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  • nometoqa
    07.05.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    .... anyways.

    #I’m not stupid #y’all just got better #at hiding it #it’s only right #we all love our secrets don’t we #have fun w that #idgaf anymore #all it takes #is planting the seed in someone’s mind #push me
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  • animetube
    07.05.2021 - 8 minutes ago
    #Anime#Manga#Japan #Why Did Sayu Run Away? What is Sayu Hiding? Dark Past of Sayu Explained | Higeh
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  • northernbrat
    07.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Tagged for a selfie by the beautiful @workaholiccoffeeaddict happy Friday 😘

    #me#northernbrat#nb🦋 #i was tagged #hiding from the munchkins
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  • august-anon
    07.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    djgbdfhg a non-tfic fandom blog just reblogged my most recent malec fic i’ll have a stroke dont test me lol

    #august rambles#shadowhunters tickling #MX THIS IS A TFIC BLOG MX ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THIS #hiding this bit in the tags because people are less likely to read my tag rambles than i full post i think lol #but I FOLLOW THAT BLOG on my non-tfic account #i will have to see my own tickle fic on my dash when i log back into that account #i will have a STROKE do not test me dighfdsk #i will die later today nbd lol #i always get mortified when that happens #i used to unfollow blogs on my other account if they reblogged my sanders sides tfics because i would get so anxious about being caught lol #i wont unfollow that shadowhunters blog though because i follow so few rn and i want the (other) malec content lol
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  • meadow-roses
    07.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #thanks for the ask! #reply#ask#text #partly I'm proud of it cause I finally conquered a fear to say something directly TO the author and stop hiding or smth idk
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  • beckywtghmai
    07.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    A Privileged Class-- Into Hiding

    A Privileged Class– Into Hiding

    It was hard for me to acknowledge That I was transgender Mostly because I was worried That I would be losing privileges From my old life, to my next. I was worried I would be discriminated against For being transgender, the way I had been For being a fat lesbian. I can say that I have experienced Different kinds, since transitioning. But I can’t say I experience less discrimination, I…

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  • ren-451
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    virana: *calls namaari*

    namaari: what?

    virana: *points at raya and sisu* i believe they're looking for you

    raya: we tried sneaking in but the guards found us...

    sisu: ...and we got lost

    namaari: i didn't even say you can come over-

    #yo this shit happened to me during the school fair #please i had to stop hiding from the jail booth kids just to pick them up #incorrect quotes #ratld incorrect quotes #raya and the last dragon incorrect quotes #ratld #raya and the last dragon #raya#namaari#sisu#chief virana#rayaari#rayamaari#raymaari#ramaari
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  • intelligentdeviant
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    from 'The Little Sister'

    “I hung up. It was a step in the right direction, but it didn’t go far enough. I ought to have locked the door and hid under the desk.”

    [Raymond Chandler]

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  • afteroff
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    @ the folks reblogging without adding tags, why

    #what are you hiding #you can't tell me you have zero thoughts over that reblog #are you a robot?? a zombie??? #what is going on.....
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  • shantyman
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago


    death and abuse in the tags

    #yeah. my nana is gonna die soon and i had been thinking about calling her for *months* and never did #because i never. showed her my transition she never saw me post-op she has. no idea who i am #she's gonna die before ever really meeting me and i am never going to get her to see me and i was. selfish? #to just be so consumed with fear that anything i told her would just make its way back to my old man #because it's been no-contact for maybe like #four years now? coming up on five in october i think. and for good reason. and i can't. see him. y'know. like i can't. #and going to hospice going to a service going anywhere he might be is dangerous. i have almost no family because of hiding from him. #and that is usually. fine. i guess. because i hate most of them anyway they're just as cruel and disgusting but. #i love my uncle joe? i love my sister? and i do love my nana. even if she's hurt me so much too. #i want to at least. see her or pay some respects when i can but i don't know *when* i can because of this hurdle. #i can't go to a service. i am literally unable now to go to my own grandmother's funeral service. because her son decided to [redacted] me #how is. how is that fair how is that like. okay. on any level how is it okay that he gets to keep his family and i am excised from it #the same way his first victim was excommunicated and we were all fed lies about why that was. #it's a violent sickening cycle and i should not be losing so much for the simple crime of being. born. being hurt. scared. sick. #it's complete bullshit and he should be dying honestly. he should be dead for everything he's done. #not that nana isn't just Ready. she is. it's been a long time coming she's 85 she's ready. #but the last few years didn't have to be so fraught with tension and anger and running in circles. i could have just had a grandmother. #in a better world i'd be able to say goodbye like any ordinary grandson. and she would know me as her grandson and it'd be okay. #i was going to write a poem about this a few months ago. something about how she'll never see that i'm a better man than her son. #and the best part is i'm only somewhat a man. but i still have him beat. and. no one will ever see it. i do not exist. #a.txt
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  • tinylilemrys
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    we had to dress up as what we wanted to be as kids for our work meeting and y'all i felt so cute

    #ash's face #trying to get more comfortable with not hiding my body in pictures #but i'm really feeling it today 🙌
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  • neronian-neko
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    so is nobody gonna talk about where Ranger got that sweater vest

    #none of the dead participants were wearing one so???? #this thought still haunts me #i still don't have a yttd tag #hold on let me check again #yeah nope nothing #i'm so scared #is this like a '21st participant hiding somewhere in the facility' situation??? #... #hm #not now nero
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  • manaosdeuwu
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    wish I could still say "I'm gay. I can't work today"

    #BRO. BRO. BR- #repressing feelings really never works huh #I STOP HIDING THEM FOR ONE SECOND AND BOOM. ITS LIKE A DAM BREAKING #gay gay homosexual gay #nero habla
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  • cher1808
    07.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    People who don’t appreciate Harry’s dorkiness are really missing out!

