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  • leowopard
    22.01.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    I wish u could fight url hoarders in a duel for the url. Like I dont think i could defeat the average person but im definitely stronger than the average tumblr user

    #beeep #stop hiding. coward
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  • pikahlua
    22.01.2022 - 13 minutes ago
    #anon ask#my fanfic#loquats tho #can i hide little hints in my anon answers? #i promise i'm working on chapter 3 as we speak #shit slowed down while i finalized the timeline #and had a busy january for work #i guess it's still busy january at work but...
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  • sodalitefully
    22.01.2022 - 22 minutes ago
    #the other way around would be fun too #slash hiding away in the castle #he doesn’t want to be seen after the cure and acts sulky when belle comes around… #reply
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  • loisfreakinglane
    22.01.2022 - 29 minutes ago

    me, staring into the void: I will not engage with 20 year old tv show discourse, I will not engage with 20 year old tv show discourse,  I will not engage with 20 year old tv show discourse, I will not engage with 20 year old tv show discourse, I will not engage with 20 year old tv show discourse, I will not engage with 20 year old tv show discourse, I will not engage with 20 year old tv show discourse,

    #I'M INTERNALLY SCREAMING #YOU'RE WRONG AND YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD #find my happy place find my happy place #i gotta go unfollow a fandom blog brb #personal#gif #I WILL NOT @ A STRANGER ON THE INTERNET TO TELL THEM THEIR OPINIONS ARE WRONG #THIS OPINION HAS BEEN MAKING ME SCREAM FOR 20 GODDAMN YEARS #okay i'm done i am gonna go hide in saras discord so she can talk me off the ledge
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  • spookykestrel
    22.01.2022 - 56 minutes ago

    Teehee curtain bangs

    #hiding behind my cute lil curtain of hair #what secrets do I hide under here #text post#kestrel calls
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  • redrcs
    22.01.2022 - 58 minutes ago

    Where the monsters hide

    Failed epiphylum bud,

    In my garden,

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  • theblob1958
    22.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    it's just that dan has lied about every aspect of himself. his last name. his first name. his age. his genuine caring side. and, well, what else is he lying to everyone about

    #no more jokes the repression and complexities of dan is getting to me #like why have no one know your real self? why shroud yourself in lies like this? why why why #m.txt #he's so afraid of someone seeing the real truth to him and that they'll hate it so he just hides and hides and hides
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  • girlprophecy
    22.01.2022 - 1 hour ago
    kinda on a semi-hiatus here because my muse for hope has been crap, you guys can find me on my multi @wildkissed
    #hope's in hiding and i hate it #but it happens #* ㅤ 𝙸 𝙻𝙾𝚅𝙴 𝙲𝙷𝙴𝙰𝙿 𝚃𝙷𝚁𝙸𝙻𝙻𝚂  ㅤ ) ㅤ ooc ㅤ .
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  • ohmynoel
    22.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    every hobby i've ever tried to pursue has failed due to anxiety. like i was good at my dance stuff and also at my orchestra stuff but i was SO scared of socializing and such an outcast that i would just quit entirely because i felt so embarrassed having 0 friends and being no one's favorite

    #plus i could never practice at home bc i knew my family was trying to listen #like i would come out of my room and the tv would be muted or everyone would be looking at me all weird that made me SICK #i started painting bc i could practice secretly and hide my artwork lmao
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  • honeycedar
    22.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    it's so funny when bigots on this site announce how unsafe they feel by making paragraph long explanation saying they're actually the victim lol. lmao

    #and then they make secret sideblogs to hide in.. lol. lmao
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  • rastronomicals
    22.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    9:16 PM EST January 21, 2022:

    Sunn O))) - "Why Dost Thou Hide Thyself In Clouds?" From the album Dømkirke (September 22, 2008)

    Last song scrobbled from iTunes at Last.fm

    File under: Question Songs

    #Sunn O)))#Dømkirke #Why Dost Thou Hide Thyself In Clouds?
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  • dramioneasks
    22.01.2022 - 2 hours ago
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  • notdefeatedyet
    22.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Some conversations with my friends really make me realize how damn damaged I am, that's depressing :')

    #you're too good at hiding your feelings #is what they said #and that part of me has always been my downfall
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  • deathtothetyrants4215
    22.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    the two types of ppl that say they hate kids:

