean lines into the dirt that had gathered throughout the day. Though it seemed it didn’t matter how fast they walked, the voices weren’t giving up on this idea. They never fucking did. They jerked away again when they felt something move their hair. Even if it felt almost tender, like they were trying to tuck the curls behind their ear or something. Combined with what it said, they almost thought they were going to be sick. They curled over a second as they walked but swallowed it, buried it. Unzipping their hoodie and pulling it off as they straightened up again. They let it drop behind them. If they left it behind in the dirt, not even looking where it landed, they wouldn’t know where to find it again. If they didn’t know where to find it, maybe they wouldn’t hear that suggestion again. However, what felt like a couple seconds more of walking but was in reality a few minutes, another voice found a different suggestion.

    “ They don’t let you have shoelaces in the psych ward for a reason. ”

    They stopped. Not because they wanted to, but because it seemed to have worked with the hoodie. They risked stopping to they had a chance at peace. They crouched over their shoes, undoing the old faithful Converse laces just enough to pull them off their feet. They would stay alive just to spite these fucking voices. “ Fucking bitch, ” They said as they stood up, tossing one shoe into the jungle to their left. “ Fucking stupid bitch. ” They threw the other in the opposite direction as hard as they could. As they looked down at their socks. Now the only thing that protected their feet from the jungle floor beneath them. Doesn’t matter. Doesn’t fucking matter. Feeling the cold night air brush against their now bare arms, they started walking again. Unknowingly adding yet another loop to their nighttime deep jungle adventure.

    #idk if anyone but charlie is up when im posting this but hey besties <3 #( self para. )
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  • mycasandstarrs
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Thank you @sgt-celestial for tagging me!! Sorry for not getting to this sooner, work has take over a lot of my time and energy; getting tagged in this was such a nice surprise to see :) And looky there, a BINGO!

    I know my mutuals well enough to know we DO NOT share the same music taste (lmao) HOWEVER if y’all see this and wanna do it anyways, please go right ahead! Otherwise, we’ll call this a fun experiment or “Submitting Myself to the Ordeal of Being Known”.

    #things i'm tagged in #sgt-celestial #hey look i'm talking #i had to relax my own rules about what being a fan is #like normally i'd consider it knowing the artist's entire discography #but then my board would just be like...5 squares lmao #i assure you everyone on there are bands/singers that i sincerely love #and either #1. know their discography very well #or #2. i know a handful of their songs and will def dig more into their discography eventually #so yeah
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  • fazfriends
    16.05.2021 - 2 hours ago


    #security log #THIS IS WAY TOO FUNNY OH MY GOD.... some guys on his blog complaining about his weirdass coworker in an animatronic based restaurant and #some dude comes up to him like ‘hey i want a sugar baby <3’ #i can’t anymore i quit this is so funny. #dude i’m not even human anymore you don’t want me!
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  • officersnickers
    16.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    The Promised Neverland - Text Post Edition Part 5

    #the Sonju ones were the most fun to do! he may be a scary demon but I can't take him serious #also yes they bought the plane instead of proper therapy? whack #hey fellow kids do you still say whack? wack? I have no idea anymore about anything #also I don't ship Jin and Sonju at all #Jin's a baby #but please tell me no one thought this was so cool #the promised neverland #tpn#ynn #yakusoku no neverland #Snickers babbles#my memes
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