    #whereas harry’s ‘quirkiness’ was one of the biggest draws for louis #because he’s weird too #he’s much better at hiding it now but it was on full display in some of his/1d’s old videos #the dream team
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  • heclingmuzik
    07.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Okay, for now I’m on Ismael. I believe I’m caught up on all my blogs...I THINK? 

    That’s @anghexescu @bxsiliisk @grexsemxnkcy @scullcss 

    @mxonkxss and @fcxrcin I think so far these are the only blogs I have with threads on ‘em aside from Ismael! 

    IF I’m missing anyone’s reply and you’re following me on any of these blogs lemme know! 

    #Tumblr's been having me play hide and seek with my threads. #They're the ones hiding and I'm the one having to seek 'em!
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  • gukks
    07.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    jimin's literally just having fun and giggling all over the place 😭 so cute 😭

    #and jungkook's here just hiding things everywhere 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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  • kerra-and-company
    07.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Okay, I’m definitely sharing full playlists at some point, but I’m torn between laughing and feeling absolute love for Nisha right now because I just found this song (Freaking Me Out by Ava Max) that is absolutely Nisha when xe’s falling in love:

    Empty mansion, in the rain just off the coast Is the vibe now, that I feel inside my soul Like a spider, there's a web that you have wove There's a heart now, where there used to be a ghost

    And ooh, yeah it's making me uneasy

    Now I hear sounds in the hallway Rocking chairs are moving on their own I'm falling for you So much so that it's freaking me out

    #kai speaks#nishannai #asdfasdf nisha it's okay I promise #and you never lost your heart you goofball #you just got really good at hiding it for a while #at the same time 'ghost' is kinda appropriate
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  • thatgirlinwaytoomanyfandoms
    07.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Genz sib On dialuic and barbatos (prequel of sorts???or part 3????)

    When they first came to devildom they looked Mc dead in the eyes and said “Thats some slow burn kinky shit” directly pointing to diavolo and lucifer while they are having one of their moments (Satan and belphie officially started to like them at this point because 1.lucifers face was red with anger and 2 diavol upon hearing this commissioned simeon to write a dialuci slowburn fanfic*After genz sib explained what a fanfic is* p.s all the brothers cried after reading it but no one admitted).


    Genz sib: *Looking at barb carrying the wip* dam

    Kinky brain(aka THE thot): I bet he knows how to use it really well

    Genz sib: *wacks* BeGon ThOT


    Genz sib: *Realising they said it out loud*........

    Genz sib: You know i bet i can help improve your whipping skills


     Genz sib: *yeets themselves out*


    (later in a group study with Mc and satan)

    MC :*laughing like a henya* I you said that to his face

    Satan: To an all-powerful demon....*tries to hold his laughter* I cant Mc your sibling is truly one of a kind

     Genz sib: WhY aRe We StIlL heRe OnLy tO sUfFeR!!!*Bangs their head on the table*


    Next day at rad student council meeting

    Genz sib : *opens a presentation Reasons why to adopt me Number 10 will surprise you*

    Genz Sib: *Slams a adoption document in front of diavolo and lucifer* Therefore I demand to become your child!

    Lucifer: You cant

    Diavolo:*in tears because of number 10* How could you be so heartless to our own child!

    Lucifer: We arent a married???and they arent our child???

    Mc fully supporting Genzs ideas: you arent *puppy dog eyes*

    Genz sib: MY TIME HAS COME* Drags barb and pulls up presentation WHY DIALUCI SHOULD MARRY AND ARE CANNON ₐₗₛₒ 𝓌ₕᵧ Bₐᵣᵦₐₜₒᵣ ᵢₛ ᵣₑₐₗₗᵧ ₕₒₜ ₗᵢₖₑ 𝒻ᵢ𝒸ₜᵢₒₙₐₗ ₘₑₙ ₕₒₜ*

    This goes on for 2 hours with Genz failing very badly to flirt with barb all while keeping their cool

    Asmo taking notes

    Satan and belphie laughing their asses in the quite evil maniac laugh ™ Levi in tears due to the anime genre quotes  Satan also appreciating the deep analysis 

    #obey me headcannons #obey me genz #Genz sib is back on their bullshit #They may or may not have gone into hiding not to avoid lucifers wrath but barb #Diavolo has planned his and lucifers wedding now #the fanfic was sceretly sold throughout rad *cough mammon* #everyone student cired seeing diavolo and lucifer together #so much hurt and so little comfort #they just want them to be happy #dialuci #diavolo x lucifer
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  • mothmvn
    07.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    moderating a forum is funny bc one day you have someone posting a novelty t-shirt with harakiri instructions and the comments are all “😥😥😨😨😭😭 remove this! OP didn’t know this was about (gasp) s**cide“ while the next day you have someone who found a journal with actual genuine “s**cidal” thoughts and the people interacting with the post don’t even deem it worthy of an NSFW tag

    #am i desensetised??? its not like OP was planning on using those instructions they didnt even know what it said #and like... suicide is not a bad word? whats hiding 2 letters going to do. oh no i am fooled this is clearly sUNicide that star's gotta go #like if the journal stays and the equally harrowing wartime correspondence gets no reports then im sorry but the funny tshirt will stay #personal
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  • hopeamarsu
    07.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Am I really making callout posts about myself to myself?

    More likely than you think.

    #need to stop hiding #and hoarding
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