    "man kids are annoying and they make me anxious"


    #tw abuse #tw child abuse #and then theres me who says i hate kids bc its better for parents if i don't watch them #i can never say no to the little buggers they're gonna get cavities and concussions #'sure you can climb that tree' #i actually love kids i got to play with my little cousins over chrimmus #wade is 4 aberdeen is 2 they wanted me to play pretend and hide and seek #as a middle schooler i volunteered to help at a summer school and helped 3rd and 4th graders for a week for two summers #my favourite cousin is 11 and hes so fucking sweet oh my god #i was the leader of a pack of kids on the bus as a fifth grader #we sung pink fluffy unicorn #i dont like babies tho theyre gross #kids are so carefree
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  • artificialqueens
    22.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Galactica, Chapter 89 (Group Fic) - TheDane/Veronica

    A/N: Click here if you’re looking for previous chapters (or here if you’d rather read on AO3). 💫

    Previously: Tatianna met Sutan, Violet got saddled with finding Fame’s new assistant, Gigi told Symone that she should date other people, and Bianca promised to help Courtney with her immigration journey.

    This Chapter: Sutan takes on a new client, Violet asks for help, Gigi confesses, and Bianca strikes a deal.


    “Ah,” Sutan grinned as Tatianna took a gigantic bite of her burger, the girl growing on him by the second. When he saw her eat, it clicked how she probably knew Bianca. “You must be Adore’s friend.”

    “How do-” Tatianna swallowed, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. “How do you know?”

    “A hunch. You’re very alike.” Sutan picked up a fry and ate it before he remembered that he was in this restaurant because he and Tatianna had gotten off on the wrong foot, his usual teasing not landing at all. He cleared his throat, sitting up straight, figuring that he better check in. “You are, aren’t you though? Friends with Adore?”

    “Yeah, she’s one of my besties,” Tatianna grinned, and Sutan had to admit that there was something incredibly and almost annoyingly charming about her.

    She was unapologetically herself, brave, and willing to stand up for what she believed in, which she had shown beautifully in the bar.

    Violet’s infatuation made perfect sense, and he knew he had the real deal sitting in front of him.

    Sutan really didn’t have time for another inexperienced girl, but it was getting increasingly difficult to convince himself to listen to reason.

    “Your portfolio is a little all over the place,” he said. Calling it that was an understatement, but there was no reason to be cruel to the model when there was an agency to blame. “Since you’ve already dipped your toes in the industry, what do you like? What’s the dream? Runway? Music videos? Commercial? Editorial? Bikini shoots?”

    Sutan was drumming his fingers on the table, really, truly, hoping that she’d say music or commercial so that he could write her off, send her to someone else, but of course, he wasn’t that lucky.

    “I haven’t had many jobs so far,” Tatianna took another bite of her burger, chewing to buy herself some time while she thought it over, which was a good sign, models who took their time to think way too rare, “but my favorite one was walking in this special holiday collection show for Galactica. I’d really like to do more things like that.”

    “You walked Galactica?” Sutan raised a brow. He had missed actually seeing this year’s show because of Violet’s injury, though he wouldn’t do anything differently, but he had no idea how a Models Plus model had made her way into that show. “And how did that happen?”

    “I have a friend who works there. She helped me get the job.”

    “Impressive.” Sutan whistled, leaning back in his chair to really look at Tatianna, taking in her features, letting his eyes rest on her as he measured and weighed her. “You like to do runway, and you have a look that can easily translate into editorial. If you can get comfortable showing up with no makeup of course.”

    This was his last chance to get out, an unwillingness to listen, or even mild resistance to his most basic advice meaning that it’d be easy to pawn her off, to ignore the growing desire to see how far Tatianna could go.

    “Bianca said that too, but like, it’s Bianca,” Tatianna shrugged. “I figured that no makeup to her is one pair of lashes instead of five.”

    Sutan snorted, a laugh escaping him, a sense of magic swirling in his chest. “I mean it a bit more literally.” He leaned forward, putting one of his elbows on the table. “If I’m going to represent you, you have to trust my opinion.”

    “So…wait. You actually do want to sign me?” Her dark eyes widened.

    “I do,” Sutan nodded. He truly didn’t have time to take on another model, least of all someone as headstrong as Tatianna, but fuck did he need to make sure she got a shot of making it out amongst the stars. “And first order of business, is talking about your dreadful commute...”



    “Violet?” Ivy looked up, her eyes widening in surprise when she saw Violet stand in her door. She was wearing a white peasant blouse that had to be Gucci, her long legs wrapped in black stockings, her hair up in a ponytail.

    “Is everything okay?” Ivy tried to keep the worry out of her voice.

    “I need you to watch the phone,” Violet held up her mobile, throwing it to Ivy who caught it on reflex.

    “What?” Ivy clutched the phone in her hand. “But what if-”

    “Fame calls?“ It seemed like Violet had read her mind. “She shouldn’t. She’s having lunch with Patrick on his floor. I know it’s shit, but I can’t concentrate if I have the phone.”


    “Please. It’s the only time this week I’ve been able to find in both mine and Pearl’s calendar, and I can’t make the assistant decision on my own.”

    “Alright.” Ivy supposed it was the least she could do. After all, there had been a brief moment on Monday when she thought that the entire responsibility of running Fame’s office was going to fall on her own shoulders, and the only reason it hadn’t happened was because Violet returned. “But if she does call, I’m transferring it to Pearl’s office immediately, so be prepared.”

    “I always am.”

    “Yeah,” Ivy said, giving her a chuckle. “I know.”


    “The palettes are still in production, but we should have a bunch of prototypes for the shoot next week, and of course the mini ones for the gift bags will be done by the end of the month.”

    “Don’t you think that’s cutting it a little…”

    Alaska trailed off, the message on her phone catching her eye.

    “A little…?” Kim ventured, one of her perfect eyebrows lifting in amusement. “Go on.”


    “Are you alright? You seem a bit distracted,” she said, and Alaska could see Amy muffle a giggle behind her hand.

    “I’m not distracted, I’m fine,” Alaska lied, turning her phone face down.

    Last night, when the first message had come in from Adore, Alaska had been shocked. Sure they’d had a great time at the party, but for some reason, Alaska never really imagined that Adore would be interested in pursuing anything more. She was just so young and cool and fun--and truth be told, Alaska couldn’t remember the entirety of the night. Surely, she wasn’t at her best when she’d been drinking that much.

    It seemed, though, that maybe this beautiful and charming girl was interested in getting to know her more, which blew Alaska’s mind. And yes, maybe the cute messages were a bit distracting, but Alaska was nothing if not a professional, and she could manage to ignore her phone for one team meeting.

    “I was just saying that the end of January feels a little close for the mini-palettes. See if you can get them to commit to shipping by the 20th, at least a first batch. I’d love to have them all in hand by the 25th.”

    “Will do.”


    “And this one speaks fluent French.“ Violet tapped the space bar on her computer, showing Pearl the resumé and picture she had hunted down on social media, Violet complaining that it had taken forever.

    “Aren’t you going to drink your smoothie?”

    “Pearl, please,” Violet sighed, a deep furrow between her brows, though she did pick the drink up, taking a sip of her liquid lunch.

    Pearl could feel the eyes of her employees on her, fleeting glances cast through the glass panels that surrounded her office, but none of them lingered.

    To say that Pearl had been surprised when Violet had forced her way into her office would be an understatement. She had apparently booked an actual meeting in her calendar, but since Pearl never really checked it, that was neither here nor there. She did bring lunch however, and bossy Violet was sexy, so Pearl wasn’t too upset.

    “You know no one in HR is fully fluent in Fame.” Violet took another careful sip of her green smoothie, Pearl joining her with a drink from her own, her legs up on the edge of her desk.

    It was true that Pearl did tend to understand Fame better than anyone besides Raja. Regularly bringing a person to orgasm did leave a sense of intimacy, but she wasn’t sure that made her qualified to help pick out an assistant.

    “I really need your help Pearl.”

    “Sorry Vivi,” Pearl smiled, sitting up straight, the fact that Violet had said not only please, but also asked out loud for her help truly cementing how desperate her friend was for any kind of guidance on making the right choice, since none of them could afford another Courtney. “Let me see that resumé again.”


    VIOLET: Can I come over tonight?

    SUTAN: Yes?? Of course

    SUTAN: You’re always welcome ;) That’s why you have a key

    VIOLET: You won’t be home?

    SUTAN: Not for dinner. I have to work late

    SUTAN: Party I can’t skip. Networking and reminding everyone Elite girls are the best

    SUTAN: I’ll probably come back around 11, 11.30 depending on traffic

    SUTAN: You’re welcome to stay the night. I promise not to be too drunk or wake you up

    VIOLET: It’s fine, I’ll just go home.

    SUTAN: You sure?

    VIOLET: Yes. It’s easier for me anyway. I mainly asked because I’m in desperate need of orgasms

    VIOLET: I’ll handle it myself

    SUTAN: Shit

    SUTAN: You can’t text that in the middle of the work day lovely eyes

    VIOLET: Sorry

    SUTAN: I can be home by 9.

    SUTAN: And feel free to get started without me ;)


    Gigi sat cross-legged on her bed as Symone carefully applied her liquid liner. She was getting ready for a date, and Gigi was twisting in agony.

    She really didn’t know what to think, about anything.

    She supposed that she’d had a lowkey crush on Symone ever since they first met. And then there was that drunken kiss on New Year’s, which maybe could have been the start of something more, but when she woke up cuddled together with Symone in her bed, she’d panicked, slipping away before her friend woke up.

    It was just so awkward. Gigi didn’t know what to say, or how to say it, and anyway, it appeared that Symone was moving on--if in fact, she’d ever had feelings for Gigi in the first place. So instead of chatting with Symone, giggling away with her like usual, she was just sitting on her bed like a loser, tense and miserable, lips pressed shut.

    Symone didn’t seem bothered by her foul mood, finishing her makeup while ‘Talk Dirty’ blasted from her speakers. As soon as her lashes were glued down, she stood up, brushing her hands together and walking over to the closet. She pulled out a few dresses, holding them up before turning back to Gigi.

    “Okay, so I can’t decide if this silver one is too dressy,” she announced, shaking the hanger. “I could go with the pink, but it’s so short, I’ll have to be doing panty checks all night. Or...actually, this one could be cute. Help!”

    It was a completely normal request. They gave each other styling advice all the time. But Gigi didn’t want to help with this. She wanted no part of getting Symone ready for a date with a random guy.

    “I dunno,” Gigi said, and despite her best efforts, it came out petulant.

    “You don’t know? Come on, you always have an opinion about clothes!” Symone exclaimed. “Are they all trash? Should I look for something else? What do you think?”

    “I think…” she hesitated, abdomen twisting with that sick, sick feeling, a rush of heat reddening her cheeks. “I think…”

    “Yeah?” Symone tapped her foot, beginning to look somewhat impatient.

    Now or never.

    “I think you should cancel.”

    Symone’s brow wrinkled, fingers going to her cheek. “What? Cancel? Do I look that bad?”

    The idea of her looking bad, as if that was even possible, was so preposterous that Gigi almost laughed. She would have laughed, if she wasn’t so miserable.

    “No, you look...you look beautiful. I just…” Gigi swallowed, trying to hold it together as one treacherous tear escaped from her eyes. She swiped it away quickly.

    Symone tossed the clothes in her hands onto the bed and rushed over to her, kneeling beside her.

    “Geege…” She seemed unsure of what to say, simply reaching out and touching Gigi’s hand, then whispering, “Why do you want me to cancel?”

    “Because I...I like you and I don’t want you to go out with anyone else,” Gigi admitted, the words tumbling from her mouth and then immediately flooding her with a confusing mix of guilt and relief. “I’m sorry.”

    “Don’t be sorry,” Symone said, moving closer, a smile playing on her lips. “I like you too.”

    “You do?” Gigi’s eyes widened.

    Of all the ways she’d imagined this going, she hadn’t dared to imagine it could be as wonderful as Symone returning her feelings. The sick feeling in her stomach was replaced with excited butterflies, pulse quickening as Symone nodded, leaning forward and kissing her gently, Gigi’s eyes open and round the whole time. When she pulled away slowly, her own eyes fluttered open and they both giggled.

    “So...I guess I’ll cancel with James.”


    “Of course. I never really liked him all that much to begin with,” sha laughed. “But, I did just spend all that time getting ready...do you want to come out with me?”

    Gigi nodded enthusiastically, a smile spreading across her lips that threatened to split her face in two.


    “Fuck!” Katya shot up in bed, heart pounding, gulping for air. She hesitated for only a brief moment, glancing at the clock and seeing that it was 3:48 before shaking Trixie awake. “Trixie...Trixie...Trix…”

    “Mmh?” Trixie rolled over, eyes just barely cracking open.

    “I just had the weirdest fucking dream,” Katya said. She knew that there was nothing worse than hearing someone recount a dream, especially in the middle of the night, but she felt a strong need to unburden herself. “I was back at my parents’ house, only it didn’t look like their house, it looked like that big church by Rockefeller Center. And then when I went inside, there were a bunch of tigers just glaring at me. And the biggest one jumped up and I thought he was gonna attack me but then instead, I fell backwards into this pool and-”

    “Sounds rough, babe,” Trixie murmured, trying to pull her into his arms, but she squirmed free to continue.

    “And there were like, caves around the pool? And there were all these creatures working. I’m not sure what they were doing but they were working really hard, and then I saw that I had wings but they were broken. Or something. So I tried to find someone to help me with the wings but then I saw our baby and then the baby asked me to put them in a suit. Like a little teeny tiny three piece suit with a vest and everything.”

    “Mmhmm, crazy.”

    “So I think our baby’s either gonna be a lesbian or a Republican.”

    “Mm.” Trixie gave a soft grunt, already drifting back off to sleep.

    “Trixie! What if the baby’s a Republican?! Omigod, what would we do?!”

    “Probably just like...do what Alex P. Keaton’s parents did…” Trixie mumbled.

    “What? Who? Trixie!” Katya shook him awake again. His eyes popped open. “Who’s Alex P. Keaton?”

    “Who? Oh. Uh...Michael J. Fox.”

    “What?! The actor? What does that have to do with-Trix, I cannot be responsible for bringing another Republican into the world. I can’t.”

    “Come here, babe.” Trixie put his arms around her, pressing a kiss against her temple. “You know what? You’re gonna be the best mom ever.”

    “Honestly, I’d be satisfied with being like...a B plus mom. Just as long as I’m not fucking everything up,” she sighed, finally allowing herself to relax into his arms.

    Trixie chuckled softly and kissed her again. “Go to sleep. And tell Artie to go to sleep, too.”


    “They’ll need their rest if they’re going to be a big strong capitalist pig.”


    It had been an exhilarating whirlwind of a night, throwing back drink after drink, dancing until almost 4 am, stumbling home down the sidewalk barely feeling the cold. Symone couldn’t remember the last time she’d had that much fun.

    She didn’t actually remember making it home, so she was grateful that she’d managed to end up in her bed, Gigi curled around her, both of them still wearing full faces of makeup and their club attire, shoes scattered on the floor nearby.

    She yawned, a sleepy smile on her face as she gently roused Gigi by kissing the top of her head. Gigi stirred, opening her eyes slowly, and Symone watched her confused face with amusement.

    “Good morning.”

    “G’morning,” Gigi replied, rubbing her eyes, smearing her liner. “Ugh...what…what happened last night? Last thing I remember are those lemon shots and then…”

    “I know, it’s pretty incredible that we made it home,” Symone laughed. “Sutan would not approve.”

    “No…” Gigi laid her head back down, sighing. “Oops.”

    “You look really cute like this,” Symone said, tilting Gigi’s chin up, delighted by the blush that began creeping into her cheeks.

    She bent her head forward, preparing to kiss her, when without any warning, Gigi clapped a hand over her mouth.

    “What? Are you okay?” Symone asked, hoping she hadn’t done something wrong. After all, Gigi was the one who started things last night, wasn’t she?

    “No...I mean yes. I’m okay.” Gigi sat up, one of the gold straps of her dress falling off her shoulder. “I just, you know...morning breath.”

    “That doesn’t bother me,” Symone said with a saucy wink.

    “I know, I’m sorry. I’m just...I’m being dumb, I’m sorry,” she said again.

    “Don’t be sorry.” Symone shook her head, reaching out to touch Gigi’s cheek. She was clearly more shy today than she’d been the night before, but Symone wasn’t in any rush. “I should probably go hit the shower anyway. I’ve got a fitting for that campaign at eleven.”

    Gigi nodded, tucking her hair behind her ear. “Will you be back for dinner? Bim’s still in Aruba so we’re on our own. I was gonna attempt my mom’s famous Mexican pizzas. And if they fail, there’s always delivery.”

    “Sounds perfect,” Symone giggled. “Can I...kiss you on the cheek?”

    “Of course.”

    Symone leaned forward, pressing a soft kiss to Gigi’s cheek before climbing out of the bed.


    “Hold on.” Violet held a finger up, using her other hand to tap her ear, activating the headset that was connected to her phone. “Miss Fame’s office, how can I help you? Yes, I called yesterday about the delivery of 12 dozen white lilies, yes, yes that’s correct. I have a confirmation email from you. Yes I’m aware it’s January.”

    Violet barely avoided rolling her eyes, doing her best to listen as the bumbling idiot on the other end of the line attempted to make a fool out of her.

    “No, that’s not acceptable.” Violet was drumming on the table, her nails tapping. “I asked for 12 dozen. That’s not 11, that’s not 13. That’s 12. It’s very simple math, and I hate to have let it slide that your company was unable to deliver what was promised. Yes. Exactly. Good. Glad we agree.”

    Violet hung up, making a note on the paper in front of her before she redirected her attention to the young woman who was sitting on the other side of the conference room table, a deeply worried expression on her face.

    “Now, where were we? I believe you were telling me about your previous work experience?”


    “Mmh,” Raven smiled, swallowing down a yawn and moving her head a little to get comfortable, the sun beaming down on her.

    It wasn’t Aspen, but St. Bart’s had been good, her Instagram overflowing with photos of all the gorgeous sights and delicious food.

    Raven was lying on a beach chair, gentle waves rolling over the sand, when she felt a hand on her hip.

    “Wha-“ Raven’s looked over her shoulder, cold fingers moving the strap on her bikini bottom and settling on her ass, squeezing the plump flesh. “Raj-“

    “I’m just making sure you won’t get tan lines,” Raja’s hair was wet from the water, the long strands sticking to her golden skin, her strong stomach and incredibly long legs on full display in the delightfully small bikini she was wearing. “No one wants to see that at Fashion Week.”

    “Thanks,” Raven smirked, basking in Raja’s attention as her hand slipped even lower.


    “So...to what do I owe the honor of your presence today?” Charlie asked, hands folded on her desk.

    To say that she was surprised when Bianca had requested an in-person meeting was an understatement. Shocked would be better, and also deeply curious.

    “Well…” Bianca paused, seemed to consider her words carefully before saying, “I’ve got a business proposal for you.”

    “Oh?” Charlie leaned back in her chair, now thoroughly confused. What kind of business could they possibly have together? They’d been friends for years, and while her marketing team did occasionally work with Marie Claire for some of their artists, the two of them had never talked shop, not even once. “I’m all ears.”

    “Okay, so...you remember Courtney, right?”

    “Your cute little blonde friend from my holiday party?”

    “Exactly. Well...girlfriend. Or, actually, now we’re living together.”

    Charlie’s eyebrows shot up. She’d known Bianca for almost ten years, and while she rarely showed up somewhere without a pretty young thing on her arm, it usually wasn’t the same pretty young thing for long. And now she was shacking up with some girl? Very interesting.

    “Wow...mazel tov. When’s the wedding?”

    “Ha ha. So…” Bianca leaned forward, elbows on her knees, hands pressed together, “My proposal is that you produce her album.”

    “Uhh...I’ve never even heard her sing.”

    “Well, she’s working with Olivia on a demo, it should be done by the end of the month, so-”

    “Okay, so I’ll listen to it when it’s done,” Charlie said. “You’re welcome.”

    “The thing is, I’m helping her with a whole visa renewal thing and the attorney says that we need to get started like yesterday. So we should really move forward now, if she’s going to-”

    “Bianca. Listen, I appreciate the boldness of this request, but I’m not going to agree to produce an artist unless I can actually get behind them. You know that.”

    “Olivia says her voice is great! Plus, you’ve seen her, so…”

    “Hey now,” Charlie said, holding up her hand. “We work with real recording artists. If you just want someone who will autotune a dance track and shove her onstage because of raw sex appeal, you can go talk to Mike at Sony.”

    “Okay but you haven’t heard the rest of my proposal!” Bianca said.

    Charlie rolled her eyes, gesturing for Bianca to continue.

    “What if I backstop your budget?”

    “What do you mean?” Charlie asked, eyes narrowed.

    “I mean, you produce the album, get her the visa...but if in the end, it’s not something you want to release, I’ll...I’ll reimburse your costs and then either find a new label or...I dunno, release it ourselves.”

    “Are you serious?”

    “Dead serious.”

    It was possible that Bianca had no fucking clue how much it cost to produce a quality debut album...but seeing the almost manic gleam in her brown eyes, Charlie’s deeper fear was that she knew exactly how much it was.

    “Well...not that I’m necessarily agreeing to this ridiculous plan, but if I did...it would just be a six-track EP, not a full album,” Charlie began.


    “And we’d need a reasonable budget. Let’s say...four-hundred thousand, maybe four fifty.”


    Charlie let out a low whistle. “Damn. You really like this girl.”

    “Yeah, no shit,” Bianca agreed, flashing her dimples. “So do we have a deal?”

    “It would be cheaper to just marry her, you know,” Charlie informed her.

    “Probably,” Bianca chuckled. “But...this is what she wants, and I don’t want to let her down.”

    Charlie smiled, almost touched by this absolutely absurd display of love. “You’re seriously willing to risk losing almost half a million dollars?”

    “I’m not losing shit,” Bianca insisted. “It’s an investment. She’s gonna make money, either for you or someone else.”

    “If you say so.” Charlie shook her head, still in a bit of disbelief.

    “Listen.” Bianca leaned forward, every ounce of sarcasm absent from her voice as she continued, her brown eyes shining. “I’m asking you for a favor. When do I ask for favors?”


    “Right. So…please, Char. Help me out. I promise, you won’t regret it.”

    Charlie tried not to look directly into her puppy eyes. Mostly because it was just embarrassing. But against her better judgment, she found herself willing to go along, telling herself it more for the morbid curiosity of how it would turn out than Bianca’s soft, hopeful expression. “I’ll have legal draw up a contract.”

    “Thank you, ma’am.” Bianca reached a hand across the desk to shake. “It’s been a pleasure.”


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  • azurexsnake
    22.01.2022 - 3 hours ago
    #my darling haitani babies #love them so much #mari was the smiliest baby #n ko would hide against me any time someone would come up to say hi to him #haitani mari#haitani kosuke#ransha 🐍#cutie mooties#lucy ❤️#snake snacksss
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  • lightasthesun
    22.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Men constantly whine about Women wearing make-up to 'look prettier' but really they aren't any better when they choose to grow a beard and conceal half of their faces.

    In conclusion —

    #crack treated seriously #It's almost 3qm ok #I'll get back to this later in the day when I remember where I was going with this #I'm too tired to explain my thoughts but I stand by what I said even though I don't know where I was going with this #Point is beard and makeup are both a choice so #Are you growing a beard to hide your ugly muck to catfish me Harold? #No? So why do you think I am coz I'm wearing makeup #It's a fashion choice or a matter of confidence #Ain't about you #*grow and keep the beard obvsl goes without saying
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  • twdgs
    22.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    oh coming out as trans is gonna be horrid for me

    #ITS ALIVE ! #i was talking with my mom about a friend who’s trans and stuff #and like how he cant tell his mom and stuff and she straight up asked me if thats what i was doing too #(as in hiding my chosen name from her lol which is literally exactly what i’m doing) #i panicked and said no but. uegh
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  • wmdrage
    22.01.2022 - 3 hours ago
    also love the fact that people still think of bruce as an avenger when he has a much longer tenure being a shield employee
    #correct me if i am wrong lol #he's only an avenger for a few months lmao #or if you wanna be technical about it ... the hulk was only an avenger for a few months #most of the time when he's with other heroes he's mostly under shield's jurisdiction #or tony just plucked him out of whatever desert he's hiding in lol #so when he gets included when talking about the avengers he feels a bit weird lmao #anyway
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